Saturday, February 8, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Saturday, February 8, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 8, 1749, London, Middlesex The DmK Fthmary 6. itMAIN, the GWliM<l aiKt SoUbiy Ifta �r War! the Dutch (ndu-mnt tke Britanni*. Sunner, tad the Wllpole, Low�, for the E�� I�d!c�; am] the S:. George, Colt-I htttft. Wiod W. hf N. rfCrtit ti thft Hagoe, i ^. j.  I'he lall Lcttcrt from Sf�n intimate, that the Court \ of iiaini it %rmly tefolveti not to intcrmeildle in the '* pnblide AiFaira oi Eanf*; bat to appi)r ttfelf tb it* * mrticular Itufincfs, efpectaliy the Rc'eAabltfhment bf * ue Coqtmerce of that hingdons. and the Augmcotati?n * of iti Mariae, ia Tuch Manner that it may be as foN * Diidable br Sfeit, .as. i( liath heretolore been by I^nd. * The Court, tb this End, itwholfy employed in HnJing * the Meant of building fifty or Jittv Ships of the Line. * This Scheine is tindoubtet^.y weil dcii�ik''d ; but the * Qucilion is, whether it will be fo ea vhcre * io the naanTime People are lattgulftiing fJSPthe Arrivll � oifcheGallions, which will enable the Court in fame * Meafure to pa/ the. National Debts. * The ^uice Stadthotdcr takes extraortlinary Pains to * of the RcfoBlick, though cannot accept of t'cvcral * Plans t^hidi he found praAio�bie. bccauie the College * of the D^utics obilinately njc^ them, intagining ihey � tend 10 re-cftabliih the Farmct?. His Serene Higbncls * iakcs^liferent Meafures to tliofe purfdcd by WiiUatn 111. * and itas refolved to eafe the Peoi^le, in lc0cning Expcuccs * by a Rcduaion of thte Troops? Hapie^ Fth. f> A few Day's before the Prince Stadtholder AU out upon his tate Jootne/ into Frirfland, a Deputaiioa va* feat to Groniogcn. in order to quiet the .Vlinda of the Veopta^ And to fcnic the Govcrftmcnt, 4cc>rding to the I^Bwer d�^ca Co his Serene HighaeM by a Refolation of the Succ$ of diat ProWtice j bat before the Prince'* CommiiTarics oiglM tefitilbte their Conuniffion. we an inform'tf, ^hat on tie td^cf Januaijr the whole Body of the Burghers baviag aueadcd upon them, defiring the tinmcdiate KSrefs of thotGrievaiiees, and Intelligence coining at the fame Tinr� that ttic Boora wer� rifcn throughout the whole' Frofince, aitd wit�f marching to fup^rt the Requell of lohiMtanta of tke Capital* the Hurgomafters. the Meabtkm�flbeCoa&cU* and the reft of ttie Magitlrary, dM�adt( it advi&ble to lay deMvn their Employmcnu i m whiiS tb^ wotf imitated by all (he other Members of the ' iLeg^y, belongj&g both to the Town of Groningen, and to the Ofnaclands, and bf all thofe who had any fort af Botployihent. iirora the bigheil to the lowed. The deit nave f^iil bcea feat to Groningen, for �hc appbiddag of'a new Regency. MelC de Cativyck and Pauw �K 2pne to Purmefcnd, in ordtr to change the |if��>ftracy of that Place ; after which, they are to proceed thiou|^ all the Towns of North HolUnd. in the iame Manlier as they have already ionc throuKh ihofe of South Holland. LONDON. The Princefs of Wales, Holt, tl�c Fricndih^p, Chapman, and the Kobcn and Mary, Clark, fium the Downs, �vi,-h Forces cn board fur IrcUud, are Uranded on liic Coail of France. An Accobnt \i come, that four of the Tranfports arc ftranded on theCoatl of Norway, but that providentially �ot a Peribu w.r drown'd ; und !>bip� are ojder'd to fail dtrc&ly to bring th^m from thence. i The I'lismliUp, Nonis, from l>ondon fof South Carolina, is a d a Fortune of.ioocol. On Sunday laA was married at iLiag^ltrect Cliapei, Golden Square, Mr. John James ^ �f Mr. Sieiiiten iamcs, an emincut rrunkntakcr, ntar Ckwine-CroTs to ^iis Betfey Smith* Datightcr of Mr. Edwatd Smuh. Coffer-Maker to hu M.jjity i a very agreeable young Lady, with a handfome Fortune. On Sanday died Mr. RawUd'bn. aa emiacat Oilman in Pall MaU, and late High Co. liable of tht; Ctry ot Wcrt- By a Letter from Ipfwich we haVe aa Account of the Death of J>r. Baker, one of the Phyficians of the Army, who attended the Hofpital. On Mondjsy ^tght died Mr. Colthnrfl, an eminriit Btackwcll'H4lt Fador ia Bafinghall-Strect, San to Deputy CoIthurJl; of Baffilhaw Ward. On Friday Nieht lail was intttt'd at St. Clement Dane*, the Body of MHloha Radford. The Charity Children of that PariA, t�LwlMMa kt had bv�Mt a Truftce and Sub-Tcribcr for thirty years, atteadcd the Coipfe to the Grave, fih^inf> a Fufieral Hymn. Mis Grandfather was Optician to King Charles the Second, aad arai Cburchwaidea of St. Cletncm's when tht ^.hureh war mbwHfr HDh Monday Night two Hoafebttak�rs atMmpted to rob a lloul'c in North-Aadley-Strccr, aada&Mscr, who was coming by, (eht'd the Mao keCswbreakiag idto thelloufe. after he had aUcaipicd to Aoot him arita a PiAol, which did not go oiT: the Sf^l iitr laid the Maa down, but hit Confcdetatv cominr, hta AfiBanov cut the SoliUer ia a terrible 'Munner with a Haacer. andaoBo^y cotuiag to ins AlHthtnce. rba Villairis-goc both away } thc/Soklier Wat carried to titc Wcdminttcr litiinBary tobe taken Carr of. Wc arc it.Ioim'd that there anil be a G�ad Mafic�! Performance o.i Toefday the a:ft of March, at the Ring's Theatre ia ilve 1 lay-Marker for the Bca��t and Lucrtuie of the Muficians Charity. Phitallfhia, Hev. ^ Ycfkrdajr arrived the Brrgantine Privateer Trcntbleur.Capt. Matthcwt, who had been out a confiviccaide Ttme, and had uken bat oae Spaaifh V'ciicl, and funk a Spunifh Pnvatoer. ' Two Sermons will be preaclt'd this \�cek- at the Parifls Church of St. Jame^ CtcckenwvU. for the Benefit bt tj.e Charily ChiUrcn belonging thetctoi ona this Day by the Right Rev. aod Hon. Kicfa^ud Lord BiOtop of r. Cobien. Archdeacon of London, and t'tcbtrndary of S:. PaolV This Day the Seroioo at the Collegiate Church of S� Katbertiic by the Tower will be prea^h'd bi^ the RirUt Rev. the Lord Biihop of Peterborough; aad that oa FrM*y next by the Rtrv. Mr. Gibbon, Prc�chcs at BhdcWcU. and Vicar of St Duulbn ia the W^il. Pmdtry-Cot^tr, Fti. 7. We the u(iK.lppy d<ilref*'d. Pii-foners on the Common Side, bring ntar uvtn")'. pray the ciiaritable AfiitUnce of the PublivL. and reiaiu our moll humble Tbanlis to our unknown Bcncfa<flor. for a Sheep, fv.or Half-Peck Loaves, and zs. 6d. in' hJor<CK; as al;o to the worthy Itiquell of A'dga�c Ward, fora Q^ian-iry of Beef; to our private Btttefa<�ior for 6i Q^^artcin Loaves: ^nd above all to out Luid May^-r far lk, ui<.iiy LOua.icj i g\l which have been ttjually difport-d of ibc Ijfi /-��( ItU cue, ftr ��. r^OiT So J. ^ B A^N'R-'r"' U P T. John Rc:if11. laie of St. Ofiih, but oowfof Maadon ia the County of Efl.a, Grocer. CoinfaAor aod Chapman. after --------a iiKc lYu.i. vuDon iiuving oeeti made at Peteiiburghaud Wariaw, the City of DaniiiicU had noitaug to afjprtUci.d on ihe Score of that Noblemja'a Efcape, ilber from ih<: C*arina or his Poliili Maj.rty. Spanilh ^chopn^r< taken and carried into New by t% Mbriiing St*r Piivatccr, ha< been condenin'd, iiMM woj^jlUe was taken the i -.h of September, N. S. Iw^Mbiidge is appointed &it Equerry t9 his Royal MMhC the Duke of Cumberland. ^Qjpeaani li.ggipf^n is promovd to be a Captain in �"�^ Rcgiiueni, in thr rooui of Capt. Coren, made , _ it-Govcmor ofEdiiiburgU'Caftle. Tk; lion. Gtforj* Bubb Doddiogtoa, Efqi Tveafnrer .Navy, is dangerouily ill at hii Houfe in Pa'l-Mall. Ycftnrd�y the Hon. Cluules Soams Cadogan, Cfqi took lb Place in the Houfc of Common*, for the 1 own of Cainbrjdge. in thp room of ChriAopbervJeffrcafon. Efqi A gr|y Caufe.b bearing in theHtMife of Peers, between A. Gebt, ofld JOoirothy Fuller, bb Wife,; for a Davis and Duff, hvo tjf tlje Ptrfoas advotia'd for being eooom'd in'hlIx)gof Giuncas, aia takaa ap, and an^ in Cufi^jr at Boulogne in Fiance. ' w �� i Ycfltrday was married, �t Andrew'* Church. Hol-bom,-Mi!. Dclrae Van Hvitciaftftn, an eminept Co"n�ellar at Law. fo'Mlfs'levinge, a near RelaMS to the law Sir I^ch�(d iLevinge* ahd an agiwiabla Lady, of a haadr YeMNtiyiSWis'-roarrted.'Mr.tfoiner," an eminept M��-Uiv-ife, ci Grew Puluury Surees Sv Jamc*'*. to Mt*. High Vvaier at Londoa Birwlta tats .tJay'jji aii ^ioutca Ycl^rJay fiank Srock was b a teo. Ditto Lottery 1747. 98 7 SthSi Bank Aaauitics ly^S* y9 S 4tbt � 7 8thsl'. Tnree rer Cent. Annuilica 9t } Stbt. MsUsoa Bank loa^i half. Eaui�alcat|^ ao Pkicr. Royal Aflu rancet 69. Loodon Aflunuice 10. HngBfc Copper no Price. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loaa, �e Piic^ Baak Circutotioa 40s^Piem. India Bo�da. aSa. a a7� T^HE AvWcnturu of Gil. lU.AS dT 1 bnt>IU�*. a Nc* TiMfltt^on, r>iM ttitWll|ri�n�h Mika, IViateJ M I. (>(htr�, tn \'n*t MilH<R�W. Tht AJ'cMuwt �f k'stokli Rtnduni. The S^Mxtii llUllea. Id t *-'V liiTw Pti<�! Niu'u< fn. , ''^^ ' mTn r-OFl ICli, I'Vb 4, ."4I WHERE4S rtWi i'<-il-^i}j* �. |& t>4Si WHERE.4S. fb, tb, .V4�J�;* ftiiii? /r,m limt T^wm i'^fcj/W tmrritJ �ff tb* Lttttrt e*m..tmtJ in tit �'?t��iS>.r*�, s.^ . , . H^illt mmi Fmkfnbnm B.tgi, ��J .;l,'it tbt l.t/tcft'l*'!*:* '>iV ttbirtiwummi PLun in tki'li.t^'^i'J Sfa^hi 'J"u fyfj^tj �ji-rdif ttbtr � a lio�v� Mtr ' � ttt jjr.jr tlirf -v'ji ,t'., .is, nfrr fbt fiimti OHM b* a* tkt brtkvH vHi 'u.-^ri U':tt':lkti, S.U-^\ Dn/i. wiV* G�U JSu/t��'H�lj. k^t it i4�, > /if r.- x>'v-' -'/"V, d:it whiwrA^iil.iilpi-ttmd ttmdx^Hw.i, �r' bt �ffnbtBdiiit�4ttiiKis^tJi ibt Pirjimt, vtiiinrif th^m, Avh* tmmifUit tbhUtlbfix*' 'u.^il bt imiil^d u -m Rtnuard 9/ Two Huodrid Poj|�il�, vir tmi ixbr-Jt tb( Rt'wtttt givim> ly JliiJPertitiimtit f'r mffr^bfUbrng tf Hi$h*i>*!Ti-*>H � J^'Aftif-Jfttfi�y[ilf'' Ptrfknt, ntbtibiT Atmpfiit* itt tbt jdi Ra*f�i_ri �^ it/fJl.wi'aJf titkr ^fthm, -Vitu ttmmMid ibr fitmt, f^ir i'^frfbim4l Mibf*Mgbt t� Jti/i er, fttfb DJewtrtr tr ^HitTfrk^ff^'; Iff &av .'an> pf'i\sQ Hu^dred'PouQ^li �*<' . j> i>^. "^HB Ppt UjtJ^ft ^ f!avf tiv* Ntmt, tbat\a'Ib*r;,i'mjftH,^4j^/unti'''' �t fiu t'CiMk i� tbt Mtnimit lity <viU ttpn/t 14!o'�/# ar'/<^/r dfUe, tb� HuiU �f ill bUpjiy't Sbip C^'</A mi0 Hrtj&ift. i�W 469 fmif fiajkr witb tb.irMu/it, Ji3V.J}fiu. and tibtr PArlUukrt, hiitAli �wA tkm; ^/� rb4 Hut tf Ih ^ttrlb^SUtp, ^^-O^. tbt imi i -li ft**.' it* ml bit lirJ.Jt/ijtJjir/fl�/ MWAsitti'* mud mkny if w/rwV bp/atb ftr/ttt at 0rr int/fmiiU Uttftttiit ib? jmtd S*ie, md bid ftf ibtm: ^nd 4�i a fitftAt */ Tvtffttf/vt Pti'dt i0 ttitb tlMdrtd Pnair/i, ia.lvi^r, /.� lotutt. It /� if matk bj tbt Ptmn rn ttrfini *ivia -/bafl f^rtbtUt tb* f/iiitz^htf* md PartftHlan^^ ' x^bifjlMU tuttmd tbt frnidS^ art It tabt NtHi\ tbki^ �d ternpftfand fir Ibat Pjtrf^ I ani'i^/ifi (bt, ^ipt/i trntbaftd Jball bt faid ftr mid'taha tiwap ar? tb* Sndt/ ft^lf Dmy* a/M- tbt Da, S'' ^ fMr/tittd, amd b*tm* tbt Prtft^i f Sdtt, tbt otftp jiiMit L ^iftf-ibti'Ot'^fi.i'' -'1- J SALT Salt/mam, the Ljunb and 1 N E, Star OHN C IS remov'd from cne i.juno ana star in HvwtdMitch, to tbc Lamb tai Sui in tht Mwmcfc ilut fa4 ncas AUf^-Cfcttfth, wtwre he coatioM* ta tdU all �mu of CiaatH t-iy mai*. for Men ud Brm ; alfo &tMd Ct>itb*, Seizes, Ifeni|tel�, * ilM; vail tt� iMIiw* Omm, iltaanMl kv M. litft PkiaeiulM h�w l4<* \\a rMOtotwa tvo�.�lMta ila* JM�<� mW' Sst� �rth*i�� b�ilt 1^ (ii4cia�ltc �at Nuiabcr �f C�ft< never SA arf�c� tiM K.ii��i�ae� af ih� t Sckiu*, aaa ta Aifat liMB* iaio a | ----------�w� f�<1f�� 0��l, fat lis SavKBt CroiiMi, UxnoA ol litc atm OA*, ihiid < wuiuhI Mmici*. ^#-0 E NT ,L b M A N V MiM-ftaaie. -PriMcj for Uao.' BrowMk arifba�l Trmf ^-Su, C. Itovu, ia HU-Unuj a. UitU, lu ll^ %\t�U , J. Wi^aui, la if:^-te�(i. CudomHoufe,' Loadon. Fcbl 1748." Br Ordtr tf tb* HtdtaraSlt tbf tt0i00titirt iff Mi, NttJtfy'tCaJhmt, i:ft.ta7bar/4ajii,tJtttfb0gti mtTbw a'Otti ia tbt Jifittam,' MtdU^bt ^tiif Salt im ibt iM^-IUttm mt ibt Ca/ftai-lfH^j^UHJta,''-'; 3:v/arr, Gi^gtr, tiad C'ft�m, i� TiW./ . Tbt Gmdi It bt vit%Afd ml ibt Unv tP'mttbtit/i't mkfit Cajimm-Htafo, ftamirraw, Wtdaifdajt aai'fbwrfLfatieh t'^ XON6ON HOSPITAL or INPiRMARy.. A K,'uurmarJiaarf Otatral Ciarl tf tb* Oivtr^ttn tf /IL 'A^< Gbmritj viU bt btid at tbt Hd^tiiJt ia {iavitmmU FhUtf faamr^, biiag ibt ^b iajfaai,,at Htfiitn a'Ciofb frtd/ify, I* dttUrt a Fataatftf � Pb^iaa, h fbt Dtalhaftir. Joha Coaningbam, /* ir ffMtiiil/fffnirtv � R. NftALE, Sttrttan. Wetl/niBilrr*lnfirm..ry, l-'eb- J, 1748. NOTICE ii btrth gt^vta, tbat fbtn ii a f^tHmMn tf am Aftlbfiaty "------------ Ifyfmia/ltrrmad fit fii^ fbffiim, UriTnquin btftrt tl* ttiiiifiamt. ' , -_ RICHARD PLATT, Stfn^iifj: , , THE Truflm of the Turnpike Rojidt?aJI�|fe Utm Fulfcam, tbrouah FuUum-Ftalil r� to |f*ii^'a<^<"'th, la the Co�Ot]r iihin|. Hf^ % HMtuanfilutli, ca S^tiwday octi, at Nioa �>'Cl�ch iu tlu M r�bef HameiiM, Dn^nfam, JtiMJe, OarlMi^, LUtl< il(�r Inibiir, at Fout aXlvcfc ia iht AftctMAP, at ti�aO�wa1 ittna bebied the ftcv.^ P.k<;fu<igc. wa fjietJal AOkiri. JtMU^,/'wt K�. � aadH, M�e to Nfa*<k at tf� Viamflaf<4NIW( C'�Aee-f(mtft <Kt 'r .nin:' llwt u to five Nutic*, tlwt the Ud amli* IklB * be RtiJe on Moudijr, ihe 6 aj4 Itiat ths ilit Muoday lO c^oy U<rftfh, luttil f�ihtt M�ti� bs l^ves.

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