Tuesday, February 4, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, February 4, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 4, 1749, London, Middlesex S A T U R D A y, Fti4VA�y 4. 1749 Di^ Fehrmcij a. -^RftnrjD. Um) Sarah tad EllMbeth, Utlkft froni Btrrbadocs. 'All the Ships tcnuin as per Uft. Wind Wefl by South. Am EmTt^A tf 0 LfHtr frtm a Pfr/on * All the Attention of the Po-* liticianj is at prefeat turn'd tO' * mttds the A'orrl^ whcte it*s pretended that the Spark* of * a anr War lie concealed under the Alhcs, and are juft * radjr ta break oot into � Flame. The Diicovcry of � the IntrigBes of Ldtocq has laid open the whole Aifair, * whkh wiil i:6w prbbaoir Taniih into ^Smoalc, by the * pradcK Mofore i*en by the Emprcfs of w. I'ctore * lanUxiomtwtia M^'avi-. 'iht taking of (hu'|}'jrncy� * vhkk kad becA icfolvod. Dpon before the Difcovery, � Jii|Hl wludiwai �ot'Tdpendcd on that Account, is a * fafkieat Phiof dut thu poMvrfal and wife Princtfs was /not at �'! apprcbeafive that Thing* would be put in * Exccaion ta long as v%z King of Sr\.e/n Ihould live, * bccaiafe he c�kaM not UccktYe War without aifembling an ^ CJUiaoidianY Diet; ' * JtkJEi vilf fhre nb QKnce^ addier in FtWand, IJ'Ocwia, * wmOmrUmi. \C% hbwcrer wdl RiMmB that A Cbntri* * vaace has long biecn formed to ester into a Quarrel with' that Ka*pire.~Tho-Piwitt of Rnfflu leiidw* the King-of * uieify. a* �dl ts the Miniftrjr of SnwUn^ at the * Hcvl of whkh is at pfdtfBt the Count de Teffin, who is * M iefii aa Enemy to the Court of Rn^a. than wu hi* * PMdcCcfbr the famoos Count de G^llcmbourg. As * rJMmi n tsdly aaited with ttmjp*, the Enemies of the * latter afed their iumoa Efforts, and with EfleA, to (aufe * A* nro laft Dicbm break op without odmiai; to any � Ktfel-Am about ugmeating the Crown Army. On the * otiwr liaad. k baa been concatly reporud. that S-wadm * wsrtlBcdiiKing fooe ftctet Eatnptise agaitiR Norwai, * which, it^ tboaiht. has been done to make the World * befieae, that if SWU wa� making any Augmentation * salts Ffltces. it wxtuld be tO> ad on that Side; but the * Poblidt is EOt to be that decdv'd: and. indeed, the * EjqpGcatioa that has been made upon thi* Subje^ between * <riK Ckms of SfrtikJsi and C^iA^a, has prevented any � ICfaaddflaadiRg. * The ttew High Council of War eflablilbed by the * Prince Stadtholder. in order to examine what pailed in * the JDcfiEnce of S^rg^K cf Ze:.m, ha* begun to tu. Old * Gescnl Cronfiram is arrived here from his Eftate, by '.Order of his Senme Highnefs, and has already appeared * before tfaf Cosndl, where he was brought in a Chsir. * He U deaf and abnoft bUod. The old Council of War ' � employed in trymg the Chevalier Vial. Capuiii of an ' ladcpcsdent Companjr. who feapcd up Brigadier 9eaa- * fobre at Ififfctn&m in the Campain of 1747. lt*� ffid. � that tUs was a cbtieatcd ASair, in order to gjlve the � eteater Orcdit io this Rafcal. who had dcfcrted from � db^ Finidk Troops to tarn Spy ia aar Araqr, and to " * Ksv an Acconnt of every Thing that paflcd tbtre to the * Conaa Saxe and Losrendabl. His Lieotenam. whofe * Ibaae ana h Sem, having been lakea in Maifridat * ia thft. Bdiit of a Monk, was hanged there as a Spy. � Xtos Vial, together with bis Officers, are aAually con- * vifixd �if havmg conunitned in Dafri Fttpukn more abo- * miaaHle Exod&s than even the Graffiui, the hUlicm, or * aiay of the Baeny's Irreg�dan j fo that every Body hopes � to fee hoa fooa paniAi'�l as he ddcrvca.* L O H O O N. Ydbirdiy a Fkodaroatioa was publiibed, promifing a Rcwaid of tool, over and above all other Rewards, to he pmd by the Lords of the Ttcafiirv, without any other Waaaat, �poa Cbnvi^on of the Ofifcndcr, to any Perfon arho JhaU d^oover and apprehend any one tim has com-aaittcd any Mardcr or Kobbciy in the Streets of London r Wcftminfhnr, or within five Klilcs round the fame, within ttefe three Months UA pai, or that (faall be guilty of any arithia fficca Aioaths to como} and the fame Reward for apprehctidtPgJTbtwias Jono. othcrwife Harper, who wss hieiy icicvcd from the Gateltouf , atLpomtSkk^ bch��Bgto hi* Royal HighncU the Duke f^aifaefiuMC�mv* >)*! Hcftttii� were dr�nk. At the Be^inuin^ of (J uccUJ ia tLc Mkiule of Uic S^jarc for that Pi The Motion at the King'a Beach, InkUog to the Rtot 4t Litchfield, did not come on Ydltnh* at w�l�xp�A�d. On Wednefdiiy tail watmihlia it�liiQa�ker* M^t^ ing-Houfi at Reading in Berkfhire, Mr. Joftiua Blliiigton. an eminent Surgeon and Man-Midwlfe in Omcechurch-Street, to Mifs jane Taylor x a* igrctabt* yoorg Lady, and a la'go Fortune, Ycfterday about NoOA a Mah well dreA'd, Roing through Billiter-Squarc neat Limt-<5tr9et.dropt downdcad. Her Royal Highneft the Princdt of Wain I;m bran ricss'd to appoint Mr. John Gantcr, of Poi-iland^Strcct. by Cavendi(h-Sq\|are. to be OpcratOi for her Royal High-ncfs's Toc'Nail*. Days appointed for holdi'ngtlie Affiaci in the MidlandCircuit, before the Lord Chief Barpn Parker (khd Mr.Juilice Birch, Northampton. f�Wu 7 *t Northam|itpD. Rutland, Prid.iy March 3, at Otkham. City of Lincdlii. Monday March 6, at tht Chf of Lincoln. Lincolnfhitc, the fame Day. at the CafUa of Lincoln, Nottinghamfhire^ Friday March lo^^ Nottingham.. . Town of Nottingham. Saturday Mi^ch 11, at theTbWii of Nottiogham.' Derbylhire. Tuefday March 14. ttljlerbv. Leiceflerfliir^.,Fridity March i7,.at%i,CafttcofLckcftfr. Boroughof Lelcefter. March 18, atthOBtnrough of Lcicencr. City bratlKrcntry^Tucfday March k t, attheCity of Coventry. Warwickflihre, Wednefday March al, at Warwick. Tomorrow two Charity SerntOM will be preach'd in the Patifti Church of St. Stephen i� Coleman-Street, for the Benefit of tbi� Charity Children bdooging to the Un'ted Pariihes of St. Olavt Jewry and St. Martin Ironmonger-Lane, and the Waifdof Cdlcman-Stttit t that in the Morning by the Mol^Reverend'his Grace Matthow Lord Arch-bifhop of York \ and that in the Aftentbon by the Rev. Mr. Ddwncs, RtStot of St. Michael inWoflrf-StreetiandLedurer ofSt. Mary le Bow. ? I'hefame Day two Charity Sermon* wiH be pmch'd in the Pariih Church of St. Mary,, llfoolnoth in Lombard Street, for the Benedc of thoChartty Boys of Langbourn Ward I that in the Morning by the Right Rev. Father lit God Richard Lord Biihop ofCarQBet and that in the Afternooa by the Rev. Dr. SantaclJiriconi. Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majeily, and AlB(|pMhPt*acber at the Temple.:' .  � LuJgate, Feb-i. We the poor diftrefs'd Prironert''on the Common Side, return ourfinCeif and hearty Thanks to djur unknown, kiiui> �nd generciyu ficnefaAor, for  whole Sheep fent us on Tuefday lafl$ with Two Shilling* and Six Pence in Money ( at aU<| for four Hatf-Pcck Loaves fent us on Wednefaayi whick were equally divided by our Stewaid. to the great CooJMt and Rcliff of unhappy Ciu'zens this cold Seafon. ' us -pHE following Linn trie as a fmdl bat to.. ^HJarc c iiiourt of fcveral Hundred Puui d \ -  >- J bei;�2 c&inli;^liJ jvi.h the ur- J. grateful AcknowltdgmeAt ibr ttto high Bntert*inm�ht which Uie Author lately enjoy'd at |||lT>eaire, from feeing Mr*. WoAngton appear in levml Oaglt Charaftcrs t your giving (hem a Place in your Paper, will. I hope, be as agfeeable to the Publick, aa i| mil be obliging to. Tour anjtant Rtadir. Delightful Woffingtonf fo formed topleafe, Suikes ev'ry Tafte. can eyW Paflbn r*ife, � In Shapes as various as her Sexes are. And all the Woman feetns comprix'o in her : Wi^h cafy AAion and becoming Mien Diftinguiih*d (hinea, and Ihinei m evVy Scene. The Prude and the Coquet in her we find. And all the Foibles of the fairer kind, . Exprefs'd in Charaflers themfdves would own, The Manner fuch as mlghrflifVie^ atone: Her taking-Graces gain them new ElU-emj They're chang'd to Virtues. Or like Virtue* fecin. l( tragic Airs in folemn Siraini (he (liewi, The pitying Audience feel the mimic Woes 1 The foft JnfeAion fwims in guihing Tears, We weep the (II* of twice two thoufand Years. When warlike Pyrrhus woo* ib'alfliAed Fair, Then .^U Andromache** dlfplay'd in her : The Springs of Nature feel her pow'rful Att, She moves the Pafliohs, and (he melts the Heart: Her noble Manner all the Soul alarms. Whan Sorrow Oiakei ut, and when Virtue charms. Sincere Emotions in each Bofum rile, And real Anguilh know* no mock Difguife. Who would not Beauty's falling Pate deplore. Who feet her faint and droop and fink In Shore P The djiing Fair excites fuch gen'rous Pain, What fiOtom bleeds not when ihe beg* io vain ? Extreme Diflrcf* fo feelingly (he draw*. She f�ems to challenge, not to court, Applaufe. Secure of Worth, nor anxious of her Claim, She eool/ draws a carchf* Bill on Fame. The nobl^ft Scntiineiu, by her dlfpUy'd. fo all the Pomp of Mihon' er Praife. 9y particular Defirc. Being the tail Time of performing it this Seafoa. Tlii* Pay, at hi* Auction-Room, lute the New Theute in the Hay-Market, Mr. Foote will exhibit a Choice Collcdion of Pi^luret, all warranted Originals, and fonie entire new Lots, with a new Prologue. Places for the Boxes to be ukcn at the Auiftioo-Ruom. Th� Audlion to begin cxaAly at tialf an Hour after Six Good Gloucffterlhire Cheefe, at jd. a Pound, �r.d27f. a Hundred i VViktihuc Bacon and dried Hogs Chrclcs, that need no Kccoouncndation i likewife Frefh I'hinc*. this aai every Saturday Morning during the Winter Scalbn, arc fuld b) Ricliaid Shc'iner, at the lecqitd Houfe in ilic Pav'd-Alley from the Leather-Market in Lcadcnhall alfo for the Dtrtcr accutnmodating the Quality, Gentry, and othcn. near St. Jameii'* and Weitminlter, he hat another Shop, the Corner oi Chc�^ucr-Loujt, o^'pofuc NoriJiuinbtxlaAdHoufe. YeftcrJay Bank Stock was lii t la)f. I�dk Stock i^e t 4th. South-Set Stock. 106 | 4tt!* Oiita 0?d Aa^^ Mlties, 101 s Mths a 3 itiit. Ditto New. too 1 half a LBtht a } 8ths. Bank A�ak>itim (74^ 99 * * 4*^-itio 1*47. t02 a t 8th  ^ } 4rKn ]L>ift� LMtetf t747, 08 J 4 hs a 90- *\nfti�H�e� tyaS, ^ 7 Siha  $ Sin* a ) 4ths. Three per Cent. Annttitict 91 1 lalf a I 4^h. Millmn Bank loa i. balf. Eeaivairat. co price. Royal AiFuraiwe 6y, - AlTarttce ' Bngliih Copper 4I. 17s. �d. &ti^ ^ Onu. Empcrar� Loan, no Piice. Bank CirculaVioa j;s. 6d. Preai. India Boi'd*. �;*> a *9�._ a sS*. P*e.n. rhis Dof are fublijb'J^ JbtFturfttWtVmml. P�u� >� . �*. 4W Wll�HI� HE Adventures of GIL BLAS ittttHKins. A Ntyr TiMilUtMQ. fjwm tkt> ; tiKnch idiiMMi. fd Motel fut V^*** This ^bay it ptttiifi^d^ By tht KINGV ^� �tirjt4t�Mbr�'ii. ' t>rint�4 at Cso^m. and Mfhj C. i)tt��l. im IM�Mr�| A. KUbr, fat the Strand I t. Whlftja, lis nr(t.�tt��t aiat Wi TfatsflMna. la tianibtWtt. This Dot ii puklijb*d, inTwrvluntinF4U0^ Dtdkmttd f HIS MAJBSTY, AComt^cte System or (rftOditAriir, Tkmnt, HaA^Ms. iJU* sail Rvm. MaaiUaUi, Mmh �^tta Ch*nM'::di;t'jia�'' h>pMn>4 Ta erri; KINOtX)M, OOVKAMMCMT, aaA VTAXtk -lUunritea ��ltb Seventy Ma{R. 9t SmtkitMfJ!mmm� tnij|>a\e> and ShtwcU. Oikame. Whltft^. Matt, Uftti^ r ' hit M^cfty.. bttfll an Mw4;a�maiMl caarawtl armasa *a Diicovtri.1 iud Sufn>>. anakiat af thi�<clw*.�c5iVURS ISinttd for McfT. IxnVf, Watt, WM. lUittw^ OiiM, and ShawaU, 0<k�rae^ 'lfrMtf�t. Matt/Nftd^ m� iMt, Gtnrkmi wA, l���.r�l HN MISAVBll^ ' rand ftlUitg his ftmens AailvMattal KU*. Asl IWta that r*q^ Uicn dwiag kia LJ^ Wi Im Ui^l^ alia hiMM the hcitt bwt mySr. hat* ww tahaa h ay St.Mattia'aLaa*, aaarSUagiMt'sOiieM-Jfci*, aa* NnSi Aalband, abr(Ma, toattMrev^Pttiaa^� �al'ln wlMlb^^ iaavt my $tmt% aad t�^ �� WiSf alftr. IIINT-OFPICJL ff^ 4, i?4t. V wui uttmttg ef fidfi eii mattr/rit Abmyi ihKtfmruM tfth* Pmt/or tttfit/trai Cctutht ia EtglmJlmilfd itUrt tviem if puy anttr*, �e dkfiri �s fair Minbt tmdfitui wtJmimt t* Fetaamm JafiSaMr ovAir J Mint, at htj Clumitri iu Omtla't ftm, Zamim, tfkO ti9w imdir A �{.�( tt* SmaMsm UaU fram that Tvuim t�''[hitmAtmitthHarflmJI,tik� i/^ib iuftmnt, <wm tttthd tm f^nttlmurf, af 0t Fim* caltd Btdntf^ bttiiitm Stunjfism maJ fitl/fmd, im ttt* Ciuatj,�/ Norlih, kj roue Huh^vmjntm tm Hm^^Umti, �! (arrifd of lit Ltiliri t^tMatdim tit Rm^imm^ HmUfm, IFt/lt akd Fakinham B.ti$, amd atft tbt tMltn frmm jtvitat itktr li.'wni and FUu% in tWTkttft'd Brtmth: We Fvfim 'wit ammiittdthit Ratitrytiri djcihdflrt i^ahjltmtikiu mwd �ni �/1 htm w mttftij am � Ught'-Mf tUrft, 4*4 flu tihtr tm a b'ttvm tmt: Hi tm tht grtfUtrfii mmt Angid im a Gttd-latd liiht-itUur'd Waifltitti, t mUtmmr/hmlt aff^ htnd mmd unvia, tr tatf/i t� hi affnhtmdid mmd nmviOtd, tht Pn/tm*, tr liihtr tf thm* "wh* ftmmittd thi* RAhtrr, wiii hi imtidrd tt m lU^urd tf Two Haadncd Puonds. tvtr and mhavt tht Rttvmrd pv^m hf AB tf PmirUmmmt ftr apP'ihiBdimg tf tLgh^vrnj/mtmi ar if tmf Pttfim, tf PirfiM, ivhtthtr AtctumfUct im tht faid RMtty, f kmmit^ tbtrttf, di tr Jhall mail Dif�>wy. %t,h/rihy tht fttfiMt tr tith.r �/iltm, "wli Mmm liiU lit. J>imt, t� .jj mfftthtmdtd mud breughl /> Ju/if., /ud Diffynnr tr Diftmtttr^t, / /amt R^i.ara ^ Two Hundred Foiuait. ��i l/t ha%' hi Mrj/fit'i tmft tr^tntvt l'.fd�m. Cmm ^'ii'fV,.m,wml, ' WUBR �fur,, EdS i 1. .j im tie 17/* Otj tf umry Jtu.h �� sm tki tatir Dur if r-# lUmftroHtr'f Ojftt la KJuJdb^U, fcnitu, "ih^t Ptrfant ih<rfin named haJ /o/i/y aSitJ ,ti Bmtfri, mtt du/v mJmiiitJ . /A.J /J t7 tUiirt iht Juih*.- 0f the f^^id F*f*r tv tali in th* CmplrilUr, and jrfitJ-c/ hstt ^%iih ti-iPru^^ bt h.tt tv r ill lu^'^jrt it til CJi^j(f. iV;*//. IU S.im, if ibt .U:if.r �/ tb, f,sd Pofir fLmil km tinttuPJ, if difir'J. ^_D S' .\MAN. C^mf KBNSINCTUN TURNPIJiLE. TH E Tiuact:s of the Kcnfmgion, ChcH'ca, FiiUuun, Ire. Tainptka. d<6*�i tu matt m {|m Km�' <'�(, on <�'*'. 'tw 4'Iim4�M. m %. �* t Uj>^ itM aaa; QismttX Wm-^

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