Tuesday, January 28, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, January 28, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 28, 1749, London, Middlesex The Daily Advertifer. SATURDAY, Jahvary a8. 1749. DnJ, January 26. IS Majc%*s Sloop the Badger, with the Tnisfports, Eatt Indiamen. and all the outward-bound Sbimri arc preparing to fail. Wind Ealf^ North EaR. Yefterday arriv'd the Mails from HoLLAxo'and France. rifna, Jmm. a J. Laft Sundav fltocral Lichen, who commands lie Rcfiaa A�mliarie�. iSd M. dX)rloflr. Major-Gcnwal md ducT Cbouai&ry of the faid Troopf, wct� pre-Jttted to thdr laiperial Majc/tie* hj Ur. Ifanczinflcl, Bar�r>ExtrtardiBarf from the Empref* of %uffia, and �a� ��7 fradoafff ntxxnA^ The next Da/ thc)r'had Hoaoar to 4iae with the Archdatchefs Manr Anne, sad w fV tkcar Rcfpeas to all the imperial Family. An ISnn&iaftM� Nice, with the ReTpIution that the Court is ofcea to pot the Ooke of Modeaa in PoiTeifion of the ficfa wiDdi hcayiftA in Httngarjr before the War. bt*r, y*m, xz. That are Letterj here, wrote by one ^ ^ JJtmA MtSonarics from the Eafl-Indies, dated the sxA �f Jaly, �nd the t^th and jeth of Angnft laft, which isnuoa. (hat Adtninl Bofcawen had joined Vice-Adminil Ciifia before Poadichctry. that that Flace was vigoroufly mxk'd by the Engiiai Meet, and that the French bravely A fir Mini it s ACvcnbckfs it was thought they woul'd fqoa be ob&gcd to farreader. no:withttanding the new Works wlocfc tod been lately made to the Fortifications, and the Fkovifion sad Saras they had lately got in there. j�m i* Framu, Jmm. i}. The Infant Don Fhilip anrtvM kerc Aft 6J1 iafiatt. As the Report is rcnew'd. that the BvacaBODu ia Italy are ^ia fufpeaded, there ii nothing ittd caacesBJ^ hii I>cpartiira. PmwiM, JfB. ay. Several Ships from the Levant are Innr'^ atltot rOricat, on Atcoant of the India Company. . The' Oder Htf the Ring received a Coarier. by the IMpastlNls vbcxcof a certain Court, it's faid. demands an JLaas^arf^ Bed/�f 40000 Men j bat it*s not known what jtx&Ieioa wdl be t^ken thereoa 1 thou^ moft of our Pofeiciass think that the King cannot help fuUiilinv the EamicaKau he haa.cnter'd into. The Dauphin has been lligai^ sadiTpoa'd, bat is pcrfcAly rccovcr'd. lis Taid the EaA ladia Company pennies to 'make a new Settle-smbz Bpm die CoaA 01 vioiacy. ia order to carry on the Ttafick of Xc^roca wi'h more Facility. Prnfi* J-im-n3im, Jam. ay. Letters from Gjcnoa. dated (ith, advife. that the Convoy of Spanifli Troops re-tiaii.'g t* CataloB a, faiPd a few Days beiote with a pretty inoaabk Wind; init as it changed the n�t Day. 'tis un-nsna �belher it could proceed. It's not yet known �h�a the twcsity Battalions of French Troops will leave de Ndc^teapbood of Genua; V^t it's cerum that Mon-^-t dawadm has contradcd with � -Aew Conpan/ of -' * iJcrP^t-ifioBS for the Army tilt the End of nejct ftihaps tlicy laay not be wanted fo long, as we de�iapefs wOl canfent to the ReAitution of the --i shkib'lKloi^ to the Geoocfe, �id to thb Ex^uiion of the other Anides agreed upon at the Con^refs of Aix faCkafKlle. Fmrii Jf-Utm�is, Taa- 31. We have rccciv'd Advice Cnm Nkc. that the CommtlTanes affembled there have Bp^^ a Coevcation. fckiog the Time of the RcAitutions arfech are to be made in Italy ; that thofe of the Eutprefs, of tbe Oake of Modcsia. and of the Republick of Genoa, kaae igi^d a poivaSe one. whereby that PrinceA fecurcs to bodi dHfe roarers UiC peifod Execution of every Thing Mat icSaaes so &cm ia the Treaty of Peace; and that the boB have ?^'d anodw wherein it is cxprcfs'd. that as fiioa as the Kjiag's Conunifiisries at Bruffch flull be made acoaaiaMi arkJi the Rxecation of the Decrees in Qucftian, _ ftaO tctafd the Evacuation of the Places belonging the fia^refs in the Hainaulc This News occahons ^-- joy. a� ue arc perfuaded that nothing now can dcfagr dtt Pcbbcatiozi of the Peace. Bnjftis, JoM. sS. Thb Morning the Frmch evacuated ttn^^. afocr havioK been In PoiTeffioii of it a^r two Vaaia. The Impend Troops immediately cucr'd the �dcr a general Difcharge of the Artillery and Ra^pif of Bdh. There wiU be in Evening lUumi-�Biee> and odjcr pufalidc R^mcinju on this Occifion. Mw^L, Jam. jj. The I>uuJt Troops are marching B� Ob Pialc�aa of the B�nicr Towns, and a Dctachmen* ow CsaixiJba is goac to occupy Aloft. We hear that ^ FoMsscaoa&s of Moos, Adi, and Charleroy, are catsBdy dcttobih'd. By the Dcftruaioo of the ^^gfa^f OBdeoarde, ike Schcld is quite rxpofcd as far ?-^**** ^ *** hdcnia the Coontry u open, and M�#iomJhnay saakc locuiaozu to the Very Gates of the tlicy pkafc. From thcle Ciicumaanccj *� aHwrhrmded, thaz proper Care will naturally be taken taptonda ior the Sccmity of chcfe Provio�es> by making 4pajrtaii�csioAs upoo the f/�nucrs. ��- The Freach have evacuated tlia Mand I C^d^ i mA um Day the I'roops of the State took jBfcfco of SJ. a. Weil as of all die other Places of Duich , WMCrs the fevcsal Foru thcicon dcpcwding. _ **gf�. F'i- �- AcQMtling to the lait Lcuers from �irfhaciB. ewcry iiui>g i� ,eady for the Evacaation 0/ JtaCiijr, whsch u to be soade Tofl^rtow, and M�or> Veaawi iJiAaitn u m take PoiLfioa of it with a ilody TW fjUowic^ h a TranOatioB of his M�)cfty'i Lettor ^SMM Gcaenl for rccaUmx (he Earl of^ Sandwich. iSi* W Afci*-> L^Jj. tar gttj Fritadi, Auin, amd , N^jpciiiioas for a General Peace having J>cen , "fP^fy dczcrjuiorJ by the Conilufiufl of a D�nujiivc ^no[^>3i�t.iii,j,^ ihc iuJ of iatulurich, in order that he a^QZTcift iic iniportant Poii which we hawc conJcir'd "SSm^** ^'-^^ Kingdoros, at a Rec^ompcncc for the *^ �aloas ii.rv cci whuh he has ren^iet'd us : ***��jm oit inttniate Corwf o^dcact. � Wc promife oarfelves, that jrou will give entiri^ Credit^  to cvtry ITiing that he reprcleat* to you on our Part, ifl ' Confotmlty of thcfc Srntimcntr, w*Jch we lhall always ' preltrvc. Wc pray God have you, Hij^h and Mighty-' Lords, our godd Fricnilt, Allies, and Coaf<dcrace9, under  hi� holy Protodion. Given at oor Court at St. jamas's ' the sgth of Norcnibcr, <74..S. * Signed, Vuur good Friend, The following is the Letter which their High Mighli-nrnfci delivered to the Earl of Sandwich for the Kbg of Great Briuio, upon his recalling that Miniftcr. ' S I R B,  Wc receiv'd by the Earl of Snnd� er-' ceive that your,iM<jaiity has bcvi) plcafd to tPCaX hint. We cannot fee depart without rcgrei, a Miniftcr, who  during his Stay here has fucCecdcd fo Well inrjpilniMg ' the general Efleem and Approbatioo. |Ic has, upon ui  Occafion.*, and. particularly during tbe Couxfe of the ' NcgocUtions for the general Paciiicatloa, fkxa ns fuch ' diftihgnilh'd Proofs of a great Ct^cirr and* cxtraor-'i^iinary Talents, that wc cannot but li^ify to your M*-  jeav, the KtghEltecm we havexonceiv'd for iusParfon  and Merit.  If this has recommended him to your Msjefty. and ' rendcr'd him worthy of Recompence, he Ihould not be  lefs fo for the'Care he has tAken to fl^gthen more and ' more the Bands of Friendfhip and Coniidencak which ' happily unite �Vour Mnjeftv and this R(||^ibncli. ' Before his Deparcuns, he exprodi'd io us in fo lively a Manner your Majeily's Sentimcntt of Regard and ' Friendfliip for this Republick, that we were eaKcr to ' to fcize ufon il.is Dpportiinity to telllfy to yoorMajcfty < our moA perfe<^ Acknowledgnients.' ' Wa flatter ouflclv^es. that he will not fail to do us  Jutlice to yoiir Mpjely, in rcprtfenting our high Vcne- < ration for. and our fincere Pchra to Hve always in the  moil pcrf.:^ Concert and lliicl Upioii wiehyour Mniett/. ' Nothing can ever happen more happy (or ui. than ta ( be able to convince your Majcfty i^ihe Realit|r <lf the il"jj*tchei w4re. tkat on the- ajth of July,TftdtfllM cawen appeared before the North Part of Bourbon, and bombarded the chiaf Town and Forts for four Pays and Nights togethtr, without doing any confideraUe Daiha|(e 1 and that the faid Admiral failed immediately to join Admiral GriiRn. That two Englilh Men of War, one of fifty and one of fixty Guns, fell in with a French Eoll-India Ship, homeward-bound, but ihe got clear of them. That the outward-bound Hail-lndta Heet was fafe arrived in India. They write from Paris, that Wedncfday next was fix'd for the proclaiming the General Peace at that City, and feVeral other Towns in France. On Thurfday laA the Lords of the Admiralty were nleas'd to appoint Capt. James Campbell, Commander of his Majefty's Ship the ChellerfielJ, at Barb.uloes. Major Frederick Caroline ticott, of General Guife' Regiment, wtto fo gallantly defended Fort William in (he late Rebellion, is ippotnted Lieutenant-Colonel of Cul. Peregrine Thomas Fjfopfon's Regiment of Foot, late Fuller's, at Cape Breton. Major Thomas Wnitcr Voung. of Col. Na/ion'i Dragoons, is nominated Lieutenant Colonel of his Grace the Duke of Mountagu's Regiment of Dragoon Guard). Mr. Richard Schiiekb'iifg is appointed an Enfign in General Rcadc's Regiment, in the room of Mr. Travcrs, promoted. yefterday (on the Recommendation of the Right Hon. the Earlof Lhomondcle/) the CommilUoners of his Majeily's Salt-Duties were plea:>'d to appoint juhn Mainwaring, Elqi who had the Honour of his Majeily's CommtlTion lu Captain during the lato Rebellion in (he faid Noble Earl's Regiment, Collcdlor of the faid Duties for Nantwich in Chclhire, a Place of 300!. a Vcar, and upwards. Northumberlaud-Houfe is repairing as fait as pofCbIc for the Reception of his Grace the Duke of Somerfct, who is coininglo rehdc there as foon as 'tis fini/li'd. Laft Tuefday was m.-itricd at St Andrew's Church, Holburn. Mr. James Laf&te. an eminent Wine-Mer�.ha;it of Craven-Street in (be StranJ, to Mif� Wilkinfon, of Keniiogton-Square; a young 1 ady of g'Ciit Beauty and Merit, with a Fortune of 400 �>! We bear thft on 'i'ucfday laft at a Vertry held in the VcfUy-Room of St. Martin in the Fields, Orders were given to the Vcllry>CIeik to proceed agamll divert Prrfons who had been guiUy of Mifdeineanori in the faid l*8rilh, pAr:icularly agamil one who had atUuhcil and abu�'d the Conftable of the Night in the Exccuuon of his Office > 'tis Pity fo valuable au OHicer as a good CunllabU, is not oftcner encouraged and fupportcd when opprcls'J by our Midnight Defperadoes. Ycftcrday Richard MapcfJen, hite of Havvkhurll in (he County of Kent, a notorious Snitijr^ler, was committed to Newg�te by J jflice Ficldii.j;, for not furren dcring himfclf wiil.in lotiy Days ufitr ijie hrll Publication in the London Ga;(ct(c fur liiut puipulc On 'i'liurfday Nigh', abom I iocii o'clock, a Coach go:inj for the Bd/ocgti, \va> r<jbi<\l up l.ioJ.jn Bridge by three Fellows, who tuuk troni ilu: I'allcngcrs what Mbitey tticy thought proper to gi^c tlu-iu Tomorrow, at the Opciiiivg of (he Church of Si Mi(.hJtl Ba�li(haw, after i:s bcin^ rcj'aifj, t\ rt�tli'd for tl.c iieiiclu ci ihc L lulilrrn ol ht. Swilliiu ; tlii; 111 the M.^r.^m^ bv th,c ) |kt>. Derailul >t. Bu^wu, und i'lvLnuv.*!'^ 1:../.. .l,r . txd Ihst in the �\ft#r>ioon b/ lli� Rev.' Mr. Il'-ekflail. Morning Ptcachcr f>4 St Luttc. kt4 Lrautur �f tiie^iy# Church. � Tiie f'ame Dav twn CbaorlCy Keiwo�! ttC�vyMigitt; tmH^ f>r the Ikneht of a Huad^liMr Ba^s ol i*e liwl Atlkt ..that in the Moriihfg % ^ Rlt^t Rev;JTatlMV.ia d'^ Churi^ Sermons oUt b�t {irtaca'^a di�-P�ci(h Chuich ojf St. Kdlnawi iheKimg i� JUhnIm^I^-Snittt diat in ih�, Morntdg.by tht Rev. Or.Mmnnm^ Rcaor of St. M�fy le fi^^w jp Chftpfiie � aacl dttt H ^ Aficmoan by dM Kcv. Mr. WarMr, Htaorof Sl'litclkMkt Qutcnhidi. ^heiyte SiNr^l�l�%lR0h3 �ritl he prracbM im m ?viSh%:kmlk^9t:X>kmvi9ufnt}, fordi�BtacikOf thfe Charity Bby* of l|0|b*EiMl OM Tomn AuKiikr MoraioK by ih� ftfv. Mr. 1'li�m*<v KjftW of ^ Jb Cbhthillj and that ia.dbf AftniHioa by di� Hev.Mbt. Harvdl, M. A. ad'i^iai^wof WajnitkaCoW, Cur bridge. ' ^ On MeoAiy 0�xt, bcihs the Aaiihr^rf oTtbt Htitft-dnin of KifiK <;:harl�t tb* Ftrit, a S�ra;�Bi jlitt be p^t'd in thc^otenooQ in tbe Uoktd PhtHbrClnrch of St. Am aad Agnes, and St. JoliQ Zactiary witbia AlderffAR^ fine tbe Benefit of 6fty POOf Children freiiuentto|� rhe Sud Chactb^ by the Rcv.Vlr. SaidV Leftiuyrof St. Gt!ea in the FM^ Pfa)-cn to btgis at Eleven o'Clock. A Mora' ing aodBVceipc Lc fupBon� gNMlf incrcas'd, that fcldlon al! who would ba peAnt cms jpt Admittance, a bfttcr Apotisy will not k* �xp� ^^hiO <wo Miles for twenty fiojMilkJRao or III III li �Hwitai I being dcpofitcd. and j%|Nit| bcnmai ) �nd Four in tli|^A/�ioon< if dNi Ij'Hhcre is cover for {Jfirajpce^ors. George'Xing, late gan Apprentice to Mrl. SlixibeA Bagwell, on Tower-Hill, having abfentei hiafcLf from his Miflrefs's Service ibr fome Time, and bis Father lieing fome Diftance from London, tliis is to pt^cnt hint buy  ing Goods or borrowing Money from any Ferfbn whac* focvcr i his Father Caleb King gi^'es this pubKtk Notice* and declares, that he will pay ap Debts of his Soit's etia* trafling. Caleb Xing. _ ^. Vcllcrday Bank 5co a 5 9 hs. Ditto Ncw� .3 4thi. Bank Annuities 1746^ 96 3 ^t)ii i <fj i 9tlk. Diiio 1747. 97 3 4tbs a 7 Slhs. Ditto Lotlesy #747, 97 a 96 3 4(hs. Ratk Annuities 174'i. 97 1; &:ha a 3 4thso c 8ths. Three par Cei*t. Annuinc* % al ASluasCO 6^ London Afl'urance 10. EoKtffli Co(^r no Pricis. Bank Circulation 3 js. Prcm. India Bo^dj, �4S. a a;s. Pteas. ~~Thls Day are pttbl'flfd\ (Free ios7 Od.) SI X new CANTATAS, lur a Yoke and InftrumeBH. Set � Mofiek bjr "  " '  JOHN S r A N L R Y, Al. Orgjnijt tf tkt TtCflt, 4mi J>. Anirm't^ tlliis.ru. , Piiatril fm th� Attthot. *n4 fuid at tua. Ilbutc to V/aihioak, aarf �a lbs Alulick-Shoft. m.rt mar i->J. Sis Csolstii, formtily ^ubiifticd by the Umt Aolhor. General "Ftiil OfuJc, "Jan. 16, i;^*. WHERE/IS tht P,,i^B�j Inn^ixs ii$ Sivjijiam IHvJ fum that truin to 'Th,t/utJ, n S^turJu^ /�/?, tif , tJ^b inftanl, luiit attuthrd em tki Htg_b*uitjf, ttt M Piatt faifJ B-idnMj, bttiutin Stviiffbhm ntid Ibtl't'd, im tit CiMM/f �f N�rfoH, bj t'lvo tLj^lnutiymen an Utrjibaict, � t Bigi, and at;'o tht Lttttrt /ram J'tv rjj �iL,r /tvi //I and PLiiii in iln 'Tirtf/*rd D'omtb: 'fbtPtw/ma wba (jm/uitttd ihi, Ktbhtrj art d.Joihtd t* bt hath fi��t MiW^ and ant t/ ibtat vuU) tniitilid an a Hgbtgrrf Htrft^ ami tkt otbtr OH a kmvtt ant Ht * ibt gr,y Ittr/t ttiat d-t�ltHm a i'lilJIit'd iigbt-citiir'd lyaijttaal, muh m GrtutCtat over tht fault i amd b* an ihi /r< .til it mititid lu a R.-t^ard a/' Two Hundred Pvioa^", ci/rr und abi-ut ibt R.-xia'd gi--'ii ^) / �/ Par/'iammpf f�r aff'thtadiHg if Hi^li',K;ny>ai� , or ,f axy Pir/jm^ ar Pnfani, ii.i/tltir Atumfliit in lf: t l.iij Rti^f't, ht Hl- Tcj.eci Po^rud.. ttU � rj �. Cjmnaid 0/iba Pr>J! AI.  ^'��nr-il, G�0.' . a/ ill jretti,.!., I'ciy ii...' it >i.iJi tj 13 'bt b.fttfi .tit Brnn n, �^ bi. M^j', ^} > Mnii at R.:it huh. -'tfa'-f.

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