Monday, January 20, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Monday, January 20, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 20, 1749, London, Middlesex FRIDAY; Ianvaay 2o� �749- Deali January |8. HE 8cor|5oa Sloop, Ships, �ni{ (be Outward-bound tre (ail'd. The Duich Ships for Indk remain. Wind N. E. Tdlerday arrived tWo Mills frafti FR.VNdt. i*aiit jt-la'tnAiH, yan. lb. It's aiTMred, that the King is goino; to M<fuc an Arret, whereby the Right �f Aubaine will be fupprcftM! So that tlie tlcirs or Rcla-^oai of a l^^reh'ncr, who dies without being tiaturaliiuxi, iSay pbtain the SttCWflion of fuch Foreigner^ without any Pifficuiijr, .irtftcnd of its .being made part of the King's tfomain, which it always^ ufed to be. Ji's faid, i^atiiAs jgivcn Rife to the iifuingof thU Atret is a pifptite ifvcvnJU^ Fariaers of the Domain df Verfnilles and tKofe kit PjstM, relating to the Succeflidn of the Qoeat's Ute CoaJfedor,-svliawas a rolaoder^'andhas bten dea4  cbrt< fidcribl*-JTime. ^ . ll*s (aid, the ybung Protendcr is -sauting a Livery to  -W,ina�'c here like thai of tb* Prince oF Wales, in a*ihtr id iaWtt * tiita^cetit Btttrr into Avrgnen. - ^ '^;Rrho4?lli :ttit!, yan< Z^,* ' 'tlf K.iog lin� orecr?;u Gil Mi Works in th* ScaJUl*i^lm ';Jtr of thc'Kittf^^^ |o He llid' afide/^ ppiei^^lof give the Mpichants tiu- h^\.ct Pm�6iTunity forb'ulpMjf'&rrcw SMp-t, aod to nuke I'atja i�doub!e their Attcnjl,ion to Comfucrie. ' ; ^' Actoi-ding to Advices 'from Bpurd tncVe fx? at toident in tlutVjfMt about 509 Mei-ch�ntmi!�v ^QT^y iaiung in their Lading, ^lii order v. fi^>l the frit ^Ir Wind. Ti^ Miirflial Countdo Satc.h� tricked 700 Mchoatof �lwdifl)llit4(c4HjU:t�^^|flrOrderi4u vomsle^ his-'Regithetit �if.uhi�ji.' . :�: ' � �ft Mcon the C^^uv*iV ' Oidersj twyertlie ,^ ilc Ka4U.i;^Ing it peceDtvy P> rea�^�� wha^ cpnCerpi tl� Indfj^rtdentx;^ Marirte, his Mcjcily fixM the Muuibcr of the raidl|potn|>anies at 190, �im ibofeM conIUl�J' , h . a.;- ,N- l> -^0^ � K. ->< t�ftH iii�en�i:^fr Scli(obMi|i^jtt. M,tMit00fm9$ii��m st/juiM{' tfiere tvill 4>e a mWii St. j�mes*8 at Night. ' 'W�ar<ajlurfdf that bis Royal Highn(:fs iH p.uke of Cumosrlaiui is deteaminec), next Summer, to vLQt (Gibraltar. Av^ Fptt-Mahon himfelf, in- order to give Uiredi6ns thcwf&etter Rcgulatipp. Vdletidiiy was lieid a Gen&al Court of the South-Sea Coptpanv at their Hooiit in Tiireadncedle,Strcet, when a Dividend iqf 1 3 qrs 'for the half Ye:ur'3 lotcreft, due at Chriftmas kill- on the Capital ^tock of that Compa�yi was (Jeclar'd,' payable the 9ih of February next. We hear that .Admiral O/bom has brought Advice,- th^i a Mm of War of forty Guns is turn'd Pyrate on the Co�Il f9 lidwards. of Savaj^c Gardens; a very agreeable youug h*iy, with a forcune of 12000). Captain-Lic^ John CanUon i� appointed, a C.ip-taln in Lieutenant General Rcade'i Regiment, in the roi.m 9f Capt. Osmpon, pr.fcrr'd. Lieutenant Plun�.us John Ed)^:ir i: appointed Lieutenant-Captain, in the rooii\ of Mr. Caiilloii. cniign John Tri:^tri U promottd to be a Lieutenant In the fame Hij^imcm, io the room ot Mr Edgar. Mr. Chiu-ici Wtttlon, oncof ihe Rebel l'xili>neri coftfii)'d in the New Gaol, who had Libcriy ot trai fponng h)inre?f, has ricciv'd a Reprieve for a certain rir;a of Vcars ilwiciu inrrition'd, and i� order d to be f't at Liberty. Yc&rrilay at the Srfiioni-liouie in liic 0!d liaily twenty-two Prifoncrs were cried, o:\e of � hom was c pi ally coii-ViJtcd. vii Eliiibctli Wntlcn, for returning from 'rranfpot-tation; twelve were call for Trunfporiaiion, and uir.e acfliiittcd. Bcrjamin Watt�, a Smuj^^gUr, was arraigned, but his Trial l^ put ofT idl next Scfilons Two icccivid Sentence oi Death, vi* Jghn f-'orftcr, for ftcaliig 1) i 1^ Monry, ij-.c i'topcrty of M-ary jone� ; and the above h'iiibtih Wation ; but Ihe pleaded her Helly, aad a Jury ut Maiioni brought her in wrti ijaiik ChiL. This Moiniii,' uill tome on the Trijl of Tbonisi Ifapiiam, ior liii't the Com ut t.'us Km^tlym, vvhuh is OtpeCtcd to be a lun^ aiiJ iciiui-^jble 1 nil. I^eflcrday Rptxtt^PiiBlif!^ a Carc^ao. wat concatttcd to Tothr!!-FtciilsB^elWilt,>Vr1h(�nas Elivs, Efot of New Palace Yard. WtRilifellef. for wflfulSy ind forrlMy dri: Ting his Can th�oiig(i Palart-Yanl. obdtiia^g and i�tcr !> to an Order of the Hob; Ifoktre of Ccrnmons. Wc are deSr'd by Mr. Piackbcck 10 inform the Pokliik, that in a few Days Ke (hatl fell by AuAion, in hi* Reinjii-tory, the genniiie CoUefltan of Pift'irt*, Drawing*, Ciiiita, and Cnrtofitics of Mr. Charles Mackentie. dfccafcd. (formerly 01 Ctown-BuiUiings, aod la'.dy of New Hcrmitafc b'trcet, Wapptng. G�kI^mtC-Box-Maker}; and that at tlie Drnie rime flvAlUIeai theltcpoEtory of all the Can iTttcs ac prefcnt placed thi^ein { of which the diflvtetkt Proprietors arc dcfir*dto t�ce paHtcalar Notice, ami fetch their Eifcfls away, othitrwifc tbef willbedifpofiedofintiliiSak.wichcut Reserve. - : . - . . ; I Margaret Giltom. elglity Yean of Age. living at Mr. Stott's, a Mafon in WhicP-Frjrat*, Fleet-Street, do return hiy ftfa�^reTnaBlts,it( tkl>'pablld^ HaUcr, w)>o>�at �kiH,XVk ^Mkkf CoJ. rcthwUidi^ .t|iel.ittl�l^ftooriet, H dpiopttft thoTe tVli ^nldc r�llor�d hfmi artificlsl Pupil; and ^then wilk |Kl�Eb of %^t$ wbo hope K*Iief (tbm Dr. T^yloTi djcolift to bis Majcttir, are AAt*4 to, attend 13m.^at;iiiia Hott tiw Dtikc'of Marlborough's. Fi^^Mldl- 't%SaoJ�ii^ afer Six iit the |tv|^iingrfixmT^�xtdu^ LcOimv Paattyritk, Ap-plicitiohtothePtir^ttc^ exaAIr as Sonday^A, at the RcqueflofNPttlw*.^ TIk%UjA^^ t& �U k tlt^b whole Hoafe" as ufaat., At^ia all Apj^ciraacediiere ..S!ti)Lb�. � gi'eat AiTei^My; tbe ittmolf Cafe will be tatcna tliat all h orderly obfer�e . ttoqr adnrftic^ than.twka can be .iJly.'featerf;"'-;- . ' .. - f iiord, wKidi imitates the Vio^ia, Vsolancdl^i  ami On^^1lJMK��gli wttls^Ql^ Cominoi . .-. Doui onlyv*;:; ab(oiatei> -mpetfefteof �ii�a]>ttrchaft4 being -ixo;V.4 by tha&i^Vtisl ticv lovtntiotes now added ti> ifi%i)1ieret}/ the TpMcb^ jlltt^^^ u readRVl edpat imd ca^as tfa^ of ai^?p�n^|%ii4� and the^oajsitIbr* 'utowmtlk aint betrd^litNta 'f*r ��� Old Annuitieiiafpp f.||fas;a,t batf. S^ga Htm^ few JPirke, Bftnlt,A|^�idi�',t7^> 3f 4tl�.' Imfi tj47, 92,1 balf. Diito Jj^ititjr *74ir; eo Pijce. Btnk AenaioQ  Tif, 97 '�tl&-f^ ^tfci^H^^ Ceot. Aaaixutibi 91  balf. Ijpioii Saidt 1hiO. Royal ifmd9TQ I balf. ^4,S^4iH|r4|^^^ it^ Ka|^ CiM^peir no PrkcL IS^McCucttlittoa jjfs. 6i. frm. Inpi^ Bonds, a^s, Prenf. _' Tothe Schooiumttors cf Otcas. lirttain aad Ireland. G � O R ?3 B R GEORGE the Secoml, by tlic Grace oF God, King of <in�t Bfinm. rmm*, and i�elw4. IV � Fiiilh, td �11 to whom Ibtfc i^c^u AM oemt,' g�ti�tir>f. Wh c Tn%; �!>� CiEMlTS. uui ^rwttof the INSTRUCTION of VOUTW: la r�cbc PaiUi s. On ftei^iny. '^^tiuo$, r O^Ufltk- Writiug Lcturi. t. O^tin^tmt Ht&t'j. x. Oa Gcf>i�ctty. 9. On EtfaiJii oa llctajity. ). Oa Cu�(faoUy �<! Atitmentt. i o be nr.uwJ bj Pctimst qs^fiUBi tu do 'htm m thr left M�jijm( ; iftJ tki IjJc {ti�ht aoS TiCc i., t*^ Cff f (be UifxK kniiti �efl�J in ite, IVtt'lLait i Whcicfix-e. fce h*i >uan-Uh P'-ij'd (M to fnat Itbg mat Rofil PtinWu a^d l.w (''ul" K^*'''. maola tu kcu: (icMt V'tta tOdt ijipaitvt.i IViai the EDlTv'AIIOK �� YUUi'U. ur gricwu!) ^VkitJ to cu>.d�/ccnJ 10 )�� Hnurll. Stc, Cirtn *T ami I'vutXAl S'. J^ti^i't .tie ,iih Ujy 01 t\l>*Htif, 1747 8, ta (Ue st� Yruol bki Rtigo. �w lit ei^rjt/t CmmiV. CH ES TE R FIK I D YbfJ DiTf are publlftfdy (Price ^s.j '-f-^liE ELEMENTS oi' LOGICK. ^ In Four Booio. B, Ulr. W I L L iM DUNCAN _Printed .o� R. r�,gty. ia P.ii-M�U._ ^tbis Day is puMift>'d^ (Frut i^s.) Tbi S.Ciiti EJttien, tlub tm��f JJiiiiiat, i� liiif unit AC O L L E C1 i O N r f P O E M S � Pfiateii far R Xi^S. j. a Pjii!-M.1L Nute, The A.l<l(ti.iAt uc to be it^ *i�sj.. I'lt'-c i r;c Uiuf^si'd kT> i tr 0rutn ut -.htt Mio. IttaiXtu^ l.^.: tit lulun. by ttu He. Mr. UAYNC;. c C ^t.'t siiz a J i.i ft. J 1'... * � J f * rr p -V c k K k i' Air , High Wj*e� �i ! �^.!��i:.Gf;�Jc,t Day � fS M'Piftei the .xrij ^� �f"�.r 13 at No�>u. w iJtnefal iVl Ofr'.-e, i A. i *4l. f'jr t:f-ff'fi^-.ifji .^nJl ria^u -e !lf^ltHt,�tAM',tin.h: lit Pt'-^ri tih ..'anWi'rrr/Ktk^fy �h-'ik'Jf^h, /?�s.f <i�%r. �-'^ M '� �i�f ff* '�v ^-rf //m;/<' �� ^�*/'�r *Ar pw^f rtujf kt et ir4x>;i$ tit ttfhv m ttmfi^it m^tf'l^hlfJ^H k A,^u*it. e/ t>i�� Il�adrt4 PiMadt. P*>J!0^i, rt i� /*e^ tttisKjie ffit/ftrtt */T�ijt�" flUHdrtd Pottbtls, akil ^4** t^t Khj(/f* aujl trrttif�t � ' > . � ' �- ^ fl4*| Olfi*, Jin. ,17. 17187 1 Mmjt giw Wrr�.'r. /A�f � Timt/Ay ibi ad'* it/W. �iTtm9'Chtt) i* tkt.M*r*m* li^tj imV/ c�r�^ /# S^k mi i'ht i^JSu, iti Hvtli,^ l-H M^'A'i Sm* tit LttJf^t lUhkm it M Tms mmi th* BttUnj*, tf if -.J f�f, fs^aritr their Ufiu T'�jk, kH nh*r PiHrtuutsritf hi f4iniuith tWrn^ iiih timf *U' h'fMijf^ft fhrd'mt Vtftfirii �aki mtn h Vina'd if/mtk Pfjuni tit *r* htfiimtSU f mttemt eM fidd Soft, md \d f� iUu'.. A,d it* �: Dtp^^ T-tunujfipt Pemd* im.tmth. flm^ind P-f^*i9Pref*' tm ijurttt, h t* # :� GtMd PkCAms aai (cA �f 0�cm, a: Beit ii .Mircc^^Aoe, this Dir, tha adb iaAw^-*p cc3cl>r.uc the �l Wjiki'i 0 irti-Dikr. By 0><4(r the ?KAND, _OtBim t� t� c� Title rt TVo o'Clyfci'; � np H E Annifal ^ I V.tft oi tHc Gcntlemrjri' 1. cdTC�ced at Xfi. BSKNE] *� EcHcal tftK^McOen ii{ fiutKiri-<^!t�, �iJ! U hr J at fhc CiAIe Tavenl i� Pater^oufttfltow, ta lbaiar� d�y (be a br bad of th4 S�ki�*n��, i'^ at. Ihc Em oT the Ciflle Taron in Patjr iwttci -R.y^. Pi(>nw io fet .m Tabic �� Two o'Ctt^� Nin ICK i.s hsTcby gmi� to thq Qfliccnfiltjl Cca>|�i^i of bb M;4 t<.V, a KuKsh Priv*u^., Jf.TivjtM by h�� M.jHIy'a l^h^ Sjath-1S-.�-Ca(l!r, with the faii^iiiftl Ml ftisfjnjf, \k, tkmHoBtif^ thi JoiJj, thr l)il|<atio CO the mh ri Fi*r<i�iy wth, iU th* jS^I^W thtf Orcrte njK-n Ctcai Tc�cr<ffui i and thi Miairi net tlM^iliiMiM* �; a:<i at Mt. Ilriuliatr'^ OlBce 00 t�e fafi TWOiy �f �f�y Moctit f�� thttie Ycaw ajtcr. � - Tff Ojficns and Ship^s Cemfaty / kh M-J*ft/s Stfip the C6LCH�STCit. jr< Bur I. tui s, IT gvi's n c rhc great eft Concern ina^naMf* tiiii I ua. cbl^ to vJkt liut .M4.lhoa <,f �^�ir4lgyM<4 tb* |U�*t Iniuiiicc y Chnf.) � TluNg f SW tKMUjr ljri.,.-iot *ri .i*.j,iWc ci j juu cha-jgc me wjfh k'- a:i' l'�n> Mr. M^.aity riii! I>u!ih tMf^ Cwl^tnui'il tt .'ili^�JT^, uJ t.'ut I itl\j! J i'ariixmj aitch 1 hite �ei ata KtiSf, il )tju Jthit It, to ^-rtt o^^ dttib oi l:t'itt apir .'.I^tf JlrStc, if-il isr.tT !�<-.v-J<r; l\i.ny <! tfi*: MjtJi/, jurf LiC nctw r^'lh^t teeili*'<4 a Ltnzf cf ajy I.'Ji.rn.atliJi c-j;.-r tU tJ'Jtv}- 6rXt 1 fctft UiJbc*. I iraa Jithrt'.ij-fT-il to Ca^t. OSm^w, who ( at/t <. nirUKeJ, ifbcAac* IT* I iiKic, V-/ li ivbn- I arj ukKi^'y tfu't^n of liie k*A liir^ ti:a:' lia' t-r.-i Jar vcbr t�j% m^d th�t I h*v% oi<tea�4('J tha, a-fJ fjif .( mt ^Km M^y, i �... I'lo'nSci it-t mtJy RsMtM l(ia rlrclbtte ii. th*a h caf<i** h I tcU^J kiwUl ti -i',r...- i-s-'.injft fw, aad 1(1^(4 tbcje ^'1 ,tu fc ... 1;/ �.e ll , j. !j t.-;.:-..- l.':j^.'f; Vkl I alTi^C y^it I ii if.!.'.c.- * :i. !r.y L?- i. if. j| �.b;t lliiTj Wl�t� pUiL. ...-54 J t! .- i .. ..: ..i. � .u. I |l;aJ.! Ir �i to lu�e�� I^. :.r, i',*.!' ,.r- ;-).,. ; .n. ! 'f; to ri't'l'<TW<i vf P(.;!PCr I X Li.Jy .v.-- -� i -iU.i , iH.-r K.gis, Miskh, I *(!li-f T.-. ! I .^r. *. if.l. �, 's. n~...c.- J.r y.^, i� i3/PVtfcS m�aitl> I '...r'.- .-!'. h.l V U.J C 1 . I ! j, -wa* i.'; .�t.t ,___1 -J. I* 11.. �>( i. . I -1 1 r .(p*if>c ta th* Icrji,. ..y ) � i It..;.-.. ir�.t. -.-^ D i.i I Lciti^ftUlt %.*f�fi J :.�  . I . .,1 �>, i..* >.,^ tr^^'A e*:a; M.r-.j'., t-.: �! �� � -.: . , J � H^fjtJ t�nalV  i.V.V Cr.-: w. �--it I i.l'^.rvjcjt ft.||ht cf i:f .. ;, ..iJ �> '. Vj (..1.. i . u - - <" rn.Ti 11 !f. � .VflTj.r; ji yf� a'l 'I -.III i. , . ... -/-.-t. ��,.�--<�,� . J ;."v l ;, V. f. ..a.if t^.i l>.,i.. fi r�.> x; H. V I;,i hut*  It.', I .r >.;.�.( >^,' �.!. M V . vt !..! �> aw J t-vJ r Ma 7. I ::-.r.' ..- - ..v.- K^IV-g �f U. S ; . ...... VJ �.. � I . . . t :ri ciV wha? Vfct-c .T ...... i . �.i Uv i w .i .-.e !� i ; ttft i .-. _� a.i. a K .-^-j.*/C-'.ci.. .r .' -V'f.ri.-.

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