Friday, January 10, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Friday, January 10, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 10, 1749, London, Middlesex TUESDAY, Ja MUAiiY id, U49- Dtali January 8 ]AM K do*n, tlie Aojiifttfs, Pufkcr; . the MOntrord* HanQop, the Stmi-yikh, J*�rr, (Jritfin; Dcthick,. and the T*v}fto<tlc, Cufli, all for fuft-India: thc^Don Carlost Friend, for CadiK; the Eli anor, Commrtsi, and the Spencer, Shaftne, both for Marfcillct; the Sci-Nymph, Sollif, and the Qttideiiham, Smithes, VSth fo.r_Liftipn; ihe_J\talanta, Tiddi<?r, kf Cork aitd Gibraltar s the Falcon. Kilnv, ahd the Prince Wiltiam, DatiicI, both for Dublin; the Fly, Rickards.and the Adventate, Pollard, both for Falmouth ; tlic Good Succefs. l)ennts. for Penzance; atxl the Fricndmip, Harris, Ibr Carolina; and remain, with hit Majelly's Sloop the Scorpion and the outward-bound Ships as per laft Wind South, blows hard. Tmri/r, Dfc. jt. Mr. ViUettei, Miniftcr from the Kine of Great BritaiA at this Court, is rccalPd, iiul we are told that Mr. Lcg^e. liisBritairoick M:^eAy*i Minmer at Berlin, #91 befent hither in his room. fitwt'), Jan. t. The Departarr of the Ruffian Trodpt 19 ccrutnly put off till the Month ^f March, and will pto-bibly be flill" fartha deferred, on Account' of fome important Difcoveries, lately communicated by the Court of Pcttrlburg. M. Launai, Secretary to the Imperial fiin-btfiy at the Conferences at Aix la Chapellc, b order'd to lepair to Pari\ to manage the Affairs of this Court till titc Arrival of the Amboflador that is to be fcnt thither. The |wtter to diiUnguifh the Rank oif our Oflkers, it has breri tefolv'd that for the future a Colo.^1 of a Regiment (hall wear aScarf of the .Value of joo Florins, the Licutenant-Colondone'of aoo, the M�in{ one of lOO, the Captain one of 69, the Lieutenant o^ii^of 40, and the Enfi^n one ti to. � HmgHt, Jak. 9. AVe hxre begun in all the Cities of dus Province to take the Nunlber of tlic Families, io order ttt Uv on thera a Tax propohton'd to what they, paid to tl� late PachtCTs. But this Nomtiering alfo meets with IXfficuItie*. The Sutes General have, 'tis faid. rcfolved to caafe it 10 be done at Amftcrdam by the Ind<;-poidcnt Council of War; but it doth not appear that dte Mdnbofis of that Council are much inclined to undertake the Office. Of fixty Captains, of which it compofed, onljc one. the firft Time thqr were founded, feem'd ready to accept of it. The Burgomadtfrs and Magiilratcs �f the City are to be employed to Confer with-them on the Subject, and if this Expedient proves inciTcftual, we (hall be , 4riiligcd to fend ComroiJIaties from this Place to Amtler-dam to execute the*Ta(k : and we (hall then fee Whether the Pcifons'chpleii for thi sya to reft himfclf from the Fatigues wh'ch he has undcr-"lOB* b his Journey; and that from thence he will pafs to Malta, where he fixed his Uelidence under a feigned Name. L O N D O N. The Imperial and French Minillurs Plenipotenti-itlcs rrived at Antwerp the loth inftant, N S. under the DiC-cbarnof the Artillery from the Ramj^arts, and the linglilh and Dutch were foon expcaed. The Eagle Packet. Capt. Mitchcl, left Jamaica the i^tb of November, and brings Advice that the Beckford, Capt. Bondl, from London, was arrived at Kinglton; that two Mcst of War were to fail from Jamaica lor England in a few Pays; and that the Fleet from the Spamfh Main waa fafelv arrived at Jamaica, having a large Qijaniity of Pbte on b(�rd,and bad made an exceeding good Voyage.  There b Advice that a Dutch Ship bound for Cadiz from Liflios, fell in with an.Algerinc Rover; and after  linait Engagement of feveral Hours, the latter funk, after the Captain and feveral of the Crew were kill'd i the Dutch Ship had feveral kill'd and wounded. One of the Tranfports from Holland, on board of ivliich 1WS Col. Lee of Cheller, and his Lady, is ftiU mi fling. Capuia James Wolff,,of Barrel's Regiment, b appointed Maior of Lord George Sackville's Regiment. This Day a Court of Aldermen will be held at GulU hall, when the Vacancy of a Recordtr of tliis City. In ihi: foeu of Sir John Siraccy, Knt. dcceai'd, wiU be dechr d ; and nextTuifday the fame will be hlld up by Uic IliiI Court of .AidciiiKD Lift Sunday Bfchlng died at Mitcb^ili in Surry, in l|)e fixty-fifth Yc�t of his Age, James M(.ttfc^, Ef^i an cmi> tient Jew Mcttham bf this Cityi - " Lail Wedncfday Morning di�d at Bath, Edmund Pike Heath, Kfqi a Gentleman of a good Eftate in the County of Surry. On Saturday died at hij Scat bn Epptng Foreft, Mr. Abrahain Ffancia, nn eminent jc*- Wine Merchant, and formerly Mallet of the Tavern in BdW-?itrett, WcKiuiurtcr, called tht-Qgakcrs Tavern, whidi he owned in the Vear 1703, YcHerday died Mr. Bearlool, in eminent Tobacconift in fiafinghiill-Strcet. The Rqv. Mr. Wray Is appointed AflTillant to the Rev. Mr. Allifon, Vicar of Wandftvorth in Surry, in the room of Mr. Thomas Sampfon. to the- general SatisfhJUon of the Inhabitants of that Place; and it's not doubted, bat his exemplary Life, good Scnfc, courteous Behaviour, and folid Judgn\ent, will contribute very niUch to the ircHoring of the anticnt Harmony, Pricndftiin, Tranquility, and Unanimity of the Parlmioners of uie Parilh. And the moft rcfpeafnl and grateful Acknowledgements will ever be due to tlie Worthy and Reverend Vicar, for his wife, pradcnt and.feafon:<blc Choice. , Yeftciday two outlawed Smugglers fr<Jm't<fewgatc, and one fipoin the? NeW Gaol, went for ChichcflCr, Under a flrong^Goard, to be try'd tficr*. 0;i'Sunday Night a Hatter of Brentford, De-vonfhire Houfe at Eleven o'Cleck. waa atUck*d by two Soldiers, who cut iind hack'd him in a terrible; Manner, but feveral Pcrfont coming by, they ran aiway and did hot. rob him. Brifiil, Jan. 7. The Induftty, Foy, fatl'd from St. Kii'a the ill oJ November, and ^rings Advice, th^l the |ohn and Martbi^ Hamiliotf, arriv'd at that Ifland from Calabar, after a fickly and d^nEcrous PafTage, in which Ihcy burled between 150 and lOo Negroes j Capt. Hatiiilton dlifo died in the Voyage. Yellerda^ Morning two Sailors belohgiiig to the Fkn^y, from Jamaica, going on ihdrc from the Vetlel jn Kingroad, the Bdat overfct and they were both drowned. A few Dayi ago were committed to Lawford's Gate Bridewell, Tliomas Baylcy and Thomas Smith, two Culltert, on the In/brinatibn or Impeachment of John Potrcc, another Collier, for divers Birj^l^ricJ and Felonies by them coJn-mltted In Hanham and King's W6od, in the County of Gloiicefteh {'patticiilarly, in breaking open the Houfe of Mrs. lirayne, Mri. Siiatford, and Mr. Harris; as alio in robbing diver� Fits In -King's Wood, belonging to Berkley, Efq; of 150 Fathohi of Pit-Rope. Pearce ha� fince impeached anothp- of tlie Gang, and is himfelf committed ni an Evidence foriheKing. We hear there art upwBrd<i of thirty other Colliers concern'd in divert other Burglaries and Felonies about the fame Quarter, feveral of whom have abfcortded their Dwellings. EJinlurgb, Jan. t. Upon the 3 ft of laft Month died at North-Berwick Houfe, the X id Afliilaut Preacher at the Temple. Wearc mform'd, the Ail made the (jth and loih ol King William, fprbiddipg ^11 Perfons of any Degree, Age or Sex wliatfoevcr, to make, give, fell, or utter, any Squibs, Serpents, Rockets, or other Firewtrks, without I.cave of the Mafter, Lieutenant, orCommifliontis of liij Maj'cfl) ^Ordnance, will berigoioi'dy put in Execution, to prevent any Mifchtcfthat mayariic to hisMajelly's Siil'jrds: ThcPcoalty for makiug, felling, fic. fiich Works, is I'jvc Pounds for ever/ Offence; and f M,'fr, no Puce. ^Bank Cir�.-la'.ion, jo*. Pjc;a. Lilii iioi.di, J4 a jjs s"i^s. P.e.a, High Water at London-Brtir? tiCsJ^r � $� Maitt� after j in the Moiring^ aid 7 after 4 ic tfi V >C�'a �J ri�tfi ��a c*i*4,��*��| WftMt \ht r |bt Hon. t(M � � ^ l�t t.-^i^rt* *f �Ixw Sh M.. t>.iUa'� JV-it^-n. tibnh rt* to f^iittk \Sa* ifHf** T^tue, .Va k� Mr. tSi^m. turriv^ c u,. �i i(>e <Ht� �t Im�L Ue ftt0l^ Mttiie M )v t-<%*�e-^-i p. HI GmMWh Stij�t i ud at Mils Ot�w ) lr�'i, (t lb* Gis'Jto r�n. Si. |�n��� � St�ctt. ttt.^i^Mdl St. Jw^ctt Vitct. r>k� f �� �i�l> P-t�f% �ilh i>��t>fe�<. ^ ^ jinu'uy I. TyVS-, THE CirtmfitMirt ftr tx'!dit( WV/jmVf.r'ilj.^f ar* d^r'd t� mi ft �t O^-if, mtar OIA PjtUt^' VakJ, � IttrfJi!) t/f to:k ��/.'j�r, et J^irfin �CJt^i im'tht F^r't-.ttt", t3 tin/i^tr �/ a Pit*/r *'..*iV.*V|ji Jifr. LtththH ttn't A\j��tr-, t.-itittB-ng iit O/** � at f� tht Sttm-i't rf* __ j05. AYLOFFB. VJCfuX'lllNr.-G\'^MGE. jatti^^ THE 0'�*/i%�tfr, f}r t'tdnJitai My^V, jV*stj kt'tll, 6e /^.'fW at llv -IrfyJort-O^yi � Bta^Strftft tilt Sl^ri- .ii.':,^ute?t Me^.y ^au t� ^1 MfJ^Jlj* Slift tmlir*-mtntita'jf fi's. ' Jerfey, kg^til-'X T�0 it, tj^tfi Mf^'h* 74�i Saphire,%�W�jf Mg. tj, 1741^ rtjg^jr �ry#.�.% '74��j l^odfon's Bay Houfe. Loi-dtt.-t. jaiN. 4. �74*- THE Hmjifin't Jfjy C ^^^panj ivii! t�f*ft tt SaU, fi tl�if- II^fitM Ftntjia'ii Sir/ii, M 7ikr0 jf tit l6ki ef Afarth mixt, at Thrtt *CJtek im .^tfiib�9, LoiKion AiTataisce^HtMifc, Jan. 4, i74S-9- . TJJS Cart e/ Dirf^99r, ef tkt IffUtn-Afar�mtt Cir-fa'Mtiim ifa i�r�^i^j>w S>ttfct, ti^r ittj i#w amtttr rifii amttm^tf^i Mr. EJm^aJ Qvir^tl ami Mr. J^'ifi St^t-Kitk, *r tttitr �fih�, t^fywtPuBeiti Jtf -thj0iraptw i/Si^t W MavtmmJiJts at Sia *f ^imr tt S��, ami fir aJmtnHg ij^ Ht-u/itaad GmIi fr�m iRtrr, it*/ld?*�i J atdttfJ the fumt art ttJu/ratJ � at./i0th P*r/mt hti* mrt^niUtmg ** taU Shaft al>�vtttm'ttafsm iht St*jat Eitimtft, fy "tf^'ir tt IB* S^Cauaitttefi^Qrifiam JJairt, JiaU meet 'mil uUfreftr EtKfmregmtnt. Ftr /nrthtr ItfinHatn* , ewfture nttit0erk\OJSre^aeMiretr,-Hi,f/. C Middlcfeir H6f|>it>l for Sid& and tame, mi fo^ Lying-in married Women, in WindmiH-Strect, i^ Tottenbam-Coan-Roa�i. Jan. j. 1748. , J^rOTlCE it inrthf givrmt that thtrt ni^Ui h 4 tie fsU tttl^ital wH Thmr/Jtj the xssh imjla^t, at fen 'C/�ri ia tf&r^fW ..t<-fil. M iua llwiic tn li* Miiio:i�. i thtr KWii % T i I ! A i ;^t not, (K: iitti m&uit, �iUi� A B A L I,. inOant, it V, hi't . 11.-*-'.*! .ri iijutt tx ix. Ju^-^�^ S�r�ft._ R ANEI GTTT H iJu S e, To- n-.artow, the iiih imSiaz, mdi be aCONCltJlT ! M U S 1 C K. With Siasi.-5 by S"((� F r A M .a4 Mr, 9 E .\ R U. i~ ' To itrf'"t �t E..�e� o'C^ick la t^t S^Iwa sj, SREAKF ASTINCi .* Nc>tf, To be c.inttutd ttrtf Wni:%ci-!�.t ^ U �':isc><rif� ^tniiiii. A AT the K I N G  s r M 1 A I' R E in the HAY Market. i?u� li* icthn-its:, �iu u La <C O M t D I A in C O M I- D I A. ^ViUi D.uKc 'iM A(t>. txt Oihtt l>uxmi;a<n '>, wrtiknit I1('7 '�Ji b< C7��'J *i Fo-t LJ..�. Vt -.1.1 Ikirt � r3� tHc i-iUtc *i CHIKKTCfHtlX CCtK, hit .�r.�h T HE Mctisna; ih. Cv '. t i. r.... :, -.1 � D.. ' .1. . .1 'r !

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