Tuesday, January 7, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, January 7, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 7, 1749, London, Middlesex Numb. 561^/ S A T U R A y. J A N U A R V 7, I 749- A M E .�ox*n. M�;eft;*� Sloop �fcr SriT^jMon. � r IcrfrT : Sarah, l.c Ciooctr, or d'?to j 'Aui -Argvl. Matthus, anrf ti;e finJcr, Paliacr. both for ll fsmaica: and remain ikith the 11 !-.hip� a� per US. ATr:v"a. the Vo k N'.e^hjir.u Ags�, lom Malaga. \V:r.d S. W. M Ei. r..:- .J L,tttr frtmtht Hagie, e� eroy Day more I'ciious'thao  other. We are affared that tiiete bave^ been already  fevcral CbnferetKet held �pon this SubjcA in the  Chapter of that Archbi3>oprick: There w even now  an cmiileat Cwoa of HUdf^m in that City, whofe  Frefcncc, it's well koiown, would be netctTary at Hoor.  in ordtr to choofe a Grard Provoft ef hu Cathedral; if  be was no: charted with the Cosnmiffion of affcmbling  the Suffragestn favour of the Priccr j-art now tnention'd.  According to thebeft Advicn from n>pna, the Int-  pcriil Court was fcaite ercr moir cmbarraf:>'d than it i� *^ with the prefnit Sittationirf' AfiFaira in EmTje. ThjC � CbnfcRnces there arc very fre^wtntj and principally turn ' npon the SubjcA of nifii^ Funds tor keeping on Foot -*-�-flrcftg-Aioiy, wbieh ctuy-Ikidy imaginenr inter  to bring under the ObedioKC �f the Hc-ul of the fcm-  pre ceiuin IVinCcs who l�� defjrou? of. v.iiaijrd**ing � their Doty from ihdr Chief- Wtaz ap{�eii> mol^ per-  plexingto this Court is, tLe Failure of Couut Uang^vitz's  Plan for an Aogiiieatation of die Mihtary Funds. It's per^  ceivcd with great Rcgrecthat tlu:Heredi:ar^ Stole: of the  Houfe of Jm/na ate net capable of furr.iihing the Sums  which CottDiHanswii* imagin'dby his Calculation might  bednitvn ffom thcni. ThrM�ci:'ry cndcavouiing m  fupph' the PeUvl by iomc other Expedieai, which ftiOoU  not be oppicit;-.-e to the SchjfC^; but loch EX; rdiciii  has not yet bicc hit upon ; fo tba: it's �pprehcrji!cJ the  failing in this fiagJe Point wili defeat the fiive rrtjetts  which JsaTC been Iwrnsed. sod which, we are tolJ, alci ' � at nochinj^ lejs lisan rc!airing SiU^u cut of the Hands  of the Kisg of PruSia.  Ttey wiite freia .ir.x, that the Mayor of that City � is threaten*d to be t//! /a^t excommonicated by the � Grand Vicar of Lug^, if within the Term ol fix D^ys  he decs net fccurc is fomc Phfoo of the Diocci'e of  Liei* the S!car %Con. who has wrote fomeihing tending  to prriudicc the IntcteS of the Prince Biihcp.' LONDON. Tefierday being Twelfth-Day. and  high Feflival at ^port, his MajcOjr, preceded bj fhe HoaUi, Purfuivants at Aims, went to tbc Chapd Royil at St. JamnV, nd oS^r^d Gold, Myrrh, and Fratskioccnfc, in ImiUiion of the Eallera Rdagi ofining to our ^viuur. There was a g^t Court at Noon at S*. jniaes'i Vcfler-inf, and a Loll in the Apaitmenu at Nigh:. Cam was p!ay*d again at Ldccflcr-Houi'c on TTiurfday Night by the Royal Family, &c. with great Aj^plauir. before a numerous AudJeiiCc of Qjality, &-c We bear that Mr. Pafixnoic u s|-poin(cd Chief Clerk to the Honourable the Comptroller of the Sturc-Keeper's AccouBti of his Maiefly's Navy, in t.'.e room of Joicph Holder, �fq; who bss refign'd. The Grove, Capt. Pcait^n, from Malaga, boond for Xoodon. that was afliore at Oungeneis, is entirely lr>fl. On Wedcefday in the Afternoon a Boat run foul uf a Vcflcl coming up the River at Rcihc'huh, and ovcfn , by which Accidciit a Lad that lived at Drpiforu v,.i d!r owned. Veflcrday Thoma* Boachca-, a notoiicus Ilighivsyman. was committed 10 the G?--ehou(e by JuHice l-it!dti:^. foi aCaulting Mr. Ili^niy BuJ, in a Fort-Ciiaife. IJ Cobhoni and CJcrasont in Sany. and robbui^ h:ai of upwards of Filictn SiaJirgi Yc&rrday Morotug a Sinug^lrr was brought up tc Tonn under ailrocgG'.:iri: of Horfi. an J ii<:n3iiucil tj Nc..^ato Dartoiistic. y.ts. J Ycllcrdjy tin. Cheva^ Mann. |ai<i nr. v. il! preadi'd Tciiirrow E�cajcg b. tiic Rc>-. .Mr (.hirli. boane. LL. B. ot Rctxeac/ in Scai. *\p'c�re iniorci'J. ifcc.AiS niaiir ine q:h acJ tcf Wiliiaju. fk>. pidiiag all Jcrioai of aa; Dcycc, whatfoever, 10 aiike. g-ve. teiJ, or Jtter. an� *;aib�. :)er| rnij, "Ifk Rockcti. tr cuut FLtoscrki. uiiiiout l.cive o: -he M^itc, Lteuiroan;, or LQmiai�:ooci� tf hii Ivftjeity : OrduAncc. wili berigofOLfiy pj; a Execution, p:c�tc; an/ MiJchief that inayanfctot.:? H.uieiiy"iS:itiic.U Tbc Pcnia> tut making, felliog. iic �;:vn si Five Pou.^dJ lor e-civ iJf- Icnce; and f^r reiHunsii^. or cauiiRjj tucm to be fid. 'c ot 5cx any Sued cr Lace, fiotn any Hpuiit cr I'jild.iij. or iti , 'i went; ihil'irg* for c^ci) Or'cuce Tee 50th Day* Sale. Th� Da�, the yib itiftant, at hw Auction Room, Ute the New Ineaiic in the Hay-Mmket. Mr Fooic will cuubu force ci^iirc new l.ot>. eoiihtlicg cf a Poet, a Beau, a Frcccftiuau. i Ariiicr, a Tk)lor. � Sol. ivwo vcoiig Cicuilcwoincu, ani a Urioft Two ot which are t-;;i':ciJj. ti-c rcit to;-!4.i from the be* burgb, Oxford. CaorbrUgt, puMiii. and forrign Uinrcrfiltcs i with a Dance catl'd Frio^e E'jgttt's March. I'btcj for the Boxeito be Liken at ihjt Au;�l|iitRooni. I'hc Auclionto begin exadiy at Half an Itoflur after Sit. A Great Boxing-yatch it^tn^de Jor Fifty Guineas, which will be decided tin WcdueiiUy the tSth inilant� between John Slack from Norwjth. who'lately beat Bofwvll, and the noted Janii^ Field llit! Sa:lof. I'hc whole Sum is ahcady pot down in Mr BrOttghton's Hands ; and it is throght there will be as mt|ch Money laid upon the Eveui of this Ba tl^ ai upon th/ that has been fought fur many Yeari. f- At Mr. Holme*'!, the Nom)ch .Irms in KiotflsnJ-Road. on Monday net', wtii M <i I'cvcrc lVial ot Skill beiuctn Chriilophcr Groroir aM| John Tophife the WcA-Country Champion, at (he uflll Weapons on the Stage. S*ord ard Qiiaticr-Sralf. Thlfl* will be Cudgelling and Boxing, as uiiial. biiore the MMcrs mount. I'Jic Uojrs to be open'd at One, and the AtiAers itiount at Two. Toraorraw, half alter Six m the Evening, Exctcr-Exciiaoge. IntrodaAofV Lectin repeated mn the Art of reftoring SichU Sec. with a P Veari in the Univcrfiiics abroad, lately at Edinburgh ina Dublin. The Produce of the grcarcft" Praftice for iwvftty 'iEears ot any in thr Age wc live. A Plan of the Defign, wit^* new^Syllaboj, dclivrred _a; �jfiinl JVrtijiciitQuettioiis atjlwcfcd. Sk._Thin Mort>- i 11^', and evcfy 'Puefday and Sa(iud�y, diftcrcilt Opcratious for \ arioiis Defuih of Sight, StC, On Thurtday laft tn.in> llliftl were rcftored to thrir Sij^^,ht, in Pretence of fc ni�"s Street j and, next rucfd.iy, wc liear, he will pt!blickly a^uin reliore ftVtral other Blind to tticir Sight, from Eleven to One in the Jporcnoon John Tiylor. Ocolift, Sot) X)r. i aylor. Oculrft to his Waj:lly, in Great Quceu Street, Lirtcoli/s Inn Fields, where all Perfons �fliiii^ with a iancc, thioitgh a Sufpicion of being put t^jur unnecetfary Expcnce, when the Dilcafc is either dclper^ or plainly incurable, he will ufc his judgment in all i^-iH^ indtfcrimiiKstely. and give his Advice to every Pcrfpj^_^ratis. The Poor who arc incapable of making atiy Retain, thall be fupplici with every X*^'"? ntrO-Hliry tor their Cwc for nothing. Porlabic Soup, or lolid Crotb, ufrful on Journeyf,' or at Sea, or for tlie itihre rea^y u^iog Gravy Sauce; in Cakes of a proper fixe to nuko^OiKt ivlefs each, in Quantity three or four Gills. This ufiM4C e after f in tlic Morning, am! 7 after 2 in the Afternoon. YtUcrlay Bank S*ock was no PriwC. India Stock, no P/ice. bojih .Sea Slock, no Piice. Ditto Old Annuities, 100 I 8ih a 1 4;h D.Uf New, no Price. Bank Annuities I ' ijS 3 Sill's, Ditto IT4''. 97  8th. Ditto l.oi'iry 1 4', no Tiitc Bank Ani.uitiei i7�9, cj6 7 Htlii 4 97 Tliice i^r Cci.t. Annmiirj, gt. Million li.ink, 101 I halt, liquivaient, ro Price. l al Affiirance, 7-) ( oiuloii All.'iaifc. 7 8i!ii. Knj^Udi topper, no Tk.c bcveii per Ccu! Kmpcui ^ Loan, no Piice. Five j�cr tent dit'o. no I'rKe. Bjnk Circulaiioii, 27*. (id. Pum India Bonds, ty. a 26s. Prem. rbis ixiy is piiiJijJFI, ~ /j /no r.J;.jn.'i, Fvln. liluflraltd 'u.ilh 1 C.>pptr PI.1I11, 'il-' .S k t i) N II V l> I 1 I o N y Mittirni-r,i il .4 li.Vi I'lC Ap(.'af�iu:-i , Rci:ti...c4i, (vil.ncjr, ,(td MixrJ, ui 4I1 M4i,i.r' tjl I'tliiNini � Ti'^'cu .t wuti i:'.fi[ l';oK^.lioiu or Shnl<iwi. 31.J chdr RttloK.-n '/ I'.,! ilirj |..in ��. li.a vh'jle (icftiqm'j fcj uni'ocin, e�l)( kii "s Jn-i , ariJ Aiijir^f M.iljj, 4t iiui^Lju^n � Hcil. u^pol.tc Knt.ciu.c Siicti III 111- Sifjnt Janti.iry j, 174H. ' I ^ // � Cjmri'JJtMfri fir hui.'Jm^ W,Jtmit,ll,r BriJgt ]^ an d^Jir'd ti m-it at ibir Oi/'ir, natr U J faian-Yard, OH fufki.i^ iht tOli inj/uttt, al t.!iVtn ii'C/ick i� ibi A" .oir. ta ijn'i.-lrr of a I'.iftr J livtr'J bf Mr Lattlj., ih.ir t-iiyia^', ijttt,iiu:n^jrt>ii tjfiiii ,11 111 I3 ibt StilfHy a/ ihi It'ijltrn h-i'i'-) I t iiiJ '.xlf F ,1 .Itihn, bfttt Inking diuun ibi tiij tninBi.u ulc U^ttnu^iJ .lithii. J(JS AYl.OFFE Gencial Poll Olhce, Dee. ^i. 174U PV B LICK NutlH ti btrrby ^i-v �, ibitt ikt Loi t yffjud tut by Li tin I bit^vtftt tb ft Ki'i^du'-'i a*J ihi /tujlriuu Sithfrlandi, 11 � iv u^ea'J, bj ibi U'.iy 0/ OjUnJ, und tb^i ibc f.'j} hl^il fur Fiuadiit -uiU bi /iliiviud<d, /rum th I UJ il, i.pgm Mjiidjy lb- f^'b Day ef lb* tttjtl M-mlb of tu.uuur-%, itmd -Miill (tnlinu , far ihi fulurt, 19 g� our, tfim h.-iiCi, ufin tb* tttndi.y u d FitJuj of t-Vtry ip'ttk, a) uju^il, l:rilufn1, 11 firmrr ItiHtl �/ Fiuir. Jiy C.mmu t d f ibi -fl-SLjI., ,/. glorc7e SHELVOCKE, ^ur.lary. CUCH of the Creditors of t u- ROY A I. O ArRJCAN rr,'4f.\My w tjive not y�� 0^11.-4 ikr PCiun ui-HT^OLta be .,'ci. i tii l' t Vcwit cfLvVdon. Si-jf^t V^�^7^'^-t 7HF.KE i: d b, . : ." .1 v'.y r.'/j-M l.ti-f, /f itmt f^J}^ (I ...t.r �f' Sit* (ililH'l, a%i vv .Cat. .,1 .>..jti.i h '/ i\-rii,f:nttJ t� iih.rjt tat .�/ br, tr .�,�.� tr Vt'fiti. tii' /s.A .ftr:J't t jit'dS.^y^iiill}^xi.i/f�J, ffAfihtr la/ft u-n.-nti f^r fi/;>tf r/ oa<.v.i: rf lufi* ii^.ivriy r/ FuiMf, If/ *.-./.f,'- f'tatie^t-if tit.Ltitfitfull iir.? iej�e� �it -'�>!�?/ M>irf, and kift M fiitti:kir\ b'b.-pfr }'r fl 1^ '..>-,� Stutt, St. y,iii!frii. 7/. �V^i/..r! ,. ^^f.;/ i, i,t tun Imthti hgCt k^t a� *lf%t;it-y^njt. Km* .ji' ikt 'timg tiif.'jmdiJ, am^�id irhtt tkt^^jii Fajli�H I tvitb i*iatr TinttiK'i, n hi*t e:f.Juii'e jfnitJt/^gi^tM'.iiitt Itri.rht/, ^^hl tJemr'J St�tii'^*i, nvi.'i'I^J^t ^iiVCT JfiaJt^i in i.i Sbati, 1**4 �j tihiHl filif I'rttrt �f Jgt. , .lad iil'ti'tM /nVf/y.iriffti iijU'r fita taH/m ll^g*faJ^^^ii /o/Utv.ng Pirfini fwr httrfi (tinrHii with ttiiti ia Jih^g ai:d di. l.. O^f. Au'f DhM, IflilfiHdr^ � . an.' X'crgitr.i Rutbs'/e'J.^kii i.i-v*ail/aU^piat^��iKJ: . Ji,y.ia DnJ, fW^i it L.i,iad, tt Ata�,/tif, hidi.f. hjt a Hand^'u.i;p F*Ct. if a tmJt!pC�m^f.*iia, ��:,'. bin ,1 S'iji Sf* i fi aS'at tbi'tf TtJut �/. .Igt, ami J^ftrally tviri a /i^tr-irsfita C*.it-if.-ti yH^vi Milxl Bmff�m, cnl a A'.nr.V/ ir'sij!i*tit i ht i.i,td ^irt'.tt,! t� a Gtatitimainim largti-StKtt, Fttiii^Utt and ChatUt-Slrnt^ St. jamt't^ atd iMtgsJit^/l�t ti)4 RiiLiU t* K,itg-Sfut;Oifiia^ftM^. Mar} />..i�. aitat ll.un m, bt'it in CWjtirt, �l ttt^iwn fet y v.aJ fifty t'tan L-v^-J'naay Ymh imDtthtiitt^ and tLtU i.tj-lf.a at Li'^.-rp^H, ti a 0,.th' id It'ijt' ^iii^ii Sbt it .a nid^iii-fiXfJ itVm.ta, a Ai'gt Seae tm ihi kft Sid- ef ttr hui jaji b.l^a ktr Hair, m tfw/ft^f ��Hwif j/" brr Kn^n, find tusHi Luni; 'iJiii katt^m ia G'M'iA'k^^i* Caw I, ae,tr liit Celdta HinJ, Mia'JStUii a*d iti^td iifp ! S.it9:Uk\ Riiftt, atar Miargat*. _. Murgmrtt Ratbttfcrd, tu'iat i!fit*y Tijfrr, hr� t� trtU^^ IVif* �f Rtifrl Sath.rftfJ, &> JJka Idguiitr'j Rtgimdiii fi 9 tali ptliy H^tButn, Itt'u.-tia ihnty ami f riy YttVI viJt pilttd ii.*fb thi 5�j.7-P�a, hitt grn Byii, aaJ a rtauiriaUl Otat at lh kmbt % tt ty Trait tt AJtm-'ltti' Muktr ttad Utnltf ia tri/h Stuff, tk'iil ka^'u ai>�iit ftiaj^U-r Bat, ttud tin Ftliagft r^aad IjtJia, tuiJJedjtd l-tjl ia Mnv-Laat, CetapjiiSt. WitrKtr mfprthtadt tht fatd Sunmtt DtttHth �rtititf^ - tk* atltttF mh�m mtatitm'tffirfiimMi'^^ mtf^tr'Ft^fitt'ttiSt^itttt, in thfi PraSitu^ nfffy ibtrnjih/t* t� Mr. Ftmatttinu C**f# Sn'/ttittr t� bit Majifiy'i Ahat^ at bit ChattAtri ia Cif mrat'i /aa, Ltad�n.__ _ Navy Office, Ja.n. 4. 1748. -Tr^ H E Priafifal Of.ctri nid iUmaJiiatri �fbit M t UJf.tt, tb* Hull *f hit M^tjtfiy , Sbip lit StalU'fe, iJh /ito Cbaitt Pampi and djlt'mi tiol JiluJ, aed �ft Hifd-Pump filttd'wittt a Bri.fl Chamb.r, utw /yi^g at Dtp'ff>'i i aifj bii Mujt/iy't Sbif Fiamivttrgb. B.r htm abtut ^Jl re^.', aad Sptmtt Slt�p, �f absat jq6 'laai, ttf,*tbfr ^viti l/j.'ir fifj/fi and Tdrdi, at ttty m*\v ill At (J'ttlwuh i at nvbifh Pi'at.i tbi /aid SDtjt and SU�p, and P.:riuat.tt t t� Jktfld iviib ibtm, may P* tt:t^'d bt /m^ Prr/m at ttrt iatlianbit t� atftad tbf fuid'Salf, ani b d/tr'tbftff: ..fad at tl Dtpefit tf 'fu-ni,/-w Ptudi � taib liatlfrtd PwJr, or i.� l'r.,p.rt �t il, ./>, IJ /# be ainJt^bjtbtPtr/ttt tuba jl-ji. purct.Jf I fiin . // jmi S Of, ttad-Pttrtiinttirtj eH Ptrlmt ivlj /vu.i lUitmd tbf J^.tj i,**'/ I* imit KHitt tbrrif, atd lint p-t^at id ftr ibjii Parpilt i aad#*!tftlb0 Shj^i and SLrp ^i'lJ /ball h f.iid /tr'mad febfm lit tbt t-d ^/ f.- ty U.i,, afttr. lb* DayifS^ff, fbd I) t ft J.rai! ti /./ultJ, mad h.t.au tbt Prff/vrif �/ ibi < r--j<. T Merer.'V11 j!:, Lorcon, Jan j, 17+8. '"I'^.'/f d^t'atitte /if C lUiasK .fi'atrt dt b*r,bf glvf X S^nrf, tJ.ii fitrb f\rt\,,t at/ ,pjit tbf Ri}jl Exibdii't. by affljing la lb: Sub C rr.nttl.f (i,r (ir.Ji.utta ti^ntrt, f!taii tuttt tbitm ali proper h ii, ^-u � f:'unt F.,r /.irtlir t^J'tt tastita tWf%ua al lb- CUik't Of 1. ut A!,r.,r, H.t^. MAjaictc.* !.l for Sui' atid L.sme. and fur Lying in iin-ricd VV\.m,.-n. in Wi.tdroi)!-S|.' ��� itti' r .C'u vB dw loftitu, � ~ iV ttic NJtht, ty fit* M./i �.uij �ni Jli^.i.-J. iiKl i btjc tJrtT.tj  �� il .reuuC, ut *J. Ol A i� cTiji vfj v.U: i. fiu * l^ttutf-j �.�. �fc�. l ^r~mt, Oi j ittihncaai- ' lirtc v^anlit) of llut>fl.�)Ul.i>uvr.. fI >.M.> ..>.,|Wl^< l��c(<Jk(.-��ciiM iiiCpni tv, r.jrti.t U.-- rtjl'.rj �ir.MiKi it tfc fjij ItM^Mf MM Hoiibcry, ,i fUtU4 to [�loicits r-,i i'^iiwa u wiy SB* tt.,:i: ulio Itwl a It . J -Ut'Jr.^: �t w: A^ilwaj'-.-TJ tiac�l\, t.i lli t� �,>.i:.'.tlUi.J n>J �.r.i..c(ol �tki4�Y HOLLKS NiiWCASTLB. fn^m,'>n'o (*.>f :hc U(r<, iMct'rt w.ii tl;e Pcif.a vi i'cili.i." , '1^1 s\ 1 ti:iher fjf^Tttt. meat I.',; fx^ M:t. i'hil!i{VS l^rain JvKi l.ci. 1 \ 11 IT..I: * ��rj ol  iiy J'f�:.v'i u �i.j rcium .mUi Ou'l itjy tJw J OJrcT!--rf, ti Ij any ^n; i*.! -i.s tzi^iiicu v..'.a ihiij i*. (cvtei jru: ir m.*� i{ ti.. Ji.j O T.''.. <�, !� 5k iiiui^'ii if...* Ptuifp* Lcmtn.

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