Friday, January 3, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Friday, January 3, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 3, 1749, London, Middlesex r--^'ti l^'At||U^ � Canqacr'd Placet ia dtc LoivCoaatnev and the Affair  of the Renewal df the.TaHff". bat fuck a^ fl�o|iM ton�  rromtla� of Biiac^ iht'fUtiUt^W'ii,hr^k'iil�^^  Cairiftian MigeOx have acqaainted thofa ^tf the Empicfa  Qoeen, that tfaoogh the King was in Pofleffiotr of< the  Town* and Piacek �r the NetherUn^iis het  ImpCTial Mi^eftf. yet hit llijeftir woaldttot, dell'  TOtog them Dp to the Auftriaif Troops. :�hailjse. <it, m-  novate an/ Tbln^ fo as to prejtulice or iltrosri^ent ,a  thMPatitf! that the in^ii(^6nj7/ti^dKih^i^;/^J^n^ ______[jg|T' �nMS�d�ui F^nte^Tk � fcjWfttgrfitil <� Malm the/Conqt(er''dfUccs/waii' to leaVeV-V Aitalrs-up^n I Fobtlni; they were, on *^hVn thtFrenth "l^I^^^^ * tbofe ProTiam i Aat ilib;C<*trrdf VJent^* niJgKt <1 * cOntinae the ahdenrOiftoifht ofihajCdantry, or iciiangQ ' tlicm as it (hoalJ fee proner, withoat that of France^ * intenneddling therein, further than taking th*"*Pitt * of Mediator if required thereto: That what conccrtii � the jef^ieaive Intereii of the JWoJflW�ra_xdi^^ to thet< * C^inetc^^feeaed to be a ^rfonal Affair, wherein i a * <hird Party coujd ha^e no Bufihefs tb interfered b^aal^ * e��y PowjB^ vw�'!' {^pgamt^V withotit ^ving- any Regard -to-the * Oa:cr^ iiiail'J^^ ofthe Dihntereifed: - � E'cfjg^^tlt^^ttiSbi^^ iind tl^ ottter Pfacei wiKicfiiiw *� Sisiet-Gen^i^IdiE^^ th^r �'Uniiedi|lt)n^isi^ the Powier of th� rJ,'Me L -aWihar that _ eftiie librds ofth9\i.wn--v�>�M>M,%w iw Envoy Bntraof#]i�/^d f.{o^jp^^ theCouhioF Turin, � r'-f^t^i-'lJt i �V'. - ' -.'^''-ir / av.^..r the Un�ri:rr#:bf0^rd,-,i�&^ their V� __________mM^^0s^^'$ |ai0fe#l^^^ih^ jtti^taivOnpoh Rimeridce-^>t �jC^; Monday the aSth'of December, the. Body of Ms Ctacc the late Duke of Somerfet was carried front Petr worth, in order to beinterr'd at SalUbury.the Bnrial Place 4tf kis Anceflort, in the following Klanner. Ttie Ijilearle m% drawn by fix Horfes, cover'd wit)> liJack; Velvet^ and foQowcd by three other Coaches and i>3(,�1niwhicHwera Iboe of his Grace's Friends ^d t>oniefitcks, between, which anui the Hcarfe went a JMIoitnung 'Statc- ndv^ ctnpty� and they were foih>witd Ik ii^Xpuirc-Ma'nie a^d Six, and by about iuuy Perfons on HoH(;back. The Fu* jMsal teach'dSaliibHTy about Two o'Clock on Wcdnefday, �nd at the great Wett Door bf the Cathednd the Ph>cef-�on was forni'd in the following Manner i firft went twelve ^cifons in black Cloaks, then tour of bis Grace's Footmen an black, after them four Geatleoieii in Macki tfhen- ;Mn Khodes, his Grace's Ap^dicwy, and Mr.GufdoF, hissof-liciior i next, followed the r^Rev/. Mr. Barnard, Fellow of St. John'* College. Otnb^idge. his Grace's Do^wiUck Chaplain i after him walk'ed Thomas Elder, EA); ;his (grace's principal Steward, bearbg al, pucal Crown upon liCufhion of Crimfon Velvet, fupported by Mr. Williams, hi) Grace's Secretary, and Mr. Gardiner, his Oorne^ick Attorney i then followed the Body, inctolcd in jhrec Cof-fns, the III ft of-Ccdar, the fecond of Leadv the *tliird of Oak, fuperbly coveted with Crimibn Velvet, and adoru'd with Ducal Coroneu, Stc. and in the Middle of which was fixed a gilt Plate, mfcrjbed with bi� Grace"* Arms, Titles, and Honours; after the Body walked Sir Charles Wyndham, Bart. Percy Wyndham Obrien, EAji his Grace's Giandfont, and the Honourable Sir Thomas Bootl'r, Knt. Chancellor to his ^oyal Higbocf* the Prince of Wales, one of his Grace's Executors. The Proceflion was met at. the Welt Door of the Church by the Canons, Pitbends, and Choir, in their Formalities, the Orgin, v-^cosnpaoying the Voices in ftnging the Burial Sentences, while the ProcdBon w^ed in that Order to the South-Eaft find of the Church, in which is the Dormuory of Ike Duko of Somerfet i then tha Choir fung a full Anthem, and the Funeral Service was read bv the Rev. jDr. Wynn. The whole was conduftcd with the grjRt^ft Regttlarity. though it is Cippofcd there were prcfeat naar t loooo Perfons. " � I On Sunday died the thirty fourth Year of >is /^gf, \ aauch lamented by all who bad the Pleafure of his Ac-auaincarce, Mr. Edmund Sharrock, an eminent Habcr-daflier in Flcct-Sucei. Oa Sunday Ntgbt iaft died, at his late Dwelling Uoufe in Panton Sircet, l>�iceftrr.Kic!ds, that uuly worthy Atid ' bonell Man Mr Daniil Woodrooffc. He was � rn wfcuoi the DifiiclTcd alwayt found a Fri y  Ginfe On ^utc^inr lAfiflmttCbaiimiAcd ll�4ttn.Gawl��fe by Tkoihat ;�nyai 8^; �f> tiHt ftiae^^Vta^ WcfiaunftMy Kipl^.%e'm?tffi^0o^^ reaib^cTS^ rnrceh c^LiB^iftr. andr WcaiiiqrAjwaicL the Pnmcftr^ the faid Counters WliW ^mm^^Sk Uktwife a fon w>o kMhi^* Saldhop; for iM^laK Patt ef jma Goods knoJUM tlieai � belldk^^ aM^tky bM C&nd opbnhiklt ad&Ediitind Day, � PawntwclUt �t Ftalkam, was bound over 0.itef�dit�'tke4ai*IIitt, liekaving,F^ of tke Qoo* l^ntf in hi�42�ttadM! wid klviJig )>y�9AUeqian{t\^nt�rtettoB,: M oT^ JoiqpB TapptTi Ibhn Doaftlas; and Rkka^4�dcy, fiw iMrgki. riduflf'krvakiAfe ami cuttingBwdlii� Jionfi^ wmI (UaliagTwofounda. .....--. ^j^- - QhtttrS>h^ liieslu: A#Aiilite>n Jlilf �dhiiftcali^ ttt^l>ferui% life Peatii i)f  ' ^ " ' ' ' " ^ who bvftout of bis i^hdwconi^iif for�jdi�w� Xiaita Pro-curatiuiii, or.^cnfionS)diu- o�.iufl|.^ ,Aiid^^lW|�i�^oa? is making in the CQarUjitOlmtetbu�.�giiift n great many Clei^ymctt -and;othw�, whoTof ItmaTTsirr Miffed to pay thofe ftnali t^es.'which; iMJi^iwctiitea^annSttA of Men^^- � � � : -^'M.'^ ' ' ' � 'T: " EJiiitmrgt,, Bi^. i6. UitT^iieial arrived in liie Road oftiith, and fintt. put iiuffi^ilriidfland, uhder Con^y plmma i�r i^t, ��nx-^mmt^. wth Troop* jbppr^ froi^^ldf^:' nretinwthat above forty Morfra died in the Faffag:.' and that three other Tnmfporta were /(jbinktsd^'flMiA^Jftsi^m en tlh:^ C one o mUai tlil&^^S^tttb PlyAoM^ in a HriHy bad Condition '^Wt^'i^^f^Jf^Afi Wdeike 9th and ta|l|V^K^6 WiU��aij;4orbiddinjt all Peifons^any Degree, Age or Sex wjutfoerer, to niake^ givc,^U o^Hgw. any %nih�. Rpc^^is. or �*�;nt�wofK^^^]^ . , ^. . _'any Mifchitftfcat __r______^^�..,^�..~j�^�^3Tlw[hnaIt]r for auikingi ftllin^f 8tc. fa�ik Wo*s, i� F�t4 Foands for e*efjr Of-feii r-prlliogly flionger, but yet ittore agronUe than ever it was before, is to be feen and <)m�td from TWdve o'Clock at Noon till Six in the Evening, at the Houfe between Rawdmidl's CtHfee-Hoofe and the BcdfiKdHcad in Henrti^^Strect. Covcnt-Garden, at t a. each Peribn. < The W^ to Keith*a Chapd ia thioogh Piccadilly, by the End of St. Janica*� Street, and down Clafpa-Stt^ a|ij torn on the'teft Hand- Tke Marriajiea (together with'ja Licence on a Fivc-^billing Stamp and Certificate) are carried on for a Gnioea at u(iial, any Time till Foar ia the Aftern9<9n. by another rcgaUr Ckrgynao. at Mr Kekh's little ClupelJn.h(by<cFair,,nc^ Hyde-Park-Corner, oppo-fite the great Chamsli and/ within ten Yards of it; there Jt a Porch at the Door Idbe a Country Chnrch Porch. Toft publilh'd, a curious Set of Silver Counter) and FiOkcs lor Cards; the Coti^tcrs on one Side haviag the Heads of the Royal Family; aad on the other are twelve different  i-ove Devices, with French Motto'?. Sec. To be had at the Shop of the Proprietor. JohnKixk. iiagravcr. in St. Paul's Church-Vaid. Four p�ren of gadrooo Silver Plates, Knivct, Forfct and Spoon; of fkihionable Patterns, rapcating. cbafied. Cold. Stone, Metal and Silver Watches, by the bell Workmen, and all other forts of ufcful and ornamental (ecoad-hand Plate^ are to be fold by Mr. Stafford Brifcoe. at his old Shop at the Corner of Friday-Street. Cheapfide, the Golden Ball only, at Price* exceeding low -. AUo all kinds of chas'd or plain new Plate for fexportatton or otherwife. of the bcft Patterns, and' in the moll elegant Taile. He likewifs givc& thc.motl Money for old Plate and Wauhcs, by reafon of the frequent Demand for the fame, r Xphn Taytojr, Oiailill, Son of r. T^lor. Ocnlia to V(st^a|^tty, in Great Qacca-Succt, Lincoln's iiia Ftcidv wbcff all Perfons afttAw with any Diforder ia their Eyes or Eyelids, on Application to htm every Day, betwrm Ti:o and Two, m�y depend on meeting fach Tr^tintia as is inofi fuiiablc to their rcfpc tfcafe is cither oeiperate or plainly incurable, be Will ufe hii Judgment in all Cates indifcriminaiely, ar.i give his A J vice to every Perfo^ gr4ti4 Tlic Poor are ineatiablc ofHukio^ any Kcturi^. ihall be lupplxi wi:d ckcry Thing uccrtl^i) fur iteu Cmc tot nothing. i think k' Wwnt^ent Mi �!� thd| UbourMntMl<tafcver*Ku]pt�rtroi kiwUof Tmlfci. b,^ whi5t.I,J#v^ aikt.eveii trW �tt�iA %�*Mcrr| Mai^^ce j^nend aiCitowiMa l^riUKHwIk Quitenn netnk2�nlireor'rro(r�|^ .^HJ^S^i' Inftramcnt or 6pcration; 'jlHi^^riU Bvdi^djlow. V Given.� iMnnruur nnder that ^ti�d�- i^tnteUiM^k^^ we, tki� ia|eall�t^,p. frcii Ejight t4 nke.'\Seath-Se�tSi^. lio PWci. loJk I 8th. a liKk. Ditto ti|(w, no f. 174*; "nt* ftwk. iilMtto 1747. 96 'i\ ,____ Lottery' 1747, no Price. Bank Ah�ittitws't74t, ^ . a 98 n 07 7 8tb��a 9t. Tltfee p�# Cehi< AnaAhkHn Ml MiOien fiMk. ao .Prim EqMMNt^^^^klJ,* ' AOVifUKe. no, Price. Ii�tad��'iAfi�an��.^Ai' Citealirtws; ' India Boadtr PITTANi*$ cmitiifnt Nt-rvoiw rii'ops, -for tW , V fs^r^^ ^is:'- �xi^r�Jhi� jJkWfi. itmt thetttay Affilstia ct both Snct of P*,t9t>� bftna ciiiHi (wwi^fim tlx R%fe Ha Nufl^birs'^o}'jl))!^ ~---- � ^8etefei��tbp�M!ft tnttWr jKeWifViA', nttm'i ,:wWfh (^^W i&s tiS*mgt In, 6n Lu&^&mi,t ih*lqhKt�Atll||i^ tli'ii NcM,  Tiqifhop.ln GMtechvteh.Stfrcti and st Mh. Cmi Mt'U ntH.  TofOiop. In (i*�(��hvtclt.strrctl sn4 st Mrt. hr\ tt-ttte OqUmi fm, SU Utmt't Street; em-MSind Sti iutan'i pLk, FHw 3 �.eKh Bottle. 4ithiritfAionK; ' -'--- --�--------.....--�--------'--ti. P VB LICK If�tirt i$ *rr- General PoftOiace, D�c. 3f, 17484 CySr#i mfn ^tniaj tiV 9/** �f tti m)U MMp'%f GEORGE SHELVOOSB, Sttftt^fy. VICTUALUNGloFFrci^nMarr 1*49. nvt NciHr, ibtti � fhiiaf Bfxtt tit .itMi^niit, tit frttl/mrfOllfiti i4 BrQUfd-Strhtj, tit Shtrt All�v)amtt Mtitrjf Jut It kit Mtjtjfjt l^li^i ityilir* Dunkirk, ttiwtu AmgufI 5, 1747, and DtfemttrB^, 1747. Poftiion Zebcek. Jih 1. Md> ^Ufu/l liJ'tj^it. WHEREAS it hits been reprefeattti' fo hw Wcstuflna, k Ot� Cmm/�t StilKik. #�s lubfcc iectf onMo Inmif, bci� i Ten >u>J l.\%ttt, u'Ckckria tK<( Nifht. iby five ttknptii^ ^ t vi wliith warentriviid.Mtih Jk f Costof Arinii^ i.n *. VMsagu) vi(. � I'eti iiftucca tiiccc Ooliliiai, Uf) Mulfo  eofiii-ilcxdUr Sum (4 Moacj, Xk^cim wud a GmU Vvjtkl.w a chairttCWc, �c4 A ',l''ff tin- �UAw*�Il� �1J t-r^r^Jij '.J J.'tit ihi- IVil'.rj .(,ncrfn.:J 1,1 tlv I'liil ViMl^trf am Ki..z>r>y, u p..'Aid u pi(.ft!(lc tiii ir A gruvijui i'ardvnf'la any oatf' c# t.'T.-a �i>o ihiii . .-�.it xjs. At.i.onipltcc cr Aivoiapljcet tixstin, '(klb&t kc i-fr6cn4c4 ^aA C"nrjij�r t thcfTC*'. ....... I Hor.m NttwcASTjL^. ."S.ruk-��;.:- of Ten �n4 Tv, , irtti r,nf lo'$tvcn in i�it . !-' c-:ti-iii,r, t]je fii.1 ia�,i Htu� Ut (im* K�sij ir ''I- Ii 1\

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