Thursday, January 2, 1749

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Thursday, January 2, 1749

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 2, 1749, London, Middlesex MONO AY. J A wvA'k T a,' I749T liiiimt ml 4 EM A IN  in Dow|i�. tlis fixporca'ion, a Swcrdith Ship. Tibe Ootward-bMnd sue {iu!d, with the Ncvit ftastCT, Maynard. for Nrris and (itirctal 6<her� unknown. Came down. Dukt afMaTiborongb. Shaw, for Falmouth. Wind South. Ye�(erdar arrived t Mul rron / P*rit A-ta-main^ Jat. 6. Tee Krng ka� iffuH mne Ordinances i one for rcdoct^g ihc twenty CTght Squ-wirons of Huflart of 150 Mentsch, 10 t;�;b? ^u^xirons oJ <oo Men.each; another for making ::in adoRioaal Reduction in ibe Light Troop*. ^cfuJei that �hsch was r!�*dc in October iail; another which itdace^ to ; o Men the Re-^ment of Rojral Canrabrc;, w'lich cocfiCed of < 4 o; another which fupprrSbk ibcCfKUfany of Ctoat-; another ordering the independent Cempani ficd with thrtr SOTcreiga for viag lei them remain at Genoa for two whoir Yrart. MUmm, Dec. at. Some Adrices latdy Tcceiv'd from Vienna, have occafion*d a general ConScmau.?n fane: The Imperial Court tiad taken a Refolattoa to make a con�ue-table Rdbrm in the K'nmbcr of OCces and Emplojmcnts in this Duteh]F, add even to abntifh fome TribooaU cn-drety.; but upon the Repicfeetations that hare ^ee.l made, ditlttiear 360 noble Families find their principal Re(V>urcet ii^ the&^ Employments, aed that, be&les. thry bought their iHacei, the Emprefs Qaeen has charged oor GovcritOT to lend her ft partlctilar and cxad Staie of ti^iis 7trt cle; and �fc are BOtV affurcd, that hu ExccHcitcy. co-ivinced f^f ihe itrfpatable Damages that wojld refali fmm thu .Abolition. Iws written to Coart in a Nijuu.cT that givo u� room to tope it. wilt not take Place. If^tgtu, Juti. 7. The Prince Stid'holder. before be left Frieilaqd, exhorted tbe States to nfolve fpeniiiy on fomc Method for re-cflablithipg their Fu^nocs ( och u a Poi!-Tax, or a Tax vpob Familrct) adrUlr.g :l)c.-n bc�d� to 1k>U(h fome Empio' men:� which are ufusccejbry, and oaly ftrvc to increafe the Espance^ �>l ibs "roviBce. Two Oays af(er the tfflung o� rhie IVoclaiRatiaa, a gcnna! AmacUy was publiihed ttccre for all ihvSs who were concerned in the Ja:e Commotions in that Prorinee; and in Confcqucncr thereof, lome I^cople, who bad been taken op on tbat At-connt, have been fct at Libcr-y. L O N DO N. Yertcrday his Majefty reeeiw'J tKe Compliments of the Nobility, foreign Mimllrrs. Jkc. on ite ac� Year ; and the fenior Aldem^n. according to ^ncoal Cdllom. pre feoted to hb fbrry of the Icticr Boy� of ChriU-Hofpiul. &c. B|U the ,Day happening on a Sitiday, the Oie for the new Year wa> cot p�ri�irm*d ufaal. His Matefly has been plezfrd to app? snJ t'jis Day to receive the AJdrefs from tbe Ucivcrliiy sf Qxfitid. wai h will be prcfentcd by the Vice Ct3i>c�!!or. Tht� Day his Royal Hi^oef. Opens his puUick Levees iwf rice firS Time for the inter, ntUii Royal Ktghncfs's Apartctctui at St '.imrs'*. On Saturday the yoong Pricces a&d Puncfil^s. Sons nod Daughters to their Royal RsghceSTrt scr Pnace and princefs of Wales reheaxs'd lac Piay of C�'o jr Lrjct'lf-r-tioufe, and on Wednffilzy ihci< arr co p.nfor.ii .h: (jin-r The lall Letters from Paris itfjrm u?. thzt the little ^uadion of four Men of War and .no I'ligifcs that ere kqiiippiog at Breft, utd are almod reaJy to Ui!. are intended for Canada and Cape Br f Samacl Walker, Efq; uf Thotpe. Ycilcrday \\x> married by the Ris;at Rev. the Bi&op of Oxford, Mr. Scoit. a-i einircxu Wcwen D:aptr, oi 5t. James's, to iviils Gtubb. of the fame ?a li. " Latl Week Mr Jacob Ciu.iy. an erostca: Turty Mtr cbant in the Old Jewry, zn^iisi to Mil's L-ty Cole, of Bedford-Row On Saturday lift Mr. Jofeph Tcwr-frr^i jjn. rf Xn' .11.-Strrer, was marcicd at St, Ci^nm:". t_r._:c-, l.hti prorided (of tlurni t and that the Healths of his moll StcTsed Majcfty Ring George, and all the Royil FamU^. weretheattollydmhk by the whole Body, being all heattiTx aficded to our |�rtf�nl mbft gtoriuui and hanpy EttabtiOi-ment: and the Evcnip^g concluded with Harmony nod Decorum. A Great Boxins-Match is m�dc for Fifty Gulfneai, which will be decided on Wcdncfday the iBtti inllant, betwcenjohn 8lack from Norwich/ivho lately beat Bofwell, and the noted James Field the Sailor. The whole Sam is already put duwn in Nir. tiroughton*! Ilandii} and'ti< thought there will bc as much Money laid upin the Event of this Battle, as upon any that hds been fought for many Years. Extraa of .1 Lftttr from Whilhy in Yorijhirt, tIatM 0tf. f^. ' Two TranlVoris have put in here fronKHdllJu^d,. one  of whom has Horfei on board, and the other five Coni-  panics of Foot; but the grcatcrt Patt of the Horfcs we*e  thrown over board in the Storm, and the i-ick arc (0 ' numerous, that our liofnital is filled witU ihiin. I'hc  able Men arc now debarking, and it's faid WIU ftay with  us fonie Time, and then march to Cumberland.' On Friday laft Dr Hillmor, on the Upper Terras in St. James's Street, rcllor'd fcveral Blind to their Sight, in the Prercncie of fcveral People ofQiiality, Gentry, and others) and the following Lill of theBiind reftor'd by his MciUis to their Sight, svjis given to thofc who defir'd k. Matthew Lowndet, twenty-one Years of Age, bbtn Wind, live? at the Gnldrn Head io Totccnhtm-Court-Road, re-ftor'd December zg. 1748. 'i'homas ijccraan, levciity-nine Ycar&ofAge, twoYcari blino, H\t<i in Beccti-Lane, near Moorgate. Mary Adilord, irt the Workhoufe o" St. Paul at Shad-_L�ell^lDL_Yeim_XJif Age. Years blind. ciiu/rc ore WMi Elizabeth Coceit.ii:e, oJ the iabsj ^V: - Mr. Booty, an eic!t�--n: Wiae lilartx-cts^t, h of the Cumj;ou Cojrvil far ToAii VV.irJ. in -.^^ Mr.'Sellcri, dcccaN d. On Saturday a Mac. f-pfo "d to b; a Sj-vcr, found dead ia St.Geotgc'i i .zl-L . mac .jj^pc-ra to;i of Violence aboa: him We heai lUat oa Fr'Jay Evcctrg liil c^Ai^iiof 15D CtiuUnieq niei at the Kjrg'a .\ria�, |-"c;: .M*.'k.c!. unj Ui'e tht-mlelvc^ Ptc^s ; ih (wi ihc :c� uu^ic^ (Lcis: that ai;cT vh .-JiB^ licj-t-r^.-.d 0� ny-0ne Years of Age^^hree Years blind,,*ti Mr. Knee's, a Butcher, in FoAland-Strcet, QXfOrd'Koad. * The following is a Lift of Ihofe i'caf reftofd to their Hearing by Dr. Hillmer. , Jofcpha Anna Hyowit, Bloomibuiy. Cfcnllina Tvnoe, Towcr^liil. Mr. Wtbfen, the Corner of Glafs-H[ouf6�Sttcctt near Sa'>il!�-Kcw. - Wcarc infonn'd, the Aft made the91)1 jindioth ofKing Witli�tn, fof bidding alt P�rfons of ftny Oi^ree, Age or Sex wha:foevcr,, toiAake, give, fell, Squibi, yerpetit�� Rackets, or other I'lrcworks, without {.eavc of the Mailer, Lieutenant. orCuiiluiilDotiers of liiari-Iajefty'sOrdnance, witl put in Execution, co prevent any Mjlchitf that mayaii!'c(i)huMaj for a Guinea as ufual, any rime till Four in the Afternoon, by aoothenregular Ctergymfn,'At Mr Keith's liule Ch>pel in May-Fair, near Hyde-I*aiiti.Corntr, i> file the great Chapel, and witdin tdft Vurds of it ; t is a Porch at the bo"r like a Lountry Church F-rct. B A N K R U P- T. John Lyne, of the Soke, near Winchefter, in the Coumy of Souihamptun, l.innen Draper And Chapman. H\f.n Waicr at l.ondoa-Bridge this Day at j M nu'rs 8 in the Morning, and 2; after 8 at Night SaturJay Bank Stuck was no Price. India Stock, no Price. South Se.� iitock, no Price. Ditto Old Annuniei, ICO 1 8ih. Duio New, no Price. Bank Annuities 174'^ no Pi ice. Ditto 17^7, 96 $ 8thi. Diiio Lottery 174;, 97 I half. Bank Annuitie* 17^8, 97 7 81I1S. Three per Cc'it. Aniiuiiiei, no Price. Million Hank loz. lujui-v.ilcnt. po Price. Roykl Aifarance, 70. London AH^j-ranee, q 7 Btlii. Hnglifh Copper. 41, 178. 6d. Seven (>cr Cent. Enipcroi's Loan, izj. live per Cent, ditto, no Price. Bank CiiCLlaiiun, 15$. Prcm. India Bonds, ii^s. a *3f. Pie II__ THE Monthly Mcettng of the Ijtrnticnicn of L.^NCASHlKb will bc hclJ Tomirrbw, at Scv<n u'Cl. cU ialitcEunii:^, �t ihr (Juecn'ii Ann�Tl�eiii in St. fauil't CliuiCli - V..�d. i RANtL.^GH HOlISi:, Tom rrow, Iwat etc yi Inftiat, wiU be a Ceacrsl McetiAK cf ti.c I-ro-.ijctcii. bct�c�a iIm iinun if Teg in< I'm^Ivc ia d�* f mcMotA, po-licrc Tbis Maf is fmkhjb*i^ GOV E R N[ HSSi or. Fcm.i�e Atnitdtiy t IWir^ the li iiy!�r Mr*. l%Kh�M, Mh^^^ . , Mlft leniy Ptste, Miss P�i�y l>�*tl,' Mil* tJHy SK, , Mils S-ik�j J lii Hftii'IW, ' M'^ Mwiiiy ftit^; Mitt Poll, F�ie..*l�, MIfs -JawiySpftK^t* M.i�P��ji*�A�f> With il a� Amvifftnthi. C*icjhk�H (br tha l^tt^OAmmt young tiikt in thtit I'ltucsilon. R* Ai,fi�r a/ David Sim Mk. prlnini Ver tht Auibor) tniiieM A. MiiUt, c�(r.�jsiB4t RidAo riiw-Mre�i in the Stinnit, i. Th� A .Vt^M ka* Tt��el> thnH.|h �S��i*fctf#?  r�l Fiichti. 'tht Stiond Kd'tton, rOxiird ��4�Mt�JR��, tilin^i and Arfdiiiom. .IntwU. untfK IV** h��ftJ lit. , �. F�mi1i�r l,rtt�n bcWffn ll t |�'!"�i|^ Ct>���-'�n in Vti4 Ssa fS(� and (ctnt o'hers. To which i* a^ '" nvnJlnms I'uth. IlttliJfy cf .tlwpj'BnjI PretiwrVCwiiMfc InFisntcj with !i.i Fath.i's l.''tiM to himj �nJ h;t^Strctl, MSrWir Vice-A ter iwcludctl'. N.fcmoir� oi' tSt- S*�Ji�^.4(iai(iN�*i!ra On'abrcgatfPit t!(- of Uhajr^. Ofticil PahJfipe* f&hes*. ASkbi�je for aamul Marragoj. Of maiwctng flcdt. f �i itrli.invrn>,>'te. Of a IbwW t�ttt� Medicine fw .lintnSferM Cjitilc. T , Trinfcjby r.OveJOm � Si. Ivhn� Cat*^ *l>*t�iritt.�f f^H* 1i;ts Dcty is pubitfh'ti^ (Prut ^d.J Jb(iA:f . ArCMrftAtn tfA Contiin'rp tt-e DihftiM In ll. n. I t ' % Priotrd for and l^H Italdwin loo. at the Raft&tWW^Mtnto' Ndtr, The View uf thr PIrewprki may.t� hti atw^*^ IVic* 4^4^ v N.R. It's beinK | /ti'4 n l'� low  Hrice �� Itf rttKM t^twut^; wliichtlu i>t.b.iclc art drhr'd (o M cntfu) ef. tbis Day is buFliJb\l^ (Price 6^,} ' THE U N IV H R SAJ. M.^GAZIKE of Knowledge ^tul I'Icaturc -. l^n t> ttmtcn t;|S. OiMaiiM^ The Hiftnry,o� the Io iifni..n, * l'u� u^l]r ��4l^lj(lha> _ anJ .Si|v�r Coint m K a% Hmty < nutuK* pi�f� ��ei'i. VlUi R;igi,�LMl> thrif iiurlle-! Irijti^ > . ^ iineitionon a la�|e C >T'r/'-!'lat�,j Settrt Pfetelt^ntiiy &Hii fteff^ rnxiaved in a Oi� Trifle. Dtfcil|iii4 erl'yl)iirc tin Ihci. Lord Anlirii* Vi>y>B� i;on<"�if Rir#>4v aaA^ F.chare. tm,�i ?<ftKtiU* Illy, new nnk*. *r. Iv defcnbej, wi(h a iwii l.'�)i|irr I'late fof traihing tht iam�. Pr)nt�d fur J. I^miun, it iln'iAimt in St: PaMl'i Chwrth-VaiC Notr, Ht caf iir-'f^ Att^amMti. � _ ? Ai fuon ai Jn accuurt ri*'i of-�i e Furwitkt inr. tlh� r>�cl�iniMiiM� . of iJie tieneral P-�cc c*n b' i,M.m'd, wtiiiitk-caaoot ic �IIJcCl�i it (hall be (niblilhnl in ihe tJniv.itjl Ma|if n*. * Foundling llolptcat, Novcniber jo, <;4S^ ^ 'nr^W/j dtt.r^il ('immiiue ttr in.i�u^iwg iht J^MH 0jf- X thi h�d g^iut Niti(t,tb*t tbtB*i* b*ia�j^mf tit Oji famt art tiitiadfJ (�r ^raStrvict ir fi�JkntJ*y^ fuitig thfy art af proper Agii ; and ia ibt mtna fimr ibt d^Xutttt art d.jiraul ikit thry Jh-iuld t<i cmpLy.J, im f*mt lV�rkmtM4Mm-^ '�' fucturt -mhtJj reijuitti .L'li'viiy, tinJ may tt ft�-f�rmu�im tit op a -"lir, ibif may ht tarly iuurtJ t� Ltitimr tubi kit CLi'igii 0/ /A.- ITtulh.r; .laJftr tbit Pmrf^fy't lit CtmmttOt * b.i'Vi I fjl<t.d la iitii'j/'f pirt a/ /br UteUMJ �m*mthSnlr�^ � ibt RifiJ ItaJing IJ tb^ th/pilal, with a Wtdi, ��d Sittk a///lining. J-n Hirfun J tti j'fJ^^^ a>r or tj ibt Cjmmitttt at tktir iitffiut tm' Luinh'I C.inJu:! I'ljli. f ' By U'.i.r (jf tbt I'.iiU C.t-^smiiltt. * HAK.V1AN VERBrsr. *�*r�f�r]r.^ 'N^I^Y^'i^ib' Comrrillit v.ivi D.c tO, 174'f, r.l^tivr ro ih, F.nplsyn^nt 3/tbi CHi4�*m lit a Muuufudu'f not int"firing a; .,ny ^i�Sim)g in F.'i^Lii.ii and thr If'riler f'p>p'g It und.rtit-it ibi HU-nfnttitiUl thr to', ii il.jir.d ij atlitfJ tit dtmuuUtit aJf tht'-.^ Faniuiling-H-futJ, aa U'.dufJ^y fbe.{lb -/"/.tMarfftf^ff^ at Ehiiin in ibr Far.r m i� ----- .....I II i� 11 I II * Foiirdiicg ll'jfpiul, Dec. }0. 740. APnpa/il in tht Fr,Hib Langu '^t b.fviitg ^t,-m fmt Ij tht Cammitttr ibit Hitp'tui, nraitt tbm VftD' 1741. giving II p^ir'iiuir Sfntt ef a ^IjUhTit^^mfy *f 'lal'iUiu (uiritd uH if Ftiin,-, amj pr,.p.f/itg tbt /ttlJ it'.:**' fu:lury ill prfptt f t r,iHtmi4 u.ttbvKJt /<r�f ' . tvpiij, in . ,/i il "at/K nut iMmtiftattiy ttftd % n%itbtCktLt^ft* � thill iiiiig iul ItitJy liiktn tm und tmtitfubit tf mary �| plv^mtnt, .hi Cjmmttitt ib^itgbt ibtm/tlftt i^LgtJ it 'tt* till (imi un.tfifd, u.tirding to tbt I'r fi/.r'i Rt^tjl, liiiil Ai/oc tutt It HI a ru-ititr t� itur frtm 9�m "t^* UiCjfi.n By Ordtr i'"! ftnt�illtt, U&RMJM V&RBLST. Sttr^.^

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