Monday, June 24, 1743

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Monday, June 24, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 24, 1943, London, Middlesex Di ce Tuefday ended the Scrutiny for a Member of Parliament for the Borough of Southwark, when the dderr'd. the Declaration till Thurfday the 30th inftmc. Yefterday Charles Cutts and Willi..m Quilter, Efqrs. paid their Fines to be excufed fcrving the Office of Sheriff of this City. On Wednefday Evening died of an Apopledtick F.r, at . his Houfe in Grofvenor-Street, Arthur Edw-ircis, Ef'i; Firit Major of the Second Troop of Horic-Gu ,rds ; a Gentlemnn of all the amiable Qualities belonging to human' K;nd, and a moll true and fincere Friend. Yefterday died at his Houfa in Hanover-Squire the Hon. �� - - Tabot, Elq; On Wednefday died the Lady Mary Finch, ekteit Daughter to the Earl of Wincheliea' by ins prefent L_>Jy. Letters from America advife of the Death of Alcx-mcLr Crofby, Efq; Lieutenant-Governor of Annapolis Royal. Yefterday Morning Mr. William Sandby, Bookfelkr at Temple-Bar, was married ^t Queen's Squ::re Chapel to Mifs Seare. The Right Hon', the Lord Chancellor has prefentcd the Rev. Mr. Henry Goodall to the Rectory of P^.ihley, in the County of Norfolk. A Difper.f.uion is p^fs'd the *;als to the Rev. Jujin Stanley, M. A. Brother to the Earl of Derby, to ho!.; the Rectory of Liverpool, together with the Rectory or Bury in that County. Seals, C.iufes and Exceptions, Sec. after Trinity-Term, viz. June 28, firft General Seal ; June 29, 30, July 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7, Caufcs ; July 8, kcond Gent_r;.i ieal ; July 9, 11, iz, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, Caufcs; July 19, third General Seal; July 20, Rehearings; July 21, Exceptions; July 22, Rehearings; July 23, 25, 26, Exceptions; July 27, Pleas and Detnurreis ; July 2S, fourth and laft General Seal; July 29, Petitions. Days appo:nted for holding the Aflizes for the Chefter Circuit before Matthew Skinner, Efq; one of his Majefty's Serjeants at Law, and Chief Juftice of Chefter, and the Hon. John Talbot, Efq; the other Juftice, viz. Montgomery, Wednefday Auguft 3, at Pool. Denbigiiffiirej Tuefday Auguft 9, at Ruthin. Flintfliire, Monday Auguft 15, at Flint. Chefhire, Saturday Auguft 20, at Chefter. Ne<w York, May 6. Yefterday arriv'd here a Prize Sloop taken by our Privateer commanded by Capt. Allen, in the Old Streights. She is valu'd at between 30 and 40000 Pounds Sterling. Seeing, in Wejlminjler-Abbey, the many Monuments fet up, of late Years, to the Memory of famous Poets. |OETS had, formerly, not only Bread ; But, by the Great carefs'd, on Dainties fed : Our Age, prime Judges of what Men deferve, Honour dead Bards, and let the Living ftarve. To the worthy Liverymen of the City of LONDON. Gentlemen, IBelieve there is not one of you that Votes for an Ale-Conncr this Day, but would willingly give your Affiftance to fuch Perfon as is the propereft Objedt of Clarity : Now if involuntary Misfortunes will render a Perfon worthy you/ Aid, caft your Eyes upon WILLIAM WHALEY, who has been ruin'd by FIRE, one of the moll calamitous Misfortunes in this Life; befides, he is the only Perfon amongft the prefent Candidates who has ever offer'd hirnfelf a Candidate before for this Office : Thefe Things conftder'd, I doubt not but a Majority of you will concur with me and vote for the faid Perfon, in which you will give infinite Pleafure to one who wifoe6 well to the Unfortunate. June 34,. 1743. A LIVERYMAN. ^ P' High Water at London-Bridge this Day at 51 Minute* after 12 in the Morning, and 17 after 1 in the Afternoofw Yefterday Bank Stock was 148 a 147 3 4ths. India, S.ock 196 1 hdf a 197. South-Sea Steel:, Books ftidt. Ditto O.d Annuities 114 1 hsif. Ditto New, Books ihut. Tr.ree per Cent. Annuities, B_.oksib.ut. . Ditto 174*, Books fliut. Ditto 1743, 100 3 Sths a i 4th. Million Bank 1:8 3 4ths. Equivalent in. Royal Affurance S3. London AiTirauce ,2. Mine Adventure Shares, no Price-. Englifii Copper 4I. 10s. Wdih ditto, no h-ricc. African, r.<c ' Price. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Lo:;n 120. Five per Cent, ditto 70 1 half. Bank Circulation 5!. iOi. Prem. India Bonds 4I. 14s. a 16s. Prem. Three 1 half Salt Tallies 3, Prem. Three 1 naif per Cent. Exchequer Orders 5, Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 1 4th, Diic. Lottery--Tickets ill. 135.  _ To tue worthy Liverymen of tirs City of LONDON. YOUR Votes, Inter,-J}, and P. 11 (if nctdf*!) are drfrdfor The Hon. HORATIO TOWN SH END, F/ji Citizsa and Draper, WILLI AM C H E S E L D E N, Efq; Citizen and Bar ber-Sargeo �', To he Sheriffs of this City arj County cf Middle [ex ftr the Year enf. :ng, as Gentlemen // aj'ccled to' Lis Majejij. King George, our happy Cjfjlitutis.t in Church end viat^i and every way qualified for that great Trujf. - - - -- *� Office for Sick and Wounded Scnmen, June 22, 1743.. '""S" HE CcmmiJJioners for tahi,:g Care of his Majejlys X. S-'ci tind IVounded Sehnien, and for exchanging Prifoners of War, do hereby gi-ve Notice, that they i-vill be ready on 'Ihufjday the $Oth iifiant, by Eleven 0"Clock in the Forenoon, at their Ojfice cm To-xuer-Hill, to treat for Freight of a a large Parcel of Bedding, intended to be tent to Jamaica, for the Ufc cf his Majefty's Hcfpitals there ; at ivhich Time the Qffemrs are to deliver in their Propofal's in Writing, JeuPd up, the fairejl Bidder to be agreed with ; ar.d of f'u t'rer Particulars they may in the mean Time inform them-fives at the faid Ojfice._ Eift-I -dia-Houfe, June 22, 1*743. AT a General Court of the U>:ited Company of Merchants of England tradi'g to the Eaft-Indics, held this Day, ir '-..�as rejoin d, That the Dividend that will 6e diie at , Chrijiraas next on tlpe Capital Stock cf this Company be Four per Cent, and [0 to be esntinud half-yearly^ and not cxlfei^d but upon fix Months Notice, according to the zgth By Law. _CIIRISJTOPHER MOLE, Sec. ^.iiar.ubk-Coi-par-itior.-houftf, Spring-G _rden/ June z, 1743. E C'lirt cf Committee be.r.-by give Notice, that tbj: Transfer-Books of the faid Corporation will be open (it their Houje in Spring-Garden, on Monday the Z~]th of June infant. irr. .-i-o *s Holpical, June 9 1743. NQTJCE is hereby given, that there will be held a Quarterly General Court 07s Thurfday the 30//6 ir.jlant, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. __JOHN VAN RIELL, Clerk. MIDDLES e"x. ~ AT the General Quarter-Seffionsofthe Feacer holden by Adjoarnmsnt on Thurldiy the !4ihDjy of April, 1743. 1 hat it be recommended to the JufHces of the Peace in every Divifion, .hat they do not ifcsnfe any Tavern, Imi, Cofise-Houfe, Vi3(jalling-Houfe, or Alehcufe, to fell by retail Brandy or other fpirituous Liquors, but where adtualiy a Tavern, Inn, Coffee-Houfe, Vicltrallirrg-HoH-e, or Alehcufe, was kept on or before the 25th Day of March laft ; and that they do endeavour*ro fupprefs every Fublick Houfe where any Perfons ha\_e been guilty of trie Vice of Dnmkennels, or otherO-Fences prohibited by the fev;ral LawsnowinBting ; and thatit be recommended to them, that they.da call before them tte High Conftable and Petty Conftables, and all other OiEcas under their Dir.tHon,:and give them the ftritteft Orders hot to firfFer any Perfons to fell fpirituous Liquois in the Streets, or other prohibited Places, and to be very induftrious in difcovering, apprehending, and bringing to Puniliiment all Perfons guilty of the faid Vice of Drunkennefi, and all other Offences prohibited by the laid Laws. WHEREAS"on Thurfday in evtfy Week great Numbers of live Cattle are bought at or near the,Globe and White Horfe at Mile-End, and other Places near the City of London, in Defiance of, and in direct Violation sf the Laws in beings and to the great Detriment of the Market at Smithfield, by foretelling the fame ; fcvertl of the principal Inhabitants of the faid Market being detertnin'd to put the laid Laws in Execution, do hereby give Notice, that they are refolv'd to projecute all Perfonj whatfoever of whom they fl-.all have hiotice, who (hall hereafter boy any live Cattle at Mile-End aiorefaid, or elfewhere near the City of London : And to the End that no Perfon may prttend Ignorance, the faid Inhabitants have order'd this Notice to be advertis'd in the publick Papers. Note, The Penalry is double the Vake of the Goods bogght. 1 ALL Brethren of the Ancient: and Hon able Order of GREGOREANS, are defir'd to take Nomb� the Chapter of the laid Honourable Order, lately held at the Fidwj^feic. Luce at St. Alban's, is now remov'd to the next Door, being Wr^- 8C7 Chiiftopher Inn in St. Alban's aforeiaid, and to be held there: every _^yi^&}iyV,�' Night, for the future. By Order of the Grand. fatS - ��*.). __John Cooper, Seerqe$jf ^ AGentleman of che Name of TEUCH fappos'd to have liv'd forae tjme in Scotland ; if he is flfS in and will fend a Letter to A. B. at Batfbn's CorTee-Hcufe in Cornhilly fod-it taining his Chrifti-m Name, Place of Abode, and prefent Occupation,^'' will hear of fomething greatly to his Advantage. Note, If any one can give an Account where he is, or whether he be living or <isad, they fhait be gmefiilly reff_frde_. by applying aa abjvs.

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