Monday, June 10, 1743

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Monday, June 10, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 10, 1943, London, Middlesex IP ft e tj-ajiy' Adver er. FRIDAY, J tf n e i o, 174c IW, June 2 ^>T{ HE Auguita Man of War is ; &4 for Portsmouth. Wind N. E. fail'd An ExtruS of a Letter from the Hagoe, dated June 11. ' If Credit is to be given to Lct-' ters from feveral Parts of Ger-' many, the Succefs of the Arms ' of her .Majesty of Hungary has _r_____< made a deep Impression upon di- � vers Circles .and States, which Jeem to repent of i/:.v;ng �. been fo long unactive. Thofe of Swabia and Franconia * are particularly very angry at the Conduit of the French, � and even with that of the Imperial Court, who, if one * may be permitted to fay fo, lo^.ds them with burdenfome � Refcripts, in favour of Troops which they begin to * look upon as Enemies to the Empire. Theft- Circles are 1 lefs fcrupulous of mewing their Diflike to thofc Refcripts; ' fuice the Army of tiie Allies is at Hand to fucccar tuole air on board the faid Ship at Sheer' >!�/'s on or before the 1 xth Day of this Month, or. Pain not only of being made Ra:-. on the Ship's Looks, but of being apprehendid, and fried at a Coxirt-l :cck,d njf his Horf at the End .f Newport� near a. Mile from BarnfapJe, the ?y( inflavt, between the Hours of Ten and Eleven at Night, by a Perfon unknown, who carried off both llorfe and Mail, ad tic feveralLetters therein for Exeter, London, Briito!, at;d other Places : Hhe Pof-Mafer-General thinks prol-er to acquaint tiot Publick, that whoever fhall apprehend and convict, or caufi to be apprehended and convicted, the Perfon or Perfons -zvho committed this Robbery, vsill beenii.led to a Reward ofTvjd Hundred Pounds, bef.dis the Reward given by Act of Parl'ia^ ment for apprehending cf Highwaymen \ or if any Perfon or Perfons, whether Accomplice or Accomplices in the faid Rob* beryT or knowing thereof fhall make a Difcovery, whereby the Perfon or Perfons who committed the fame may be apprehended and brought to Jujlic:, fuch Dijcoverer will, upori CftiviFtion of the Party or Parties, be entitled to the fame Reward, and alfo have his Ivlajeft-fs mif gracious Pardon. By Command of the Pof-^1 after-General, GEO. SHELVOCKE, Secretary, N. B. 7he Perfon. who committed this Robbery is a thick fbort Alan fas the Boy defcribes him with black Hair i and the Mare taken from the Boy * s of a dark Colour, with a white Face, and a 'J ailfomewhat linger than ufual, fame Hair under the Mail-Pillion was tubbed off, and the Mare veas about thirteen Hands high, and about eight Tears old. //AT", the At't-r-aU of '.be old BuM'tn^s of St. Bai t'-rjemew's Hfftal, the Pur chafer to be at tht Expence of pulling down the fame and clear ivg the Groundt A Committee of the Governor s will ms< t at the Ccn.fti;:g-Hsuft t.'.'cre 0;: 'itt'dJay next, at Terr o^ ii the kurenoOK; in 0 jer to rtccivc Picy-ofu/s /"'-� fuch as are minded to pur chafe . the fame. // the mean 'lime a particular Account of tht faid eld Buildhigs may h: '.ad, and the fame view'd, by} Enquiry at the ing-H ufi a for faid. To al, M.rctMims on-i Lx^one/s in tie City of �..(�?! it OH. W'HF.Rf7 AS for want of ;Trper piredions (in Vv'iitin.^) beir.g fent down w;;h t!:rL" Ccrds, 01 Mcvchjndlzej tD their ri-fpcClivc ?.l..T;r-'l.icoe-H-uie-Iviicis, many Gcsi ha\e tie-qu-.-ntly nwfc.nicd, terj.g i-liei I'i cp\i '! ving Form is re* commen.U'd, fcr the Benefit ut the IviciCnams, and Safety of fuch Goods and Mei cjasjize, v.z. Lsn.i'.r, I74^. N'J To tk+ Titcrim Portert at Key. c Bales . ro 5, ^. BaUs, Sc. 4 C.:Jn Mi1. By OnUr cf A. B. Mircbar.t, nartCd and vumitv.d a~. m 'id Marg:n. M'. C. D. U'jtirmar., , Pay tit Cj.-ma-n, h'- 57, Shillings, for, Tours E. F; T\T. B. Iffent dd>.�:i dirc�lij- by the Merchant-himfelf, the Word'! (gy Order of Merchant) mn\ be emitted ; but if fent by any Packer, or ovists, they sre proper to be in'ertcd. Printed klai.k Note to the Mercers Cowpsny's Porters are de'ivpr'd erati-. to the Merchants :ir.d Tridefir:rn, on direclin^ thfir Letter; to Me:T� Matthew and Smith, -t tiieB^n!; Cclree-Hcure-behind theRoyal.Exchange. To the IVcrthy Liverymen cf the City of L o n d 0 n. Y e n t l e m � C:>'S'� r.rni Cvthr, fly lf, -Gentlemen, YO U R Voces, rntercft, and Poll, (if needful) are humbly cefir'd for JOHN POWELL, C't:Ztn ard Ir.njntn^tr, To be one of the Ale-Conners of this City, in the room of Mr. John Rirky deceas'd ; he hav;ng liv'd twenty Ycaii in the Parifh of St. Ved^fr, Eofter-Lnne, in CiieapWe, a Hofier, ferv'd all PariGi ;>nd Ward Offices, and.beCtt a Liveryman of his Company feveral Yejrs; but by great Lodes in Tride � teduted, and has not a Support for hin.felf a:id his Family. ' ' Note, The Election wiil be on Midfummer-LTiy, and yodr Petiuofiex'be^l the Favours of his Friends cot to Itave fce Hall till tht iUttien ii ev�r.

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