Sunday, June 9, 1743

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Sunday, June 9, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 9, 1943, London, Middlesex t t H u R S D A � Y4 J v n * 9 1 743 EM A INS, his Rfcijcfty'a Ship the Augttt Yeiterday arrived the Mails from !! France and Hande � ;>. 'Tis confirmed by the Paris A4a-main, dated June 14, that the King has fent Orders to MarJfcal Noaides with full Powers to aft as he ih.Ul judge proper againlt the Allies, who have thrown three Bridges over the Maix, andarcpsffing that River : 'tis thought that our wholeArmy has by this time pafcM t\\eRbine,znd tiiatthe Artillerydidfolikewife the jtn inltant. 'Tis reported that the King has ordered all our Troops, which are in Bavaria to join, and to keep Pofltflion ot no Place in a Country open on every fide, and where no fecure Retreat is to be had ; and they ^re to retire to IngQiftadi. 'Tis like wife faid, that the Troops wnicn are on tiieir March to Bavaria, have been k-nt thkner only to favour the Retreat of Mar/h:J Brogno, who, a* 'tis faid, pcrformances every Night. This Wefck Mf.William Wcatherfcone, of Brewers-Street. Golden-Square, was married at Lincoln's Inn Ch:.pel to Mifs Betty C/ouden, an agreeable young Lady, Daughter to dpt. ATcxundcr Crcudcn, Capuin ot the lnvabu* on board Commodore Anfon. . . . Yeflerday Elizabeth Williams was committed, to U*fccen-well-Bridewell by Coi. De Veil, for fteahng out of the Lodgings of Mr. John Ycnables, two Silver Spoons, ano feverai other Things. . On Monday next a Match at Cricket will be pby d in the Artillery-Ground, London, between tne NobsLty ana Gcntfemen of the WooLurn CJub in Bed/ordfhire, and wc Gentlemen of London, for a confidetablc Sum oi Mor.17. The Wickets to be pitch'd by One o'Clock on the Forfcituie of One Hundred Guineas. The Ground to be rfd rc-vna as ufual, and all People are defir'd to keep on tne outiiue of the Line. The Match is to be phyM out. Lall Night the famous Balance-Mailer from Par:s per- j form'd at�the New Wells, Goodman's Fields, and met j with very great Applaufe, and will perform different G'ref^Tcfr.Od? c I_ovVp\ J.:ne.S, 1745. TT/H F R F..-< -V fbf P llorfc and Mail, a'd the feve* at Letters therein fo>- f.xct?> , Lordctz, Ptiflol, 7trer P'lures -* 'ihe 'a .V *-(rL-. -o?er it acn-iainl the Pubk?k\ it;:.' -r.-Tir r j&r.l' a ppt c:>> d a f:d f'^vJ, or Ca*f$ (0 be p,r/> e:d>d �/,! nnv T'ds tie Pffn cr Pe-Jo-is wt.-o commit. d 1 ->:s Rcrlei y, v.;// he exti'l. d r? a Kev.a. d rf 7v:6 Iii,'i:d--ed P:u:;,?':. otfi s t 'v: ktwa d /.wv*? !ry Jtt af P >nd.of Il-v'j-.vevne'r ; or if ti,i>; r*rf;n or Pc-j ?isy 'ivhetber Accomplice or .'Ice��mpficss in Vz faid [iih* bry, or Anonirc- thereof ibnll ma k: a D:n-*vc' y, v� ebj the Perjvn or Perfons who cewnitted t'e Jaws rryty be afp>t-bant.-d and bronchi to jfujiice> fieh Dtjci\e! er -\liII, tipon CoKvitlior. of the Pert)- cr Pa-firs% be entitled to the jam? Reward; and alfo have bis Mbiejl^s mi ft rrac-ous. Pardol;* had abandoned Stravbingen. An Exprefs has brought Advice, that Count ^axe has entirely quitted the Upper Palatinate except AmiKerg% where he has left three B.itUlions, which all to^, Ottiw-rs included, amount tO-ouLy 1300 Men ; and mat on t.c 30th of the laft Month, ali the &:ck wert n inov'J outo/ tlie ^tt>*; and alfo fince that time they have been t.e Ammunition, Corn, &c and that the Gaxriion has Orders to abandon that Foil, in cafe t;.e Enemy appears before it. Letters from Bavaria, dated tb.e4.tt1 initant, advife, that the Marquis de Chaveron, who was quarttr'd at Sciomtlie, wliere he commanded a Party of 253 Men, hiving received Advice that the Enemy were marching towards nim, Mat General immediately quitted his Poft, and retired to Kel-beim, on the other Side of Ratijbon, An Extraft of a Letter from the Haguf, dated June 11. 1 The Council of State is wholly employed in regulating * the March of the zoooo Men granted to her Majrfty of 4 Hungary, and have the more Trouble therein, as none � of tne Troops of the Repartition of thofe Provinces < which have not confented can be employed ; but we * flatter ourfelves they will foon change their Notes. If 4 Succefs continues to f.tvour the Arms of that Princefs, * there is no L'kelinood that thefe 20000 Men will pafs * the Rhine, efpedatly as the Members of the Govern-� ment have been lately inform'd that France is going to � form a Cnmp of between 20 an J 30000 Men upon the * Frontiers of Hainault. This Con u& of the Court of .* France fufficiently dii'covers what Views it h-id upon the � Lonv Countries, in Cafe Fortune had fovour'd its Arms in * the Empire, and jufttfies the prefent Conduct oi the United < Provinces, whicn would not fuffer thc�nfelvcs to be * lulPd afieep by the intoxicating Declaration of the Mar- ^ quis de Fen." n, and by the emphatical Letters of Mr. * Van Hoey, the States Amb<iTador at Paris. All this * proves that France � the fime fiie ever has been, that * fhe in no rtfpecl has chang'd her Syllcm of aiming at ' extending her Power, and to th t End is ?.s ljvifli of her * fine Speeches and CarefTes as ^.ver, but eieiigns nothing * thereby but to ferve her own i'urjrus. It were to be * wifh'd for the fake of ner ivhjehy of Hungary, fince * their High Mightineffes have been pr^vaiPd upvm to t:�ke *.thiS fir it 5 top, th^t France nouki 00 fometjung tending * to execute the Menaces oi the Marquis de Fenelpn, as *. that would be the effe&iul Means of uniting the Pro- * vinces; and could that be any ways efiv&cd, we Ihould * prefently fee 50000 of the Troops of the Republiok in * the Low Countries. Mr. Trevor, the Britifh Minifter, * and the Baron de Reifchach, Ambaffador from the Court * of Henna, are every Day in Conference with the Mem- * bers of the Regency upon this Affair/ S I A', THE Pleafure I receiv'd lift Night atMarybon-G miens, from the excellent Performance of Mr. Knerter, furppffing any thing I have hitherto heard on the Violin, obliges me, rn Juitice to hint, to fay, a greatet Liberty and Expreffion 1 apprehend no Man ever yet he.\rd upon that Instrument. This may feem to be Lying too mu^i, hut that every Connoiffcur may be convinced, that what I hove advanced is true ; in Juitice therefore to fo great an Artiit, who furp.?ffcs moft others, and is fxcee/ed by none, the leaft I thought I could do, wni to intreat you to infer: this in your Paper, for which the mufical \Vorld will be very much oblig'd to yru, as well as Your humble Servant, PHILO-MUSICA. Nevjcafle, June 4. On Tuefclay begap our Races, when Cuthbert Routn, Efq; his Grey Cult, Frobck, darted rdonc for the Freemens Subfcription of 501. On Thurfday, Mr. Meaburn's Grey Colt, Smiling BdJ, won the Purfe of 50 Guineas, given by the Corporation. And Ycllcrdny they ended, when the Gentlcmens Subfcription of 50 1. was won by Mr. Scourficld's Grey Colt, Neptune. By Command of the Poji'^tafltr-iiener&l^ 11 Sec. K B. 7be Pcfi*i ts of ib'y Trinitx-lhuf give Ko;i-:e> tr:�t t!:ey have car/fed a . j d'flifguifJjing li bodT Buoy to be pi iced r.s near as plfflf** to the H rjlwaid of the Wjeck in the Old Channel, be-tween the 11 oolpack and Spell Sands. High Water ;>t L'.>nuo*.-lir.d^e tfvs> Day ^t 11 tvi u. s arter 12 in the Morning, and 45 after 12 in the Afternoon. Yellerday Bank Stock was 148 3 4ths a 7 St; s .1 5 Sr s a 3 4ths. India Stjvk 197 a 19& z half. Soutn-Sejo oc!: 115 7 Sths. Ditto Old Anr.u 1 c-5 115" 3 4ti.s a 3 Stiis. Ditto-New 1 16 a 115 3 4ths. Three pti e^.it. �nnutc ic4 1 half D tto 1742. 104 1 half, a 101 7 8ths. Mdbon B-^nk \ iS. Fr,uival-nt 1 1 1 *fo be S �J 1, i;, AL L thp Mat* :aU of .be old firtU-liHTf of St. Bartholomew" s llvfpltal, the Pur chafer Jo be at the Expeuce of pulling down the fa tne and den* ii?gthe Ground* A Committee of the Governors mill meet at the Compiivg-Heufe there on Trre'fday next, at Ten dCLck in th :c'Fc; cnoon 0 ar to receive Prcpofals fur. fjch as aie minded to purckafe the fume. In the n;edn lime a particular sicecunt of tht '''id old Bui/di'gs may be had, and the fame viewed, bj E qi>try at tie Cimptixg-H' nfe afhrefaid. '\ j L) 1 i l in iir r b .v'e 11 u� t'lv- k-ii;c rs  ;* -"' tv.pi: y oc h:* M j '>v*s S' In Ox � H, w')^ were on bcurd at t t �k "ivjl rt \W- JVze Sinfi i'oj n, \h k tht-y ;i'v r-.^r.v? tiic\i fcvefyl n ^ ! . n 'i r-Ki: , Th .Vny t\\c i ir.J^ and the Shares ot't"ucr| j Aflurarci* 82. London Aflurapre 11 3 4-tlis. Mine Ad* venture Shares, no Price. F.n^ifh Copper 4i. 10s. v^'c'ih ditto, no Price. Afncnn, no Prxe. S'-*vfn pvr Ltr t } Empen r's i o'.n i 19 3 4ths. F'v:- pir Cent. d:tto 78 1 h ntli rL>r ture:" Ycls atrer. B_ t7~ f ~H N A~ L - (7 KEEN. Lottery-Tickets ill. 14s. 6d. 15s. L O N D O N. The Letters by Ye/lerday*s French Mail import, that the Charming Mary, Capt. Hayes, from London for Gibraltar, was taken by the Spaniards, and carried into Malaga, at which Place they had a Privateer of twenty-four Guhs, and upwards bf two hundred Men, ready to fail. , The fame Day Advice, came that his Mrjefty's Ship the Squirrel, Capt. Geary, took laft Friday Evening a Spanifh Privateer of fourteen Carriage, fourteen Swivel Guns, and one hundred and fifty Men, near Blacknefs, on the Coaft of France. The fame time came Advice that three Spanifh Regi-fter Ships were arrived in the Ports of Spain, viz. one from the Carraccas, and two from La Vera Cruz.. The Mary, Capt. Hill, from London, is arrived at Genoa; and the Maremaid, Capt. Chajtle, from London, is srriVd at Leghorn. . We hear their Royal HighnefTes the Prince and Princefs of Wales tviil remove irom Epfom to Cliefden the 14th inftant, fcr the Summer. This Week died at Laleham, near Staines, Edward Gibbs, Efqj who was formerly one of his Mujefty's Meffengers, but a confidera"bIe Eftate falling to him, he rqfign'd, and has refided at Laleham for fome Years. .On Tuefday was married at Whitehall Chapel, Francis Naylor, Efq; of Suflex, to Mifs Charlotte Aliion. "Sunday Taft Richard Shordiche, of Icke'nham, *near , Uxbridge, Efq; was married to Mils JodrelJ, Daughter of j jV/l Hawkers and Pe lits C'fiic: Holoom-Court, Gray'fc I*n, M ;>� 26, 1743. 1^ is lo pir No*ice* Umf yvarly Uce'ice.\ as ufitab will begin to be deliver d out on Monday the 20tk ofji^rc  cxt* and daily Attendance is corflantly given (Holidays excepted) from Aine in the Motning till Twelve, and from Tvjo in the Afternoon till Five ; therefore all Perfons concern d, are defir d to apply to the Office above-, mentioned for Licences, and not to depend on the ^uncertain meeting with the Purveyors in the Country, who have firicl Orders givon them to apprehend and profecute with the utmojl Rigour, all fuch Hawkers as they fiall at any time of the Year find trading without Licences, irt Eri-mr'T. an i^ctcf" fVi'iMmrnr to m?ke the Hrmbt of -B-thnaN Otth, in die Han.h rt :-t^n, Nu; r.e/. in the Councy r Middlefar, ti T/ aal dii'i iii* hf nnd tt>r i p:^in� a V?.:\ h Church therein, ic. pve Ncit'C^ ti'.at ih^y v>-i;t mi'tt ;�t ih*: T-Avn Hou'e in Sc. John*Street �n the 'aid H-n->i)?*', T ^ -^ih in'."!:-; at Four (/Ciock in the Ar'teinoon, * si Bufm-rs letting to the Tiuft. A. Bn!ron^ Clerk. James's, tt''tjimtnjter. H E Workhonf- or**d, tKen1. rrv*rol p^or B�iy"> ar.i to be pat cut Apprcnt'crs Ha dici.-ft Tr^f'e- and Murwn-: v j ;>n-\ N-.^fcs a e warned to t -ke Cam ot' ievcr^l y^unr-r Ch:ld en 5.1ging t-"� t e u'u Tarifh; Tbs C'huirhwnr.'ens snd Qvaieris of -h*? Po �r cf iaii i ari^i do therefore g-vc Notice, tint *he\ intt*"d to rrr*r in th^ Vc(t> v-Row. bjl"nt;:n^ to thi^" Pa'�Fib on r.Lmhy nexc. tbt inrr*nz, zr Trn oVjvck in rhe Forenoon, rr� t e�: wvh ir.v Pe-ii-ns or' vreH:r (�i�;t rt fi j nu in ihc fold Parirti) about hinii-g cult I'ch rf'rJ-e 'oic4 po^r Ch:i<ir<?n .is .ir.* tic to be A[ p-rntic<� 5 and � alio to with any proper Nurfes, who live I'ut cf lown, for the Cire and Mnrnrf*na'icr ' t furh -e ordered one half on board the Prince of Orange at C:v*.v- I and the other half on board the Berwick at D pfford, at the j / "}* c'"c L r *u" \ 1' ' 0 ' * s' in :hl' Rui m ^ Mr- John ^Irfc, decn^d n . . - ,y . r t -r . . cr j \ v1�2 h;Cn J L�!vcrynnn Years, �nj rr.p.ny V'ears an fnhdbtan. i Expiration of their Leave, v:hich expires Tonon-Gv: ; and p,^.,.^:e i>a^fa r , t L / � � � *  T   � ' rcvlnccd, and ha� pet a Swp'/rt T- r h: ul'l: ar-d Ids family. Nofe, '\ he EVil^nn w\l 1-e on >i*'tu>i"-er-f>v. nrd yn�r PtflUicneT begrf the Favocrs of hi* tVier-ds n>.t :o leiv^ \:e rili the �it\lt*oq is i>vcr. c/" City of London. 'to tre <tv ft by L'versmen Gentlemen. ; U < Votes and Intel eft are humbly dctiiM fur O H N . ^ . c � i* rt ^ ] v - r I S T F. Y G O Lt L D J great Beauty and Foxtuiv <7j thofe Ships are not yet ready to receive them, the Lords Commiffioners of the Admiralty are picas'V to give them logger \ Leave to he abfent from the Ships they are turned irto until Wednefday the \th infant ; at which Time their Lo?cfhips direel them to repair on board their refpettive Ships, on Pain not only of eing made Run on their Ships Books, but of beivg apprehended, and tried at a Court-Martial as Deferters. Tho tworbeir. K. C OX, o* rhr Grern Man aTO^'fuMcR, brgs leave to infnrm Lidics and Centum-n, thar the ASSEMBLY ac his Houl� will be npen'd -Tomorrow, apd be condnued y Friday during the Summer Scaiou. A-h^iiJows, Barking) he having; hat -T^f Ivi^cs !n Trade, a j -k Wife end F m:iy tor many Years paft^ iHi'^oiy hip-vs thf f.i' of the wouhy G'izens. Nii;:1, IfieEic^Vr nw-il on Mid:orr.mCr-Day. He humbly rf his K:iuiuis d p.tri the Kali till.the, Elc&ion 13 over. Aia ybon^Gardm*, June O the Band of Mufick Place, which ip condufred by Mr. KNERLER, Tiaufcs on the Vioiin exceed all Conception, will, *nr the r1 e prefer* S-.-alWn- be added, Sing*ng l-v Sicnora AVOLJA' K.-Kiler, btfides leading the Concertos, propoies to oblige the C a SJo every Night. The Bri-aktatcng is confirmed every Morairp at Twelver-Pcribn j during wiuch, the Coupaiy it entertaifi'd with Coflca Organ.

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