Saturday, June 8, 1743

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Saturday, June 8, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 8, 1943, London, Middlesex Daily Advertifef. WED N E S D AY, Jot S, 1743. Deai. June 6 sn-RRIV'D from P�^y#ffttlt iail'd for Pcoi, *he John and Eliz*-beth, Wills. The AugaftaMan of War remains. the ,1 ,c Wind N. E. An ExtraS of a Letter from Hague, dated June 7. * The Marquis de Fentlon, Am-' baffador here from the Court of i � , t^.___' France, frequently receives D.f- patches from Verfailks, and every Day confers witn the � Minifters of the Government. In a conference that this � -Arhbaffadoi had hit Week with fome of them, lie exprefied < hirnfetf in the Terms, or at leaft to tne purpofe following, * which does not feem to be in a Manner at all equivocal. �' Though the King iriy Matter-was well informed ot the *' Demand made by the Queen of Hungary for the 20000 , Men which the Repubnck has juii. granted her, and j �' though his Majefty was of the'fame Sentiments with j ** fome of the Provinces in refpecf. to the March of that j *' Body of Troops; yet his Majelly declares that he never j �' was willing to make ufe of the great Advantages which ' �' he was the Jaft- Year Mailer of, and may poinoiy be fo �' again this, nor was he at all inclinable to be the firit in breaking the good Harmony tfien fubfiiting between him and the Kepublick of t;ie United Provinces ; but the King has ordered me now to declare, that if any of the Troops of the States General fhould pais the Rhine under any Pretence whatsoever, his Majelly would look uport fucn a Step as a Declaration of War, and tiiat in confequence thereof he would caufe au Army of Sdooo Men to march into the Provinces of the L&cy Countries, in order to guard and preiertfe them, to the End tiiat the Emperor may there find an Aiylum, in cafe he - mould be deprived of his Territories in Bavaria, as he �' is tnreaten�d to be : Tiiat it behoves th ir H;gii Mighti-neflls to maturely confider upon thc.P.u"t'y tuey had ocil *' take in this critical Conjuncture, feeing the Succefs " of one fide was likely to be the Deftruction of the other.' 'l This Ambaflador afterwards added, * Afiure yourielves " that Lewis XV. though alone in fupporting t..e Head " of the Empire, is not iefs powerful than his Predecehor, " ncithef is lefs wortiiy of the Title of being alone equal " to all others, Sec." Stockholm, May 24. On Saturday laft, the 21ft inftant, Sentence was pronounced upon Lieutenant-General Boden-broke, which affects his Life, Honour, and Eftate ; he was not prefent, being fick in Bed. General Lewenhaupt will likewife receive his Sentence fuon. Prague, June 4. The French, conducted by the French. Minifler's Secretary at Drcfden, thougat to throw into Eger, through the Saxon Territories, a Convoy of 4.8Oxen and 50 Barrels of pickled Pork, as the lafl Succour ivad been thrown in through Barcith ; but General Feftititz, who forms the Blockade, having had Advice of their De-�gn, took the French Secretary Prifoner, with his whole Convoy ; and we have certain Advice, that the Garrifon has been now faveral Days without Flefh, and w.mts many Other Neceffaries. Mentz, June 8. Count Saxe having abandon'd Amberg, and all the Upper Palatinate, cmic witn his Corps to Rcgenftoff, where he examin'd the Entrenchments, and planted feveral Pieces of Cannon, with fome Horfe and Dragoons, in different Places ; but tiiat was only a Feint, for on the 2d inftant, about Ten at Night, he filently filed off towards the Caflle of Weicks, taking all Ids Artillery with him. The French run from Poll to Poll with tne utmoft Precipitancy �nd Confternation. It is a fad Sight to fee how the Sick and Wounded are forced to travel in the Heat of the D iltice to him, to fay, a greater Liberty and Expreflion apprehend no Man ever yet heard upon that Inltrumenf. This may feera to be faying too much, but that every ConnoifTeur may be convme'd, that what I have advane'd is true ; in Juftice therefore to fo great an Artift, who furp^ffes theft others, and is excee'td by none, the leaft I thought I could do, was- to intreat you to infejt this in your Papeiy for which the mufical World will be very much oblig'd toN you, as well as Tour humble Sewant, PHILO-MtfSICA. There i� every Evening a very great Re-fort of Company at Cuper's Gardens. Tne extraaru,nary l?!iv\vo�ks, whicn ^ almod every Night diff-, rent, ; aitow'd to excci a.i that ever were before exhibited in tiiis Kingdom. ~ B A N * K ~"R~"CP P'~" S" ~ Solomon Cohen Phillips, late of B.thnali-CJreen, Jeweller, lfaac Fuller, late of Fmchingfi.ld :n the C -unty of EiFv.;?, Maltfter and Chapman. JohnFlamank, of St. Cdllombs in t!ic County of Gornw.;}}, Grocer and Chapmsrt . ._ High Water .it L,i.doi!-l;r: .'t; this D.:y it 36 illLiuus after 11 in the Morning. ... ,u 1 Saturday Bmk Mt>:-. was 148 1 hail a 3 .itns. L;dia St-Kk 19S. Soutk-Sea Skku. 1.51 half a 5 8ths. Dittd Old Annu.tes 115 j Sths. Ditto New 1157 SJths a 116 a 115 7 Sths. Tone per v,\nt.'Qrw 164 i half. Ditto 17.^, I04ij.alf. D-tto 1743, IC?2- Million 8�nfc 117. Equmdrnt 111. Roy 1 i;ut: net Si. London Aiiunnce 11 3 4ths. Mine Auvzntufe Sharc-s, no Price. In^ifh Copper 4I. 103. Wdiuo, no Pr:ce. African, no Price. Seven per Cent bmperor's Lo k Orcuht on 51. p. Prcrri. Iidia Bonds a.1. 13s. a 14^. Pr.r.L. Ti.r^e 1 kilf Salt Tull-ii 2 1 4th, Prcm. 1 hree 1 half pet Cent. Exciequer Orders 5, Preni. Three per Cent, ditto f, D;!c. Lottery-Tickets ill. 153^___^ ADVERTI 5&M �NT -s to tbt Re-vi Mr. STACXHOust'j tllSTORy cf the BlBLE, which if now printing v.iib bii M'ajefty s liojul Pi t e de/ir'd lo taL> K g t 1 c e, THAT the Fir!f.Vo!..:r.c-1of Work is , now perfci3edv and that the End or tim Fifrh Book, being the fuft Shec-t <-.f the hlty-thiio Number, (.uniplpic the V,,),<ni-. Tl.c Geneitd T:r!e ro the S-.-cond Volume, tc'gsther v/im a (.om^ietc Inticx to the wh thole I'erfons that have already got the Firft Volume, which they tock in Weekly, as it enne out in Numben. Printed for S. Aulkn, in Newgate-Street. Adiinral.y-^tiii.e, 7 jme, 1743. T *J the Direflin of mv Lo'di Lomnriff.oners of the Admiralty, that all the Petty OJictrs andSeameit belonging to his Majefty s Ship the Chatham, tula are abfenl from their Duty, do repair on b'.ard the /aid Ship at Sheer-nefs on or b,-tore the \&jb Day cf this Month, on Pain not only of he'u.ig made Run on the Shift Books, but of being apprehended, and tried at a Court-Martial as Dejerters. Ti.o. CorbtiC* Adniiralry-Ofli.e. Jute 7. 1743. HERE "IS l be Pe /� Of cm and F.remaft- . \Mcn belonging !9 bis Majefty i Ship the Strafford, are oTeer'done half on beard tie Prince cf Orange at Chatham, and th\other half on board the Be'-ivtck at Dcptfotd, at the Expiration cf their Leave, ivhicb expires ToviOrroiv i and as thofe Ships are not yet ready to receive them; the Lorta CommUfiorc: s cf the Admiralty are pleas'd to give them longer Leave to be abjent fom the Ships they are turned into until Wednefday the 1 <^th injlant ; at which Time thtir Lordjbips direel them to repair on buard their refpecli-ve Ships, on PaifL not only of ei?ig made Pun on their Ships Books, but of being apprehended, and tried at a Court-Martial as Dtfcrters. ___ Tho L'orbecc. London, Jun? 4, 1743. nr'/y E Committee ap^otnten by the Court of Lord Mayor and Aldermen to provide Coals for the PoOr of the fe-verai Wards of this City, gi'Ve Notice, that they intend to fit at the Guildhall, London, an Wednefday the Sih infant*, at Ten o^Clock in the Forenoon, to receive Propofals from facb Ptrfons nvho are (willing to contract 'with them for the Deli* very of fix hundred and thirty Chaldron of Coals j for ihi Ufe of the faid Poor. _______MA 6c. George's riufpit 1, 25 Al y, 1743. ATOTfCE is b'rtby p-wen. that a fecial^ General Court will be held on Thurfday the cjfb if June next, at Ten d'Clock in the Forenoon. _y-Mi\ Van KL-11, Cl?rk._ WHEREAS tic louden . the fiiire have been rcbVd of two B'rafs Sun-Dak, BeJb, Lead, &tv Whoever ihall "ive'Notic: ot one'orrriore of" the' Ufundcrs, prov;.ied luch O.Tsnskr or' OrTcraieft be L:ovght to Jurtice, (ksHe receive if Mr. Roblr.'orF the Sam cf Ten Pounds'upon fuch Conviilion i AnJ if i&e laid Goods are ofter'd-to Sale, pray" ftoj them", and gfv'e Ndrice is afore. K. ^OX, ot fruTGrcrn Mun at Djhvchy. b?gs leave'to irlforrH La(S?r;.nd Gent!errt?n', that the ASSEMTJL1? at his Houte v/ib be open** or� Fri'diy next, and be ^onnriued evaj? FrRtf/ during the Su.nyr.ef Seailr?. _ . - Marybo'i-Gardeni, J arte f,- TO the fi-Ieft Bartd of Mufiik a-c Ehis! Pline, whicfr is cor.fcfVct) by Mr. R^ERI�R, whofe'_ ftb-fot* mances on the Violin exceed all Conception-, wiilr tor the" Kemtinde/' 0. the piefcaf Seafon. he add.H, Sinemg By Signora AVCLfA% And' KM.-Knerier, beftde* leading the O. nseitos, propoles to obhge the Gordpauy wfeh* a S .lo every Night. The BreakhMting is continued tfery ^'fcrrrrir-g' af Twel^epairca" Perfon-j dwiaj which, the Company � enewsaia** with- Owksbtw i�4

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