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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Friday, June 7, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 7, 1943, London, Middlesex The Daily Adv Niimb. % 864, TUESDAY, June y, 1743 Deil, June 5 EMAINS, the Augufta-Man of War. Wind N. by E. Yefterday arrived a Mail from Holland Conjlantinople, April 2<J. The Miniiter from Sweden, in confe-quence of fome �)i{p.itche� w ich he has lately receiv'd from Stock' holm, has made feverai 'Proportions to the Grand Vizir, tipon which that Prime Miruiter repre-fented to hiru, how impoffible it was for the Parte to contract any new Engagement under its prefent Circumftanccs. Madrid, May zi. . The King has given the Bifliop of Rennet, Ambafiadqr from France, his Prefentation' for a Cardinal's Hat. Don Manuel Fonce de Leon, whom the King had charged with conducing the Reinforcements of Militia defign'd for the Army of the Infant Don Philip into Savoy, has by Letter to the Court fhewn the Iinpoih-bility of overcoming the Repugnance wnich the Members of the Militia fhew'd to ferve out of the Kingdom ; that above half of them had already deforced, and th.t the-reft threaten'd te defend themfelves, if means were did to con-ftrain them to go. This Courier was fent back witu Orders provisionally to fufpend the March of this Body. Carpi, May 26. Count Traun has already caufed feveral Det.'.ct.ments of his Army to p.ifs the Secchia and tne JPanaro, which are march'd into the Boulinnois, and the reft have receiv'd Ordtrs to take tne fame Kout. The General Rendezvous is to be near Bologna. Stockfolm, May 31. On the zzd was held a General Afl'embly of the bt.ces of the Kingdom, in order to deliberate upon the Lift Propolitions mafle by tne Plenipotentiaries of RuJJia, which were of the following Import: ' That * though tne Emprefs had hitherto miiited thdt the Peace * fhould be made upon the Footing of the uti pojjiietis, yet * her Imperial Mnjefty, in order to give Proofs of her * Moderation and Friendftiip for the King of Sweden, is ' to abate of her Preteniion to the Whole of Fin/and, * ard to rcftore to Sweden the Part of that Province which is * upon the Gulf of Bothnia, provided that tne States of * the Kingdom would viekl to RuJJia ail the Country fituace ' between Stangend along the Guif of Finland to the an-' tient Frontiers of RuJJia ; and tiiat the f.iid States mould * chufe the Duke of tioijitin JBifhop of Lubec to fucceed to * the Crown, &c.' After fame warm Debates upon the Contents of thefe Proportions, the Order of the Nobility took the fallowing Refjlution:  To offer to Ruffe pro ultimata, all the * Country which is on the otner Side of the Kemini, and ' to eleft the Bifhop of Lubec Succeftbr to the Crown, upon * Condition that ihe accepts theft; Offers before the 15th * of June, and eng;gts to give a fuitable Satisfaction to * the Court -of Denmark.'1 Ic is therein further faid, that if it^houid, contrary to Expectation, happen that RuJJia fhould not accept tfiele Offers in the Term ftipulated, tney fhould then proceed to tne Election of the Prince of Denmark. This Refolution was approved of by the Senate, by the Members of the Committee of Election, by the Majority f the Order of the Clergy, and by that of the Burgners ; but tne Order of the Peafints obftinately perfilt in the Choice of the Prince Royal of Denmark, and even ihfinuate that they will break up the Diet if the other Orders refufe to conform to their Sentiments. Ratijbon, June 6. The French are entrenching them-Jclves up to the Chin under the Caltle of Weix, and are lib erecting little Forts on which they place Artillery, fo that it will not be eafy for Prince Lobcowitz to attempt the Paflage of the Danube here. - That Prince has created a B :ttery on the other Side of the Regtn, which it's believ '.is defigned to deftroy the Caftle of Weix. It's reported that the French Garr;fon which remained at Ambtrg, has abandoned that Place^ and is mined to Kel-ieim. The Report which was current that the Emperor's Army h;d been joined by fome French B^ulions and Squadrons, is not confirmed. Drefilen, June 5. The Lift Letters from Prague advife, that News was arriv'd there by a Courier, that Count Na-dafti, at the Head of a Detachment of his Huffais,. had attack'd an6ther of 600 of tiie Enemy's Horfe, between Dorfen and Wingen in Bavaria, and had entirely defeated - them; that their Commander as well as. Count Ferrari Lieutenant Colonel, were taken Prifoners, and that the Runaways had been purfued to the Gates of Landjhut. It's added, that Prince Lobkowitz had taken tne famous French Partifan Jacob with forty of his Men. Francftrt, June g. The Earl of Stair has fent Orders to the Heffian Troops, and others which are coming from the Low Countries, to continue their Marsh with all Dili- fence, to the End that the Army may be entirely form'd efore the Arrival of the King of Grsat Britain. Stadtamboff, June 6. Prince Lobkowitz has begun to fire upon the Caftle of Weix, from the Battery- which he has erected at the Entrance of the Lines. Yeilerday we recerv*d News, thai; the French Garrifon which was left ^in Amberg, was retir'd frojn thence, and was marched towards Ingolftadt. General Feftitiz, who commands at the Blockade of Egra, has acquainted the Prince, that all the Avenues of that Place were fo well guarded by the Hungarian Troops, that it was impoffible for the Enemy to get the leaft Thing into it. Banwer, June 7. Prince William of Hejfe arrived here on the 4th ; the News of the Princefs Mary of England's being brought to Bed of a Prince has occaftohed great Joy here. We impatiently expect another Piece of News, wnich would not be" lefs fatisfactory ; that is to fay, the Conclufion of an Armiftice between the Emperor and the Queen of Hungary. The King has formed a Plan of it, wuicn he has caufed to be propofed to the two inurefted Parties. Thip Affair is already fo far advanced, that is wanting towards completing it but the final Confent of the Court of Munich to a fingle.Article. Difpatches have been lately fent to Drefden, propofing Means of adjuliing the Pretentions which remain to be regulated between the Electoral Floufe of Saxony and the Court of Vienna, that Houfe having exprefly declared, when it withdrew its Troops, from Bohemia, that notwithftanding its -having udcerrwis Step, it was to be underftood, that all its Rights' remained as they did before. Dujfeldorp, June 11. The French having heard that the ! Engbfh and Hanoverian Troops had parted the Main, went ' tne Night following out of their Quarters, and encamped upon the Heath of Lampenter ; fo tnat they are no more tnan five Leagues diftant from the Englilh. L O N D O N. This Day his Excellency the Chevalier de OlTorio, Envoy Extraordinary from the King of Sardinia, tets out for Holland, in order to attend on his Majefty abroad; and we hear that all the foreign Minifters here will fet out for Germany, as fooh as his Mijefty arrives at the Army tnere. The Serpent BombKetch fad'd on Saturday lalt from Southampton, with feveral Ships under her'Convoy, for Guernfey and Jerfey. Yeiterday Sir Thomas Abney, Knr. Was fo well recovsr'd, that he attended in the Court of Common-Pleas in Well-minfter-Hall. A few Days fince died at Broadway in Somerfetfhire, the Lady Trenchard, Relict of Sir John Trenchard, Knt. Chief Juftice of Shelter, and afterwards one of the Principal Secretaries of State in the Reign of King William. On Sunday laft died at his Houfe at Watford, Mr. John Bradfhaw, many Years an eminent Glover in Leadenhall-Street. Yefterday Charles Egleton, Efq; one of the Sheriffs of | this City, was elected Malter of ti^e Sakers Company for the eniuing Year. Yefterday the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor committed Sarah Capei to Newgate, for robbing Elizabeth Kelly of wearing Apparel. * Laft Sunday Elizabeth Harris and Sarah B.iHet were committed to Newgate by Sir Robert B'-yiis, on Sufpicion of ftealing from Daniel Flannigal feveral Things of Value. Yefterday Richard H.ickett was committed toClerkenweil Bridewell by Col. De Veil, for taking out of the Stables oFTheobald Taffe, Efq; a Pair of Boots, and other Things. We are inform'd that the Paragrapn in tnis Paper of Yefterday, importing that a Peace with Spain was as good as concluded, is without Foundation, and was cjufed to be inferted with a View of doing Injury to fome particular Gentlemen. There is every Evening a very great Refort of Company at Cuper's Gardens. The extraordinary Fiivworks, winch are almoft every Night different, are allow'd to excel ail that ever were before exhibited in this Kingdom. Edinburgh, May 31. This. Morning a H ghlander was committed to the Canongate Gaol, on Sufpicion of Jus beiri'g a Deferter from Lord Semple's Regiment. i �/ /�'. THE Pleafure I receiv'd laft Night atMarybon-Gnrdens, from the excellent Performance of Mr. Knerler, furpaffing any thing I have hitherto heard on the Violin, obliges me, in Juftice to him, to fay, a greater Liberty and Expreffion I apprehend no Man ever yet heard upon that Instrument. This may feem to be f'ying too much, but that every ConnoilTeur may be convinced, that what I have advane'd is true ; ia Juftice therefore to fo great an Artift, who furpaiTcs moft others, and is exceeded by none, the leaft I thought I could do, was to intreat you to infert ,this in your Paper, for which the mufical World will be very much oblig'd to you, as well as Tour humble Servant, _PHILO-MUSICA. High Water at London-Bridge tins Day at 25 Minat-s after 10 in the Morning, and 2 after 11 at Night. Saturday Bank Stock was*i49. India St^ck 198 1 half. Soutn-Sea Stock 115 1 half. Ditto Old Annu t:es 115 1 half a 5 Sths. Ditto New 1157 8ths a 116. Three p.r Cent. Annuities ic4 1 half. Ditto 1742, 104 1 half. Ditto 1743, 101 7 8ths a 102. Mill.on Bank 117. Equivalent 111. Roy<l Afl'uranci- 82. London Aflurance 11 1 4ths. Mine Adventure Snares, no Price. Eng'ifh Copper^ ids. Wellh ditto, no Price. African, no Price. Seven-per Cent Emperor's Loan 119 a 120. Five per Cent, ditto 78 1 half. Bank Circulation 5I. 5s.- Prem. India Bonds 4I. 15s. a 14s. Prcm. Three 1 half Salt Tallies 2 1 4th, Prem. Three 1 half per Cent. Exchequci Order* -5, Prem. Three per Cent, dmo 1 1 8th, Difc. Lottery/Tickets ill. 14s.____ THE Gentlemen o'- the Cast lis Society of Mufick, yli* intend to accompany the Stewaids at their Annual Conceit up the Watct, Tomorrow, the 8th inftant, and to dine at Fulham, are delir'd to beat the Caftle"faveroin Pater-nofttr-Rew ftght e'C^leek, ia order te jjivcccd t� the Barge at Biack-Eijati. T*t SCHEME of the prejent STATE-LOTTERY. .1. 1. z s 4 �5 24.9 8619 Pr ipj of 10000 � � $oap ' 3000 �" r loco - j�00 - 500 - J co - 50 - 20 2000a iocao 6coo 10000 15C00 12^00 24.9 o 2;<f :o I723S0 9390 P cxt, they will Jell by Auflion to the bejl Bidder, at the Office of Ordnance in the Tower of London, fevtral Parcels of tarrd and white Rope, Swords, Hangers, Sword Belts, Spades, Shovels, Parchment and Paper Cartridges, Blocks, Pozvder-Hcrns, Lanthoms, Hufe-Harnefs, Bayonets, Mijket-Barrels, Hand-Bills, Armourers, Carpenters, Wheelwrights arid Smiths Tools, with other r.'/ and unjerviceable Stores, which may be viwed till the Time of Sale at the faid QJJce, where printed Lijls of the Lifs will be delivered to fuch as callJor them. '* Tri.-ity-i o > J jne 4, 1743. cT'HR Mt:Jler*-lF.irJr-m, and rf/Jiflints of lbs Trinity-Houfe give Notice, that the-; have caufed a dfinguijhing Wooden Buoy to be fluced as near as pojjibli to the Wefiwaid of the Wreck in the Old Channel, between the Ifoolpack and Spell Sauds. _ .  Weil mi.-.iter- Bridge-Office, 6 June, 1743. CT^H E Ccmm ffioiurs f->r >Jti'dia^ Wetlmintitr- Bridge are defird to meet at their Office near Old Palace-Yard, on Wednefdqy next, the 3th infant, at Ten o'Ctoti in the Forenoon precife/y, upon fpecial Jiff airs. ______J:j . Aylnffe, Cler>. London, Jjnj 4, 1743. ci'<l^-Hiiiile-r,.).-:crs, nuny Goods have iM-qo-ntly nmfcjrncd, K*-iig 0 te (hippM cn board the wrong brflps, to tfsfl gj-e.if Prejudice ot ^ " jvlTih nt., :\n\ ether Tinners; and for want of f ich pvop-T Notes, t :e GooJs,) they are liable to be neglected; k�i^ or ll..len. Therefore to prevent ftich ill Confluences, t'is f-Twkg Ffrrn is re--c.-minended, fur the Benefit of the Merchants, anu Softy of fuch Goods and Meichafcdize, viz. Linden, 1743 -z of Merchant) may b= omitted j but if fent by any Packer, (.r others, they nre proper to be in erred. Printed Ha k Notes to the Mergers Crmp:rly's Porters are dvllver'd pratk to the Merchants and Tr;defefn, on r.TedrJing their Lvtter* to Meff Matthew �n.l Siridi, at the B..nk Ceffee-Hcufc behind the Royal Exchange^ THE Trutttes app inred td puc in Execution ^ an Ait of Parliament to enable the PnrfVhiOne'rs of the Pzrifb ,of ^ St. tictolph w-ithcut Aldgnte, in the City of London and County of Mi4-dlclex, to icbuiid the Church of the laid Paiijh, give Notice, that they intend to meet on Thmfd-.y next, the 9th in'tent, at Five o'clock in the A'ternoon, at the Sch.el Room, the Corner of Hcur.dfditch, ia tiie laid Pari h, on Bullies relating to the fain Truft. To the worthy Liverymen of the City of L 0 K 0 0 tt. G e n t.l e m e n, YO U R Voces and Intereft afc humbly defir'd for THOMAS NOONE, Citizen and Barber - Surgtott, To be one of your Ale-Conners, in the room of Mr. John Kirk, &t&Mt�c\t living betn an Inhabitant in the Ward of Broad-Street near forty Years, and ferv'a all his W-rd and Paiifh Offices,; has been on tire Livery thitfy-thte* Vears; h..s brought up a Family "t thirteen Children ; *hii, wrth, great L 'ifes in Trade, and the Expence of fciren Years Illnefe, has obliged hirh to '�1 uuit his Bufinels ; an: being oat of all manner of Employ, is fo reduced in hi* Circumftances, that he is obliged earncftSy to requeft yo�r Fayour as aircrte. Note, The unkind lolmoation ot lome Perfons, tlut I have an Eitat* left me by a Rdatiou lately deceas'd, is only made, to prejudice mo in thU ^jjS-& Election, the "utmoft Value of it being but five Puuhd^ a Year. &ta^ The Elpftion will be on Midfommer-Day next, and I bcgjfte ftnmvfc'frfh' my Friend* n�t xo dej^t tb� Htil till the �l�61kn a �v�.

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