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Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 2, 1943, London, Middlesex The Numb; 3860. THURSDAY, June 2 *743 D*o.L Mn 31 R RIV' D, and faiVd for the River, the Deptford Store-Ship, from New-England. Came down and �iiTd, his Majefty's Sloop the Farnace ; and the Antigua Packet, Laflty, for Antigua. Voar. So Came down, the Endea- Yefterday arriv'd from Flanders, Gale, for Lifbon, and remain, witii the Man of War, and Ships as per laft. Wind S. W. Mail from France, and one Advices from Provence and Ville Leghorn^ May Trancha unanimouily aflure, that the united Fleets of France an^ Spain at Toulon were preparing to out of the Port, and that Admiral Mathews being i nfbrmed of ______ Pcfig . {elves in readinefs to fail in-order toobferve their Motions. Rimini, April zo. The Spanifli Army here begins now to defpair of uniting with that of the Infant Don Philip, fuch invincible Obftacles does the latter meet with in its Paflage; moreefver the Court of Naples turns a deaf Ear to all the Remonftrances of Count Gages and the Queen of Spain i fo'that no Succour will be received from that <Juwter, except in a Cafe of Extremity. Milan, May zz. They write from Turin% that theNo-blefle had received Orders to accompany his Sardinian Majefty on Horfeback, and that the Intendant General of Savoy ^ w ble the Piedmontefe Troops in Lombardy9 and bring them back into Piedmont. Mantua, May The Auflrian Huflars have taken Modena's Equipaee, a s Equipage, among which was a ilrong Box containing 15000 Ducats. ' Bologna, May 22. On the 18th Count Traun caufed Provifions to be demanded for his Infantry, which are immediately to march through this State. From whence it's generally believed, that his Excellence has refolv'd to follow the Enemy into the Rcmagna. Hanover, May 26. The King has received a Courier^ difpatched by Prince Charles of Lorrain, with the agreeable News that his Royal Highnefs had made himfeli' Matter of the important Poft of Dingelfng, wherein was a Garrifon of 5 or 6000 Men. It's affur'd too that the Towns of Braunau and Burkhaufen have undergone the fame Fate, �infomuch that the Auitriar.s are entirely Mailers of the Inn and the Ifer. From the Paris A-la-main, June 7. A Body of 25 000 Men ia detached from our Army upon the Rhine under the Command of the Prince de Dombcs, in order to rein-iorce the Army of Marfhal Broglio. Ratisbon, May 28. Yefterday the Enemy appeared before Deckendorjf, and took the advanced Works Sword in Hand; they afterwards attacked the Body, of the Place with fo much- Vigour, that our Troops, after four Hours Refinance, were obliged to abandon it, and to retire to the Intrenchments which they had at the Head of the Bridge. The Regiment of Champagne % and four Companies of Grenadiers, which formed the Rear Guard under the Command of Brigadier Froulay, having found the Bridge broken down, opened.themfelves aPaifige through the Middle of the Enemy, and marched to the Intrench-ments. The Lofs on both Sides is pretty equal. The Prince of Conti, who came to fuccour this Poft, gave Ilrong Teftimonies of his Valour, he had a Horfe kilPd under him /�the other Officers did Wonders, but the Prince ef Conti loft his Horfes, and all his frn^ll Equipage, except his ftrong Box. Our Troops in retiring burnt the Magazines. It's not a little puzzling to find out wherein eonffs the wonderful Things faid to he done by the Prince of Conti, and the other French Ojficers, after it's confe�ed that they were glad to jave them/elves by fcampering in fuch hafie out of the T<nvn9 as to leave their Baggage behind them ; but fuch is the Vanity of the French, that according to their own Account^ they always come off more than Conquerors, though L O N D O N. The Tower Gaily, Capt. Wingfield, from Leghorn, is taken by the Spaniards and carry'd into Malaga, after a -long and finart Engage ent; Providence Briitol, was taken the 3Cth of April by a Spanifh Privateer, * &t\ of ihfolvency has pafs'd, they have been mucft dillrefs'd by the Difcontinuance of conftant Charities. Newcaftle, May 28. On Wcdnefday Mr. Roper, Super-vifor of the Salt Office at Shields, had the Misfortune to be thrown off his Horfe, auJ died on the Spot. Alfo the Beginning of tr*is Week, a young Man riding for a Bride, near>I t:\vburn, fell from his Horle, and^ialh'd his Brains out. Yefterday Mr. William Aynfley, Water Bailiff, with near 20 Men on Horfeback, well arrri'd, fet out for*Bingham, in order to take Folicifion of an Efhte vviiich the Country People, by Force of Arms, have deprived the right Owner of, and murdered a Bailiff the Beginning of this Month on his Duty. /// an Adv-ritfcment in Y:ftcrda-fi Piter, he-inning Wi /, Whereas *V. M. left a White Hi:rfe, J__ "High Water at London-Bridge this Day at 49 Minutts after 5 in the Morning, and 11 after 6 in the Anernoon. India Hiy.k 195 Ditto Old LQtfi>qn-Itffirmary (in Prefcot-Stfcet, ?5oodsnan*3 Fields) for relieving lick and difeasM Manufa&urers, Seamen in Merchants Service, and their Wftes and Children. CJ^H / S Charily being o'liged to refuf* great Numbers of Patients whofe Cafes requird Salivation, for want of a convenient Houfe or Apartment near at Hand for that Purpofe, andfinding the NeceJJity of fuch an Aiditiln to the Charity, from the miferable Condition thafepGorObjed\ have been in who have applied here for Relief the Qoverndri have thought proper to take a Houfe in the fame Street, as a Lock to the Infirmary, for the Benefit of fuch Poor as metj hereafter apply; and to give this fuhlici Noiice, that any Perfon under the Misfortune of the Foul Dife,fe, or other Complaints that require fuch Provifons, may apply to this Infirmary* and on paying a moderate Sum for their Sitbfijtancf during the Time of Cure, if they, are recommended, or appear to the Governors' 'prefent to he proper ObjcSs ofContpajfion, tttey will be recciv1'd,^$r advis dt every Idirrnivg, from the Hours of Eleven till One. 1 1 Whereas N. W. reai Yefterday Bank Stock was 148 1 4th. South-Sea Stock 115 1 4th. Ditto New 115 5 8ths a 3 ^tr.s. Ditt > 1 1 4th a 1 half. Annuities 115 a i 4th. Three per Cent. .Annu:tic& 104 X 4th * 3 8tos. uitt > 17^2, 104 1 4th a 3 8ths. D.tto 1743> 10^1 5 Sths a 3 4tns. Mill1 on Bank 117. Equivalent 111. R�->;.d Ailur^nc. 52. London Affurancc 11 3 4ths. Mine Adventure Shares, no Price. Englifh Copper 4J. 10s. Welfn ditto, no Price. African, no Price. Seven per Cert Emperor'* Lo-n 119. Five per Cenr. ditto 78. B^nk Circulation 51. 5s. Preiu. India Bond* 4I. 8s. a 5s. a 8s. Pnrra. Thr^e \ i.alt Sail Tallies 2 14th, Prem. Three 1 half per Cent. Exchccucs Orders 5, Prcm. Three per Cent, ditto 1 1 8ch, Jj-m. Lottery-Tickets ill. 10s. 6d. \ npil E Sn.p Saiai., JoiVph lv)le, id It r. X. wliich hath bt:en lately ran:om\l, being ariivM, the Owurr Freighter* of the laid'Sh:p and Caieo i-rr defir'd to ri:et:i d:^u Cun.miric- at ihe Fleece Tavern in Cornhiil, this Day, al Four in the Afiern-on, oi fptcial Aftairs. ______ cFli b M fier, IVi.rdani, and AJfift u-ts of lb,-: Trinity-Houfe give Notice\ that they have caufed a diftinguijhing Buoy to be placed as near as pojjibh to ire Wejiward of the Wreck in the Old Channel, between the Woolpack and Spell Sands. Admiralty.Ofike, Jui.e r, 1743 EVERAL Seamen belonging to bis M.<j*li)*s Ship the Severn being come up the River ?1 hames in Merchant-Ships in lieu of prefs'd Men, it is the Direction of my Lords Commiffioners of the Admiralty, that the faid Men do return immediately to their Ship at Spithead, fie being to fail very fpeedily. ^1^1 Tho Corbett. -ViCTUALLINGTOFFICE, June i, 1743. CT*HE Commiffioners for Viftuallitg Navy give Notice, that on Monday next, the 6th infant, in the Forenoon, they will be ready to treat for Wheat for the Service of his Majcfiy'sNavy. fi*it-Inu'ia-Houle, 27 May, 1743 CT*RE Court of Directors of the Unit-d Comvany of Merchants of England trading to the Eaf-Indics, do hereby give Notice, that a Quarterly General Court of the faid Company will beholden at their Houfe in Leadenhall-Street, on Wednefday the zzdofjune next, uponfpitialAffairs. That their Transfer Books will be Jhut up on Thurfday the Z^dofthe faid June, at Two 0' Clock', and be opend again on Thurfday the z\ft of July next. And that the Dividend Warrants, due at Midfummer next, will be ready to be deliver d. out on Friday the zytb of the faid July.____ CJ^TTETIndependent hi ftors of the City ard Liberty of Westminster, are defird to"meet at the Horn Tavern in New Palace-Yard, Weftminfter, Tomorrow, ofth Tflant, at Six 6*Clock in the j be noble Struggle they fo fuccefsf w HE . , of Mr. Henry Robinfon, at Wandfworth-Hil!a in ;he County of Surry, were robb'd in the Night-time between the 30th and 31ft of May laft, of a Water-Pipe, and a Parce) of Sheet Lead; and at fundry times, within three Months pj*t, the fame have been rob&'d of two Bra Is Sun-Dials, Bdh, &c. Whoever (hall give Notice of one or more of the Offenders, provided fuch Offender or Offenders be brought to Juftke, (hail receive of Mr. Robinfon the Sum of Five Pounds upon fuch Conviftion. And if the bid Goods arc offer'd to.idle, pray flop them, �nd .give Notice as afeove, 'fo ihe tvo/1 by Live? fmcn of City of l o n OO n, N E, Gentlemen, YO U K Vor^s and Incereft ere humbly dedrM for THOMAS N d fcrvM all his W rd and Paiiih Offices j ha? been on the livery thirty-three Years j h..s brought up a Family oi thirteen Children \ which, with ^teat L-iftes in Trade, and the Expence of fcvt:n Vears Ulnefs, has obliged him to gnu his Bufinefs ; anJ being out of all manner of Employ, is fo iedi;cea in his Circur^ftances, that he is ouligei earm-ft'.y to requeft your Favonras above. Note, The unkind Infinuation of fome Pciluns, th'it 1 have an Eiiate le^t me by a Relation lately deccas'd, is ouly made to prejudice me in thi3 liledion, the utmoft Value of it being but five Pounds a Ytir. The Election will be on Midmmmer-Day next, and I beg the Favour of my Trend? not to depart the Hall till the Elei\icn is over. To tee worthy G e k t l � Liverymen men, of the City of London. ) U M Voces and Intereft. are humbly J dt-fir \ for O H N GOULD, S T E Y Cit XCn and Weaver% To be one of the Ale-Conneis, in the Room of Mr. John K'utc, decea^i ; he hrivitig been a L'veryman twenry \'e-irs, ani many Years an Inhabitant in Biih^plgJte Pariih, (nut now in Alhailovvs, T^rking) he haviiig h��d ercat LoiJes in Trade, and a lick Wwe and Family for many Yean pSifr, humtly hop^s ihs Favour of the worthy Cirizens. Note, TheEieftion will be on Midfurr.mer-D.\y. He h\�mbly dcfires nose jf his FrierHs will depart the Hall till the EIc^jqc is ^ To thi worthy Liverymen of the City of LoNDOl Gentlemen Poll, j O H WELL, ceas 0  he iiivm^ iiv a twenty 1 c^r? in me idum ui 01. r�ua�, iuua� nc, in'ciicapfidc^a Holier, fcrv'd all Pari(h snd Ward Offices, and been Liveryman of his Company feveral Years \ but by g^at Lofles hi Trade is YO U R Votes Intereft, and " nredfjh ars humbly dcfwM for N P O Citiiz n ard Ironmonger, To be one cf the Ale-Conncrs of this City, in the room &f Mr. j^hn Kirk, i'eceasM * he li.ivin? liv*d twenty Year? in the Parifh of St. Yedaft, Fofter- Lan a Liverym ...... reduced, and has not a iuppurt for bimfclf and hk F-rnily. N^c, TUe Election v.ill be on Midivm-rcr-D..y, and your Petitioner the Favours of his Friends not to leave the Hail till tte Eleftrcn is over, , _ _ _ _ 11 -------- 1 --- -1 1 ' To the^rVotthy Liverymtn of the Ltty cf london. Gentlemen, YOUR Votes and Intereft are humbly defu'd for NATHANIEL CROSLEY, (Citizen afid Berber-Surgeon J To be Ale-Conner, in the room of Mr. John KJrk, deceased ; he having been upon the Livery thirty-five Years, kept a Houfe in Coinhill ab�n-c twenty Years, and paid one hundred Pounds per Annum finding Rent ; but by inevitable Misfortunes is greatly ledue'd. kHE �rjcbren or Ancient and H T able Order of the GREGORIANS, belonging to the Chapter held at the Red Cow at Peckham, in the County of Surry, are defir'd to meet -> the Ch:ipter-Ronm there, on Saturday next the Ath inftant, at Frve iock in the Afternoon, for the Election of Officers for the Year eofuing, icher fpecial Affairs. By Order of the Vice-Grand. H. Benn, Secretary^ belie Mr WHEREAS it is Knotsford, of Kni&hAbridge, lately deceased, has left fotne vahx-aWeEfft�fe, or it maybe, a Will or Deed, in the Hands of fomc of her Friends: They are defir'd forthwith to pve Account of them to Mrs. Houftown, Goldfmith, at the Three Bells m Fleet-Street, fo that tfiey may be had by the Adminrftrator, and they (hall be rewarded for fhcu Trouble. CUPER's GARDENS. T 4E WIDOW EVANS, begs leave to inform the Publick, that lhc has provided a Band ef Mufick, cot* f:fting of the beft Hands: She h2S Jikewife added, at a great Ex]?eace, fach Addition of Fireworks fiOm tiie Orcheftra, and alfo Water Firewotki from a Canal, which are fo beautiful and furpriiing, that (he doubts not they will give the utmoft Pleafure and Satisfaction to ail who fhall do her the Honour to favour her with their Company. HER J Fitzgerald, Mafttr ht the mcft and beft Mafters in Europe .....-------rr_____7____ having fcught the famous Mr. Johnfori ibvcral Battles, in which lail I met with an AccidenC, to which aijy Alari was liable without Difgrace And it having been generally reported that my Head was cut off, this js to convince the World that I am yet alive, and able to (hew Mr. Johnfon' that I am not his Inferior} and don't doubt convincing him, and all thofe who fuggciled my Defeat, of the lame, by meeting him, which 1 promife to do again, at the fame Place, onWedflefchy next the 8th intrant, where I will fight him again at the fame Weapons, either backwards or forwards, (without Shirt or Stocking if the Company-approve of it) for Twenty Pounds j he that gives the mod Hits at Sword, or Blows at Start, to have the whole Sum, which is ro be ptedue'd before theMaften mount the Stage ; and after theBattle is over, (barring Accidents) J will fight the beft Hero of EnglifiS, Irifh, or any other Nation, alt the Weapons backwards, for Five Pounds. James FitzGtrafa

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