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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Saturday, June 1, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 1, 1943, London, Middlesex Mmb. W e D N e SD ft Y J u k e t, 1743. . Yefterday arriv'd a Holland. ' 1 iriftant. Peterfburg, May 17. The Regiments -intruded to reinforce tne Armies in Finland began to embark on board the Galleys the 12th Marfhal Lafcy fet out on the 14th, to take upon Count Gallowin, who hmi the Command of the Army. has the chief Command of the Fieet, is to fail dxre&ly to the Coaft cf Sweden, in order to make a Defcent there ; neverthelefs the Congrefs of Abo is not broke off, nor will it be fo till the Court of Sweden has formally declared its Intention not to accept the Conditions of Peace dclU The real Difpofition o� grees, ver'd to Baron Nolchen. -Emprefc in that refpeft is as follows: Her Injpsrial Maj city for the Sake of Peace, to reitore to Sweden the chief Part of Finland* provided that Power wiii yield to RuJJta fome Port or Fortrefs in that Province, as a Security for Preferv^tion of the future Peace. Mr..-Cyril Wych, Envoy from the King of'Great Britain, had very lately a Conference-with the Miniiters of the Court, concerning the 12000 Men which the Empreis is to fUrnifh by the late Treaty of defeufive Alliance concluded with his Britannick Majeity. Venice, May 25. Letters from Cwftantiuople of the 2d of April adviit, that Tbamas Kouli Kan was caufing the Army, which Lift Year advanced towards the Dagefan, to return upon the Euphrates. This occafioned the Poite to fufped that thVSophi w-a meditating a Rapture, which Suspicion was confirmed by a Letter wrote by him to the Grand Vizir, declaring, that fince Que had not been taken to fend him People verfed in the Law, which he had demanded, with whom he. wanted to confer upon the Opinions of the Sedis that there are amongft the Mahometans, he had determined to repair in Perfon upon the Frontiers of Turky, in order more conveniently to have his Doubts removed. Whereupon the Grand' Vizir found Means of acquainting Thaw as Kouli Kan, that the People of the Law which he had demanded, fhould immediately let out for the Frontiers under the Efcortc of 30000 Junif-�iries and other Troops. Leghorn, May 18. There lately paffed by this Port two Enghfh Men of War, w/iich were Aiimg towards the CozA of Napier; thjfe are, it's faid,, to be fpeedily followed by feveral others. The Mailer of a French Ship arnvcJ here in nine Days froth Toulon, reports, thiit the French and Spanifh Squadrons were full in that Port, and making no Preparations to out of it. Stadtambojf, May 30. The Troops polled in this Neighbourhood, and employed in the Workb upon Mount Trinity, lrcve been drawn off in order to poii themfelves near Weix, which is now thought to be a Piace of a very advantagious Situation. Naples, May 4. Great Diffttisfaftton appears amongft the People on Account of the Scarcity of Corn in this City, infomuch that the King, to fuppiy in ibmfc Meafure tnat Want, has granted Liberty to tiic-Convcnts aud Nunneries to fell Bread to the PubJick. . � . Naples, May 14. The Ring went laft Thurfday to Portici; to view the Works which are juft finiih'd there upon the Sea Side, with which his M* Letters from Msnich of the 27th advife, that the Emperor that pay held a long Conference with his Minifters, upon the Scheme of a Sufpenfiort of Arms betweeri his Imperial Majefty arid the Queen of Hungary, There is much talk here of a bloody Rencounter having'happen'd in the. Upper Palatinate, between a ^French * Detatchment and another from the Army of Prmce Lobkowitz: jefty with the real Inclination of the King his Matter tipon [ .tnc prefent Poftiire of Affairs in the Empire', and the great 1 Defire he has to reftore Tranquility therein. On the fume \ D.iy the Count complimented the Duke of Cumberland, to whom he teftified the great Joy it would, give the Kino, and the whole Court of Prttjfid, if his Roy$l Higfmeis, during his Stay in Germany, would pleafe to fpenti fome time at the Court of Berlin. To which his Royal High-ntfs anfwer'd, that it would give him the higheir Pleuiure to take that Journey: that he doubted not but that tne ICiiig would readily confenl to it, but that in all Appearance it muit be deierred till after the Campaign. Since which Count Scbwcrin is fet out on his Return home, and the King has fent a Courier with the molt important Difpatcnes to Lord Hyndford at Berlin. B,iron Jfcxheim, Miaiftcr from the Queen of Hungary, has receiv'd by an Expreis from Prague, Advices wnich leave no room to doubt of ucJ*\t*lier Majejty's ifricere Inclinations to agree to a Sofpenfion i ^Vfi^*^ oa Condition'nevcrthelefs that folifl Prehnii-fcity rr_ � - College, Head Mafter of rte ^chooi in that College, id the rooiri of thft Rev. Dr.' William George, ktely elcfted Prevail of King's College, C mbricige. Yefferdn/ in the Af"ternoon died Henry jacohib, Efq; in Partnerlhip with Thomas Gibfon, thj; eminent Monty-Scriveners in Lothbury. Laft Week died at Edinburgh, Sir John Dalrymple, Bart. 6:air, He a Gei:tleman, who befides poflcflihg great uattral and acquired Talents, dedicated his Study, ApplicatioR, :ind Fortune, which 13 very confiderable, to improve his Country, wr,iih he -did with fuch Suc^efs," that his Life was a ptiblick Uleflxng. He is fucccedcd in hi$ Elhte and Honours by his eldeft Son, William Dalrymple, Efq; how Sir Wuliam, the great Importer of arid Trader in the Scotch Linnen iVlanuTafiare. Laft Monday died Mr. Join RooU% Hofier ahd'Haber-dalhtr, in St. Clement's Church-Yard in the Strand * a Man of a iair XTi^t^^^jj^ much lamented, .ty- all Hi narics for a real Peace be agreed upon. Upon thtfe and certain other Terms, with due Security, her Hungarian M..jdiy is difpofed to enter into a Negotiation of Peace by tlieluterpofuion of her.Allies. Till fuch time any thinjj be determined in relation thereto, no Alteration will be Acquaintance. We have an Account from Suflex, that Mr. John Wick-lifFe, Supervifor of the lading Officers ihtioa'd ' ' " ilehauipton and EmfWortli in the i;dd Cviunty,, withthft r ' ------ 1 " under his Lite behVeeii made in the Meafures concerted between his Mnjerty and j the Queen of Hungary. The Departure of his Majerty fur the Army is laid to be fix'd ior the 15th of tne next Month. Hanover, June 4. An Exprefs came in this Morning from Caflel, with the agreeable News, tnat her Roy�L Highnefs the Princefs of Hcfle was Yefterday Lfdy delivered of a Prince, and. that both her Royal Highncfs and the Child ure in perfeft-Health. BruJJeh, June 3. Advices from the Frontiers o? France bring, that the regular Troops had Orders to hold themfelves in re?.dineft ct vin in 4 march upon the iirft Notice ; and tha^the forming of a Camp in Hainault, under the Command of Marfhal Mojitmorenci, was talked of. the rty Hundred W'ugr.t of Tea^ tlilt-tecn Horfcs, arid fevcral Arms, and hav^ fafely delivered the fame to tne Collector of Cdilocis at' /iritndd; iir the faid Coiinty : It is bcliev'd this Seizure is Worth upwards of 1200 1. Yefierday Chnrles Andrews was committed toNew-Prifoa by Co!. De Veil, for taking our of nis ready-farmfli'd Lodgings a great Quantity of Houfhold Goods. ,J As was Eleanor Slower, tor caking a printed Lihntn Gown out of the Houfe of Mrs. Elizaoeth Dean. O Mond:-;' L O N D O N. Jdmiralty-OJice, May 30. Letters are recciv'd from Commodore Anfon, g.ving an Account* of hU Arr.val m the River of Canron in.C'n'na on the ncli of November laft; and he is expeited*in England fome time this Sumn;cr. While he was in ti\e Scutii-Sca, he took the following Prices; a Ship of 500 Tons, 4 Guns, and 75 Men, her Cargo confilling chiefly of BA-s of- Woollen and Cottcn Cloth, Bays, and Su^ar,- with a c'otifider.ible Sum of Money. Another Ship of above 600 Tons, 4 Cutis, and 65 Men, loaden chiefly with coarfe �..<ys. arid Sugar, with fome Money and Plate, Another of 300 Tons, 4 Guns, and 52 Men, loaden with Plank and Cccoa. ^ A fourth of about 270 Tons, loaden with Bale Goods, a Iron and Steel. Another Ship, and a Launch, having each a confiderable Sum of Money on boord, and the former laden With \7;ne and Brandy. A Bark of about 60 Tons, of fmall Value. He alfo attacked and took the Town of Paytn, with the Lofs of" one Man kill'd, rnd two wounded, and found a large Sum of Money there, bcildcs Jewels. He kept Pof-fefiion of the Town for three Days, in order to plunder it, and then caus'd it to be fet on Fire, in order to oeilroy (everal Storehoufcs fiiPd with Bale GoDds, Jtfuits Bark, and other rich Commodities, which his Men were not able to bring off. He found a Ship, two Snows, a Schooner, and two Row dallies of 36 0<:rs each, in the Bay of Payta ; all which he caus'd to be funk or"deftroy'd. Letters are arriv'd in Town from the Mediterranean, dated the 14th of May, with Advice, that Capt. Ambrofe, in the-Rupert Man of War, and another of his Ivlajefty's Ships, had vifjted the Coaft of Sp lift, nsd had taken opt of feveral of their Harbours iixteen Ships without the Lofs of one Man. Yefterday Morning came Advice that his Majefty's Ship the Deptford Storcftiip arrived fafe on Monday laft off Dover, from Pifcatua ; in her PafTage fhe was attacked by a Spanifh Privateer of 40 Guns, with whom (he engaged for a confiderable Time, but the Privateer thought fit to a poor Woman, wijq was that Day com-J mitccd to the Gatehoufe, and wa� big tvjth Child, hang'd hcrftlf; r.nd laft Night the Jury fatjtm htr, and brought iii their Verdict Lunacy. Lail Monday the Scrutiny began for Membef of Parliament lor ti:e Borough of SoucLwark, when the Inhabitants of a certain Pahfh, not f:.r from the South Part of c.'ie faid Borough, who had honoured 0:1c of their OfHcjefs fo far as to enroll his Name in tiie Church in Characters of Gold, agreed to have the gilded Title er^sM, and a bLck one n.fcrted in its roomj us a Monument of his Infin* cerity ; and to add in Characters of Brafs, the Names of tiie Contrivers and Makers of a certain Poors R^te, calculated to juilify on the Scrutiny a great Number of Pollers at the Ltc Eiedion, by which (If confirm'^} the Parifll will become liable to be burcheifd with near one hundred poor Men and their Families, and Rate one Officer only out of feven difed to h;ive the lufincerity to oppofc. * See Dai!: ly Poji The of Ytfcrday* has been p!easfd to Whitehall, May 31. i iie King recommend to tne and Chapter of Worceiter, the Right Rev. Father in God Djclor If^ac Maddox, Lord Biihop of St. Afaph, 10 he'by them clcftcd Bifhop thereof. Owen Larton, of the Parifli of Chrift-ChUrch; Spittle-fields, in rise County of Mrddlcfcx, Dyer. Yefterday Bank Stock was 143 a 1 4th. India Stock 195 South-Sea Siock 115 1 4th. Ditto Old Annu t:cs 115a! 8th. Ditto N;w 115 1 half 3ths. Three per Cvtit. /;u�u tict 104 a 1 4th. Ditto Ditto a 1 4th a 194 1 half a 19^. a 5 1742. 104 a 1 4th. 5 Sti\3. Affur'-ncc 82, Sths. billion B:ud; 101 1 half a 3 4ths a 1 I Beth flieer off, and the Deptford being loaden with Mails could not purlue her. The Lords of the Admiralty have appointed the Greyhound and Diamond to convoy the Ficct of Ships bound for Portugal. Laft'Week died at his at Henton St. George in the County of Somerfet, upwards of eighty Years of Age, the Right Hon. Earl Pculett. His Lordftrip held feveral great Poits under her late Mr*jefty Queen Anne-, and was a Knight of the moft Noble Order of the Garter. His Lordflup is I jfucceeded in Honour and Eftate by the R:ght Hon. the Lord Vifcount Henton, his cldcil Son, one of the Lords .of 5 -the Bed-Chamber to his M�jeily. I Yefterday the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor nominated William Qaiiter, Efq; Citizen and Leatherfeller, as a proper Perion-to ferye the Office of Sheriff of this City. ; ^Yeftefday, between One and Two o'Ciock, the Highland Deferters, being 101, pafs*d thro' this City under a ftr-ong I 1 ini'Jtaiev; Bdrtti Bedi6r Minifter from the Ele&pr Palatine, is fet-out hence for Hanover, with a Commiffion "om his Court which he is to execute with the King of Great Britith. Havover, May 31, Count Scbwerin,. whom the King J Guard* both oi Horfe and Foot, for the Tower, where of PruJJia fijnt heir* to coKiplimeitf hjs Britannick "Miijefty on his Arrival in Jus German Dominions, had a private Audience \\# inftaat, wherein he acquainted his Ma- *v ..... they were lodged. On Monday laft the Rev. Mr. William Cooke was unanimouily ele&ed by the Provoft aud Fellows of Eton- 11� 2 117. iitjuiv;dent 111. Royal London Afldr^ncc n 3 ^ths. Mine Adven* turc Marcs,- no Price. Engliih Copper 4I. 103. Welfh ditto, no Price. African, no Price. Seven per Cent. Emperor^ Lo .n 119 1 4th. F v tiers to tbs AV*  lAr. Stackhouse*j HISTORY of tbt BfBLE, which tt vow priming with his btajeflfs Royal\Pr fcri'lege and Licence* J hey are defied to take N o t I c 2, THAT the Finl Volume of cms Work is now ^trkfted, and that the E:k3 of the Fifth Book, Ueifig the iirft Si.llC of the tihy-thita Number, compltffes th? Volvxxi^, The General Title to tlit Second Vr.Jume, n-gether with a Complete Jrfdex to the vri;ote Wok, wiii be deliver'4 wirh trie hie NumivT,^ N. B. A y Perfon therefore that has a Mintf to fwbfcribe to this Work for rhe future, may begin with No. I. or have the Fi'rQ Volume del5i�r*d all at tnce, either brun.l, or only few'd up in Pa/teboar&j thfiugli its b?irg cn!y put into Half-Binding for the prc/enr. is bj uraeh the; beAMetiio^ and is tijCTt-fore recommended as fych to :hufe Perfons that have already got the Fhft Volume, which they Cook, in Weekly, ask cjitteoutki Numbers. . i'rinied for S, Auficn, in Newgate-Street. May 20, 1743. CT*~H E Principal Office** of his Majejtfs ^ Ordnance di hereby gi*vt Notice,. That on Tnefday ik* lib of June next, they'writ fell By Audion to the btji Bid-der, at the OJRce of Ordnance in the Tower of lantlon, Jeieral Parcels of tarr'd and white Rope, Swords, Jlangirs, Sw&rd Edits, Spades, Shovels,^ Parchment And Paper Cartridge*, Blocks, Powder-Horns, LanthornSj Hcrfe-Earnefs, BaytmetSj Mvjket-Barrels1, Hand-Bills, Armourers, Carpenters9 Whelk. wrights and Smiths Tools, with other old andimJir<viceahTer'V".--J* Stores, which' may he- <viwed till the Time of Sale mt /^V^V:? faid Office, where printed Lilis of the Lots wilt be dglinttm $0 fuch call J or them.

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