Sunday, May 26, 1743

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Sunday, May 26, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 26, 1943, London, Middlesex *0' � 1 T H U H SDAY M A Y 26. 743 e Sdfaona, Btadfeawi R�by, P<sers, theAIhby, Wheeler] Betty, Sutvi th. the Fo� Gafleyl Mary, John Long, alT from TJpoito. and threw into it fuch a Number of Bombs and red-hot Bullets, that it was foon reduced to Afhesj fo th^t Monf. PhiHipes, and Monf. Chatelet, Marfhal dn Camp, with fifteen Battalions and twelve Sauadrons, oat of which they had loft about 900 4 Tueftiay >r^l who Was has made his Efcape.' They are all order'd to the Tower till further Orders. Sq Men, .amongft whom were perceiving ipoffibility df making a !ongHefiftancer determined a Retreat, which rwas- made with all poflible Order-and Conduft: They laid two Bridges crofs the Ifer, and caus'd their Tropps ti? pals over them, during which they fuftain'd a terrible Fire. Monf. Chatelet was flightly wounded, and the Lieutenant-Colonel of the Regiment of Bouxol was kili'd. It's affur'd", that the Eneany loft more People in this Aftion than we s tho' the Regiments of Foot of Pi cardie, Bauzol, Ljonnairy and Mzdac, and the? two Royal Regiments of Horfe�4^e^:�ttremd^^ M. PhlUq>83, aftei' his'Retreat, reviewed his Troops, and foand 1200 Men wanting; he then continued his March' to Strankingen. We have this Moment receiVd'News, tliat Prince Charles bas likewife fet F/re to landau. Sit Charles Wag, of the Navy, Member of Parliament for Weftlow in Cornwall, and-one of his Majefty's unoft Honourable Privy Council: . 7 ^'Lady fies dahgeroufly ill, a.nd 'tis thought fee won't long furvive him. They write from Paris of the':jiff inftant, that near 600 Officers h'a4 thrown up their Commiffions, being determin'd not to ferve in Geunany ontheprefent Sj'ftem of Politicks. On Monday laft died at iter Lodgings at Greenwich, Mrs. Scot, Wife of Mr. Scot, Surveyor of the Navigation in the Port of London. The fame Day his Son, who afled as Deputy Surveyor, was unfortunately drowned in Long-Reach by the Boat overfetting, but his two Watermen were fav'd with great Difficulty, by a Boat from one of the Ships lying there coining to'riieir Affiftance. Yefterday the'Rev. Mr, Delafaye, of Queenbordhgh, was married to Mifs Jumper, a near Relation of the late Admiral Jumper, a young Lady of a plentiful Fortunei Yefterday was married at Gray's Jnrr Chapel by the Rev. Mr. Noble, Mifs Draper, of Bafinghall-Street, an agreeable young Lady, of great Merit and Fortune, to Mr. Samuel Johnfon, an eminent Cheefemonger of.t&is City. Yefterday Elizabeth Kinderly was committed by Col. De Veil to Clerkenwell-Bridewell, forfalfly fwearinga Robbery committed upon her near the Five Fields on Cnelfea-Road 1742, 103 3 8dis a 1 4th. Ditto 1743> 100 3 8ths a 1 4th. Million Bank 117. Equivalent 111. Royal Aflurance 8i 4ths. London Affurance 11 5 8thsf Mine Adventure Shares, no Price. Jinglifh Copper 4]. 10s. W^Uh ditto, nbPrke. African, no Price. :Sjft^jierCcnt Empcror^s Loan ^19. FiV�per Cent, ditto'77 3 8ths. pank Circulation 5L Prem. India Bond* 4I. 15 a i6v Prem. Three f ImU Sih Tallin  1 4th, Prem, Three \ half per Cent, Exchequer O/dcrafj^* Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 1 1 half, Difc. Lotfe*y> Tickets 1 il. ios. 6d. I 1 I II........ , � ! Admiralty-Office, 2j May, 1743. <hrHE Lords CvmnvJTwxer$ of the Admiralty are pleased to direS% that, all fuch difabUd or nvow'out Seamen <w&o have been minuted to he received into the Royal Hofpital .at Greenwich, do make tbeif* Appearance- at 'this Office on Wedntfday the Vfi of next Month, at Tsno* Clack in the Morning* - Tho. Corbett. ^______^ -^^^__|---_l--"-"-"-"----�--_ - - ---_-__L _ - - J -. J~"- Admiralty-OfSce, 23 May, 1743, QEVERAL of the Seamhi turtfd over frvm the Sboreham -into the Ferret S loop at Deptford, having defer tedfrom her, the Lords Commijfioners of the Admiralty do hereby declare, that if the /aid Men do, not immediately repair on hoard the /aid Sloop, they nAUl not only lofe tb't Wages due to i&em in the Shoreham, but if they can hi apprehended, they Jhall be tried, at a Court-Martial for Defertion. Tho. Corbett. w O N D o � Yefterday Captain John' Mac Clellan, Packet, arriv'd in Loudon from South March f January before, where elves in tbne beft Poltiire N. of the Georgia Carolina:, from He left* Georgia � H E R E A S the Hackney-Chair Licences from No. I to No. 300, inclnfbue, will expire at Mid' fummtr next, the Proprietors of the faid Licences are order i to attend the Commijfioners for Jicenjing Hackney Coaches and Chairs* at their Office in Surry-Strtet in the Strand, on the refpeclive Days hereunder-mentio*a d, at Nine q Clock in fhe Forenoon, for the Renewal of their Licences^ and -they are required fo bring their prefent Licences with them. The Owners from No. I to No. 50 inclufive, to attend on Monday the 30th infant. on account of which (he Tigffd and fwore to an Information j FromNo. 50*0 No. 100 incluftve, on Wednefday the \ft of June. From No. 100 to No. 150 inclufive, on Thurfday the td of June* Exam Webb and; Philij) Webfter, d Robbeiy, taking two GoI< Webb being only committe came before the laid Jultice River fecond' Attack frevm the Spaniards 5 they had fortified Eort:William quite anew with Brick-Work, and great Numbers of Me^j were employed in completing the Fortifications at Frederica, the Walls whereof are judged Jlrong enough to be Proof againft Eighteen-Pound Shot, and two Towert (ene at each Corner of the Town Walls) aj�erected fa^cient-to contain one.hundred Men each, to Flanks with final] Armsi and the Fort'com- 'jfhe Men were all full of Spirits, and unanimous to naake a vigorous Defence to the laft Drdp of Hood. General Ogtetfrorpe has been reinforcM with hear two hundred-Men from Vircinia, rais'd by Major Heron, vfereof many of them are difcplin'd Men of Colonel Gouges late.Regiment; and thirty Horfemen were march-nig in their Way to Georgia, to recruit the Rangers. A mty of Spanifh Indian*; conduced by French andSpanifh Officers, on attemptihg\.to: feduce the Cowetaw Indians with Prefents, to join with them to deftroy fome:of the ifflcments of the Englilhj were repuls'd with great Lois, being moft of them either JrilPd or taken, and a Meifcnger was thereupon fent to General Oglethorpe,; th^t th* Prifoners were coming down to him. Capt. M&& Uellan met a French Fiihing-Boat off Scilly, wirfi about fifty Hands on Board, who endeavonr'd to board and take wn� Pat bringing on one Side what Carriage and Swivel ^nsiw }ud, and firing three Rounds, ihelower^ her Sails a 1 ' 1 inftead acknowledged her .Crime, declaring there never was fuch a Robbery committed, that all fhe had fworn was falfe, and that (he was put upon it by one John Wright, a noted Gambler; which being fworn by another Perfon to confirm her D^ftaration, Webh was difcharged, and the faid Kinderly committed for her falfe fwearing; as was immediately afterwards the faid John Wright to Newgate, for the Subornation of Perjury, prov'd on the Oath of Rebecca Burgefs. The Execution of William Francis is reipited till his Majefty's Pleafure be further known. . On Sunday .next, two ^Charity Sermons will be preach'd at St. Bartholomew the Great, for the'Benefit of the Charity Children belonging to the faid Parifh; that in the Morning by the Rev, Mr. Doughty, Morning Preacher of St. John Clerkenwell and that in the Afternoon by the Rev. Mr. Grainger, Reftor of St; Andrew by thcWardrobe and St. Ann Black-Fryars. The great Choice of Irifti Stuils, of the right and beft Sfort, arid'"VaHety ^of'newiThiogs, Sic.', at the Warehoufe ;the' Corner ofthe Old B^}ly, on Ludgate-Hill, occasions a 1 great many Ladies, before they leave ihe Town^ to buy theye for themfelves and Friends in the Country. laft,. about _______ ____,, ______------ - a-Malting Houfeitf the Plumber thifre', which entireiy..deftyoy'^ the FromNo. l$otoNo. 200inclufive,onSaturdaythe^thofJune. From No. 200 /oNo. 250 inclufive, on Aionday thebtbofjune. Front No. 2 50/0 N0.300 inclufive, onWednefday thedth of June. By Order of the Commiffioners. Tho. Nuthili. Rrgifler. Note, 7he Term granted to the left too Chairs does not expire till Midfummer \ 744, therefore the Proprietors of the Chair-Licences from No. 300 to No. 400, are not hereby ' requird to attmd. _ MIDDLESEX and ESSEX Turnpike* THE Compofitions for the Repair ol* the RoaJs leading through rhe feveral Pari/hes in Effex having orpir'd at Qhriftmas or Icdy-Diy Idft, the Truftees do gtve Notice, that they wili oonfiderand agjee ?t their next General Meeting appointed to be held at the Bird in Hand in Stratford, on Monday next, the ^.cth infant, at Nine o'Clock in the Morning, on what Terms the faid Pari/hes flull ba allow'd to renew their Compofitions. Richard Dunne, Clerk. To the worthy Li<vtrym$n of the Gentlemen, City of London. ft are humbly TSeweaftle, May Yefterday arriyM a hUbm Mail, by which there is an Account,- that the Dejjtford, Capt. Moyfton, had taken a rich Carracca Ship,, and carried her into Lifton ; and his Majefty's Stop the:Fdx, Capt. Erflcme. had takeh a large led * � 1 ^1 be Alexander ft. * 7 tlerpen of ChAraft^ againft iWilHam Jaffiie / fcacWiHfcaip Hodge, fettingjbrtib^jhai shUfcVthey! vdSe1 ittft; Nigflf before# Syp^r, & th.ef;Gfr>ffcK�y�: .TaveaurMt vabo ' pxatjon'd FerfcDV beibg Coaflables ofthisi YOUR Voces and Inter defied for THOMAS N O O N E, Citizen and Barter - Surgeon, To be one of your Ale-Conners, in the room of Mr. Johji Kirk, deteasM, having been an Inhabitant in the Ward of Broad-Street near forty Yeuis, and ferv*d all Offices in the Paiiifl of St Margaret, Loth bury, in the faid Ward ; has been on the Livery thirty-three Years; tas brought up a Family oi thirteen Children 5 which, with gieat Lofles in Trade, and the Expenceof feven Tears Illnefe, has obliged him to quit his Bufineis ; and being out of a^l manner of Employ, is fo reduced in his Circumrlances, that he is obliged earneftly to requeft. your Favour as above. Note, The unkind Infirreatlon of fome Peifons, that I have an Eflate left me by a. Relation lately deceaVd, is only made to prejudice me in this �leftibn,'thetitmoft Value of it being but five Pounds a Year. The Election will be on Midfummer-Day next, and I beg the Favour of my Fnerids not to depart the Hall till die Election is over. t To the-worthy Liveryman of the City of L 0 n d 6 n. C|f n t l e m e tf, OUR Votes and Incereft are humbly defiVd for ALEX arrivM fbpAfithe^felt-I&dies, ^ri>r6ught Advice, thatf ^ommodore"Knowles had attackM thi-Port of La Guerre twice, and each time beat off on-Account of the SWeli of I fo 2r6at that he could ho t :ajpe: near enoiigfc - Forts ;:iimt on the ^hird Attempt he brought5} tilfe;they-found Bail r ?uid Yefter^jp VAo to roear^ a&, that one;x>f-them fill .'upon'^die^ ;fe6dvSides  befbrt' aye^nn^i attend A N D E Citizen and R M I L L N, Jby*Jparty of me IDoor of the Room jthe i TC^rtplaiiiers^ . they, werd' fi&feiF To be one of the Ale-Conners, in the room of Mr. John Kirk, deceased ; heaving been an Iflhabitant of Trinity in the Minories forty-three Ycars^ snd fervid all 0$c� in the iaid ParA ; has been on the Livery upwards oi' tWenty Years, *ad fervM feveral Offices in the faid Company} but beirg tnow reducM by Lofles in Trade and Decay of Bufmefs 5 his Wife havipg Ibeea lame up*ards eff thirty Years, and been under the Surgeons and PhV^; �fidara Hands above fifteen Years ; by which unhappy Circumfiances he h[ d"incagiblc of fepportinghisFatnjly, diexefore humbly begsyourFavjuri' his Behalt. t. w b�gs The Eleffion will be on Midfu Fayoux of ius Fricads mt co depax

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