Saturday, May 25, 1743

Daily Advertiser

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Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 25, 1943, London, Middlesex Ad v erttfef. W ED N E S D A 7, May i5, i?43. Deah M*v 23. pRRIV'D, the Nancy, Wagger-man, from Maryland. Remain, the Indian Queen, Maxwell, and the Charles, AUmghatn, both for Virginia; the Fleming, Dunkin, for Barb^does; with the Men of and the outwari - bound. On Monday Morning the Highlanders that deferted from the Lord Semple's Regiment, turcw uown their Arm* and ftrrender'd, nearOundle in Northaruptonlhire. We hear that the Lord John Murray will be a^"rt;"^ Colonel of the Regiment of Scoich Highlanders, m the War, Wind S. W, Jn ExtraS of a Letter from ^Hacuf, dated May z 1. * During the Stay which the Count de Figuarola made * here, he affiduoufly vifited the Minifters of State, and * had tworpaiffcular Conferences with tiiem, the Subje� * whereof he earneftly requefted the filing Lords to keep * fetter? but notwitManding that, the Subifance of his � DiTccmrfc been idirolgfcd, and U us follows....... *� The Court of Vienna has fo much at H&rc the enter-�* taining for ever a perfect Friendfhip with the Republick ** of the United Provinces, that in order to give them a *' coftvincing Mark of it, fhe had refolved to redrefs all "the Grievances which fubfi/ted at the Time of the Death of the late Emperor. That as the Republick "had always difcovered ibme Difcontent at the lhatter'd Ofiend Company, the Queen of Hungary i$ was wiping to begin with that Article, by caufing Let-�c ters Patent to be immediately publifh'd for the total " Abolition thereof. That all her Majeity's Subjects, 4t without Exception, Should be forbidden to trade to the 41 Baft Indies, direftly or indirectly, under rigorous Penal-*< ties. Whereto the Count de Figuarola added, that as " the People had a Notion that this would caufe a confi-�' derable Prejudice to other Parts of Commerce in the Low Countries, and would confequentJy not fail of " alarming her Subjects, more than the bare Suppreffion ** of Franchifes, which affetted but a certain Number, the Queen flatter'd herfelf that their High Mightineffcs ** would keep this Affair fecret, till the new SubiidJes were *' granted her by the Provinces and Cities of the Aujlrian " Netherlands.' 'This Declaration hss given great Plenfure to, the * Government. But as Prudence direfls to Jlrike whilft * the ItonJi hot, and Policy to take all Advantages, their * High-Mightmeffe^iavc intimated to the Count de Figua- ----------^-, ----, ---------form'd, will have one of the vacant Regiments. Col. Fitzroy, Member of Parliament for Thetford, fuc-ceeds Thomas Archer, Efq; as Groom-Porter to his Majefty, he'having obtained a reverfionary Gran; for the kid Place fome time fiiice. Yefterday the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor nominated Hezekiah Walker, Efq; of DawgatCrHiil, Citizen aud Plumber, as a proper l*erfoa to fcrve the Office of Sheriff of this Citv. are ^ Seamen ix. are Adrr:irJty~Qj�c�9�j May, 1745. l.otds Comm fiioi7 rs of fhe Admira tv teas A to aired\ that 'ail (ucli dijahkd or wdrn-out. ;ho have been minuted to be receivd into the Royal Hofpital at Greenwich, do ?, Office on Wednesday the ifi of Tl.o. Corb-tt. Lately was married a Wimbledon in Sorry, Mr. Jonathan Moulton, of Gricechurch Street, Merchant, toMifiVenn, Daughter of John Venn, Efq; Collcao^of iis Adajofiy's Revenue in the Ifle of Wight. On Friday lail came on. to be tried before the Right Bench at Weftminfter Thomas Mitchell, j of Newport-Alley, near Newport-Market, (who had been a Sailor in the Service of the Crown during all the late Wars) for idling Fifh in a publick raid fixM Shop in the faid Alley, he not being a Fiflimonger, contrary to an Aft made in the tenth and eleventh Ycarj of his late Majefty King William the Third ; but it appearing in the Courfe of the Evidence that the Defendant had exercised the Bufinefs for upwards of twenty Years, the Court was of Opinion he was a Fifhmonger to all Intents and Purpofes, and had a Right to keep a'Snop, and tucre-fore was acquitted of the Indictment. Arimiralry-GCke, 23 M^y, 1745. �&VhRi[, f-f the^tanrn tnrnd o^ Y Older of t^e H^nurarle^Comviilfionen of his Mdjejlys Qtflofhs, �ifr. on Tburfdav the z6tb of this injiant May, at Four oy Clock in the Afternoon, will oi expos d to Sale, in the Long Robin i?i the Cufiom-Houfe, .Londonf The Walker Sloop\ of the Burthen of fpventy Tonstor thereabouts, <witb her Tackle and Furniture : The faid Sloop is fquare Jlertfd and British built\ and now lying in tbs Stream again ft the Tower of London, An Inventory whereof may be feen at the King's Wari* bottfe, and on board the faid Sloop, YQrdtr nw 7 , his Majefty"s Cufloms, this Ddyf the z$th infant A Difpenfation pafsM the Great Seal to enable William m t 0ne Q*ciQCk in the Afternoon, will be exposed to if Clark, M. A. to hold the Re&ory of Bitted in the County of Suffex, together with the Vicarage of SJehuril in the faid Cosnty. As did another to enable Ficfield Allen, D. D. to hold the Reftory of the united Parishes of St. Ann Alderfgace and St. John Zachwy in the City, together with the Reftory of Gelilon in the County of Hertford. Yefterday Judith Arnun was committed to ClerkenweJl Bridewell by CoL De Viel, for robbing her ready-furniih'd Lodgings of a great Quantity of Houfhuid Goods. As was Thomas Bowers to the fume Place by the faflte a forrel Gelding, with Bridle, it fed by the Swxzrlcrs* fe Li are dftr d to apply to the Ojfice above-mention d for Licences, and not to depend on the uncertain * fuiHhing the Affair of the Tariff, which would effectually * remove all Difficulties that might hinder the other trwmces oi the Republick from- giving. xhd�jCa&&i& * to the March of the 20000 Men,' Peterjburg, April 27. The Court of Ruffia has received repeated Adv'ices from the Governors of Aftracas and Jwiflar, as likewife from 'the Ruffian Refident at Conftanti-ilople, that the late Motions of Schach Nadyr towards the Ruffian Frontiers, were only Feints to conceal his true Intention qf attacking the Turks. Prague, May%\* Prince Lobcowitz continues atSchwan-dorff. Letters f join before Egra of the 17th mention, that that Day 25 Burgh the Pocket of Mr. George Walter of a Six-and-i hirty-Shilling Piece of Gold. - � Th�*&aecuvi*o c� Wiiliam Fraod^waiuu vea&^to have been Yefterday, was dcfcrr'J till this Day, when he will be ihot for Defercion in Hyde-Park. At the Brand)-Warehoufcs on Ludgate-Hill, arc now cn Sale the beft Jamaica Ruin, at 7 s. 9d. the beft Coniac Brandy, at 8 s. and Batnvia Arrack, at 15 s. a Gallon. At the faid Wsrehoufes are now alfo on Sale coniiderable Quantities of Foreign Brandy and Rum Orange-Shrub, an 8 s. a J Gallon; which Shrub, when made into launch, is equal, if not fuperior, to any Punch frcih made.___ fi isETHN AL-UREE N. oat-oi the Town out of mere Want and The Mortality continues, io or 30 die a Day, and it is thought that Town niuft foon fall into our Hands. Hbhenemb's Corps is 15000 Men, Prince Charles's-30000, Prince Lob-cowitz's 17000, and 2500 before Egra; from hence they will be reinforced with 3000, one Regiment of which is marched already ; the Croates and Huflars arrive daily at the Army. The Defertion of the French is very considerable fince the News of the Defeat at Braunau. When Prince Charles, in returning from Braunau, arrived Pt Eggenfelden, wiiere the French had had a confid'erable Quarter all the Winter, he found only thirty Inhabitants alive. The Curate affirms, that he had buried in the four lall Months, 2400 French. The French at Ratifbon, Stadt-sm-hoff, and Amberg, have been in the utmoft Conllerna-tion upon the firft News of the Lofs of La Croix, and of the Defeat of the Bavarians. This Courtis charged with above 10000 Prifoners in Hungary. Thofe who belong to the French, are .neither ibught for upon the Foot of the Cartel, nor in any wife fubfilled by their Court. We have certain Advice here, that the Enemy have abandoned Burghaufen, the Burghers have delivered up the Keys thereof to the Auflrians. LONDON. They write from Antigua, that there are feveralSpanifk Privateers cruizing about the Leeward Iilands, which had taken feveral Sail of Ships bound from North America for the Weft-3ndie6, and carried them into Guardaloup, (a French Ifland); all which Prikes were fitting out there for Privateers, and were to be manned with Frenchmen who had got Spanilh Commiffions. A Privateer lately landed part of her Crew at the Eaft End of St. ChriitopherTs, and carried off thirty-two Negroes from Lieutenarit-General Fleming's Eftate ; Their ^Apprehenfions are the greater, as not having one Man of War to pwted them, all the Station Ships being gone with Commodore Knowles to La Guerre. Another Spanifti Priyateer has cut out of Barbuda a very fine new Bermudas Sloop, belonging to Mr. Grofvenor of Antigua. The Jofeph, Capt. Baves, for Leghorn from London, with a fmall Ship, a Snow, and two Brigantines, are taken, and, carried into Alguazircs. High Water at London-Bridge this Day at 37 Mmui after 12 in the Morning, nnd 1 after 1 in the Afternoon. Yelterday ban* aiocfa. was 147. India Stock, no Price. South-Sea Stock 1x3 1 half. Ditto Old Annu tcs 114 8th a 1 Ditto New 115 1 half. Ditto 3 8ths. Annuities 103 1 8ths. 4th. Million �742> lank 103 Three per Cent. 1 half. Ditto 117. Equivalent m. London AiTurance 11 c" 8 tbs. 17+3. 100 3 Royal Affurance 81 3 4U1S. Mine Adventure Shares, no Price. Englifh Copper 41. xos^ African, no Price. Seven per Cent Five Per Cent, ditto 77 % 8ths. TH E IVuft^s appointed 10 put m Execution an A�\ �-f ParlMrr.cut ru make the HainTet of Brthnal-i Gr. cn. in ths i;arifh of St. Duuihn, Stepney, iii the County of Midrilerex^ a fcjjarare and diflind iv.j h, cnu* fcr er^dtirie. a Paii'h Church therein* &c. give Notice lhat ihi*y will niect at thtf Town Houfe iji Sc. John-Strrtfi i.i the faid H ii M tiNT to the i>uoji ibers ,t, tb fi&i a Hofiei. {erv*a all f'arifh and Waid Offices, and been' a Liveryman ot hh Compmy fever.-l Years J but by great Ltiflcs in Trade icduced, and has not a Support tc t h'ui-frlr a:id his Family. U'PE A R D � N S. THE. WIDOW EVANS begs Leave ftt inform the Publick, that fhe hars provided a Band ef Muiick, corf- {iftng of the beft futn Addition of Fi from a "Canal, which 21** fo bejucirul and ,furpn(ing, that fhe doubts not they w:I1 give the utmoft Wrafure and S-atufiftion to all wfcto toil do he/ their Coiriwriv. ; r-itnucK, xnar ine nars provjeca a nana er ivxuucjc, con-' Hani : She has Hkcwife added^ at a great �xp?ncey i.eworks flom tl.e C'jrchtfftra', and alio Watei Eiicworka U N-G A K D Hi NS, May 20, 1743. CfH E Principal Officers of his Majefty9 s Ordnance do hereby give Notice, That on Tuefday the 7th. of June next, they will fell by Auction to the beft Bid-dery at the Office of Ordnance in the Tower of London, feveral Parcels of tarr'd and white Rope, Swords, Hangers, Sword Belts, Spades, Shovels, Parchment and Paper Cartridges, Blocks^ Powder-Horns, Lanthorni, Horfe-Harnefi, Bayonets, MuJket~Barre!ss Hand-Bil/s% Armourers, Carpenters, Wheel-wrights and Smiths. Tools, with other old and unfemjiceable Stores, which may be <uiwed till the Time of Sale at the faid Office, where printed Lifts of the Lots vd^ be delivered to fucb as call for them. 1 rTprHAT chef Mufua! Entertainment htfe* jL"* op^nM Reynning May, fhall ccntimrt three Months/ or longer if the Wej.her permits, with UJuminationi, a Band of Mir-- a. 9�iver Tickers for the-, fame are now tfeliv&ing at tnls Plate, af SixttKn Shiilings- eich j which' will admit two Perfons every Evening during the Season. 3. E\'cry Peifcn torting without a TrcJcet, to pay S** �&rct czih Tira#. for Adoiitcance. No Servants in-Livery to walk m the Gardens. . . . 5. ThcSufcfciibersai-e humbly oefir%d not to pomit theirTlcfeetS ttfget into' tke ftands of Perfons of ill Repute. 6- Great Care will St uktfi that the Particular^ provided for fie J5n* terrainment, may be the bell in iheir feveral Kinds j and that the Rrafon* ablencf^ of them' may appear , Tables of the Prices of each frill & f�i . in fereta! Parts of the Gardens. The Breaktaftirjg is here condnuetf every Morning at' Twelve* FeAte &cfc Perfony dating which the Cmpany is entertain'd with Concertos off th* Orpan, Note, Mr. �NEULER, who is Jatdy Brriv^d frcrh GerTnaiiy, ahsr bte by the Jud&ment or the Virtuofi juftlv gain' a Hand hardly to be eKdlefTon-the Violin, will play three Times a "Weefc Solos; and every Day in Concert j nothing nee$ be faid in thi*5i*apar tn&tc, than that h*3 own Performances vtill prove how much h# Mtatfm tbtf public Adrnirauon sni ��c0^j�rr.Girt^

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