Tuesday, April 16, 1743

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, April 16, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 16, 1943, London, Middlesex S A f V It D A Yy ApRit 1$, 1743. m Dealy Apvd 14. [IS Majefty's Ship tte Mettaur, with the Great Britain, Crook-ihanks, for Jamaica, is feiTd for the Weftward. Came down and iaii'd, the Berkeley, Major, for Maryland. Remains, the Butch I Ship, for India. Wind E. N. E. Yefterday arriv'd the Mails from _ ' Holland, France, and Wanders. Peter/burgh, March 30. In a great Council lately held here, it was, it is faid, refolvM to olcr to reftore to Snve-dtn the chief Part of Finland, in cafe the Bifhop of Lube* fiiould be chofe Succeffor to that Crown. And ac the fame time it was refolved to infill on the Uti pojfidetis, if, contrary to all Expectation, the Choice* fhould fall upon fane ope of the other Candidates. Copeabag^April :o. Twelve Ships of the Lihe� ana Six Frigates, of wmch the King's Squadron is compofed, are ready to put to Sea j they are to be joined!1 by iour more, and a Man of War called Chrijiian the Sixth, c&try-ing 90 Guns, will be one of that Number. Tnis Squadron will fail aoout tne End of this Montn. Stockholm, April 9. This Day we have received News, that the Troops wnich on the 3d Inltant failed to fuccour tne Ifles of Aland, had happily landed in the Principal of them, and had attacked the Ruffians, who were 1200 in Number, with fo much Vigour, that, they were entirely defeated, and all either killed or taken Prifotters. This News hss given great Jov to the People. Patifbon, April ie. All the French Troops, to the "Number of 20000, are arriv'd. 'Tis faid that the French Army actually confifts of 50000 effective Men, exclufive of thofe who are lick. Thofe of the Emperor, commanded by Count Seckendorff, confift of upwards of 30000 Men, and are fine Troops. Franc fort, April 15. The Earl of Stair has font an Officer hither, by whom he has caufed it to be declared to the Emperor, ' That nothing more was intended by the * March of the Brittfh Troops into the Empire, than to * contribute towards re-eftabliming the Peace thereof. That ' his Britannick Majefty upon appointing him to command *. them, had expre&y charged him to avoid every Thing * that might in the leaft injure the Dignity of the Head of * the Empire. That therefore his Imperial Majefty might * allure himfelf, that the March of thefe Troops would be * directed in fuch manner, as not to diftnrb the Re�d*uceof � UxJmneriaL Majefty ax FtwefartS Th� Earl of Stait *3ded to this Declaration his profound. Refpect and Veneration for the Perfon of the Emperor. Franc/ort, April 18. The Emperor, accompanied by the Prince Royal and a numerous Retinue, fet out from hence Yefterday Morning for his hereditary Bonwwms. This Monarch declar'd bsfore his Departure, that the prefent Situation of his Affairs oblig'd him to take that Journey, but that he hop'd to return foon. Neverthelefs it is affur'd, that the Emprefs, with the greateft part of the Court, will follow him in 2/ feW Days, as the Spanifh Em-baflador has already done. The Pope's Nuncio, together with the Minifters from Pruffia, Saxony, and Hejfe-Cajfel, are preparing to do the fame. It's imppffible to exprefs how much the Inhabitants of this City regret the Departure of his Imperial Majefty. They had feen him in Quality of Elector, and afterwards Emperor, without perceiving that the fupreme Dignity ef being Head of the Empire, had in the leaft taken from his affable and gracious Behaviour, from that eafy Accefs and Goodnefs wun which he receives and hears every Body. It was but the Evening before his Departure, that he declar'd it was fix'd for the next Day, when he caus'd it to be affur'd to the Ma-giftrates, ' that he departed perfectly fenfible of the Zeal ' which they had fhewn for him : That the City of Franc-' fort fhould always have a diftinguifh'd Share in his Efteem 4 and Affection; and that he would on all Occafions give ' it Marks of his Protection and Benevolence.' The Minifter of the Bifhop of Sattzburg has made Complaints to the Diet of the Behaviour of the Heffian Troops in that Bifhoprick, and particularly, that general Clement kad ordeeed ail the Burghers aud Inhabitants to bring their, Arms to the Heflian General's Quarters, which Order had been complied with by certain Diftricts; to avoid military Execution, with which they were threaten'd. The Court of Heffe alledgcs that its Generals were obliged to have Re-courfe to this Extremity, by difcovering a Correfpondence between the Saltzburgers and the Aufttians, and by perceiving how inclinable they were to favour that Party on all ' Occafions. Dujfeldorp, April 16. The Eayl of Stair has wrote to the Regency of this Dutchy, a Letter in the moft polite Stile. He therein acquaints.the Government of his approaching Departure, in order to join the Troops which have paffed the Rhine. He complains that the Inhabitants of the Country of Juliers have look'd upon, and even treated him on n�ny Occafions as an Enemy, altho* he had declared that he came, there as their Friend, and had given the ftriaeft Orders to hisTroops to pay for whatever they had. He con-dudes, by laying, that he doubted not but that the Government was convinced of his. good Conduct in tfeifr-refpect, and would acknowledge it, &c. Almoft all the Englifh and other Troops have actually Faffed the Rhine, and the reft follow them as faft as ptofii-We. It is reported, that the French are making Prepara- tions to" lay Siege to fome imjJortanfc Place on the other Side of the Rhine. The lift Letters from Alfati bring, that feverdl French Regimehts, both Horfe andFoot; had paffed the Rhine, and marched towards Heilbron, in order to fecure that Camp. The Preparations carrying on by the French towards the Mofelles make it believed that they are determined on fgme important Siqge. From the F'aris A-la-main, April 19. King Stanifhus i9 expected Tomorrow at Trianon, and the Queen his Confort two Days Afterwards. It's faid that the Dutchefs of Modena is expected in this City, and that the Duke will ferve as a Voluntier in the Army .of the Infant Don Philip. The Count de Cl*n?i >:-x, whofe Baggage is already fent away, and w*o w.j.s pt. : Madrid, April 2. � They write from Lifitn, that the French Ernbaflkdor there having by Order of his Court demanded to know from the Minifters of the King of Portugal, for what Reafon his Portuguefe Majefty caufed his Troops to defile towards the Frontiers, receivM for Anfwer, tha^ they had no other View than to exchange the Garrifons. Bruffels, Jpril 18. Four or five thoufand Men are ex-j pedted at Ofiend from England, in order to join in cafe of Need fome other Troops, to form an Army of Obferva-tion upon our Frontiers, to watch the Motions of the French, who, as 'tis faid, will afiemble an Army thtre of 30 or 40000 Men. LONDON. Yeflerday Morning the Tranfports arriv'd in the River, having landed fome Recruit Horfes and General Bragg's Regiment at Oftend laft Wednelday in to his Royal Highhefs the Prince of Wales, and Lecturer of St. Magnus by Londoa-Bridge, for the Benefit of the Charity Children belonging to the Society frequenting the fud Church. , Tomorrow two Sermons will be preach'd at St. Ann at Limehoufe, for the BeneSt of the Charity Children belonging to the faid Parifh and the Hamlet of PopLir; that in the Morning by the Right Rev. Fatter in God Jofeph Lord BHhop of Briftol; and that in the Afternoon by the Rev. Mr. Fletcher, Minifter of Rumfordin Eftex. At the Brandy-Warehoufes on Lodgate-Hill, are now on Sale the beft Jamaica Rum, at 7 s. 91!. the beft Coniac Brandy, at 8 s. and Batavia Arrack, at i;s. a Gallon. At the faid Warehoufes are now alfo on Sui confiderable Quantities cf Foreign Brandy and Rum OrangcShrub, at is. i Gallon ; which Shrub, when made into Punch, is eqdaL. if not f^c^r. to Punch frsfli made. PoiCbttyCompttr, April 15. We the poor Prifon .rs oft the Common Side return our hearty Thanks to our da*cnown Benefa<ftors, for Two Pounds Three Shillings put into our Begging-Box Yeflerday; and three Barrels of Beer fent us this Day. It was a feafon$)le Relief to all, many having labour'd under the Misfortune of Imprifohment for many Years, and feveral in fo bad a State of Health, that not-withfbtading the Act which is pafs'd for the Relief of Infolvent Debtors, without fuch Acts of Charity as thefe� many would not furvive to fee it. The Money and Beer were equally divided by Richard Noble, Conftabfe. This Evening will be performed, At the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane, King Richard the Third. At the Theatre Royal in Covent-Gardeh, The Double Gallant, with Perfeus and Andromeda: High Water at London-Bridge this Day at lb Minute* after 4. in the Morning, and 31 after 4 in the Afternofln. Yefterday Bank Stock was 148. India Stock 187 1 half. South-Sea Stock no 7 8ths Ditto Old Annuities i!4 3 4ths a 7 8ths. Ditto New 113 1 8th a 1 4th. Three per Cent. Annuities 101 1 8th a 1 4th. Ditto 1742, iot 1 8th a 4th. Ditto 1743, 98 3 4ths a 7 8ths. Million Bank 118.3 4-ths. Equivalent 111. Royal Affurance 82. London AiTurance 11 5 8ths a 3 4ths. Mine Adventure Shares, no Price. Englifh Copper 4I. ids. Welfh diu�^ no Price. African, no Price. Seven per Cent EmperoVl Loan, no Price, .five per Cent, ditto 81. ^ Bank L;reflation 4I. 15s. Prem.- India Bonds 4I. 9s. a tos; Prl^. Letters from Cork Yefterday mention, that the Tranfports were arriv'd there, in order to carry the Troops ! Three'1 half Salt Tallies 2. Prem, three 1 half per cent, ^aom thence deftin'd for,. Flanders... -4 . .# � j tL�CrB^U$f%tet* ^iPfaS.- T/irer^f ?�r. ^S6 Letters from Lifbon of the 19th paft, mention that two Englifh Privateers had taken and carried in there two Spanifh Privateers; and that an Englifh Man of War, has taken and carried into Algarve a Spanifh Veffel. The Glafcow, Capt. Marfhal, from Madeira for B3rba-does, is taken and carried into the Canaries. They write from Elfineur of the 16th inftant N. S. that the-Capt. BeJfey, from London for Stockholm, was i eaft away on the Anaut Rief; all the Pe&ple were fav'd, and it was hop'd part of the Cargo would likewife be fav'd. On Thurfday Night the Right Hon. the Earl of Holder-nefs gave a grand Supper at the Mafquerade, at which his ! Majefty, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cumberland, ! ana feveral Perfons of Quality, were, j The Lord George Bentinck, the Enrl of Effingham, ; and Capt. Rambouillet, are appointed Colonels in the Firft  Regiment of Foot-Guards. Lieut. Col. Wardour is appointed Colonel of the Regiment of Invalids. And Col. Fielding fucceeds Col. Wardour as Lieutenant-Colonel in the'Life-Guards, Major Holmes is appointed Lieutenant-Colonel of Col. Lowther's Regiment of Marines. Laft Tuefday died at Bath, Dr. Chefiey, act eminent Phyfician of that Place. On Tuefday died, in advanced Years, at hi� Hoafc at Hackney, Mr/Bofquiet, ah em^nt Merchant of this City. On Wednefday Morning a Fire broke out at the Seat of Henry Matter, Efqj at Hull, which confumed the {km% ( with the Oat-Houfes, &c. and., had fpread itfelf to the CjSom-Houfe, but was prevented from doing much Damage thereto when the Letters came awajt; it was fear*<i. 1 that his Lady, two Children, and two of his Servants, had ]' perifh'd in the Flames. ' On Tuefday laft Dr. Jernegan, of Golden-Square, was married to Mifs Belafyfe, Dao%hter of iht Hoiu. Rowland Belafyfe, Uncle to the prefent Lord Fauconberg. The Amount of the Collections on the Rekeatfal and 1 Feaft-Days of the Sons of the Clergy was upward* of 800 h ' On Tuefday laft Samuel Lifcomb was committed to Clerkenwell Bridewell by Col- De Veil, for putring off bad Money, knowing it to be fb, Yefterday the Seffions ended'at the Old Bjuly, when Four.Prifonera were tried and acquitted. The Six in our former-, who were capitally convi&ed, Deceived Sentence of Death. Tomorrow Morning a Charity Sermon will, be preach'd at the United Parifh Church of St. Mary Magdalen Old FiOvStreet and St. Gregory, by the Rev.. Mr. Bornet, Minifter of St. James Qerkenwell, for the Benefit of the Charity Children of Caftle-Baynard Ward. The fame Morning a Charity Sermon will be preach'd at the United Parifh Church of St. Arm and St, John Zachary within Alderfgate, by the R�v, Mr. Heward, Difc. Lottery-Tickets 20s. 6d. Prem. Admiralty-uftct, 4 Apri'^ 1743. TT is the Direction of the Lo d. (.ommijfunirs �* of the Admiralty, that all the Petty Officers and Stamen, belonging to bis Majefiyt Ship the Viclory, nvbo r.re abfenK from their Duty, do repair on board the faid Ship ?"� Porlfmoutb-Harbour on or before the lajl Day of ibis Month, on Pain not only of being made Run on the Ship"1* Books, but-of being apprehended, and tried at a Csntrt-Martial as Defcrttrs. __Tho. Corbett.- Admiralty-Office, 7 April, 1743. TT is the Direction of I be Lords Commijftcmrs of the Admiralty, that all the Stamen whv wire turned over from the Worcefter into the Princs Frederick) fitting out at. Portfmouth, <wbofe Leave of Abfence expired on the t,th inftant^ do repair on board the faid Ship on or before the zoth infant, her Captain being dire8ed\ to Run all fuch as do not. appear on hoard at the aforefaid Time j after which all fuch as are then abfent ivill not only loft their Wages, hut alfo be liable to be taken up as Deferttr^ and ttjtd at a Couri'Martial. ^ _Tho. Corbett. ' ~~. Admiralty-Office, 13 Aptil, 1743. X Zdtrds Commijfioners of the Admiralty, ^, J^^a^r"*^r?V the Petty Officers and Fortmafr Me* of iu Lenox, to be femev'd into the Caiitdni ttodtbe Leaviof Abfence grveit to them e*J ?&llnfianet_& is tbet* Ltrtg&ipt Direaitn, Petty Officers and Fort-Mafl-Men do imptf 2fap&4ttori of their faid Leavtt repair On Ufy*t faid Ship the Captain ; on Pain, not ditty Wages, but of being apprehended ana tried at iai at Deferters. _Tho, Corbett. s Weftflvinfter-Fire-Ofijce, April 14, 1743. CJ*H% DircBcrs of the faid Office do forty ^ give KOtkf, that a General Meeting of the Contributors wiltbtb*y*t their Office in St. Martin's Lane, bn Tbiirfday next, tht*r$ infant, at-Three d* Clock in the Afternoon, fSr ebufifig Auditors for the Tear enfuing, and for the Difpatth of otter Affeift relating to the Sot'iety._ Notice is hereby given^ THAT this Day, being ?he \6ih ifl' between the Hours �f Tea and Twer, vrill be paid at B^r, T -1nNeW-BroaWttert*Boilding8j the Priw-Money due to the anfajd of hi* Msjeftjr** Stop* the Burford and Haitipttm-Ccurtj for-rty! them taken in the Weft Indies j And vfrh^reas Nuftiber of 1 appearing at o&� time for Ships that are not adrertu'd do only di fevenl Fmnenta, they ate defw'd to take Notice, that no Perfons' paid thii Day but the Burford and Hafflpwa-Cowt, and that the W adwrtis'i is dae Cowfs�

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