Tuesday, March 26, 1743

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, March 26, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 26, 1943, London, Middlesex 1 Numb. J: � S At U H'D AX.: Ha r c a iS; 1743"; . ZW,March 24 B Ships as per lait remain. Came down, the Vsrnon, Dunn, for Tarky; the Alexander} RufleH, and -the Friendihip, Clumbers, both for Maryland; and the Morning Star, Olive, for Southampton, j Arriv'dj the Eaftern Branch, Gover, from Maryland; and the Sea-Horfe, tde, from Liverpool* for Wood*-fcrigde. Wind S. W. An JE#tra3 of a Litter from a Magiftrate of Am st e r.d a m t ' '.'' dated March 29. � The ReM&onfrvwthwhich the Province of Frijeland. . gave it's Copfent tor the March. oF 20000 Men, relate i particularly, as it*s 48at% to the Prince of Orange. ' This Province prdtefts againft the Nomination of feverai < foreign Generals, tinlcfs his Serene Highnefs be declared � General. Bat 2" the States Ga^al ^ill fagree'to niife i this-Princ^ to tfee^^^Ctfp* ^�roVirice xrf Frp�la*if * wittgire its Co^rfcht W theKommation of foreign .Ge-'/j * ner.'Jts; it woald tho* be understood, that his Serene' � Highnefc 4hall take his Rank of ftanding from the laft .Promotion. The Confent of the Province of Zealand � is Icarcely to be doubted ofi As to that of Guelderland, ' theDiftricfcrof Nzmegen and Zutphen have agreed aenongft < themfelvts to give their Confent; but the Magistrates of � the third Diftrict, which is that of Atnheim, ftiil ftrongry � perfift in not giving theirs, at leaft, it's, laid, till the � Prince ofOrttoge be nominated. General. There will be � no Dsrrkulty in getting the Acqmefcence of the Province � of Overyffel, as^fbon as that of GuelderJavd will give its < Content. It's however quite otuerwife in'Regard to the � Province of Utrecit, for. there is not yet one Voice for � confenting to the March of the Troops, but on the ton-� trary, every Body there is diametrically oppofite to that < Refolution. .But as every Body is thoroughly perl'unded, � that after having refilled to the End, this Province will ' follow the Example of t.'ie Majority, whether from being * unwilling to continue Angular or from an Inclination of � yieldihg to the g^reateft Narabers, is ~yet uncertain. Peo- * pie who are againfi: the marching of the 20000 Men, give, � themfelves for the prefent but little TJneahneii about the ' Refolution, being fenfibie .that.there are many .F'orma- * litics to be required from the Court at Vienna, before � theRepublick wjH fend ite Troops into the Field.' L O N D . O N. Yeflerday an Accbanf came, that the Oxford'-Man of War had taken a Spanish Veffel laden with Provmons,  &3F enbighlhire. : ' . ' On Thurfday laft died the Lady of Thomas Hall, Efq; an eminent Merchant of this City, at his Houfe in Or-mond-Stree{. - ' * Oh Thurfday died at her Houfe in Throgmorton-Street, Mrs. Woodward, Relift of Mr. Woodward, formerly an eminent Banker, in Exchange-Alley. Sir John Thornton, Knt. and Alderman of Candlewick-Ward, Is very much iudifpos'd, at his Houfe in Crutched-�fryars. " ' ' '"" ' A tew Days..ago the Rev.,Mr.. William Miles was prefented by the Right Hon. the JLord Vifcount Towrifcnd tojthe Livings of Martin St.Rainham, and Helioughton, in the County of Norfolk, void by the Refignatipri of the laft Incumbent " Mis Grace the Archbifliop of York is to be privately hieit'd iti a Vault with his Lady,. in St. Margaret's Church, on WedneTday next. Her Grape the Dutchefs of Buckingham is to be interr'd ?n King Henry tfie Seventh's Chapel in Weilminfter-Abbey, ?fith the two. jate rDukes, Her Grace's Hiilband and Son, the Thurfday in Eafter-Week. And We hear the Effigy of her Grace In Wax will be placed;near that of the Duke her Son. " .Yefterday printed Papery were af^x'^ Sip,all over the City and Liberty.c-f Weftmmfter, \yith, the,Or^er. of Henry the Sixth, for difcohtinuing the Cuitom'.'of levyiing Money *pon-ail"Males, call'd- Head-Pe^'ce jvw^ich^rdinance makes it one hundred Marks Penalty up'^n any Perfon that dares.collea'k! ' "* ^ � ^ ' ' Tompjr9w Morning a5ermon will l?e ^xeach'd fat-the ranffi Church'of St! Miry AldermariWy, by the Right Jw.pathert.in God,Mafthia/s Lorii^pop of Qjichefter, J^r.Ae 'Benefit '-of the Cfeirity: CluMr^ of tie^Vard ,pf. t;iPplegate-mth"m.. ' j * Tlie ^e^orning a Charity,Sermon will be preach!d. Gener-il-Polt-Uffite, Loncon, M-rcti 10, TJ7 HERE AS noiwithitanding the rr No. vottce Tbiiiorrow two Charity Sermons' will be preach'd at the Parifli Church of Alhallows the Great, in. Thames-Street, for the Benefit of the Children belonging to Dovvgate Ward j that in the Morning by the Right Rev. Dr. Herring,  Lordv-Bifhop. of Bangor; arid tbat in the Afternoon by the ' Rev' Mr. Wingfield; Lefturer of St. Thomas. At .the^^^^'-Warehoifes lonXudj^te-HiH, are now on Sale the l>�eff Jamaica\;Rum, at 7s..'9d. the beft Coniac Brandy, at 8 s. and Batavia Arrack, at 15 s, a Gaibiv At the faid Warehoufes are now alfo on Sale conliderable Quantitiesof ForeignBrandy arid Rum-Orange-Shrdb, at 8s. a Gallon, which Shrub, when made into Punch, is equal, if not fuperior to any Punch frelh raide. ' Great _Kumbers of Gentlemen, and Ladies daily refort to the Manfion Houfe and French Horn, facing the Marifron-Houfe, to fee the Artift from Norwich, arid nis wonderful Performances, who has given &ch general Satisfaction to moil of the Nobility nt Gharmg-Crbfs, being twenty-two t Y/e^rs of Age, never had the Ufe of Hands or Feet, but . two-Fbot! long, weighs but four Stone- two Pounds, and has as comely"a Face as moil Men.. His Conversation-is \ fo agreeable, it pleafes all that fee him. He writes, draws Gentlemens Coats of Arms, and plays at.Cards with his Mouth ; with feveral other Performances too tedious to mention. He is to be/feen by one or.more, without Lofs of Time, from Ten to Eight, and nO later. This Evening will be perform'd, At the Theatre Royal in Driiry-Lane, The Coriftant Couple. At the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, Venice Preferv'd. j- with the Rape of Proferpine._____ High W?.ter & LuncUjn-Bridge this Day at 9 Minutes .after 12 in the Morning, and 37 after 12 in the Afternoon. Yefterc/ay Bank Stock was 147 for the Opening. India St:<ck 180 3 4ths. South-Sea Stock 110 1 4th. Ditto Old Annuities, Books flint. Ditto New 112 7 8ths a 113. Three per Cent. .Annuities 100 1 8th. Ditto 1742, 100 1 8th. Million Bank 118 3 4ths. Equivalent 111. Royal Affurance 82. London Aflurance ii' 5 8ths a 3 4ths. Mine-Adventure Shares, no Price. Englifh Copper 41. 10s. Wchh ditto,, no Price. African, no Price. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Lom, no Price. Five per Cent, ditto, no Price. Bank Circulation 4I. 10s. Prem. India Bonds 4I. 8s. a 9s� Prem. Three i half Salt Tallies 2. Prem. Three 1 hfilf.per Cent. Exchequer Orders 5. Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 2; Djfc. ' _ public Uver-Uffice in.Bridewell Pjrtcinct, Lunaon, "March the 10th, 1742. tj/HEREAS forrie" Hl-defigning and. diror- 1 \.JT <3�]y Perfofis, did in the Night time ;bctv!?n the 6;h ini 7th of -thii vafaat Mwch, unlawfully and roalickmfly cut or break down. the'Bank of the New-River near the RyerHoule, inthefipwyoi Hertford-, where-.'by'.tbd Water of the faid River was drawn.ayay aii&fuuk :for nvuiyMiles, to the very great Detriment' of the Covemour and Company of. the .faid . Nc'w^rve^im'irirrej'SclTicr of the-CSty' and-Town 'far general: This is ; !tHere/ore!to'a*ve-Notice, that whoever fliall <fifcovsr any Petfon or Pcrlons, 'v*6 fo'cur^n broke "dibwn-t'he'fMd ,River Bank as: afovelaid',; cj tie Wages due to them far the Defiance to tie of Di , the Tender's willjuit away without them ; after which they will not only loft t: 11 the Wage's~aue to them for the Defiance, but will be tuhv up jf they can � bf found, and tried at a  Conrt-Marthd ai QefetteriX Thb. Corfceit, -Vt >V-:--:----------:-- . TalJow-Charrdlers Hall, London, March 25, 1743. -J^/HhREA S. there is great Rwjo.-i to fufpsd that many Perfons in. private Raovij, Gdrreii, and other unenterd Placty within the Pulls of Mortality,- dc fraudulently make Tdllo-w Candles without paying the Du 'yi and to the great Prejudice of the fair Traders : T%is is therefore to give Notice, that whofoivir ft?all within -fix.il eck: from the Date-Thereof make Difcoverj of any fuch Offender or Offenders, to anyone of the Surveyors of the Du:-; on Candle*, (whofe Names and.Excife-Chambers are hereunder-writtr-. ) fhall receive Five Pounds Reward for each and evc at Three o'aock in the Afternoon, to treat and agree for the fame at a certain Pricej and each Ccntriclor to have the Benefit of the Poors Labdiir.- Note, The Worfchoufe is already fu'rnifliM with all Necefiaries, and fur1- 1 ther Information may be had of Mr. Thomas Hsndifyde,' Cnuychwardeo^ in Beli-Lane SplttfeHeWi. ^._' \A/HERkAS� a. Parent was granted by .V V King Charles the Fh-ft,- and confirmed by Ring James the Secofldi for hoidhjg a Fair in Great ana Little Brook-Field, then in the Fariih of St. M'arfin in tie Fields, now in the Parilh of St. Qedrg>,: HanovejiSquare,' for the buying and felling all forts of Merchandia:, and to begin the ift of May, ,-(0 to continue for fifteen Dayi; this is to acquaint the; fublick, .tliat the Fair will be oocned oil the nt of May next 5 where all Perfora that are wiliirg to take 'Ground for brining Booths, Sralrt, &�. ly- applying to Mr.: Carfter, at the Sim Tavern in Sh'ephetd's .Marfietj may agi and "paying the Charge, may have, them again c/;Rice/Le.wi3) B.eech�-Mjker,\si the -Hantfman, Back and BMesbes, in the Borough, SOuthwftk; By S'UTS~C. R IP T"T' 6 N. T~ The EM.ntb Night. AT the Trreatre Royal in CoVent-Gard^ ' cn Tutfaay'iiext," .will 'be'^rforai'd . ... . . A JJ-EW SACRED 0-RATOlUa With a CON CERT O on the ORG All And a Solo on. the Vioi-n by Mr. DUBOURG. Tickets will be deliver'd to' Subftribers on Monia'y^D�t, at Mr. Handel'f Houfe in- Brooke-Street.-----. . ^ Pit and Boxes to be put together,- and no Perfons to bf admitted without Tickets, vyhich will be delher'd rJist Day, at the Q_OTce in Covent-Garden �Theatre, at Haifa Guinea each. Firft Gallery <; s. Upper Galkry 3 �, 6 #,  The Galleries will be ooen'd at Four, Pit and Botes �.FiVeV ,.' .  - To begtk: it Si* VOosfe " :

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