Saturday, March 23, 1743

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Saturday, March 23, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 23, 1943, London, Middlesex Vr E D N E h D �"I--s----'-�---�- A, Y� Ma ft: fc h 23, 174J. 2i. ~^H� Carolina Shirt fc'&tfd: - The Kine'S Ships remain. Wind N. E. j Jung'3 S hips remain. M Extrda of a Litter> frsn tht Hague, datedMarch 26. " * Coant Sintbeim, Ambaffador from ' the Emperor, having this Week 'received Difpatches from hifflm-* perial Majefty, which we are _____ ^ afiurM, relate to the Qjjeenof < i Hungary^ Anfwer to the Propofitions made her bf the t ImperiarCourtji and the entering of the Auflrian and * Auxiliary- Trobpa into the Territories of Juliers, has had � feveral Conferences with the principal Members of the ? Government upon this Subject. As to the xlrll Head, this * Ambafiador represented, that the Emperor was furpriz'd � that the Qgeen of Hungary, without fufficiently explain-� ing herfelf in-Writing upon the Points which me fays * would be mjarioos to her Glory, and contrary to the Law < of Nations, mould content herfelf with only giving far � Anfwer, 'That by the Advice of her Counci/, fhe had �*" refolved not to accept the Offers of his Imperial Majefty, ''"becanfe in To doing fhe fhould aft contrary to her Glory, <5 and'to thejSentiments titf her faith&l Allies: That there �* Was no Way propofed of making her Satisfaction in any Rtjped,. for die excefllve Expences fhe had been at to �� rcfiit her Enemies: That moreover fhe had too much �*' the publick Tranquility, and general and particular good .�' of the Princes and Circles of the Clergy at Heart/ to �� agree to an Accommodation, which by abolifhing one " Part of their Rights and Privileges, would anfwer no * Other Purpofe than to'occafion great- Difcontent and �*Useafitiefi amongft thofe whombuld be comprehended-*' in the Change of Affairs.* The Count afterwards added, 1 that as it was more than time to provide for the Security � of the Empire and. the publick Rjspofe, Jhis Imperial Ma- * jefty requeffed" the States General to prevail upon the .Queen to give, them an Explanation in Writing, of the < pretended Injuries that inch an Accommodation would � do her, 'and to learn of thatPrincefs what Means fhe � would make ufe.of to bring about,the Conditions of * Peace to which fhe would content, in order to prevent alj � Diviftons and � M'^^^�r^i;��?uig theii-High Mighrineffes could not * be igtfoi^bFwhatir viz. that the * Auftrums and; Auxiliaries marched into that Dutchy from * �|uif*ifinbtjierMoisve ; .in" fhort, inPurfuance of a Con- * ventibn1 entered .into, between the Courts of Vienna and * 'fatffatwiuih in a fhort time will more manifeftly dif-l cover itfelf to. tjie Repoblick.' fCafUti J?t% 26. WSthin a few Days paft, * upon the Arrival of feveral SpanifH" Officers from M. de Gages, to acquamt the Court - of the Impoffibility of the Spanifh Army's undemkine amrOperaiaons, fince it had fo much fuffer'din the Acuon of Campo Santo, great Motions are obfervAl amongft the Mmiffep, and Exp^effes have been fcnt^o feverat Provinces of the Kingdom. f 'partziiki March'\S. - ThevKtng of Prtifua's Refident tt Wariaw has lately renew'd a Claim, made in the Year l7j^>about jbpoootl. Sterling Value, Capital and- In-, fereft, due to hisMajefiyon the NewburgEftates in Poland,' now �.the Poffcffipnof thVFamily of Radzewit, and coh-tiguous tp his.Pruiuan Majefty*s Dominions in Lithhanta. Yefterday arfjv'd a Ruffian Frigate''in our Road/ who fpeaks with all* Ships1 that come in, and propofes to.hinder the 8wedei l�ing fep|^ied with Provifions from hence. ,; Liqgrt Mafcbvb. The French have fent two or three Officers of their Hollars to raife Recruits in this Town, tod take Boys of twelve or thirteen Years old. > L O N . D O N. - Yefterday- his'Miyefty went to the-Houfe of Piers, and gave the Royal Affcnt to tne Lottery Bill, .the'Gm Bill, the Sill for npealihg the Pot Ac>� the Mutiny BflL, the infolvent Pebtors Bill, and fucfc others as wereready for that Purpofe. Yefierday Morning died at his Houfe in Clapham, Sir RoaYe, Knt. Alderman of Vintry Ward, and one Yeftefday Morning Miles Barnes* Efq; an' emmeni: Merchant of this City, and .f0rme#4 Diteftbr" of the. Eaft-Ipdia Company, died at his Hohfe in Ormond-Street. On Saturday Night laft Dt Handafyd hrriv'd from Ledwarden at his Hoiife in Ked-Lyon-Square. When he took his Leave of the Prince of Orange, his Highhefs, as a Mark of his Favour, prefented hiih tvith a rich Snuff-JSox; garnifh'ft with Diamonds and Rubies. We hear that Capt. Bpfcawen, Capt. Ro^; and Capt.. Rombqvillet, will have three of the vacant Companies in die firft Regiment of Foot-Guards. On Monday Night died at iier Houfe in Milk-Street, Mrs. Lydia Hallows, an eminent wholefale Haberdafher, � who by great Induftiy had acquif'd a co'nfiderable Pontine, "which entirely devolves to Mr. Todchet; of Aldefmanbury, who married her only Daughter. Yefterday Sarah Taylot; otherwife Brown, upon whom the Piece of'fine Irifh Linnen was. found, and ftopt by .Mr. Carmault, was detained by Col. De Veil, it proving the Property of Mr. Edward Eyre, of Coverit-Garden; Lihnen-JJraper, and fclonionlly and privfctuljMakeo out of his Shop. At the Brandy-Warehouies on Ludgate-HiU, ate now on Sale the beft Jamaica Rum, at ?s. yd. the beft Coniac Brandy, at 8 s. and Batavia Attack, at 15 s. a Gallon- At the faid Warehoufes.are now alfo on Sale confiderable Qnau-tities of Foreign Brandy and Rum Orange-S *. jb, at 3 s. a Gallon, which Shrub, when made into Puncu, is equal, if no fuperipr to any Punch frefh made. _, B A N K R UP T S. PhiKp Cantilloh, of London, Merchant. Robert Sonthgate, pfcMajjdftone, Dealer and .Chapman. Yefterday Bank Stock was 147 1 half a i 4th. India Stock 181 1 half a 181. South-So Stock 110 3 8ths. Ditto Old Annuities 114 1 half. Ditto.New 112 7 8ths a uyr Three per Cent. Annuities rco i 8th a i 4th. Ditto 174s, 100 1 Sth a 1 4th, Million Bank i 18 3 4ths-Equivalent iii.'. Royal Aflaranee 81. London Ailurance ri 5 8ths a 3 4ths. Mine Adventure Shares, no Price. Englifh\Copper 4I. 10s. Welih ditio, no Price. African, no Price. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan, no Price. Fiva per Cent, ditto* no Price. Bank Circulation 4I. 10s. a 12s. 6d. Prem. ladii Bonds. 4I. 9s. a 10s. Prcm. Three 1 half Salt Tallies 2. Prem. Tnree 1 half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 5. Prem.- Three per Cent, ditto 2 1 4th,. D/fc. _y ADVE RT;J S'EM liNf to ibe Suh/cnben to tbrRtv. ' JV^StACKHbusE'j HISTORY of the BIBLE, which is. ,-. hw&fcritiiipg k, bsing tie firft Sbctt of the ftfty-thhd Number, completes the Volume ,T)ie GeoenU Title to the Second Volume, together with a complete Index to the whole -Work/ vnlLbe deliver'^ with theiaQ Numbciv U.. B. -Apy Perfontlierefbre that has a Mind to fubfcribe to this Work for tfte future, may begin with No. I. or have the Firft Voiuaie deliver'd all at:on r tonty fcw'd up in Pafteboards; though its bein�ojily put into Half-Einding for the prefeirt, u by much the beft Method, an4J*Mhej^we recommended as fuch to thofe Perfons that have already get flie tuft Volume, which they took in Weekly, as it came out in Nucribers. -------- N, . -iricrtJALLiNG:8EFIcS, iz ftiarch, 174I; Cr'HE Comjnijftpners fa+fo%uali*ng-;bii MaMj$> 4- fiavjgiyeNftice, fb$rbnTue/<tdj.^ in tbe Forenoon, they <wilt be ready to treat for fr^^^katu for- bisMajsftytsShipiat tbePort of Chatham'. ~ " Englilh-Copper-Houfe, 2 March; 174^. cf*H\� Court,.of' yffmar.ts if the Che-or and. Company, of Copper-Mhers in England do hereby gtjji, Notice, that a General Court cf th$faid Comfdajt ff/ 64 . held at their Houfe in Bt:jb-En?e, Lowlm, on Tuefday thh zgtb infant, from Ten in the- Forenoon till One in tht Afternoon,, for the fcleSlion of a Governor, Dcputy-Govtrapr^ and ten A� for the Year enfuing', and to cjnjtder of a Dividend : Alfo that the Transfer-Book} of the faid Gontpaty will be Jhut from Monday the lith indent tillf^ednefi^ the 6tb of April next. They further give ?l ..(j;n I O n - fT'K;E - C9 f"f I v?�. ^" &&�M)ir.eftGTS;ofjbe Utfun Satiety fo> infuring- Goods and Merchandi-zt from i-ofs by-Fire,glv; Notiie'l that the Half-Yearly General Meeting, of tht faid Soeietyi will be beld at their Office in Gutter-Lane, t-.eapfide, tbii prefestWeMiefday, the z id infant, at Three in the Afternooni nubtreall-4ob6 are injured iu the faid Office are.dtfr'did hi-prefutt. Lofisa paid by the Society in thc� Year 1J42; *fobn Hall, Fox-Court, Graf's Inn Lane, -- 16 Thomas Turner, W'apping-Vock, �  � � 438 Edmund Hall, Fox-Court, Grafs Inn Lane, - 300 I fade Lane, Wapping, ' - . � . . yar^ej Gooifford, Bermondfey-Street, --' James March, Long-Lane, lVefl-$m:Yfeld, - Jofepb MdifterSf- Bieavis-Mark, London-V/all, WBitbread Pokins, Minofi'es,   > > -� Tbontas Afley, Smithfeld-Bars, - "' � William Smith, WJjite-Ro-iv, Spittlefelds, �   Elizabeth Thbmas., Montague-Clofi^ Soufbiidrkj Robert Burrell, Rbfentary-Lane, ~-- 5. $ 6 161 44 . 9 1 -27 1, : Q O O ii o 1  H 18 19 3. �9 18 id �i 8 i ,4 id 6 6 Printed fer S. Aulten, ewgate-Srreet. ^f.the D^fecloTS of the Eaft-India Company.: And we ^ear-T�aoi*o^ar' Wardmote will be held for thcEle&ion �of-, an AUennan kt his_rqpro, when it's thought. Edward ^bbn, fifd;.: liiember of Parliament for Southamptoja, �iH:be�nnanuneafl7 chofen. _ � TheifemeMornt^ died fnddenlp, at hisHouleinBrdaq-^treelp, Papiffion SaC^i'an eminehtWeft-India Merchant ^ ofte c^tne.Di�Aors of the London. Affurance. -mam ^^Sm^^i Ywik trdwy^yM Ciwi(Br*l-r,OU-Ulb\e, Lontldn, March 10, 1742. Iff HER BA S notwitblUnding the publick * ' Notice that has been fo repeatedly given by this Office, as well in the Gazette as in other News-Papers, concerning the Foreign Pof age which it, to be paid herefor all Letters that are to go to Germany, It&ly, or any other Country beyond Holland, France, or Flanders, Miftakes bdwe Jometimes been . made,'ami titters have been delivered fo this Office, dire�fed 1 to .thofe Countriesf ^without paying the Fdreign Poftage, as requiry d by A3 of Parliament: The Pofi-Mafter-General has thought fit to adniertife, that the Pofiagt to be paid here at this Office, 6r at tie refptftivt< Receiving-Houfes or Offices appointed and authorized for the tuiing-in-of Letters in Town or Country,-by all Perfons corrtfpovdingwaith Germany, Italy, or itnyfireign Pdrts in the North,, or the South, by the Way of Hollaiid, France, or Flanders, is after the following Rates, viz. Between London and any Part of Germany, Itaty, Sicily, Switzerland, Denmark, or Sweden, .and 'allParts of the North(thr^ Holland), Single is. Double 2s. Treble 3*. Ounce 4*. Between. London, and any Pari of Spain *K Portugal, (itiro* France, or by Packet-Boat tRreaty) Single is. 6d. Wubte 3 s. Treble 4/. 6<f*. Ounce 6 s. , Between London and any Part of Italy or Sicily, (thro1 France, by Way of Lyons, or any Part of Turky, by Way of iyiarfnlks^ Single 1 s, $d. Double zs* 6d. Treble 3s. 9d. Ounce' $s. And It istt be obferved, that on Failure of fitch Payment of the above.Rates, no Letters td futb foreign Parts can be forwarded from this Office. And that for all Letters, di-'recled to foreign Countries, by the Way of Holland, France, and Flanaets as above, fent to this Office to be forwarded from any Parts of the Kingdom of Great Britain diftant. from London,, or from any Parts of Ireland, the njfual inland Pofiagt to, London is alj% to be paft over and above the fo-, rein Poftage. ' . 'N x ' Note, By aCoveroffeparate Paper to a Letter of a (Ingle Sheet it becomes 4 double Letter, and if fucb Cover,be to a double Letter it becomes treble, and is trie paid for accordingly. By Cmnmdeftfo Poft'Maftfr-Gentrat, AT a Meeci.g of the Honourable the 'Truifeftf for rcpairipg the" Turnpike-Road, from Eajjngftnne-Hill, iij US CoUi/ry of Suit}', to Bfe'jver-BriHg^, in the County of' Mid^iefoc, held tSe � �4th Day of January, 1741, it was crdet'd, that tie-next M-efcingftull btf held-oh Monday the 28th-Day cf Waichi 17+}, at Tea o'Clock in thil" Fortnoon, at the Red l^on in Egham. _ _ Htnry Brorobrt'fee, Gltrh. THH-. Subfcr&ers to the D.r:ford Aficmhljr arcdeOred to take Notice, tiut their next. Meeting will bis heif tt the Old George in Dartford, on Friday the 2 jth infbnt. Ji Spgncer, Trsofarsr.^ On\FrUay Sn/ming next, ( exacl/y at Si-vett J and every MtndAj and Friday at .be fame Hour, wilt be Contir.ild ACourfe r.f I eciurvi on the Nature afid Gufa of tire Difeafes of the E Y'E J By john T A r Y L OR, DuSir of Pb)!/ick, Surgegn, (kuUft to bis Mcyfiy, and Id<Av of ftotriii Collect of Pbyjiciant in f-rttgn Parts, ,*J At his Houfe in Great Qoeen-Street, Lincoln's Jnn,frelds.: -.. TTie LeQuie on Frid y nrtt is on the Dil"e.ifes of the Ch'ryfraiiine KuincAji \vh?rcin not only his new Method of Couching, -er removing the difeaVd Chryft.iiline frcm the Axis of the Glo'&e of the Eyey in every Species of itif morb'tick, (all known under the NarneJ of CKaVadt and Glau coma) and in every State of each Species, with the Reafons of its many other fuperior Advantages to that orJinaniy praftis'd, will be( exactly idwvrt and expLin'ti';' but alfo an hiftorical Narration will "be given of all that nut been laid cn thefe Difcafes, as we'll by th� Antienti ii Moderns. The Genticmen of Diftinclion and of the Faculty are invited J awl *di defir'd that all fuch will pleafe to attend by Seven* In the Evening exa�tf^.~ T the K I N G's~THEATRE jn HAY-MARKET, Tomorrow, being the 24th of Mareh', will bl ~ if L Y. A An A S S E Being the laft M this. Year. Two Tickets, will be deliver'd to every Subicribcr this. DayV al Whitens ChdeoJate-Houfe. in St. James's Street ) and if any Tickers rq.Wi more than are fobfcribfd for, they "will be delfver'd this tky, at tile f^cA'* Office ia the Hay-Market, at Six and Twenty Shillings each. Note, �very Ticket will admit,either one Gentiemaa or two Ladies* A" T the "KING'S T HE AT RE , in . ine HAY-'MARKET, cm Sa�riaf next; the i6tk of i�4ic^ Will Oi T- the . HAY-'MARKET, it perfbrm'd an OPERA, cali'd E N R I C v WrtK Dances and other* Seeorar'on*. �. Rtanil Bcttt' to be put togethet} anti no-Persons fo be jiaytftA wotftoui T>�k�rj,. w>D"ch will be dtfrer'd that Day �t the O.fkc \a the Kay-Majkc^ at Htil a Gvnu each. Galley r^c Shiifiri^. By His MAJESTY'* Command,^ No Pcrfc* whatever to be admitted beh:nd tbz Sceoea.  � - To begih �t Six o'Ciotk. . ... w U B S C RIP" T I fht. Ninth -Night. ' AT &t Theatre Rf-yaT. in Covent-Gardeftf this Day, will fce perfbrm'd. , . . -. t .,. . .- . '.i' A NEW SACRED ORATOR! OV With a CONCERTO on the ORGAN. And a-Sob on the Viola by" Mr, DUBOURO. Tickets will be deliver'd to Sjubfcrib in MaccJesSeH-Strrtt, neat St. AnaVObucb, say lave is ag*s*,-pyuig tM <*�8� ol ^AUii^

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