Sunday, March 17, 1743

Daily Advertiser

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Sunday, March 17, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 17, 1943, London, Middlesex Numb. 3794* "A 0 t,#'r:s;M?y, jvta r 17, 1743- sHil March 15. A'ME down and fail'd, the Lovdy. Mary, Macnamara, for Dunkirk ; and the Mary, Read, for Maryland. Remain, the Terrible and-Granada  Bombs, the Indufiry Tended, and the Plymouth Transport; "with the Wjlliam and Martha, Saunders, for South-Carolina, Wind N. E. ThiVJEveniiiSj will be perform'd, Jkt...the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane, The iConftant Co^e,.ivith the Virgin Unma&'d.  t \ , � ';At tlie Thcatre^Royal mCovent-Garden,-V'enicePreferv,d>' Kvith the Toy.-Shop.v ' r" . fc -A^ the Theatre; R,pyar iri-Lincoln's Inn Fields, The FirftPart Of King Henry the Fourth, with the Lying Valet. IPefttrJay Bani? Stock, ^as 146 I half India Stock 179. Sooth-Sea Stock 109 3. 4ths. Ditto Old Annuities 114 1 "4th. Ditto New 112 1 half a 5 8ths. Three per Cent. Annuities ioo> 3 8ths. Ditto 1742, 100 3 8ths Million Bank 118. Equivalent 111/ Royal A/Tur.-jKc 81. London Affuxance 11 5 8ths a � 4ths. Mine Adventure Shares, ho Prick Englift Copper 4!.-ios. Welm ditto, 110 Price. African, no. PrtcCi Seven per Cent. Emperor*. Loan 112 i .half. Five per Cent, ditto 78. BnnkC1rculaf.on4i.10s. Pr�m. India Bonds 4I. 8s. a 9s. Pr-n> Thne 1 i�uii Sal* Tallies .2. Pr�n. Three' 1 half per Cent- i\xc heq uc t ""cKfcrs 5. Prertf. Three per Cent, ditto 2 1 4th, Difc. Weft on, Ma, ib 6. 742. To the Gentlemen, Clergy and Frcenokiirs of the County ol1 .Oxford. Vf/'HERE AS at a General Meeting of tie Gentlemen, Clergy and Freeholders of the County of Oxford, held at the Crofts Inn on Thurfday the ^d infant, I was unanimoufly fx'd on as a Candidate to reprefent this .County in Parliament, in the room of the late Lord Vifcount Quarexdon, new. Earl of Litchfield; the Shortnefs of Time not permitting me to make a perfonal Application, I hope you will exeufe my taking this Method of defiring your Votes and Intereft, which will greatly oblige Your moji obedient humble Servant, NORREYS BERTIE. The Election will come on the 23d infant. Adniiiahj-Oftice, 7 M. rv ti. 1742. TJ/HEREAS the Leave of Abjen-e given to the Petty Officers and Foremaf Men belonging to his Majefty's Ship the Mary Galley expires on the 2?th of this Month, it is the Diretlion of the Lords Commijf oners of the Admiralty, that the faid Petty Officers and Foremaf Men (notwithftanding the Orders they have receiv'd to go on boat d the Princefs Royal at the Nore) do repair on board his Majefty''s Ship the Jerfey at Plymouth, at the Expiration of the faid Leave, where they will be paid the Remainder of the Wages due to them in the Mary Galley, and two MihtL-s Wages Advance, before they proceed to Sea; but if any of the faid Men fail to go on board[.theJetfey, they will not only lo I fif HE Anniverfary Meeting: ff the Society correfpondmg with the Incorporated Societyin Dublin, for promoting- Englifti Proteftant Working - Schools in Ireland, will be held in the -Veftry-Room of the Church of St. Mary le Bow in Cheap fide7- on Tuefday next, the 22d infant, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, precifely; on which Occafton there 'will be a Sermon preached by the Rev. Dr. Thomas, Dean of Peterborough, and Chaplain in Ordinary to bis Majefty. Prayers veitl begin at Eleven o'clock. An ExtraS ofa tetter from a foreign Mimfter at Pa r 13, dated March 15. < The Difpitches wnich this Court received lair, .from \ Madrid, have been the Occafion of holding Teveratpri- }f � I fhe aforefaid Payments, but will be taken up, and tried at a expecTeo*'. LONDON. We hear the Lord Cadogan is to have the Second Troop of Horie-Guards, lately commanded by his Grace the Duke of Marlborough j the Earl of Rothes the Fourth Troop, lately commanded by tne Earl of Effingham j and the E.iri of Stair is to Have Lord Cadogan's Regiment of Dragoons. Yeiterday the Lords of the Admiralty appointed Capt. Harrfon to "be Commander of the Superb Man of War, of fixty Guns. Yefierday4t was reported that Sir George Downing, Bart. Was der,4^if Ihu Wounds. On Tuefday Night died, after a long Iilnefs, at his Houfe.ihMonifiga-Street, Spittlefields, James Guenin, Efq; one of his Majcfty's Juftices of the Peace, and Major of the Firft Regiment of Tower-Hamlets. Yefterday died in Queen-Street, Weftminfter, Mafter Leighton, oniy Son of - Leigiiton, Efq; We hear the Dutchefs of Buckingham hzs left a large Sum to defray the Expences of her Funeral, which is to he perfbrnVd in. a very magnificent Manner. On Sunday laft William Churchey, Efq; was married at Alhallows in Bread-Street to Mift Spateman, of Cannon-Street, a Lady of great Beauty, Merit and Fortune. On Tuefday laft Mr. Wilkms, an eminent Coal-Merchant in Spitt/efields, was married to Mifs Bacon, of White-Row, in the fame Fields. On Tuefday Morning, died fuddenly, at his Houfe the Corner of Brook-Strtet, Mr. Davy, an eminent Diftiller. . On Tuefday Morning at May-Fair Chape), Mr. Richard Bray, of Abcimrch-Lane (-vno had twenty Tnoufand Pounds left him by his Fatlier-in October laft) w s married to Mrs. Sarah Smith, an agreeable young Gentlewoman and his fecond Coufin. Yefterday Mary-Lewhey Aires, was committed to the Gatehoufe by Col. De Veil, for ftealing a great Quantity of Linnen from Mrs. Ann Hayncs: , Next Sunday Morning a Charity Sermon will be preach'd at the Parifh Cnurch of St. Mary Aldermary in Bow-Lane, for the Benefit' of the Children of Vintry Ward, by the Rev, Mr. Bellinger, Ledurer of Trinity Parifh in the Minories. On Sunday next two Charity Sermons will be preach'd at toe Parifh Church of Lambeth, for the Benefit of the poor Boys; that in the Morning by the Right Rev. Father in God the Lord BihSop ef St. Afaph ; and that in the Afternoon by the ReV. Dr. Bearcroft, Chaplain in Ordinary to fcs Majefty. There is now on Sale at the Brandy-Warehoufes on Ludgate-Hill, Jamaica Rum, full Proof, as good as has Wn impoTtjediato�ngjaad for many Veaxspaft, at 7 s. 9d. ^Court-Martial as De/erters. Tho. Co'httX. GeneraI-Poft-Cffi>e, L'ndcn, March 10, 1742. TJ/fiEREAS r:ctivUh-::;r.ding the jmblick * Notice that has been fo repeatedly given by this Office, as well in the Gazette as in other News-Papers, concerning the Foreign Poft age which is to be paid herefor all Letters that are to go to Germany, Italy, or any other Country beyend Holland, France, or Flanders, Miflakes have fometimes been made, and Letters have been deliver d to this Office, dire tied to thofe Countries, without paying the Foreign Poftage, as r�quird by Ail of Parliament: The Poft-Mafter-General has thought fit to advertife, that the Poftage to he paid here at this Office, or at the refpeclive Receiving-Houfes or Offices appointed and authorized for the taking in of Letters in Town or Country, by all Perfons correfponding with Germany, Italy, or any foreign Parts in the North, or the South, by the Way of Holland, France, or Flanders, is after the following Rates, viz. Between London and any Part of Germany, Italy, Sicily, Switzerland, Denmark, or Sweden, and all Parts of the North (thro' Holland), Single is. Double 2 s. Treble $ s. Ounce 4 j. Befrzveen London and any Part of Spam or Portugal, (thro'' France, or by Packet-Boat direBly) Single is. 6d. Double 3/. Treble 4j. 6d. Ounce 6 s. Between London and any Part of Italy, or Sicily, (thro'' France, by Way of Lyons, or any Part of Turky, by Way of Marfeilies) Single is. 3d. Double 2s. 6d. . Treble 3x. gd. Ounce 5 s. And it is to be obferved, that on Failure of fuch Payment of the above Rates, no Letters to fuch foreign Parts can be forwarded from this Office. And that for all Letters directed to foreign Countries, by the Way of Holland, France and Flanders as above, fent to this Office to' be'forwarded from any Parts of the Kingdom of Great Britain diftant from London, or from any Parts of Ireland, the ufual inland Poftage to London is alfo to be paid over and above the foreign Poftage. Note, By a Cover of feparate Paper to a Letter of a /ingle Sheet it becomes a double Letter,. and if fuch Cover be to a double Letter it becomes treble, and is to he paidfor accordingly. By Command of the Poft-Maftet^General, George Shelyocke, Sec. ^ouch-Sea-Houie, London, 11 March, 1742. CT'H E Court of Directors of the South-Sea Company give Notice, that, a General Court .of the faid Company will be held at their Houfe in Tbreadneedle-Street, on Thftrfday- the 24th inftant, at Eleven 0? Clock in' the Forenoon, being one of the #alf-Yearly Coitrte appointed by the ChagterV J^TOrder r.f the Honourable Commiffiotters cf in Majefty's Cuftoms, will be put up to Sale, in the Lon? Room at the Citftom-Houfe, Londm, this Day, being ~7 the ~" - -j.....----j ' -.....- - 17 th of March, at Three 0"Clock in the Afternoon, Sugars, Ginger,: and Cotttn, in lisnc. The.Goods to be viewed at fhe New Ts'arehoufes at til Cuftom-Houfe, to the Time of Sale. N n ajier -hrtdgt--JJKC, OTI^E is hereby and others, who m .y b- defircu-- :c iavd in-the nsw Sir. &t, hr-.v �c:r, k-ifiiLig irom the. Foot ot" the n-_w Bii.'^e March 2, 1742-3. given co~ all'Buih'ers,- laid out, and called IBridac- now luiJding at Wtitimn^cr, :o K'.-g-Sfr�tr (^t.'ng 5 Street cf 4S i^Lt brend). ihat they may fenx in Pro-of.ij U-il'd. c! t!"C Prices tiicyve wuhi'g to give per Fiv.t per Aor.-.m, diredcj to "l i.ttnr.s Lcdi :rd, El'-j at iiis Koufr^ N'c. 3, in Old I'aljcc-Vard, \Vc:ln'.ic!cr. rny D.y Wric Wtdi.itfav the-2 d in/Urn, de ih:reo/, 50 Feet deep.', .' By Order of the Corr.iTu!l:i>i:ers, Thcnvis Le,:i.rd, Agent c.r.d Surveyor. Ntw-River-UfEce in Bridewell Prcc nit, L^uoii, March the io:h, 174: WHEREAS fome ill-defigni-.g' and di;or-derly Perfons, did in t!:e Night tirre between the ft!i r.tiJ - t!i of inftant Maich, unlnvfully and m*.\ci<. ufly cut :t brc.J: down the 2.:r*Z of rbs Nt-w-River near the Ryc-Hiaifc, in the County cf Hcrtf.rd, v.h re-by the Water of the laid River was drawn aw�y and mnk for mir.y Mile, to the very great Detriment of the Govonmir znd Company cf the Ih.e^ New-River, and the Service of the Cify r.r.d iewn in general": This n therefore to give Notice, that whoever (hall ufoivcr any i'erf'on or IVrfi.r?, v.i-.c fo cut or broke down the f� id V.iver Bark as .-foretaiJ, io a? he cr they may be apprehended and cer.v.itcd tlitrcof, fhr.ll irr.mcniiiely'on fucii Conviction rcce ve the Sum of Ten Guineas of the Campsnv's Clerk, i-ii^n'd by Order of the faid Governor and Comp.inv, ___ j .per -Bull. Clerk. - T is d -fired aM Pt-rfons, concerned thr Praflice of In cv'ath-v the SMALL-POX, w:!l kerp a RegiMer cf th." f. Ikming Particularr, viz. t!ic Name, Place of Abode, iieK a:;d A-<- of ev ry i'erfnn inoculated j the iviethed uf:d to prepare the i', ri.e rr ^n-r of inrcuiatup, ro iig the Parts where : -e Iniifi'jss were m du, an1 how deep; the Days f fickening and of" Lrup.ion ; t..e S.rt of fl�v: Jjmni.'.pa- p. educed, the incidental Symptcrr.i which happen in each PeiL<l of t''C D.fter-pfr, 3nd the Evert. Whrie the true bsnall-Pox doth not follow the Inoculation, it will to of Ufe te oLie.-ve; whether the Incifxns did inflame and run j and how. long their Running continued ; whether any other kind of Eruption, or other Difiemper, happened in Conftquence of InecuJation ; with an Accutane of its anicse^cnt, concomitant, and conl'equent Symptoms. Particular Relations ate defiled of the Cafes of fuch as fhall happen to J-e of the Small-Pox preceded by Inoculation. ly ....-----o ,. w ,----------......,............----jptahle, ar.d are oefired to be fent to Cromwell Mortimer, M. D. Fellow ot the Royal College of Phyficians, Secretary of the Royal Society, and Member of tht; Society of Antiquaries, London, and Correipondent of the Royal Academy ef Sciences at Paris j to be left at h's Houfe in DaTtm3utli-S rcet, W'eil-minfter; or at the Royal Society Houfe in Craae-Court, Fleit-StreU,. London. DESIDERATUM. Mcdii-amcntum, quodfiatimtollat Sax.uinit Raref^cy.t'aia [Variolofiir.], & Mctum irr.mir.uat, nulla fito Symfjtemvte fuhfcfier.(e. l'itcairn. Elem. Med. Lib. II. ca cap. 1. . 3-. It about a Fortnight will be pu jli-h'd an Acccurt; ofTome Method- u V-i in China for the fame i-'crpsfe as Inoculation with fome Remarks, ly Dr. ?.lortimcr. THE Committee appoinred hy the VcWA' of ihePaiifh of ChrLI-Church in "Spittlefields, to treat and r,o/ts wicii any Peifon or I'crfcns who (hall be willing to take on them the-Ckutf:-ing, Care, and MaLntenaiice of the Poer cf the faid Parifh, will at the Worlihoufe in the faid Parilh Tomoircw, the 'Sth inftant, st'fh.-J o'Clcrk in the Afternocti, to tre.3t and agree for trie frrne'ar a ccitrjn r, and fuch Contfsifrrr to hive the Benefit of the Poor's Lsbcar. Note, The Workhoufc Is aiicidy fumith'd with all N'-ccfThres', further Tn'brirationrmny b; had any Morning from Eight riJiTcn o'Jis-j-- W^lEHl'AS, a Patent was g-anred by King Charles the Firft, and conftimed by King James the Sarr r-.J, for holding a Fair i;i Gteat and Little Eicok-Field, 'then in the Parlih of St. Mjrtin in the Fields, now in trie Pari/h cfSt. George, Hancver-S^ujt^, for the buying and felling aJl forts of Merchandize, and to begin the 1^ rfMay, io to continue for fifteen Days; this i to acquaint t_hs pnLliik, that the Fair.will be OD?ned on the i.'t of May next j where ah r'c,-:". % that are willing to .take Ground for building Booths, Stalls, &c. ly a; .\-ing to Mr. ipafter, at Ticket will, adciit either one Geatlemsa cr two y: :t Wl.iic- s

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