Friday, February 8, 1743

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Friday, February 8, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 8, 1943, London, Middlesex The t tJ E S A Y, JF e r k ^ A r v 8, 1743 ^JXeaU February Quantity of ftlahbgoriy iirid other Wood Men oF War and Outward- ( Mr- Alexander Black, found upon Arriv'd, the Nep- for bound remain. tune, Connell, from -Oftend, Cadiz. Wind Weft. - An ExtraS of a Better from tb$ Hague, dated Feb. 8. *. All ^Things feem to oppofe the ? Meafures which have Been taken ' to brine about an Accommodation 5 � - - Her between the Imperial Court and that of Vienna. by the Count * de Richecoun, her Minifter at Berlin, with the Contents < of the Plan which the Court of France has caufed to be * fent to his,Pruffian Majefty by the Marquis de Valori, < which Plan is exaftly to the fame Purpofe as that com-� municated by this Crown to the Emperor and another * Power, which may not be altogether proper to mention ' here, has, in order to ward off the Blow -which fhe � apprehended was going to be given her, ajid before any \ * propofitions of Accommodation could poffibly be made * her by the Court of Berlin, of any one of her Allies, * fent with the utmoft Expedition a Manifefto to her * Minifters in all the Courts of Europe, in order to make * known to tfiem her laft Intentions, and at the fame time * to make a Demand, which there is not theleaft Probability * of ever "being granted her, being in the firit Place con-� trary to Constitutions of the Empire, and in the next, * entirely oppofite the Intereft of the Emperor, and to that * of his Descendants. Something that may give Light * into this Affair will poffibly be faid in a Poll or two, and * alfo the Purport of the Plan which will be taken under * Consideration at the next Diet, for delivering the Empire * from French Troops, and for hindering all other foreign * Troops, without Diftinftion, from entering Germany. * The laft Letters from Sweden intimate, that the Affairs ' of that Kingdom are more embroii'd than ever, and that * this Court is endeavouring to make Friends every where. * To this End the King, has juft releas'd two Dutch * Merchant-Ships, which were taken by the Guarda de Coftas of that Kingdom, for being laden with counterband Thefe Letters add, that * Biftiop of Lubecy ftands feireft of any of the Competitors * to be chofen Succeffor to the Crown : In this Cafe, it's * faid, he will marry a Princefs of England, and a Peace * with Rujfia will then meet with few or no Difficulties/ LONDON. Yefterday arriv'd a Lifbon Mail, brought by the King George Patket, Capt. Cooper, who came from thence the 23d of January, and met the Ships from Spithead that went under Convoy of the Succefs Man of War going into Lifbon : And the next Day met with his Majefty's Ship the Saphire, of forty Guns, off that Bar, going in there, in order to refit,. having his Foremaft wounded by a forty-two-pound Shot, and the Hull and Rigging of the Ship much damaged, which was received at Vigo, where Capt. Holmes had been, and had deftroy'd great part of that Town, together with a Battery of twelve Guns, and three Privateers, and hid taken one of eighteen Guns. The Lieutenant of the Saphire, who went on board the Packet, told Capt. Cooper, that his Majefty^s Ship the Succefs was fafe arriv'd with the Ships under her Convoy off the Bar of Qporto, with the Corps of Lord Harrington's Son, who died on aboard the faid Ship. The Jane, Capt. I imen J Oporto. fty's Ship the Saphire, Capt. Holm Yefterday Morning, about Five o'Clock, the Tinley, Capt. Cojlins, from Rotterdam, accidentally took Fire at her Moorings in Hanover-Hole, Rotherhith, and burnt to the Water's JSdge. We hear that the State-Lottery for the Service of the Year will be for 18000001. Yefterday the Right Hon. the Lord Vifcount Grimftone gave an Entertainment at Gorhambury, near St. Alban's, to near 900 Perfons of that Corporation. We heaf that Col, Fitzroy, Member of Parliament for Thetford in Norfolk, has a R�verfionaiy Grant of Groom^ Majefty Lod John Archer, Efq; Street, Covent-Garden ; Son of the late learned Dr. Fiddes. Bufinefs and Integri If the fincere Prafiice can tranfinit a Bleffirig, the grcateft muft attend his weej Family. On Thurfday Night died Mrs. Marriott, Wife of Mr. James Marriott, Plumber, in Ivy-Lane. We hear fhe was never: able to move out of Bed fince her Lying-in in October laft. ' " * Lafl; Week a Maftiff Dog. a� H E Commiffioners for Vizlualling give Notice^ thai on Friday nmt; the i \th infant, in the FoKnoon\ they will be ready to treat for Ffiur for the Strtnce of hii Majefty s Navy. Lauery-Office, 18 January, 1742. Managers and Directors appointed T " Execution by Authority of Parliament. ._� _' ,_ To the Worjhipful the Governors of St. Bartholomews Hofpital, e n t. l e m e n, OUR Vous and Intereft are humbly" defir'd for NATHANIEL C ' R OS h^t-Y, (Your former PeBtioncr) Citixtn and Berber-Surgeon of London, To be Porter of St. Barrhofomew's Hofpitai^ in the room of Mr.Barrra^f Nalh, dccew'dj he having been upon the Livery twenty-five Years, and'keptf Houfe in Cornhill twenty Years and upwards, and paid One Hondied Pound^ per Annum ftanauigRent, *buf r^'inevitableMSfortunes'is greatly reduced.,. Gentlemen We hear that laft Week died at Glafgow Sir John Worjbitful the pernors of Lbrifi-tiojptal, London, Elphmgfton, of Logie, Bart. ' His Death is much regretted. 1 J tf J Oh Sunday Night, about Eight o^Clpck, johnfton the Sheep-Stealer, Dods tiie'tJtterer of./alfe Command Sutor, apprehended foi Healing Timber, made this City Gaol ; they broke thro'-the Roof. OUR Voces and Incereft are mo ft feurftbly S defir'd for U S A U N A M E - A D, The Day before Yefterday �anj.g great in here a ftnall Schooner belonging to Glafgow* James FJemirtg, Mailer, from Lifbon, with Salt, Wine, Fruit, &c. who gave Account that the Dolphin Man of War had taken in to'Lifbon,' juft vateer pf twenty Carnage-Guns. In KsPafikg* alongft the Coaft of Ireland, he.mei an fenglifh Man -bt.,War ot'fixty Guns,, who had juft talced a Spanifh Privateer of twenty Carriage-Guns, beftdes Swivels, which (h$ Yifc canying away wither 40 England (Wife *f the Rev. Noxmxn tAt Jiv>. A. MJ To be Miftrefcof the Maiden School in Chrift-Hcfpffa}, in Ae room of my late Aunt, Mxs+ Sufanna Browne, deeeasM j having been Afliftant to hm. in the Bufinefs of the fa:d�School upwards of twenty Years, and for tvair Years paft hav^ had the fole Care and Management thereof. Your Tvtovris this Refpeft will be efteem'i a fingttkr Obl3gaopn, bv, Gentle tA' e n,* TiUr ir.vft obedtint Scri/zfit, Sufanna Mead; Notfi,.The great Work in the faid School, at thts Tim� eJjec&fi/,-requiting my daily Attendance, I humbly bope thofc Genjicrrten whoraX^ cannot conveniently wait upon will ptcufe it/ an4 accept of the Appiisrtioorcf

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