Friday, January 25, 1743

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Friday, January 25, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 25, 1943, London, Middlesex The TUESDA Y;J 4' t A N U A R V 25 *743 D�/t.. January 23. IS Majefty's Ships the Chatham a Mortar Bomb remain. Came down, ih? Ryfbrack, Pornford, for Oporto; and the Surprise, Hunt, for Liibon* Kirkpatrick, the Sarah Galley, the Zant, Arriv'd, the from Calteryj Efdale, from Jamaica; Whittfrood, from Gibraltar; the the Vernon, Dunn, from Smyrna ; Pelham,Thomlinfon, and the Tyger, ifio&id. both from New Engla^l; and the Prince Frederick Ko^es, nnging ot f^'Z_>> from Oftend, for Dover. Wind N. W. Dertonftrations of J ' They wife from EHraeui- of the 23d inftant, that thei Danifli Indiainen, bdund for Canton, are put into Norway, v Thurfday laft being the Birth-Day of his Royal Highnefs the Prince of Wales; the Gentlemen; farmers in the Neighbourhood; and the principal Tradefmen of Epfom, met at John Ireland's; the White Horfe Inn, where an elegant Entertainment was prepared; the Healths of the King, the Prince and Princels of Wales, the Right Hon. the Lord Baltimore, the Right Hon. Arthur Onflow, Efq; their inoft worthy ReprefentitiVes, and many other loyal Healths were drank, and the Evening was concluded with Bonfires Packet, An ExtraS of a Letter from /^Hague, dated Jan. Z$. * In Conference of the Aafwer which the Deputies of � the Province of Holland have had from the Town of i Dort and of the Report that they have nude of their * Commiffion, the States General, after having maturely � deliberated thereupon, determin'd, that a Memorial � Jhould be drawn up which fhould give 3 paftxeaUr ^Account of the Deputation fent to that Town, and the. < Anfwer made by its Magiftrates, with a View of fending 4 the fame to his Britannicfc Majefty, and to her Majefly � of Hungary, for them to give an Anfwer thereto. The � following are fom& of the principal Reafons which the people of Dort objeft to the fuccouring of the Queen of 1 r- t() j^y^ jjggjj foggefted to tiiem by < Hungary, which fee * feme Friend of France: Tho' the Rcptiblitk of the �< United Provinces are engaged by Treaty to fupply the � Court of Vienna with a Subfidy in Troops, or in Money, �' it does not follow from thence, that the States General t 4< are indifpenfibly obliged blindly to fulfil that Claufe, *< without knowing why, or wherefore ; with what View, <� and to what End; where thrfe Troops are to be em-� ploy'd, and for how long Time. This City, before �5 giving its Confent to the Demand in Troops which her Majeity of Hungary has made, would willingly be per-" feftly informed, what can be the Defign of the Cofcrt " of Vienna in leaving the Places of the Barrier to be � entirely guarded by the Troops -of the Republick. Is � this adting as if the Low Countries had any thing to " fear from the Side of France? If her Majeity of Hun-� gary has refqlv'd to make herfelf fome Amends for the f* Expences of the War, and the Ceffion of Silefia, and " that this Princefs, to that End, is deiirous of making an � Attempt upon Lorrain, or any other Provinces what-4 laden withSpanifti Iron from Bilboa, and now carrying to London. Canterbury, Jan. zz. On Monday laft died Chriftopher Milles, Efq;. at his Seat at Nackington, near this City. Brifioli Jan. zz. The Captain of the Rainbow, juft arriv'd from London, had both his Legs carried away, and his Cabbin-Boy loft one of his Legs at the fame Time, by the splitting of a Cannon, which they fif'd coining out of Milford. On, Sunday laft a Boat that was filPd moftly with Women, who were going on Board the Boyne Man of War, overfet in Kingroad, by which Accident one, if not two of fhem, are fince dead. 'This Evening will be perform'd,- At the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane, Love makes a Man. At the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, King Richard the Thifd. ----- � - in- ��� � � � �� -� � - � w High Water at London-Bridge this Day at 41 Minute3 after 10 in the Morning, and zx after 11 at Night. Yefterday Bank Stock, no Price. South-Sea Stock was 111 7 8ths. Ditto New India Stock, no Price. Ditto Old Annuities 114 . l 4th. Annuities 100 1 half 114 3 8ths. 8ths. 4ths. 4>itto a 5 AiTurance 84. Copper^. 73. 6d. Price. a 5 �tns. 4->nto 1742 Million Bank 118. Equivalent 11 London A/Turance 11 c 8ths. Three per Cent. half 1 Wetth ditto, no Price 100 Royal Engliih African, no Five Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan 110 1 4th. per Cent, ditto 76 1 4th. New Bank Circulation 4I. Prem. India Bonds 4I. 8s. Prem. Three 1 half Bait Tallies 2, Prem. Three 1 half perCeat. Exchequer Orders 5, Pre: Thtee per Cent, ditto 2 1 4th, Difc Lottery-Office, 18 January, 1742. CT*H E Managers and Direfors appointed by A3 of Parliament to take in the Tickets of the Bridge-Lottery Anno 1740, and to deliver out Certificates in lieu thereof, payable by the Cajbiers of the Bank, finding that nofavithjianding the federalNotices by them given for bringing in Tickets to be enter d, great Numbers are yet outfianding, do give this further Notice, that the \$thDay of March next is the laft Day appointed by AS of Parliament for taking in Tickets and delivering out Certificates, and for this Purpofe daily Attendance <will be continued, to be given at their Office near the Receipt of his Majeftfs Exchequer. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders the Coun'y - , /ESSEX. AYerderer's Place of being vacanJt by the Death of my Father, th? Favour cf your Votes antf Intereft to fucceed him in that Oilice, art; ddlr'd by Tcur rrrji obedient humhk Servant, Chigwll,Jan 21,174.3.__JViiliam Harvey. Tomorrowet Four o%'Clock, will b-gin^ . At the Elahoratcry in New-Street-Square, near Fetter-Lane^ u of HEM A Philofophical and Practical $ in a View to the attual Improvement ot Natural PhUofuphy, Medicine, and the Arc iticlf. By W. L E W I S. To be continu'd every other Day, at the fair.c Hour, till the whole is completed. Tomorrow\ (and every Wedmfday) THE SUFFERERS by the Spanifh Depredations arc defirM to meet at the Crown Tavern behind the Royal Exchange Tomorrow, the 26th inirant, at Eleven o'clock precifeiy, on fpecial Affairs._ THE Planters and Merchants, and Owners 0/ Ships, in the^Weft-India Trade, are deiVd to meet at the King's Anns Tavern in Lombard-Street, on Thurftay next, at Four o'clock precifeiy, on fpecial Affairs. TH E Truftees for .repairing the Roads between High gate Gatehoufe and Barnet Block houfe, meet on Thurfday next, at Four o* Clock in the Afternoon, at the King's Head Tavern by Middle-Row, in Holborri. THE Tnaftees appointed to put in Execution an A& of Parliament to enable the Parifhioners of the Pariih of } St. Botolph without Aldgate, in the City of London, and County of Mid-dlefex, to rebuild the Church of the.faid Pariih, grve Notice, that they intend to meet on Thurfday next, the %yth o� this inftant, at Three o' Clock in the Afternoon, in theVefhy-Room of the Tabernacle belonging to the laid Pariih, on Buiinefs* relating to the faid Ttuft. TH E Managers of the Temple-Mills Brafs-"Works give Notice, that a General Meeting will be held at the BJack Swan Tavern in Bartholomew-Lane, Tomorrow, the 26th inftant, at Eleven o* Clock predfely j and all the Proprietors are deiir'd to attend. HE Brethren df the King's Head Chapter in the Poultry, of the Antient and Honourable Order of GKEGORIANS, are deflr'd to meet the Vice-Grand a&d Officers in their Chapter-Room, this Evening, at Six o* Clock precifeiy, in order to pay a Vxfh to the Great James Chapter in Biihopfgate-Street. T. N. Secretary. AGeneral Meeting of the Antient Society of PINNER1ANS will be held on Thurfday tke 3d of February next, at the RifingSun in Clare^Maxket, to eleft a Secretary to the Grand. % Order cf the Vtce^Grand. T A Evenings will he continued\ Courfeof Le&ures on the Nature aridCufe - the Vtfczte JO H- N T A � L -O-RV* of Pbjfick, Oculifi to bit Mqcftf, ar.d FcUtw cf fewat C^ges of Phyjiciani in foreign PJrti,  � At his Houfe in Great.Queen-Streec, Lincoln*s Inn Fields. As this Courle is free to the Gentlemen of the Fatuity and Diftinftion, aQ fuch are hereby invited. The Syllabus, (which 'tis-neceflary each Perfon vfro attenJs theie Leclures fliould have with hiny) together with a Difcourfe on the Excellency of Sight, his Treatife of the Anatomy of the Eye, and the Sentiments cf the foreign Univerfiries on his Method of Practice, may be all had at Mr. Cooper's, ia Pater-nofter-Row. ' Note, /The leclure for Wednefday Evening next will be on the Nature and Cure of the Difeafes of the Lacrymal Canals 5 will begin exactly at Six, and finifh a little after Seven. A in the A f the KING'S THEATRE HAY-MARKET, on Thurfday next, the 27th of January, will be A . B - A L' JL. Tickets will be SubfcribersTomorrow, at White's Chocolate-Houfe in St. James's Street. tbrTT\ NG* THEATRE In the HAY - MARJCET, this Day, being the zzd of January, mli bt perfbnn'd a neW Ul'ERA, calJ'd E N R I CO, With Dances and other Decoratfons entirely new. Pit and Boiea to be put together j and no Hcrfons tg be admitted without Tickets, which will be deliverM this Day at ths CXh"ce in the Hay-Maikftr at Hilf a Guinea each. Gallery Ffve Shili:ng�. By H-:s M A J ESTY's Commaad, No Perfon whatever to be admitted bchmd the Scenes. _To be^n at Six o' Clock.__ By particular Defire. T the Theatre Roysl in Lincoln's [nn Fields, Tomorrow, will be prefented the True and Antient Hhlory of King LEAR and his Three Daughters. . XVith RESTORATIONS frcm SHAKESPEAR. The Part of King Lear to be performed by a GENTLEMAN 5 The Duke of Gloucester, Mr. Cibber j Ei^ar, Mr. Gi:Iard 5 Edmund, Mr. W, Giffard ; Kent, Air. Peterfon j Albuny^JVlr. Mozeen; Cornwall, Mr. Dighton ; Burgundy, Mr. Freeman; Gentleman-Uiher, Mr. BlaJcey j Goneril, Mrs. Bambridge; Regan, Mrs. E. Ciffard ; Arnnte, Mils Scot. And the Part of Cordelia by Mrs. Giflard. To which will be added a new Dramatic Piece cf two A'dls, cali'd BlCKE.RSTAFFs UNBURIF.U DEAD. Mr. BickerffafT, Mr. W. Giffard; Pacolet, Mr. Moieen; Seize-Corps, Mr. Dunftall; Quick and Dead, Mr. Hemikirk ; Plumehearfe, Mr. Dove 5 DHrnal, 'Mr. Julian 5 a Lover, Mr. Freeman ; a Virtuofo, Mr. Buckley; an Old Cit, Mr. Clough j a Fop, Mr. Peterfon 5 a Lawyer, Mr. Dighton j ft Beau, Mr. Blakey j a Sick Lady, Mrs. Banuridge j a Coquette Lady, Mr. Dunftall. At COMMON PRICES, viz Boxe^ 4s. Pit as. 6d. Firft Gallery is. 6d. Upper GaUerf is. To begin exadtly at Six o* Clock. Places for the Boxes to be taken at the Stage-Door of the Theatre. No Perfons to be admitted behind the Scenes, The Latter Account Prices are, Boxes 2s. 6d. fit is. 6d. Firft Gallery is. Upper Gallery 6d. At the particular Defire of fever al Ladies of Quality ^ For the Benefit of Mrs. GIFFARD; ; T tjieTheatre Royal in Lincoln's Inn Fields, on Wednefday the 9th of February,, will be revived aComecfy, (not a�ed thefe twenty-five Years) caJl'd " The NONJUROR. Written by Colley Cibber, Efq; Poet Eiurett. The Part of Maria to be perform *d by Mrs. GiiTarJ j the Nonjuror, Mr. Cibber; Sir JohnWoodvil, Mr. Peterfon; Heartly, Mr. Giffard  Colonel WoodviJ, Mr- W.Giffard ; Charles, Mr. Mozeen \ Lady Woodvil, Mrs. Butler. With ENTERTA INMENTS. Boxes Mr. Jolhua Cox, of Cairle-Yard, Holborn, otherwife t5*ey will be fucd for the lame without further Notice- Godd Coach and fix afcrle Hdrfes will fee out from the Axe Inn in Aldennanbury, London, on Friday ne>T, the aStrrinftant, for Chefter j where Gentlemen and PaHengers rsm' accommodated with Places to Newport, Whitchutch, Cheiler, and'pBfi' adjacesti at rea&nable R^tes, ' A

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