Thursday, January 17, 1743

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Thursday, January 17, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 17, 1943, London, Middlesex k o KT b A y, j a n it a r y 17 ,743= X That the King 15- HEPrincefs Rbyal'fc fcii'd for the^. River; The Shark Sloop remabls," Wind E. by N. Hague, Jatf.~i6- --The-M?-3?if-. patches wiiich the Marquis de St. Giiles receiv?d from Sa<voy, "brought him the following Account, great .part of which believ'd to/be, little more than Rhodomontade, whofe Army retires with Giant-like of Sardinia. who march viz. as- faft as the Spaniards Strides, advance, is gone fick to Turin, his Capital : That Don Philip having retaken Chamberryy makes it snce : That an Armiftice will very fbeedily be agreed upon, and even a Peace between Spain and his Sardinian Majefty is already very far advanced,^ if not aftually concluded on and that: die Armyof the Infant Admiral will immediately have a freeHflage,inorder Co take Winter Quarters" in the Milanefe} where Count Gages will likewife dire&ly repair, porfuaht to Orders! whicii have been fent him for that Purpofe. On Saturday laft died.; Mrs. De Veil, the Wife of Col. De Veil, of the Gout, in her Stomath, at his H&ufe in Bow-Street, Covent-Garden. She was a Gentlewoman endowed with fine Qualifications, a tender Wife, very afl&ble in her Temper, and a fincere Friend whtrever (he profefs'd herfelf to To. OnThurfday Mr.Hall^ an eminent Holier in the-Borough of Southwark,, was married'to Mrs. Turner, Relift of Turner, Efq; of the -feme Place, with whom he had a Fortune of 20000 L The Rev. Mr. Archdeacori'EytQnhas prefented the Rev. Mr.-Butts, Son to the.Biihop of Ely, to the Vicarage of void by the BANKRUPTS; Enoch Knowles, of Sc. Bartholomew the Let's/ Mercer. Charles Mitt, late of Wardour-Street, Wtftramiter, P*tviour and Chapman. ^ Thomas Millington, of Witham in Efibx, Linnen-Draper. 7d ! an PI-tilers avd Merchants ly.'i in% \n interefied in tlj If and ef JAMAICA, are defifi tV meet at the Jamaica Gffee-Houfe in Cornbill Tcnorro-vj, ttie \th infant, at Twelve precifdy, on fperial Affairs* Haddenhanv ia the County of Cambridge, Death of the laft Incumbent. .Aunniai^-Offi^;, 1 1 January, 1742. Lea-ve of Abfen-e _______rby: his Minifter here, not long ago received fome Difpatches from Ferfailles of the laft Importance, whereby the moft Chriftian K ng-aflft'd his Imperial Majefty, that before: the End of next Monti* there would be 35000 frefh Troops affembled in Alfacey befides thofe.which arc there already. The Imperial Coprtreceiv'd at the fame timea Plan forpurfuingcertainMeafutei-concent ing the Settlement of the Kingdom of Bohemia^ to wiiich the Emperor is to make a formal Renunciation in favour of the Duiie of Tufcany, and on Condition* which are pretended to hejuft and equitable. The fame Imperial Minifter like-wife gives out, that Marital de Noailles is to take a. Tour to Francfort, in order to regulate with his Imperial Majefty the Meafures neceflary to be taken in relation to Swabia and the Tyrol, and will afterwards return to Metz, to-take ypon him the Command of his Army. What has been publi/h'd relating to Leave being granted till the Middle of March to the Officers of the Britifli Army, has arifen from falfe Reports fpread by the French, feeing Qrders have been fent to Brujfels for thefe Troops, together with the Hanoverians and Hciiians, immediately to put themfelves in Motion, and in purfuance thereto a .Body of 7 or 8000 have even begun their March The Fieid-Artiliery and Pontoons are ::rriv*d at Brujfels. A Military Cheft of two Millions of Fibrins will attend this Bpdy, 'which unhappily has not been oiten the Cuie of an Aufirian Army. Vienna, fan. 2. From Bohemia we are pofitively informed, that the Number of thofe who arriv'd with Marfhal JMlifle at Egra, did not amount to.66pp. Prince Lab-kowitz has actually 2300 Priforiers taken on the Road: The whole Number loft in that March was jiot lefs than 40CO, and 2500 remain Piifoners of War at Prague. Since our laft arriv'd a-Mail from Fla ders. Rafijbcn, Jan. 14. the French will very Toon be drove from Egra ; and People jare under drecdfol Apprehenfions that Bavaria will again become the Prey of the Auflrians. Some pretend that an Accommodation worr-thePoint-of-being concluded between his Imperial Majefty and the Queen of Hungary, while tethers think quite differently. Hague, Jan. x8. We have certain Advice, that Marfhal Maillebois is marching with all Diligence toward^ Ambcrg in the Upper Palatinate, in order to join the^rench Troops there, and return with them into France. A prodigious Mortalty races amorigft the French in" ^varia, not lefs than fix or {even* hundred dying every Week : Thofe thtt eir Pfefence being ary to defend their own Country and a jttfi Caufe. Abs, poor Emperor! who then muft defend t hint ? This in fome Meafure aerees with On Wednefday laft, at the Quarter-Sefllons for the City of London, a certain Haberdafher was cohvifted of a Mif-demeanor, for exercifmg the Traie;< of a Cordwainer, by-fell ing of Shoes, &c, he not.having fervM as an Apprentice to the faid- Trade, according, to A$ of Parihunient. � On Saturday'Night tlie Pqors Bpx.inWel|fnit�fter-Abjbeyt near the Poets, was wrenchM off with an Iron Crow, and carried away: It had not been unlocked for fotoeYesrs, fo *tis thought there was a confiderable Sum of Money in it. On. Friday Night laft. Sir William Bodthby, Bart; was robb'd by a.fing}e Highwayman upon HiUjngdon-Common* as he was coming to Town from General Columbine's, of his Repeating Gold Watch, and a confiderable Sum-of Money. On Saturday Night two Gentleqien were robb'd of their Watches and Money, by two Footpad^, Between Kingfland and Hoxton. The fame Night federal People were robb'd on Tower-Hill, by three Fellows in Sailors Habits. On Saturday laft fifteen Prifoners were tried at the Old Bviily, two whereof were capitally convidted, viz, John Tye, for Forgery, and William Burnett, for affau'lting and robbing Elizabeth Bailey on. the Highway. Elizabeth Freeman was tried for the Murder of her Hufband, and found guilty of Manflaughter. Five were call for Transportation, and eight acquitted. On Saturday one Edward Grift, a Grenadier in Col. Bagleyh Company in the Foot-Guards, dropped down dead in the Savoy. � We hear that on. Friday next the Fair Penitent will bo acted at the Theatre Royal .in Lincoln's Inn, .the Part of Lothario being to be performed by Mr. Charles Jones. We are affur'd, that this Morning may be had at Nir. Cooper's in Pater7nofter-Row, Syllabus *Curfus Anatomise Infirmitatum atqse Operationum Globi Ocularis, 8c Parrium contiguarum, D. D. Jofepho Cervy, Regise Majeftatis Catholics Praclarifiimo Medico Primario, Meritiffimo^ue Praftdj, P*otoMedicatus:RegnorumHifpania?, &c, Cficatus ! a D. D. JOANNE TAYLOR, M. D. Regifque Magn^ Britannia^ Medico Oculario, multifque in Academics cele-"berrimis Socio, Authore. Together with an Account of the jfeveral Diibrdejs- of Sight, with a Difcourfe on the Excellency of that Art defign'd to reftore or prefcrve it. ST^HE Leave of dbjen-e givt~- tb the Lords Cctrz-^iffoners of the Admiralty de- firirfly charge ihm to repair immediately on board tbePrinccf Rcjal, ivhicb is fitting cut* at Chatham fir the S* . they will be paid fheir Wages for the Sbeerrrefs and Royal Efcape, and two Mdnths Wages Advance \ but if any of the /atd Pef^.Ofs-ers and Men fail to rtpair on board, the faid .Ship Princefs Royal* tbty will not enly kfe the afore-mentiotrd Payment*) Sut HE Tho. Corbirtt* Admiblty-Office, 12 January. 1742. �lords Commit oners of tie /jd-baliv handngerdeni his Majejffs Ship the Monfnouth to proceed SpitbeaJ, where Jhe will be paid on her Arrival; it is their Lordjblps Direction, that all th* 'Seamen who wen turned over from the Princefs Louifa into Zvr, and are abjkut from their Duty, do immediately repai on board the faid Sh/p9 her Captain being directed to Run all fuch as do not appear on board by 'the izd infant; after which time all fuch as are tfien abfent will not only hfe their Wagesy but alfo be liable to be taken up as Deferters, and tried at a Courir Martial. Tho Corbetr; L O N o N. f 1 'Tis -a general Opinion here that j On Wednefday next,, about Six in the Evening, Dr. Taylor begins biapourfe of Le&ures on the Eye, at his Houfe in Great .Qulen-Street, Lincoln's'Inn;Fields. As $he JDc&or L O Inftance N Article, D O N. 7* came in Letters Wichi Bart, his Majcftyy& Minifter Plenipotentiary �w. clvine an Account, that on the 1 ith paft, O. S. Beftuchef and M Frieridih ppo intends thjefe Leftures to be free to the Qentlei^en of the Faculty and Diftin&ion, all fuch are hereby invited to be prefent. *Tis defir'd .that thofe Gentlemen \yW propofe to attend thefe Lefturei, will pleafe to take.with them the above-mention'd Syllabus. - Dr. Taylor's* New Treatife on the Anatomy of the Eye; with Figures, dedicated to; the firft Phyfician to the King of France, and tWSentimentS of the4 foreign Univerfities on his Succefe, may be alfoTfad'at Mr. Cooper>. ' F it's thefi)efire of Parliament the Ruiiriingof our Wool fkall ceare, a Gentleman has prepar'd a Scheme that will in every Shape and RefpeA prevent effe&ually foj^the future the Running of our Wool ;and will, beyond Contradiction, Ihew that it's both pra&icable and an iniallible Remedy. This is ttp be done without any Expence" elf tither ^ips.or Sloops of War to guard our -Coaftj -withoift: a Separate or new Cdmmiflion, and without a Duty/fd. bfc laid ou our Wool, or any Expence on th^-. Woollen;Manu-faftory, or the leaft Inconveniency to the Trade thereof. Propofals are therefore, hereby offer'd to his' Majefty's Moit Houourable Privy Council, and to Parliament. 1 J CT*HESE are to fivt Notice, that the General A Quarfer-SeJRons ef-tbe Peace will be held at Guildhalt9 by Adjournmenty on Tuejday the zyh infant, at E.hbt o^Clock in the Morning, when the federal Common-Council-Men who have not yet qualified themfehes may attend fdr that Purpofe ; and thofe Cctjiablcs who ba*ve not took and fubfcrJbcd the Oaths, according to the A3 of Parliament in tiat behalf may then attend to take and fubjeribe the fame, whereby they will avcid the Penalties, hfiicled by the faid A� of Parliament for Neglecl thereof AT. B. The Court will be fitting for the Difpatch of Bufinefs by Nine 0'Clock. AMeenrgof theTfuftces appoinrei to nut ill Execution the Af^s of Parliament tar repairing the Highways between Tybrtrn and UxbriJpc, and for amending the Road k-.dirj* frrrd Brrnt-Bridge over H;invpcii-Heath, thro* the i;Hrifhcs of Yianwril, New B^cntfenl, nnd Faling, to the drat Weftcrn Road, in the County of Middlef ft. is to be at Mr. VTtiWs, the Crown and HaJr-Moon Iah iri AcVoci, on Saturdiynext, the nd, by Teno' Clock in the Forenoon, vr'ien and wh*re the Ixuft-cs arc dcCrM to mccr, to fettle Affairs relating to tho& Highways. _ j o 7"� P H TKlGG 1l, Mercer i S remov'-.j from Lnclgri e-Hill to xht Siijn JL of fiant% at^Five in the COURSE of Evenings wUL b; 'in St. j�mes?* Plfifee.^ This Evening will be perform*ci, At the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane, The -Rehear fa!. : At the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden^ King Lear.  High Water at London-Bridge this Day at 43 Minutes after 3 in the Morning, and 59 after 3 in the Afternoon, i Saturday Bank Stock .was 143. fcdia Stock 178 i,ialf. �South-8c*' Stock mi 3' 4ths. Ditto -GId Aitotiit^s"!!^ j 3 4ths' a 7- S&s. Ditto; New 1 r*4: 1 4th. Tfi'ree-"- fir Cent; Annuities 101. 7 8ths. T}ii^_ 101 "7 gth^-- Million Bank tt8. Equivalent no? Royal Aifuran '

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