Saturday, January 12, 1743

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Saturday, January 12, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 12, 1943, London, Middlesex r i i 1a I Numb. 27 . D N E S D A J 12, 1743- J IO HvAIL1 D,. the Granada Bomb; the t Phcenix, Lane, the Prifcilia; - D Came down, the for Jamaica ; the Dublin. or Jamaica; and tr, for St. Kit's. -- , Augwin, . for Chefter, The s Lrenoa, Yefterda}' De 'Tis faid Tthe States of Holland hav Arrived, tiie Burroughs, from Barbadoes. Princefs Royal Man of War remain Wind E. N. �. arriv'd a Mail from Flanders. ^...... We hear that the Englifli Squadron in tbe'Seas'bf Provence has been greatly damaged by the late Tempefts. Bruffels, Jan. 15. rcfolv'd to march without Delay a powerful Army to aflilt the QueeiTof Hungary. in Extra8 of a Letter from a foreign Minifcr at Ma drip, dated Jan. 1. � The Plan of Operations "--which* the Court has juft * received from Verfailles, has given Occafion to a CoJifc-� rence in the Prefence of the King and Queen. The < Syftem of the Court of France, and the Propofnions intended to be made to his Sardinian Majefty, are per- * feflly well relifh'd by this Court, and approv'd of in * every Particular by their Majefties. As ifs found necef- * fary to ftrike an important Blow before the Piedmontefe � can affeaible the Troops which are expeded from feveral * Parts, his Catholick Majefty has difp&tch'd a Courier to < the Marquis dc la Mina, in order to deliver him tne 4 Plan and Propofnions above-mention'd, with the following J Orders: 1. To march without Delay, in order to give ' the King of Sardinia Battle. 2. That without haVirTg ' Regard to the Situation of the Place, to the Strength of * the Entrenchments, nor to the Advantage of tne Ground � which the Piedmontefe.fhaH be polfefs'd of, the Marquis 1 de la Mina is to attempt and rifque every tiling, and ' with Intrepidity to force his Sardinian Majefty to quit 4 his Camp, and to purfue him Night and Day witii * Slaugnter Deftru&ion. 3. To grant no other Favour to * the fiedmontcfe Detachments .aid Garri&ns which tiie < Spaniards fhall -meet with, than either make them Prifoners of War, or put tiiem to tne Sword witiioot Mercy. 4. Not to ftir a Step without having tiie Infant Don Philip along with him ; to carry him into tne utmoii 1 Dangers, where his Prefence lhall be of any Service; to ciufe him to fupply the Fun&ion qf a Major-General, without any Apprehenfions of expofing this Prince to Danger : In a Word, to fhew him no more Favour than he would a private Soldier. 5. To reject all Propofitions for "a Sufpenfion of Arms, for any Capitulations, and other Propofals of the like Nature, whicn fhould be made by his Sardinian Majefty, and not to hearken to any thing, excepting to that of an Interview with the King of Sardinia, when it /hall be required by 'that Prince, to whom the General de la Mina is then to communicate the above-mention1 d Plan, and immediately to enter into Treaty with him, the fooncr the better ; ana in Cafe of not fucceeding, to take the Command upon him again, and continue Hoftilities. ' The Troops which are raifing in Switzerland are to ferve under the Marquis de la Mina, together with 10000 Men which are raifing in Spain, to complete and augment the Army in Savoy. All tnis was. intended to be negotiated with the utmoit Szcrecy, and was not to have been made ..publick by cither *thc Courts of France or Spain, but from their Succeft therein ; b.ut *tis .difficult to keep Things of thjj Nature from being :knoWn b^efpre the interetfed Parties intend it.* Danifli for the Equipment of a.Squadron," were communicated laft Night to the Officers of the Fleet. Three Ships of feventy Guns, fix of fixty, and three cf -4�fty, with fiX;Fngutes, Wes the three that ferve far Guand-Ships, be inanrfd. and arm'd for Service. by next Spring; and the feveral Captains to command them are a&ually.appointed. Drefden 7<in. 8- It. is faid that Prince Lobcowitz intends, in a few Pays,, to inveft:Egra. The healthy LXpefted at/jEg inflant. The-Sick.-AvTio- remain; ftifortert of War betaken General that he Dre/den, Jan. II. broke in upon the French thirteen times .between Onhoft andfigra, in their March iroorPrague^. iiKwhieh^&rmifhes he took-fifteen hundred-Prilbners, eig^t^Standards,. and two -Drums. He adds, that he-gave them no. time to cat or fleep, and that.upwards ofthree hundred Men periftiM by the Cold, and that their whole Lofs amounts to above five thou&nd. From Bavaria \v6 hear, that CoSaxe;made a Motion towards entering into Bohemia, bat:that his Defign had "teed"-prevented-by Marfhal Khevenhuller, - Is O N D O K Letters by the FlandersJVfail Yefterday from Bruffek fay, Aatthe^ritifh Troops .there are to march .next Week, but what;R0utthey ^re to take-is uncertain. Application-will be made to-the Parliament in behalf of a Method difcover*d for finding the Longitude^ at Ses, wJuch is done by;an eafy Invention, that improves the prefent Pra&ice of Navigation, and makes a. Reckoning at i- Sea. exaft- Samuel erard, from Virginia, was ;taken twenty Leagnes Wcftward ] Ship, who on board. a ny Porfon On Monday laft died the Lady of John Allen Pufey, Efq; at his Houfe in Lincoln's Inn Fields. She w.:s one of the Daughters of the lace Sir Wiliiam Ddbouverie, Bart, and S-ifter to the prefent Sirjacdb Bouvcrie, Bart. Ctiitom-H'jufe, Lcn'nn, n J:mnry, xyxr.. CJ^IJE Ctmvifliomrs� r.f Lis Maj (lv*s. Cift^^s Jo hereby give Notice, that on Wednefday the zbth infrant Yeft J nvvell, in the room of the Rev. Mr. Ley, dece?.s'd. On Wednefday next, the 19th infant, about Six in the Evening, Dr. John Taylor, Oculift to his Majelly, will begin his Courfe of Lectures on the Nature and Cure of the Bifeafcs of the Fye, at his Houfe in Great Queen-Street, LincblnTs Inn Fields; of which fome Account has been given by the Doftor in a Lefture at Cambridge and Oxford. As Dr. Taylor intends this Courfe to be free to the Gentlemen of the Faculty and Dillinftion, nil fuch arc hereby invited to be prefent. On Friday next, about Eleven in the Morning, may be had at Mr. Cooper's, in Pater-nafter-Row, a Syllabus for thefe Lettures ; together with an Account of the feveral Diforders of Sight, according to the Obfetvations his great Praftice for fuch a Number of Years has enabled him to make, dedicated Don Cervy, Firft Phyfician to the King of Spain Difcourfe in Praife of Sight, and of the Excellency of that Art defign*d to reftore or preferve it. The poor Prifoners of his Majefty's Prifon of the Fleet beg Leave to return their fincere Thanks to their unknown Bcnefaftor, that put into their Begging^Box at the Grate a Thirty ver in Kent, Four thou fund Gallons of neat old Bourdeaux and Nants Brandy, in targe fmall Cafts. The Sale to continue on Fridays.-" an I Buyers. Note, The Sale v-jl! be?in each Dav at Tzv/e-ve 0" Clad at hoon, and continue till Five in the Afternoon. Attendant* will be given in J he Morning cf the Days of Sale, for Per fans to come and tafte. follow and ft to Sig. i'ofk-buil jing<-Ofnce at me Old isouc.i-S-'_a-H$uife" id Br.'-.\d-o�re d (J^int tf Hjji i.ants of the York-Buildings Company do hereby give Notice, That a General Court of //V. faid Company, bein% an -adjourn d Court, on irt, on fpecial Ajfairs, will be held at tteir faid OJfi Wednefday next, being the \zth infant, at Three o^Clsi with a 4f> Neceffaries, having no Prifon I but from fuch kind Benefa&ors. ny Relief CJ^HE IndepertdfM Inhabitants of lb? City of Weftminftsr are defied to meet this Day, beivg the \%ih infant, at the Reft 'Jewern, Temple*Bar, at Six in tht Evening, to appoint a Committee for waiting upon Admiral VERNON, th congratulate him uton hi '  -stand to tefiijy their grateful Refptfii the Nation in general, and this C received, from his noble ConducJ. upon bis fafj A-rival, Mr K E p. SIR, At the Corner of Lined*: s It:,-: Fields, near Clare Market, oil IVe dm flay the zd of F;'r at Five in the Eicvin?r will begin CO 1' R S E or" A N A T U MY ,nd IT would be Ingratitude to you, and what is :J;r.o(t r.s bad, a Negleft of the Multitude of both Sexes who labour under the fame unhappy Difordcr which I did, viz. the worlt of Ruptures, not to thank you for recommending me to Mr. Smyth, Surgeon, who has efFedlualiy cured me of it ; and to acquaint every one who is aft�ted with that Misfortune, that they may depend upon a certain Cure by hifil. L am The Public!: s Friend, and Tour thankful humble Servant, W. M E A G E R. N. B Mr- Smyth lodges at the Angel oppofite Exeter-Exchange in the Strand. This Evening will be performed, At the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane, The Stratagem. At the Theatre Royal in Covcnt-Gardcn, The Siege of Damafcus, with Perfeus and Andromed i A anU the Principles tf P proper Lf�turi �, \ v F R. 'N I r} V ; in wWdi the Animal ?* ECONOMY, PliYSICK, v.iil be caiofdliy iliurtrated, in C II O L L S, M. D. r ( a .v d THO. LAWRENCE, M.D. andProf Anat.Oxott* r:\:\i\r\o Co rhe ieverai Matters to fee explained in W 4 ]. C'Jark, rjae RoyA Exchange, and G� d, berween th- Temple-Gates, BockftiUere. r Not?, A CompcnH'vni, tbcfe Lecture, is f Id by Hawkinv i-t MiJton's He. ijl inftant, at Six in the � Ro'jm ever the Bedfa d Cctft ! At his Exfe> imental the Gr'at Pic.zz.ts, Covent Garden, DR, DES A GtJLlE R S begins a Courfe cf Experimental Philofrphy snd A^ronotny, wherein the High Wafer at London-Bridge this Day at 27 M'mutes after 12 in the Afternoon. Aftronomy whereby the MutTi)�:s, M3an:tud(*s, '"iil-ncc of tne Mcriven')- 3L�ies, and Phcenomeaa of the T:drs, aj-c vxtCz* fl'Wji riid txj 1 'iiiM. Sob'.Viipticns.are taken .n byr irA CstiU-gur'i n*.ay be had of Mrs. Sens*, nve:-3g:inrt St. Dan03.t*s Chinch :n Fl^e:^irrcot, a:id Mr. Chryiguionjj at Juvenal's Head, near .Somrrftt-Htiifc in ihe. i:Uandf B*ukfellers ; and of Mr. Maic-s-. �pe�b�cb-.\f.^:c?. -jf Civs Crc<s; and tiie Bcdi;d-CoffcG- Dirto ivl!!! on Yefterday Bank Stock was 143 a 2 3 <fths. "1nd�a Stock 178 1 half a 3 4ths. South-Stv. Stock m j Sths Old Annuities 1135 Sths a 3 4-ths Ditto New 114. a 1 3th. Three per Cent. ;innu;tics 102. Ditto 1742, 102 Bank 116. Equivalent 112. Royal Afiur^hce S3 3 4ths. London Aflurance 11 5 8ths. Englilh Copper .ji. 7s. 6d. Welfh ditto, no Price. African, no Price. Seven. 'j*cr Cent. Emperor's Loan 111. Five per Cent, d'ttd; 76. New B:mk Circulation 3L 17s. 6d. Prem. India Boreas 4I. 7s. a 6s. Prem. Thivc 1 halt Salt Tallies 2, Prem Three 1 half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 5, Prem. Cent, d-tto 2, Difc. " I _t 1 A. rht- � J N C.i'� THEATRE in che HAY - MARKTT, on SatirrJay ncxr, die ijth oi" January, wji b pc� ;brm*d a new \J/ F K A, caiTd N R I C O. Three per. THE SUBSGRIBER- to Mr. DORMAX's' Serrron^ ?.re dcfirM to excufc z fhert Dclry in thtr Publicatiotl of th^m, becaufc it is found iirpra&icnble to call in the Stabler:p;i ns /biding cuffo foon as was at firfl propis*d, bit theypwyji^w 1)^ j'inrd, that t!:c Subfciiption y.-ill be rlnaily cLs'd th* firft pi" M^Ii n.M, �'nd die S-in.Jii publi^h*d fome time in April cr Mjv. All thofe F.'ienifs therefore who h.y? b en fo kii:d as undertake to promote this Subfcrip'.inn, are deiir'd t . And it h hjp?d that tho'e who have an Intention of fulifcrihmg, but have not been npplie:i to, will be plcas'd, contidcing the Shortnefs of tl;c Time, to fend their SuWbiprionsto the Rev. Mr. Sicc-ils, in Nnrth-Aud!ey-Sfrect, r.ear Grofvenor-Pkjaare j or to the Ibllowrng J5ockfcJlcrs, Mr. lunys, �in St- haul's ChuTch-Yard j Mr. Chirke, under thi Roy il Exchange 5 Mr. Pe]T>bsrton, in Fleet-Sticet; Mr. Millar, in the Strand 5 or Mr. Hardinjr, - o. y t--- A Willi Dj^cc^ :�ad other De-=ont:.0tm er.tirdy new Pit *nd U^xc \n b? ;ku rc�:erl c; ; --mo ro r'cy^n- t� be a4 r.i:trd v^ftnout r.cb?g, w*Jch w:iJ hetielfcvi'i tliat -Ddy at che O.ixc ui H\y-bUifui, at Half a Guiles e;�ri�. Gad-.- y .:h:iUn T V's Comnwnd, No IVm v.->.j;�-to n* �d.TS?!:�'d r-e!vnri ihe .^(nci. Tiie iGal)t�)' will he cpjnM st Four o1 Clock, Pit and Ernes at Five. To {-vr n it >:x o' he Caltle ^Tavern in Drury-Line, on Friday next, the 14th inflant, w ill be in St. Martin's I^ne. r______________________ .'ocal___________. M U S I . C K: By the befi: Maftcrs. . The Concert to bedn ax Nine o' Ci- ck in the Evening: And to conclude wiLN a BAIL, which will brgn at Eleven. The Chairs nre defir'd to come Bdw-Strect Way, and the Coaches to the Door in Dr;ry~I/>nc. E-ch Ticket Five Shillisp. . . Ticket tQ be had at the MuficJ;-5hop in Exerer-Exchargc in the Stnnd } at Mr. Webb's, a Toylhop> cn Lodpte-Hill, joinlrg to Ludgnre j 3t Will's Coffee-tlvM'e, Comhill j at Mr. Moore's, the Theatre Octree-tJoulc, ia Dcuty-Linc Plsyhoufe lJafi>ge ; and at the Bar of the .aibrciaid T-avsrn. 4 J the '4.2. Petty Admiralty-Office, \\ Jan;wv, ! CT*HE Leave of Ah fence giv-n to Officers and Seamen belonging to his Majefty j Ships the Sheernefs and Royal Efcape being expired, the Lsrds Com-mijftoners of the Admiralty do ftridly charge them to repair immediately on board the Princefs Royal, which is ft ting out at Chatham for the Sea, in which Skip they will be paid their Wages for the Sheernefs- and Royal Eft ape^ and two Months Jf ages Advance ;' but if any of the jaid Petty Officers and Men fail to repair on board the faid Ship Pn'ncefs Royal, they will net only loft the aforg-meniiori}d Payments, but will be alfo apprehended and tried at a Court-Martial H Chnitia/i Klces, hue cvf _ Artillery-Lane without Bidiopf^ate, Weaver, dece^.s'd, afe t> call on Mr. D.ifch, at Apothecaries Kail in Khck-Fryars, on Wednefday the 19th irutmtj or 3ny V/eJnefHiy, ber*l�:i the Hniy-s.of Ten and One, to receive their rc'perdve fccporrons of di*} Aifets cf the faii Chu.Han I'lees come to the Hands of his Executors. For B A T H, G!afs C�;tch-and fur KoTcs will fee out /j^ from the B next, and will ca7r> ok and'Tun Inn in Fleet-Street, Cn Sitord?y or Sunday y Puilengen at rcafonzblc Rates. Per forth*d by Thomas Muliins, of Bath, For R O. T T E R D A M Deft Tlio. Corbttt. JOSE I Me>cer> S removM from UK]g?�'.e--Hill ro the Si^r, of Queen Elizabeth's Head, [kte Mr. Halfey's, the Bhckmcor's.Hcad) within three Doors of St. Paul's, in Ludgate-Strert where he jfropes fuch Cuftoraers a^fcve ufed to tiK .Shop, and rre fiot cthuvife cny^d, will con-nue thek Favour,- The Sloop, ^ t a y 1 cs, Co mm ar.der, A I LS Tomorrow, the t r?rK inr, new lying orF fCInc's Starrs, to take in G<:cdi and Paff-w.-Ts ; end may i^c fpokc w'th at Exchange-tme cn the Daren. Walk, or at the Amfterdam Coftee-Houfe near the Rpyil Exchange ; and before 2nd a*~t?r, at the Sign of th* Tyger fteat-Towcr-Dock; tn- Jk'cccr Vonk for the*

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