Tuesday, January 8, 1743

Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, January 8, 1743

Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 8, 1943, London, Middlesex r Deal, J EMAIN in the Downs, the Dover, &ynn* Pearli Liverpool, Princefs tiayal, Deal-Gaftk, Po^ Grey-hAmd, Lyme, and Peregrine Men of War \ with the odtwatd-botind Ships asjper laft. Game dowfn, the Happy Couple, Johes, for Briftol. Arrived, the Granada Banibj from theWeftwardj the Prince Wi eii� from New4Su2land : and A Wind S. W the Channing Sallys Smith, from Oporto. An Extras efa Letter-from the Ha cue> Hated Jan. 8. * Thevgteat Noife which the French Court makes in Wand of its Augmentations, ft look^tipon by moft < People in this fittytfty to be little ct nothing xdore than % Rodomontade, and frightens no Body btfkrfoth es aire �ignorant of the Manner of executing thefe fort of Ordi-4 nances. Cardinal de Fleuty. labours under great Diffatif- * faftion m not being able to find out any Body who will � uife their Endeavours to procure a Peace for France: He * itf ^vain addreffes himfelf for this Purpofe to all the i Powers in Europe. The Patience of his Eminence being i by this Means worn out, he begins now to utter Invec-i tives againft the- Cdurt of Vienna, and fays, that the i natural Pride thereof and the Councils of that of London, * have in fuch manner gainM the Afcendant at Viennu, i that his Eminence thinks he may be permitted, without � Breach of Charity, to declare, that all the Sentiments of < Equity'and of Good Faith are ftifled in the laft mention'd < Court. His Eminence is however more open with thofe t whc are in his Confidence, to whom he manifeftly fhews, * that he is wear)' of this W^, frequently faying, that t Miftakes of the Aorteft Handing are - the moil eaiily � reftify'd � that when People perceive they are wandering � out of the Way, it is better for them to turn back again * when they are even gone very far, than to proceed in a � wrong Road tp the End. The Cardinal fays further,- < that every Body muft be ^coutent to keep their own, without diilurb � an equitable Reparation, he thinks, cannot reaibnably ',be xefusM. So that from $11 this may one'not gather* ir'rthat Things might probably be re-eftabli&'d -between the < Emperor ami tne Queen of Hungary upon the footing 4 they were on before tne Commencement of the War, and Blanning, from Africa, is arriv'd at Jamaica, With Nesroes. r Capt. Millerfon, is arriv'd at Lancafter , who fpoke with the De Vreede, Capt. from Curafoa, for Amflerdam, the 26th paft, about igues to the Weftward of Ireland, in very great having loft * her Main-Maft, and had no Vidtixals The Barbadoes nor Water an board ; "and foon after there fprungup fuch a brifk Gale, that Capt. Millerfon was not able to give them toy Affiftance. His Majefly has- been pleas'd to appoint CoL Long to be Colonel of one of the firft rais'd Regiments of Marines, Which has been fbme time vacant. Yefterday the Bench of Jaftices at the Wefhninfter Seffions unanimoufly rechofe Sir John Gonfon their Chair, for many Years paft has acquitted himfelf with great Honour and Reputation in that Station. On Tuefday was married at Chatham, near Canterbury, Mr. William Hewitt, an ingenious and eminent Surgeon in C^vendKh-Square, and Surgeon to the Right Hon. General Wade's Hone, to Mifs Mdrrice, Daughter of the late Admiral Morrice, of Great Betts-Hanger in the County of Kent, a beautifkl Lady, with very great Accompliihments, and a Fortune of 50001. On Thttffday Night died Mr. Thomas Marftoh, Mafter Baker of his 'Majefty*? Viftualling-Office, London; a Per-fon in every fefpeft qua&ied for that Poll; a fincere Friend, ah Enemy to none, which gain'd him Afftftion among his 4eq*iaiotance, and hi$ Death is much regretted by them. Yefterday Morning Mr. John Prior, a Brazier of cpn-fiderable Buiinefs in Fenchurch-Street. was found dead in his Bed. H good Health ? w^nt to Bed the Night before feemingly I Garrett Cavenah was taken and committed for altering Farthings fo as to refemble'S makes the ieventh Perfon now in'-Cuftody pences. H< that Crime. Tomorrpw.tvvQCharity Sermons will be pre?ud the PariM Church of St. Bartholomew the Great/ i SATURDAY, January 8, 1743. r * ill; that in Uenefit of the Charity Children of the faid Par the Morningby the Right Rev. Fathe* in God Ifaac Lord Bifhop of St. Afaph; and that in the Afternoon by the Rev. Mr. Abbot, Reftor of St. Michael in Wood-Street. We hear that the great Battle that wS to have been fought on Tuefday laft, betWee^ the noted Smallivood and Gladihan, is, particular Defire, deferr'd till Thurfday ne^ct, the 13th iqftant, when it will certainly be decided, at the ufual Place at Tottenham-Court; and if true Manhood,' and well-known and approved Hardineis, be any Recommendation t& Bdxing, this is univerfally expected to be o�e of the flioft fevere Battles that has been fought for a confiderable Time. The poor Prifoners of hk Majefty's Fleet-Prifon beg Leave to return their hdmble and iincere Thanks to their kind and unknown Benefa&or, that put a Guinea and a Half into their Box at the Begging^Grate Yelferday, which was a very great Relief to a great Number of poor diftreifed Piifoners, who are twice the Number they ever were before, and in a very deplorable Condition, having no Running-Box, nor any Prifon Allowance, as other Prifons have, nor any thing but what fuch kind Benefactors are pleafed to fend them. It Was equally divided by the Steward bn the Common Side. This Evening will be performed, At the Theatre Royal in Druxy-Lahe, The Merchant of Venice. At the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, The Siege of Damafcus, with Perfeiis and Andtomeda. Water at London a the Mprninfc at Yefterday Bank Stock was 142 3 ^ths. India Stock, no Price. South-Sea Stock in i hadf. Ditto Old Annuities 113 1 half a 1 8th a 3 8ths. Ditt per Cent. Annuities 102 a*i 7 8ths. Million Bank 116. New, no Pr: Ditto Three 102 a 1 7 8ths. Aflurance 83 3 4.ths. 1742 Equivalent 112. Royal London Aflurance 11 5 8ths. Engjiih Copper 4I, 7s. 6d. Welfh ditto 15s. African, no Price. Seven per Cent. EmperorVLoan 110 3 4ths. Five per Cent, ditto 76. New Bank Circulation 3I. 15s. Prem. India Bonds 41.8s. a 6s. Prem. Three 1 half Salt Tallies 2, Prem. Three * half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 5, Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 2, Difc. ffltoners of his Majifty's Ci containing upwards of fix tioufandtwo hundred Gallons of neat old Brandy ; which will Continue to be faid every Wednefday and Friday, beginning each Day at Eleven 0* Clock in the Forenoon, and ending at Five in the Afternoon, till the whole {Quantity is d)fpos*d of THE GivANu Chapter of the Antient and Honourable Order of GRECOREANS will be held on "Wednefday next, the 12th inlbnt, at Seven o' Clock in the Evening, at the Half-Moon Tavern in Chcapfide, where the fame will continue to be held for the future j of which the Brethren of the refpe&ive Chapteis are deilr'd to take Notice.. By Order of the GRAND, R. A. Grand Secretary. THE Gentlemen ihxt h:we ferv'd tf>cOffice, of Steward of the Antient ar.d Honourable Order of Gregorian*/ aredefir'd to meet the reft of their Brethren this Evening, at Six o Clock, at the Ship Tavern without Temple-Bar} and the fatd Meeting 13 to be contmu'd for the future every firfl Saturday of the Month. HE Proprietors of the- Temple-Mills � Brafi-Works give Notice, that a General Meeting will be held at the Black Swan Tavern in Bartholomew-Lane, on Wednefday next, the 12th. inirant, at Eleven o* Clock precifeiy, on fpecial Affairs, agreeable to the Deed of Settlement. Note, No Chairman will be allow'd of but fuch as will put fuch Quelticns as fhall be propofed, and feconded, otherwife another will be put in his room, it bein&contrary to the Rules of Equity and Juftice, and aiburcry to the higheil Degree, and endlefs to do otherwife. Arid all the Managers are defir'd to bring in their Accounts, and all the Lawyers Biils and Minute-Books. WHEREAS on Tuefday the 20th of July Iail, Ralph A^derley, Oftler at the Spur Inn in the Borough of Southwark, was found murderM in the Hayloft,* which Murder is fnppos*d to have been cornmitted by one Joel Craven, who was Under OfrJer at the {aid Inn, and abfeonded immediately: The faid Joel Craven formerly liv'd alt Mr.Chatterton's, the White Horfe arjd Half-Moon, Landon-Wall: and was Jikewife a Groom to Henry Jbbotfon, Eiq, at Lseds in Vorkftiire : The.iaid Joel Craven is about twenty-two Years of Age, and about five Foot four Inches high, a flender thin Man, plump faced, and broad fhnulderMj the Teeth of his upj>ex Jaw projecting, or coming forward beyond the under $ He took away with him a large Silver Watch, the Maker's Name Vernon: Whoever will fecure him, fo as he may be brought to JufHce, fhall receive Twenty Guineas Reward, to be paid by me Samuel Adderley, At the Cod and Bottle in Canmn-Street, London. W HE RE AS the Parifh Church of C well in Surry was broke into on Wednefday Ni Arms for Candies, and little Images of the tw from a large Branch in the faid Church ;*who* or Perfons concern1 d in the faid Robbery, fha &oa be entitled to a Reward of Ten Guineas ^wardens of the faid Parirtu H Creditors of Mr. Richard M late of Chifwell*Street, Apothecary, deceas*dx and Miri Miller, ha Widow, deceas'd, axe defir*d to r alfcr the Creditois meet the Executor Mrs.JVIiller, on Friday next, the 14th inftant, at Seven o'clock in-the Evening, attteNag*s Herf Tavern xr* j^eapf^. io order to.receive SatisfiSiofl for their rejlpedrive Debts. , Notr, Eacii.Gredrtortrrruft brrngan Affidavit of his or tax Debt, ojthcr-wifc their Debts will not be aliow'd. THE Creditors of Mr. George Handy fid?; late of Channg-Crofs, Watchmaker, deceas'oC |defirrd by his Executor to meet at the One Tun and Kind's Arms TaVern, eppofite Hnm-gerford-Marker, 4n the StrandK-on Monday next, the 16th inftant, at Six o'clock in the Evening, to.prevent one or more of T cite KI NG's H in the HAY-MARKET, this Day, being the &th of January, nil b� perfbrmM a new OPERA, caUM E N R I C O. .With Dances and other Decorations entirely new. Pit and Bo*e? to be put together $ a do Peribna to be admitted withnjit Tickets, *ltkli will be del;ver*d this Day at tie Office Li the Kay-Maikcr, at Hilf a Guinea c^eh. Gallery Five Shillings. Dy H:s MAJESTY'S Command, No Perfon whatever. to be admitted behind the Scene*. The Gallery will be open'd at Four o* Clock, Pit and Boxes at Five. To beg:n at Six o* Clock. . ^ This is to acquaint the fuUick, THAT Mr. Keith, the MihifterpF May-Fidr ChaJ:*;!, not being under the Authority or Juru2i�rJ0n of the Rilhop, or his Court, rJiefe Hxteen Months paft, look: upon himfelf to he no ways affected by any thing they can do : And therefore the Marriage-Fee^ Licence on a Five-Shilling Stamp, together with the Certificate, amount but to a Guinea on Sundays till Six at Night, except the^Tiafie of Divine Service, which is from half an H&ur after Eleven till One, and from Four till Five o' Clock ; but on the Week-Days it is a Guinea till Four, a Guinea and a Half till Seven, and Two Guineas after Seven at Night, The Way to the Chape] from the City is thro' Piccadilly, by the upper End of St. James's Street, and down Clarges-Street. It is adjoining to the new Market near Hyde-Paik-Ooiner. Eight Millions for Guxi-ihot Wounds this bloody Chrifimas, T At the O R A T O R Y, lerof Lincoln s-Inri-Fields* near Tomorrow, in the Ever.ing, tit Six, will he-my Religious Worship in the new Exhortation, approve. Pta^eis-for tixe Com-mon-Council, Inticpendent Inhabitants of VVerfrniniler, and an hcaeftParfia* ment next Tucfifty, Sec. z. Divine ExercHe* of Wit> as frbm ao� to Gorf> 6a tic;-tfcict Cooks of Ccle-brook, a Triumvirate, or a Chrifrmas BJH of Fare lor eating all the Year. 3. A Sp:ritual Sermon on the Balance-bearer the Sword-bearer ; Army ami Navy two grand Paris 5 Frogi ceme in to the Mice and Rats j.D. Philip, our High A-; Imperial Hcnsy-Water and King's Drops j Pruilian Colt a Fad for the of H. Broglio lurches Secken-dorf j the Auion.atoiu fit on Tuefday; Soleraon, a Serenade $ London's Teft 5 American Salary dear asTuinips j the Bridge, ieptennial, ^cc. Vernon lands in Form j the Emperor's Death j the Wife-men at Hazard on Twelfth* Day $ Angels provM Eunuch's; Circle fquar'd at DuMn 5 and an honeft ArtorneyThen a Queition argu*d, whether an Act of P-- may not be againft Law, and the Remedy. Daily is held the Gentleman's Uoiverfity in private Ihftitutes. Corner if LincolrCt Turnfi/e, and Friday^ dt Ifaac Newton's Bead, Inn Fields next Great the Every Monday, NTLEMf efd* thofe Evenings there, will be well accommodated, and' for fpendir.g Six Pence apiece may have the Opportunity to hear a Lecture Upon Theology, Philofop"hy, or Morality; to begin at Seven o* Clock. Note, Phifico-TheoK>gical Le�harcs will alfo be continu'd every S�aday Evening^ at Six o*Qock. The Subjects iefignM for Tomorrow Evening will be upon the Change that enfued upon the Difobcdience of Adam, and the further Charges occaficnM by the Deluge; wherein Mr. Whiftbn's Hypothefes of the Similarity of Days and Years bc/ure the Fill, and that the Deluge was effected by a Comet, are further conader'd 2nd illuftrated, &c, -j_----�-~-- 'To be S EE.N, at One Shilling eacb^ Up one Pair of Stairs\ at a Gt]6ccrs, the Comer of Durham- Yard in the Strand, HOSE molt celebrated and elaborate Figures^of HUMAN ANATOMY in WAXWORK made by the late famous Monf. DEKOUE -of Paris, which, as they are the Bufincfsof above forty Years Study, Application and Labour, wifely calculated both for Improvement and Delight, are exact Copies from Nature, and finifhM to a fwprifing Degree of Perfection, are univerfally conrcis'd the moil amazing Pieces of Art that ever were exhibited. As every.Ncr<ve, Attcry, Fein. IWufcie, Sec. is in thefe Figures beautifully conspicuous, fo to render them fh'JJ more ufefuJ and agreeable, as well by refreshing the Memories of the Learned, as by fumilhing thofe unfkilTd in Anatomy, with fuch Ide^s as may en.ible them to go thro* a complete Courfe, there is fold at the Place aforofaid, (Price is. 6d.) a printed Syllabus, treating of every nrnute Par: of the human Syftem 5 which, being carefully pointed out by certain Marks and Figures ftuck upon each Subjefl', is by die fame Marks and Figures referred to in the Syllabus 5 wherein rhrir various Ufes, and the Connex;3n each has with th� ether, is fo copioufiy defcrib'd, and fo methodically digefled, as to render the Study of them rathe^r a Pleafure than Fatigue. To tvbicb is adzed, A Diflertatlon on the Parts of Generation in Men and Women, of the Fetus in the Wbmbj of the Birth, &c^_ TOLEN fFoml\f06 in Clement's Inn, on Thurfday the ^cth of December laft, in the Night, a plain Gold Watch, with an enamelTd Dial-Plate, Benj. Sidey jun. fecit, N� i6qf with a Man's Gold. Chain, and a large Cornelian Seal fet in Gold, engrtv d with a Cr.at jof Aicts, to. a Chevron, fahle, between three Pheons, Gules: Alfo a Bank Note, dated 1? Feb, 1740, No. 4.93, payable to Joha Bhckmore, or Order, for Twenty Pounds; and feverai other Papers, which are of no tXfe but to the Owner 5 and about, flxteen Guineas. If the Watch is efferM to pawn, foil, or value, pleafe to ftcp it and the Pcrion^ and pteNotke-tp w. Benjamin Sargent, Goldfmith, over-againft Court,4 Fleet-Street, fcnd you iliali have Twelve Guineas Rey the whole, of in ^r^rtiorx for any part $ or if already pawa'd cr yoglr Monev a^m with Hanks. , urr-: Note, -iPayment xs ftopt at tic Bask.

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