Thursday, February 3, 1831


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - February 3, 1831, London, Middlesex j:: .t;�fM 1- 4S, Pan Hall, tiondoni i il : rn^tjtt bntBCTORs: and muKtaKMible.Eiq^ CapbCei). Harrft,K Tbomai Feim, Kiq. ,:E�q.,R*�M?ntDIreclor. , eitni ii.�,-Q4e�Ht-��r�e�, May-fclr. the nte* or iSltb* jwrtSia rtilrfent vmin anBev ^MiArittz for OMcen ia the Army aoil Navy, may nbtnin Pnllrt��KalMJib�i�k* lamreryeooBUT of the irorlit,*�r aai tized rale of preatan. ---.-^-1-r-m--- Order, of the Hod. CoiBinis- .--.rjHts't CiutoiiM, at the Ciulom'Hoaie, Ko-ar^^atawurr*. ISlUatTwIre atIfooa, Me fol-fS.. to . aerecnl Li>ti:-^Ixtot 48, OaltiHit, Smrlti L'GtdUnu 8plri*> GeneTB, aboat fii' OalloiM 'Kara. hiS^t^, *' Bosbeh CeaK JI Anchor*. Mr*rl'�^rn,''Ttifii.'bo^heB, and Mat*�a1�r*� Otten '"^-'-^t tl|�,llnteriaU of tbe 3loaa�'Wtltbdn." Ditto IfrtcrSpop -.WillUnun^li toBK-Bbai*-,!! H^^Fi� aar^oamarcp a, ai i m Officei-Mr. Mai � 8, Rw.�Mt>gilafte, Pafiat-Wn-vood>i,M, Haymarni>V)e>i'tb�Opera.boiu�;and69,Loniba ' Vil^nilon. >/  (SIMIi. BBfiSBLU Secretary��a,Eiomb�Td4m�t,- .  FromCaUili. , .. Wedqetdair, F�<^7�t� ulgbt kurtdajTiVeb; n;<it r;ni - Wedae^las. Fab. SS, at 9, Thar^iij, Kar^ 8. i^t 1 in 1831. [Price 7d :�90K� P^LISHBD THIS DAY. Price as.6d,ieweil. ;RS oaPARUAMENTARY and EC- ABTlCAi'^FORM. By WILLIAM ROBEaTS, B.q. rinMfiirSamlsn *ad Benaloc, U, "aiehard Shitnn, 187, Piccadilly. Fteel-jtreet; ami Sold fay Jamea aUfjr�j, Ira, Pi^catlilly, L<.iid r6m fiOO/. and upwards t^o any amom^l^* iJJ*�<�Horirf thii ^b^^ .ui^eot or the read, for tbe pareba e atmost lecrecy may be depended opoOc r>u(i�rn re�H0JWibility,, M(*rcbB9H, -_pnd /rap^iaU^ Tra(l)l>iB*^ Mart. .-MJf \Isa?^ JaweMtMy^ay. ^69. Piccadilly; and or every BonUeller Blll�,;t' |>hyable at Biufcert, dr�eo\tnted,-A| ;leHct� (jp�iffl^; , WALSH, BAATi. OV &EFORM-Price3^.. :K OPiXfQNS on PARLIAMEN AIbPORH COHStDeRKD.-By t^ir /OFCN WALSH, c^teWUii�U.>gjhMr aHfPDiy.or the TTev^ubXcai liini in e*ery (ieportment ofBTmgg. |!Fot�p�i*��**��J Be IraTOre, twin'lotit experience.'ttftlgj early peraial or the NevWbrks conntitates ibe preat lodacianiat i�obKribe to a Fnblic Kbrary ;^M4*�t�*b atrared tbal to biiat^*:! {tiptrto Uu partkxtarjwto be.aUrllKited;th�;;dMbiiK�i*be4 {Hnri|Mr~ MMdoiM. A ae* aa'd knlaraetl Cath1ofti� 1i Jqit ready, and vlU ' to>aa:r*�tete wiU>. mSt ih� ^Emdard M/orkt l� XofUAv-Freiuahi^ iHan, wbleh, rith Terp>l oT SntacrlpUqn, may he liad on nf}i^A .'INI R^ORM IN PARUAMKNT.-Price ��., ,. *, DERRn, wi�b lli"t� l"r a Pl-in- ' frfttfB A# THK COUNTBY.-PricpSi.'ai. ENGLA#i> in 18S0; being a letter to EABbiQRBV, Uylar^eforelilalhe Cnndltion of tbe People, '�^ '^I.AenuelveiTnilieJt Peliijpn tl^ ParliniiieiU. '^�ly, 16�i nc^adilry; Wr's^iton, Birmingbaot; And ^TI �Aiioiiln'.' ' � � ------SJ^ on Ihe STATE of the NATJON Jnfe7�intl8,' ac.-ROBAR-PS, GRIFnTflSv'amI tRICK, Silk Meicen anAjfrbb PoBlibiMaanraeturers (o ibMRvyalTainlly, Having, U,Mnne(paUbn.or Mr Mi^re�y'> approachinf DRA'Cf (NO-ROOMS, caMfitttSttgrtrnt TaHetrV tb� above Ai'tfele^'Hi'the rabimbref �njM|s^ed.�al�nn and dcslgifs, Xim>ectra|ly inUMt Abe }�QMlIty aadoeytry to an InipecUno ot ihein, and ibelr eztenilTe anjl rashloii-aMrHXiimUnHbl Vlaia and FiirwredD^apM, Sroi dk Ifnplet, Pop-llpV'li|fIM>0>i8|uiwb, Ac at tbeir Wareroonu, No. I, Cbaad^M.^t^eel, cSjfellt'Card.en.___ fTAUAN TUBEROSE ROOTS-The aonual M. . npply of Ibew FIo inj.t been receired, io tbe finest e^tailitiOiiV tir VRBDERICK VALt^C. �1, Haymarket. rpo NOBLEMEN and GENTLEMEN.- JL siilTH and WEBER, Tailo.-j, Ac. No. U, New Bond-�tr*ei. neztJuorto Lang'i Hotel, respectfully aubinit tfcclr Prlcci for the TtnobOftabada that ran be prodoced :-A Mperior andfuhlonnble Nap Sreat.qoal, Qeuon VeWel Collar, boand with lilk Pnu.ian binding,'U.'ts;; Troiiaen, treble-millWl, extra 8ne teitnre, \l. lt�.; SuMKinrcO'Coati, black or bine, 31. I3i.6d.; ditto, ditto, olire, S� ta.; Saxony Frocks, Hiied wiib silk, black or bine, tt.: ditto, ditto, oliTe, S^. l&s. LiTeries al a price wbich cnnnnt full to rire uUiafHctlaa. Cwmparison tbp only lest.-Smith and Weber, M, New Band-Kreet.__ ANEW DISCOVERY for FILLING DE CATED TEKTII.-Mens. J. MALLAN, SURGEON BENTISr, Ko. �, HAliF-MOON-STREET, PICCADILLY, graterul for tlie high and.tOIteaiMe patronage which has so eminently distingalshed bi> ph>reuional exertions since his nrriral in tlie Briiisk Metmpolls, re-apecirully annanncei to his Friends ami tb� Public in ireneml. tliat be �illcnntinnesto fill DECAYED TEETH, witlr his celebmied uniTerially rpcommeudrd by tbe Family of Londoit and Paris. Tbe nperation of filling Teeth is performed In a-few teeond*, witbont tbesHghlest pnlity hent, or pressure; also fns-leoa loote Teeth In a manner singularly efflcacioas, and vopplies vliotearp.irtta1 SeU ofTeetb oflbe Incnrrodible Mineral drnatunil a^buancca, vitbont wire or other ligature, guaranteed to. anraer eVer/parpose ofmastication and articalntion-Tbe Facnllyara re-�MCffally melted to wHtneis tbe operatioa of Fiilbig Decayed Teetk. Ciwrtei the lame as in Pa rl�. _ nrtBTEIR MAJESTIES' PERFUMERS^II^ jL Hetsrs. PRICE and G08NELL, 160, Regent-street, and Tiiree IUng.caart.-,I<Dial<ard.ttreet, London, bnre the honour to ncqnaint tlie Nobility and Fashionable Circles, Hint, in gratitode fur tbe IlOrWL' ArraiNTMENT. li.ey have succeeded, after greal Expense �Sd manafhcturing no unriTalled SCENT, immedialely for tie MUnbn, called QUEEN ADELAIDE'S REFRESHING PERFfME. -Menr<. Price nnd Gmnell have trans.nitted Urge qnantitiexar this iaeorapamble Banquet, with many others pf their Qublouoble articles fnr!tl�ajl� SJe inlnute nnimalcnlK, decomposed vegetable particles, metallir aarfaartby substances, which water, even in iu purest state, prevlon' to Its sa^ection to tbe Royal Filter, is found to contain; and vblcli, aaeordb^gto tbe opinion of numerous physicians and surgeons, are thr locipifnt cnoses of a vast variety uf complaints, among which stand nibat^prninlnent. Bile, Calcnloas Di-enses, Complaints of the Stomacli, Spannodlc Affections, &r. Ac.; and it is an acknowledged fact. fiAinded opon nccnrale obsetvailon, lUat families using Ihe Itoysl Filler are rarely snl^Ject to illness. PORTABLE FILTERS, i^ssessinj .t11 ilie advantages ofpurifyiog audiraaderingcryslAl the worst water, may be obtninej at the follor ing prices.hnndaomely oni.imenteil: - Gallon size, parifyiHg li Gallons per day......^1 b 0 5 r>0................... I 10 0 4 D<.............<l<i.....i6 Do................... I 15 0 � Do................... 9 9 0 9 Do................... 9 14 0 is Do............d er�e�eraiice. Dr. James's Powder continues to be prepared by Menr*. HBW^EET.from the only copy of tbe process left by Dr. JaBOin blfown band-writing,wbich was deposited with tbeir OrnnJ-fatlwriB:lt4B,asJoiiii Proprietor. In Pnrkets at 9i. 9d. and 94s. earli. Or. JAMES'S ANALEPTIC PILLS afford constant relief In loili-reallon. Billons and Stomach Complnints, Gouty Symptoms, recent Kbeqinatism., and Cold viib slight Fever, and are so mild in tbeir etfetlS ailtot to require confinement. Dr. Jameses Analeptic Pills are nne|rtqne4by McMrs. Newbery, Inom tbe only recipe existing under Dr*. JainesVband, and are sold by them in boxes at 9s. 9il.,4s. Ad., and 8�*.at�t.St;PaoPsCburob-Yard; amitlielr Agents, J. Sanger,ISO, Ox-ford-atr<!et. London ; W. Pegg, Dublin; and most venders in the Goantry. The name *' F. Newhery" is engraved on each Goveni-ment.aMfp.____ APPROVED MEDICINES, Sold by Messrs. BUTLKR, Ch] CbeapaMe. comer of St PrtncwHitreet, Edinbargh; D^MH i* Patent Meriicini Pnni's, London; Sackville-slreel, Dublin . and may be bad of the roost respectable nes in tbe kingdom : - ^P^IfBVS VSGBrABLE T0OTH-P0WDKR.-ThiB dentifrice, (composed of vegetables, witUout tbe ndroiiture of any mineral, or peeaiCioas Ingredient whatever,) hns so long been in general use, and an appendage tu the fasblonabla toilet, that it is unnecessary to-oi^'aay fartSer recommendation in favour of it. In Boies, at JAMES'S ANALEPTIC PILLS-Arc an eicelleni Alterative ind Bowels, and are applicable to foot, Ac They are mild in tlieir la, and require no restraint or confinement during tbe use of lem. In Boxes, at is. 6d. and 8ts, nfCKMAN'S PILLS. FOR CRAVKL. STONE, Ac.-This Medicine baa been long approved for the relief of nerectinns of tbe Kidneys and Bwilur, which are attended with tbe (onnnlion of Gravel, Inlcnlus, and ilch aceumpnny these affections; ant are found to succeed when most remedies ol the kind bavc nltu-nMrikileil. In Boxes, at <s. 9d. nnd lis. BU^IfER'S CAJEPUT OPODELDOC, used with much success in I siiJii'lir IThnimaTlfm Sprains. Bruise., Ac. also an excellent application ftvCbUWoius, by allaying tbe Irritation. In Bottles, at Is. lid TOWSaS'STOMACHIC E8SENrR.-Prob.ibly tbe safest anil most certain Sedative and Anti.)uumodic ever presented to putdic no-tl<�vlmdWOMeRkctuid in Nervous P.-ilpitations, Difflcnily uf Brealb-ln�, and Hytteric Affections. In Bnllles, a t 9s. 9d., 4s. 6d., ami 1 Is. Bim.Ba'S Compound essence of cuBEBs.-This Prepa- ratlOtt'i* reCMmm^ded for those affections arising fmn diseases of tlievCll'neys. Bla.dJer, Ac, and tbal class of diseases generally in wblfli^kctuieof the Oubetra has been found so serviceable, ties, 4t 6d.. 8s. 6d.. and 9ns. ROTHEKfilGm TONIC PILLS-Applicnhle to the Female Cou-Stittttlon,, ai^. recomroeuded as a safe and effectual remedy for atrttfttbenlng the system -also for producing regularity of action in tlMM^o^etiona trbhUiere rinjiaired by debility, Ac. In Boxes, Is. I'd '"BUVbEir^ PBCTORAI/FLIXIR-Stronf ly recommended in Colds Hab^al Coachs, Asthmatic Affections, Ac In Bolllcs, at Is. Ud. and TO.IVERS' TONIC PILLS__These Stomachic Aperient Pills bare for Unity years, received tbe roost decisive marks of public approval The*Itfe f;gpr***'y restore tbe tone and energy of the niwestiTe Organs, and lo remove and correct Indigestion, a bad and I, Depression ol Spirits, Drowsiness, Ac. In Boxes, *�f�i&HL*sVNlVKRSAL CRRATE-Au excellent remedy for l.f�k*^GUIblains, Scalds, Born., Wnands, nnd Ulcers of every de-^^tjg-^tfw., �s|J.etallv 8<ire nnd Ulcerated Legs. In Boxes, Is. IJd. PMabo^e Preparations, when genulae, will have tbe Name aadAdJt&W Menrs. BuUer attached to them.-Particular atten-tlui^tD tUi castfod Is re<)uested. pn�pects from a Kew King and aTfew fUASS. iM�tW�r�4'ta*WtltWlM���iTM^ .*itetMlTe lbrai7,Ra .>M'BiilIlt0nB adjolniiirtbanto,^vh}> nddiljonaj a^rtments for the libraf()in and bis family, (t^ale in tbe mu�M Mmitetl vHMge and fhsblannbte place of retorr. Great Malvern, in tbe coonty of Worceiler.-For fbrther paiticnlars apply, (If by letter, post poid) to Mr. Thomas Barneby, Solicitor, Worcester- POX and CO,S UNIQUE TABLE COVER WAREHOUSE, for COVTRS of every description, in Woollen, Linen, Cott,io, D*Oylcy Sti kpes, Sentcb aud Worsted Damask, Embossed ].ieather, Palaied Baite aud Persian Cot^, in every fashionable design and colour, for Tables of all sitps, Piano-hirtes, and Harps. Also, plain Waallea Cloth Covers, In eVery coTotir,and elegantly bordered with silk or velvet, or fringed ; and from the vast variety, an nnerrlng choice Is made. Table Mats and D'Oyleys, and an extensive variety of reiil Scotch Tartan Plaids, of every Clan and all tbe Regiments. -Fox and Co., 98, King-street, Covent-giu-den, facing Bed^rd-street. Upholsterers supplleiL_ NEROTS HOTEL and BATHS, CLIFFORD-STREET, Bond-ttreel__Tbe Nobility and Gentry are respectfully Informed, that tbe above Eslablishmenf, being tlie property of Ihe undersigned, will in fninre be condncted by his.BON, FIIANCI.S NKROT, who begs leave to ^dd, that every branch of Ibe concern will faeisceforward be carried on upon such principles as, be tmris, will meet the approbation, and with Such care aud attention as will insure tbe ccmrori. of those wbn may please to bonnur him with their patronage. Tbe Premises liave been refilled and refurnished si here necessary, incJuding new carpets, Ac. Dressing-rooms are attached to tbe Bnlbs, the well known excellence of wbich needs no comment; price 6s., fire and wax lights included. January si, 1831. JAMES NEROT. PARISIAN COSTUMES.-TOWNSENDS SELECTION of PARISIAN COSTUMES, for February, con. tains Seven Plates of Figures, price only Is. 6d. (One plate is appropriated to Dresses for Fancy Balls.) As the proprietor receives* weekly |>acket from Paris, this work exhibits whatever change of costume occurs in that capital. A reference to tlie b-ick numbers (any of which may be had at tbe publishers) will prove bow invariably Uie London fashions liave been taken from these models. Published by Arnold, Tavistock-street; Siinpkin and Marshall; and J. Townsend, 11. Jermyn-street, two doors east of Regent-sUeet; and may be bad of all booksellers. MINING REVIEW, for 1830.-The first volume, now jinblisbed, co.iulns a Review o( tbe Operations of all tbe Mining Companies, from lBi4 op to the present period-Correspondence received from Ihe Mines during the jiast twelve months- Reports of General Meetings-Original Papers on Amalgamation, on tbe Discovery of Veins, nnd on tbe Electro-Magnetic Properties of Meialliferous Veins in Cornwall, with plales Illustrative of the snbjects treated oa-Plan and Section of the Bongo Soco Mine, Ac-Mining Tnbles.with Prices of Metals-Exports and Imports-Produce of Mines of Cornwall-Daly of Steam Engines-Tin Coinage, Ac-extending over a period of thirty years. To which are added, tbe Prices of Shares, Ac, with a copious Index. Price in cloth, lettered, 16s. 6d., or Nos. I, 8, and S may be bad, price 8s. Od., and No, 4, with a Supplement, price fie. T. and T. Boosey,4, Broad-street, City ; andSimpkin and Harshnil, Siatintiers'-court, Pat jmoster-row. DUNBAR and BARKER'S GRE^K aiMl. E�LSI<ISU U&XiCl tbe TMrtkitam, will be pnbllslied Tn one large volnme, tbi price 9&S. A GREEK and ENGLISH IDL-Tiila :k Svo., LEXICON for the t\. Use of Schools and Colleges ; containing a variety of Critical. Philological, and Scientific Matter, not hitherto found In any Greek Dictionary. Also an ENGLISH and GREEK LEXICON, comprising n number of Idiomatic Phrases, for the use of more adrnnred Slodents. By GEORGE DUNBAR, A.M. F.R.H.R. Profes-or of Greek In tbe University of Edinburgh, a.d E. H. BARKER, Esq. ofTbetford, Norfolk. Printed for Maclachlan and Stewart, Edinburgh ; and Simpkin nnd Marshall, London. In 8v"J price Is., PRACTICAL VIEW of the C^UESTION of PARLIAMENTARY RRFORM. Printed for Longman, Rees, Ormc, Brown, and Green. On tbe Bib inst. will lie published, price 5s. 6d., The four days' revolction in BRUSSELS.-By General VAN HALEN, for some weeks Commander in Chief at Brussels. With tbe subsequent Trial at Mons,aud Some importiint Political Documents. Trnnslnied from tbe French. Sold by Simpktu nntl Mnrstiall, London; antt all other Booksellers. MR. GODWIN'S NEW WORK.-In a few days will be pu'ilished, in Thoughts on "man?'his Nature, Produc-tiona, uni DUcovcries; iiiteriiier-'�'cl with some particulars re�pccuiifi the Author. By WILLIAM GODWIN. Efflnghiiin Wilson, &s, Roynl Exchange. In n few tlnys vill be pnbUsbeil, price Is. ALETTER to his Grace the DURE of RUT-LAND. K.G., on the Present Crisis.-By tlie Hon. ARTHUR TREVOR, M.P. Printed for C. J. G. and F. Rivingtoii, St. Paul's Cburch-yard, and Waterloo-place, Potl-mall. In a few dayi will be pu' liubcd, in two volumes, Svo. with inapi and Narrative of a'"j'oURNEY across two PASSES of Ibe BALCAN, and o( a VISIT to AlZANI. and other ncwiv discovered Rnins ill Asia Minor, in 1S99-S0. By Major the Hon. GF.OIIGE KEPPKL, F 8.A. Henry Colhnrii and llichard BeiitJey, New Burlington.street. Ma. ST. JOHN LONG.-Price Is. em arks on the EVIDENCE in the CASE of the late MISS CASIIIN. By JOHN ST. JOHN LONG, Esq. M.R.S.L. M.R.A S. Ac. _C^Cbapple, Royal Library, P.-\ll-Mull. e apparition of the castle^ Somiiiumfjinrellarium. By JUNIUS MINIMUS. Dove. 179. Picpadilty. Price Is. R rpH] or B' KOUKIGN GllAMMAIlS AND UICT10NARIK8. putiltslied nnd imported by T. and T. B�o.ey, Broad-street. Royal Exchange. GERMAN. OILEAU'S KEY to the GERMAN LAN- GUACR. ISinn., 9s. ed. NOEHDRN'S GERMAN GRAMMAR. 18mo..lls. BAILEY'S GERM \N and ENGLISH DICTIONARY, 9 vols. BOILBAU'S new edition of WENDEBORN'S GRAMMAR. Hmo., price 9s. BERNAY'S GERMAN GRAMMAR, 8s. RBER'ri GERMAN and ENGLISH DICTIONARY, S vols. 8vn. ROWBOTHAM'S GERMAN GRAMMAR nod EXERCISES, Umo., price 7s. SPANISH. DF LAIIA'S KEY to the SPANISH I.ANfJUAGE. Hmo., 9s. SJ. WHITEHEAD'S SPANISH nnd ENGLISH GRAMMAlt. Rs. NEUM AN'S SPANISH nnd ENGLISH DICTIONARY,abridged. 8s. PORTUOUKSE. DR URA'S KEY to the POKTUOUESE nnd ENGLISH LANGUAGES. Second edition. 3s. LAYCOCK'S PORTUGUESE GRAMMAR. Hmo., lis. VIEYRA'.-i PORTUiiUKSE and ENGLISH DICTIONARY. 9 vols, ivo., \L IBs. VIEYRA'S PORTUGUESE and ENGLISH DICTIONARY, abridged. 10s. 6d. ITALIAN. MARCONI'S KEY to the ITALIAN LANGUAGE, bound. 9s. 6d. OALIONANI'S ITALIANaud ENGLISH GRAMMAR. Svo., 9s. ORAGLIA'S ITALIAN and ENGLISH DICTIONARY. T^. BOTARELLI'S ITALIAN, FRENCH, and ENGLISH DICTIONARY. 8 vols., U. Is. RUSSIAN, SWEDISH, and DANISH GRAMMARS nnd DICTIONARIES^___ ARMY AND NAVY.-Oii the Ut of Fehninry was publisbeH, tbe Second Number enlarged, for WiSI, of HE UNITED SERVICE JOURNAL and NAVAL and MILITARY MAGAZINE. Conlentsi-Oo Duelling-Tbouglits on tbe Qualifications of Naval Of-Seers, and tbe Sute i.f the British Navy-A Morning's Ride in an In-.Imn Camp-Algiers in 1816. from the Journal of an Officer present in Lord Exmnuth's Fleet-Reminiscences of a Suballeni, No. IIL-Description fnn Ancient Galley-Prussian Army at Coblentz-A Strange sail - Sketch of Ihe History ofPolnnd.nnd Pricis of tlie Constitstion of Poland, of 1791 - A Popular View of Fortification nnd Gunnery, No. VII.-Gibralt.-ir Epidemic of 199S-Captain -'a Farewell to Deme- ra rn-Reviews of Major Hay's NarraUve of the Peninsular War-Life of Lord Rodney-Captain Sberer's Life of tbe Duke of Wellington-Lloyd's Field S|iorts---General C chard Bentley, New Burlington-street; and supplied by every Bookseller and Hewsvender io the Kingdom. T CHEAP COALS.-A cheap edition (only 3d.) of tbe celetjrated Pam- Ophlet entiiieil BSERVATIONS on the D CTY on SEA-BORNE COAL: and on tb i Affairs sniise-quenlly to that event. By AUGUSTLS GRANVILLE STAPLf> TjJN, Esq. " Writieoby a gentleman who filled tbe confidential and honourable post of his Private Secretrry."-Literary Gazelle. Printed for Lonpmsn, Rees. Onoe. Brown, nnil Green. ri-IHE EDINBURGH REVIEW, No. 104, J- is published tbit day. CoDlepta ; -I. Enat India Company ; tl�e ( hinn Queslii-n-2. Dr Bo er ; on the Live-, of per, Newton, ant) Heber-II. Irinh Cnnrts of Qairier .*<i-�jiions, and Av�islai)t Bar-ri9ter^I9. Sadler's Refutation of tlie Kdinhunrli Review, and New Proofs of his Theory of Population-13. The Laic nnd tlie Prcent MinUlry. Printed for Long-tnaa, Rees, Or me. Brown, an J Green, London; and Adam Black, Kdiiiburgli. Tbe sixth edition, enlarged, in one volume Wmo. pnce 7i. 6d. plain, or coloured, CONVERSATIONS on BOTANY, with twenty one engraving.. Tbe object of this work is to enable young penjoas to acquire a knowledge of tbe vegetable pioductions of thcr native country. For Ibis purpose tlie arrangemeoi of LinRisus is briefly explained, and a native plant of each class (with a few exreptions) is examined, and illustrated with an engraving; and a short account is added of some of tbe foreign species. Printed for Longman, Rees, Onno, Brown, and Green. Of whom may hehnd, CONVERSATIONS on GENERAL HISTORY, from the Creation of the World to tbe Birth of Christ.- In Umo. 10s. 6,1. ' No research seems to have l?een s^iared, and ibe author has jilnced ihe laformatlon acquired from tbe most aucbenlic sources in a very lumiootts point of view."-Literary Gazette. CONVERSATIONS on tbe ENGLISH CONSTITUTION, 19rao. 9s. CONVBRSATIONB oo the ANIMAL ECONOMY. By a Physician, ia twnviila. l e MODERN EGYPTIANS. This volume comjilcles tbe WorUs ot Burckbarni, 6. MULLER'S DORIANS. Transj.-ilecl fmin Ibe Germnn. By Henry Tufnel, Esq. and George Comewall Le*is, E-q. With very fuperinr Mn;is. 9 vols, 8vo. 1. On FINANCIAL RRFORM. By S,r Hei.ry Parnell, Bart. A cheap edition, being O'e third. Small Svo. H. TbelLIAD of HOMKll. Tr/uislaied by SolSebj , Esq. 9 vols. Svo. __ With Plates and Wi'Od-cuK, "vo. fi.. fid. TOURNAL OF THE ROYAL fX.STJTU- -r TION, No. II__Contents:-On a Class of Opiicnl Deceit- tioiis, by Miduiel Faraday, Esq. F.R.S. &c. &c-On tlie Dfcoirposi-tioo of tbe Vegetable Alkaline Salts, by VV. T.Br.iode. E-q. F.R.S. Ac. Ac.^Oii Ibe Mode of tbe Coininemnl Value of Maii-giincse, by<l Turner, SI D. F.U.S. Ac. Ac. Professor of Cby-mi'try in Ihe Loinlon Uiiiver-ily-On 11.c Majri ciir Cutve, by M.Trk Rn�et, M.D., Secretary of the Royal Sociotv, Ai-. Ac-Oo tbe Con-strnclion of Arclios, by M. Lnftsaulx, Arrbilect to tbe Kiop of Pru.ssia. coiamunicated by Professor Wliewelt-On Voinim.g. by .Uarsliall Hall, M.D. Ac Ac__On Stuttering, by tbe S.nme-On tne Aurora Borenlis of the 7lh Janu.iry, 1831. by S. H Christie, Esq. F.R.S. 4c Ac-Oa ihe Permanence of tbe Magnetism in Steel Burs, by IbeS.ime-On the Inveniion o( llie Telescope, by Profe-sor Moll of Ulrecbi-On tbe Rainbow, by Allred Alnger, Esq. -On Ibe last Krupiioo of Mount Vesuvius, by Dr. Doiiati-On a New ('omet, by Profe.srr Dnbailie-On Induced Pbospborescence, by Mr. Thomas Pearinll -De..cription of a new Hydraulic Syphon, by Mr. Almond -Willi ibe usual Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence, Ac. Ac. John Murray, Albemnrle-slrpei. T C BOOKS PUBLISHED TBI^^fe^^ H E /^T U a Satirioil Novel. Hrvrr Cqiliara a^d RkSard B�atl�x, N�r Bottigtoa-ttreet.. , WEW EDITION.-Ia three vols, FO*t9M.. L 0 tJ D E 8 L E^T^ BT W. �ODWIN, Kaij. AnUor of * Calais. Leoo,''�e. " � worn of gVBlns, which will be read by aH who posMsa eetito.or respect it loelban.'^Seatsman. . CtobJeatey is better writtea than ' f^leb Williams.' Tbe tonres-lion Is ^ery where tone, vigorous, and elegant-a politbed ndmr wittAvt fciwrtakle.'^Edlnbaprt Review. Weary Collwns and Richard Bentley, g. New Bnrllng%p-�trw. M In three vols, post Svo. OTHERS and DAUGHTERS; A Toie ot tlie Year issn. - The author b.ts well eM<< m�f�f ^ ,.itlemptin� tq.obtalB gowl ttiiitttVcv firtbelf dau^iani,^oot hesitate to commit anjf d�ep&n by Which they may accomvlisb(heir aim^.l wbQ,-hofcK*JUtely, prepare tbeir daaghters for the sebeiB� by a tcurse of education the rwverse of what is moral and really valuable Ml-fliep mt.t^SBiDsire.s of mothers, who. Sn soctBty."-t;o�rier^ Henry Colburn and Rickard Bentley, New Burlioctoa-street. iMR. GBATTAN'S NSW WORK.-A NEW AND CHEAPER EDITION.-In three volumes post Svo., frp&B HEIRESS of BRUGES, a Tale. By 1 A THOMAS COLU|Y QRATTAN. E-q., Aathor V' " Highways pnd Byways," " Traiisof Travel," Ac. I " A lovestory oflhe most tomaatic interest-"-Literary Gasetle. I  This new historical novel is ftmnded on a very striking event iu Ihe annals of BiTiges, The heroine herself is a personage unpatral-fele^l in history., and aliogelher new to romance-'*-tJlobe. . Heary Colbam and Richard BauUey, Mew Barliugtmt-atreet. In two vols. Sio. wjth a map and twenty Ulu�tr�''Von3, APTAIN AJbEXANDEIPS TRAVELS to tfacrSBAT afWAR iu the KASf. - . The descriptiaa at tbe Russian Campcigu iu Tatiey 4s at the almost interest,*'-Sao. Hi* infiirtaarion cannot bit to be regarded as /ery vataAie."- iHonthJy Review. ' iFfiMdoirvery aceMabtoraa<Hae.*-:^Liferary (hsetti. U^ry .Cothisp Mfjut^trnfAJlaMM. .Ntr� BiiWsstoa-street. CHURCH REFORM.-In Svo. ]irice Is. ALETTER lo the Rev. JAMES 8LADE, Prebendary of Chester, containing Remn.ks no his Letter to the r^iril Bl. f Ibe coHeciion is its chief merit, anil the mcenious rnflector ja eiiii'leil to general tlinntl. and applause, not ).-ss for tbe able waH-ner iii w bicli - be ha. performed her task f'r Ibe inotire which prompted her to undertake it -n drsire to prmro'c kiiiliy t�'<-lin;;s between two nations wboougbl, in a social us well as u [lulilicaj sense, to he brethren and friends."-Tiuies. Henry Co!bum nad Ricba'-il Bentlov. New Barlin^rtnn-street. COMPANION TO INDIA.-In two vol.. ^vo. w.lli plates. ARRATIVK ot a JOURNEY over LAND from ENGLAND, by the ("oniment of Kurope, Kzpyt. and the Reii Sra, to INDIA. Iiiclu'iing n, Rp^idenre there, and Voyage Home, :n Ihe yeam 1895-6-7-find 8. By Mis. CoUnel KLWOOD. Mrs. Colonel lilwood is the only lady Tbo e\"pr n-derfook h,-i. la rdiius .th enlerprihr. In her pni�.athronph i he deteitt an<l wil-.lerne*-ii,* w ihe 6rsl time obtaioed. are full of curious criticism on ihpinih'ary pr^ ceedmgs i.f Iheereat C.iptain ; his letters t" LorJ HHstin^H al^ouiui wnh statesman-like-views, and his more fn miliar corresponrlenre witli his fa CK\S SCHOOL AIN8 WORTH-In 1 vol. beautifully printed, price 6s. fiJ. in boards, or 7s. bound, a few Copies in Turkey morocco, lOs. a new et'itiou of AINSWORTH'S LATIN ENGLISH and ENGLISH UTIN DICTIONARY, for the use of Grammar Schools. Into this edition are introduced several alterations and im-provemenlB, for ibe special |iurpose of facilitating the labour and increasing the knowleilge of tbe young sibolar. By JOHN DYMOCK, LL.D. Tbe fifth edition. London : Printed for Thomas Tegg, 13, Cbeapiide ; and sold by all Booksellers. DR. JOHNSON'S DIAMOND DICTIONARY-In one very small vol. double columes, price 3s. in boards, or 3a. 6d. aeally bound, and 4s. 6 omesttc Recreations, May Games, Muiniaeries, Shows, Processions, Pageants, and Pompous Spectacles, from the earliest period to the present time. -By JOSEPH STRUTT. A New Edition, with a copioas Index, by William Hone. To he completed in Ten Weekly Parts, with Ito Engravings of tlie most Popular Diversions, selected from ancieiit and carious pain'.ings. Ixindoo: Prinied for Thomas Tegg, No. 73, Cbeapside ; and sold by ,ill Booksellers. HONE'S EVERY.D\Y BOOK, AND TABLE.BOOK__Part I., price THE E^ERY-DAY�BOOK, and TABLE BOOK: nil everlasting Calendar of p'lpular Amasemenis, Sports, Pa.times, Ceremonies, Manners, Cu>',,u,j, ,,(i Events, incident lo encli of tbe Three Hunilre.l and Si-iy.flve Days, in past and preient Times: foriiiing a complete Hij'ory of the Year, Months, and Seas, us, and a per|>etasl Key to tb',. Almai\ack; including Acconots of the Weather, Rules for Henli". and Conduct; remarkable and im-pirtaiit Anecftotes, Facts, ai'. j Notices in Chronology; Antiquities, Popogrnphy, Biography, tiaiural History, Art, Science, and General Lt'ernmre; derived fv.ira tbe most authentic Souirces, and valuable original CominUD'cations, witli I'oetical Elucidations, for dally ase and diversloD. CONDITIONS. ! The work will b* pablished weekly, in ParU, each containing t* '.'ages, closely printed, double columns, with nnmerous CuU. 9. Tbe work, including tbe Table Book, will be completed in 41 Parts, making three very large volumes in octavo. London; PrinteJ for Thomas Tegg, No. 73, Cbeapside; and sold by all Booksellers. SALES BY AUCTION. To be SOLD by AL'rTTON,by Mr. ALBIN, on Tuesday and Wed -uesday, tbe IMli and Ifiih of February neit, at the White Hart lun, Spalding, in Forty-six Lots, SO.ME very valuable ESTATES, at Spalding, Weson, ntsd Cawlist, in the county of Lincoln, consisting^ ot leire-raI Farms and tietnched Pieces of Land, coutaiuing tn^eUier about Acres of exceedingly ncli Grazing and Arable Land, all Freehold, tlie land tax redeemed, and partly tithe fre^b' Particular<i and Conditions of Sale may be fiAd by applying* to Messr-. Frere and^lers, Lincoln's Tnn, London; Mr. Bonner, S.--licitor, Spaldiip, where a sketrh nf theltus may he seen ; of iLe Auc-�i.iiieer. Scalding; and of Mr. Wrig:lit, Haynlord, near Norwicb. Each dayS iflie will begin at three o'clock in the afternoon. finiinriant Freehold Premises, Great 8(. Ann^i-ttreeL, m thr Coy of VVeKfrajnsrer, Lam) Tax redeemed, producinp a rental o inable tenant, for aa unexpired term of I2i years, at a rental of, per annum - - � " 0 0 The lcas�-bi!l.l road is held for an aneipired term of 16 years, at a triaing rent of - - - * 13 G 9 Le.iTing a net annual incn/ic &f - - IS 4 Lot �. A FRKKHOLD PLOT of CROUN'D, adj'i,ing tke preceding-,ir -pert y, having s frontage of W> feet on Grc^t gt. Ann's-Ktrt*et, and t-jtending ill depth 11 7 feel, completely cQv^ered in with paalti�s and r.i'^ier roofing-, formmg sheds. On leaie '^^r an anezpiretl terno of fou r nud a half years, lo Mr. Adams, a r';;.,pectable tenant, at a low real ot i'yl. per a.mum. May be viewed, an.l ^>ar*;j.uinrs had at the plare nf sale; of Mesar*. Stephenstm an.l Son, ,,ciinri, Great Queen-street, Weatminster; and . f Stevens and ^rencMev. 36, Old Jewry. ^^he perpetual motion. L (treated by man-I yet cherish the notion ort>eini the only perpetual motion; For here, there, and every where, freely I go, Without .landing still, throughout earth and o'er ocean; Reflection elicit, and radiance bestow. And Amateuis who would at'ractioa command Adopt me, tbe JET, WARREN'S, SO, the Straod,

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