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Courier (Newspaper) - November 23, 1825, London, Middlesex THEATRE ROYAL, DRTTRYv LANE.- Tkli ETenloir -wM be perfbrmed, A new Opera, caned THE WAGER; or, Th� Mldnieht Hour. Afterwhicii, THE SI/EEP WALKER. � To caaokdar with Tin DETIL TO PAT. To-mon-ow-Mi Opera; with The Adopted CbUd; and The Jan Vcepert Daughter. P"ARK ^HAlr-EL, Chelsea-On SUNDAY MOaOTNG next, a CHARITY SERHOH wUl bo; preached i, ll>I< Chapel, by tbaRer. JOHN WIU.UM CUNNINGHAlt, M.A. Vicor of Harrow, for the benefit of the NATIONAt. SCHOOUrat-t;icbea to thii Chapel.-Serrice will begin at Eleven o'ClockV " INSTITUTION for the ENCOURAGEMENT fthaFmE ARTS In SCOTLAND. � . THE KING, Patron. Notice i. hereby pTeii,�ait on EXHIBITION of WORKS by AIU TIST� of the UNITED KINGDOM, wUl be OPENED at EDIN-BURGH, eariyiolUe Montli of Kebniarynestt. Utendlne Exhibitors will get every informaUon rclatire to .ending their Pictnrei, ftc by applying to Mr. w. A. Serimn, No. 7, South MoHon-ttracr, Bond-�treeU FRANCIS CAMERON, Awiitant Secretary. BRITISH and FOREIGN PUBLIC LIBRARY, Conduit-�treel,HanoTer-iqoare.-MeMn.SAUNDERS and OTLEY cribcn, inerery part of the Kingdom, or the Continent, arc regu-lariy fuppJied with the mo�t esteemed productioni of the bert Au-ihoM in tlie Engliuli, French, Italian, and German Longnaga, tdge-tber witli every new and interesting Work wiiich niccenhrely ap-Ilean, (not excepting even the mait expeniive) and in any quantity. Oilalogueii and Cnnli of Tcrroi to be liad on application. ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, Nov. SI, I8U. NOTICE is hereby given, that a Session of Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol Delivery, for the Trial of Offencei rominitted on the High Seat, witliin the Juriadiction of the Admiralty ..fKiigland.wnibehcId at Justice Hall, in the Old Bailey, London, <in Friday, tlieSSd of December next, at eight o'clock inlh� morning. AHdallSherUri,'Gaoler u Tuesday, the Ud of November, 18U, - �* , RICHARD TAYLER, Eiq. in the Chair; The Secretary reported that the sum of 19S,I0O(. had keen sub. scribed, upon -which deposits amounting to 9,mt. iiA been iwid to Messrs. Spooner, Attwoods, and Co. the Bankers. Resolved, Tlint as the full nrasuntnfthc Cnpilal proposed Itas not Iieen subscribed, the deposits \\aiA be returned to the subscribers witliont any deduction, Mr. Augustus Applcgatb having consented to bear the ezpences incurred by him, and the Directors, tlic Solicitor, nud the Scctetary, having declined to receive any compcnsalion. Resolved, That a Vote of TIanks be passed to Mr. Sweet, the So-licifor, and Mr. Jlcnry Stokes, the Secretary, for their cxtrtions in favor of Ike Company. It was proposed by Mr. Drew, and seconded, nnd a Vote cf Thanks passed, to Richard Taylcr, the Chairman, for his excrtloai and at^ tendance. By order of the Board, HENRY STOKES, Searetary. PATENT STEAM WASHING COMPANY. -The Directors of tlie Patent Steam Washing Company, beg to apprise the Public, that the very considerable eztcmiott aud improvement .of their Works, at Pliipp's Bridge, with which they have lately been much occupied, arc now completed ; nnd ihat they are therefore prepared to receive the Linen of those Pris-ate Families, Hotels, Schools, and otlier Establishments, which the wast of laf-�cient Machinery has hitherto compelled tliem to decline. To Merchants .ind Manufacturers their. Works arc peculiarly adapted, nnd afford the most convenient and expeditious neans of cleansing and re-drcsaing Goods, which hare been damaged at Sea, iir by r^nd Carriage. They have completed a new nnd convenient Dye House, for the purpose of Dyeing Furniture, Piece Goods.Cotton, Silk, and Woollens. The Company have engaged experienced and skilful Wcrkmen, and possess anjicrior facilities for Scouring Moreen Curtains, Printed Pumitare, Carpets, Rugs, Bruggets, Blaiikcia, nnd all similar Articles. The extension of the Building having admitted of great iinprovo-menta in the various departments of the Works, the Directon trust that their airangements for insuring correctness, and punctuality in delircry, will be producfive of general satisfaction. Orders received, and a List of Prices and Regulations may alio be had, at the Offices of the Company, No. 1, SiamCord-street, Black-friars; or at the Works, Phipp's Bridge, Mitdiam. London, November 16, 1S85._ THE UNITED KINGDOM TEA AGENCY COMPANY.-Notice is herc1>y given,that the Directors of this Company, csnformably to former notilication,-to catablitb a great Public good,-to provide n prafilabJe source of Investment for real Capital,-and to avoid all motive to Speculation, will proceed tc Business at the next December Sale of the East India Company, and are ready to receive Commissions, from the Trade only, on the folbwing Terms, which will include all Charges, except Postage :- FOR CASH. One Lot or more of any one description of Tea, exceptBohea One Cheat or more, ditto.....................................0 T o Commission on Bohea, ^d. per lb. For Billat Two Months, including Stamp and Interest :- OncLotor more ofany one dcacription of Ten, except Bohea ;�^c IS 0 One Chest or more, ditto.....................;.............. 117 o Ojmmission on Bohea, Id. jierlb. . For Bill at Three Months, including Stamp and Interest :- One Lotar more ofany one description ofTea, exceptBohea^ IS * One Chest or more, ditto.................................... i i o Commiskion on Bohen, Ijd. per lb. By Order of the Board cf Directors, JAMES BOTTIVANT, Secretary. 35, Crutched-frian. London, Nov. 7, ISiS. ISTMINSTER GENERAL DISPENSA- RY. Gorraril-street, Soho. PATRONS. His Most Gracious Majesty GEORGE the FOURTH. His Royal Highness the Duke of YORK. . His Royal Highness the Duke of SUSSEX. His Royal Highness the Dakn of GLOUCESTER. Bisttoyai 6 PRESIDENT. His Grace the Duke of NORTHUMBERLAND. VICE-PRESIDENTS. His Grace the Duko of Devonshire The Most NtJble tho Marquis of T*e"Ri^Hon.Bari of Beverley Tke Right Hon. Earl of Liverpool The B|ghtHon.EarlofHarewood The Right Hon. Earl dc Dunstaii- The Riglrt Hon. Lord Sidmoulh The RU Hon. Sir C.Xong, Bt. M.P. The ANNIVERSARY SERMON William Wilberforce, Eaq. M,P. Sir Charles Forbes, Dart. M.P. George Byng, Esq. M.P. Sir Peter Laurie The Rev. Dr.M'Leed Samuel Mcrryman, M.D. John Perkins, Esq. Hugh Hammanley, Esq. John Trotter, Esq. ____ .........______ for the Benefit of this Ung-eslah- lished and Benevolent Institution, will bo Preached at tlie Pariah CliurcbefSUAnno, Soho, on Sunday Morning Next, the STlIi inst. by the Rev. WM. HARNESS,M.A.Christ College, Cambridge, and Evening Lecturer of St. Marylebone, to which the Governors, Subscribers, and Friends of the Charity, are most earnestly invited, in tlie hope that, by tlieir presence and exertions, tbcy may promote the interest and welfare of the Institution. Nov.�. ISIS._W. J. WILLS, Sec. STRANGERS' TRIEND SOCIETY, for VI-BITINGand RELIEVING the SICK and DISTRESSED POOR at their OWN HABITATIONS. ~ By menus of the public benevolence this Charity has, for many years, been kept in nnuiterrupted operation, and has been the - Iiappy iuilrument of alleviating a large portion or human misery. The Committee, however, have tlie iiainful duty to remark, that the preseat cibansled stale of their Funds leave thorn withoat the uiauu of atundiiip to the numerous and affecting Cases which press upna Ibcm for relief. During the last year, T,S�4 cases, cUieJy families, were vitlted and relicveif, aud amongst tliein the lum lof S,7l7f. fla. id. distributed. At the prcaent time there are �90 coaea on the hooka, and many liaife been diseontinued on account of tlie reduced stnta of the funds. The Committee, nnder tliete circumstances, respectfully and earnestly solicit the aid sf a generous public to enable them to continue to relieve the wants aud gladden the hearta of to great a number of the really diatresaed aad deserving poor. Subscriptions nnd Donations ore received by Mr. Marriott, Trea-siis'er, 77, Broad-ttreet, Royal Exchange; Mr. H. Claike, bi. New BonJ-strect; Mr. W. Cooper, 8, Queen-street, Cheapslde, and Mr. II. R. frlflths, York-place, Camberwell, Secretaries; Messrs. Owen nnd lilllott, 31, Gutter-lane, Cheapside; Joseph Butterwortb, Eaq. aud Soa, 4�, Fleet-street; Messrs. Innes, Jones, and Co. 19t, Fleet-street: Meun. Gondell, Powley, and Clarke, New Bond-street; Mr. Allan, Froderick's-place, Old Jewry; Mr. Uaslope.ll, Leaden-kall-alreet; by each Member of the Committee; Mr. Jarrett, t7, Hrovidciice-row, Flnsbury-square, (;ollector; Messrs. Whitmore, Weill, sad Whitmore, Bankets, SI, Lombard-street; Mossrt. Uoare, Baakeri, Fleet-street; and Messrs. Hammersley, Bankers; PaU-MaU. HE ALLIANCE BRITISH and FOKfilGN LIFE and FIKG ASSURANCE COMPANT-EaUbUshtd ky All of Parliament. Capital, ^4,000,000 Sterling. �5 Offices, New.canrt, St. Bwithiii's-lane, and No. 8, Pall.tnall, enpo. site cariton-heaic. LIFE ASSURANCE. liifcAscurancescontinttctobceffeetedbytlieCompaRy on verymo-derate terms, while the Assured participate in the pro6ts, which are to lie diclarcd at the expiration of every successive period of five yean. The Lives of Naval and Miliury OlScers, not engaged in actual ser-vire, are covered at the common rates <4^remium. The Assured niny proceed to any {lart of Europe, lireWed they Inke shipping in �mked or steam veiisela, from a port in tlie United Kingdom, to any piui between the Texel And Havre, without prevloua communication with (he llireotora, or tlie payment of an additional prumlum. No Enlrauce Money charged. FIRE ASSURANCE. The Coupaay have made the fallowing Krduclien ia the Ilalea of Frcteium kiUerto ckai^ed on the three common Classes of Asaur-aute. The Reduction applies equally to Aasuraucai in London,and �hrougliout the Couuuy, except i special cases :- 1st CIsas is redaccd from !a. to la. 6d. per Cent. %j 'e*"""! from Ss. to *a. Ed. per Cent. '* t,la�i ia reduced ft-om Sa. to 4f. ed. per Cent. PRESIDENTS John Irvine, E�<l- M.P. Vrancb Baring, Bsq. Saamal kuruey, bL'q. ^. M. Rothaahild, Eaq. Meioa Montelore, Esq. Jaaes Alexander, Kaq. \ur. a, H.Barnetl, Esq. Ciiartea Beran, Biq. Jabn Bowden, Esq. ArchibaU Campbell, Esq. WiUialQ Crawford, Esq. Tira.A.Oirlii,Esq. FraaciaCraewcllijun. Eaq. DIRECTORS. Charles Greenwood, Eaq. Jainea Heygate, Jan. Eaq. William Howard, Esq. Joi)u Innes, Eaq. M.P. WiUiaw Kny,Ksq. Ossrald Smith, Em. U. M. Thornton, Esq, Thouiaa Wilioa.Esq. AUDITORS. T.FaweilBuxton.Esq.lI.P. I Thomas Moaterman, Esq. i:barlesCunpbelI.Baq. BANKERS. Mciin.ftmllh, Payne, and Smitba: and Messrs. Hoare, Bamelt, and Co. ACTUARY-Bestianiln Conpertx, Esq. P.R.s, jSECRETARY-Andrew UamlltoB, Esq. PUYSICIAN-Joka R. Hume, M.D. Curaau-ttreet. COUNSEL-Lansrlnt Shadwell, Eaa. SOMCITOR-JohnM. Pearce,Kaq. tUKmOR-Tbomi AHhoDi Ei<i< ftKjr-iUftt, BttlTord-i^itfirtr ^ ^ BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. No. 10,612.] WEl)NESDAY-EVENI]y0, 3V0VEMBER 23, 1825. [Price 7q R^SS.,'''"^^^^^^^^^^-M�. RICKETTS rw- 11 SJorSSn.^"" Southamptoo-etroet, Covent-garden, 'h^*"'^?'^?-?"'^�"' are, on or before the isth day of December, 19SS, to coihe in boforc James William Farrer, Esq. one of the Masters of the aald Court, nt *la Chambers, in Southampton-buildings, Cliancery-laue, London, and prove- their debu ; or, in default thereof, they wHl be peremptorily excluded the benefit of the snid Decree.-Rosier and San, Gray's Inn-place.- Nor. 91, 1S8S, rpo NOBLEMEN and GENTLEMEN in pur- e'iir,,^"'"J''^ SUPERIOR HORSES for any description of Service, fkl Cnrncle, Cabri.let, or Stanhope.-On Friday next, SSi,,,i S"^,'^ P''� o'clock precisely, by Auctioa, at the City Re-pository, Barbicaa,an.op|iortunlty will present itself to tlie Public, or parchiMing some of the finest aluiped grand actinned young Geld-ingaabd Mares, froD the residue of that much-admired and valuable i,;^? of Oreya. the gcauiue property of Mr. John Thorogood, of Norwich, who ia conaideredto possess the finest stock of any Centlcmau ia the Country. For unreserved Sale. �pURNITURE 20 per Cent. Cheaper than at "fr- .""j' H"'^'' "oase, engaged of the best Quality and Workman-SSK IXA: Welbcck-street. He is enabled to ."llHjw, rrem his being UiB real Manufacturer in every Branch of tke Business, superintending hiauelf, and dealing for ready money only. He D^c'� !:�?'."�'!��.�' �''e CELESTIAL STEEL SPRING FRENCH BbDis, of srhich he is the sole Importer, as the best discovery for in-suring sound aleep to the invalid, the restlsaa sleeper, and lover of real comfort. pA^DLES.-Store (Spring-made) 6|d. per lb.; Scented Moulds, wax wicks, Sd.; Finest Wai Eights, *. �d.; snf o .I*' 0*-: Fine Siienn aud Compositi.u, �s. 4d. S?*P--S'," lic from iinj ositinn, all Casks nnd Bottles are sealed with Upton and Co.'a name, and sncli only nre genuine. N.B. The following estnlilislied aiticles may niso be bad-viz. Re-lined Mineral Paint, not requiring to be hented for use, at 15s. per cask: Litliic Paint, SOs. percwt.; the Anti-Corrosive Paints, ground in Oil, of Invisible Green, and other Colours, attos. percwt.; genuine White Lend, 40s. per cwt.; Patent Grass Greens, Is. fid. I" Ss. 6il. per lb.; Liiiaeed Oil, Turpentine, 4c.; fine Chamber Oil, ta.. Pale M'bale, 3a., cominim Lamp Oil, Ss. 9d. per gallon. SOCQUES ARTICULES, or JOINTED CLOGS, (Vl'arranted), for the Uae of Ladies and Gentlemen, Wbalesalc and Retail, No. 'iil, llegeat-straot, third door, on the right hand, from Oxford-street__Messrs. V. and L. DUPORT, Inventors and Patentees (from Paris), have the honour to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public, they havejust opened a Warehouse, for the sale of their higlily useful Articles, so univeraally worn in France. They are equally indiapeiisablc for their use in Gardens aa in Towns, and will be found auperii.r to any thing of the kind ever offered to public notice. Withoutobstructuig either safety or quickness in walking, they combine with elegance, economy, nnd convenience, the invaluable advantage. In these damp climates, of keeping the Feet at all times comfortably dry aud warm. Instead of attending personally at the Warehouse, any Laily or (^ntlemaii, by sending a Shoe ^r Boot to the above addreaa, may reat aaaured of being aatisfac-torily fitted. On Satnrday next wW be pabliahed, lu sioall Svojirice le�vW' -^-r ANAOTUftlNinGREECE. ByH.LYTTQN ' JCM. BULWEB, Esq. Cnihpriaing akelchcs of tla� Character, Customs, and Beenery of the Conntry ; with a View of its Present CriUcal Slate. In Letters addressed to Charles Brin^ey Sheridan, Eaq; Printing fcr John EbMs, British and Foreign Subscription Library, n. Old Bond-street.___ THE PILOT, iUnstxuted wltti elegant Engravings__On Saturday Next will appear. No. I., price 6d. (to be contiaued Weekly), of THE BEOTISH and FOREIGN NOVELIST; comprising the most approved Modern Novels in Britiah and Foreign Literature, commencing with THE PILOT; a Tale of the 8e�: niustrated with elegant Engravings. This Novel bas been pronounced equal to the best productions of the "<5reat Unknown." Loudon: Published by Cowle and Strangc,9t, Feltcr-l.ine -, Simpkin and Harshall, Stationers'Hall-court; and may bo had of all Book-aellen. AN INQUIR CAUSE ef MlASl former and present State F ; London: Printed ,;5'.0]^E and i-^tulrated in tha In S vols, post 8' TTIGHWAYS M. M. -Coataialn* three . Series, ^tlll**B�ap Hunter; D3ee au -BUnc, or �Coataialng Ihree New , The Priest and the Gnide du �aow?-ai lUaid devoted to the Virgin.' C^'^u**"" ^' *^�""''"' New Burlington-street {remeved frem L^';^"'*^ OF SCOTLAND.-Price II. lis. 6d. Part I. of ORD STAIR'S INSTITUTIONS of the LAW^ of SCOTLAND. Tlie Fourth EJiUon. With Commentaries, iuil� Supplement, by OEORQE BIIODIE, Esq. Advocate. fcdinbsiitli: Prmted forT. Clark, SJ, Go.rgo-stre�t; and J. Bnt-terworth and Son. London. In 8vn., French and English, priae 7". hoards, REJECTIONS on the late REVOLUTIONS In EUROPE-By the Marquis de SALVO, Ac. tc. LondoB! Printed for John Booth, Poke-street, Portland-placo: TO CANVASSERS.-Persons engaged in tills useful occupation, or Persons in populous districts disposeit so to engage themselves, mny meet with the beat eni-ouragciaeiit, wid with every facility, by applying forthwith to Meaars. Kaight and Laccy,PubliabersorBooksonthcUaefnl Arts, at the James Watt, in Paternoster-row, London. Knight and Lacey are engaged, and nre about to engage, in some. of the most popular, useful, and aUractive Books ever aabmitted to the PaUlc ; anil, as their success and extensive circulation are natter tifccrtainty, the preference in their sale and distribution holila out the promise of solid permanent advantages. The terms mny bo known by application, post-imid, aud Catalogues and Prospectuses will be forwarded in any desirable numbers. N.B. Canvassers already ia possession of districts, and who may makc:carly application, will bo preferred. HAZARD & CO. FOUR JSO.OOO Next Tuesday Week, Lotteries by Act of Parliament nearly at an end. HAZARD a CO. Sold Four of ^4,000 and /'�0,(iao in last Two Mouths, and ALL the ^0,000 in one Lottery, Royal Exchange, 36, Cornhill, S9t, Oxford-at. aad by Agents ia ail County Towns. BY the 4tli Geo. IV. Gap. 60, ALL LOTTERIES MUST ENn at the CLOSE of THESE DRAWINGS. HAZARD and CO. solicit n continuance of public favour, en the ground of their unvaried success ii^selling Capitals, and particularly in the sale of Thirty Thousand Pound Prizes, with which the present Scheme nbounda, for, besides retaining tho approved points ot lato Lotteries, it containa FOUR GRAND PRIZES OP �30,000! I ^SO.OOO! ^,000! I ^JO.OOO! beaidea other Prizes, exceeding in amount TWO HUNDRED AND KlFfV THOUSAND POUNDS STERLING. To be decided all in One Day, ctb Next Month. A great variety ofNumbera are on Sale at HAZARD and Co.'a eld eatabliahed OBces, Royal Exchange Giste; S6, Cornhill; and S�, Oxfnrd-atreet, eid of llegeut-street, London: where they asld, in one Lottery, all the Priiea of 30,0081.; and in the Drawing, 3Ist of August last. Two Prizes of 9i,noofc; in the very last Drawing, ISth of October. Two Prizes of ioMot. < besides other Capitals, were all sold by Hazard and Co. !f SALES OF ESTATES. LYMIN6T0N, Hanfs.-To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, a substantial FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE, with coach-house, auble,and other requisite offices;.pleasure and kitchen gardens; and a close of rich meadow land, containing, altogellier, about two acres; situate iu the most eligible part of the town of Lymiagton, and commanding extensive and uninterrupted views ofthelale of Wight, the Sea, and the Needle Rocks, late the property and reaidence of J. Grelve Llvett, Esq. deceased. The House contains numerous rooms of commodious sizes, and ia adapted for the residence of a respecuble family. The purchaser will have the option of Uking the furniture In the house, at n valuation.-Fur-therparliculars may be obtained by personal application (or by letter, post paid) to Mr. King, solicitor, Lymington; or tu Messrs. Smith and Bayley, solicitors, 4, BasinghnU-slreet, London. To be SOLD, pursuant to a Decree of the High Conrt of Chancery, made in a cause " Price against Timperon," before William Wing-field, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at the Artichoke Inn, at Elttree, in the county of Herts, in Lots, ALL those several FREEHOLD and COPY-HOLD FIELDS of MEADOW nnd PASTURE LAND, containing. In the whole, sixty-two acres and a half, or thereatrauto, situate Ta Elatree and Aldenham, in tlie county of Herts, forty acres whereof, or thereabouta, are in the posaession of Gutridge Olney, and twenty-two acres and a half, or thereabouta, in poasessioa of Mr. Wilsen, aa tenanla thereof, at yearly rents, nmounbng to ICSI. land-tax redeemed. The day of Sale Will shortly be fixed, and particulars may then he had in London, at the said Master's Chambers, in Southampton-buildings, Cbnnccry-lane; of Mr. E. Cheste, solicitor, s. Staple Ian; of Messrs. Teesdale end Syme, solicitors, Fenrharch-street; Messrs, Long and Austin, solicitors, Holborn-court, Gray's Inn ; Messrs. Phil-pot and Stone, solicitors,-Southampton-atreet, Helborn; and ofHr. Adainaon, Billiter-square, Fenchurch-street; alto of Mr. Wardle, solicitor, Kendall; Mr. Moaley, aolicitor, Burton-upon-Trent; of Mr. Olney and Mr. Wilson, tlic tenants, at Elstrce; and at the Artichoke Inn, at Elstres. Very valuable and desirable Freehold Estate, in the North Riding of the County of York.-In the month of January or February next, will be 80LB by PUBLIC AUCTION, unless previously diiposod of by Private Contract. THAT truly valuable and desirable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, called the HULNABY HALL ESTATE, consisting of a capital mansion-houao and oBlcea, excellent garden, pleasure walks, and abeut 3,000 acres offinelnclosed arable, meadow, pasture, nnd wood land, aU In a ring fence. The manalon-houae Is pleaaanUy situated lu the centre of the Estate, and, with about too ncret af land. Is in hand; the remainder of the Estate is divided Intoteu - V�<*' Chapman, and sVehb, Land Afents Bod Bnnreyor, Hull ItalrCMCi U( , ot the Subttancevof tlie Materia Mcdica-3. The Plmrmaceutical Prfparationi nnd Compoiitioiii of the lateit editioiu of the Pbarnin-coptsiu of the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin CoUajrea of Pbysiciant. Ttie vhole forraing^ a Practical Synopsis of Materia Medica, Pbar-mncy,and Therapeutics; illustrated with many useful Tablei nnd Copper-platev nf Pharmaceutical Apparatus, and Synonyma of ttie name* of the articles of the Materia Medica, and the Pharmaceutical Prerurations in almost every spoken lanruspc. By ANTHONY TODD THOMSON, M.D. F.L.8. Printed for Longman. Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Grccii-Just pnblistted, by the same Author, IaRCTURES on the KLEMKNTS of BOTANY; containiap the De-scrtptiTe Anatomy of those Organs on which the Growtli aad Preservation of the Vegetable depend. In @re. U. 8�. boards, with plates and numerous Wood-cutj, Vol. X.-The Second Volume is preparing for th^press. BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. Printed uniformly with Evelyn's Memoirs, lu 1 vol. royal 4to. with Plates, price 31. Ids. boards, VELYN'S MISCELLANEOUS WRIT- INGS; how first collected and edited, with Notes, by WM. UPCOT^, of tho London Institution. The Miscellaneous Writings of the Philosopher and Katuraliit Evelyn (most of which are extremely rare) are here presented to th�i Public in a quarto Toluroe, tnranj^e with his " Dinry nnd Correspondence," These worts, with his noble discourse on Fm-estTrees, under tlie title of" SyWa," (of which an edition in 9 rol^. ^to. with Notes bus also just appeared) comprise the whole body of Evelyn^s productinui;. The tracts forming^ the present Toluise nre, more or less, on subjects of ^reat interest, Includtu^ lirely pictures uf the manners nnd amusements of his time; memoirs, political, domestic, and relrpiout; treatises on Blomis, Horticulture, Art, Science, Commerce, &c.; in nil of wh'ch the sound intellect of this " amiable anil hif^h-uiinded Euelisb Gentleman will be traced. Printed for Henry Culburn, S, New Burlinctoo-ilreet, (removed from Conduit-street.) In Svo. price 12*. bitards, rpHE ORDINANCES of the MINES of NEW A SPAIft- Tmnslaled from the Original Spanish, with Obssrvn-tioiu on JMlaes and Mining Associations. By C; THOMSON, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barriitsr at Law. _Printed for John Booth, Duke-street, Portlanil-plase._ Id one vol. imperial Svo. price Us. extra boards, THE HISTORY of SEYD SAID, Sultan of Muscat, topetlier with an Account nf the Countries and People on'the Shores of the Persian Gulf, particularly of the Wah&bces. By SHAIK MANSl/R, a Native ofRome. London t Printed for John Booth, Duke-stree', Portla>d-plnce. Price Ss. 6d. roynl Svo. boards, THE HISTORY of the RISE an.l PROGRESS oftbe JUDICIAL, or ADAWI.UT SYSTEM, as eslabUshod far the Administration nf Justice, under the Presidency of Bangui. Part II. An INtJUIRY into the SUPPOSED EXISTENCE of th� TRIAL by iNDtA, �ith lome Account of tbv late proposed Alteratiens in the Judicial System under the Presideacy of Fort St. George. Loiidon; Printed tor John Booth, Dnlic-street, Portl.->ad-place. Price IjOs. bo.inls, with two Maps, THE DISCOVERIES of the POkTLTGUESE In the Interior of ANGOLA and MOZAMDIQUi:, from Original MSS. never jret iiubllibcd. To which is added, a Note oa a Qonqrtk' ubical Erfor of Muoro P.-\rk, la lus last Joaxaaltnto Um laterioruf Africa. By IhelateJ.B. BOWDICH, Esq. Printed for John Booth. DnlLe-street, Portland-place. "This is a most interesting work lo the lovers of Scionce and Geo-grapbicAl Knowledge; it eivos Us an arquaiiuance with tbo Geography of the Western part of Africa, nnd the Portuj^-uese Settlements, whrcti cannot elsewhere b� found: Mr. Bowdich had facilities denied ro other Travellers, and the and promptness with which he availed liiinseirof thrm, led him to the most imtitirtaut and uucxi>ected disco-vcrie-i," Ac. Ac-Euro\�ea�*. NEW YEAR'S GIFT.-In one vol. lint", jnire 7s. boards, einbellish-ed with .in elegi�iit Frontispiece, THE MONTHSofthe YEAR; or,CONVER-SATIONS on ibe CAFjENDAR. A Compeudium ef Binffmpby. History, and Cltronnlof^'y ; ejEpIainiu^ Clie many Remarkable fiveaiit recorded in tbe Alinanack. Pi iuted for j. Hatcbard and Hon, 197, Piccadilly .-Of Tvhommny be had. The WELL SPRJiT DAY, a New*a Preient, raltnlated to benefit tlioke who will accept it, price 6d. or As- per Doilmi. In 3 vols, 13mo. price 245. bo.irdi, PANDURANG HARI ; or. Memoirs of � HindDO. _Printed for Geo. B. Whiitokcr, Ave >larin.Iauc. CHEJIISTRY.-In Sro.lprice ISs. boards, ~ " APOPULAR EXPLANATION of the ELEMENTS and GENERAL LAWS of CHEMISTRY. By WALTER WELDON. Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, A^e Maiia-lane, Londoo. In one thick T.lume, octaro, price 11. lis. 6d. boards, the Second Edition of TABLES of INTEREST, at Four per Cent per Anuum, advanoiu; progressively by Pounds, from 0n� to TKree Hundred and Sizty-STe, and by other useful Sums to Twoiity Thousand Pounds; far erery day iu the Year, and from One to Tweire Months; doubly Indexed f*r calculatiue Interest Accouut^ both Yearly and Half-yearly; to which are added, TABLES of COMMISSION, from Oiie-sizteooth to Fire jiar Cent, wherein those per Cent-es used in Cash Transactions arc exteaded to Half a Million of Pounds.-By JOHN CROUDACG, Accouiiunt, Leeds. London: Printed for Hurst, Robiason, and Co.; A. Canat�ble and Co., Edinburgh; and Robinson and Hemaman, Leeds. BUILDERS, SURVEYORS, ARCHITECTS, and CONTRAtiTOttS, IN TOWNjaad COUNTRT.-Price 1/. lls.8d. BUSHELL'S PERPETUAL PRICE BOOK, vhlch accommodates itself ioatantly, upon any ri�� or fall in the Pric� ofMatariaU or W�ses,ai alio to tba Prices of Itatjour and Bla-teriala in whatever part Of the Kropdom the Artificers may be situated. Tbe utility of this Book, above all other Price Books, Inasmuch a* it never |^s out ef date, is manifested from the respectable Builder* it has now lonp been roniUnily referred to, at the experience here brought forward, the fruit of a long nnd active life in the profession, can be but biffhiy appreciated by all who wishtojreta real knbwledge of the valuation of work performed by the various branches of Artificers,'wherever it may be situated. Sold by J. Booth, Duke-itreet, Portland-place; and 4II Booltssllers, Newsmen, aad Stationers, in the Kingdom can readily procure the same. Price 9i. boards, CHRISTIAN TRUTH EXPLAINED;being a iiopular and fiuniliar Exposition of the Tenets of the Church of EnBland, Ac. By the Rev. CHARLES POWLETT. Also, by the same Aulh.r, A FATHER'S REASONS FOR BEING A CHRISTIAN. 1 toI. 8yo. price 10s. 6il. boards. STEVENS'S (Dean of Rochester) SERMONS, on our Duties towards God, our Neithbours, and Ouiselres. 1 toI. Svo. lis. ---LECTURES on the CREED. 7s. ESTABLISHED CHURCH.-DIALOGUES nnd LETTERS, Ulus-tratint the Purity nnd Consistency of the Doctrines of the Bstablishcd Church. By a lAyman. 8ro. price Ss. FIRST and SECOND LESSONS for every Sunday in the Year. Bound up witb Sto. Prayer Boolis. MRS. MACDONALD'S TWENTY-FOUR SHORT SERMONS for Children. 3 toU. price J". PARAPHRASE and EXPLANATION of the CATECHISM. Price Sd. or 18s. per hundred. DISCOURSE preached on the R*-openliig of a Parish Church. Price Sd. or ins. 6d. per hundred. The OBLlCATION nnd ESSENTIALS of CHRISTIAN WORSHIP. A Sermon, preached on the Consecration of All Souls' Church, M�ry-Ie-bone, NorcmberM, 1S9�, by John Humo Spry, D.D. 8ro. price Is. 6d. Sold by John Booth, Duke-street,; and hy all Booksellers. THE following WORKS are just published by RIPHARD PRIESTLEY, London - PATRICK, LOWTH, ARNOLD, WHITBY, and LOWMAN, on the OLD and NEW TESTAMENT, 6 toIs. 4to. 10/. TAYLOR'S (JEREMY) WORKS, by Hebcr,15 vols. Svo. 91. TILLOTSON'S WORKS, 10 Tols. Sto. SL Ss. CLARKE'S SERMONS, 7 Tols. Svo. S/. 3s. CUD WORTH'S INTELL. SYSTEM, 4 vols. Svo. S(. ISs. (id. - LELAND on the CHRISTIAN REVEL, 2 toIs. Svo. M. I.. BURNET'S REFORM, with Plates, 6 vols. Svo. S(. I�s. 6d. CHILLINGWORTH'S WORKS, 3 vols. Sio. I/, lu. BERKELEY'S WORKS, 3 vols. Svo. U. Us. Sd. POPE'S WORKS, Warton, 9 vols. Svo. 11. St. RAY'S WORKS, by Mason, Svo. I5s. BOCCACIA'S DECAMERON, Svo. llis. ENFIELD'S PHILOSOPHY,! vols. Svo. 11. PARTIN'8 HISTORY of ST. GILES,  vols. bl. Ss. CHANDLER'S TRAVELS into GREECE, 3 vols. 4to. CI. lOs. WHITE'S ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY,^ vols. 4lo. �/. I�i. 6d. THE following WORKS are just published by RICHARD PRIESTLEY. London C.JB�AR;0berliai,8T0. \et. CATULLUS, Doeriig, Svo. Its. CICERO, Emesll, 8 vols. �vo. 81. OLIVET'i NOTES to CICERO, 3 vols. Svo. SI. i'. NIZOLII LEX. CICBRON, 3 vols. Svo. it. ISs. 6d. DEMOSTHENES, Or. et Lat. � vols. Svo. St. �s.| EURIPIDES, Variorum, Gr. et Lat, 9 voU. Svo. lc(. lOs. EURIPIDES, Popi0B,Gr. small, Sro. Us. HERODOTUS, SchweiRhxuser, Gr. � vols. Svo. W. 4s. NOTES to HERODOTUS,S voU. Svo.ll. lis. Gd. PORTI DICT. lONICUM, Svo. l�s. LATIN to HERODOTUS, Svo. 10s. 6d. H0MERU8, Or. et Lat. Ernesti, S vols. Svo. boards, U. los. DAMN'S LEX. HOM. 9 vote. five. 9(. HORATIUS, Doerine, Svo. JUVENAL, RuportietPersias Koeniic,� vols. Svo. 11.16s. LIVY, Drakenborch, * vols. Svo. 11. Ifti. RUPERTl'S COMMENTARY to LIVY, Svo. \l. Is. LONOINUS, fir. et Lat. Weiske, 8 vo. 16s. LUCANUS, Vaiiorum, Svo. PAUSANIAS, transl. hy Tayler, S vols. Svo. W. I6s. PLATONIS PH�DO, Bekker, 3vo. 9�. SCHeLIA in PLATONEM,Svo. Is. TIM�I LEX. PLAT. Svo. 8�. , . , SOPHOCLES, Or. et Lat. Bmnck, Schaifer et Barney, S vols. �vo. "iEBFORDT'S NOTES to SOPH. Svo. Ms. TACITUS, Oberllnl, 4 vols. Svo. 2t 8s. RUHERT'S COMMENT on TACITUS, Svo. Us. TERENTUS, Zeunii, a vols. 8t�. SI. Ss. TESTAMENTUM GRiECUM, Kiiapp, cr. Svo. l*i. THDCYDIDE8, Haacke,Gr. et Lat. 4 vols. Svo. �I. �s. PAPPO'S COMMENT on THUCYD. Svo, is. BENEDICT'S OBSERV. onTHUCYD. 8to. 5s. VIRGILIUS, Heync.  vols. Svo. 41. 4i. SCAPULiE LEXICON,4to. W. S�. 8CHLEU8NER LEX. N.Test.S vols. Svo. 3'. SCHBEUSNER LEX. Vet. Test- s vols. 41. �s. DAHM'S LEX. Horn, et Find. 4to. 41. �s. BAS ELLIPSES aR�CiE,8vo. IBs. VIGBRUG de IDIOTISMIS. Herm�nni,Svo. 1(. It. HOOGEVBBN de PARTICIIUS, Svo. ISs. HERMANN de HETRIS, Svo. l�s. BUTTUAK'S GREEK GRAMMAR, 9vo. 8s. ffcHRpfeDER'S-ORAM. HEBRAICA, Svo. ISs. LVOIPS HEBREW GRAM. Svo. &s. BU:(T0m7II LEX. HEBRAIC, Bvo. ISs. EQBBRTSQN'S CLAVI8 PENTAT. Svo. II. Ss. ^ _ . BISHOP of SALISBURTf'S WORKS, for the Study ot th� Httre-w la svn. price 3s. lialf-bound, THE HOUSE-KEEPER'S LEDGER, for ISSfi; a plain and Cs-isy Plan of Keepiiij; accurate AccouuU ot" the Rxpt^nccs of HouseItcei�ing'. And t�e Eleinpiiti of DorocatJc Kcf-nomy.-Dy WILLIAM Krw:HINKa, M.U. Author of " Tbe Cook\ Oracle," " The Art of Invij;orating and Pmlonpiug life," &c. &c. Printed for O. B. Wliitt^ker, Ave Maria-lane, London. A)so. An Edition of ttie above-to wbich is added, Toin Thnfly*s Kuny on the Pleasure of Barly Ri^in-, and a Scheme for hu Early Hour Company. 8vo. 4s. ed. nentJy balf-bwund. ^_ DIBDIN^S SEA-SONGS.-In one handsome volume, Unpcrial Sto., T' price 32i. half-bound, HE SEA-SONGS of CHARLES DIBDIN, �with the Music, eng^raTed from the oriffinal Copies, in tho po<i-�okvionot Dr. Kitcbiner: witU a Mamoir of Life aud Writiuga, These Son^ have been the solace of Sailort in lon^ Voyaj^tw, in Storms, in Battle* ; alh) they h^ve been quoted iu Mutinies, to the restoration of order and discipline."-Dibdtii\ Life, p. 9- Printed for Geo. B. Whiltsikor, Ave Maria-lone, London; .aud sold by all Book aud Muiic-icUers._ ACTS OF THE tifeST SESSION OF PARLIAMENT. 6 GEO. tV. tI9?i,) price ii. GIFFORD'S ACTS of the LAST SESSION of PiRLlAMENT. London: Printed A. Wkellier, Mitre-court,, Hol-bom; and-old by all Bonkscllers. Of wbom may, GIFFORD'S ACTS of tlic PRKSENT REIGN; viz. The 1, S, and 3 �eo. IV. (1830, I8SI, ISM), price 5s. 6d. �The 4 Geo. IV. (1S�), price 3s. 6d. Tliei.Geo.iy.(15�i).gi-ice43. _^__� �WINTKR AMUSEMENT.-In royal ISmo. oraamocted srith a Pine Froatispiece, r�iirosenttnp a bumoorous scene between Deoa Ssrift and Mrs. O'Rt-JIIy, price 73. boards. BLOSSOMS of ANECDOTE and WIT; or BlirtUforthe Partoar. cantainin-- a u�v.iAtM ^rDnv-.! ni-..^^^^ Lundun: Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Jey, Patei-noiter-row. -Where way be had, a New Editiou, with a very eooiiderable number of New Articles added, .lad those of lew valae rsmoved, conlaFn-ms", alto^jether, nearly snoo Articles.price 6s. boards. The ENCYCLOPEDIA of WIT. " Let those laugh now who never laugh'd before. And those who always laugli'd, now lau^h the more.'* (barring-always tlie intention) of what ia called *'Preierying Public Faith urf^tn;; the necessity of re-adjusting the money standard on a principle of reducing all burthens upon all kinds of property, ia a proportion of one-half, thereby establishing a universal system of lov prices, nnd free trade, instead of nttemptiag partially to create high arti^cisil prices, as by means of our cxisiinp Corn Lawt, operating as a bounty of W per Cent, to the Foreign Manufacturer ajjaiivat oar own native industry. By the Rev. A. CRUTTWELL, Rector of Hexhall, Suffolk. In the above work will be found C'rom unavoidable necessity) a copious examinairbn and free exposu?c of the varion* ei rtiaeous theoric* fif Mr. Ricardo, Lnrd Liverpool, Mr. Husklsson, Mr. Peel, Mr. Broaghain, Mr. G. Bennett, the EdinburKh Reviewers, Mr. M'CuUoch. Mr. Cobbett, Ac, tracing the whole of our recent ngrirultural auti commercial ditficultien to the present vitiated stare of our natteual currency, and tlie want of a Cxed, nnd, corap:iratively, unvarying^ money Standard. Ill three vols, post octavo, price SOs. THE ENGLISH IN ITALY.--By a DISTINGUISHED RESIDENT. 'The nan-attves of which tliis Work consist, conwdercd merely ia the light of Tnles, would be entitled to the highest praise, for the skill with which they are managed, the variety of iucideatj, the deep Interest, and alt the beauties of style which they display. But when, to tbeie arc ndded .i fac-simile of real manners, some of them new m the soelal world, a crowd of Anecdotes, coanecfed with almost every eminent or remnrkable character who has crowed the Alps, tho opening of Roman and Neapolitan domesticities, by one who �eemq intimate with all thoir mysteries, and the occasional appearsince on tbe scene of individuals of historical Hotonety, witli the solution of many political riddles hitherto left unravelled, it will be seen, that these Volumes possess a higher clniTu to public attention than that of ^iCTurding amusement; and that they deserve to be read, as a snurctt of vnlnable instruction, the more valuable as the observations �cat-tered over their pages are sound, patriotic, and Just, and the moraJ!-ty which they inculcate is pure.*'-Morning Post. Printed for Saunders and OUey, British and Foreign Public L^rapy, Conduit-street, Hanaver-square. Second Edition, post Svo. los. 6d. boards, J^ETTERS from the IRISH HIGHLANDS of CIJNNEMARRA.-By aFAMILY PARTY. Printed for Longman. Hurst, Reen, Orme, Brown, and Green. ** There is so much good intention and valuable information in thia volume, that it cannot but warmly recommend itself to every reader."* New Monthly Magazine. In a voU. post 8VO. 34s. boards, MEMOIRS OF ELIZABETH STUART. Queen of Bohemia, Danghter of King James I. including Sketches of the state of Society in Ilvlland and Germany, in the Kth Centnry.-By Miss BENGER. " .Miss Benger is already known to the world as the Biogrnpher of ipveral illustrious Fem;Ues, and the present volumes cnnuot fail i.i add very ctmsldernbly ti* her previous reputation."-Monthly Rev. Printed for Longman, Hurst, Recs, Orme, Brown, aud Green.-Of whom may be h:id, by the tnmu Author, 1. JIKMOlRSofMARY QUEEN of SCOTS, 3d edition, 9 vols- Bvn. with a genuine Portrait, never before ffngi-aved, W. *tt, bonrdt. 8. MEMOIRS of tlie LIFE nf ANNE BOLEYN, Queen (�' llcnry VIII. 2d edition, 3 vols. 8vo. witli two Portrait-*, 16h. hoards. 3. MEMOIRS oftbe late Mrs. ELIZABETH HAMILTON, id od-ion, 'V vob. Svo.-with a Portrait, XL Is. boards. 4. MEMOIRS of Mr. JOHN TOBIN, AuUior of'* The H.nicy Mo n." Svo. 193. boDrd^. In Svo. Vol. III. price I*3i. bosird", of THE ENGLISH FLORA.-By Sir .JAMES E. SMITH, President of the Linnaj.iu Siiciely, Sc. &c. So much has been done in Botmiy �iuce tbe Publication of Oils Author's Flora Brilanuica amlRngluh Bolany, especially wltli regard tu natural alfinities; and he Itas fur thirty ycnrs p-ist found so mneh id correct in th^cliaraclors nnd synoiiyirs of British Plants, that IhiiiiH be entirely au Original Woik. Tbe lanfiiag-e also is nttoiiftiteil to be reduced to a correct standard. The Reueia are reformej, and the siiecies defined, from practical obscr>-ation ; nnd it is hoped the eapec-tationa of British Bot�iii't� irill not be disappointed. , The Work will be completed iu Five Volumes. Vols. I. and II. may be hitd, price U. 4s. Printed for lionginan, llumt, Ilees, Orihe, BroBB,and Green. Of srhom may be had, by the same Author, A GRAMIWAR of BOTANY, illustrative of artificial, as well as na. tnral 8lassi6cation, will) an explanatiou of Jussieu's System. In 8to. with 877 FignreB of Plants, and their various Parts and Organs, price Ia�* or coloured, 1^ lis. 6d. An INTRODUCTION to Uie STUDY of PHY.SIOLOGICAL and SYSTEMATICAL BOTANY, in Sro. 5th Edition, with li Plates, price 14s. plain, or coloured. It, Bs. boards. COMPENDIUM FLORA BRITANNICA, 73. CJ. A iSELBCTlON of tlie CORRESPONDENCE of LINN.BWS. and other NaturiUiits,iii tworols. Sro. If, Itfs. beards.

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