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Publication: Courier December 28, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - December 28, 1809, London, Middlesex .7'.. . , .___jSCf^Ayi^^h^t^p^m'the East.iu4ia l^i^trotesai^.l^ffKM^ bunolir uf t^etUf^tt^ktfihSfi^itaafi of of&riog m^^frir (o. *ji'?l83f^J'i&r - '^W*^ which you Im-e [ir� fo the ttueateibom'-k'uiiiiad flaIUd/)j;.rrr.'-|tiMin i'kiDd*buntioiror$Drindss, I shall be uluced id (be ",�w much tnofw^Jiikn tfMtBl^mn^-'-� i'JwUfeipnHJcly-jfJiken in'T-JJie tejfttp' to lk>liA�l^, lha( J i-iite, 'iif,''mr fWvuur, 1 Yacancy, �Rrt. ^nflr�i�Hr irt inrt- ^ laa^iycji^oAeui qit^ifs, !iti44>arlirulurly his iiiUexir ' - ridcitAUl) TV.INlNG. iR�^^rJ*iP�^lN6V itie^t diedoii>he|inN(A�Bt �f the srimci io.Wewft. Hra- i AAl/JI-.Jl M ALP, to be answor.b'c to Sarajde* i Reos, .miJ Orme s Taslur and lles^fe;.J. DelRiitoil,T; JW-' hlirn, Kioderlej, and Dftinvitle, So!irili>rsV.1.iiK'4�U)'� Inat to'be jirmtured mKh Ibe Teiideni; /u bi- deMehid, trie A.i// re^l, ii'^l j. Mrlmlson, CainbriJge 5 nud A^^U'U&nii,-su�l tfa�said Ediniiml ftTtl having by his liist"VVMI and Te^tiiinent thij'eofiaaf..iujvl,t, and ilie ot/ier half in afurtnls^ht afler- i. S. JopmuTi, Noniujham. �. '. ,. _ ' ,^ .. directed'tbat bi� lirwufrs,. Juhn fisd) and John 'flamlu)- ; �inlsi info llbt Maj.ntti's riclitaUiug Siores iit l)>ptft>rd ; j[TvTs"bl- TTTl-/iilt 111 !SH. iN'A VAL HKROtS -Xl>i� rouffh, I-lsqrs.-should pav and. disc hirrge all his juU debts 9nd'l-ibe yaid for by UHU imyabU wiUiInLcreat ninety days. ^^^^ If publishsci, e.nheliished with Utafls.lSmo. prkftTli * �' "� � afterdat..' 1 hoards. u . I?E5 of'thomost rrinont BRITISH-NA.yALi J HKIlOKSr: Deiailsof their .\fTiieTe-ni.'nH in Viiriiiiis Q�arter.t' the CowmifCf� au-e 1 daily af The ( ifv of-ffJn,-'jrllMi*^e ii-irlicalarly reque>ls thraiund--ffnid^'aKOffeiiaitSeyTan qnAe it convenient. _ dW*�eE &.5fifCl�G.'-L'MVAT(i TUITf(JN. |J|^^,ll|).HKflSS ;jf>cg� leave to return tiis ___l^fSSftCiF*'^*'^^ ^^Ji^V *Js Friends and tlie tlubtic �" mp^Ifdlly tfllietts � coiitinurtnce ^ ^JLq^tl^ aoi' .G�Ntlriiir'tt ythn have fnii ocicniapjiibinetit, or ibnse who )ia*� prtwnl-wohftimible node, may he et- S^tortlie�nf�s?e*Bi��, on applMauoiiat hi5 rCMdence, rec of the High Court �ithin two'nionths after hi^decens.-.__ G"^~CvNUlSPUiai4T PIANO FORTR, bj-CI^LMENTl'nnd Co. to he si>ld. for Forty-fiveGui-heii5 ; h.if not been tilttcb iised ; cott 85 (JiiiMe:i�.- Alfo.nn Jdljiirf .Sjyiare; FIANO-KORTli, wiihout llie addilionnl K�'vs,,bv Hroadivood and Sun. fur 21 (iuana'i; c".-t 3S Giii-rieas;*^A Sqinre PrAKOF-ORTi;, .without tlieaddiTion.11 tCe>�,{for learners only. Ten Guineaert^^^^|^b|^^^aae fjOfjlh^^g^^^^^^j^t ; 7Jtc. t'ond-lions of the Contrac's may be tevt at the Secrt- t rv'. Ojji e, ffo regiird will be had to any Tcmier in ichich the price lAiill-nuCie insr rltil m Korrln at Itr^th, nr llial shjill nut be drlivend to -he ti^mrd befote One u Clock on thf said Tues lay,/A |iui>ii-'uri, a iie� i-niiioii,-8vo. prire- 111$, od. wi'.a rlove.i elig-iiit tnjraviiig-., by.Scutt, from .NA V V-Oll- lUV, IS, INJy. ^ . ^lon,- in the Ivai-t tndt^i^ iftff ifoflMStftjmd irrAve �fcrir'Debts before John >----^ JBt.^itt�:JBswf� of 111." Kiid r.onrt, at his ' C!hJE)K6ieriC'in SiiOfhantpIimr-buildm^s, Cbancefv-lane, l.on-: tfetftWdrfc^frtte'tli* ISrtfffAvof Fetirunfv, iii 6dl^lbef�oftfo� irilftJw'ncluded^tttc beui-fit, of the TK^itr^fjifEtO-^rKRY^ b.5 Dratrt. in JtlK ONElMYjft^mh �ft'ebruary,-16W. ^.....�-*. .jimjm.:..........:� .Tie .0 '0 5,flwv................:. vo,(i)i) i,� -BO-...........-.^____ lO.iHlO 100.................. 2.' IX) � SO....;.-............. 2^0.) 25.;.-,................ SilW ................� .7'i,'joi) =e.2i)o,Of)!) . sow..i^-' fc^EoUVrt >� nporntSe Stnje Plan as Ihelast j it cori-isti lv'^WNnw1*�sw(fn)nut taS.OvSO inclusive); bat there l^of iKickfSoiB&er.whifh will be feverally eii-tMerPriae/s^lrawa against Mich Numlwi^; fr�r ttreVt *i^!^fKov^^^\ii^^i\>e:ilTH^nA IViz- �f 2,).0.K)/. tl.-FbafaifckWof t^iftiiPtcE;N�.J,.SK/NN lUl-STRKKT, com. r a^vn accotmt, and 'M^SHJo'ltft^inethftthe is noW Kelliiij; fimilaT foilanaie Wi^'lipU-"Sh"aTe^SSrttO>-ehesnirfhf his late K.sidvnce, 38, IfnVrtifrKett *Tl*tWCteent State"Lotiery "n the the new Wo&iWft Capitals being eight more than (heT2tfMOTiimed'r-^ittobedrai�iiiu one day, aud that day *tee^||^mrjiieS, W. Tta^Et. �r the LU ttlfeeaTOckV Stir�e'to�rr*'0�Bfei No. I, Skinner street, who nrt(ftlleSltar���rt��efolfct*ins Capital Frizes iu the Lot- ��es��AfiOTntKllft�.- ^ wf.^^ � ..^siii--* ik-t.\/innr 'R- Priifcsof 6 - .10.000' 20-. ;�5000' ItXX) 500 , _____ ,&K&if.,&c. rtlf%firW'lPfJi*' �r-0:..^ Thonsand T'cltrts. i**i2*i?te r!*4Jcsides'iiunKrou5;20,00Je- sWiteiJfstrios,oKencf�'aSing.tbe amtf^ of.iheir Assm-Wnih t^rdjjedtoj'f^^ pri�B-6f buildin;; ma- ttqi^cfiltpnal ex pence of Policies ^ ie^Qvantages^IeciTedfrpin ef- ''of;fJ|nr;>iffiofitany additional. ~^�ly#�ttbonJ-an averagVdausc} it4ilidi|i:-Dockt is Attdreffat' hiemedts attd Sdrfey's. iBaip!i..n Oftlie:|�n*haM-^) for h�. JlX) for or in Puck'eis, contain- Jng near 550 IVrtniiw and Views, one of each sort, foj jl. 'M. "er half bound, in 2 vots. H^jfyiu barks, :il. I'Z". Illberllie Portraits or Views may be had in separate p^tfcrln of upwards of 2.")'1, one of dach sort, for 11. 12a. or liaif-4i>Mi:id, Russia bnckii, II. l(is. of J. Aspenie, No. 32,'CohihiH ; of wh-m a l.isi of itie PlateS may Jie had jjrat's. There beiiii bnl few nf the-l-Hpreuiuiis of some of the Plate-i left, early Apiilic;itiois,will be lM�cfs^ary. 1-1 Jniiirirv. 'lKil.\ vv a 11:11 WORKS. to HASKKT MAKKRS. fic. , be SOLD.-To ha SOLD, be-. twei-iilwo and three Acres of o/.l 1-.15S, now gland-iitg and growif);, and rea-ly to be Cil, in a pece of p-oiind heifinsinc; lo lite Cmupany of Propriel-^'s, coHli;ii 10 the Kivf-r" h'-ah, Slralfurd, where the same inav be viewed, upobapplttalion at the Wal>-r \Vorks. al Stratford. Pcrimns of biComiiig the P�irrhiis�r� thereof, aie r�'qiiesl>-;l 'ft deliver TcirJcn, sealed 4�p, al the t'ompan\'it Office, No.. 1(>. St. Heli-n"s-(, -'n "r helore Monday the 8th .day of Jii'in.-iry iie�t, with the words '* Teilder for -Osiers," writ-lea on rlJe rover. 'l\ iS. I'ICKKRrNG. Chief Clerk and S,>cretarv. �fi'ist !..ond..o W.rler Wo'1.5 Ollif'e. Dee. 21, IS 9. Thi d:|y is pilUii-hi-d, ui 4 vols. m( i.ivo, price U lo?. in tiids. a new rditi.m. liejc'C llir tiftli. ot ''pliE IIISORY OF AXCIIINT GllKECH,. its JL Colonies an-l f'nnqur^ts, frmn the eatlieat arconllt^, nil fhe division "f the Mared�n>aii Knipie of the Ka-il. Including the Jfi^tnry of Literatu.'e, Plii!i)o�phy, ami the ^Fiiu* Arts.-'I'y Jons GiLLii;s, L.!. D.F.R S.tod S.A. ilistu-' Tiu^ctftiub'rto His Maje.'loiIe"� F.lhir* and I'ldili'S; c tnprehending his Prac-ti'-al I'liiliisi'nhv. Iraii-lated (rinii the (ireek. Illu-ir:i-ted by lnrr>~!uiiiims and Notes,' the Critical I'listrfry t>f iils'l a net* \n ilysis of bis Speculative VVorksj"second L.iiii'Mi. 2 vdN.ij�o. ISs. ill b-'tirds. 3. V'i>-w of the Ifeign of Frederick Yf. of i'rnssi'a i- with a iiafallel liefween that Prii te and Pliilfj* 11. of Macedon ; 8 u. U. b>'ari!s. � l.trr. ok LOIil) NKl.SQ.N. Thisd.iy is psililislied, elegantly printed b ih- nio-(eaiiiieiit .Artists, iVora t^iflures p.-iiiili-d rx-|iie-.-u ior ihe >Vork,by Alesr-j-s. We^f-, We.^-talij. P�i-�ck,&c. piid^V/. t)s. ill e.iira hiards-; dedicated by permission. I:i-fei'val 1|jghiiesithe Prinre of \Vales rpIIE LIKE of ADMfUAL LORD NIOLSON', A JV. B. frnnvliis Li'idshin'c Manil'-cripts. �y the Kev. JAMKS STA;IX1:R CLARKi;, F. R. S, Librarian to (lie Pfiiice.and Ci'iap ain to his R113al 11 i^hj|e>s's . I'ou eliold ; and .TOIIX M'ARTIlUR, lis.). I.. I-.D. Late Srerelnrv f'> Lord Vi-couiit Ilond. .Primed fnr'T. Cudelland \V. DiueK,Siraiid. �* An Abrid^einmi of ihi! above Wnrk, iir  ne birge vo-Ilume, octavo, u ifhai'uTlrait of Lord NeUon wilt b-.-{tdb-i.slied earlv in .lanu.iry. This day is published, Uandioinely prmieo in hv-*. prire in b"ard,&c. Piiiited for F. and .T. flivington. No. fi2. SJ. Pauls Ct.urcn-vard ; fold also by J. Uatcnard, No. I9i), PiccadiJIv. Of whom, may be had, tiie three former Volunieff, price fa iHiards I/-. 7s. or the third Volume spparately. -This day i� publi.ihed. j.ricc jc. tRACtlCAL SERMONS, for tlie use of Families. The Third Fditinn. Bvthe Rev.THIJOPHILUS ST, JOtl^, LI.. B, Sidd by Vernor, Hood, and Sharp?; Longinao and Co, 5 and Kivingtons,London; and in.-iy be had of all BookMljers. These SermiHW are distinguished by ability, leal; and piefy ; the doctrines arc eaforced with much earnestness, and orcniionally With a considerable share tif eloquenct*."-Bri-. tish Critic.  '? U'e strongly recominepd this Volume,, as well adapted to|irod " These Sermons are entitled to our warmest. Approbation. As a pathetic w'riler, the Author, with the exception of Sterne,'yields to none : e�cry obe-feels hlmsetf the person peculiarly and purposely addressed,"-rOrtbdo�CjrtTCliman, '? The.Aathorai�?i>s jpletsts bis Readers, liis Smions arc distliJgiiishea by an uncoiiiiaiVli degree of pathos; ami 19 . tiiejir conclusions by wAriu {tkldircsses jo the heart."-GeaUe-mnii's^Ma^azine: j �i- . . '� "These Serpions are animated b^ Itvcsly^e^hgrtalibiis .and CROieishiess. TbA- give njthcidi^a of li'-nifln *bo a xiral for that best of.alf causes, real piely."-:^MiAinjry,Review, These are erady what Sermons should t>e. We have no ihesixatibiL ia saying, that wt are not fthtetomfiitibb a yolu*erb/^e'jnMFiS;I^brattd Authb^ >vbicTi 'coiltaiuk so L mii'elii*flifi�fcfUew^.*^Mir�o.r. ^ - ' >  ^S^ddif- '^l^.tiE Pr/��>�/O^ceri ami Commissioners'of jfrrsfor stiiiplffiHg OAIC Tl.MP.KR of 80 .md 'Xi fr Keel-I p ec di^pnS'.: j of Ihe.same, may se; d frtidcrs thei'e�f In �riiiig, m .Mr. |. Barallieri at M U'nrdafore.-iaid, on or tii-rore llie s-aid lit nf Alarch next, inrnlioniog In such 'J'endera the qiiaiilily and sizVuf Uic Timber, the ul-dceor place* wliere lliesami- nr.-iy li-- lying, the rate per load at which the jiarties wi.l en-gase to supply ami deliver the same ai Milford ; and .-il-n til rate.per load at uhieh they will d .spn.-e of ihe Timber if taki-n on tin- ppnl where it may be lying. Tendersoi ill br rcce'rved for tlie sup)ily nf small qnanlilies of Tinilier, and (he Parlies whose oilers m.iy iiot be ariepi- -11-*____ -1.1.-----c:_j---.t--- � ThrAAthorJj)treat�4jj.e,rea4ei?ta crot^sidiT'lAttfeSe.niwn* tl5r.d��rnji�*1Mwi^�o��J,>(^H'write ' " ed infiinnt'd lli'.reof in due time. COUNTV FIIIL; OFFICK, Soiilhanijil�n-�trerl, S rand. INSURANCES xchich exjjire tif Cihustmas shrnt-l lie. rtn iced tcUhin I'illeeii days, ur the Voitt es wift be uttiil. The dittingtiished priucipli of this O I/ice is, that the Pcr-son-i I'nsuie.l shari'profits cqii.illy u ith the ori|;iiuil .Meinlicrs, anil.with the important advania^e of not being lialile to make good me liilri^ls, tcUh l}ill'..AI/. rUi:i.\"l'ORAf^l-', arid S'TRAW ; iMi-(dimcester, VVorcesier, Her. ford, .Monmnulh, and Soutii \V"ales.' ' Noam West-Chester, Sal.ip, Lancaster, and North Willed lio.MR-.Middlesex, Surrey, Hertford, and Berks. lM..\\i>-r-l)erhy, Notiingham, Statford, l,cicesler, Warwick, RKtlaiid, Bedford, .Nortlianipton, Oxford, and Buckingham- _ . . *. Alidtlic Islands of Gnernsey, Jersey; and .Alderney. l}irlinct--Froj)osaUfor Jiread and I'nel, I'nrogr, and Str'are, must be made for each District, and each Propvial must iiaic I-e /f//ec n-hich is annexed 10 the Tendrr properly filUd up by ttcn. I'trsons of known Property, engngiug iu buund Kith Ihe Person leiftlering, in Hik umminl ^ia'cd in Im primedparlicut/trSifor the duep-rformame of Ihr Cunlnict: and no Proposal Kill be no'iccd mlrss vi'ut':, on a prinlul Tender, 'au4 the. Piices- exprrssid in trnrds at length, u'or unless the Party, or an Jgcnt for him, pe:isinhHi attend on Iht follouiing tla'y to krtoto 'the decision thrre.,111; find shoulil it so happen that during this cnntinaance of llie � ContrucI, no Troops should be etfcapiped, the expen.-es of,the Coitlract and liond, paid'-in the first instance by thf Contrite-tor, to he refunded lo him hy lAeX'omynif'sary in Ckitf. Parliculars hfthe-Contracts tnai/ bz had upon application at thi* Qt/ice, belireen tlu huurs of E 'even and Five I at the Ojficr^ of Dvptttif Commissary-General Lindesay, Udinhurgh ; at tlie Ojfice of jissislatit Pommissari/ Luscombe, Gui-mM-j ,-AnJ.. a/- t/ie O^ce of jissistant Covimissarg Diraiaresq, Jersey,^ Note.-Such Persaas as may be desirous of tendering are hereby directed to taike nalic'e, that unless the Leuei, w uich is nhtiefed.itoOe Tender, is properly filled up by their surriie.', their Proposals will not be noticed, -j-,-c--- This day are..pnblished,.in octavo, to complete the work In  thai size^ price IBs. b'�ard5, Ihe seventh and eighth voN. �.f , rjnm Um^t of GREECE.-By WILLI- i JL Ll.AM MITTORD.Ksq. i an-l his lilJWSripW.By Hl-.LVLTIUS. '  llnnipaiit de m'ignorer, Dar.s tnon oire. dan.^ m^i. je cii rche k ptwtrer^. V -1 (aire, Wis. V 1. dr la.Nat. de Pllfll^^ Trhnslated TthTO ttie French, w !lh additional No'H W. IIOOPl-.R, M. O.  '  Li.n:'oM: Printed to-.Tams Cnivlee, jvj-lane; and Vernor, Ilirud, and .SJiarpe, y I. I'onltrv. N. I?. .A few. ("opii-.i nn Koviil P.i|ier."pr!rie'l/. 4�. Boards, T.ii� i/.ij boards, orij;iiuil I'aiiilin;... ' pjIOUGlJTJ.oii IIU.VTiNG, in a series of JL Fami(i!ir Letteis to a Friend f5^ )y 11,1.1 AM til;t:KFORl>, Ksq-Prinirdat ilie-Mtiion P.eSa, f.>f-Ji.miS Condeej.and V,it* n r. Ili'o.l, iind Shiirpe. '. ^ A few copif^, on royal paper, with pt�'nf i^prirj. ' siftn-iif Uie phiL-s, I5-. boiif.i.-. ' _ , . I)OI>SI,i;Y"S A.X.NUAL R!-:^.l^tKR." 18J7.-This Day ' i> puhl's^ed. in Hvo. pT''ci- f5s. hnardss ' I r^Mii] ANNLAL RlXifSTKR; or�a.view o�; ^ ! JL the Hi-l.irv, r*.>1itirs,�nd Uter.Uure. of th� Yeatl80l� l'cii;ted f r Olrii!;;^ and Snti r \ernns Hood, and Sbarpe'i' -Longman, llor-it, lier-:, aiid Orine; C'nth^H aad Mtirtii; Lar'kiiiKt'm, A.lew, and C�- Iv Jell"�ry ; J. FauJJpjf-.? Oiusbjc. aiid CrtT; .1. A-.H-rn-J ni;d J. I5.-'.I. . .  * 'Flie Volume for IHOa is in f'lf prcsi. and wfll innn be finlilished.-'Complete S.-t�, in Forty niae-Vutu{ .M O 1"S, &v. of eeleliiat--d char.-jctt-rs, inelnilipg Hian'y Origiivil*; Prittfil f- r V.rriou, Hod, and .Sii-irpe, 3i, l'ouUry_. ^ N|-,W ItlOrjRVI'lIlGAI. niCriO.NARy;-f4ti� day ial kjmo., '''NK\y'ij[CK4iiAPniCAL Drcrio?rART- oiii.-uh nj aixuaie Skrlcho- of the Lif.-s of the m-M ' emiiviit I'l-rsiM.s of evt'ry Ace aiid � Nation; incliidlilg the  ui.>-!'n>inent Writers, iin l.a l.i^l-f their M'oiks. l^iji.U-d fur Vernor, lliiod, and Shaipi-. .11. Poultry. �W AI.kl-.RStTA /1 .TT F. i;a.-Th is daj is Jtirtdj^iirilnt iiefC ' . iMlitf'm. Svn. wild (� u-f.-eit in.-ip�, p'ic> Pi*.�rpHl-: UNlVr.USAL GAZKTTEF^^; Uiiln^-l JL c'nc'sc di-scr-piion. .-itphahelicattytfrAl^S^iaf ther* Naliooi!. ICing-lnnj.s SlaUs..-a>w�H. tmpir.tSf Pwjiwjp*^, , * Cities, Orraiis, Sens, ILirbours, IMvers, L.-UfM. Canals', i\lounl!!is.�. tap-s, iSrr. in the known Wofjd ; ihe'Gdy�n-meat, M Ulnars, and llclijio'n of the Inbahitante, with tRfe Eit-tent, IJnunilari.s, add Natural ProducUmis, MaimfaCtqresx and Curiosities of Ihe different Countries; containitig jeveral lheus.vid pl.ieesnol to be met with in any similar f;,ii-Heer.'. -15v JOHN WAl,K,KR..RCMsed, ronsidcraldy-eiaarged. an;l Arthur Keriliaw. - p. inted for J. J�ht's"n ; Vernnr, Jlond. and^Shaqjr'f Dsf- ton and Harve> ;'(>tridge nn.l .Soin, L'tiliiell ami ftlnittej.-,' i. Wiilker; Longman, Har-t,, Ri M, and Ornif L'clilos� ,j ton, Allen, and Co. j J. Nmin ; K, Le.a'; FcHtthardniidrLet-ternian; C. Law;. VMIkie and J'^bin'on V'O.' Kt^jvriltyfc �'� (^rojby and Co. ; J. and A. Arch; A\\. *ayn''t.;-J,-F*tJ(i^4 - J. Newman r SherwiMid, Neeley, ;ind' Ji)De^.j,Cradocii.; ai�l'.. ; . ^Jny; and Wilson and S'o, YorU.  ' ' -": * '�-�'�� . In a few days will be pubiisiieJ, �ifUa MrilS.iiigT Lifcjf^ijMf  ^ of>1r. John Kriti'de, i>r:aVo," � ^ � "�'-''' AJOURNAL of fhe. \f AII iarrFed: fV ffie"'-NKW Tin-; ATRlvROYAL, CO^f U'S"titiAmP.\,lit -- from the 18ih of Sepicinberto ihe ISli^jf, N.ov^ber;' W.K), . . T� � hirli ari-addpd, a variety of iVn-tilr^l f^fflisloDs 00 lb* Oeea-iot', :ind ii Si'.ientific Pescr-ptiim'tf-'tbe llitcriDr atiiil Kxteroj-of the Theatre. i;ii indi iianies raag'no cqm mnPinuri^maitis Ci-eimi chiu-tr.i fremimt. -  ..".iJ. Wilhvo'ce, brlK rallbs. whistle4;-lm|;les,cat^-il^'y � . Thb Towii; Indigoant, shook tbc.Tiew^liaiU ��ri|j;f Printed- ft�r y.t;f;mr� Hood, and Shargri^^l, ,Poi)l^W,' ' Thi, day ispublfstredjxtnew Hdiliim. Postjiaino. Milhi'c&tS. 'yilE >LETTR!'.S " ^rT*l=^- '.^ - .V : . J. Walker; CutheB tuid Atarlid: lAckiii.itna^ Al�{tmnn. llarsi, Rees, and Ohne ; C;4 ,;/5 " The Author of these Sermons. iPS'J^.'*lgtb=a�l.} ARftlOWY in L*N�&AG U, t Svo.'Ts. 6d. .Tr^ntiand'!MerrcVf .aod'fitaSbrdi'hire and ' KAyUJATIO-------- ------.... Welir^q!Clo** ;:e TR�2�T ______ ^Sh r^jf.- tSiVc ^nVarlj a4* 401. .jrff SJiarr nod wUt certaiifl3^�irUiei--tUi>1)h^1o sense i persoasi i '* The public^irevery_____....._______ ! thb^laadatileatiemptxo^exten^'thelwt ; fnim whose works ibo-e isnot a nieiiibiT,aC; ^-ihity not derive miich' pifofi(abfe'';inu'iMEfi' j 4�ti.:Jacbb(n, Oc�obrr,'?reBa.'"''; I J�^f*Ki�l�hf�h^iM*0a^iijiiB?.j xlklure,or .SkrMon>. fi^mTy^h^tb, iinrftW��^6il*fibafboi#firiUs"-^ - - i-Bo^a, " bdo

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: December 28, 1809