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Courier (Newspaper) - December 20, 1809, London, Middlesex MEdeath of Sir^ViUjaln Beiisley Bark having occasioned a.vaca^cjiw the; Direcliuii, 1 Iw^ jn<i-t re- cntioii'to irs and Ik>- Avetiib devote roy'limf andexpeKenct to (ho lulv.mce* i'^iie�inaii)aiiner>aitiibIe(o the very flatleriiij; rrct*|>. JfilhiiWcblfce^^leriif my smicet lias been rereived "----- "tfi thiwe n'Mneroiis t'rifiujs w ha Jiattfivfti i ixpiin rclnrn my Vtbrpwli tbrir '-upiinri, inv i with <ucc ifi�d to till the v>r�>seiit tii>ii�4>wasioiiMi by the dmdi ir Wm. Ifenfley, Bart.ii^l 4>h^ .Verting tlisrefare 'exrrt (heti'iibQatf'eadtavimh calkctively and iniltv^.du- - -. :, . :RD�|:r:"*�.MAMS, Jon. Ch.iifman. ibe ThanVs of' die' WftOag were unnDimousIy �otira to it. Williaros; Esq. f^.Iiis cmiduet nt Chairman. �,  ' - � - ' rtf the PEOPfctRTOBSiif BAST INDIA STOCK. iVacOTcy TiaVi^ ocenoted in tlte East India %. DirrctiHD. I'riespectfiilljr solicU the favour of your lan^ intefat, thati majr beappoioteil to the honour uf n^eftJ fintj^iasreSltrty; Itrteiftioii nf offerinj; myieU to lfr�n(icp,;AB;jt't;aiididate for the Dir^cfion, niy hopes jie fi>ojided,:/tili4ytip . If the^^f^ which.l have pnlilich taken in the t of Pr�p�-ietion^.5bo8}d iadoee y�o to believe, that I vaJifiedtii dischnrgetbe jirraliarly imparlant duties of I; rcapnot I conclude, (his Adc^e$s,.' without exprr��ioK my cere ^oncrra at the lucsr wliidi we have all itiitaiued bv It De^'ol Sir WtlUam &tu^-: X have lone known aiid iTiied bim { amt.i^n manj.tfcea^iuiil^Jhaveeiperieaced Vfriendly disposition towar4i me, - If, your favour, I VulilheappoltHed i��a the Vacancy, wh^ch bis Death . E oceaiiooed, 1 shall bear in aiiodt and endeavour to Imi. ie'&ftinBnyexocihwtq�BlitiM,aiid [farticularly bis iiiflexi-. tiotegriJy.  . - 'I am, lA^es and fieatlemea, M?U1| muchT^spcct.:your mast ohejientc- ' And tenr-^nniWe Servant, --^ " miCHAllD TWINING.'  Jtnuid' Dec %9 I809> ' V. s: Mr. TWiHii&TfiOilWn'TEE will meet daily at iKiBiri He^ TWi^^^tte^l^Ur^^^ a^ Com. Jeccraber U, 1809. JRS of the GO. - "of the BANK of ENTJ-�tk�|taU.Nate� of the said Go-, jDaind URer the 22d of Decern < ..... jfthefolloivinK form :- pa^.^ OF ENGLAND. 18 1 ProiiHietDJpby&lfr; Henry-Hase, or Bearer, � Demand, the fioni 9f ..... Pounds, IS ' lADdon, 18 , !Forilip Gswernor nnd Coenp-my � V . offbe Babhuf Engloud. , A. B. That they irill have the-dates (tamped or printed tbereoo, Bteitd uf btihg writteti as h-retofore.; and that the Numbers if lkesaid.]iii[(Cs will/he stiunped drjprinted thereon, agreea-ft to the J^lTotvIae descHpttoiiv viz. I tbe'dezler baud now Avill be stamped or printed im the mils!,". I Promise;^' and the ^nisternumbei'will bestamp-I or priiit^dah thie words,-'' the Bearer"; and the names of T lM)terii�-�lerits will.n^ appear on the Note?. --^rnOBEKT BEST, Sec. ,.^_jGBNBRAfc PbST-OEFlCE, 18tb Dec. 1809. / |/|7HmjSAS the Letters sent fit)in y ?r Liirftorittn2�ira,'*'t�t�w and bna�tftb'e, on Fr'-';lty the 8tb lOftant, were qQ. the.Maininf( of the 9th, either .! iMtor Stuiea rn�in 4he"l^ Coa'cbV and not baviiifr been \ ilNx^recovered^iVrbiievershBK apprehend aiid con�i(;tt,eff I imejo be^pwcAended and convicted, tbe Penoo Qr per-I m whti tnay tev��t��ljfl�r secrtted the ttud tiU.edto;!Krf'.W9nlQfFtP1ir GUI'NEAS, pr if on accom-licein ttre'Knbbeiy^ or k^wli^'thereof. Shall surrender f iouir^nfjbiksSAiliiiveiry whisreby onci^i'm^ of the Per-i � irQi^stta^ (Kirefnmay beappryebeoded^^ broueht to j �i<!ie;�Mdil9W^biimT said tlewait), 1 id i!:i)l.^ eea Wenthorwrat. � JOHN RDSSP.LL, Secretat7, . . No. d'j, George ktreet. , ^Edinburgh, Nov. 7, 1809.__ ; AIjL Persons having any J>!tnand5'0n the Ksiate _of till- l.te JAditJJ Esq. of No. 16, New . Kridge-xrerl, are requested iinmediatcfv to send in the par-ticaiurs lliereaf to hi$ Kseeiititn', afbialair Dwelling-tiowe. \ A LIj Persons indebted to, or.having; Claiin� rHitpon the Hstute of the l.-ile Marquis uf l.ANSt>0 WNE, . are rirq-iestrd to spnd a Particular of their Accounts to Messrs. .FhniT- and Ct�. G4, LUicoIh s-f nn tti-ld*. ALL Persons havi IIILI., Esq. late dli-sex, who died on tlie________..............,_____ sired la apply for the pavmeat ofihestune, t�-AICtt(iB�;Gra. hiim, Kindi-rlry, and Domville, Sqiicitora. iJarwt's Inn, the sitid Edmtuid llill having by his las'f Vr\% aadTertameiit directed that his Kxrcui rs, John Fi>h and J.aiw Hitrobo-roiigh, l^qrs. should |>ay ami ditchuige all his Jtt�t^btt within twomontha.-vflej-Ms dereiis'.. JANT to A D^rog(of tiw \ I Tej%"fljrtiSStS^2&Royar^^ of t^ifBgRtrAito, deceased-; are rortbw|tb,ta~^i>e io be.' ftire W^illiara Alexander, Esq. one ofihe^tasl^jof the said Court at bis Chamhrr<in Southampton-buildinevl-baiicery-lane, Lmidoji; nnd prove their del)l -crce._ PURSUANT to an Order of the High Court of Chancery, made in a Caus", " llerry v. JJtrty," tbe tiS OKRIGCaoW-StREET, Dtt>. i2,4flaft.' -'^Madeace w.bieh has takeapiacit :witk4teC at�nf, liriheiUMveOffice, betweeu the boars of <elevea and three', siMj ifcqt <�Ff��re Thursday the 9lst jnst. nniVATE tUlTlON.-A Cleisrujan, who has X^.tiadcoustderabk; ex:iierieai:e as an instructor �f If oath, and beneli recaihmeiided for chaRtcter and iibniJes. wi^^ to en ar he wiU be glad to attend pnpilsjflrrtain i ^-as many �iys in the week as mavliejv�tiifed. has lieen acriutomed as well foL'coBauct'Rg as tbe mure advanced parts of juvenile eda-, caiii'n. Applkadaoreitberpet^oiial or by letter*, postpaid, bd-.^reneAtaH^fi. No. Old Nurth.street, Red-Iion-square, willl>gdtdy aitend^l \o._^_____ ^AiiftolTABLK DANCtMG.^PltiVATE TVITION. coMUfssiirrtSt^Jw^, ' tbeCouiraH m?iy be had at tbis 0B� iMMMIhe � lf��ioBt1lf,- a^^^ Wymi XutmcS!i|tn^ ih^^Wii of thtir favours. Ladies and Gentlemen who have m-ver acquired thUaccowplishineni, or itnise who have j not attained the pre^^eiit fa^litoimble mode, may be ex-1 (ledUiouslv instructed in l!ie most puqite manner, to qualify j ihenvfor the lint assemblies, on appriratioii at his resilience, Coachmakers' Hall, Fofter-liine, Chcapslde. '_The r^ioms niay tte engngeil._ HICKSON'S PASTE DK JAMBON, for Sandwirhri, the richest :fl r an eng.igera..'nt, as in the Chancery and Conv*?y.inriiig Orpartn-.eiits.-Please to a<l-dressto B. �. at ftlr. Sicvensou'ii, Law Stationer, Warwick. court. Gray's Inn_^ r AW.^-A Gentleman is desirous of forming a partnership connection with an Attmnry of reiipecta-bility, in go�d practice, in the country, for which a premium will be givrn adequate to his share of tbe profits, or the Advertiser would not object to ret as an nssistani for a few years-without any other r<-nuiner.itioii than an agreement to adiiiil bim a partner within a (siven nme without a premium. Letto^i addresed, post paid, to X. Y. Messrs. Farlow and Stms, Law Stationers, Mitre-court, Temple, London,�ill bedulyatitnded to._� _ . CLASSICAL ASSISTANT WANTED, at a large School near Town. He must not only be fully eompeteni to tench the higher Cl-isses, but qualifled by stea-dinessoF character and self-camraan<i, to assume no au(bn-' rty.Hnd take a general .uperinieoilance in the School. As the situation wiU be confidential and .idTantagenue-, no one nerd Apply who cannpt bring ample recmnmeadatiHns both fur ability and moral conduct, or also is not perfectly dis-poscj) to' devote himself assidinusiy tn the bnsiness of the School.-Apulication may be made, either pei^nanlly, ft-nm nine to ten ni the morning, or by letter to the Rev. Dr. M*L eg leave to inform the Nobilitv and Gentry.lhat they sell theniuch .ndnire.l WliLCH MUTTON in the highest perfertiou. The Mutton from tbe Hills, ua account of the Soil where it is frd, renders it superior to most Venison, the fore quarters iu partirular'is recommended by Physicians to sick and delicate persons, anJ is one of the greatest di-l caries of the scaM�n._' WHEREAS by a Decree of the HighTCourt of Chancery, made id a-Gause, Yoi;ng and others against SUTTO Hand others. It wtis amongst other things referred to James Stoiiley, Esq. one of the Masters uf the said Court, taenqatre whether AarBua Gaop, in the pleadings �f the. mid cause named, is living or dead ; and if dead, when lie dicd,'Or was last heard of, and who n bis heir nt law, and whether be died intestate as to bis lands and tenements, or made any and what will concerning the same. The �nid Arthur Gnod, if living, is desired forthwith to apply to-the said Master Slanlev, at his Chambers, in Southaii{pton-baildii � - --------i-------- wildings. Chancery lane, London ; �r any person wlio can 1 (),me, �ive iniformation whether tbe said Arthur Good be liviiw or ^,,,1 j, * � ziftz^i^__.�L.A�hA nrh�ar iMldM. nr U'SU l:iHt tlCarfl Of. - � � PROyiDBNTLrFB OFFICE, fgff, StoathMploajStrMt, Strand, m&^r^tiotmmmatipn receire Propo. soli-fo^ibe Insurance afLities, the Granit and Porcbiise Aini9itiea..and .the.-.En^owafieDt of. CbiTdreo, nt their '�"ea* i*oTe,every dav frdm.nlheto foot, and through Weflsinctety pilhiqpalirowh iii Grtat Britain, 5*ho; ve ^ewjie Asent8to:theXointy -fire Office. Attbese places PropDsals&ny be grati^'Jbe tlistlngoisbfi^ Miares whi^are,,that the insured participate in the-. Profits of. * EstoSIJshmMteqhaiywfthJlje original SuWrtbers, and mhtheijmpinrtantadvantag^.oiKnotiiefng liable to nmke W-melos-es of^others-jtbatlMintary men are not charged Wany addfUoiinl i�reinjuwiBDre�calleh on actua �^*^H>^""*''^'fe ke,�rJohn C. T!um(*r, Scropc ~ P. and V^Miam I^ed, E^^^ IQlURTERt S>MnESV^ will rf JS'-P'?''^^. ^ Saturday ne^t, Wice 5s. and captain, of intereBtiwaiiidwV Uanning's Letter to ��">�ertarFolt- Baltl#of%lavtiai:^flayley'6 Life of be give inronnaiiwu �u said i^rthur Goad is by. trade a butcher, and oace lived at Wincbesit-r: formerly ocrnpied a farm at Rntlick, near Romscv, in tbe County of Banis ; was about 13 years ago in the employ of Mr. B^tlly, at Rutlick aforesaid, as a labourer ( ai>d if living, is now about 70 years of age.., Dec; Ijj, IBOS._� PATENT GRECIAN and other LAMPS.- A CAUTION against IMPOSITION.-J. SME-THURST,No. 138, Naw Bond-street.sole Inventor and Pa-tenlee of.the Lamp soi BHich soiigbt after, .admired, andap-. proved, with spiral burner and Valvi^, which take off to-' cleanse witboat expense, and patent chimneyrby tbeformof Whicb theoxygeii of tbe air is destrovrd and ihe decomposed air'escapes, b^ to state to (he Nobility and Phbiic in geoeral, tiiai by-bis Lamp the most elegant apartments would mt in any leogtn of lime sustain the least soil or injury, tbe fOBttd edhvia and Mhoke^trising^frum tbe oil beio^ eulirely . coBsnmed in tbe flame, which la thereby rendered roost brif-liantand wbil�, uneflnalled by tbe light-of anv-etlter lamp. Ooe.'burBer prpdneeB the light of six wax candles at the ex-.. peace of only one. The extensive demand and circulation of tho9B4amps, has given rise to numerous impositions, on tbe .'publtctbe-sellers are traced particularly in glass and lamp, venders,tinmen tuid iroarafmgers, some of when! have-btld their own veracity inso little otimatioo as glaringly to assert there is no Pntentee,-althoag6 SMETHURiiT holds fur the inspectioa'pf the PuMici three Pateots, one fur bis prfesebt. lamp, and two for improvements on others. Th^ only and real Patent Lamps have SmetburstVname on a label oh the burner, and are to be seen and sold exclnsively at bis iibo w . Rooms, where there are Ibegrealeot variety of elegant Patterns in ihemelropolis for all.purp�ses;wbereyigb't is required. ;N. B. Old Hrass Lamps having Fountaiiss altered.iu new P&teut priiiciple, and one kept burning daily for inspection.' Genuine Sperjoiiceti Oil for the above Lamp?. "wj-yytlU on- utum;i r ReftactMWhrJBp wles's -] sjji^tJii^Placfr.on Extraordi-le:j^^~y^^^^^f^^^^oems-R^ise'i. "Answer to S Emelj^Nbrthmore'B^ WasbihitriM-Ue idiiu^'^i'S'.'?' Murray,:S2j-Fie�!trstfeetj Hifchnrd !?�l|i�9"�jcbard.-an,' CtirhbHlj Lttndont Parker, Ox-ItowftS*^r*,'?''?^** 5 BiHantj oe, EdinBu^h; m-* C'^^^y by every BookselliEraad N�ws-*wiFtnd Empire. ' f^'fttf*'''^ �>?.*be ^int N.aml*r8 qf the Quarter-. W'flh5lL'*^?y, f�w days, .whep (Complete ^elt entered upon the abojic well-known and good nrru^tomi-d Inn, wbicb'be lias fitted op io a neat and commodiou-i mno-ner, and b.iving laid ina Siock of the best Wines and Siiirin, suticils.the favour of their patroimge andsuport, which he Will cndeaviiur to di-serve, by every possible exertion for their comt'ortuble accommodation. N. B. Good Stabling for Jjealer'!: Ilorges. INSTANT MONEY LOAN^.-Some aentic. men of tlic fin^t re^pectubility ttnd indrpenrieni rortutK'n, having formed a private Establishment of (lublic advantiige, the Nobility, Clergy, Ladies nf distinction, and other Persons npfsessed of Incom." for life, or otherwise, arising from Land,' (Jousrs, Dividends of Stock, Marriage Setilerarnt, CUuTch Preferment, or other efficient Property, may be accommodated-with Money to ao'y am^uot, on terms nearly equal M mortage. Applicutioo personally, ffom twelve to three, or by letter, postpiiiA, addressed t� Mesflts. Cox, and Ci\. Armv Agents, 8, Witrwicfc-strert, Chnrjng-cross, will he attended to._ MONEY to LEND.-Mr. ADAMS informs those that have nccasinufor tereporary or peroi.onrnt Loans, that he has very considernbie Sums of Moin:-y lo advance b'y way of Annnlty on Estates in l>ands or Housrs, Money in the Funds. Clergymen's Livings, Miirriiige Sct-tlcmenU, and Widow's Joinlurcs, on .iny othcr.secufity, and nnlbe personal Grant of Nolilemrn, L<-idie , aiid Men of Fa-EliiM, Hkr-AuqtiMca io hU enwa to t>�gpedee�MMp a'^,the option of the borrower. Personal applichtfon to Atr. Adams, between the hours of twelve nnd fi ur. No. 21, Henrietta-street, Cavendish-square, or Letters (post paid) duly answered. N. II. No Money Broker need apply^__ REV. VVM. BARCLAY'S ANTlBfLlOUS PILLS and SPliCU'lC, sold by the appoinnneiit of Mr. Butler, No. 4, Chenpside, wholesale iigent, at Mr. Wm. /Mlason'", boHKScllcr and stationer, N�. Si, New Bond-street, (from Mr. Keiby's, Stafford-street, late vrader of tbe above Atediciaes.) N.B. None are genuine which have n'>t the n.ime engravrd in a black stamp, the foigery o' <vhi�h is felony. This day are published, in One Targe VoldmeS�o. price IS;, in hnanis, "ITILEMENTSof GEOiMETRY, GEOMETRI. EiCAb,ANALYSIS, and PLANE TRIGONOMETRY- WilbNotesand Illustrations.-^Bv JOHN LKSLIE, Professor of Mathematics iothe University of 1-UIinbargh. Printed for Brown andCrorobie, and John Bqllaniyne aid Co<. Ediiibaigh{ J. Johnsnn, Longman,, Uurvt, Aees, and J. Murray, R: Schotey, and J. Mavrinan, Loudon ; Dcighton, -Cambridge.__ This dayij" published, in sla. price 10s. 6d dedicated^ by permission, io his Gmce the Archhi'h'ip ur Canterbury, l.TnpiiE MADRAS SCHOOL; or, El�nients X of Tuition. .AUo.a new Edition of 8. luslractions for ponducuog SchooU oo tbe Madras System, price Is.-By the Rev. Dr. BELL, F.A.S. F.R.S. Master of Sherhorn Hospital, Burham. Printed for John Murray, 39, Fleet-street, Rivingtnns, and Hatcntvrd, London; and A. Constable and' Co. Edinburgh; and sold aba by every other Bookseller and Newsman thTwigboiit the Empire. Jndassm, Fagaaism, Christianitv- and Mohaonnedism ; and of the varioucexlstii^ Denominntiois, Secu, and Partks in the Christian World. To which is sn bio toed, A View'of Deism and Athetem.-By tbe Rev. ROBERT ADAM, B.A. Oxf6rd, MiMister of the Episcopal Congregation, Ulack-friar's Wy'nd;.Edlnbbrgh; and-Cbaulaid to the Right Hon. the Earl of Keljie. * Printed tor Longman, Horst, Rees, and Ortae, Pateroos-.ter.rp.w;- . , , SIMPSON'S Netr^hnd Complete SYSTRM of COOKE- RY arid CONFECTIONARY. � This day iapublished, aiNcw and miich enlarged Edition, � price 12s. A NE\Yand complete SYSTEM of COOKERY, .rt- on*a Plan entirely new, cnnsi'iing nf every thing requisite for Cooks tQ know in the Kilrht-n business, coniain-ii^g Bilis'af Fare for every da;^ of the y^ar, and directions bow t� jdre.-a each Dish, t which are added upwards of One Hundred of the most approved Receipts in Confectionar\ .- By JOH�:SIM-l�SON, lately Cook to the Most Noble the .Marqujs of BHcMt^bam- . Printed"fiff'W.'Stew3rt.'I94,-Pi'-cadilly; Messrs. Longman . nnd Co. PaterwMerriB.w ? and sold by all the Uooksellen and Nearsmen, &c. in Gr^t Britain. lt*haiiftfa--f^�wn�, ei^->-.- ^^n^'iw'^ffscBnttf^iin.i ^.^^ .. Sums AeretuutermentiiHied for^ the d*e fer/anos^ said Cualrncls reiy>ecttoe{ii, vis. For ia'*inga*ay Ashes ............ Supplyiiig CottfRand Gia .......>.... 30Q Sup,iI.Y'ng LIu-n aad Colourslmd ^iigs ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE, " Oee. ms. Established by Royal Charter in the Reign of KiiK' CEe�� the First. ^  ^, PERSONS, whose aimud Premiums fall dut, on the 931/1 imtant, are hereiif informed, thiU RtceipU are novo ready to be delivered at Ike CdmpoAy'i Offlcetf votf' the Ruynt Exchange and in PaU-5taH, ?LtKUlas.l>atAetrr^.i tpeciiae -dgtnts in the severalCounlia; and the JrartiulU' mired are nquested to ajipLi for the reneaat of tMrPol&Ut on or iefort the ilk o/J4uuarv next, ai tl,m atuai Fifkit days aWiaitd^for Pagment, bcjfind tkt dot* wf fscil PoU^ iriH then exp rt. . ^ SAMUEL PENNING, Jan. Seci�taiy. Altendarce io given daily at the said Offices^ fertb^ A^^uranee of Buildings, (jiaodc. Merchandize, andSblpt, itt. Harbour, in Duck,.Ar while building, froni Loss or Damage by Fire, aad also fortkte A.i$suraoce of, hndgranting Annuilii-s on. Lives. N.K. Fire Policies will be issoedltefcof Expenceto theAi-sured, w here tbe ammal Premium amauou to ds. or apwardi, . Farming Slock may be assun-d at 2s. per Cent. COLONtL WARDLE. , AT a MECTING convened by Adrertisens^t in the Public Papen, held at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, Strand, on Monday, the 18lh day of December, li09, PHILIP M ALLETT, Esq. iir the Chair, It was Resolved, That GWILLIM LLOY I) WARDLE, Esq. Wv bringing the,lnquiryrespecting the '* late Commander in"Chlef,, before the Commons Houre of i arliament, nnd liy the manly, firm,and independent manner in whicb he cnn>iucled it amidst great dtscouragem p<e, this Meeting declare it tn be their houndeo duty t-* c;iji upon the Pub- ' lie to Indemnify him against all Losses, Coarges, and Ex-pences he may have incurred, or be liable to in consequence thereof. That a Subscription for this purpose b: imtaediately entered ilito. That the following Gentlemen be requested (to form a Cnmmiitef, with p ammend3, Bankers^ in the name and for the use of Cbl. Ward.e. That the Th.anks of this Meeting be given to Pbilip Mallelt, Esq. for his able and juduiuus condact in tJie Chair. SUBSCRIPTIONS RECEIVED. 0 0 10 0 0 10 10 0 lU 10 0 George Scott 21 0 0 A. Waiihman 10 10 U S.Brook*(Treasurer)10 iO 0 Mr. Ald.GoodbeherelO 10 0 Mr. Aid. and Sheriff Wood 10 10 0 Sir Richard Phillips 10 iO 0 A^lTilson Io 10 0 J. P. Horns, Berk- shire 3 2 0 Mr. Cobheit 21 0 0 Mr. Quintio 10 10 0 R. H. Solley, Great Ormond-strect 10 10 0 Mr. Walk>r, No. 16, James strwet lOO AFrieodtotbePrin- ciple&of Ch,-is.Jas Fox Metf. Smith, Cheese-man and Downe Mr. Laogley J. H. P.-ilter50ii, 18, Clement's Inn John Pook A Friend it Freedom Philip Mal'.eti Wro. Adamj Mr Ges. Puiler Charles Puller Charles Uoupe A Lady of Qa.ility,a H;ilr Pay Ensign . Chafli-s'Lewin Jas Puacll, Camden Town W. Pope Thomas. Vy?e J. Moss John Snrmlng�on J. (iraham JlcMttt J;s. A. W. A reat-^all-J-jicnhin Jamer Guuldm ' John Stewart Wil-op A Fr'eni to the Wai who d'^^^c^ be honirst,;. in tbe wor-t oftinje*.?;, J. .'�Ci'loey,, Chan- , eery l.-me 'I ''I' < Jur'u's - \ ' ,  1.. � 1 y 5 5 5 5 3 5 5 a 5 0 5 0 0 0 5 u 5 0 5 0 5 u 6 0 5 5 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 Mr. Isaac Price' 1. I (Ur. Tbi-ilewood 2 .0 Mr. S. Smith 0 JO B. P. 0 10 The Mite of a few Friends-enemies t.� friiud and corrup-tiun, aatemhied at the Little Cr.iwu Tavern, in East Greenwich, Kent 4 J.C. New Bond-street 2 A Liveryman uf Lon- don D. J. G. Jcncs F. 1'. .Self and Friend Tbob. toaster J. Carver Ifcnry Day W. Crowther r.W.Hodg.son, Great Qneeii-vtreet,(�hen yo-J a-ant ipore come nspiinl 2 G.T. I Geo. Hnn^S 4t Can a Jfinge of the l>ia:l be ind^tpen*. drni of the Admi* nifilralion of wB'cU . be-isa Meniher? 1 Mr.'Grrg5 / Q .\lr, iJa. tons W.ll.-gers 1 �l*nriB. King . 1 � Not from the Brill-' iant Spark --Hr.".Miller ' . �ii B. . -'C^ileaProdriJl , Alpha ami Omegh' tic, 'farlii.^ , Three "grit-nds t(i4)a - hotrsfcause ^ Oi:e of ,iiie'*Iiaw"' - Fanijy bafitit-a i . � L.-i?�\e�-;i:if* - ^ Jw. 'lli^lnf*. Jfetr - Bi�oii--tTe'<-t"ri, John^ vV'rigM,-.,;-. P.O.. - 00 3 0 1 0 4 0 1^ 00 2 0 ro 1 0 1 u 20 10 1 0 -06 7 Qf 1 0 1.0 0 1 0 1\ - -ft are '3 6 10

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