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Courier (Newspaper) - December 15, 1809, London, Middlesex PRIDJY, DECEMBER \h, 1S09. SliPfeXCJLllALFPENKY j'ttilBfirffN6flrJiSS^BLyj)flhcMAYoti, ! sfvi)ijRVE'N,,-�wll4**�"�"�K�v�^ several Coroi�;i | " I bfibeiaiaXttjr,TO:��ufsday, *t.cliibl�iiy of :r,J809,,.>, . : . j I monitniwlv^ That tlie etormniis w!i<(e of irea- = findBBpw/Hftbte JoswiEflhws,In iliclate miliciry enwr- i 1ii�MchbwW"i��*5C* have been unioitunaMy I ^^pKitf,lodigJB�l6aiaad uJ��}ra9v}uBnBg oil classes of bis a�� heen driten ftrrth "� talent mijKi-iibi*^ri�i9'lM�^ttrAi-niost impriividcnlly .-ip-^^ \i!'ikeaAvt�fi>abIe\�]iMil> displayed, uiid immcjiic sa- ylCTUALUKQ OFFIGK, Wov. 12, JBt'9 THE CommifsioMrs for FkfUalUfig His Ma. je^i* Vftxy do litrebg givs Notice, Ihst o� Tues-'day tieSi. the .I9th i.iilant, Uiau^mUl be readn fo rtceim 7'en> tlm in teriUm (stale (up Itnn treat for Til TIKE HUN-Dllj:i>TONSof MlTSCOVAnO 8l)(iAR. i.� hii am^er-ahleto sample* to be |>roiIaced with the'IVndirr: /� Ae de-iiorreil, in the ori.^ihalpacKusrs, it the rate �/ /mm Sfu nly fo eigJitg tons per Kcet', into Jlit ilujettu's fidualling Stores nt Ue|Uford ( �nd to be paid Jot by liitli payabta u-itti in-ttreti Hineiy days'after ddte. The CvndilioiU oj tht Cuulracts may be lem at the Secre-tay t Office. lio refatd ieill be had to am Trader tn trhich Ihs Price shall not btiMeritlin wordt at length, nr thai shalnnt be d'tivertd to l/u Hoard before -iine u'rAock on the tiid ytwiday �'�H>iM]t.�C Jhe K}ng> Road. UUrt-. P^ITSCIi'S WORTHIfiS OFDfeTdS. T^HE Public are respcctfdlly infamea, that thg New Kdiiioii^if the above Work will he rfJidy no the Firjt of J.-umary next, and lhat the Sahscription will cl�w ontl)eS5lli iiik'tant. Any pt-rsons, therefore, who may be desirous o( Fu'ecriltin^. are rrauestrd to traR^iiiit th?h-names to Mrs>r!:. {.oiipunn and Co. l*8ternasier-r>>w, Lun-<tiin| Mesiirs. ({ee� anU Cunii, Plyniouih; or Mr. Edward Upham, Exeter. fhe. Wice-tn Sob rrihcn, royal paper, Five Guineas; aui] od di'my. Three (iuiiiras. N. B. Upwiird^ of Six Hundred Copies are already subscribed for. - This day is pnliliflird. 111 4 Volumes I2ni�. pric � .��'..(...-, ^piIE SON OF TIIK STORM. A Tale.- A ny HKMti- SIDOO.VS. " I'eriiuiae t.arcite Charifle." Printed for Loscaiao, llur-', l{e&, and Ormef Patcnms-tcr-rowi~Of wh"in may be na-'f, by tlio sajie author. Time's a Tell-tale. A Play, frice 2i. 6 nbtt�hfi. .In ��. ISs in boardk, ' npiJE ^BLIN tJKOOM } a Title Dtlflse. JL lly R. t). FENWICJC, K 0^. On Moml.iv new �ii�b" pnM'��bp<t; i<rire3s.6d. THE WHOLE PIlOCEEDiNGS TItlAi. oftfteahnve Caat^e. T^ken inSb�rt-iHtod By M<Ssrs.RAftlSEiran4 ULAyCHAftD. PrioteiCforaBditoldhy Mr. Ranney, j!4o,5t, Csrej'-MRet; Mr. lAaocbiinl, Ko. Sd, iw i��fcrM�#�-Kf �� �-��y*fHHir, 4o the great 'MrIm>1o��lS". for the Comitiution, and arkulM^ inr JVir �fni^'-Malrrfel!'.- IJin-1 'fs'� red^aK^. 'PoOKSstnii at (*l�ri>t >"*a''**R*P'"*- 1 preferable to'Miingage, in any >um, tr�m ^d.i/. !fiwiaf*lw4Vople in nart^?B�,1 aUo..nper. J'liUUsAiMJ i'yjyj^so.->, al�ra\s ready to be adv.nncedmi the seru'ily of urrnia-nent property inisny pan �f the Uniird Kii'g'Wni, i>n icrms ' ^hlo to ftliirlg.igp, i;i any >nni, frvm lOM. to SU.OllJ'.; irfi(�noni�i--�'-r- -----�--.-^ . - , ,..,, 1 --------j pereonalpioiK-nv. and l.ife at the ^fOff a just suHlcoiismiUioiwl controul overall Ptd)lic : olfice, No lil, .N.-rll!Mi:.b.-rliina-s(reet, Strand, l.midon, be-liaiioiiarire. '  " '  *1 . , ,' l | Iween otteand fnnrn'rloik.-Letitfrs answen-d, if post pnij?. ^^lSa��S^i���Sf�^�^^ IViP*. EtTo LKNlX-SGve^alThousnnd Pound. '^'^�KkMhitish Eniptre can ja��w^-twaw*�^-"���-�M=<i to be advaic;d by bT-ij of Afiiiuity op a Mii^le Liil- �r 5^M25*r�un�lJ'lo^'ir�:* Wbllc Forc� nndHiat �irh i .�niii�(�f on ��r^ .specter uf ijecurity. n-JLi-nMliI*- at t':e be weaJpnebeupl^AUj^teenetgies of a Iree and ' tJwtrfmouSty, That weft -tataiiiitoui evenls itnpe-iv^fiffari/tWandimpartJaVlviu'ry! and that an BNe Adili�abe|���f�ed=to bisM�ue6ty,prayiiig his Wa. ^Iie Umft oftm 3!\ddress soft PctiiioD was iben read, and i^lertd/Tliat ihTsatdAi'fressand Petition be fail ly tilled, eigued by the Town Clerks anil presented tn ni:j ly, by .tbe Right Hon. tjie Lord Mayor and Sberifls, BroI*ed4M!talinnt<sly^:Tliaathe Thanks of tills C�ninian fiillbeeiven to^bh^t n'aithm-in. Ksq. for the zeal, firm- futtoilarly fiu-'bis^bl^^aad'^triwf2c conduct in hrin^ieg for- | midtheAddressand,Pe|ktimlohis.lVlnjesiy, in the Court of | ChRomiCattodl,-ont^e ^tirinsL fora rigid and iiftpartial < jii|�iry iototSe late dt^gracefulExpeditiuns to Spaiaand 4ai�ol�ed ttntinimoialy,^^ That the Thanks of this Comm'in IbU be given to II. C..Combed J. J. Smitli, Mntibew Vooil, Suiuttrl Ga dl>eiiens Ksars.-aRd Sit W. Plocnrr, Jtst Alilrrniai, and ibeAt^oiiien of the Cuni;ii(>n C�uiu:il, Stuina1j8�d.iiide|ieadently tnpporlfd the original Kc-tiflBTiuDl RdiresSi a6d^afe��totho�e who yesti-rday rtsist-�dlbe mivcl.iind indecent measore of substitming .another jUdrerf f>rtke'Otie4)efoiej|gcee4>to. RfMilrnfmnniinousfy. TmiC'-Hiit Thanks iifthis Common tTs/Ibegivenin S3nL'FWrclI^%M|. Slid to Win. Jones, Esq. lie Movernad .Scn>li<irr;{iCtlnficso|uliuii� and Petition. f<ir lie very ablK ttrtH patrroitic nunorr 4o'which they have cun JKiedihriwelves itt'tbe:b�$ine�(.:of tbii day. Rriotved imairiaibittiy, Tbit we'4!o earnestly recommend ls(lieCltizeiit�id.H<'n ii altadiment to the i "".'htsjuid nivilii^ikf rtbeir i5;tnow Cifi^eiis, un St. Tho-r�J)ay,ttiidata)ltimt.-s> ...' . ileasure of the narrower, and lor whiVh a libi-rjil price �ill given; and to Noblemen, Ladies,.inJ iMem.f I'asinnn, i.u their pers-oitil security only.-Adil.-i'>5 (post-paid) tn IM -sts. Grant and Co. V9, Norlhunibfrland jireet. Charing Cross; or personnl application beiweiii the hours of one and lour. N. B. Nu Brokernef<rapp!y. INSTANT ilONEY LO.\.V";.-S.jme ttcnLV men of the first rerprctahiity and indepcinti-nt formiKj, ; ihi h.iving forinrd a private Establislimenl nfpubric a^vaiUa^f, : -, ^he Nobility,-ClJ-rgy, Ladles of dittinction,.and oihT Per-Eom po.iiCssed uf Incmue for life, or uliierwisr, Mri-int; fnini Land, Houses, dividends of Slock, iftarria^je Srtll'inrnt, CtrarchPrcfern(i*nt,4ir other efficient Proper(. be ac-romniodatrd'wita Money to any amount, on terms oeaily equal to mortgage. . Apj-Ucation personally, f^im tweWe to tlirrr, or bylcll>*r, post paid, nddrcsised 4n .Xte^. Cox, and C i nevy invenird Uluinj Talilei, for which he'hns ulit.iincd his .Majrity's llu'tal Lelt<-rs P.t-tflit, are ou a principle far more simple iiiid'compb-lt* than any now in.use, and otnnot he put out of order. The ereat advantage of tneir construction li, thai, by their STmp.itlirlic or double motiim. any one perfou in a moment enrargc or diminish tbe size of the tabic : when tliey are shut up, they area h.inil6<im� r.l.iil- table for breakfuvt or dining four persons, and will lenglben outto dine eiglit, ten, or iwrlve, sl.-mdiiig pfrfeclly 6.011 upon o ily one claw ; n tabSe for twent\ persons, unlv two claws: for thirty, three i^'", and so ou ; for sie.Tdiiirs-, C'ini|iMCtiii-ss, .-uid utility, they are cvidi-iitly iinriv.-iUcd.-May be sern an i had at PococK'i Ciibin.'t and Upholstery W.irehuuic, N". 31, SjuthttmplDU-tt.eet, Ciivent-giird n. rt'.TON PARK.-To be LET, r�ia/J . sutcc-'s-ively ISishop of Carlisle, and �f l)erry,iiiid Atchbis lop of C.nshrl; Including the Correspon-lencc 111 several einin?nt I'rcl.iles, fnnu IffKJ to 1726�7, inclusive. Faithfully printed frmn ilie Origiu il,; and illustrated with l.iterarv an*! llistuncjl Anrcdolrs. By JOHN MCHOLS, F. S, A K. & P. Printed for Longman, Hutst, Iteesi, apifOiHi.-., I^uternos-t'-r-iow . . This d.iy tire published, in a \ 0I-. crown Svo. price it. Is. inliouril:', SPECUMEXS oMvjglish Prose ^Vriters, from the eailie.-t timrs'lu (hi- c.'>-c 1 f the .ScvcLlfeiiiii Century, with Sketches Ui.-grapliiiai .inil l.ilriar>, inclutliiiK an .-xc-i dunt-'f KiHiks as uell as >ii ih !d. Printed tor Loap;maii, Hurst, flees, and Orine, I'alernoi-lerrow. " We regard Ihe-e \'oliim-� as worthy of no small rnm-ineud.>tiutt;-^d tnall uli'> aie hltere^lelt in the praj^rc-s of �rfullv rccontntcnd a peiti-al ot iao8,_______ This dfiv i* published, in '.i suU. liiiiu. i:rice l.'js bujvnl', riMIE iX)MlNiCAN, a, of which JL the principal Trails arc taki'ti from l.teni^ relating to a Family of l)i.-ti ction, uliicU emliraled fro:!i h'l.iRre ilurijig 1 the Revnlwliou.-ftv his ttifeanJ Da.ighier-; to which are prutix'd, 1 Fragments of Three Plays; two oft .em uod�n!iiedly Slerle's, Ihe thrrd .<iippo.eil t ' 1 the /igin<il.�, and Anecdoier.-By JOHN .NICHOLS. F.S.A.K.<4 P. l^intfd for Lmig-n.-m, llust, Ilcis, and Orm , I'ulcrnotter-row. - , fbrir iriother tongue, we chc-rfu , ; them."-Monthly Review, Jr.u, WAKWLE v. CLARKE and WRIGHTS fur & CON-SPIRACY. This r'ay is pnbVisln-d, urif.e 8�. 6d. AFULL and complete REPORT ef tits impor-laiit I'Rl.M-, to which isprrlixeifanOrignal and afi-th;-ntic .M h rly at full leiiglii, of more'(hailope thon and nf the m kl important examples, iiitersjie/sed fftUt ' expl.-matory noti-s and obser/tUions, by theniitbor of the Arithmet c. IVtiited for J.Johnsim, St. Paul's Chtnth-yariT; C, L&rf, Avi-.Vlaria-lane; B. Cro?hy anil Co. Sfii.tinijer''s-conrti and C. .ind W. Joy. l'atenwiiter-r��v.-Wbere may.he tia.!,r. >.>d.icr tor;fal ] JL the Tal.i. of Ka.shi.ii,a4ile liff; IJy-Aliss EOC.I.WORTH. Printed for Coiburn. Public l.ibiary, OMiduif-streef. Of m.iy be had just pi/Wiji.'i.iJ-i.I. The tajitle oif Arracon; or, Baud tti of ilie Forest, a Romance, by Miv ' " Smith,4 vols. 'iU�. ; t. Cilia .Suited ; or. (he Rival ilfliyyij,' Papers u cotnicil. S*d|'Ttot.the preeeding ResolutimtS be figned hv the Clerk, and P>*l"'�d'to ^bwewat Mormng^*^ PATJiKT^SHJC H.*TS,3S3. STRAND. IrnnE PATfiNT' WATER-PROOF I jI SILK I&rSliwrliqrgivrnevi'rysntisfarti�m,and biing a principal p^. b.._ ----^ , BnsFrution, ami'are in rtre^ re.�pect'inuch inferior. The ,hUri>t Silk Matis hare superior otfvanlages over the Reaver, �tltev never |n�e their coUmit tjf gh.ipe ; are by far mure faablef areequnilyjigbt, snijinre hot injored by rain i>r ift-water. An eite'isivejassortnienl of the itio-t fashionable Sliaprsare non&iaqtty_fc<pt finished, at Richard^laie with Dmmage and Larkjiis, Patentees, Strain^oppnsitc Cceil-streer.;  - �. MililarA-, Na�y, and' I4ai1irs Riding Mab.-Jlercliants' �iiDeateifi.-stippiied ti .advaiiinge. , XfOTiqE to ROBERT NEWBIGGIXG, a Sniloir.-i-TliaJ 'NVimiife.Newbi ging, Wright, iu La-Kirkydecnasrd, by a "Heed of ^dement ciinve\cd certain Xlbcts to the said Robert NeirSigeiiig, his only surviving Son, *Mi his Qeina^ Asiii^beeju '.?bat a Process of Mulliple-foioding, HxAnets^ott wittrUiKlhrator b preiently tfe-jrnding be&rethejCou}^ Scstioo 4n Sotland, at the in-�U)ce qf Gsome-Fptd^. Vfjnter in Edtiibnreb, for Division �f those PnndsailfolD^UeStepresentativrs.ortbe said.Willinm, Stiibiggiiigi^urhicb ai^on'Lord Newton, Uidinarv, tiy -lmitli�euli�^4|Pa.!123d Ifovenaber, IS^ appointed Inti-ftationtn'fem^i; iri^tUe-Pj���� i the Lm.dnn Courier, llombig Cw?iii'clcf^'Li*imndt-4m Cireen^ck Newspapers, pBUta betlttiiHl tviceJi earii.4if these,at the distant of t�o mcmlbijbom eacliLoibpr,^qtifyiiiigtbat a ClaiiA.ttrites to ���eBaid K br in insrofhit deeet^ t� bis lieirs or ABlgnsiHtnd �!i3tiiilt3kipa� ihea{jt-i appear .ttr. their Utcrest, ta.'piie%ciiti^^4i^ being ejided to ' 1%eBa{i^obdrt'lf�#i^ii%''WsMse yean ago married VToiaaiaeftidii^w^iGiiP^ 4t is understood, he wttt^iuftl^iigiriti^ait^KM of war(iirba^name:is nut l^'^bt^^^^W^^^^^TO^* loidies or Ataerica, aind �>td eote Investor and Pa-aflejr/admirM, and ap-�al�es,^li.xb takooir to' )�MJiit <:hiinaey,by the fonnof _ria^-I^iS''".'*!,"'? -jJwSlnMred dnd - �'^''Mlps^Slwos* �legatit-ai�artmenf s troaid lb� oil^eijlje �otirdy ^ , ____ . about 1; riiridi tesidesihe Gardens'. Thii p!:ice is fit for ihi- rercpli-in nf any Nobleman nr Gentleman's famdy. Tne jeark, g.irJens, and ) lioiis .'ire b<-au(ifiil, ;iinI ihe drives uiiid iielighifuly through ibe woods f' mili-s. 'I'lie .Manors'h liic'i ttill benllarhed In the Manainn-lioute the Very extensive, and the game ihereoii is in gr^-at abun-dnnee. Possession may be had immediately, and for fnnh'-r particulars and peiini>'Si�n to \ iew the house and premi>rs. apply I ti> Mr. Corner, Atiorni-y, at his Olfice, in Wo1vcrhani|�4un, Staffordshire. Jtisl published,R new and beaulif..! Ijliiiiiii, with l^uitichisb-ineiit.', in One V olunie, prire hi. uf 'XUIE LETTERS of GUARLOTTE during her X " C.mue\ion \\ ERTER. Printed fiM-J. Uuunden, 19, M.itiiiner-ttrect, Cavendish-square; T.KrIey, lO, Kenton-trert, Bfunswick sqn.ire � and S. Heard, Uromlet, Kent.-Sold by all Books-llrr^. This day wa-pubiishirl, in .Ho. price .^ ,87, Stranil. This week will be published, price Is. A N ACCOUNT of tJie several LIFE ASSUR- JtTk. ANCE COMPANIES estabmiied in London: with a comuarutive View of their respective MwUsand Advantages. - By FRANCIS BAILY. Sold by John Richardson, Roytd Ivxriiange._ ANNA MATILDA'S PERFORMANCE. This dav is published.price ^Us. sewed. ''pIIE ITATL\N MARAUDERS, a Romance, X Infour Vols..-Ry'ANNA tklATlLIJA. In a few dnys will be puiilished, the Bravn's Son; w the Chitif of SI. Miildo, by Witham. F'atrow, Esq. in 2 vols, priced, sewed; with ai) introdurtnry Scene by wdy of apology to Reviewr^s, between Mr. H-and Mr. John-K-^, Ahtnogcrsof the Covent Gartlen Ihenire. Tbe Ballet Master nod the Author, wiih a political Preface. J*rinle*ftir6eo. Hnghes,'J2l,Tottenham,Court-road{ and Sherwood, Neely,and S<ias, 20, Paiernuster-row; and may be boil of all Boo'ksellers._^_ This day was published, in two vols, crown Bvo. price Ifis. in board', ADICTIONARY of ANECDOTES ; chiefly IliatoTical, �nd illustrative of Characters anl Events, nticieiit and modern ; dravrnfr-m genuine Sources, andsys-teniaticallyartiingt^d according toiUe respective Subjects. Sbld by T. Simpson, 337, Oxford-street; and may be bad Ttfisday ispi'hii hcH, nrnily/pr/Hted in 12-no. on'fine s�.<ve <�.p ireh.s, ine.xtralonrrts, COX'S MEDICAL C;0MPE\D:UM ; a New I'.diiion. Coiisidi-ra'.il, riil.iTgid luid iinjiroved ; (cov-; piled th- use 01 Fani lies, &c. Patronized by Sir \\. \ I', and olhiT eminent I'hvsiciaat.) ! 7'he follnnin.;��idilitii)ti.'<nrr now made. ------_____ . I 1. A Cui.leio l'ha.nm 2. Tb diiTcnm Fonnulse', Voli.irc nf Rl V l.xn rO.\ ANNUAL ke(.'I{j- ! of tTieNew U�nd ,diiit)urBlsanr�J��Wia-**tl:irmac.-p�iiir^'''^'^ in one larjc Volume, 8vo. ..'S.*A*Bri iiUo�*U.��*��oirt of liBw^ �Weiw A^* cnmi>risng new Sketches nf moi'ern Female Habits :pid$f^^ Bcrs,2 vols. i-s. s y. Carol;iii- OnrsSy : or, the RrjiJ tntilid, ' a I'a e for the Eema'e Se\, 5s j 4. liosj iij |�jd n, liy tJh'p Aiitiomf tbe VounjC Mother.4 vols. iii-.; 5. me i\T �.4 va!Si'i2g. a "^i'im^yf^ the ei^ .4 ^.'crdefltniif :^.jaren)ali4n pf fwiocroBg impositidpBltin (be * *cttlaTly-to gfai^iijadlthnp* :l ietaiid Regimen ; together ^iiU niuchutbrr u.ei'ul lufonoa-lion. Sold by I^ngman, Hmst, -Rees, nnd Orme, Lmidxn ; Gilhert and Ho:lges, Dublin ; by all other Uooi�scllers ; and tiy the Author, I). I ox, 1>I cest-r, Chemist to hii Majesi\, Inventor of the Medicinal I'enr.s, v.harcoal Dentifrice,'Ac.  ""he Formu'as may he had separate, pr-ce ?s. " This conip'.lalion seems to have bern eflecled ttilhron-sidenible,-, judg'iicift,an-l in .iistrv, and may |iiov�- n-ic-lul t� those �ho ii;(tc sou:e previous knosvled^e �f iiiedt-eine." Annual Medical Heglsit r. This Month'Will tv^pnblistrrrt. in fools rganic and Constiln-ti^hat f imd on the Treatment nf Imppdimeots of Speech, �fiy JOHN-THKaVi^fcL,-Esq.^ . PMJfiessqr.of the So'enj�*">d Prfcti.* of Eloctnl-m, i. , iCoJiesold by Mes��. A'rcb, Coiriiffili; ^VHere mwbe had, th�.Bao ofMjS-apfiWwall a lonUtnippt �a Birdf p1a�, for -�l�e.CBrfe of Impediments, CultivalK�n �/f Oratory, nnd Pre-� a of :)r�n(h for tbe bigher-pepartments i>f active Life-, fW(tl^i^Gtiofi�.^Pntt-I*-1 or together vitb !Cl*iy:.|>*gconrse, owl ibd, price-5s.; ' '^HoBSflfld Exercises, price lite. t�d. la li is pdhiisfced, in i.^Wt^l^m. vrice-Ss. -iMnir4s. -" -ofiiaFLEC^Nj MO- .HBLfiEBsrAyjhprxif Ute Uetory of England, oriMttoad,' .�and OofM; �rre)iit^%(t Fdther to^irChlMrdii fniSind-=tii�3RMpblfe^ac.,' - , , �* ,T& �� yeait ofmbTntPf njake-pfo��'oa for the last^ ^Hewatocyertbiafcs can never be wise." _ 4. of MIDWIFERY rinding the D'neaS'-s of Women and Childri-n.-By JOHN BUItNS, Lrrturer of Midwilery.aiid Member of the Faculty 1 f-Physicians and Sur|:eons, (J'a-ciw. Printed for Longmali, Hurst, Ree�, and Orme, Pnternostcr-row.-.r.Of whom may be h,-ul, by the s.-ime author, 1. Practieal Ohservaiions on the UteAne Hemorrhage. In Svo. pf ire M. boards. . "i. Observations on Abortion. Srcond Edition, pri^e os. boards. _ This day is published, third Edition, in tuo vols, foolscap, pi ice 19s. hoards, ASYSTEM of DISSECTIONS : Erplaioing the Adatomy 'of the Human Budv j with ine mann m tlltf Dt^>a.>ed Appearances, nnd pointing out to the Studejjt the'iMiK'clB'mosts vortby his attention, during a Course of D5��o�W-Jly CHARLES BELL. i^iitMW^ Longman, Hursii, Rees, anl Orme, Pa(er-niustei'itilw,-Of whom may be had. by the s.uuc. Author, U'A'^ysfsm of Operative Surgery, founded on the' Baiis . of Anhtumy, in two v<i|s. royal bvo. price It. 14s. 2. T^^e Analoii^ of Uie Brain, in royal 4ti�. "U. 2<. hoards. 3. A Series of Eu,jmyrng8 of tbe Nerves, price 1;. is, 4. Engravings ef the Arteries, It Is. boards. 5. Anatomy of Expression in Painting, 4io. 2?. is. 6. The AiKitoniy of the. Human Bodj, in 4 vols, royal 8vo, (trice'31.10�. hoard<.. This day 1�4*ubVisbed, in One Volume 8vo, price 12s. in -boards. rySCOURSESi MORAL and JIELIGIOUS, �JLM B<h*pied to a Naval Audiriice, Preached on board liia Majesty's ship TreoaciidHus, John Osborne, Esq. Commander, during tbe years 1B..2, 1803, 1804.-By H�e Rev. ROBERT BA-3?NES, LL. D. and. of Sydney Sussex College, Caiiitiri^e. �Printed for Longmaij, Hur^^^llees, and Orme, Patemos;-ter-ro��i ' We etiettn tbiJ attempt asjtraly lainlabte ; /and we hope that it will meet with encoa'p^emenL Some Comnmnders 'of sjiipSl we know, (and we �isli that (he practice was ifene. Tal), when liO'Ciiaplain is on board, give attention ihem- - selves to religions services; and in tbrse tascs, mrh n Volume as the present might fomi^ih setisonaJUle and bmdlcial assitlance.^^Wonthlv^Rcvlfwr, July IBW. J ii^'>f!m^^ Sold aU" i?tt?^r-^wod, -�*  rrillE ANNUAL REGISTER, or a View of X the Hiiitory. Politics, attd Liierafiire, for fhe Year 18.'.,T; being the Third of a New Sepes, couyiienting with thr present Cenlttry. Prmjed;#ie*!'r/ili- and .1. Rivington, No. 6?, St. Paal^ Chuich>^�tf*��ld nls" hv .M'SJT-.Pinue, Ig rtrin,li ilto;4i�'lSo3e for ifmi , nnd ISOi. the two first of the New Si'ie^ may be had- irds^bTpiiS' Hnndri'd of Ihv aifl>i approvrd Receipts in Cl)nflct*llKlr�.1^--Bv JOHN SIMI'SON, lately Cook to the fljosi ttoljic'tht*'  .. Warqnisof Bnckinglmm. i. - Printed for W. Stewart, 154, Pi Cadilly ; .Messrs/A-xi^ao and Co. l>!itrni-*ter-r>rw: and sold by^'ail tiie BoiikEtHeql";' ' andNewsmen, &c. inGteatlJ�ain. .  ^. . " '. '� '^^^ This day i eaatrfuilv printed in one j^urket Yui. and einbelliwrrft With a plat--, by Rhpddi, price Five Sb nines buard^,. . ' EU^IZABfirnr; or, the EX:iLES4>/SIBERIA. I A Tale fojidfd upon Facts. By Madame COTTIN, But we purptiselj t.-inlplize the Readers by Jjere bring- ... our account t > a period, if he has found it-* ijtrrpstlM- i*'': lira peruse 'it Madame Coltin :-^ha�py 'jfro.' ieiii^i"*.* I of Ihe liimlier which is honoijred ivjlfl tb -V^''"^ Lonton: Publ shed by S. A. Oddy,-27, Oxifwd-�refct.^ti?> Wljeremay had, ;:, Q The Stereotype Edition of Hnme and. ^nid8 tS Englfflig,-"/f -� in weekly Nnmbers, price 8d. nnd fine papVl'fij- "i; -. I -:--^--*-�-'-'1,-1 f 111 i I..  j Tbisday was published, price a*, bojuid, ti� Thifd jiditionap '4 1 (m itii considerable impravemehls) of � - ,JS^'.-ii4 GOODACRE's ARITIIM ETJC i adaptcf. 1 ditfereiit Classesof Leacners, b-t liiore particularW^ ' the use of large Schoftls. in liirre parts^/drnWed iAa j ' maimer, and enlivened with nnm^rous ofigin^''Ejt'aiirplii^jS.-,' Interesting subjects. With an Appeodrx Cvnlliioinr iJiW ] Classes uf Recapitulatory Exercises. ' ' ' * ByROiiERTGOODACRE, . 4 Master of a Seminary in Nottingham. A third Edition of Goodacre's -KeypadapieJ to London : Primed for C'Law i iiuM C.prodock and if'. Joy (Successors to Mr.C#ell),32,>-Paterna� .s �is Uefe�:eoftbeLondau-f:�Mkk^�Dl(atiBrT.. � V AN S, A. H. W ith Aiil$iadvefsibta'^ fhe 1 view. JEfOTS, like Proeiitutes, paint theniseI�c�-MS? fcjMiO.-RoBtKSdn. vjd- I Sold by SnBTT^wd and Ca. Paternos�Mwn^;|i 'Stalionet's court; Ti Wiche, Ue<eh-^tre�tia^c f). Eaton, Holbom.-JOay be'bad, ttyt thor, . - . - ' The UnivcfSaTCmnhWiVJ* Jobiloe Octohia-35,^flt^�p!it!**t,pTic- it.

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