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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - December 9, 1809, London, Middlesex :  ::->ir^3L ,vnj} }.:sTt-)-.i �-r jrt ;W :-;r: ^1 j !  Jr:'fflnT^'>5 vrn loi . Saturday, December 9, 1809. -ly hhe�%?i#4TI�gi*tc3'hiid-IlBt�lm^nt of 20/.fer oW*r of the C<�iirt"of Directors, c Ti3?wMC�Mi�(H'.ei�ief Clrtt Md Sec. ji0^G iSHNI^Rji^Oh  the Ttprosentttibit "i-NTEDj as CAPTAirf's STKWARDj/ft , . joung man of C^loiH-, wlia.MB been io socb aiiiitd-�lon-Rnquire at So. *8, Pcrcival-Vtreet; Clcrkeimell, Bc- f pp the FACULTY.-^To^be Drsr lislir(i- in a fi-ir days. By the lU-r.J.S. CLAKKKumlJOHN M'^nTHUR, Ksq. ^ESi^RS: GjXDKL!. and DA VIES beg leave .^M-ntp idforru l(ie I'uliltc, llwi tlie Copies of ilie LIFK-of LORD NELSON, opleieil arp now rfady for <li;litery. QtmcMt carf hji&breii tak.ii tii,-ipprojiFiatetbc Copiw - nU old. Established JiUSl NESS in a populuus market ; � Ti�wn ply I 10 Messrs. Allen widiMl. 125. Ald^ei^ate-sireet . : . i '^�lO be^ S01yD,,ari estal^i^bcdDAIRY, in the JL- immcdiale vIciBityof the West-end of (he Tnwh,"to - �~eibrr\ritbjun|ihecia<mH�irBCB, find uiher Stock. i<��ne ^ iji-;^ i, ,..,,.,, ' ,. , i'tV �icc5H|dipg tojhc-dutts of! orilrf,-iV'U' (f.tharihfe|Dl'N" OF IklASfAbEllJAl^ iVf^O. ..bnav^m ------^ ,._-TT;:��Hi�ke|*u:e mTaVKsi ^�?HS5^4feil4e*Clot^ ^ndieb /^rra^jri i�M�d: for. ,TucBda;y m ill be received Oil I tti .dMerio-^***^, �? much as possible, tlie miilqk^ likelV t�iicfiir in sStpiIcbsivc a rfflivery, it is respeclfuUy I uracr� w 111 he remv^ Jty all -len inihe tJnitfJKinsdnm. VICTUALLING OFElCEi Dec. 1, im. THEtA}jRm�;��9Kerf /or Ffdaaihn^ His Ma. . jettfs Ifaiyf do ktrebg give A'oti�e. /Aa/ od Friday, /A� 15f7( insttml, fhtyanllbe rSadvlo nieice Tenders in tirit- . im. ftealeii up > itu�f f�=M/ /or ffti supply nf Khal FRESH BliE^shaU^e^fHt^i*4edfpr t/iettse-of Ais Majeftg'sj>kip9: ind f^esseli at Yarmouth, Lyon^ and Wells, in ttie Qoanty of Sotfolk ; and ai-XafgaXe,Ja Dover Roa.^. mdttt\�lew ' Romney QfHi separate Ceniracts)^ for htelae Monlhs, /rwr'. . the IsJ a/Jaiitrary; /o/A*3Isf &/Deccmbpr, 1810, ' after dot: Thi.Cond-'tit>ns^}lt?:C*-atrafs wta9 fie tfi4L gterv Inru't O^rtce, at lAHOj/icf; or by appiyfne to the Cullector o//As Ciu/Oi�� tf/, Yattnftatfi ; or/o Sir. Riissclt, .^geo/'/sr  1^0 regard mill be had to /mv' Tiivler jn wAicA the priea'-^ tkaUmofbeinseH^^worA* at length, or that skaiejar^i.^ " wed. in Beard before line o'ClwA ofi the fnid ^i^ihtlbth initant, nor unkst the Person teho makfi the^^der, or tome Person on tiit behalf, attends loanntef leheti halted for MIvSSRS. CADEI.L and DAVIES .fiiljy announce thai ibis Work will be published Mflo&yjtte*t�rrittyVrDccwb.-r. AdmittimcCfrpni-leii till ii^kf nnl frmu sevea till nine ;in (be evraiDg,,4it Is. co^b.. l>e :-Tlck<t8 f.if thiySHtabalOa^Sd; BAN^liUFreY.-Thtf* London Creditors of �^P4^|U&R.-a<id' COOT, l.tte nf M niti<eti.<1uieHi'declared linn-.fimisl. arcrrtMfSlfid.ta leave the iiartlcula^ of their delus, �^ bfflwSittrtttStKeybbli, t�^ftr. Philip Ilurd, No. fit Kins'* KenOt Wnlks, Tenyile, London, iff order ^thstt tieir depu�i<fonS3J<u^.be'-0FFpared-in�viaa3'tA the puhlic . Itetfi^4rf,;6in]dltau; MiMl theMdneh�ter.creiljto|s aredc-4i|td tofmak&tii.^HeetH^ Solicitor, Alanchntt-r, wtfb^si-.iSlar imttic�tnf� fo edabie �Win-to �ri-p<tre their requisite �aStevWTtfitebtt^&ri-' AtLPcWflfBB THOMAS C0. J|l�*^,�Wer**rlttf; .SHI oF<iiji<Mletak'j(�aiidof Winl(fi f,^�iCtft b(i�((rp ibefdOth^^ of^anuoi^, ,iark$^;E^ex4ircel, Strand.-Amt all to .the'3Kstatei�f'tIie said Thomas CoJlier, .,-w-j^-^4jCJbe.mBeto4h^said Messrs Clarks-u, ou ore7liefi'=>'''*'3''*'^*'4^^'" l""""' of.January. r�aig�i%^S^^^^^-^''^'*^^'^'' wishes ___" (d^WioAc(>rifi>�lo'a,:as'R prartiitr,'with some rcfpecia- %f*A90ri'�Bd-SolKitJ�ri�th�|-;lr t ^ft&^a^'ttff two. lUspeciable refercHees , -JKH.:?, TJjtf^^fldvrtliscrhatno objection i'n^p(uu*st:iifi�e �ft:y%i|�aU WHt be treated with._ |^ijCiiiJG'ana;'"^'5Srfi trade in the Coun. l'lr3r.--*4.1GenUeittaatth�rottthly^n�apinlnfed with the amlCMfirfrx SfinKjngJSujkieM ,po*�essiiqc' extensive eHibRrlorafWer�P4btf'C(jan�y- es. The returiis k�;JUid.j^<<filiititr, and mostly 6 ri'feiredce will Ire givtn diid *�:M<'-^.,�^ *e�|fleiide?i.toi<by ;5nldrfs*-ifd..firGri^A,;E�u *�rtlaud BiKcf, Great 'Ip/ want to�.;a< if Joti^�id�tbiid^'liifc of New BiMid-strerli kti^C^niiify uf 5|iddkiiMsH^b^dashers and Fartner5,(whu MvKtion'lBtf S5ffr�^iror!W*�^ a fE^inirust'ike^ iiJttlie^liBpAfiij^tif the ivHi Ctnisf-ineotrQii-M�Amt,were/�>iiT|tledto derive au^ fieopfit und.-r the wim^), Me1s^t(lf-fd^ineil�i^H(Mr'^^lKitotsm p^ove r^ieir K)|ec(i�e.,|7eftlj, tteStwXfj<f Dipputy. Reinenibranrer nf jlie *ite'e'Ctfii<rt; Ji( liiiCbambers inlbclixrliequer Office, in the liaef^Ta)il^le^|^ r ill default I hereof^ Uiey will lie fKlnded the BepeiirdFibetitid Deere.-.-For further parii-app)v'ronr�F|AlirJroRl Temple, London, Solicitor ly Flahitift.�..l^t^iy^^yT,jji.|j. . . f-rAi�t,<��.4aikAND, TASIHONABLi: TOWN RESIDL.VCI;. TO the Nobility and Gciitty.-Tb be SOLD^ by U. .G. FJSH ER, lale of BrUWPO. Valuable Lease, ^fghfeMftpears unexpired, wixJi iinmediide pojsession, at a low t^, of lil^l^Baiit �en buiU nt�de�h ttnutc, simnled b) ibe. neigbl^aurhood of KusseU, and Qrunswick-sq.inres j topetlier : with the hew and superb"furnilnre ; the whoie'firlert up in a I V. .\ limited nnmher, in ilir .-�l Paper. i'ric^-8/. Rs. in c �lra b >.irils. fivn of a. family of d;�ii^lipn.-To be vievveil hv tickets pnly,;-wb>h may he<bad �r Mjr.. ^Fisber, Auctioneer, No. 5, I 4Vla�jn�rel-?ireet, Cavenr^isli-�Quure lilly, will'meet dee atlcniiun. or persoiial application bctn ecu the � lionreof two aiid-fo�r.-No BrokeriieedyEUipLy. _ INSTANT NlONEY">LOANS^onie'T;entrc. men of the fir.�*pectiibilUy and independent fortunes, having formed a private Eslalilistrinent of public alvanLige, theNotiillly, Clergy, Uulles of diBtinellon, and other Per-s ins po'setsed of Income for life, or otlltrwis-, arisini; from Lind, Houses, DiviJenils of Stork, Marriage Settlenn;iit', Ctourcli Preferment^ or other eHicient Property^ may be accommodated'with Money to any aniaunl, (in U-nns nearly equal lo^miirtgagp. - Ifller, .Atenls, 133....^10.000 ,-8,ajt.......^iWJ 8,7il6......3rO(\ 19,o-70......ii.OOO - I7,W7......I.OIKJ � '^eeidts PrlRs'AfSHodor�ei.0.0 �m\ &r. gspani-list bfCaplfal'Priaie^ were sold iii.^tunrps, in the Juid three preceding Ijitterief, at the old established fht* iLottery a^ccs^iContbillV and St. "MaiigMera Hill, ^roiwh.jof I10KN^3Ci& Cow who werealwtbe first to , ' sell t�tt1*rh!rgnf ^,000. �����.^ � laFaRNSBY' .and:Go.; -respectfully solicit the fa. ,M'^�fi^P.^el�..\h^iie.M/ Slate Lotterv. which ,4^ad)fwtlb Ciipifot Clloacn ; tttey also beg Ivave'to arsire .jPiefrfi^erM|irlfc�tli j5�jyo;af(�ja�i:flr i^eOflOOf ca� be obtained by p;;BI5H,.>Pl�:50W: in thfe Jast Lottery the fol-li�|ii�itCkiphal Prha�!B-.Share6-- ,o-,�-. Sr. .:;r. lTn-'..:.<ie30,936\s,&ii....... ^.-^^^^ rfprtnuteiBi m.......B......1.000 , ,4,855r........<J...... 'firo tofwiy of the oiititandijig Shares , Wfo^eicbai^ them'for-Ticket* win an. HQ .^em<; coBlatehif el _ __. either fenoM- Apwlicatipn pjersoivnlly, fjom twelve to lliree, or bvl jliisrreiid. adrfrewftt'io Me^. Co*; nnd Co. Arnrv '.A o,- Vrtirwjrk-�trrel, Cflariiiy-i^roij.-. will b tcn>ivi' ,inct genr*!il A.-semhlnge of useful nml f.isliionrtble KUd.M-fUUE. By ipeaasof mechanical auxiliary p iw !T.Vr'E.-^ValIt<d to Purcliase rt'LAIitiK FAMILY MANSION, cmsisting of livt � or six spacious rooms on the f;ruund Boor, and a correspondent liuuvlier ofbed chainlwrs on Ihc upper !-t<)ries, with tlut-I qllicesia Kitchen G.-trden, and three or four acres of Lawn ' or Shrubbery, inclosed by a wall iir lofly palinp. The neigh-hnurhiiod Of n-m;4rkri town, or a bir^e village, woittd he .preferred.-Letters coniaintng p ir|icular. n.lerfjillY prolific, the fruit li.-msHiK in sexh clusters, thai one root often tills n large sanc iinilli-sronlviuing twelve fine.plants. Price!!'. d. 2. T��;o new Cnrrants, misetl from s;-eil, ted and whit*. Both have u vrrv superior sweetness and poipnancy. Uoih bear berries wonderlully,large on bunchT severfil inches Iniig with whiili the trees ore alHululely loaded. Bnnrtlrs of eadi separately, conlncniog cither six rooted trees young, or feu itrong. catting, 3ii. 6d. or theculiingsnt J0�. a hundred. '^ii\A by Mxi. Voglef, 33, 8ou*b MoUon-sJreet. No- CMdil Pay. jjnitagp-___ B"^AUTiFUL women-The greatest blem. iish to'beautvhiwperlliMiUB Hairs on the Face, Neck, nnd Arm�� liU-rKRTS vROSi-.A I K POWDER imme-d^atly removes them, I." an elegant article, pnfeclly innocent and pleasant to-dse, -Price 4s.; or two in one parcel,7?.. . SoM bv the Proprietor, No. 13, Ru^sel-slreet, CQVent-Garden; Ounnetl, J, Chea|�ide4 Baxter, Edinburgh, iitd GUusgnw^Splbbury, Dublin; Wood, Shrewi-bury ; Trcw-man, E�ettr j Walker, Glostef; Ruff. Chelteniiaiit; Rooe, Stamfordf Pallister. MargateJ-Oregory, Brighten; Bin-s|^d, Bocnor;. Gould. Bath ; Swioney. Birmioglttun ; and bv .-tit Perfamers, Booksellers, and Venders, in the United K4ngdiim. 6n ib'e Slllirnf Oi-ccmbcr, in (lie three iijllowing fn'rni�, viz. 1. One hundred Copies, epienilidiv ptinlcd in three vol?, litlperial Quarto J \�h'ch will be f.iithtully ;ippr priated ac-rofding to the dat^s of orders rccci^cil. I'lice 1!./. J5s. in b.xiru hoiitds. voIJ!ne=, on . Ks. in c lira bi.irils. 3. H.-iiid^oiiiely prinii-d in sii vo!iini*>, nctav>. Price 4Ms. Each lit these l'.ililiiiiis will hr illu-lral d by two fiutlv engrivcd PrtflraiK of Mr. Pilt; one from lUr lu-l iXrvulr-d by Mr. Kladman ; the otln-r from the most apiiroved ori-Hinal Picture: nnd of the-e, i>iie hundred Proof, will lie t.iltenoif for tlie suficrior Ci'.mcs, and llie next nnpresjiuus sioni? for till" Hoyai Paiier l-.dilion. A l.i.t ol ihe Names nceived for the qnaito copi^p, in either sizpfpr^vious In tin- pnhlic.ntinn, will he prinied 'and prelitvd lo the Work, exc<-pl iif those who.may direct uthetwise. This day is (tiitilisricd, handsnnclv printed iii 8va. ind�'trated wiili Six Pbites, price 7'. (id. bo.-irds, LETTI'UIS (itinceniing the DISEASES of the URETHRA.-By IIHARLES Bl-LL. Printed for Jobn Aturrnr. 32, Fleet street, Umdon; and Bell and Bradfuic, EdpibiO-sh ; and sold alsokby every other Jluuksrller ia Englutid, ScDiliuid,and Irelaud.' This djty w.-u published, in 8vo. by C. and R. B.ildwin, .\ew Bridge-sttcet, price 7s. j:^ Account of the-BIUTISII' SETTLKMFA'T of HO.MDURAS ; -leing a brief View of iis Couinier-cial and Agr'caltnral Kes-'iirces, Soil, Climate. Naiural History, &c. with a .Map. winch are a<Ulfd, Ski-tcFlcs of the Slanners and (^Uslnms of the Mosquito Indians, pn ceded by the Journal Op a Voyage lo the .Vlosquito Shore.- By dipt. HENDERSON, of his Majesty! Fifth West India Regiment. This d.-iy was publishrd, price Hs. bv IJ ami It. Ua!d�vin, Ne* l'.ride--.-slr<'it, in octavo, SECOND JOUllNKY in SFAIX, in the Spri.i); of iHC.); from'Li-liin, throu(;h tin- Wcstfin Skirts iii the Sierra Moiena, to Seville, Cordoba, Granail.i, Mala:.'a, acd (iibraltnr ; and thence lo Teluan and Taiiijiers : w^fh Plate^v Coatabiini'it Figures iUusinMHre of the Cos-luin forinfr Jonrni'y, with a \i;;pofthe I'enin-uli, and a Spauisli I'.ist Guide, may bs had in 2 voU. price I'J-. d X1 "OyuIC HTvNCiriXi) It S HI P.-Th is dav ^pui-lished, neatly door up ia boards with patent paper UTa,i[jcr, Svo. V ICTUaLLIM. i)h r iv.r. Dec. I. i�x>-^ \l\.ViCoinniissiotiers for VictuaUins Uii Mo' tu's riavif do fiereby give Ntitioe, thiH an Friday the Ibth instant, they mill b beTfolluuiing,inclitsiDef and lu uniJ for bg Billi, �j:ajn'}le at h Inttrcst, n'tndy tinys afl^r cinle. jt'/ie Condiiions uf ih" Cuntra , the \j'h instant, nur units: the Periun wJia t^kes[ the 'J'tntler, w \omr. i^er^un un hi* Lthuif. mtcnd* lo fln-ttf*^ eH ri-. -By A lulled nm. iTOR CpUBBS, reat drmanc! HOARSENESSES,^ &c.- The gt*al -rfrmatid for Mr. GRE1;n60GH's LO-j^liNOKS^ of TPLl/, after fifty years trial, prove? tbcir �a-' I pedprity as the most pfeasant and effectual remedy for all ' CoDgbsr Httmrie$teB,(S�re TMroals-aoA Dcfliieiiuns an the " 4 iife Coti4]^Iant�. Tbey (io�otcloy the Stomach,bnt ^rra^eMtap. iwti|e. Tbe ^nniop-, oijly, have R. Ha y waho, pHnre^so tfiiistea�^riuMutbeHtrn cooiHerfett?.-They tkreprrpdred ] and tpU by R;�F4Y,WA�D (successortoT.Greenoiigt. the j| |n�rtttoir)-^�fti(i�rtifV'oiii bttttgate-hill, to ^66, Piccadilly, ' Dic�5r nnd Co. How, Cbuicli-yard-^ Baylev nnd Co. Cock- � '-^nt.���jft4 -SoftAri ^ailiil Taf. Kl>^ i�i ^^xclKliigv ;.iaittti':}Vari ::'-*�gigtW^�^.8'WliiitB�d.yhgy-�aT||i>^ ^l>|idia]i^npaK�bdtJ%;3l%n�A'Qi4eUi -flievticeoBniHDv. . 8(ild�ttheB0Bk e of th&liWitii. .-tlop, '&>tithunptoih�K^. wraad; altd^by ^e Agents ap- rrmEl'OPISII DIYAN; or Political S.i aSalrical Poi-m, iisjcribi-d to the Univer-iiv of Ovf.>rd, and the wlr..le people of iMisiand.-By KUl.\ AC i;US. ------T'lles noiv Must we renounce, and cliaugiiig still, he calfd I'rinci-s of Hell ? forso the popular vole Inclines. iMiiTOv. 'I'o rrisn is wnrth atnbition tbour;h in Hell. Ibid. S'iiu;dfa day. just Imiiyant in (he flood, Then niimher'd mthtiie p ippies in the mud. Popr. *�* 1-n this Poem are di-veliiped some imp-.rfant secrets re-sprciint; the views and moiivea of tlie Grenvillitcs, and the a-JMicatcs of Popery. Priilted for C. Ctiapple, PaII-^(�llI. TniaUay is pubiisUcd, in live lar-ie vols. Svo. price III. \'Js. 6d. in hoards, GEOGRAPHICAL and HISTORICAL \ lEW o! the WOULD : exhibiting a cmnplete Delineation of the nalunit and artificial features of each cnr.lry ; and a succinct narrative of t he origin of the dilT-rent .Vatimis, tm-ir Polit cal I'rvulNtions, ;ind pc-^ress in Art=, Sciences, Literature, commi rre, &r. The whole eninprlsiiift all thai is impurt.inl in the liei'cri^pVi' if the (ilobeaiid tiie Hi-iory .if Mankind.-H> JOHN bIGLAND, Author of - Letters iiU.Aurieiit and .Modern History, Sic." Printed for Longman, Hurst, Ree:, asd Ornie, ; Veruor, riiiod. :iud .SItarpe, and J . Cur.dt'e.' This work is up 'ii a plan entirely now, and will be found oiucb comiireheiisive ihau .tny compeniliiim of Grofrni-phy nnd History h?lherlo published, the Geography of e.-ich v'ouinry.and its Natural Histor>, are here tieated at cuQsi-deiabfelength,and from the latest authorities; the principal Citie:', with the objects of curiosity or interest c>miaincd in them, are fully described, lu are al^o such iltlihces and other works of human )iri, .-is were thought deserving of notice. The Polilical and ( i�il History of each nati.m succeeds, ia wirrch the aim of tbe Auili;or lias been.innarnitin: iu iirin-cijiiil revolutions, to tr.-lfp its pri-greSS in the arts of civilized life. To the nisiory is added, an atxount of.tlitpiwent state, polit'citl anil mi>ral, of every couhlry, exhibiting the ranl� il tuMainsin the scale of CWiliZation, nnd itsi^lative impurt- aiire among ont'oas. . _ _...... On aaiui4liy, the it of Jumiury, will be published, closely printed'-iOn-liaodsiime volume, foulfcap.Bvo.kiniJar to Uo-inestie t/iiokerv, price 7s^ 6d. in boarils. a those inestie l.iiolcerv, price <s^txl.jq boards, rplIE NEVVFAMltt RECEIPT BOOK; JL-Coileciiouof tiKiiy'vulHable Rec�'ipts,- *dicated*by,peniii!8ion^j�-#)r. Taylor, .Secretary ttf-flie Society, iqstitnted Ml Laadon', for the lEbcjnrhgement �if Art!,: ,'Mauufactaresi and CoitiBiercei towhoge superin-tendaace the woik hsa beensuhmitled;nnd lo whom the Editor Jw%*t!�n.indebted for,iaa*y itieful ftinti andvaloable (;omPi.iinic^,io>0. , With oia arrapged Xabieof Coateats, co-: 'pijriis Ifades, &c. ' - ^ ; .jPwlilicalifl88iii�i^r;totb5;*f*��t-ai^ very joBmeroii, but they arie iif general s� injudiriuus or erfoneoua, osto occasion t^SBjMoldneltfvhlthMtttantatfau^ idfonufidni. The Work jKitr o^ervdto.ltfembUe .aiay, tbeKfure, be conidered us tbe' �tfrit^tteinpt tetoilecti fr�in books and pri*atfr�ollectii>08,.. <s!j:tbai-ralimb !i*(C*-Oit pnodnce i|Dqaes(i�Miqble�itibarity, he VeinWiie'tne assohiisce Ibat ibe'present xi^omec btaiD* Tnis dav ;ire ytibli-li.'d, in r2aii). price .6-. imard' �CABLES on MEN and MANNERS.- RICIIARDGURNHy, Jun. Esq. Prirded for Longman, HurSt, Rees, and Orme, Paiernotter-row, London ; and Rees and Curtis, Plymouth. TtT:KS^S CVCLOl^riTiUA7-irsEcosv"eninoN.) This day is published. Parti, price 20*. in boa-'ds, (.to be; conlmjed Monthly) of the NFW CYCL(;i'.'EDlA, or UMIVERSAf. DKTIONARV of ARTS, SCIK.NCESaad Llfl-;-R.A.TURi;. Formed U|^oii .i muri- cnl;iri;ed plan of'arr.irme-ment the Uiclionar\ of Mr. Charrflicrs, cotiiprehi-ndHf^ the variiiii-articles iif iImi Work, with A(ldili"iis aiiJ Im-f:r'i (eiiii-ns, togtlur with ih  n>-w siilijecis or l5io;;raphv; (ieoxraphy, aiuUlistorv ; and aiLipted 10 the pre.-erit slate of Literature .-niil .Scinre. liy ABRAHAM REES, D. D. F. R. 3. Editor of the l,-i>t i d.tion of Mr. Ch,-iniberi's Dictlom-vrv, wilh the assistance of eminent Professional fientlemeti.- Printed lor Lmi^m.-in, Hurst, Rees, ami Orine, Pattrnos-lernnv ; and the principal liookseilers of London. The following tue the principal reconinpendationgoj this work : 1. The plan is intended rf� an improvemegrngbn'IfelHi.. Publications, being a medittitr bctweat-IVj^^nn/Ttirb^^KUii^ n.'iry and that uf treatises, and comprehending the advantage* ,of eactv. ,  ; '2. The Editor is of .-icknowledged 1^1rDi^gan(^ industry^ and of urqursiionable experience in this department of Hle�. rary labour, llie gri-aler part of liis li''e having been employ-  ril in ediiiii^ .ihiI iinprovi.ijf the hist edition of Mr. Cnam-bers's Dictionary , and in collecting materials for the present � urk. 3. Amnne the Gentlemen who tave..engaged to contribute tVieii assistance to this work are many of distinguished emi-Doiice. , - ' 4. The embellishment? .are of a very-superior description^ and uill form wheu completed, an incompirably mireele-(iniit and correct set of scientilic nnd other plates tlian ever has been prodiiced. 'J'he sci'MitKic subjects .ar� engraved by Mr. I.owrv, whose accurate knowledge nnd improved ineihod of executitiii in thts br.-uich o{ thearf have not been �qualb-d. The subjects of n.itural history are engraved ' by Mr. Millon, and Mr. Scott, with ctMresponding taSt^ aiid heantv. - - ' ' ^ 5. The drawings are almost wholly new. The plateff, which are alre'atty engraved, arc from drawing* by,M^t*.' Flaxman, Howard, Stubbs, Lowry, Edwards, Di>ni>vnij, Sowcrbys Slrufl. Musfiett, Ii. Aik'm, P. Nicholson, Uaitiet. Nayler, Anderson, Kirkiiran, &e. 6. The M.ip Parts i. to 3t>iVl. (to be ciwiinucd overy two or thrc� months) ma.v had, priceSO* eocb.__ In cH BA LI-)"s b R4, r 1 s H, .Fii i-;a i'R ti. This day is published, in 95 vols, royal iSmo. embellisbed with EngiXving*, price dl. 16s. 6d. and-on fitif pa(�er ,w ith Portraits, and PrMof Impressions of the Plat^i, price 13/. extra boards. illlE BRITISH THP^OTK; or a . QOL-LECTION of PLAYS, wjiicii are acted at }he Th'-atres Royal Orury-l.-me. Covent-Garden, sind, printed untler the autb'orily, and'by permission-o� the Manages from Che I'T.ompt l/ooks, with Biographical and Critical Remark3.-^B,V) Mrs. INCH BALD. Printed for LoiigmaJi, Hur:t, I^ees, and Orme, Paferins-ter-row-. �" *,� Listof Playi contaiord inthitf Wofk, which are .sold separately, price Ip, each, ;. Monntai iceia ; Speed the Plough; Wheel of Fortune ; Lov.'rs' Vows; Inkle-.uid Yarfflo ; JlfabetTa'; Wild Oati  Douglas; Strdbge'r ; Country Girl;'Dramatist; Hainlef� . Grecian Daughter ; Busy Body ^ John BnlTj'1'aQCred.atuI Sigismunda^ All in the Wrong ; Macbeth j Bold Stroke for a Wife t Poof Gentleman ; Such Tilings Arc; Oroonoko"; Love in .-i Village; Road to.Ruin; Jdne Shore ; CLindi^ine Marriage ;' Edward, the Black. Prince { Merry Wivus, of .Windsor;. Role a Wife and have - - ----- Ciire for tbeHeart Ache; Alll King John; She Sto>}j<�to, Revenge; Love for Love; Every Man in hij'Huinoar;. ;.2artt; Fair Penitent; Desertetf Uaogbter; First iiin#e�. Siege �r Damascus;; Provoked-Wife, 1 Grey; Love qiakes a Mat>f K aotjri Biirbarossa ; Udrchitat VFereJ i^ibg Lear'; dom&tA Coaite s Hiiliot orEefoim j To Marty or iwt to MarryV Klag flffljry VIU,; ~ ' iidj.NieirH'ay caa lMbt�ftV� 3i, 'rlMj��fW,.L6Ddoh r and . Ti,T? Tre1aiid�.ofany of.whooi,-Pert�l� it �^1^'t MbUtitUmargrequisced to prder H immediately. t^t^^^Sm^T^ b�J,lat3y ptAlisbed  New EdJtioa of 005lK�CC0WK*tt Y, fc. 6v�. 7�.��. board.'. Sa-piciocisHifiband; Bbld^VokefsV'iS(_ ,. to pay ord?D ?J I.; BrolK^h.a CoiJiedV;*8M Would and She Wodfd�� U Incqnitant; RiiValKa^-MiKrttttse for Meamtie.;'Kjii^';':\ ^ owD Miqd; King,Bi^WXlfc �. KIi* Henty XY. Pa G4ro�ter; tfatiprthe.WoirW^ Maitfiif.tlrelMnitIJi fir's <to<�ra.? MabouaitIcjforti^hKs 'M Tf'nr til welflh. Kiehti Mjch A*�r.airo�t ITmMo? i Citqbe'E VenltS Preijeinied ;^Corn4*r of Err*r�; Tanterlane ^ ^ rendec'tirCtHdi*; Battle of Bexbadi { -ftdn ClKst f ] Law ; Othello ; Hrtre^.. � . _ Also, i COlXtCTIOU tiCrPAKCRS, sndcofher ] TKR-PIECES, which areactMl at tbe.Tbeairtt Rn Dniryflnqf, Covent-Gardea, and Haymarkei, Pruxed ooi.^ der the ualboriiy of the Managrrs ftotn tbe' Prompf Boiii;'. Selected byVJtrt. iNCUBALLO ta 7 �oU. T�yal iSoio. -xm^dt^ price il. buardr^ Of onflue paper, witbportraiH, utfte yS^P^ S/, 13s. 6d, board*.

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