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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - December 5, 1809, London, Middlesex ?�t tne>| -sinibllf AOVG-NVSONS to be tlis.uosi-U of, with iinrae-?it this HpspUal ifiU. b^boldea.; diate |)B�rt�ioii.-,A�iil� �r B<Wn-*," st- ^ V 3i�hmMH�; iniist have |>^lii such a Situation before� and r RICHARD GUilNEY, Jon. lj :d, Edihburgli: and CUaiilaiu to tiie iligit Ihm. ; the liartoEKellie. retepwtability, near a/narkel town, wftWn from 50 to; 80 - " � �'� Southampton,of itsvIcmi- , li. C. Ordnance ijiotpl. Siirry side of \Ve�nt)ii!i-1er Bridge. Printed Lougman, Hunt, ter row. Rees, and Orme, Paterans- l(R-attiEn^ij>n. f31AR]\i in Middlesex.-To be,LET for 19 years fJ-iiA^\'"i,-rkrwrcrx^T M} and eiitcrod upon immediately, the FnW of, ASH- nnjttilc Success. .The 5R' per'sKiire, c�ivering er.-,J \eeA%bl ,, containing about 500 Acres, all Tythe free, ^rjje adihitably adHpted for cat ry Ing on the Tumlp Husbaii-Tbis Far^n k advauiagiiously �ilumed,'being about oue mile firbni'Stain', tbtee fr>iui Chersey, s�me:distnnrt: frwn Siinburx, four (iram llijropto:!, five fro.uTwickenhaat, seVep �r-.or-Fiii ,-���>� ' �� .....^ -^.i..- ____ Th 8 day is pui^lMbed, in I'our VoJume*, liuio. pnc* one � '� ' Guine.-i in hoards, #TnffE EN^GLBH BltOTIlERSi or Anecdates X of the UOW AftDO^Aft! H. Y. Sogni.e (avole, io lingo. -^-Aud give to airy Nothing � - � A Incal'ha&itutiou and^i jiame. Priittedfbr WUliam Milirr, An)emarlp-5treet. VlCTUAtLJNG pi-VKlPB, Ner.?l/180^,, By /T1HE Comrnissignert Jor; FiclaeUHng ilit'Sllfu Jl ietl'i's Nnrv rio~her'.'>!i ^ve N^ofiftrJlktiliom'bltiit , Utr 19i/r of 1) ,*cerabrr next, they xsill rendglo rntiiit Ten-itiu it ta-.tinf (seated up), and treat'for^'He'iupvli/m^ (on upainti- Cantrccls) ofr ^kat SVjA PROVISIONS, I'JlIiSILHKr.F', and RUM, mnif be nqhireil/vr the service of J/is Aliijes v'j S/ii/ix and fessrii at' S'�an;ea, J'ljr tictlve wjin/'is certttii, nnilfurHier untilsi.c.in�ttthwiirnings/iattbe gi.-Ti. The luoile of m�j|t ,to be. bj/ BUCs pai/altle tritjl JiUcrest ninety dajs after dute. T'le Ci-rdtio'nt of th' t.oiitrnr's t)>ivj''Kt feen lil'the Serrr-tarn's llflic-, at thh OfTire, or 6y upplipng to t/ieCoUtctor of itie Cti'iiini at Stcnitstn, So K^.udV;/! te'/imi i,. anij Tenner in which thepryxghatl Kot he iv~er:cd in eords at Un^fk, or llintskall nnt 6a<feHvef erf tn the Hoard ^r/nra 0/ic- VI4lt;from,tlifcllii liftdd Mautlf Inn, Bi.nand IwtS-Sroetrthe Cannon Ci^ec.House, Cbniring Cross; iaiio 11, Grace Chorch-Mwet, by �ViiUn. R. Iro'xnoii-iw rtlJ \Aia 3, or Letters(pusi-'paid) to |^s;rs. Parker and Co. Ao. y. M'" ON^Y.-A Gentlemau has .Thirty Tboui'oud } Piiuiids toTay'ou ii) the purc.hafe of A*nnniti"S. friMU, j laOI. to fOjOO.i on eal or approved persnnnl Scc.irilv. re- ' d:-i nibble at the oplion of the l.iorrowcr, and for wliich a li IJeral pric* will be given.-Letters (po!ii-p;iid) addrcesscd t . Aleasrs. Dawes and Mart .-idopMhisoiethod to- give Country Dealers the eailiest _ iofommtioti; pr'cenas .fol.ons:- For 180 Bnrrcls and upwards \� 4 4 0 per ftarrel. 50 Uiltu and under 100 4 iJ 0 per Do. . under 50 5 0 0 per Do. Forgood I\iUs on London at two months pr�mpt. N. 11. Not le>s than 3 B'-irrels >oid. Applic.itimi from the Country by letters (post-p.aid) to Duweii ard Mart, No. 2. Lower Thames-street, or 113, Ox-ford-itreet, London, u ill meet due atteiitioo. The onl> cargo of Chesinits arrived^^^^ This rfny is published, in J?mo. prie- is, MOTIVtS to the S'lUDY of IIEBUEW.- Sold by AV. H. l.iftin, CliissicaV Library; Soho-si^uare, Loadoo; antl .f. li^vi^ns and .1. Harris, Canii.irthcn. Wiiere may be had, lately pubijslied. The vnrious Tracts' nn the Hebrew Language, by the �BigllopofSt DivrdV. __. MR. D.AVys OlSCOVKRIKS. This dav is published, price Five Shillings Bwed, SUPPLEMENT to the first edition of a SYS^" TKM o' CMKMJSIRy,. ca'!l"iuii'g "n account of Davy's Exprrimeuit, ond other r�Mnt Discoveries in the Science. � nV JOHy RiURRAY, Lecturer on Chemistry, Materia Medtca, and Pharmacy, Edinburgh. , ndiubHrgh : Printed for L"iigm.in. Ilurst, Rees, and' 'Orme, aoil John Murray. London; and Browu and Crom-^e, and'Wni. Creech, ll^dinburgli, , . ... ,_, 1, N. B..A .'ninll nuniherof the Sup|4ement orf* remaining, JVjps. Holt Aud.Co. No. 22, CUlrgr, s.r?ft, Plccadiliv, 'j, igre<,uesled (hat Gentlemen iu poa^e�ion of the first edition. ---------------- ......-.......' '"'-'�"the j will com,,lete their copies without delay. ' . This day is published, in ^. Volume 12ra�. price Fifteen Sl'fUin/'. hoards. IVTED BENT LEY.-A NOVEL.- liy J. AMPHI,i;TT. FubM-hrd by Longman, H,ur<t,, Ket^, ami Orine, Pater-n-wler-row.' If to contain nothing which cin alarm the deliracv or nflVnd the pirlv of the render, niav con-'tilute a novel unexceptionable. I lie history nf Ned Benlley, is entitled to the prnit-e to which ils author aspires, -ll i'� wrilt'-n Ihroughout wiHi oioch i-piril, and tbnlnii'is many refleriinns wbicii indicate a mind th.-il i<i. h'cb are kept up from the cummencement lo the very conclusion of tbes'ory."-Depository of Art?. R. ^KSLIK'S GEOMKTRY. ' This dav is piiKlifhed, bfire 12 . board'. '^LEMfiNl'Sof GEOMETRY, GEOMETRI-. JCAI. ANA.I.V.'^IS, and PLAxN.E TKIGlWOMK. TRV; willj nn A[?p-ndi�. No<es, and llliMratio'is.-By JOH V l.rsi.li:, professor of Matheni.itics jn the University ol Kdinliurgh. Edrnhnrgh-Primed for L"opman, Hu'St. Rees, and Orm-, .T. Murray, H. Scholey, and J. M;i�inan, Londtin ; J Deigh-lon, Canfbri('g';"nnd tSrowoand Crumbie, and John Uiillan-lanlyiie nnd Co. t'ldinbtirgh. T!:is voiiimo is the fir*t of a prrjecicd course of Mathematical Science. Lately wa.publisbCTl (eoilrellished with a pmiriit, &c.) in ' IS vuU. demy-octavo, .price Nine Guinea.'', and on rojal ' paper, 12 Guitiea-, boards, ^ ^ ------ EtEvyvORfiS^otJOHN DKY. iodw fiirstcnllti-ted; illu-^tnited i*it!iNot,v, iiti,. I torhrat,-CrItiCilli'an'i KfplauirtorA, and a Life .if the A.ii!...r. " \ -By WALTER SCOTT. I.sq." Author of the Lny ot the . "WR- CANNING'S: PAMIMILKT^: ,T^ATI0NAL and PARLIAMENTARY NO- ��-'X^ TlCKSi"Prospective and Kitrospective''. Pnrlicniars' ./I y loteufled?Iroprpvementi in the 11 iehwayabf tjie .KingtJ..ni.. ,-,-4dr. Catinings Letter tu Earl Camden, Verbiitiui-Mtscel-.^^AKOO^Ifltell^ence/rbin alt Quitters of'4h<i Wiir)d-with Itefiewtaf New IJooks Ac. nrepiihlbbed this day in No. , .atLlt ijfffce LITERARY PANARAMA, for Uec.lS09.  Printed f Taylor, No..l08,.Hatt''n-Gnrden, indl iJoIdibyanvBaoksiellers, where any ut the former Numbers / may y htid , _NEW SJR.AWjJIvRRIRS and CURRANTS. a.r|^Crliottkotis STRAWBERTR'IE9, raised ^ . JL!:fi�m5eedi iftieiVmilk white, tind often nearly four iiirhes rnnnd; the iiilier fiitl red, and n.tt quite so large.' P.oth are delicibtis beyoiid'Besctiption, add woiu!eifnII\ p.oli^e, Jtbe fruit h{ugin.g ,io Sttdi cluster.':, that one r>ot ifien blls a �feigesancer.-As onp comes earlier than the other, the two '�nrtsaSbrdalotigiStiCcessliin. Earbsort is pst up sepacately, riu tiondlcs coptainii^ twelve fine plants. Price 3s. 6d. ^ 2P Tii� ijfew CiJrnihi!i�, raised from seed, red and whitt." . Boijt hav/ia very tppcriorsTreftiiess and poign.-tticy. Uoih '..Ket^f uerries woodertully lot^ on (innclies several inches lung 'iiith ^hlcirtitetries^areAibtulutely limded. Bundles of each sepawleiy, rontaininj either six rooted trees^dnni;, of tnistrbng clVtiiig,Ss. 6d. or the cu'ttingi at 308.' .a hundred, v Soldbv Mrs. Vogter, S3, South Moiton-sirret. NoCr.-drt � Pay poktagr.   ingenit fW^IJ^rWMENt.-NEW WHEAT.- ijnan, mav be set sin^l/at regL..... _ _____ '�ODderfut eiipedTticiii. price 10�. (id. hat a saving iif seed 1. Half a peck, or of the sort below ' mrhdaued,' thrccqtfaris Is sufficient foraii .icro. With this is'given a small qu:uilily.(miflicient to gain the sort, by planting half an acre) of anew branching Wheat, �b'i�hspreadssaaKandiiri(ly,'nnd rives such oumt^ous, large, , and full ears, that ittaverage produce is ofi�-(hird ip.orc th:in . omifflon. It grimls'tvfllj' Its brim is thin, and it flour pccu-,:Ii)<r}y sweet, ifliiteand-fiiir, It may he dibbled in autnmn.^* spring, or^sown broad-casi, '"nod afirrtvbrds traisplaiitcd a f�ot .isnml^r. . , Tq be bad seiiled up. toRCther of M r. Le Roj, IQj, Jei rayii-' ttreet.'-Nbcred:t;^Pay'pni(.ige. " ' ' EtrtJN, late PartHer witli Sir James Brans-imrahvrerooved'io No. 5, Coinhlll, near the Mnmioit-lln-;se .svlicits.Ihp attention of his Friend < to the Sclicmc if the New LOtXKliY, Wblch contains FORTY CAPITAL PRIZES, vnth dnlyi.BAJOrf Nonlbera. �iid'�hB;whohJ to-be -tdfiawoiii pNjEDA�.l'ebriJ;irvl4,1810. ., .j ^  IrtiWfthttiicKicotiTWence l^-toii elaiios thcfavbifrs �f (h^ :||uhlic.hi^i^ia-fbe.^;u('iTw9 Lotteries, divided amongst his S Prizes of,;;:,'^ie.39,0i)0'" ^ p nna . ,1.............l.iO.flOO "2...:...":.;ii'...S,0OO 1 Prize of.......:�.9,000 1................1.0(10 3..............., 3l)J rillLfn<i"P 2l,7ri.'>'. : and ,jM*1f Vhe.ruand.Pruec, Np,,.A>)18. ,, . .numerous Twenty TBoiisnnils, Ten Thmis'ands&e. �tc. iu the-'-v i�rif�,tiOiieallyan inc odibls Amount. . iiiW ^ ''k'"!?* tH.bbsrrve, Eytoii is removed to No. 2, Corn- JfJUTLER'S^AROMAlIC PECTORAI^ LO- .�i*-'.Z,*iN,G4iS,fpr Colds, Qpughs, Hoarspncss, Sbdrlnpas of Jpteath, Asmalh, Uottinmplioti, sind every diseased (ftute of * �>i5ttiftnite tl^e BaL-amic qualities i*f the Vegc ; j?"'* Kingdom into one el�:gant and enicarioug :Mrrtirinefor MeCnlvof the above Coniplhints, w.ts reserved for the'In- ; Cougti. J^cnt Pnbrici�la��,ruid are exposed to sudden chsiii^e* ?ij:;S9jJw*Ia�aIbat�*^ Mr^ �ijtler>,'4, thfaMi^^ IpbffiSoT P*�i�B^?e�f 5 :i'�lt�Rwat Exchange i^\�^< Ri:i;S'.S I'VtJLOP.EDI v.-(SECOX0 EniTiosr.) This day is imblishe.l. Part I. piicc 20:<. in boards, (to be roMtiiiiicd Monthly) of Ihe NEW CYCLOI'tEDLV, or UNIVERSAL DI (..T ION A R Y of A KTS, SCI EN C IvS aihl.LI T E-R.-VTURI-;. Formed upon a more enb�rsed jilon of arrange-meat than the Dictionary of Mr. Cliambcrs. comprehendiiig (he vnrious nrt'clc3.of th.il Work, with Additions an! Im-protenli-nts, to^-tirer with ihe'new siiliject!, of llio^niphy, ' ieiigi-ajjhy, aiiJHislory j and adapted to the pre-eat slate uf Literature and Sci-iKi;. \ , '. Hy ABRAHAM Rf;E.�5, D. D. F. R. .S. T.ditor of (he l:i5t iditnm of M r, - Cliamlier.'s Diclinnarv, with the ;:."iiluiice of ciMJofnt Profeai �viii� the laitediiinn of Mr. Cnain-fccrs's Diciioiuiry, and in collecting materials fur the present work. , ^ ., , �, . � 3. .Imnng the Giendenieri who have ehgagi�d t� contribute ^hci; asgisiaiice tp iJi^s work arc' raanyuf distinguished emi- 4. The embeiruhmei�Uare oTaVery superior description, and will form when completed, kn iiicompirably mon; elegant .ind correct fct of ^cientific and otUrr plates than yrr lias.been produced. The scientific sul�iect$ are engraved Mt. LoHTv, wliose accurate knowledge and imprnve e�'ii equalled. The subieds of nitural history nee etigiBv*d by Mr. Mi(ton, and Mr. SscotI, with Currefpoudmg lasle and; bcoitty. , .  , 5. 1'lie drntvings .Vre .alraoft wholly vn. The plates, \�hici> are already cJigraved<^are frota drawings-by M^t. lmnv Sowertty,'stfirtt, M6i*c�t, K. A Naylqr.-^ndeison, Kirknu>n<;^e. ..... "'6. The W!ip< will lie doable the size usu.illygi�ea-in linii* ! lai- Piiblicat)uii*,Rnd'.aredfavcodadfi:gra*�d;uader4h^ Hi rectioaof Mr. Arrowsinith.  f - ' f.-A feweoplesari primed off oh. royal pitper.witlr proof impressions of the plates, price 17.16s. each jpaW.; ' v Piiflii'l. to iXXVr. (to be CBntfnned every tiro�r'|]irB^ moBtbs; may aow he bad, priced, each. Last Mia-trrl, Miirmion, Ac &.. Printed for William Miller, Albeniorle-'treef. This day is p'ubfiMied, riT'Three'V.lume; "UoyarQuarto, price Nine Gumea=. hoard-. VOYAGES and TRAVELS to INDIA, CEY-LON,lhe RED SI:a, a IIVSSIN1 a, and EG Y PT, in the year ISU2, 48,;:i. ISol. Ifiuj, and J8116. By Viscount V.VLliNTla. TJiis work is embellished wfth 72 Engravings of various kinds, all from Urnwirg.- by Mr. Sail, who accompanied his Lordship for fhni purpi.se. Priiitedfor.VVm. Miller, Albemarle street.-At the same time is p-jblished, - Twenty-four large Views in Arabia, Abysiiiii.:i, %\pt, &c. executed- from Draivin's by Mr, Salt, in the .s.imo.^ize and manner as Air. Daidell's Orieotul S'cenery, licingai by 17 iuehes. The lyhnle are mounled and delivered iu a portfolio at the price of i) Guineas ihe Set. JM. B. 'Ibis Work is intended as a mon? complete Illiisira-t!onlol.�r'rt Valenlia's Travel*. - 1'iiisday ispiibliihedvprtceSs. ! ALETTER io the PRIiSIDENTaud D[rec. j IDRSof the BRltlSli INSrrrUTION, eoniaiiN ; Hug the nullincs of a plan for the National Eneourageni.-nt of i iiislurical Painting io tbe XJnited Kingdom-By MARTIN 1 ARCHER HEE,R. A.  Priiited for'William Miller, Albcmorlc-street; where may ! behad, by the same Authiw; Elemeiiis of Art, a Poe'to on Painting, in six Caitos, price ISs.Jboa'rds. '.  Ryhmes on Art, or (he Remonst.ince of <a Pa'uiter, io two parts, price Ts. boards.. _ -This day is published, in 3 vol.-. 12mu. price 15s. bds. j LOVE, II.\TRKD, and Rl� VENGE.-A Swiss ' Romance.-By J, P. L.ITH V, Author of " Usurps- \ tion-," &c, London: Published by CCradock and W. Joy {.Snccrs'ors ! to Mr.XJstcll), No.32, Paternoiler-row ; and 1'. Nu'-bury. Brentford ; wberema.^ he bad, lately publi hi-d. The<?oa'ict; or. Navy I.routenuit. Uy Sirs. Parsons, in 4voIf. price W. boaMls. The Pilgrim of the Cross ; or, The Chroniclei of Cliri ta-bellede Mowbray, in 1 vols. By Elizabeth Hi Inie, j^rice 18�<-b�ls. The Children of Error, in 2 vols. By .an OiTicer of Dragoon!, price 75. bds. The Secret, in 4 voli. By Issibella Kclify, price ISs. boards. The Walch Tower ; or. The Sons ofUlthan.i, iD.T\nl. r.ee biinrilj, .rClHE HISTORY of ROM!', from the I'ounda. JL tion of tbe Cily, to the Fall of Ihe l-.TSlerii Eiiipirr': lelated io Familiar dsnversations by a Fai.ier tu his Chil- By ELIZABETH IIRLMP;. Also, by the same Author, (he Hi.-lor\ of .Scotland, in fa-miiar Conversalions b'.y a Father Io bis Childr. n.. Two vol?, "r-wlve", pr ce 7s. b.>nod. ^Iso, i::�eniiigs IL'ittonally Enip'i'yed ; or Moral and En-teriaining liiceuiivea to Virtue and Iniproveraciiu, Ivvehe.-, 4s.-sSecp. Aa->�raand Maria,a Moral Tale, by Elizabeth Some rvUle, price� half-bou:;d.  By ^he same Author, Lending Strings to knowledge,price 2$.(>d; half-bound. TTie Brighton Gifl, by Peter Thoughtful, price 2j. 6d. jteiU-b-und. -� First Impressions; or. Talcs of a Grandmother, price �Ss. dd.Jialf-boo.nd. Loiiduii: Fubiished by C. Cnidocfc and W.Joy, No. 32, Pateriioster-riiw ; :iiid P. Norbury, Brentford. TO LAND VALUEHS, �cc. This day is pub.iib- d, in f olscap 8vo. |jr;c.r 4s, in gold paper, or t.s 6d. neailj hound iu s.'ie.-n, rwiU'E LAND VALUER'S ASSISTANT; being .JL lablei ou an improved pU-ifl for calculating the value of Estates.-By R. HUDSt)^. Printed for C. triidock and W. Joy, (successon to Mr. Oslell). 32, Patemosier-row. " This.liUle book contains tables thai give by inspection the value of Land, fro:n oueac^toan hniidr.-d, throwgh Kll thc'lubdivisions of rood-i .nnd percheR, and al every r.i(c j i;ie.rea8ii!'g by. Stspences ftora Ihi'e Sbil ing 10 5t per Acre. The arraugement i�^tlch that Ihe. value of the given quantity of acres, rood', and perches, may alw.ays be fouiitl by (he addniun of three, or at most foitr lioe- ing other tables, it is oecesiary.tiiadd logeibeV live or six. Tliese tables will be-useful, not o/ily in ihev.aloers of the rent of iai)d,htltfn'estfmartiig'the money to be paid for work done atany rate peV'ftcre.'J 'I he''Hook- is iieaily and corr'cily pmiied, (Uid we wish it may meet with enciun^ement."- Eclectic R-v. Nov. 18>>!)._. _ MODEIfN)ANECDOTE.s, Qll A RACTERS, &c.-Tuis day is publislied, in two elegant volumes, post oclavu, price lt>s. io-boards. .aCcu , in the manner of Drawiog^, SECRET ME.V10mS; or LETTERS from -LONDON to DUBLtN, from, a Si'UDLNT of LAW 16 his FATHER Id IRELAND, on U�c St.ate of Matinfn, OpIuioiK, Politics, the Court, leg:\l Practice,.  Vli,TUALLi^G OKfr'lCE,' k4v.2*,"l8u9. 18 E ikimmissioners far VtctitatU^g^'Hu fka. I jesto'.s.littoy do Aereiy e.iT L O A ; U, be tUUoered Untl'lk^eeo/ I in 11 n'lontll,111:1 Hit ic.unini'g fialfiaamoal/rafle^ttai-di,info i His litojnt\i's rrctualHng ilures at 0?iitfi>KL io be paid fur Oiih pfsabls teak Jneareit'hfktif'diS^ .after dale, me CotuJitiens uf the Conlracts ntay be, teen at the Seer*' :my'i OJici. A'o regard teill bt hoi to- ang Tender innhich the Price ihnll nvl bt imerleii in taords al length, or. that slia'l not 6a d'.livFrfd U> the Hoard before One o'clock on- -the said Tiiesday the blh LXeccniHet nest, uor uulesi //^c per�an tefia makMS the Tender, or tome person on his behalf, attends^ to ansmef mhen calUd fur. VtCTUALLlNG-OKFlClS, Dec. K-iHo'n. ''f "^HE Commissioners for Victuailing Hit Ma. JL jeitj/^s Nai'j do hereby give Naline, thai on Tuesday, the l^lh instant, they triH be ready tn receior. Tenilcn in arilin^ (trneri up), and .treat for FIVE HUNDRED BAGS of KENTISH HOPS, / Ihe gruwlh of the year 18U8, 16 be aneaerable tosajiiptes to be produced tith the Tenders ; to be'dtl'Oerfd in o�j Month inlo'liis Mnjcsty':^ f'ictuat-ling Stores al Deplf.iril, Portsmouth, and Fiymodth, iri . A'o regard tcill be hr.d In any Trn--itr infehick 17te price shall not beinstrleJin words at ler.g'.b, ur that shall nit bs delirereit to the-Hoard before One o'Chck on thi said Tu'fsday, tht l^th instant ; nor unless the f^rson. who mnlies im I'endcr, or some Person on Ais behalf, [altendt, ta ausuer vhen Ciilled for. GOOKE continues to have p"n Sale, his Maoiu !"acir ry and Noitiiigham Warehouse, near Ofd R.onnd-Ct-urt, 441, in tlie .Str:ind, an exien'-ive nnd yaWabie ifisoit-ineiit iii KOalERY of every description, Wb^ri for elc-g:uiC'-, n'-atii'-hs, ta^te, nnd quality, h;u never beea-eqt^lled, and, Ife llatlers hhnself, can never be snrpassr-d. yhcjtiany tidv.aiitagei be poss ssvs over every other persooin this fine of buaine-s, and Ihe peculiar degree of perfection to cehicb, by indyf.itig-.ible atleiitiunand unlimiled ex]iencc,Iie was brought his Mamfactncv, �iiiie Ihey alTord him an oppottimity of offering lothe ru.blira variety of Goods, sup:-ririrfeveN. respect 10 Ibi'se 01 any other pirsvn.aiidrcnuer.tH completion f^lille?s, al-o enable h^u Io awommodate the Public dlhef Im the VVIi^W sale, RcL-iH, or Export Trade, i/pm lerras more mo.lerale than �:ui possibly be afforded by any oiber House hi Ihe Ali-lropoUs. .. ^ (1 HtLBLAINS ure preVenled frohj breafKng. and ^ their toraienling Itchii-giiiiftanliv remi�ved by WitlTE-llEAU's K.sSEiNCE of ft;)UST.\iti)i uiiive�.illy ,est5�'med lur Lh evtniordinary ellicacy in RbC-jmatiriiij,',,P;iljies, Goiiiy AOeciions, and Com|>laints of � ft'e Stomach; but u hi re tbis certain r.-med) has been unkmmTD* or neglected' nnd the ChilMaiin have aciunlly hn.ke, WiJlTEllE^B's FA.MILY C4;RATE will esise the pain, and very speedily b-*!!! them. � Prepared nnd-fold by R.Johaston, Apo(hr,c.-irv, No. 13, Greelk-arset, Soho, L-'mlon, the Essence and PUl-i at 2 94, each-(he teriie .It Is IJl. Sold by every Mediciue Vender ill the Uniieil Kingdom. i * The Genuine, h.is a lilack Ink Stamp, with the name of II. Johnston, inserted on if. ALS.VilO DI RO.SA.-For Coughs, &c.- Ihe BaUtim 'if Ro^es, in Ibe njo^t disire'ssiiig Coughs; in everv s^ mpiom of ciitari h or recent rolrl, diiif medicine -�ives immi'di-iic reii..'f; it nliajs the ir(ilaiiii|i i4r.lick-l ng'cnsaiion wi.lch eiriles coughing, promote^ an'J. fijicili-luies exv�^'"''"''"" i nnd by its cooling, batniniic,'rind'tino-dyne properties, prevents nrremovesihe mo;( daa^lTii^ and div^rffaing symptoms w hich nsu.illy .supervene on ia.' r, &c. Th'seleg;>nt preparation of Roses is "di-Ji-cioiia 1,1 the (laliile, perf t>'ifow, Hlnnm.bnry, End at the nieilicine bhopr, price &. S)d> signea E. ."M-n.-i'e. -r" BUTLER S CELEliR.Xriiiy KKSlOKAi'lVli i'OUil'M POWDER. ^''^ EAUTY of Couiitenancj and regnlarityl^of Feninres, arc allowed 1 but the Pioprirl.ir of 15 w juld beg !ea"c to remiij I of meir ch:inn� l-wes half its ihtluence where the Trtth'are discoloured, ur shew a rotleO and liiiiieahbv nppi-sroiice t tbis is (ne more inercnsnble,, aj, thu' ^re^.nt.rjtrepara^Joa arford oa-t thai.jt isvilMaWAse of ^loya'ty itself.-Soid wboLeia!ea>idj-rRiil,>-|t^lgjJ&iU^' No. 4, Cn.a,iside, corner of PHlerno<tcr-ro'w aoafefiil Bad by m-ist Country Medcine Vendert.und" PeVfiteer* .-al'io. od. eqrh V ' '.j 0ra13 .are the, pi^Ht fre-;�tOt. 8e(i;r.C�9/lo( hiidrec's and Goa^lian of Chinl occasiou loss of appet! . -, emaciaiion .aiuUrreg^iLir of �jn: B^wjrii^ a{l.iflided.a leni p'ains; they brinr oa cunvul^tnfls; thejc..;a^t ..je crowtbuf body, and'they provi*-fa(al, BfrfOOTig^in Printed for C. Cradock and W.Jov, No. 3?, Paternoster- i acois.unptii* or.deray. Knth as.a pfevenUveju^^ row" Mid by Arcner, Mahml, Dug.lale, .nnd Con�.rt, Dub- 1 ^(_\''f^Jt'^r-i:^.^^^f*'lyP*'^^^^ and BCC public Amusements, Literature, &C.' in(i>iy|M-rse(t vvilti em: Cbaracleristic Anecdotes of nearly Five Handled Persons, wit in the different U^artmepts of iiiihltc Life. ' j the lin; Ed wards and Savage, Cork; and J. Bull, Waterford. � f 'Jv^iTdEd*t"'d.illusimled with Cases, price 4s. (id. \ PRAiCTIGAI^ TB-I'V^TISE: on tiie Veofereal xIL'U'lseaie, compfeheiiding a complete treatment of the DiseaM^hrit^ingatdcdnniscted wHb itw-ByT. M. CATON, Surgeon, principal Proprietor and J^ilitor of Ihe t wo first yo-. W�e�4f the London Medical and Sdr)?ical Spectator, and late of the St. Thomas'* and-Gav's Hospitals. nhtltA Ifrfr if. Highlej, 24, Fleet steet.Lpndoa 1 wAere j is univerfuily al-wed. on tliej�tim..n> of lheWhMt?haS> j terhiDth!s^l.�unlry, bo��>nr5�tkTOa;respielpf,tt?Mts-'tS��^ . no CMuaL T!�ir p..bl^ic�pnrplmt--n, giirn 4a^Wdfe�o.W^ r tor, from a perJoii.lI kiiowWge id'fis wondcrfol'-fBccwsSi. . ihtir own famihe-, stamps Hs Bfrf.t hryb'nd coiabetlffrtt^ i givesasanOKmio it, ot �bicaiiii^4b*,M4sditjfll8'oei�fe%Tt5 j can boast. IVents-and t-thers, wmave iheiajeo^ ! shanld h.'<ve thjs remedy as a /a^.Wfdici^ Irf jSniStf whenever the Siomacb ar B<��W<9o?�h|iart*^"Srg53fcJ^^^' disnrd^rfd. which it tiill alway�b�:<f0und^vefiM*-. - 3./' Sold Wliolesaleand ^J'^'^.^iChi^^t^^^^^^^. .�p,y beTtad the tw�6rsr.v.'fl�j|�� of the Spectator; iirbjiards, ________ _________- � Jt?&~GS. tbi* periodical wprk may be cmsidered as a � Cheap-ude. Lonrfnn-. and Retail by moilCoiKqtry'Vc^aen* tte^iaU'labrarir.V - I Bfliesaiis. Stlaudfis. od.eacb.  ^.

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