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Publication: Courier November 23, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - November 23, 1809, London, Middlesex r�-----^ :o y^ff or r �!0T J/J IBbii 'fif^wt. the wtttaUottii .^^^a?%?iin';iric. IV ! rmirF ,V ^^>iSPORT.OKFlc*; Nov. w:!^, i'Ha^';-^r-'-AXFCDOT^N of l- i*^"^^ t�mmtisuvteri, fiir. conducting ijis. Aa. -AR1 CompnrnjHj nlfp sijniliiuaifcmw . 11.. rt Odjss, � LvHet its J^uoJ�l:t^^s^?t' unr3mmoi]lv ch^ap,' ,:|otbs.and NapkioSt 450 nieces cf lrish|jneii verv 'likOnGooiU .TkTEW INSTllUMENT.-^NKW WHB.VO'.-; | llrli Apcinitd d r^an acre. * � Witt thiiUgiseo ajsnwll quautrty (suftciwit,Jopiin the fUjf^ planting half an ai-fe) of .t'new tiraorh n:;' ^V'heat, jhict'Spreads so ahund iMily, and elves snch Jafge,-idftBlinirf, (hat Stj averaj^e pnxluce iiuiieithKd mure ttiaa aumpr, ligfiiida,ao( ami iiltirk Se.i, winch r.-.ijjoi fail -f lirnTiiyj'iervrc-a**!!- lo a mercanlilc jifopli". and I.miI iij very intich^,t4uli;ic 'iiifoririwtoii.'*-KdiiiftWrgh llrview, Ni>. 'il. ;Pr}nlcd fur John Alumy, 3^, Klcit strict, London ; and Sold also by all Uooksellerj an.i NewsuiPii. Of whom may be had, Srfvn^e'ji Accoimt of iievf Zcajunu, and -of a Native britUj^lit to T^iglaad, 8vo. 5s. 6(i. " i'hisisapub ieatlonofcoaslderal'lem.-ril"-Kdinburgh Review,.No, yo. I BAVINSrf��'�nrf�(i/or tiie setv ce f! IIH 4t�jef^^$ ' Ualif/toine at Dc|ilfoMl, timing'-'tc ipace oj Txcto. S'^'anlhs J runt I Icc .Kl/h lUiJ of J uoe next. �. , : li-r Ciiiiluiuns vj tin Conti act may bt seen at lAt Secre-! I/O'i'-- Office. N.' e iird mill tie liiui tu amy T, n:Ur in tehick the priei tUcIl not be ius ftnon- una ntuKes iUe Tttiici, or s.nae Perion un his liehalf., attr.tnts,- tn antv-r JL � tj'3 ffii-j �o hereby g>w .'Yf-/ir�, i/uf �ut FriJsy ln theiri t; LefLiiw, u consiilerable eitent of in r?fp4efi "SpaftitelyC' FaanerlJiv|ft^ Brans- at i toVbe.'heTd-ii! ,tbe�itltl jStRJEK'i!,: . aiimteWKli^ ftai'Oid-stRM,' or^re ^LotsjoFout ___________________SMtfM^.rrehV| ?Peij&ttyAi�*3rffi�*'i jTcej^H'd. at - - -igUMnstjuil, be Thc.Bitnalion of ihis I'rniierty, , . Niv.-}! nod Milif.'irv i;.>tnbl>shnieuti in ami ii*nr the Town of ' ^^T)o %\ieh^vrondi'ri )t paniralarly eligib'i; &ir'Ihl;./jiinnation j* pf Streetii which will ope^ (.'oinmur.icatians'between the de.' tachi'J parts of the TowTi and tlifse I'^lablishmems. : i*ros'iUfts fro'ii arveral parts of the Gro�Md-9re�*t^. �t�*.�i{jf l-nndscauei.. jc, ^Vi., TheLaiid^llJxIs fedrtntcd/  - . ! i ' ; Tlkf>'.H�f6eJw1il*t�i^fd Jor,a^.�inof icreaitapii|rio ih* j-^ )pcbrd,. iu two handMiuii- and cl-sely printed volume;/, Kvrt- price U. li- in lizards, rriHK ELOQUIONCE of the UiimSII SK. M~ ^S.\Tiii being a Selcclil- ..hirt\..ti>i>auv lUew Mwii h4y ilcKie �v j J �ue. Aniipua ..........17,^07 D.irbadups..........tj4,.)2ti Diiiniiiica..........27,ytiO Creiiaria.......... 8,;)0J St. Kilts .......... H.tiUJ ^- ......... l^.yHj St. Vinceul.......... Jl),73l 'l'"'>ae'> ............ 10.754 TniiJiljO........... 27,!;6it iMarti::ique ________ti\.Xi6 Anii u, ^paiJ for by liilU doj/s after date. Calloat : 17,207 Sl.Xroit, St. Thomas, aiid S-nnam...........- ca,ni UTemarara. J) ,! i;ssequibt�, and- > Bcrb ce ) " h.Tih;un:�.......... Cviracna.......... Honduras .....----.  23^9 ..^ ' r tar}'tOi"la ""^ Contrac-s, may be seen at the Secre- , JV� rtgar,'. trill he hni tp nnj Ttndir in �ahidi the price . thaU r.ol .�c-r.,-rUA in icrnV at ItnglH. or llialihitU norbe^ ieHverra to the lUwrd t-tfore Ihie oXU^k an liU said l.n-i:i),the2\;.'iinauii' nor un'tss\the Person vh., muktt ttti, or sn-.iu. Fertan on hit ithaJf. at:im;; to .�n. siecr irfien rn'leit for *fg.^. ^at Ru y ropnsats' may yt e 8�'it, and where' I'lans may be seen, Shortly *?M b./published, . 5 ^ By T. (3>ADIiLLHiKr W. awil.S. Strand, |�ur>I.SON.' A;rew.'l>;Hjiiiin.i1�iih copious Notes, - ;  M3y the,late, liiqRAftJ^�p|ll>,D.D; . rd K^^Cop of^Worcf^ter. - . ' - -J : jLUrivOF-I.QR.U NELSON. : Bv the Rev. .T. S. CI.A R Iv'Kaiid jeil N-IVI^^ fTTlltJft.rMf. MUeSSRS., GAI^KLL aud DAVIES betf leate .'to inforiivlht Public,''that IheiCOptes (if thd -LlKE : of 1.�rB NI':C^i^,m}-derdd ^ that date,,.i�jll be 1 reBdy,'6ijidrtv�!''y ihi-the,J^ot December next. Theatinosf ! caCiwllltff lak^n to npuranriaie the Cbph>8 accotdlnj to ' lhft4irf(M;'oT the order* ;'in^ln consequence oftlieWoik. ; b^ft^ti^iKl^d tqamuoh3grf0;iei'nn it up In hoards In twovolomcj, bat witltitui ft^rthier^-eipente to the purchasers tb;in. the ad-tnt^nlsil-seated sltDlingi>�%a^gQi by the bewkbioder (ur the ee- Tn order to prevnttv^mnch as possible, *tai;jn!stake� i:^^^-(onccurf, the vpluBifs.'.. , . ji ; .  irtiJ'e�penc?if of tnfs]lin{RnfB�-ot Work ha�e vptycon-sfatn^bty exceeded the original irsiiinalti, the pricesof all I^.|Res,^g^cred .subsequent to J he 1st of necember" (should apiihSi.reniam'aiulis'^jofed.ofj, mvt iieces>.irily bef;rejiily rcspcct- .�;aiiaou(iae .ihuJi i>�i� rfprk.. win .be jiuljfisfaed , . .'rtfeiSber. fniije ttireetbH6�'ll�'fi>fffi, mii " ^ -1. *^ni^^n\thi)K:Trilr. jetffl^m the ilatef of ordart recei.ved. Price fj.f."l*.' ib Mimbonrdii. , ' J"-t >� � . ^'-l ,/ '-rt/'J* limited ndnber; ifr tfckpif^Hliaiil liuarto tolunjes, on St.ll?i:dsoi{�ely printcl in six Wlunii^Vocliw*. Prife 4^5. , VkiK of hese1Etfftioris'winpWB"ia6tiWfcHi� twi. ^uely ^-a^ttavortrttli* ofiMiv �tU.'i��^r���he hurt ejtecuted; jaj/.-,FI�ixntan i -the of&f ftpm, tlTe^.mtfit, MJproved brl- tiUlSt^ for (be 'niBa�A^C(4i�A,;ai)d!U>eofl in September will he p.ililished, in iwinty-eight bsndsmir and cliKcly prinrd volume*, ISmo. roiiiaining each aboiii four hundred pages, illu traled ;inJ embel|ishi'�('vvilh upwards ikf one hundted lar-pafed for the |tre��, by Wll.-LIAM .MA,V:OR,:H,.IJ. Vicar of fl.ule) .md llrcl-r .f SliMiesfield;" Cl^uplaJn to the I .irt .o" ' Memberof the Uoard iif Ai:x. � i -:� /THK TRAVliLS. i;i. AddUon,>l. VY. MuntagU;, &c. , 15. Sbiiwi'Uauway. Nieub'ulir, 'tie. &c; ' �r I'f �-trle, .-.nd llrci'.r ..f j rP^KK PtindpalO(jicers of Hit i-.-irVof .M.MRi; Hon..nary ; J_ nance do hereby gi>,. notice, that I icnliure.; Anl/iaU MaiT; a '"" . dav. the ilh day of l)?cu.\jihi:T, ffL pn'tly of a Reprint . ,,,y 4^ drsinms uf u-dirLaking the Su'iiuluof ihe On fAutanr. wliicii has /,,c.,-^,/,, 'Pimher um/crmrnftrel�be>i,ii-'i;i-iz. rtiveU unalini'' - ' of abrldftinc many valuable^'orks pol(1SshVd-iiubsef)u^ntiy'to the a arice of the farmer Fdition, bringing the coUcctioa di hi!;?, or tlu >'-:iI)i�iils, lit fur liiiildtni a 7+Jtou &..ip uiui a Friniiic, will lie reruived by .^^r. llaiallier, at Milfoed, ou, Dr the 1st of March oe\u.g^l otfers will also be re-c.-iViMll.v hini ror.5iipplyii7g-Kt.Sr rfStSKR St for Keel-p eces for the Ships, of "ii) incJlcs I'qttare fo^ the 74 :pm ohip, and Hi iiic'4e� square (iir ihe Frig-ite, and from i!> to y.T feel tone: : and that such Persov* as may hii�e Tiinher ..f (be abovr nu'iilioiied de-cripirons, and are williii:; (o dispose o'.' the s.inii', may i'Mid le;:ders thereof in wrili'rg. to Mr. Baraltier, at .VI.if.ird aforesaid, on or before tiie said 1st nf March ucxi. i-icaiiiiiiing in such Tenders the qt^miu iiiid size uf the I'iirbiT, t.Te place or places where tiMfsaine may be hiiig. the rale per load nl which the parties wj'.l cn-ga:;e to Mippl.v and di-liver Ihe s.:nte .it M.iir>rd ; and also Utt rate p.T iuad iit which they will d ^poseof the; Finibct if lakin .111 till--pot where It may be lying. Tender- u ill le f reived for tiie !'0(e acceptr ed inf.'nn. d ill-re'if in i!bc liMie. Ut'ti'Ci: CM- OUHNASCK Nor. M. ItitJ^. Hia Miifsstjf's OriU PrajiosuU taill in re-_ . on or' before iiati' �lay o/l)ecuipl)cr ne.iV, from suntt, Perton* tn jiahUlies .Secm'ri of the JJf *rliickv injerMuKwidi .kx. ,1, c ThlVWiaiiS la thitleen voluihef, or the TRAVFL? In 15 WW ba* 5!�iiiplet#'K* thj^nseWeSi wiih.s.p..r HUO l/>a;l5 of Hewed Kim Timjn-r. iJ 0 Coiils of Si I inch tini PIumk. yO.i Loads of Five lach ditto 10.00^), -1 bv 4 Inches, Ash Fellies. ! 4.,W 0 Oak Spokes, chopped for 5 Feet1Vheel�. 2U0, IH by IS incues, i::im Stucks, chopped and, bored. Pairs. 2060, 14 bv 14 Inches ditto. 60, 12 Prs 1.1, Oak. blocks for travelling Carriages, free of Sap. ' -50, 6 Pr.v tlv. ditto, aj, a Pr�. JIv. dino. One .Mojciy (-l^each Dimension) of the Elnt Plaflk, Ash FfHies, Oali Sp >kes, K'.m S'ocks and Oak Blocks, iim�t jxj delivereilinto btore by the 3.)lh June, next, and ttie ri^inaaider on or befinr Ilie SQih S.-ptember fotliiwiiig. Of the hewed. Kim Timber, lOJa l.uads mast be Mippiied by Ibe s.-iiil .O'Olli Ju'M'. and the Ileaiauider uu or the said 3Jlb " of Septiiiiber foi|.>wing. , ^oTelUIer wiU be re6eived.,f�r less than 10) Loads of ihebewed Flni Timber, no Stic li of which must be under 8(� i'cel. Of the Kim Plr.ui, no Tender will be receTved for ins than 3u (.md.% and which i> not lo be under 18 litcbe!, broad, and in L,eiigih5 of. 10^ t eel at tiifr least. . Of the remaioiog Articles, no IVnder fiir less than the fol' ' owing QHainitiet of either ca^bc ouiiced, viz. - $ , I0,0 Ash Fellies. 5000 (.)ak Suok?k�. 10, fi i'Tf. Hy, Uiita. 5, 3 Prs. Hy. Further particHlars.-fogi'tber with thA^lmttnod condi-, lions of the Conitict, �|av be known upiitJ aji|plica,tion at me . Secretary's Oilice, in Pall-Mall .ifsrestijg, any day between i>the hours o ten and four o'clock ^ Wlx'rir'toe/^Froposiilfl l�huledJgY Richard Phillips', London; a airtbi^oitk^llr^ in the BriUJfi Empire. and to be bua;of -^^.badflty tise same Editor, JtX tbe Parly attend. Bv OrderofrlheBtwird, Agent ia hi*j|�:h^f,.Sui*U-R. R.-CrW. Sec; l^i.'r^-^'*^9**'.^i.^^I'? Crealio* to-Jbe pwi>T^i'�i X\mvitM'n\e^^ '"l*^,f"J"'..^?t'.*fr "'^^n,['Gbighii,^ Hoarenmwj'SoreThr-aii aW fJ^tflW^lMfS^'Vhb ' �*! r !i T J'j iftiK Uue ^jrfinj^afla.rh^eVia^ge^ ^^Bin, ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: November 23, 1809