Tuesday, November 21, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - November 21, 1809, London, Middlesex o for* enstve'EshiWisTiiDonty r4t r'titt.AOh.Lf'Hi V aiEi ^voajts p%$d>iJNtJST, To tosh ^ e ii ^2i'*'l^-01T�  ''A mf�i impartrtBt-Hieii^v'or (be ftUlitary" . Wic have MA'niLlKen.tolaily uniicuoaiuircll, 'tVi:u|:Lir .POLITICAL U&�l4�i'lia. <m WedaeOby oekt! �of Ifkii firAn'i , R<^i�trr NotlG; lYWUthVprrirsin it J" . ^ 16; Ffretaiid-Nff; SdsrStrtBd.. �^V.Ji. aJic;Ngfiil^r^cm^�aij;:Uie Uei�er$ t�;b�rii�,.C�94l-.-afi^aail Krskin^, ucd Sir l-'rai)ci!i Hurdett. suijr V M fit'i _flier it ihe Ofjcca, asinay nnyotfc'f r to ciwmiTele srri. ' rt -if V.t'�%iT K)OT^�!fia Cft. in oitlec toxib �nrSST" |rAJ^Hieaifllhiltict*lliH��hi>�e�n itie'J'ohkcch Trad* ____ _ _ ^ _ jobtiftte .aifltrnlticslvlliHi fhiitetn itic'J'ohricch Trade hJive -�xi^crtct�e i>�i��, ��ing.t&cfit Swt from' Irrtnml^' tvi��toip^qpinrti/*h^ iSttaid Aiiticl*' way-'he 'had^ am� DiedrciUed, *Sib''penMi�|M'tti the' RoyitV SteJtfy.-ift*' .;~JL..froni their cinoninMCfiieiit 4a 1^ ta 1609 inc)u!i��j Bibffr ' _ ___ _ .Sitaw; strert,': wlii'rt^ th* Work- 'ii|ary' lie leeff'iB' rirtuti�',etr(^t In a few days �ai b�- imbU^iwtf, .iTy) C. had tt^ UaM�ria> Sp liw J809j from' :hi�re�ieBce, _ iftcrtne , -mrfeefuinre^'aiiir t-ilte part 'aUhid to t�e idungl^f i'Yipils. Jer, pi�>l piiJ.lrt A. 8. Post-ufBce, ^l|;^e;:^4 Hiiicitcrptiuoable refcmcei. aiSE; GRAMMAll SCHOOL. WL SiASTKRlor tlie above Srhou', ^IJW^UW^^lhc.Ghurch vf lin^lipiA, ainl.tlii; ________iffl<ioWfi ifUrjGie re i:ed, both as to hl>;eaar4C- IltrtiMbbitStiis. � TbeKtlarvit jUl.^a-y4�i\ytitHtIMtMCUjja' '*5 �jfa(Co�HM**IUiKj�';!^.ttnd g irffen.reni-frecadjiiiniiig AlMScumn.-An)' farttief particu'qrs cap tfeVnnvtn liy ap-|)viwiirrS90aUy,r9r4iv.Witae4^�t^^^^ i�M>sirs. (i�i>d-*n, Atrprnib. A�fibhri��.\P(rrb.Yiinlre. The Mazier will. 'ii.,.Cun\es,iirei.vimfeA-in'-^\ve neiRhliflorho :d.-This Jl^n;^;�it^r't�iU'1>eK<� Oocea W�fk Inihii Paper ]^9i^{13tai��^^?^ New OaDoQn, N'o. 35, Jk'' (murd-sir^|t,||3|ejg�t rri^iyeildie fulUH� i , 244SM�f JeUttfal-l'.iiiie.-Cr'AtbS Aiu� {�ap>iins;'l.'iO �teuellentSae�lin�,j60;) u>eca/> il� Mi), \^^iiifitKP!f^ttg^-Clinb Sh^eti, l-j do/'-ii tins mM� r(Ri schjrfccc#Bct|i>ii.i�i; coloured and black U�mha-ltc�, Stm(�lrs�A>-IJ,<aitd h1| 8�rt^ of MHurniii alii^ii4Jj9J|gl^2^.giiti�al.-dfiatols^^^ other ruriuus tadta uh^kiiir,-Buasli,and co. : VYt iuftJPttJi' the Public, that are ni>w otf iiale at their Office, Jvo. Uuder _ . CHF.ME contain? :5-^'>%�. .^^.Pri�es ofWOO , ,K;..,...,,^.,.vOf.v..�i.v''- '1,000 �. Ji�d�n.7.vi:.'V.''..:vof;%-'.......... sijo _ �[j.-.jJT^be.aH prawn in One Day. _ �ICSAftDS0NvK�O0DLUCK, an* Co. joint JWiCtjiimctbrsfpiilheJate State Lottery, relucu their most fltttW'fiikftiWfledgfaelftrtrf the Pul>l{c, for the hieh eii-rtniqefM^ Uiey-j:a�#jU>;iteW^ptaii,{of drawing the Lot-In; iuOue b.aV, Jind tag^aws* tfieiu, tlial it h;i8 folly nii-i�erttl Vie:�Tpe4:ttU�Bi��oF GhvrrnUitJii, by 'doini; away ilir nibalt{jadant oa4^b(terie�, that ha^ebcen so aiudi �-ohi-laliKd J.'f. � They beiiAve'to'.recouinieu<f the new htaie loiUrr, which bAithflf-Mw.prldclpIe-, and will be drama it Uiie Day, Uth FebiimF* next. � Oniv�,00 jN'oiJ�bets.-^1 -'-�  10 44................... 30 TickeU and Shares hre now on Sale at the olfl Omce(, rnr-nof U|ial^ildiRgi;s�n^cins the: Kii%'� Mews, Charine^ �>w�;by RichaWsQi^^GoodU^Ut and Co.._ - / faje, partner. With,Sit James Braus-. - winhViWiiiredlo Net ?t'Cot'hWfi;Wai ine iSLuiirfon-UoMe .9nli '^e;iMl4^io9.ef;}itoli(ric()i< to the Sclieme wf tteNew.LOirrfiaif,�h&h cootiiiM FOIirV CAPITAL �R121K,;Wi� o*y^-;W)to' Nom^^^^ (he whole Ut be if�Bin QifitD^r^*:s�ir��rjr 14,1810. ^lti9�itiitaucU<(aiifidenri <velaiin5 fftcfarowrs of the I'^'eihvrif^iutbeJ.uf.Xwo Lott.-ries, dividedawoogst his cneodt, . 8. pPth^of: ..:, .^,9.000 I^U.............. 600 f5�%**iGranTlPriaK'�o; S^^^^ � a�d - ""bfivqtodp, Tea Thousands, &r. in tbe ;bieiilty 9ta incedibfe Amount. "ig^lJie^ Mcikle ^rsbaiii^iMdii^hi* H^PMJiH Blacfr aod (<ie. r�rih�'�anyrf�iilies leitlf Feriy, , ^ f�rtbcr ro> {Mu�aifri^ilL|;eifai|-'it as r^ct-ivtid trom; them ia\U ar^hnxX 1^ ri^ylbeihr deirjniini-d toaffird the most liberal rucour rtedti^ tlioseiHwi buy to sell again." ' - ^ (� _ ^ BUfLl>KflS, ftc-^toboiET on BuildiDg _ ^.isrs.by^he \Vor8bi,iful COMPANY of lUON- floNOLIlS. at .a ..Genrr.al tjoarterly qourt to lie hWd-al Iniiiiiiongerft' Hall, FenchurcU-sircet, on Tuesday, th*-'2Hih of NoFenilii.^,ii>st.7|t Twelve p'.t. luck preciactv : a I.AUGK PlKCliof GH.OUNI) forthp rrrctionofa NliW STllJ.iCT, tu'eoiibim tMrKoDie�, of.thi^ third rat<-, (n cuniiiiunicale with Imnmiiuger's-ruw and Otd^ Strect-squaie,'ueur Otd'itrcvl, Lo idoii. . " . � t<,of iiot ic<iibli!i two buusr!) in a Lut, u( a Net (I'rouiid Itrgt,clear 6thtl.^I'mces;excrpt the PrdpertyTaii,"nill bd recefvid at. tbe Click's Odice oji �r brffri' Saiurduy tlie ISlJi iustant, between thfe lib irs of Ten aiid Two, where (he Plan aiiB par-^(ictilars may be f=. ejij. . � N. B. the Land Tas is rodecjued. *  ' ' T. PliLLAT?r, Clerk,. . _lrp imongere' Hall, Nor.-.l. . .  . j. . � - This Day is pubb!jih d, in two Voliunes, Grown 8vo. � .' : ' Price 15s. in bnard^, E'ABLES and SATIRKS, wlfha Preface on tJie 'l!�Qpianfabif. Py.bir BKOOK.K lSOt)TM ii V, liarl.. Kiiinbbrgh: Printed for Archil)ald Coa-i:ililc and Co. Kdiu-burgli; and Cun&tahie, iluut r, Parl^, and lidater, Hn. 10, Lui'Bn,ie-5tree(, Londau. MKRINO SllLEP.-This d iv it pnlilis.irdi io one' vol lunir, octavo, iilustrutedwit'lT Qvt Pi&te, price It, i3J.' in b<�-.\td-�, ATllKATISK on the'DISEASES a.ntl MA-NAtJKMKN r ofSllf.KP; with iiiIrrndiKl i-.v Itc-m-^rks on the ^Ueir'ttBaionvi^ul Hirnrtuit ; anrt an.Aj>j>ei:dix, C'>oia'nine]Uocuu)�ii)9 eiiLiliitiii;; value of ihc Alcriuo Urcrd nf"siieep, and tl�eir I'r-pres- in^iLudniid. . �.> 6rGE(JiUii;sTliWAlll AlACKtNZIR, Hart. KdinSmrgb; Printi*d for Alexiiniler Constable and Co. Edinbur^li; CniuKible.liunler, Park, and Hunter, and Juli H^r(liiitr< Lmidjt); aiid'Joliii Yumig, loverDcv. Uf Mhitai may had, * �ide ; bring a piaclioal Tr^a(i^e on the �ay he b.id, ' TheSlieoherJ'a G' . Diseases orSUcp|i, their Causr!i,"!inil the best means of pre-vetiliqg them ; with Observatiouii uo ii'ie luojt suitable. Kaim-. stHcktng fiif the various tjlsmati-s of l.^iis Cbuntry. By Jaiaes Hogg, (he Lttrick Shephci'l, 8v 1. folio, price Fire Guineas boards, STUDIES from NATURE ; containing 78 outline li-igravrngii of hceuery, telecu-d h�m the Mountains uf CuinhTiaud, fVestinfireiaml, and Lancashire, ftfui drawings taken an Lh'e spot, and engraved By WILLIAM . occasioned by his Preservative ag.kimi Un (a-ri.-uiiom ; containing a \ iew of the Scriptural Groundj of Uuita'i iauijoi, and ou I',xainin:ition of all llie l'ixpres;ioin) in the New 'Testament, wh'ch are generally ron>idered assuu-portiog oupttsite Uoctrims.' By LANT CARPENTER, L. L. I). Printed for Longm.no, Uursi, Rees, and Orme, Patemos-ter-iim.-Of whom may be had, by Ibe 8,vne'Aulh(;r An Iiifroduciioa to the Geography of the New J'eiitaiiieui. Tue Sccnd (dilioii, i^n-o. price os. Ixiai'd..^. Thi.'idny is published, the second Kditii.n, in two vols^ljvo. I illu-tratedbv f<ir.tv live Bn^Tavings, price I/. Ms. in hoards, J ArfECD0TJ:S of the MANNERS and CUS-^ TO.MS or LOVnuN, duriiis ilie l-.ighteenlh Centur.Vi.. 'ineludiiiK the Charitiei-, Uepraviticp, |}rc. yROBKRt SKMPLU. A Sicoud Lditiun .of Mr. Semplr'sformer Jnumry, w'itt> a Map bf the PcKinsuIa, uid a Spanish PiHl Ouide, may be had iii i! vols, price 13s- Inirftw days will be published, in 8vi�. by C. aiidRiTJaldr-win, New Kridec-Ktrrrt. AN Acc< r. a new ICdiiron of CoUec-. (anea Oifeca Majors, 8vo, vol. 1, price 9s tis. biards. fiitln, vol. 9. pric� lis. boards. > -1.-.-----1-----� . Thi^ibn is piililifhert. price Is, I'A. GREATNESS NO PLEDGE of PLVPPINESS, a SKRMO?r, Pri-achcd aX. the Puri-h C"urch of Si-monlMirn.iin WcittK-sdav the 25ih Octr t&)9. by J 4 M KS SCOTT, 1). D lleclirof Slinonbura, and formerly FelloiY-of Trimty Cxileje, Cambridge, , Loiidfio; i**ric!t�.d fiT LoViJtDan, lliirif, R�-e�, and Orme. Robii';sun. and Ci>. Lecdij Saudi, Newrt'jtlej ami sold by the princip.il Booksellers in the Kiaf;d<im. Thi.'! dn- i� i��hli hed, viiJ. h", of TIIE ANTIQUARIAN andTOPOGRAPHL CAL CAHiN liT; conUiinin; Fiftv Haleh, price TiiisWoik is published regularly in SJuntlily Ngmhers, and alreiwly compi iies S!.)J Plates of the mo^t^iitaresting Objects of C'ifiosiVir in Great Britain. No. S7, will be published imj the 1st of December next, aod ~' C VoL4, 5, a-xl fi, ra<rv he had together ur cejuifat"', <'f any of the It ak*el1ers in Town or Coonlry.-.\ few Copies are printed ou large Pa^r, at 4s.esvcb number, nr\L each vdnme. IWttfiilied by Clarke, New Bond stnvl ; Carpenter, Qld ,Bohil street; and Sherwood, Neely, and doner, Palemoster-'row, L -ndon. This day are published, neatly printed in 3 vols. I2mo. J.TS. in b n. Priitted for J. Mawman, Review of the' M Sk'tchoftbe. and of the variou:" IniprovimMits io the Metrtip'tlis. Bj'JAiVlKS PliLLKR MALCHLM. F.S.A, IVintedfor Lonitnian, ilurgt, Rees, and Orme. Pntemos* tcrrow.-Of whom may be bad, by the same Author, LoiTdinum Redivivuin, nr an Ancient History, and Modern De!:cr4|�|joo of Loiidtm, rompil d from par cttial records, archive* �r� various founuai ions, (he Horleian MSS. and other autheotic sources. \a i ��is. price f/. Is. \u bourdt. GIL BL-VS.-S'tiv Tmo�l4atio|i^h� dav Is pnbli-hed, q&Vt'llisbrd With 2t ��ie (^lignvtags, after picittres by Smiirkr, in four 8*ii, frire (i/. bs. and afrw rnpics : -Ui tour voU. no. with proof imprefieus, price 101. 10a. boards. " ""^ /|1H� ADVENTURES of GIL BLAS rf Sao. if A 'tUljuie. truislated from tbe FiTiirb of. Leca^e. . iJAAl IN H liATtl ftnXLK fK. �. A. F'iS. A. 3 1.0 9 it 0 ^'}^^ AmU S 0 r&w^i. T lie* prr WS,^ \ 1^. Jam in 'h iJATIt |I�iLK fN, Wq: �. A Sttd �b Loiigmai�, Hurtt. ofroua) elegnare wit^i the traiislaLoa., . , , . Ihtplalesof (heTogfishand-ihe French edWIons In 8vo. .kre prin�doo*�fll:li ;pJ�per, and: the proof* for tbe l~n^i4pa..fr. .,. ., _ - ;. . The above Tales have experifuc�-d a very favourable reception on (he Continent, where thev have long amused (ha lavers of Romnnre. They arechii-lly iraiiM.-Urd from the Works of Wii'liihd, TTea^an, Mannt, Meiisner, Lesagc, Flu-rian. Petit de la ( r'lix, �Vc. &c._ ASTRONOMY.-This dav is published, iotwo elegant vols. price 153. In boards, rpHR SYSFEiNI of the WORLD, according to JL Sir Isaiic Neutoo nad subsequent Watbemiticans.- By P. S. LAPLASE, Member of the Naiioail l�.lilute. Tianslatedinto Kn�lish by J. Pood, F.R.S. PriNtedfur Richard Phillips, Loodou; and to be had of all Bouksellers. Of-ttliom may be bad. The Wonders of the Teleseope; or, a faiuilinr Oispbiy of tbe Pbien.iroena of the Starry H<Bven', with numefoMS lar^e Engravings, price (is. � eoNtKMl*ORAliy B-.!)GRAPHr. Thisd.iy U p<ib.l.-bed, in a large Octavo Volume, price 12s. in boards,eo�beI.ished ivitli Porirain, lUBLIC CiURACTERS of 1808-9 j or Full .1^ and Arcurate Memojrsof-varinus Persons distmgui-hcd ' JoiW w.ilk8 of Public Life, Io the S. nate, the Lejimed Pro- >tifcs.tbe Anuv and Navy, Diplomacy, Literature, Com-�.m�ref,aa4tbe Arts. !-jA:moiig�-thc Persons of whom (here apppar hiograpiikal nMOBliCS'.i.b the present yoliime are. the i� V. Coie, iSir P. Francis K. B. Ma/qirisjif iJinsduwne, Lord, 11. Petty, Lord ntip(ler,  Marq'tls nf Loibianj Karl uf Dandoua'd, Lord CocURuie, Si^ Alexander CiT^raae, Colonel \. C. JohUsluoe, Governor Ll\nii)n. Sir Samuel Ri.uiilly, General Sir J. Stuirt, Bishuy of N^oTTtvch, Geiief al Kitzlial ri r k, ( aptaio S�T U,. IJerry, J(t. Hjin. Si>encer Pereevnl. Mr. Sturi, Mr. M.P. Andrews, Wf ITmrr Hoa"j wood, Wc Professor..! )uvy. 4e. &c. &r. i, . .Tini^s. .... jhi^ia-^ t�ffe prtlhilied. In one vol. royHi 8vo. price rk, :uid the mpii !�leof niany (houtiiiid copies of yucresiive large Ed i-^lioiis IBtfst'rentier onnecessbry any further tJiplaoailoir of �iiiB ip^edvnd^tJChrjrusefttlplnn. I f' ; . . ' ,Ti ne ba��hov,^.�ef,jC���ferren afra^Koathis publicaliun ^ whitat "tf -cbdld' Bdt originally' p(is>(fsi, aod' the un'iiaring -sc).tl|r~6r-Oeafbbns dottvetted tbe eaflftolltrt'iM, wilu M>me le� (ry''bf dqiarted  e.�>W ieiice..-' in thispomt of view the work exhii�Uj new .ciaiins^ijbiioeral interest; ahd.as e^rj'y surcei-frve fdiimn h.os '^e^eatvfaMy ct^risfdand improvird,<(heworkniiiy be ger.e' li)1l;Kr , or. �- b^ie Jloo^ � loilief rtext,Jr�mttat Pti$�ni.9� t^otber' Hfdlerattftffar UtrvUhi/: bemailctmt. v.. - 2al i>dS.fif^M�chiaroP}aqkii ..i)4WH t>-<y'^�ael(.])iWns -Ae�-"- - deUveredJvto '-d^4>n Or .be' h Ji#iw4:th* 1 of Sedt*tiifier^foHow�i�. . ^ ' - t No Teticier tsift. b* receivisd^r&r less tto* n� 4,6ia^'�l the hc*ed iatn.lSmher, BffSti -3S than 30 Loads, and wbieb is not to be hndeflS Ischfe broad, aod in Lengtbs of.lo Feet a* the 4���l..; c ' Of the r�maiaing ArtidfeSi no 'f eniler for, |esg tbad tW frfv Iowbi| Oxantilies of either can be aotice^ vi�^-lOJO-Ash iPellies. 6000 Osik SpdVes. -  - 60 Elm Stocks,-. ,~ 10, 13 Prs. Lt. Onk BlueJts. 10, 6 Pfp. Hy. ditto. 5, 3 Prs. Uy. ditto. Further pnrtiruUrs, togetbi?r'�ith the (cimM and condt-lions (he Contract, raa^ b^ known ii^oo app4lri�tit>a at the Secretary's Office, iu Patl-Mail af�te�uid�; any day between the hodr* of ten and four o'clock; .iHtfcVe the^ PropOs.tl� ntdst be delivered, sealed up, and�iK^ed " Pi'uposids.for ICi^tsh Timber ;" iKit.�� .Proposal etUl be admitted after the FJttit.4fh diiy of December, ijtTwelve o'Cltfck at noon of tbe same day ; neither will ahy Tender beaoliccd. onlefs> ibc thirty making it, ot da Agect in his bebulf, sintU attend. > By Order of tbe Boiird,  _K. H. GREWi See. BREACH OF PAROLE OF Hf)NOUR. V TRANSPORT-OFFICE. Nov. 18, WHEREAS Nine French Prisoners of 1Var\ named and deta-iitd al l/u foot hcrtofy haue au-\ tSHiidtd from Tiverloa, in VevnmAirt, in molaiion of their Parole of Honour; the Commiuiotiers for Conducting- His. Majexlut Transport Strvice, fife, do hereby ojffer a fieiaaid of FIVE GUINEAS/or l/ie RearplHre ej%each the said Priioiisri, to onj/ Penon or Perstm .viho ihalf avprelueiui ttiem, or ti'ker of them, and ileUoer Ihtm at this Ojfit*,-or otherticise cause Iheoi to be se<.urelj/ lodgtd ia my ofUie Puilic UaoU: M. Gii.BcnT Neraud. Colonel, t.iken at SL Domingo, a*" vents ot Bg�, 5 feet 8J inches high, slight person, oval Vi ' s.igi-.dark coiiiplexion, bronnhair, dark eyes, and ascaroa Ihi- right cheek. Je.\n I'grbot, Lieutenant de Vai^iean, L'Cspeigie man of war, iiiijeais of age, 5 feet 5 inches high, ftoul person, oval �i:4ige fair coaiplexion, dark browatiaif, and faazle eye*. T. VicToa OtiVLER, Enseignede Vaissau, LaTbetis^man of war, yearns oi age, 5 feet bj^ inches high, slender pcnaii, oval visage, nn. LaTbetivmbvof war, SO years ot iu;e, a feet 9^ iuclie�bigb, stoat persoov oval viiage,.bn>wi^eoaiple�ie�,-b(airti hm^iniwCJatlMiMlfe-^-^ eyes. Je.\.v Victor Bi.'ri.E, Snsrignede Vaisseaa, Le Scipioa m.m �r war, ai vears of age, 5 Ivet t> inches high, midiUe size person, oval visage, sallow complexion, black bair, and hazlc eyes. Oi.ivKiR JouaD.tx, Enseigne de Vais'eau, Formidably man iif �v'ir, H.i vcirs of age, 5 fet-t Si. inches high, slender ' person, aval visage, fair completion, brown hair, nod bazle eye3. . Leosard Daferonne. Midshipman, Formidable man of war, 21 years uf .-ige, 5 feet i of an inch high, slight person, oval visage, sallow complexion, dark hruwn hair, and. -hazle eves. Ci.�uoE VivES, Colnni'l. taken in the Grind Decide, Letter of Marque, 49 years of me, 5 feet 7j mcnes, slzader pers'Mi, fair i'o;npVici'>n,dark lirownand whit- bair, ECiu^oo the fi�reliead, niid rather bald. Marik M ace. Lieutenant, taken at St. Do ningo,3I years of age. 5 feet bi iHches, slender p r n, i-v il vi,ige, parte complexion, black hair, and bl re llio Appetite; remove C�J-livciif� and Slrungury, and prevent their recurrence. X'he.r . miy be �:ifely relied upon as the beil restorative and preservi^ live of lieiilth. .' . They are soldin boxes, at 4?. 6<1, e.ich� or five for If. the Warebnu'se, 13,.. Brydgcs street, Coventgarden j Ward, S'JI, llolhorn; Butler, 4, Chi-apide; Boiilton, IlKyal Ex-^ x '-ehangf; Meyler, Bath j .-uid Jiheppard, Krlst-tr.' At the same tii.-ire-i may be bad, AsHort Treatise ^<^ their Vtrtaes" wttii a Ui=t of extra:i'cilianry Cures, attested Uy the must re-spectiible cbnraaters, pr [ Breath,^Asmath, ConsaiPjjtior, a id'every'di^aied^naife^of the Lings. T� concenirate (be lljl-amic qualitiesii(l}(e.Vr9te table'Ki!>g(ti>m iiitj one elegant and .effiracip.ifS.a^edi ^(iO.< th.it it quickW arrests the m<�( da$^|^jus.[Iii|jiqt(^j|^oe:.: Check-tne irritittonofthcCoi)g!i, h^m�Fr3c.vere,^(0d.th |5 who., frequent Public Place*, and are ^xupteiAm snddri cbaiuccW and night air. � I p-H. ' O: whom m.xv be had, BiK?er>. Geiebnde<( yvi'^t^ble Restofatlve yedtl? Powd^, w,^o�eiM^:^94.^(q^ci .rei^Teay the jjfodt: -, Jt-Meliditor Jli�Ul*p�at.t;^at stntfthc tWttimeilCPrtpnt of'-l .,ar.-dVa moitiiaiigwuimiUiner.'Ht *fieJg'tfkt%sruiSsii�a\aniMtt^^^^ t ^.d wttb tinctirfi; ofxopper. T,hiit,;^ Iiraiai�0(Sl*!M4*l,lP^ satisfied the-wishes of 1 �s� i:4ln!t tb�<pre d:% The Britf-h lea iSL a c��dia s^ ibis �sliti'd',' priipared iPB flmsti______ 5y�Bemlfisif,a diptont�/:::ty^^ vert laM Ma^�f. tbt.afipyftt^�die^^.^ �...^r^^.^,.___, . Sold�i^�Wri?rfiteandrefea;dl'�ri�Bi�i*s***_______

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