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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - November 20, 1809, London, Middlesex WRITmG CLERK, who Conve^aociag and tfufioen in poM p<ud)to Mir.'U�le, 8�- ;55 Mr.Blflpld' ____________ .4Uf year 18gS� .*�i�riAUtV�- Sex�iU4.T^isi^a|ire�^JM, WiAnrtam, SiaiioBer, lto.-16L,. ' .VKipR FORK.Vr;-.To be LET, a Gen-tM bousie midgthUing for-.i}::;i%�riei;/Gwic�i.^Ieiiure.Gi;�Hnd. &c Igether wrtb lUMUtli ><wrN iUnaM;i>eiirilhe'Church at WiiA-. -netdkin Ciranty Qf Brflu, twp nHrftTfam A^ciH Hvatik ^iK|b�. Furtfier.Bsrtical^n may be known and tbejiR* by ipnicatton to Mr. Uao'H 3f^piTy� � fiSIM^TOlirliaMHCo. K6.8�' witbonttiavii^ rectouse^otbe wpWwr. litbelio�ice�vrsT4?rfffl#"B-.who �nay ha�p uceaj ' 'iswy Swos aayWBU]wliep witbont tiaytt^ r�< ^^^J�|lDii^miWt.:i#*^CTOU^ or ' ''S"<i�n(ln�� �r<^ <"'"^ CURICM7S INDIA ' UIAWLS liaretuMT an opportunity of Irapectio^ the most ZBcrbstlMiaft e�cirt�ffii^ o'tterea r sale, at W AITH M AN - � aSBVJSSlNGtOii^s^baWI^ l^nslin^d Lineo Warehouse; i .theialL^ilae for Shawls. . A ThH-areuow iJttradticinftA variety of new and ele> .�rt Brifeh Shitwb c^prf' ftoin the mbst approved In'dia^ ' tigiht pbltbare feyt!badal,tbeir hotaB^aattsirely. M'dkEY.--^oWemetf� GentlfeiBcn, &c. are re. iprcifalKy infunoedtbey may besiipplird wiihmonpy yttmy amatkroa tenri*'�n�1 tA mvrtgngr, ^ecurrd �n Free- lK8ayaiQ�ar�,__________ ..... M&i Capyboldv^U^ton Und.w Uuuses^ Money ia ttie vitipi�. Marriage SrttlemeiitsV Widows'Jeintnres, Cloi �oTsUsings, or any. other property. Pennons- of respect-'^4AiKtymav.l>e!Hspptiie&4iA^tiie&r personai security omy.t-'^ett^rm^rmai find t-ftei^llneral nceommodViiieD'withont de^ ^eali>Hrfro|bnre1ire (ill two, or Mters, pott paid, taM68ss& Win�abiCo.49, Suutb-streer, Berke-^l^f-squaM,' ' (-rvsoi:... , . � ____ BISHVSfijD^KjJaiff^itres the following Capital e^im w�^IJ*tl.wy. 4fas.^^^...D..,..^ 5'jofiio y. 383........r>..-.. i.oiio ; BO....*.. JV.-*.:,^ ':jiBW.-it�;.......B,...,. 1,000 , fi�........O.Wfl^SM......-C...... iOQ rvisfars tbe,P�bUc w.^ M^JH^'tif .f)ii&�q<8 t^<�,.4/C(^hill,or9, Charing Cross, ~ Wbere the Tw�la8t-frii)irir'or30,00Gf..and the last -Prize of gjJOCH, were Sold in Shares, _ ' r TOf\THE. PUBLIC. SWIFT arid Ij^l&veinb^'resppctfoll J to return .tbeirihank^fotlie^^lhibUc, fn^'tbe unexabjiled pntro-BiK^Wl luppiirt tbev ,�s^rieiie^ as< C(tu(racK<irB for, th� . Ut Lott^sy, anil at tfiersisgie tf nie tn etprm the gratification ttey ferl in having lialUhrluiaMroriaviaR before the pub-flc^ffrttLottery DBtheinppravedprinriple, whieb. hasai ctncefolihledlifebeB^iifMninitipBsor tne Chaneell r of J��xidiJe4uer�by;pie�etititijEJtbe'eyil of iinntranof/ add rrt. "-Itedthe �anctioa brtHe public, as nffordini; a snperior '^ce U> the ad>SsUtner^> .Wepicietit f,nfiery is ekaniy nn J^me pInK as tiie last,and'will.iio Anabt, .be equally .bo-. >ved>y tbe aj^robiitinn nfihi* PAili e. . � *^ � * oCa&BwE^ * ........of ...:.,i.,tftW)0.>�8'........of........ ^500 J........5,mm,.*.s...............100 �.............l,\KXJ|4f,9�frrwa.Wf. tjlSf, iy5,00tVNamben(f ".FourTickets of every ft'omher, each >jif whicbwiU entitled to the'tail amottnt of, whatever XickelsiindSharrtAsi'^'Uiiig'Wsreat Varietyat^WItT ,lBdCo,'8 O&es,. . :^ .-J. T .... ^f^try. No-, t?: Charmis Cros*r No. 3i, Aldgate; High-street, ICkARpSONvrGOOPLUCK, ai.d Co. joCit vUtrcBofto^^^,^lia^i^efwfialesttl^ ��enu'' iat Mr. Whi; , A|lasaBts,4itf�factler�nd>lationer, N�.31, NewUondHitfeet, SraarHlri.Kwby's,, 8talibfd.streel, late vender of the above ediciies.) ' ' � jr.B.iNoaeare geiniine which have not the nameenfraved ' tai.ned, ^d he en^ge AO keep np (b� mo3| diflicnlt Rapture tbnt ever existed__ This very tAaterial udvantaae bi4iNig> exclusively to Wbit- ' Thii lUv wasVublisbed, In royal Bvn. price l^. ha�tiil : A,TREATig|5bf PLEADIJTG on the EQVWY ; iifU^ID�of tbe.fttGM OOURTof CBAftCERV.-By #�X)flG� CqpP�B� �k}. of Liocoln's Inn, Barfiner at .i/iodon; Printed >4br J. Bntterworib,, Fleet-street.-Of whom may be had, in royal Svo. price IGs. each, in bnards. .Ut,- A BVtested Index to the earlier. Chnacery Reports. By�Geui:;ge Kekewiak, pf Uocohi's Ins, Esq. Barrister at Utmu , 2d, A Digest of the JlodcBi Chancery UepMti, froa 1689 tolMI. 3d, In royal 8va 9. and loipruved Pads, and may be bad at hU Manufactory f""" * " .. . d . .. wniier-tbecetttrfefioiipitalGnte, West Snitbfield. N. Bi Wanted, an- Apprentice. uCanliartor^ for ill,-latcSiSte; Lotiery, retunrtheir mo-t "'ttl acknnwlrd.^tiienis tp tiie Public, fur the hizh en-^eidirai they gave io-lhe new plnn,. for- drawing the Lot-' I'Uiie.Dny, sniltataunre l,{iem,;.that it has fully an-I the e'spvctafibus nf; Gbvpfniafjii, b^- d.oinj away thr ^ib attendant on Lotten^vthkt' have been so oinrh com-f. They beeieave lb recommend the n w htsUf , whirh i4 0hthe;^tne;princlpie, an][ wiif be tirawn Day, J4tb FeltiBaiJT nextx. Otfy&,UOONumbeiA-Hfatt>-Tickeb ofeiieh Komb.'r. SCHIiMp. y.v.PK�e3of.....;e2o,oijj 500 4;,..Prices of,,ag 1,033 28i...,.............. 10 -.- - 44* . 30 . &e. &c. &c� ^ckfhanil Shares are now oil Sale nt the old OSireis; ror-iJ^qnk-huildiiiigs, and facihg the King's Mews, Charing-^hy^ltieliiw^ ,� with.riyets.eitlieFfromj!i>Mii.'>r-bis pivcts pre; <'� n jiheaiiciif'rbnt, whiHi fixej the tooth firm it {he ^bt'^�ver--s^detfayed5. rrRmates uneven trelh, re-^ decayed-spots,, teeth cleamed fron. tauure. assists ifCE, BenlfetritWidsdanj from tejj tiU fonr, ^VtbMiir, Mo, 9,'JoliiMlriefi Oxford sweet, where he tioasMttiie'tertbaodfams witk ease and a'^'eftMRrLOTrdN refreshes tbe month Sr.-tw&tenc the ten-ath, and from experience - -.r,-, J? *nljr article;for. fasteHing teeth that are IliS^^** and Vniitirns 'tlie teeibi heals, hardwis, and g�W�iwieirg6�|.iPgPg�^ wenrine iTeetb.far�uniGgla^or||eftinK.tivtrhed.i fhnse who th-ipii^lrtiKiefttobe'wi it keeps BSB^^td'^fMeii^lJMir.^banging t^lour.-^ � - * *J^I*i^ CherryVl^jioiiy^ far jreferabte ^or anyoltli�p|,ojl49a.]rdivxhe i^ouUi; atihMtprtii- , NUW HOOKS JUST PU lil.lSlUiO- iglRJOinV CARR'8 CALEDONIAN u3 SK UTC&liS, 410. numerous platen, 21. ft. boards.- Carr's Poems, Willi fine portrait, U. Is. board-.-Ditto, Svn. 10s-fidj boards-A Dane's Ksrnrtions in Britain, 2 vols. 9a. -^The Palnit^ or a Biographical. aod Literary Account uf Eminent Popular Preaciiers, Ss. boards.-Dr. Doddridge's Family Expositor. 4 v�ls, 4to. 61. 65.'b 4/. Ks; boards; royal paper 7t 4s. bds.- J^obin>on's Sqfipinrr Cbaniclers, 4 vols. 12iuu. If. 2^. bds. Gill'on the Old T.-itament la In the prt-ss... ;.London^ Printed l�tr Mathews and Leigh. 18, Strand. ^bi�day are publisbedihi 8vo. prire9s. bunnls. 5RMONS,ottSEVERAI,SUBJKCTS,frem the 'bri Testament-By JOHN HAMPSON, �UA. Rector. �lf Sunderland, and Curate of St. Johu'.s Ch.ipel. Print<'d f<ir 1�nginan, Uurst, Rers, nndl Orme, Paternoster Bi�w':i and sMd by the Hooksellrrs In SunAerland, Newcastle,' ^ Di^rham, mi^ North and S<mth Sbieldsv__. - �� &tW LONDO.N PHARUACOPCEIA. Thb day is published, the 2d Edition revised and carfe^ted, inSvii.prict* 10s, Hd. Itiiards, rpHE PHARMACOPGSfA rf the B^YAL X COtiLKUE of PHYSICIANS of LONDON 18U9, ' , Trsnsbited into linrKsh, with Notes, &C.. By RICHARD POWELL, M.D. Fellow or the College, Physkian to S lts, eifhibiting at oilB VfewTtW-i lffttan5l present PhariBacopceia, price 8s. 6d. .y . i Tfri^dax igpublisbrd,'price b. nnHE JIXBILEB, rendered s Smixee of Rcn$lou& �JL Irapr'wement; A SERMON de'liverei at Worship, street, Fiiisfaory-square, Oct. 2^ 1809, beior the Fiftfelb Aniversary of the 11. ign af G EOR&E the TH1KD.-; By JOHN (iiVANS, A.M. " He nwt reign tilt be have put aU euemiep-iindd' bis feet;" 1. Cor. l5,25. Sold bv Sherwood, Neely and Jones, PateriuHtenrow.; B. Cr�Sby,'Stationer's-court(, T. Wiche, Beech-streett and D. Eatdn, High Holborn.-Where may be had, the M Editiofl of theAiahnr's Letterto f>r. HAWKER, oh Groerat Redemp-tjon^ with Aairoadvenions on the Eclectic'Review.. To the O.VVM-,KS and KKI':PliRS of HOKSKS. THE PUBLIJlHER&of CLATER'S EVERY IVIA! piiorlunity of informing thrm. that the TWcotirth EdiMon X! this day pablished, neatly printed on Snperfiae Paper. The extraordinary OeQtand for (hiscelebi^led publication, is the surest criterion of Its rea! utility. The true dexription iif.everyJJisorder, and the invaluable Rerijws fuc ibeir^urr. The methud of preparing xnd cttmpoondiug the various dicines,and the nsefnl remarks on applying tiicm, basbren L tried, approved, and met with onexumpled success through* out the united Kingdom. l There is no dpubibuiUie present large Impression will (oog, be disposed nf, thcrefure pnrrh.-uii-rs are particularly recem-' met^di'd to upplT earlv. rrice extra Boards. - Sold wholewlehy Crosby aiid'Co. Sationers'-court, Lnd-g�ite-4treet, and retail by every Bookseller, Stationer, and N^wsoinn. TO TliE GONDl/OTORS OF CIRCULATING LIBRAKIKS. This tfiivi$ published, in^ vo>�. price 15?. boards. BLACK ROCK HOUSE; or. Dear Bought KXFEaiENCE. By the Autlior of the Winter in Bath, Banks of theWye, Corinna'of Laglaod, Lversfield 'Abbey, Woman of Colour, &c. &e, London: Printed fiif Croiby and Cp. StntlnneTs''Cnnrt, > Pnfrm<'ster-row5 where a cniMtant supply of the best Mo-; dern Novels are kept for immfedfa^tt-Udo. Also, jusf published. 1. Cistles of Marsangc and Nugrr, 3 voT. 12?, 2. London Characlrtv of the present Cenldry, 9 vols. 1&. 3. IMmore, or Modem Friendship, 3 vols. lis. 4. Tale* of the Manor, 2 vols. lOs. 5. Mnriand 6. Ilravo of Manor, 3 vols, by Mrs. Keodell, 12s. Venice, by Monk Lewisj 6th Edit. 68. In 3* Mecant volumes, price 15s. CORRESPONDANOE de MADAME LA MARQUISE DU DEFFAND, avec D'AlcmberV MonlesqbiM, Madaipe de Slnal, Le Marquis D'A rgens, &c. Printed for Colbum, Public Library, (.'onduit-street; of whom inay be had-1. Les Querellesde Faraillcpnr Aagoste Lafoniaine t S torn. 12 - L- ttres du Comte de Brntol,de Sir Arthur Paget, de Sir Wm,et Lady HaaiiK-ton. Lady Templrtown, &c. &C.f 2 limtes, lOs.-.^.'Mc moires, &c. da Mareciial Prince de Ligoe, pour faire Mite aux l^e'ticsdu meme aatenr, pobliees par Madame de Staid; 2t��in.,10B. T By THOMAS JJARMA.N ACTON, Esq. of the Middle Trmple. Maiion; Printed for J. Kutierworth, Fleet street.-Of whinu mav be had. in Ruynl gvo. price IGs. In bds. the 2il 'edition �f Mr. Wataim'^Trraiioe of the Imw at I'artaerstiip . ORDERS IN CfHiNClL. Thisdav was ptitilishrd. pHc 3i. 6d. TIHE SPEECH of JAMES STEPHEN, Esq. in the Debate in the House of Commons, March (>, 1809, on Mr. Whitbread'^ Motion relative to the Lite Over-ftares of the AmerloBO novemment; with Supplementary Remarks on the recent Drders in Council. London: Printed fur J. Buiterwnrlh, Fleel-itreet. Ofhorn may be bad, 1. Pi ice 2s,r6d. Rnndo'ph's Speech in tlie Genera] Can-cress of Amerira. on a Motion for the Non-iraportuiiun of Britisb Merchandize, pending the present disputes between Great Britain and America, with an Inirodurtion, by the Author of " War in Disgoi.�e " 2. Price Aroericsin Arguments for British Rights, h t disiressisg Caogbs;in every s.vmptomof catarrh or receii^cdld, this medicine gives immi-diate relief; It .iliays the irritation sr tick. ltpg.sensatiDn which excites coughing, promotes and fiicili-taies etpectoration { and by ita cooling, balsamir, nnd anodyne properties, prevents or removes tne mmt dangerous iiad dblressltig syaiptos^s which usniillv supervene on talcing cold, ' " at buane^i,sorenes�aad tightness of the chest, head-" ffinr ym-patartaw wf gnse�-^� nrap*ive Coughs.-Prepnr,-d by the ioveti-lDri>Dr. Senate, and S4ild nt bi- house, 47, ^jouth.-unptou row, Bmmsbary, and at the iaet\irine shi>p:-, prise 2s. 9d. signed E. Senate.__ GHIL8LAINS are prevented from brcabtng, and tbelt hinnvoting ltchiiis:,in!.tantW rwnoved by W M ITIJ-HEAD's-lvSSENCEof MUSTARI). universally rstccrord for its extraordinary eilirnry iD> lilieumatirms. P.-ilsiey, Goaty Afleettons, aiid Complaints of the Stomach; but where this certain rimedy has been anknown, or nee'cctrd* and the Cbilb�.ttns have nctaally broke. WHlTI^HKAU's FAMiLY CKRATE will ease the pain, and very speedily heal them. Prepared nn^sold by R. Johnston, Apoih'carr, Nn. 15, ' Rreek-ttreet, Sobo> London, the ICwence and Piil:! at 2 <^d. each-tbe Cer.iie at Is. Sold by every Medicine Ven- der in the Ohitrd- Kingdum. The Genuine, has a Black Ink Stamp, with the name (sf R.Johmtnn, insertedoft it. E.SU1T'S DROPS.-The T.uc OriginalJK. SUIT'S DROPS are now prepared by Shaw and �d-�ai f itie^Kidneys, or Bladder; aifd wneataken on the first nitnek of Venereal In&ictioii, vhey wilt iufnlliMy arcomplish the desired effect. Should the ^omirtAiot be &r advanced, it will be necessary to take tlie Specific Remeidy with the Jesuits Drops. "(heniai^ depredations mndo (in the property ofthe Pro-orietors, compels ihcin to give this caution, thnt no'one Bottle witt be sent out af their House wiiliout .'^huw aod Edwards, Successors to J; We.'selU, 66, St. I'mifs Chursh-yard, engraved nn the stamp. All others whith are fold without the above Names are ImpusitKms on the Public.-Seli^lsnbv Sangor, Oxfard>-street; Bull, Dublin ; liaxter andftaiburn, ICdlnhurgh'. _ IM>7LER'S CELiiBRATED RESTORATIVE TOOTH POWDEIl. ' TIEAUTY oC-.Couatettaitce aad reg.dlarlty of JL9 FeiitatH. sreratlowe'd to dTkingoish the British Fair but the^ Prapriemr of BCrTLER'S Tt)Of H i'OWUKR. would beg. leav^toretoiml bit Countrywomen that theJuitre of their dmnnt loees half itt- inddenee where the Teeth arc discoloured, or shew a rottea and unbeal>h� appearance t Ibit it the more inexcusable, at the presrnt preparation afords'the infallible isiean; of red)oving e*er\ burnish of the " , ' ^AYiC 6ffJCE,:Nov; % 1809. fTr%HKP/itu^ail(Jlffleer�' anrt'Coinmisnoaers oj JL Hh M''J'kyi ffatit/ do hereby give aoti<x,'fliat aa ' ' f the \i ELM'TISi^�." jtFartt,oftke Tender omv 4e s-en nt tfiis QJgire. Ifp-Tcoder-williereaived.tffler One o^CLivk OH thednyof Treaiff Moraaj/ noticeA, unUm Uit I'aUif^ ~or an Agtidfor �oer9 Tender mutt be accompanied by a LeUtraddrtsted to ti4'Savj/iioHrd, and stgnetl by tteu responsible Persons^ en-gU^tg-tQ become buvnd kUh fhe Person tmdcring, lit tit* Aua o/500/. forthedueptrformimce of Ike CoMracl. VH/fgALUi^o OetltJfa. Nov.i, inoa. fW^E Commiinofsers for Viaiuaiing tiis Mo. � jL jeOft Pfmg tto ftereby gtw Wolice, t^ftt u�h Tttes-day,'/Ae.21st inst. <AeyWsU be re�dv to receive Tendtrs i� wfUbt^ (pealeH vo, nnd tretU /*r FaFTY THOUSAND OALLONS of W EST- INDIA RUM,- to 6e deUotrtd frt� of Duly from fi'are/iouse-i i'lwhieh. the fWXitjthaU 4.flo.- ieea riehtalUiig Stores, tif Corky mcTto 9e '^aid fir lrjt.mUi pauabU nlft/nhrtst ninoty itatp ufter dOU. The CondiUunsoftkeCurUractsin^ b� ge^n at th� Seof*' Imy't Office. No regard triU be had to my Tender in wMrhike Fries thatl not be interled in tajnb at length, ur ttiut tlfoil not Os Aelivtred' to (A� tioari bf/ore One o'clock on fhe satd Tuesday the Hsl inslaut^ nor uaUst the peetun icAu maA.'-f the Tender, or rome person on his behalf, allendt, to an-sieer tehr.ti cn/.V/i for ^ _ riliU Ll. I Mi-O h M. r., ^ov. 13 ttx-f ''IpIiE Commissioners for Viciutdling His Meu JpL (v'f Ha'X) 'O hrrsby give None, that "n Friday /Aff-'24 /TEN�RlFl-Kor FAYALWJNK,^^ be dtUoortd bit or /-e ore ihe. 3Lst May hiu7, at the lespectiue IsLmdt, and , Stations' under-mentioned, viz.- Gallon*. Antigua ..........17,TOT Barbadoes..........61,5�t) Dominica..........27,9tii) Grenada .......4.. 8,ii03 St, Kitti ........._ b',bO^ St. Lucia........ . i2,!Hi5 St. Vincent..........10,751 Tobago.............10,754 Trinidad.....-...... 27,96'1 Martinique .......61,536 Gallons ^t-rmi-i, } St. ThooKis, and 17,207 St. John ) Serinam............38,711 Demararu. J E<se(]utb�, and S 23,659 Bcrbice ) Haharoas..........21,5C9 C'lracoa ..........19,90S Honduras..........12,906 .And to 'epau.fot by Bitla, paya'ile ki.h lnt,.rest, ninetif days after date. � � The conditions of the Contracts, may be seen al the Secretary's Ojfice. ffo regard teiH be hal to �nv Tender in lehich the priea shall not be inseritd in itordt at length, crth'tt shall not be deliutred to the fluard before One o'Clnrk an the satd Friday , <Ae 24r A instant nor untuj) (As /'otenwAo etoikea the Tender, or som� Perton o* Jus behnlf, attends to nap sv<r wAen called for. _ VICTUAl-Ll^^J OtM(-r, Nov. Ij 80' JL jes'y's "^vvy ilo hers'\i give f/ntice, thjal on Frid.iy, the S4/A inr'saf ; kt.y will lie ready to receivr Ten "Brt'in lei it-ine tteata up] and trent for EIGHT HUNDRED QUARTS-RSpf NEW PA LB, and for TWO HUNORKO (JUARTEIlSofNEW CLOSE DRIED AMBER MAL"!^ t e had to any Tender in Khich the price sla'tnit 'e ins rud in tcerds at length, or that shaft not be d ii'tt d o he B d hefre One n'Clock on the snid VtHaf, il-e'iAth instant, nT uiUees the ftrson ansieer tehen naVed for. eoanel, and ;U lafe'j|n its aj vegetables.- Itifrecam ieatioiT, being composed .of lo the atlrntlon of aJl ranks, as siearing tiwity ovcrv imprlrrestion, either ia ibe eolonror tbe dccsv of tbe enamel of the Teeth t asiuodering the breath sweeiaod delejctabie, ami tnaking tbe ram of thteiir proper sbaoe and venniltlon hue f thii'klad ever brought CgirwiM'to noblie notice, nas met sucb univeisal apprniia ti'OBi and tfie Proprietor has to boast that It is la dnjly use of Ra�Uiiiaeir.-=4old whbtesaie'aait retail^ at Mr. Btttler' No. 4, CBe^ide, corner of.PaftnMbter-riSwt asdreuil aad by matt Country Med cine-Venden aad Perfamere baxt�,ai9<.9d.earb HOBBiARD^COUCai DROPS.-fhe follow, ling Letter from the-Kigbt Hon. Lord Bcntinek, is ano-' 'Mc� proof of Ike �Acaey et Robbard'-s Cough Drops, bow'bealtb by that Medi- This day it published,, tbe second Edit'on, in two volumer, octavo, illustrated by forty-five eograviiigs, price lA~i0t.' �In boards. ANECDOTES of the MAl�fERS and" ^6iwf t^lsa^ic EUMr, oT Cn^h BSrops, I do not iC^oUcd^iiMMaiKe IB wbicb tbey have ever fatled,pTa l am. Sir, your bvnibib Servant, BiiB�jait*,.Feb.�vi808. ' E. bentINCB. SbWirbolMalew** retail at Mr, Butler's. No.-4,; Cbrap-OAtrConit^ &Mt9otvet-ton', aad retail by most Coutttrt ynidef�, ia Boittnat, M- afeifi*. U. eae^. meritsoftbe tmNfondariwibnt^period (.lK|tl|aii. Review of the Siateof t^tetv in 1807. T� wUek are add-^ ed.n sketch of the DomesdcaiM-Eircles'iatfical AKbiteetorer andofthe'vnriou-iiBpravrniriiU'inthenietrafoUi.. BV J.AS. l^liLLjBR MALCOMdt'FAA. '"" ' n,'HBIi�,^Ree�,aw^prM. Paternbster- 7 PrititrdforLuagniao,'______,......------- row* ^ Of w horn may be-had, by the taaie'Aauioir; _ , rj>r*lQium Redivivalii. .orao. Aacteat'J]i#ry�-.aBdm^ deruDrscriMira.or Ltfndon, c-unnile^ ftnpi'^wwoehfad^ re--, conis; ahrhW oriaHouf ArandirtltH*^ tfcfe ffarleiaa MS^. aBdotb�fi>aM)initie.Mt^t:ei� to ffMHt Mttnmkit ynsr?/.?!. tu bqardt, I VtcrUALLl^�-OrFlt;ii, Nov. J4 JaOb. '^'^HK Oifamisfioners for Victuaiiir.^ His Mali � je'ty's Nai>y do hereby give Snlir.e, that on Tupsday, the 28cA iwstanl, they will be readif to receioe'lenriers in tonlitts (Staled up), and trta'for thesar.plnofislnitever B.'* VINS mav be dtmnnded for the seriiee-,f His ilitjesty*t Uakehoiise at Uejitfoid, during the space of Twelo-i Months from the 30>A day gfJune next. The CUtnriiuuns ej uie Conlracl may be seen at tlie Seere- � Inry's OJJice. Ifu rr^'un/ Kill be had to any 71 nder in which the prie- shall no! be inS' rted in words at length, or that ihul' n -t br delivered to l!>t Hoard before One. n^Ctoelr on thi snid Tiwsday, (A' 28(A I'lulnnt ; ,nur unless the Ptrsun selto. multes tMe Tendsr, or saiue I'crsan un his behalf, allenils., lo a�sm�r when r.alleil far. HEALT/i;; '� �. � ' The ehnicrsi BWing Kiund below. That Man can �i in perfect heahb ; wbea it in deranged, disease it> present, and, if neglected, will ae-rufliulale tn the desfnictinn of tbe ipdivi.fual. The SiTEEL Lt/ZEN(^ES,. invented and prepared by Dr. Ser-ats. are pfuved to he tbe best Nervoits Meoicin'e, the most powerful tonic and resiurutive rem�;dy, the mnsi (n�i. goratiug an/l re-nnrm.4ting ti:ilm-of lifi- and h-alth in Hie universe : taken wiih safety at all sea^'on?, and equally salutary far both sexes; Itiis Medieine Will restore the oiost wretched cla^sufJnvaniis tu health aod comfori, and will protect the delicate and puliy from disease. i'repnred and sold by th� investor. Dr. Senate, at hik bouse, N^. 47, Sontbampton-row, Bluoiustrary, where her may becansalted every day, �petsonnlly, or by^ lciier,-ei�< doking his usual fee r-also sold by his agents In town and country, price 7s. per boi, signed H. Senate, lo hishaBd� writing, or they cannot be genuine. Advice to tbe poor^ gratis, every auirn'tng, from eight lill-eleven. Just published 10th Edition. Or. Senate's Tiratise on Fe^ male Compla'nts, a book which sboufd be read by every married WonKtn � may be had as above, price 2s. fid. " WILSON'S ASTHMATIC BALSAM : AN effectual Remedy for the meat violent Asth. mas. Coughs, Colds, ijloarsenesses-. Sore ThroaU, aod appa am restored me to my usual fae^tb, and emibled me t� follow my. businets a� fortiierlv. I amiSin,&c. Ac. ^Wiw'i,Jfarwicb, ^� WM.FENI?. 28tb Sept; 1809." In tbe wrappers are printed tbe names of a great Dnmber of respectable Persunt. whtf have wilaAsediits.ezaaArdliiary healing pdwew, and ^rh^wJlHle reads to^^ tor; infomalion respec*&�tl�e effittg ofibis Aepai� by-W-lEddleastch. .43, Sf. Paalt Cbareb-yaTd. Loadtm 1 in boHlWy �t -8iid�.W.e�ek, dttf iocIaded.-�.^rre the tfracdf,,? NSfwSy, is!lt. pSul'i,- are engraved iaiai?tt��9gs I itaii; by^^'l^Slnliaenlrfef Wa.djJMb�m�:Jat��t%^ � street s fbMkiia. BoadtdrKt \ :Hnyt|Brd, Piceadilly ; Bay> I��ir�^,Cicfctpirr-st�et| Ba? jU^^m'i, RaJdtUV^oyai. �xc�at�e.-:dittl .GlSiH Uqroogb,

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