Friday, November 17, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - November 17, 1809, London, Middlesex PR] GK. SsXPEN CR-tl AI^F PFA N Y. * *d-tbal lbe-TJi"eat� luiuld i>c upcocA ah^moa aH >e^^Application'to1�e:imi l''t iiuldreMed tittbeC^Biltee, aisihir This flay are piibliibcd.iieiilly printed iri Jvols. iSmo. price ^ALES of TQRF.-Pritrted for J. Mawman,  The abote Tales l;ave experieiicrd a v #x/tr FtttuMn'His Ma. il jiur--Jl /V���ri� Airo*jrf<t� JV�to-�, M .FrJdflJrj * �fty Mber cngrai-ing-, price 3t. lis. in cxira �k* �1M lE9*f�trf, (4txp{|.fc. rrcww Ten trt ^ rnT- ; Jj^A . ^ /VRT^.RS^|l�W|*^F .eli,, &c. : rece"i.t�'"'^'"^ Contineat, wlieri thev lupe l>�%a>.iiW the �wci'3 of (loinanre. They :irc clii4-fly-iriiii.-lai'd''roia tiie tirhc>aiHwerBbletoM|�|i(a 10 ke pra<i�tsed-J*y tke Uoanti ^rortb intoi^TBlbh V�rse| duiu qiii- , Wurk? a/V^ ii-luml. Tres^iui^ Maiiii^ Mcis^tivr, Leutge^ t'la*-� ' ^ -.............- WsBettl as ft Scrfplw, a J*aTuttr, an Architect, aiid : HaiN Petit delri C  ^ itedfuT'^tiD Mtttraj. S3, F]eM Btreer, London; and w>t4 nfm> bjrjeypy othrr ttPofctfUer. of OubtiD.. x,-i.i,-^r . .^'-.i ^ _ _ 1t%t'tttnahit�u�j�, t^ucct mag bt ttoLattkB Ster.- ilh t�{�r4 liifliB *�( (o cfi^ Tnt$r in tMtk tke price *hatn-tJ4in-nc4M tnrdtattepM^ or that sMluai be at vHkmikt tHrtmnKit tMk"* T� K WbOll l-Ll M - Prue Is."Kd. AN ESSAY the ArtcrfDRAVVJIS& in WA^ TERtCOLQORS, v>iib loairttctipins for skHrcbin^ I TdbcSOLDa-SOW ^ibecenuiDa?UlNC8U BRKEU, imparted by :ns t e Art of Uniwins in Water Colons, and thS /ilNESSAYon the EFFfiGTS of CAHQON ATE jfj - ,'iiSt7^AlHier.aiereiii-oin iKU'b�>Sl�eB fbr.�|hif'CO�*-l,:�^'LATBS, if ttejciobefoond. TUey i��!ic hi Devon. <JAwc^'wt i� y ^ ap� Lovis't De- pp^h!?.~Apa,vfloTtfr. Ko^k�61�clU>r, Mn^at^ ^Pl^<tmiMS'f^K�^iuia;C<K.^u. Ota Bailev, rontinues �;*te�d�Bii6c CiuJi|�d > all mhm have aiaidi: the experbiunut pfy te Mr. Wibuo, Pcrfumet, St.Jainf5"a-street. _ 1 AHOUSE to be SOW) iQ Gro.sTenor^uare,^'| ^Mely improved, couipirie rep_u,ir and e�eeJIt:iit coot ; -ditiuo, and the Term rebetoed ; tlie oifices are remnrkabfy ! riiomy,llj;U, aod conveniejit, a verv lac;;e ^am of money 1 ......" * Ttte I at the . umitureas , lie chose* t(Ktake.-The priic is left wiib Air. Moreno. ?9, � Uover-Etrcet, Ficc.idilly, who (if the price is i�)t otijfct-fl ; to) will give Cardi to view the House, aod every informaiton required. rPttgPAttATrONSjjfJHOa! #� CAN-iJliupIry'iBtfttlie*Notore of that Disease. JtrTay; 8?, Fleet-street, London; and .-_,_.-;Murft�y; Oilhertakfj^l^i Mobfin._ _ UijU IRKLANU'S VVKiilMhSSTKR LKCiUlli.s. is published, hnndsomelv p/itiivd in Svo. price 10). 6d. iotytnrd*. lAGANISM and i CHRISTIANITY COM- Px\RED. In a C4iur�c of Lectiirei.tu (he Kings Scholars, at Wtttminster, in ihf years lK0'j,.7, anii 8. By JUU.N IRELAND, U. I) Late of Oriel College, Oxford, Prebeuflury and Sub-Dean of "Wettminster. Prioted for John Murray, 3i, I'leet-strcet 1 Ilaiciiard, Piccadilly ; and Giogor.JDean's Yard, London; I'aikcr, O.sford ;-i>eighlon, Cambridge; and by yll otiter Uiwk-setlers. SAl lem-r totbfc 'Sifiift^t i'ifl" Weariuj; Appanl. '^W^J^'l^'^Tww'weu wb� may have oceiiixhi"P < r' 'toUlN^Dfrmay Btiliipplie^'^itkout having recourse U p^^^^^s^": --^^^^^^ . �  J^Jai^^mfiS ti^ <56rpDratio� Wi�beieh;lnit�eC�inlyof Cainbridee. prwpme to A turn.uf woiiey liy-fHortliig- AnuaHies.nponifingto tot 40 .jean aM i^vaxit, and vfrill give uljque�tio�. ilpWe, security foMhe.residaryayjiieut of the ^uattvtles bu�f� in^jj..' - oaliySSt'lii.lMlelrtjMMt. p��d,toMc - � - - tWtrtHdltWtbe Wiiirs roiuli-i?^liiHlpni' Ortnava, and i)r;�ii^ito�r..�te^vmt I'twdMirctn (Aal.. FamilJeaii y,44li>fif�0 le. ;,q�ifl�api,, efattfl.S'W J^^.BToitle DOGS, PIGS, and POUJ/niY.-Fof SAl.K, :i quaiitity of SHIP BlSClilJ', in good c�>o-dilinn, and in Ijupof one hundred MCighl each, price one rtiioeaprr bug, bag included-Apply i� .lereh. Slow, at the Warebonsc, No. ii, Liiite-'sireift, TenchurchAireet, London. Mo rrgrird wtllbepaid to .nny U-tters bui'sucb as are t>ost patdt neither will any iiisciiit be del'ivrrrd without pay* ii;eut being fir>t made ; togetlier ur)tli the expence of convey* aoceto'the Inns or pl^iciiS ordered, should the parlies U|>| take ihe-goods aTraythewse^w', ' _ ' AValuable Discoteiy/ anid a "Relief to the, A^ flicied Hitb RUF1 , T/uss^ r for the Relief of t)ie ^P*-Jcfisi with Raptarft M UmiDt Tiii.�ses, by mearar of Ijygt }9wiijwd,jai�d,*e etigJlge '. UfSSIXTlON. This day Is published, in liuio. price js.boarH,, a .\cw l':dili�ii of rriHE LONDOX DISSECTOR ; or, SysfoTa of JL Dissection practised io the Hospials mid l,.Tture Rrtonn of th<* Metropolis: explained by the cleartsi Itule.-, for the Use of the-Studeuts; Printed for John Morray, 32, Fleet-street; .1. Call�w, Cruwa-court. PfiiKCSrstreel, Sohn; K. Cox, Si. Thomi-i.-BtnTt^MithHlgh | ami T. Underwoiid, 40, West SmiihhelJ, jU nilwifti1ltWi)riNctahj}itv�ndlidd^^ t ort2^SSS5tlSw^ife^Ttri*S from 1i^!i}Witaids/ofoStodt., aMrriage^SetHeinenU H�5M��S^*rf9lJT*ftjmtlMlvB-to Ihivev � bv Idler, JT'tp-jpfvcitiihose that mavjbe in want and desirous uf ,.4*jng temprtrary;of;periffaiiKnt8ijtt^of JSOire that - -----" --------1----..-!,:^_.r^^__L ^most fair and bonou'^le teTiq^;4*}'! (t>-TSSnf. Uucv and. jWdieilietnsefves 10 transact pvery pegvci'iMw wi,* tlie' mt'piinliualitj^and-di^r-'tcii',' diid not only thojii'ubjuHi^ ejbat,eii,trav�^antaiid ^xMrtinnatfeileaiandsabd' cfaai^, ^ lessw. Luras and Co, at jjerihyti^riifetf St;'jAt(|�t*^i>qtinre, ieithrr personal' j;;1ettf^.|MVi^iiiid,74N , to. iPURC^ .i�ebeld,pr,'1(;aiiyJif(1(LJ-lftHi5h with .Manors, within i-of'l\M'tf;.no'ie iwst,df a very jtoud House itnd N^Bate^in|riH�iWfHlH^]ftfl*!^O,^H)0fc; ortaPar. isCuwuii^j WpUivMWMJrt>>fK�wi*>!Aa�i*f Land ViHa apon.-^.Ai>uIy .(iKKt; paid),.i�:Bi�NrB and SirvevQfi* AVicQSn^^rs, and /l^tiisCar�li^, let. (tri�bt^in^l-j<aniii,'Fafinii aiii) BttW^'jio. 7, Xynli4|^^olbf^;ffo^^% .. otJ their �w�tt�ai�Vt^S'"^ JlUSPIN U tBadjastni^^, eSerFe�LCQnnei ^'WeiSbe^jer' Bmmnw. Vh^tSrU'lpiV ^jkmtrfalwtt in di^fend' V^�i. F�r�Meat:roo(]| it^d3tl/. Wcri Snithfleld. ' iipjUfenUcei ' . � . . WM, BAROiAt^ ANHBIL-Otri PlLLSand 8PE(H:^i M by the appointment of Jtr. ^ller.Na^i.Cliewid^^vlbiteM&Ageai. a�Mr. Wm. ; AUii^'s,,t�MbeUeraiitfstatiQM^a.J||;Ne^ iS^SS*'**^'*^ .^^^-sfiWi, la^veader of the alwve . Hr.SI. ;(ir<meate^mtae which (wveMtthe name aerated iksdunp, tb^ fejg^eiy of jvhicii 1* fel.?qy�. ____' � ;  ^.^1�riSi^ia,.i^ert.�h'r.n�w;-i-Of whom I, 6r tile saine Aaibor, the Chrrd cditkia of the Ro- __ hcTyTcneiri, In foUr vols. ISmb. price 18�. boards. i^UiTTteBtoiiiuaiid the KoMtirs'.a Tale, in two vols, i2mo. prlc< fe.jboawb.,__,_ . BlSiUUV of SPAIN.-Th:8 day was pablished, in one iar ir. ' Primed for WilkicaTKl Roblirsun, No. 57, and Geor^ie Ro- . bintODt Wo. 25, Paieriiotter-row._ ~. r.: ir�v lMtiti P'of: a; PRACriCA^SYNpBSIS ot .ti^e MATE, �iirop^iig the latest'-Ibimvemi^ts in'th>-'Londan, �din-burgh, and. Dublin Pharmacopoeias.;-^By RICHARO PKARSON, M. U. irf the Royiil M^sfpf Phy-ticiaijk, aild formerly i^ySTcidn b the General, Hnspiialj siear Biroitiebaro.' .  _ v.Pfiittcdfbr John Murray,, FJeet-slMrtf.C. addil. RaUi titii; New firUgC'Utcet,. liaffOi api(.�dd,j�y .qlt.otber^ H**>liseller>., -. - . 'y.-;' .-v.x> ' >^�'-' .ri:!; J-. _�-----.t.iwt..j r-j'- {rieri/. IIs�fii>. AHON MLT- vtrtbnitbeDajigeriL �fie;�hiMel; itnd the Innl day or (wo will be puhUsbcd, with Plates, , X ETTERS concerning the DISEASES JLi , Uli^THRA. , 1. ,Of the varietirs of Stricture as discovernl>)c on Di.>sei;-tinn, and ibir'metilod of disfii^ishingtliu�e varieties in the living body by the Urethra Sound 1 with practical inferences conccraingthccureuf Stricture. % Of Dilatable Sirlctiirc-the state of the Urethra io this peculiiir diseate,�iid the method of cure. .3. Of Spasmodic Stricture-the Motcularity of the Ure-thradeDied-Etper.menistoasirertnin the cuntrnctile power irf t piil)lished. the Kiitli Edition, with conjiJerable Ad� dilioiis. price ()�. M. Iioan's, .npIlE COMPLETE CONF.FICTIONRR,' or A the whole Art of 'Cotifectionary made en�j, with In-stnicti'ins ensr.-ivrrt on 10 Copper Pla'es, lodrcoraie Table t w tih Taste aud llies^n'ce ; also Receipts for Liqueur'*, fiome-! m.Tde Whips, &c. &.C. ihe result of loaiiy Vears lv>perii'nce i witli Mes-r^i Negri and Co. IJiTkr-lcv-oqnare, tli!? ��>�( c-le-( lirUert Conferii'Vifr? in tlf World-ily FREDERIC Nb'TT, llsq-.Alsf) juM publishc.i by tlrrsami; Author; price ; boards, die Imperial and R m 3I Conk, ron-islfi>g of the most suiniiluiiu; mad.; Ui.-heS) Ragonts, Fric.issivs, Sou;iS, GravirF, Arc I-'oreign .tnd Ei^lish, including Ihe latest Im-prnvenieni-ill i'.L-hiKUjihlf Life, j London: Printed for Mat hows and Leigh^ 18, Strand,  where may he li:id Ihe Nnlional Jufiilee, price 2*. 6d. This day is pulilrelied, pri'-e ;'s. Hd-. New and ImproTcd GllAM.M AR of the ENGLISH TO.NGCK; forlheuse of Schools, in which the Gciiius of our Speech is especially aileailcil t"r and iiie Discoveries of Mr. Uorne 'look* and modern Wriirrs on the Pormalionof Language, are for ihe firl limc incorporated-By WILMAM JlAZi.J I'T, Author of .11) i:s-.iy on (he i'rinciples of Human Action, ^-f. &c. To hich ii added, a New Gaii'e to- the English Toiijfue, in a Letl^-r to W. F, Myliu?, Author of the School IJiciiuiiary. liy Edward i Unldwirf, l-,sq; '� I'riiilcil for .M. J. G"Oil�in,al the Juvenile Library, No. 41, 1 Sninn-r sln-t t, ;uid tJ hi'h'lil of all 15-.o(i>.e!li'r?. lied iit_ one vol. Svo. nri EiiTtion of , Thisdoyis published, hanrisoinrly pr price in hojiri's, JO-t od. Ho- S>-r , toid cip Tbiiday i8pabl!shed,iotwonentl.i printed vutuuitf:. � /' ortBvo, price '3.* boanls. npfRAVELS in TURKEY, ITALY, and RUS- JL SIA, in the jenn iKl)4, I&i5, and iSi)-;, comprising aha ail Account of some of Hte Greek Island*, and of ih^ IS'MWWfi^ Rwsian.Senlementsan the Coasts uf iiic Utick Sedatia'thcScaof A^uf.' ByTHOaiAS MAC GILL. '. " These .volumes fconinin a number of Anecdotes which throo Ii.j(h(nn the Turkish chniihcter, and bring ui better ac-j quaintcd with tbe-pretenl flatc of th^L-ir country. They likc-! wise Coixnnanicate some ver\ asefnl noiices re^pecimg the caiino: fail -f e>d U:? very Trade of Ihe'Leant and Bl.ick Sea, which proving; scrvic abl.-10 a mcrcanlile people, ao'l reuch tie prize the preaenf toiitrrhuiion to the stock of public I iufnrmativi."-ICilineburjh IJeview. >o. Ii4. � ] Primed for John ftlnrr.iy, 'Ji, Fleet street, London; and � sold also by all Booksellers and .Newsmen. Of whom may bo had, I Savage's Account of New /ealiiuu, and of a Native  brought to F.nglaud, Svo. Ss. 6d. " Thisisapub.icationof consideraMemTit "-Kdiiiburgb ' Reyii*w. ?io. 20. .__- j This day is published, handsomely primed by ^aUpivyne, in \ Two Vols. Quarto, with Portraits, Plates of Auti(gr,�uljy, 1 � &c."p�icr.-5L fiSi in boards,  ^ - ^1 SUi RALPH SADLER'S ytiATE PAPERS.- j This curious Cdltccitwucoqtains-^l- The Letters :uid Nc- on- the CONDUCT ef GOD to the IIU.MAN SPKCJ iiS, and onrthe Diviae Mission of Jens Christ. Ry the late Rev. JAMES HARK. A. .\l. Autiior of ;\n KrsHvon .Sci-plic:sm ; Rector of Coin St. We-ny's, tilottcCitcraliire, aiid Vicar of Slratton'St. Afargarct, \vi!l8. Printed for F. C and J. Rt\in2ton, "No, 62, St Raul's ChurcH-yarjl; toirt also by J. llatchard, Np. 190, Pic- cad illy._____' Tills \i\ pulilisiied, pncejs. iid. OGIC iLU^l': EASY; or. ShortiView of _^ihe ARl.<raTELlC SYSflvVf OF .REASONING, " and it- *, .^citnce, and .the tJeiicral ln>pro�einpnt of the Mind. JJfsigued chU-ily'fsr the Stijdcalts of itie L'niver-'ity of Oxfwrd. BY HKiVRY KTTT. B. D. " Fellow .and'iulor of Tiiaitv GoUpce.' Oxfnrd: I'iiiitcil at flie Univer.'it'y Press for the Anthor; and sold tiy J. l'arJ�c-,Oxford'; and Fi C. and J. Rivinglon, London.-^Of n liwni niav be had, 1. .Mr. Kelts U .mptoii Li-ttun-?, 8�o. Sd cdititonj bds. 7s. 2.-- llist..rv the Interpreter of Prophecy, 2 vol. 8vo. jlji edition, lis. bi's. 3.--Eknienijof General Knowledges. voC 8vo. 7tti edition, 4. l.iU. Einilv ..�6C�MWi'.n,a-,,________ ^------------- �~iO"r''i  . Thiidnv Was putS'iibrd, tojcia TREAtlSli on thd 0 ^Atn'OMY I lii which are diM i(j|eibodiif,!ape�rtidgwi�i e more limple OpmtiiNa�;.itK.i)ieKiri6 and icrorperlormlngirhlb Iiic)�imi �i�sjp^iiictf 1u 1 :nufi%�tiA�Nf by UraWinA the .Hze ef ite oa. Edinlwi^b.. .^TdlMjMttMitbt �XK'flB, Hay*firljr.ti aai 'jAt iii>tf�crdn�ie�iB�� *;! ' lbeIwt?!bQse Ifttei- _______,-. in Sbar^, oaiuely : fW^B EtOQUfS!^. of the isRfriSlC^SE^ �tana bpn del^rSrbyjhc inost dl.f MuUbti* fipj�JM� in pMl^liiaw; -Wittt Natek.^ hittdrjriil, biagra^fMd; and, vableUteOatrtvif-LiinlCban Per peribdIiirParibidiailhly I rmpsciilcAtiv'itlstbrniaSt Mt^ableUteOai 'PKflted:j�hb MbrfaV, rar*. Aeee. (^rbaiiff Q.ii-en �liz:ib4rtl)'> Pri'Htp ij}jBg��cJat�in� wHb the Scottish �Refonners, in tb� year 153!).-3. Letters and Papers, rcspect-ingtheGrand NDrth<3:n.Rebellionv 156�.-4. Documents cnnceroing the.Cbufinenient of Qeveu Mary in Paiglaud. I'd wbichiA added, aSiemnifof the Life of'Ijir Ralph Sadler, nith.som^ lliiitortral NotM.- - . By WALTER SCOTT, Esq. �  A few Copies tit this Worktire printed upoti a finer Paper,with P/coof Impr.ssionfo^'tlMvPiate'', in'rhcec Vo-Iuine8'4ti*. foribing one of the'AQitiulrnlid large Pap<-r RooksnlhathaseverbefiipulfliiibicdSlltriceSf. hs. in boa.ri)Si PrintedfHrA.Coo!tal�reanaCo..Bdii�burgh i and T. Ca-dell aiid-W/Davies, Strtiwl^ WiB;-i!iiU*^ Albemarle-strcct andJo^n Morray, ag,l'te�;tii(iyt,l.j;nd�lh _ ANATOMY,-This Bay i^ pnt)|i�hcd,in one v�-rv' rl�.-elv. priiitrd Folume,smal|.8v de,n. wboi ba� lb pass at the CaHe��f ^i�^i<e^.-ai^�l SliSi B<tards.-^ ay�aeTkrr �,5^^,i�*ii^^6i in physic c,f the-lfiuv<u�ity of x%dSaiiid:ilie RovaT College of P:iy!ii-cfau� of L4iM st:�:!ettifa^^^bf> Lio�a^S�ci ; Physi- �a)d-,idw Vx.etwry^.ifci^lfHlletlki Countryi-Of {rKim\aiarb�^^�^ly P blirt s. a-^^-^^r^ AlWwus �imWsh�I.'7obI�<fa'p 4... . 'f^.i PIaifcidttjie.yBte�, fatdbcap8vo.Si. 5. C supply that deScieiicy. and-it is presumfd thej will be fonnd to comSine elegance,' goo.-i tastt, sound princiiilea and the requisite enidiliuo with their professed objcctifdr va-riftvaiidainbsement.  O X O iV 1NIA .con.isting of A necdrtteis. F. x tracts fnjin staree Bo.iksaiid MSS. Original Li-tti-rs, nnd Historical. and,Bto-' gnipical Fairl- coimircted n'ilh. the Uni�ersity of Oxford, or to be found in the Librarir. there, 4 vols., plalcs, price 213. boards. , . The SPIRIT of the FRENCtf AN AS.consisting of trans-latioi'J of the choicest piv^Bges Contained in the French works well Itnown among'lhe Iitrruti under.lhe title of At^, in SvoU. priue LSs. bds. . 5 - ADDISONl.^NA. consisting nf Anecd/>fes, Original Letters, Curions Facts. &C-. &c. coiin-'Cled with the literary ;ige of Addison. in2voIs..witU iu<iny Wate^jprice 10^6d. boards. SlVlFTlANA, coniiUiif^of AnecdiiteitTbTisinal Lfttcrsj Bans-Moots, Apoplbegms, '&c. rclaliye t* lite 'Life and AVrit'tg^-of Dean Swifts in two vols, with inany plates, price* JUs. tid.  ' - � ' ' BRQOKlA"NA, cnnsiflsnffof Aneed^Jtcd, oriirinal Lvtters and-Renwits,-fion'Mots, ftc. cdtiorct/d with tlioXife^iua W f wari^ of oiii  iWKandorOie best EpigrWms, in .2v�is: once lits. 6d. . ..TheENCrY^CLOPEMA-Jf '\YW'>-On:.:tbe.-piiulor the. French Encydbpediana, consisijog ot-seveN-it. Tnoasaud of tfte'^d^hfftniBpir Aiec vj*iu�-wtRbepuWl.bed; r|7lHRPJEl SEIlftIpNS,.<)n..TJLIE U Bi�j5,,nijit-J 3Wcounlstif�,� AuttVor.l,, Mr, Prfti1;.a,.i .  Piracbed'ht AVeIb*irk Gliapei, London. t iVrirajis-by Wi�s. VVatson, in si v^rgaiu .yjisj arJcai/. ia ... .Bvtb .D. . > Wdfasl " ' '^-^ ^ , ."l.-Tfce atOSAlC JUBILEE, wiiJi its spiiittt.l apulita-  Ji^t\L^lJ,BJQQ^.Xf*U'i(;; 4>T Aci^mtism^^ h,�<m.ltK1l viiw Day.. jk , . . i'fedifs, l. ir. the BIWTISU JUBrXEE; PrcticWd on tlie Tbdi.fcsiJ Tid ___________,______ . - ^.'?h?'?RUR or ItEXv^iiiy'jUJ^^^ tm^.Biirke, Mr. Pittj(fO<Mlrs:F��t,ii�r.'Cani?i��iMr.,.id i* *^ lir&id^V' f rfrtT of jftarb nrd iiv-^.int liigd^^^ --.T-" ' ' ifltW l� JtAb Mbi+nV, SVtii!el^tt* (terii-^'l>einMii (;trf>tte'cii-ibei ame mucb-aA^ -.str^l^^-Sitijebra^ ShUrci,l>t Wp?|;. ct-difrtinj the meriisbr^^^the Plan being moregeaiiinaiy �a.-.5ebeme.4n (hts'Paper. ; : -��.**� . ^_ Fcioe* paid oa'di:macd. �1 Tb/i;�nroataWe-*nd a6iwii*-jrt�ito*s wtlPwawH J. f^ t0;alt^c|ttLe.natic�pfue^i|s � l%^^tiii0k* made �n- tbrn^' are'as" c/editable 10 tbe. Editors-'Judgment,- ji� the obseryaiions wrhich actonipany fh'pn ace^ibdicaiive of ibeir abilities. - iMoHllli^Revievf.tluuc.-  l(5jtying Way* � Pfinicd fi)r 1  T. radi*ll and,W. Davifs^ Strand.,'. '-'J-iiiril EdUidn.'iliiislratcA'w'irnrC^^ M. -� ----1'A TflSin.f r�T � ...4'- . To. : a; J?RA?*lCAh TRfia^JST ou. tKe VetiM j\, Wisenseiccnnpriheudi;* a 'c�m^rt<.^y,�riit <ir lUe lii^Sei aririVa� T. M. q^JOS, 5WiaFiJAm.iiriii<iualJ?Bjpri' tfsJio�!s4.-aiHt i jydi|y I's iiSSENCE^of WOJsffVItTA mwe^^xnt^f* ^e*traor*h)ary elfic'acy ib''Rheomati>ins,-P3si�.^ Adtfijtioiisi.-aiHJ- iCA.mul�itut* of-itlt�i.Slonitti^ may____________ ... If. Si. 6d. This periodical wprk-may be coasider.d as ^ Medical Libniry; of R R. J�hnstoc,ujjertedoii it. ' �f*<�citiae

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