Thursday, November 16, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - November 16, 1809, London, Middlesex mURSOAY iVOFEMBEU 1$, 18(^. �<k^tiB��t8�E�� Cxifekev. nnH F*EEHoi.D�is of the  , Cowty of Bircju. .... ,i,^pn, . - . 'eEttmdanetiD^yven.t hning occasioned the to ike. Haore of Peers, 1 am induced by iiKutw ^rvaffa^OftpntX^ to anike yuxx a t<-iidrr of ,___rjlcai&^&acceciair t4.KK\!PT . iiliMildli; nodcHiMA wlD 5 r go'id aiij^unnml support jpB t iit^iWfmiiiPBptA. Ir.lrcium;^ii&ve. (he iiii|iariniil reprtKntint )��'iaTh� < 1trB<^< viH-ibe -i^ k ��'t nuiii>a rMaoc iKBUiCii'A ^'W' oMuaUofi, (in the ^^tSriafia4i�ehat^eJiio't(tie^iit uY my abilities. jrffi5e*i*e"f�lothe lajtittmlembimn.concfriMt SS|>iirfr,'HiMth%fv oat 70 miles froiA Lnodon^For partijnilan, apply , to Metsrs, Aiteu uiid Pelt, Um^gists, 123, Alders^ate-strect, l<bii(lnn._ BOARD atid LOPGING.^A Wy of .respac-iiihic connectiiin*,: but confined income^ w�bes fut a , eutiifiirtahfr tiiaitXinfi (o'Roarii iu the Country.^ she willjV^ .' A 4)tt;reu bed rnom to hcrnelf; aud to tit �iih ilie family'; J ; Uttati DOttoeye�edS0I..�cr annuntj ihe inuit snttsfaciary reference wi1lSer|(WrD'iiaa(K�)uii'ed; u School wiU not be ob-: jee<ed.4^%i-Lct<eri,(p4�tB^d) to A. B. at Mr. Uiendinlng't, jyp. Uaitf�id^gardrn^ tojdoii, w'lU be duly atleoded Jo. V^VAl^ tok^^Beeren of^ftT'ffigh Couirtof . Chanrtry beaTing-i^i*el�hdiiyofNoveiBbcrlWl8, { itoiide iq a cavse VihtrtimJgaiM Amelta C�uk and �miha Cook Cnok Iiniiin\iJ&Tg.ffmn.\ftty and John Lotro aud others ure deeeoijont*,. xie-mfCim ot.tht fteve*^ JOiUf COOK, late o L^iglt, ht the county of U/nef, Clwk,(.w)io 'dic^ ill or about 4ti^t8iiatb of�Rr;;-:iS(^K �riiTortbK-itb h to come in and. prove (heir debu beloui SoigtfeJ. Coawitna MMiwewWay.evi-nu^ (p peiforui Sac^d- Masic'aiul Sttioile'iuraaxemeouwinL'li-tHcv hope will proJoce f;rriat. S^^'bi tbe ^fr �'>ce5, ^wbicb will bp^nat>icbt' uu ihe-Ap'-----, ,......____, _____,_____^ ;xaw<iFr-ruj�; Mr. feck, 47, Lombard-street; obdMr. ^&ffiWS'iDHAPEI4 eHUttCn.STR6ET, SPI-- :?lf7tAidPililiDS:-H0a Sunday next, November 19, 18(J9, "� ^ li)l|<)�iujt Mintstets..wilt pr n>>'V>^^^^'*'''^lK^' > iD^lie Aftern<Nm, toe R.e�. - '^SpiKai.iUidiD the liyeoiii)^, the Ac v. Andr�w Fuller,, ' - "^tf 1b!tJKftie.' Abrttia'^^ .SiihLjecl, liemon-'tratioa - M||eiM >?-&> & -lt.i> the ioteuHoirof the Londoiv .Itfi^v.'tkirfFuurSermoDij of ibe above deecription, �h;ili ^'W^^i^Si**^'*^'**'fce years andtiie ii. 50. C.oidnii-8lr�:et,JNew.Bond-�treet -COL-lie^^gl^ly �oireibth�^sii�atidiror those Ladi<ii (a wbo^have not^nadV boj) , tbatt he �hjill il^mplet�>atiit'n'ctt�d. " ' > : ; ^:to^b�cr>ber�iii1)i>xes(o all parti of thekitc;-^f^.i;>(i^^efWii.iiithtterttsof Subscfiptioo; to ; t�e'l3biaristt�.-:. \ . . _ ,� .� : feiA>HA'WU.WA;aKUOlISE.^LwK^ or "*'ic^�i2^arotAtt;i>w-ciu�sing CURUJVS INUIA "ijta^'^^^fi/iSomiiity ^of: in>p(T *^tffdr Shdwk., u�#jMn|>dM^c-& wiety of new and ele-r'Brttult^baf^ foBied fpuithe mukl^iipnivQi India |Bi^.�J^eh ar� jtatee had atlheir lioaie eKclitsivVly. i-fei^Wfta^Mkit-Ti^^^ ien.^^^�:j;oe.a.)imisc,�ith lan;e yarji, ;'aod^^h�4��MiW�s� aiiid..bttUocfc.hi y ' tii Rd^al Uij^hAni lyb^pQpce af Wales^ h.-nt|!K became �oJii�h. in repoialioh ai ^�*wSftt>eH''lhehpJt inveiitiOir fh the wortd capable pf _ j�eif oilorgtfBse. Thu FrowWetor ami lira(�liir feel� wA^iitoTtto �Mtlon:ih�'Piititii! that owkieok ^�a�iae but It are adtd �Uh bU tlsnature JohnThinias Riise,ai>d eri'lo*(AM�kV .price Ti'.tia: tft s�� Warehotue, bi,-, i9el,(ihaw>pw-h|nai�va'>d65.Chen|�tidet bIm by jUtH^niH^^d a^eiits in every city and �<owo in tMe 1 1 ^ JflBt W6MEN--:^The greatest bItJm. to ttrauty t!i� rTe^ani article, p^rfecily in. Jdeanuit to we. Pi-ice.Is.; of two in one par> rbjFJthf. Propirtftar,- No. 23, Ra'srUireet^ Covent-pi'Ounnrtt, S, GbVapside* Ba�trr, Hdiuburch, and IV^rv, OiSliat WowJ,.ShrewAu)ry ; Trew-: b�ter t.W.alkcr, Gl<�ter; KuflT,Chelteniiain; Roue, j!WI;-PuU'ntrr, Margate; Gre ,cslra eba^,.~G. PA C-.-.i^l*n^rd Neediei (pat^riiuxed by the Royal Fa. l�'^' inle' Inwutor.of t�i jnvalvabte ^�^addtesi on theoaiside ; ^nd fliUHen hiiMrir thOy to be apbnved;. wIihi lie IritHf tl�^ wiib i^fi^Ml ei^fMOtH of the kiadflwr^et offer. > ^tsnker ^t^panloSloi' tadjji^olic hi�� Pi PonaU^ PeiJH Wiwicttle aiid:Be> Mo. lUt^pper TkwMs ttteet,If by IM* --C'hanci^iv, lundcr ia a Caiite, Warden vrniit Cr^/urd, the Crediloisof UKORGB WARDKN, lateofltifihiaoridr. JUS ^bc iCou'^ttrof. Sarry, EMjulrc, tlerease forthn-lth to coipe m and prntc .Ibeir deUts before Johu Simeno, }v$q. inlfe'of'the Moiti-rs of ih uillianip/tun-btiil ,. Cbi(ncer>-l.ine, buudun, or ind.-.-fault!tberi'or,.tbey vrtii be excluded lite beurStof the taid .This day is publibhed, iat'i):U4tii. pilce4 > By I)AWSb\ TURM;k, a, M. K. U.A.and L. 8. &c. '(.onduw published b> John and Arthur Arcb.fil, Cornbill. This day is publi�b�d, in Two VuluuicsSyo. price tiSs. in hoard>, SERMONS on VARiOlK SUBJECTS.-By .S3l WILLIAM CRAIG, D.D. Late Minister of St. An-' dri*��'j Church, Gi.i�i;nw. A new ICdiiiau with several additional Semiiiat,and a Life of ihcAnt*i>r. '! Priatpti far J. Marny, Fleet-street, Lnndon ; and told by ijB'ery, other Bookfellrr. Ucdicaled, wUb iienniniun, to the Hoyul Society.-Jutt ' pattrwhed, cttmpletr in 18 volt. 41n. PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS, ..'frotn ibetr Cttiameocement in 16t>3 tu 18oO iiiclu.ivp j, with ^utcs, UiogmpUie lliastratium, aud a Copious Index,' abridge^'.biNCbarles Hutton, LL.U. F.R.S. George Shaw. li.ti. f.k.S. Richard Pearson, JM.O. F.S.A. Price, -in a vol*, prifce 1^: . ^ - In a few^ays �riU tie piibiiahed. in Uvo. by C. uiid it. Bald'-win, New Uridge-slrret. .  Account of *be BHITISH SETTLEMENT A'of ilOiVOURASt being a UnVf View of its C^inmer-�ial and;Agricultural Resourci4, ^lil. Climate, Nntuml.Uls* tory, jkr. ^\i�h'a Map. To which are ailded, iskeicliesof the Manaersaud CiuiUiimof the.Mosquito Indians, pncrded liV<^ed�umarof.a Voyage ta the M<iwiaii� Sbnre.--By Gaol. HbNULRSON, orhis Majesty's Fifth West India &yatiw. _. , Thii^ilav ispvbUshrdipricc 19. .nhHEJUBlLEE'jTendf red a Source of Rf'Kgions Jt Imj^roceMetif. AiiivRMON deliv<-rrd at Worship-�tr�iel, FiKibory-jqaare, Oct. 43, 1809, heinis the Fiftieth Anlverwirv of -ral Kcdemy. ttqn^ wiih-Aniui.ulver^ions rin ihc Ccleclic Review. CfftBf ANTKS^ HOGG'S NKW WORK.-On Monda^, "-'October's; 1803, wa*^published, neatly printed, inSvul^. foolwp ^vo. embrllisiied wiih_ 3 humorous appropriate Carirattirrt, price II. Is. in boards. THESKTTINGSUN; or, DEVIL AMONGST irUU PLACEftll^ I tt> which is^ddrd, a now M�. ticil I)ntin�, being a Panidy on the Beggar's Opera, as lately acted, ttilh iiuiirerMi edat, at the Theatre Royal, in Glvsier-placei with Hints for a Masquerade Jubilee, on a grand Sotfo. - . L � Uke tli^eve*, Mwpris'd whilst they divideJho prize. Still seeming duubtfal where their safety lies." D'Ay^isAiiT. (<ondan: Priotwl forT, Bughe�,S5%J.udcaieaWe<j Gray and Son, Piceaitilly i KIrby and Co. A)irordrstr . boards, rpHE PEACOCK AT HOME; with other SX MRS. DORSI'.T. -Prioled for John Murray, Si, ^Iecl-s^ree.t, and J. Harris, St. f^al?sChurcih.yard, London t and Maimenaad Miller, ^TbisJI^ia publisbeii, in t>t>ei'ieat aiHlvery closely urioied _~^liiiilt�V't. price lit. hi bi�aW, a rhird Edition of qpHEmaDBRN PKAJCTICE of PHYSIC: A.. KkhiWiingIbe ihar^ten. Causes, Symptoms, Prog. Mi^. MoAid Apttnifsuiee*; ud improved Method of tretU-'i4^J)^n|Mse UCiso�< ffUetWeel, 'L<mdoaVnnd --Cwufvti^.-Of fMff*m^ fotdfcapjSfo. 6s.^ . .;Pj %^^^ , j^ij^6f.<^^ jb/j^iM^volf. iu^fvitfi^: aife *^litbft^ Ilb'yiot}^ for the 4to.9S VlCTt/AUJiffi OrPlCfii KoT. 7,1809. nnflE Commiikoatrt fit. FiduaUiag Bis Me� M. Jest}f* Navy d� Hateby gmr.Nttietm' u*t on Taes-day, t/ie Hist inst. thevwiU. be readu-to rnM�c.TiR4 utjf/n�n ffareh�u�ef tmeMeJiikesametAaU knoe leen bonded, un� half VuOriof in tke epaee oj one murUA, �n<2 <he remaiader ra �ne in�afA ({^erwards, into HU Majatu* rutuaUing Sloret^iit .CoA,, *nd (o he paid Jot bn Uills poj/abl* ici(4 Intsrtit nfaets ^fHP *if dote. Fht CnMitiem uj'ihe Conttaeu may be Msts at fAt Secrs-tmry'i Office. So regard teiU be had to any Tendtf n wUeA ike Price ihall not be interttd ia word* it t/sngtM, or Viat tJM mot be AiUoered to the Hoard before Ou o'clock on tke � *ai4 Tund&y the 2irt inxiaH, nor %nU�� the pereon eiH^^mabu tht 'lender, or iome pertvn CO Ais belutlf, otlMdti to aw �w�r mhem <allf^ far VlCTUALLINO-Ui'FlCii, Noy. IS, IHJ^ fV^tiE CommisgioMrs Jar VicttteJUn^ Bis Miu JL jt,(\Nk<^ rio ttasfba gw-iUtmt.tJv* ��'friday ' VlCtgALLIN&OFFiefii ijov. 14. 18091. rpHE Cona^simert for VkmUitigHis Jitt. X .fisti^i yity do A&rsijt giti' Nvtiet^ thmt ok TiMida*, tA�^8a instant (A�v wO-fc^readrti) jwefesAiMto ta writine C**ated,nf). And trtatfoe^Mitppli/ofwh^eter B iff S mdy be demanded far the teraku^ �fi�,iff<l^y'e ifoJiarAouse.�! {leplford, (taring USeipaee of Twtloe AfputAa from tie Stiih dap 4lfJmt neat, - , . IJie Cottdttiotu of tke i^ontraet ma be tee� at tit Seen* tflrVr Office., ^ ' ' No regard wiaiehadto any Tendtf in iMth /As�i!fe�Maif Nat be iatfTied iawarttftet teaftA, ort^tk^wtt&ddbiertt to: tM Board bef St. Thomas, aod > 17,M7 Dommica..........27,960 St. John > Grenada -,..>,,..:. 8,603 Surinam............38,717 St. Kills ...........8,60:1 Ueniarara. ^ St. Lueta......... 1 TiAttgo............10,754 ll;ihaiaa* ..........21,.5i:9 Trinidad.----iv..:. 27,96'> Curacoa ..........12,306 .Alartinique.......-'64.5'2i, HoAdnr Andto lie paiil for by Bill*, fayabk softer date. ' , '.'he tinditiont of the Contracts, may ~be seen at the Seere-toKftOffifx. . " *o regarJ mOLbt had to �nij Tender in which the prfct thiUlnbi beimerted in teordt at lagiii, or that thali not bt dtHotrtd to tke Unard before o'Click on the satd Fnda},'fAe31/A taifnnt. ngr unkea t-he Per,�n wA� otaA^t tk&iTendeif, or sogis P�rtiin on hit behalf, attend* to an-n�r mii'.n fit M for- �  TRAii SPORT-OFF ICE, Nov. 7, 1889. THE Cpmmissiioaefs for conducting UisJdajei. tj^t Transport SerKiie, fur taking Cart of Sick and ffomdtd Stauieh, ittul fur Ihe Cat e and Cu-tpdy uf PrUonm of tyar, da hereby five Nolicr, Ihnit/ieywUl be ready al^it Office, on-Thundoy Ute t^dufSuo. to recave sealed 'Jjendert, and treat teilh such Persom as mai) be milling to fonlraa far' supplying. COAl S fir the Strvice of PRl-SONliRSof WaA alPOR;rS.VlOUTjUand CHATHAM, forttreloe months cerlain,yro!a Ihe/.aynf'J'cnder. ^ . tto Ttader will be receivai afier Que o'Clock on the day of Treaty, dor anjr niitired, unle's the parln,' or an agent for Idin,-personally ttHend. Kacn iitid,r inuH be ue:�i^pamed by A Letter from ttco rctfiectibie Ptr'uns engaging to, become bound ieilh Ihe P^'rson Tciut-ring, in the Hum of'iiijL for the due performance of the C nto/tlte said UospHal ndef must be accemganieu by a tieUer from tu:u rt.sp clajlc Penous engaging to become bound with ttie Person tand'-riag, in (he sum Mi. for tie due performance of tht-Cuiitrua. J-arthr.r Parlkulacs may be known by Jippli/ing at tlus 0�i<:t; or to the A gen. of the said Hospital ui Plymouth. EXCHEii.UJiR BILL OFFICE, Nov, 10, ISaJJ All Exchequer Bills dated \a the Month of <;ecember 180S,  � ^ : TO BE P.\ID OFF. ; npHK Lortia Commissioners cj/" Hft Majestu^s : Treasury having given Uirectiuui for paying otftive" Principal of the ahuvementiuoed Exvhequer, Bills, with ' the Interest due thereon,.at the Exchequer Bill O.hrc iu : the Receipt of Exchequer, New Palace VariT, Wesdniiuter, .\ on Friday, the 22d day. of December, aiumdnuce wiU j be^veo daily (Sundaysand Holiduys excepted), uutil and | iuctudliig Tuesday, the i2th of December, (torn Xeii i o'clock in the ^Morning tai 0<Te iu the Afternoon,, for^t li^:-par|ioseof receiviugL the same; and', f umk and Interestdue thereon, , iomphted from,- but excluding, the days on which they are resp�:Clively dated, to the. said �d day of Dec iodusiv^e, , wbeii tbe Interest wUl ciauer and-tbe.said Bearers (bfin; Uttldcni>r mitj.iare..indi^eiMtbly. rrqiiireii to Indorse �:�Bch Bill with, and to-write their names and reyidence bt.tbe^ bfttom bf< ihiMr Ltst": and ttvry are mortever rcqoin:d lo.atteod. the Exchequer Bill Oi&c� -for payment, and to receive the New Bills, and give the ' Receipt? Ib<^s�ine..... ^ , Ifanv ofth f MMi^payiac of the Pricclpal and Interest, ' y Wlacbo^ Elm Stticks, chipped and borrJl, Pairs. 2000,14 bv 14 Inches, ditto. 50, 12 Hrs. Li. Oak Blogki for ttaTcIliBX Carriages, free ofs^p. SO, 6 Prs. lly. ditto. 23, 3 Prs. Hy.diU". One Moiety (>.f each Dimension) of tbe Elm PlanK,^Afb Fellies, Oak Spokes, Elm Stocks, aad Oak Blocks, Hnt be delivered into �iare by the SOtb June, nextj �ndtbereii^ain-det' an or before the SOtb September fui|owirig.  Of me hewed- Elm Timber, 1000 Loads mnst be 'adp^Tied- by Ihe said SOtfa June, and the Remainder on or befohi tke ai berbut ao Proposal can lie admitted bfter the said 4th day of llecemb;r, at Twelve o'CtocK al aoon of the same day ; oeHher will any Tender be noticedj lydeu the Parly maKing it, or as Agent in-his behalf,- ihaU. attend. - ^ By OrderoftheBoacd; ' - > R. H. CREW. 8�c \;|7INDS0R FORfST.-To b� LET, a Gen- T T teel HOUSE, with Ci>ach-boBse ondStabtiog fot ix HPiiel, Garden,,J�leawre Grohml, Ac. t"getber wKh J^MSt ttiQ.ftsre��f good nteddi>#-'8iia arable.Laadr'wiltt wit-able boildi net, uleasootly situated aedrthe Churchat Wink-field, In t^e Countv of Berks,, two milrs fram Ascot Healh, .eiod five miles and'a half from- WiodwrV'and thirteen frOm Reading. Further particalars may be known tind tbi^pre-mises viewed bv application to Mr. Daniel Smith,-Ati^tlo. liei-r, Windsor; and Ns. 9, New Broad-street, Royal Exchange; London. -5- NEW STATE LOTTERY, ta be Drawn in O^E DA Y, the Mth of Fehcuary, 1810. ^ . SCHE.VIE. 4...............e.20,000................^.80,OTO 4................5,(�0..............20,rtJe li............... 1,000.................'. 12.0U0 20................50..........l�.tWO 90................' 100............:......-�,>�J 44................ 50..................V i,'iOO : S6................ 25................ 900 .. 4.860................ li.................. 72,900 - 5,0d0 Priza. ^.2ro,iW0 This Lnt�e.ry is upon the same'' Pl^a a�.the i�s* j it rori>.t j Hot th'-re. are Four Tickets of eack'Nomfh-r^h^^ wiH be .evenUv entitled to whatever Priae is drawn against svch 51�mbet:^ fur instance, if No. 1 should be drawn a Prize �f 2il,0UtMr tbe Four Tickeu of t hat Nnmher w ill each heestitled i iifc'ope'rtilon that it quickly anesls the miM dangsro^ iiAuomatiaa, checks the irritation of the Coug^, bow.eversevere, and tbbse un?asy and-distressln? Spasms oi the Cbesi't su apreserviitive and Cure from aCutigh to the most c^onflrmed Cett^ni^Mnt, Butler's Cozro^s is recommended, and. also to lbOife,.wbo frequent Public"Places,.aBdire exposeil ta sad.dea c1ian;;ef *�So"!f Wholesale and Retail, nt Mr. Botlrt's? 4, Cb�ipilMa', ii-r of Pateriiofier-row ; Tui.[, 'JorsU B'tehaage fjLlaHc� corni' 2S9, Borough j and. W'st Medicine Venders ia'every Co<la Vi�S|T *or "SIOWB abd iV GRAVEL.-y-The..,reeeat and remarkable cIh*'of a friend, of a Mr. W�title-in FK-el-street, in the Confinni-d Stone,'is aiii4he pri>6f,^n~iiiot)ga oitoltit^de of Mihers.of tijeelficaxy of the above remei'y, nrmay he-s^en in PenVs Dtsquiiiio^ of the Stone and Oravei, price IB. fid- ?ubluhed' by Symoadi, 20,- Pdsteriioiter-rowj and Beckett, 'all-Mall.. . . i � - i - � N.Bj The Si?lvenl may b.eadmiiiistered4o the weakeft^on-sVitaito'm, and is Mid by ibe Proprietor, Mr-Perrjr. (:n. 9, 9;)ufl>ampioni-(ieel,''Blotnt^burv-squarej in (uiittn of 4s. 6d. lis;, and U. ^.'-twttof ��ijlcli test remove the ealcatdas diathesis in the hitbit of sedentary perma.', and.tbwrbypre-vent the fni'matiTin rtf Ji stone." The SoWent- is �iW also at f^copand Co>, 130, Oxford-svpet. oppovie Bui.d-street{ lin4.Bti,Bplftm\rront otfiie Royal Riichiuiire. . J - tiier pfo le�(ered ti�-hHtItf ^byiBkt'Medi- Frori UvS BEJfTlJffir Ml^. Cbwl^ide, - : -v ... -. London. �'TV-; � ^thfcdAV;Oni**#i^. . i|l�JiDaibe�hiiitl -bave btaa advet^wd tu he Roidoff, and tte Interexr there-oa iia>.<*iMd. Those datrdlo �o�vsber, llMS, wfll h; - jtttdo�tt�*tliMii^�- . ^ earV-haa^ewlhem iw~ iiferi.i4Ban qntintittes, ll��e �it^tJ�,�l5tsayt h tieifcverini^ liieii'aie.-iam, Sjr,-5'%�TWc-8e>v5Mt;;^'-r--:- T -Ttam?gnre,Feb.2, 1_80K. �. JSBN'^INCK. ' Sold wholesale and rrtail at Mr. Butler's, N�. 4; Cteak.^ lain crtrtMjof Pajirt�n�MHr��w J^aadfirtiiilby monci>S� JJleditiad.VeBden, hj &d.'aiHl 6s.

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