Tuesday, November 14, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - November 14, 1809, London, Middlesex .'swihe Wig''^- - ... , ,- , are now Officer, which fids tt*ver yet been made pUblx. Register Office, No, 7G, f lect-Btr^ei,, jona Straud. .....I . , , i' Second-Editi'JM of Narabers Ir-ll. and lY. ready._-"^ _' " _ -''  _- , /CAPITAL Established SPIRIT Tft-ADK, wtth- _ MONT ;incliiaioK a Yirw of ihc Affairs of Irclaud, durine a very iiiterc tiiig iwid ev<mful P^rind. By Flt^f{ClS llA.flt)Y. Esq. RIemfcer iif tlic lale Irish P.irliiUtient. A few Coiiies ;ire pr;iited o.i Itoyal Paper. pub- Sprinted descripUpimf, .aud direrlions for uiakiDgi {fpiius, but very^ siniole iujtrument, bv any counYry iBarbetVtslngRjjt^regiilnr with great ease, Wbiit.�,�iiy}of (^^ee^?Vflaga peck, or of the sort below i-fiiiJa. tbree'9UdJli)4SSu|^ieotf.ir ail acre. " /if a Mrw.hranoh \Vfirat, fSiv(Si 8iich'uum f<�iiAJarge, jdiice liweftbiRdTnort-iljiin thieeguai Prbjirifetoj-hilTiilC JjiwOier IJuii-.i^ lu attend to, is Ihr ^olc , , reusqujof'Wishjri^ t'rt'tlijpnsfe'i.ifit.' To any .Jicfive Young-j Nian wi(h� siHOll 'Capitaljiwilbtn^ to vata&iish. http;elf in.' Bu.-��essj,it,wi\l^ffard;a div^jin^lt upeifing, as by �;isi any exicnt.-l-etter�, pinst pxid, nd-ilrcssed (H.'I.)to tht iare of Messrs. TAl'fchR and fiEWi TON, Country N��spaper Office, 5, WarWicit-squnreij Lomlun, will be iniinediat , pleasantly situnteit.neurtlie. GhurL-hut.VV'hikr-Iield, in tl>e.C"ui.ty of Brrks, two mil's frHin A>cot Heath, and five niileii an>ra half from Wind.-or,' and (hirteen from ReHdi'ig. Further particulars may be-knowj1'atid the p-re-roites vie^l by applicatte^i lo.Mr, .Daniel 8mi|ii, Aiictjo'-, netr, Wiiidsm ; anil N,.-i. 9, Hfiw Broad-street, Royal Exchange, London. �'  �' GALLI;RY of i'ORTR.AlIST-Shortly will be lisliwJ/bv T"; Cadell and >\V. Dnvipj, Srr.Mid. .1^0. .m. of THE BRITISH GALLKRY of . I^ORTRAITS.-A. Scries of PoUrails llie .n.>st c'coiften't,'Persons now .livins, or lately iWceasfd, in G rat 'Britain and Icelaod. Licluding the mi^t distingiiishcd ciia->4uictersrn the'Senate, the-Church, the Navy."and Army, i IIiQ learned-Ffofessiviv, .at)d (be various dep^rtmeiit^ of Li-Itjrtttore, Science,^ ami Art; those who have ino-.l zealously � t-x'erteil Hl*m�eWes ia'promotiiig.lhe Arti, Agriculture, and 'oflfte-Ununtry, or, Irv tiseir eifnmple or patrmi- from life, or from ori-facsimiiP* of I lie cally ;earh Nuiii-lining Sit l^ortmia, acroiiipaiiirii by short �5i gra-pliicnVNnticcs, prir'c U. bs.' .V limited Noniber of Pioot' ,lmpre'ssiniiS-taSeu ofi-; in a��perior manner, on laige p;ip(?r, plrice U-;4&'.. And ,4{ll-tlie Copres deiivi-red, as ;)earl> as p'dfsibief^iCf.Ql.'^ingiiJ (ho dates of orders rvcciyed, fi>r w'hicSi 9 fj.'iok ��s"i>pehe<l m:�ce. ofAkt Cnnfract.__ � OFFlCH or ORONANCK. Stiv. 6, 18 9- riniiv PrJnririal OiTitrers of his Majesty's Ord- IHE Principal Oiiicers of his Majesty's Ordnance, do hereby give notice, that then �il'- s.ll b? in Arrtiort at the Tower, on Thursday the lt)lh_d_ay ot li-sts anie ZS^ie to' ioforin tbem itm feiiittaoyflll^*^ BijMlthatlhOJ^rb? wHo'lliose ^befSnsftelW"; tte osedl oti (icb a.^ are bi �Umbered io M W.irehouKcat No. 50,' Articlei rairf-.-be .imiWi lets... An4aBJti$.t}l^D|Ksent' id rl"4�d<vih*eyJv.)sV�HWeii^y, ir (l�!iri WHO tHe�r coiii-,.TOnmiveta 0, Sw'j|nf||iml Hlie wost lilj^,j^'f ^hige- iD&to biib to rfpuiatiqn'as-. aohttTh^maSrR ISQ BOX.-'To be SO-LD by PRI. _ v^A-rirt;dNTltACT,"il tomfortable 0 W laLlNG-HtdUbE in one of ihe iMiril;in.l Ciunlies, coiiii�ting of four roo;n6U,h.-.rffl,ory iv^tabie, feurden. a-id ?{fn^��'t'W.o 'other Vewenti. ,a..d "'fbe- (mute; vvhien Uffreehnldond nearly new, is sont^rtHd the late SiJ Jo=hua RVynolds^ berHvill be pablisBed in January : and wni tietiroughl fo.:;w�r<l every twr The Fourth Nuui-fcc.ri-aftcr a Number o raimths. Public Aoction. at the' Tower, on Thursday i NovruiDcriiert, l)euvee!i the ho'.irjof eleven and fnur o'clock,~ S!indry Lots, of iilJ and unserviceable OKDNANCK SrOilLS, cons'Miii^ of tlaairi. Collars, Hit,Haft .is odier .\r''cl.- �d r llorw, , Tenti and Sand B.i^, Copper; Steel, and mixed .Metal, Tools of sorts, Dell.iws, \�agion.4 and Carls, with h variety of other articles, tbe whole of ivhicb in;u be vie�;ed upon applicaHi>n at the HononraWe Principal Storekeeper's QiS���-<rt:ei(kXaMM�v�iUiL the day .o/Sate^-w here vr^ftteA \'n\s <if tne Lois will be dclivrred to tbose-persoi^ Who may liv order of the Ijt^ard. _ KOBKitT CjtfcW. Sfrretary, VICTUALLING-YARD, DLPTtOKD, .\ovriuher^� JSJ'J. "^HESE are io give Nu(!ci\ ikek on Tiiu/sday, l/u ISWi November at ELvehilAClock in I'le I'ore-nnon p:ei:i-:l'j, kiI~ Oe i.xpoted to S.\Uii nt His Maj'Myi yiduulling YHid at DeplforJ, uiniry Lots uj the following Pioviiiiim aiul Ciclualliiig Hlores, viz: Bra.id, Mour, Raisins, Peiise, Oatmeal, Itice,, Callavan ccs, Pot Barley, liake'ioiise Sweepiiigu, Sugar, Mohisses, Butler, Cheese, a (juamiiy of Lead, Gil J.irs, old ll^pL', and l-'ire Wood,now Ivim;; in ihe afi'r.;ad yard. yi Dtpviil of'ibi. par ixiit. is tn br. imtih upon the nmount of ttiih Lot at the time of Sntc ; and if i/.e letiiuTuler of the iei)wt)iking <l''fi iifierw.trds. the Oipo-il ifitl be/urff-iir.dy nn.i the OnoiL^ itimiin tliu properli/ u; tUe Ci-Kn. Tile i^lliLjr Condilijui .may be seen, and Cat.'iiogttes at t/i(Hvtii(iiiing tani. at Oeptfnril. Had Shdrtiy'wiU three acres-and Gardens.- well calcu-. TISTORY of,the PQLiTrCAL LIFE of i RtehrUon: ^t-W.^PlTls indudmg'; sion may ,artidolaTS.iHH\K'. "'�"�"� GraRthany, "0,lBUiLi�KJSt!i,.4fc.-To be LEX bti Building dnse,lS,;'1 by. ' ttidbitara'60 Hndscs','''of'thc third rate.io comtnttnirate with ;lromhi^i^r's-ro�'ant^ Old 'jfi^unpiare', ibear-Old-sUeet, 'Conil bi^.T -I'rtjioMls Taxe�, except the Property Tax, will he received at the(}l.rk:s OSce oo.or b<-/f()re5wiirdiiy the iS�h instant, be-^***eBrtie"flour<of;|'en1iiSd TVvcr, where'tbe.Plan and piir-ilicul4rjriiiby.be 8e�n; � 5r:r-'. � :  '~ N. ft. The Laud Ta� JB red^med. T. PELlATT, Clerk. be pWishcd,. by T. Cade II aud W. Uavies, Strnnd. ^ _ _ _ " the Kl^to w\t "Hir I'.; inouomc �"mc Account of tbeTii Tbe ev^nls^w. -..... limit which he orrgrnaUy'prescribed Publkljeri having!be�*n bonoured with iniimalious from many ))f Mr. Pitt's'mon distinguished friends, tbUt a tnorc elegant edition, thunrlmHiitherlo annomiced^ would be'TiiRhly ar- -  � �-' " ---t------1 ,1,.., tl,o .-. .ri."=,,. fortallTwl snchGwund. in distinct t-jt!, of not V4thrf.^?*A HodsW'U.^h^Loti^ at- a_Net Grpil..<J Rf..�. c\f:�r ,1 Impi xord "s'^A'hlSd number, in three elegant quarto volumes, on Ro\al Paper. Price 8f. 8-. "n extra bnard.�. - HaiVdsomely printed in six velumes, oclav-. Price 4Ms. I I '~ � Adinirallv UiliTe,' ;Vor. )H, 18.:^ IT being intended to distribute to the Poor Wi'd^jws of Coiiimisfinn .10(1 W'arr.im Oificers of the K<)yal .Mavy,  j w litise cirCuaislanrrs crnie witliiii the KiJIrs of the Chnriiy j est.iblished fur/liefr Reljr-f, .orii .Moait^ as may be'-daeta ' 1 Ihein, on hrcnuiit of ilieir Peiu-ions, up., to ibe.aoih .^ipy... i iiist. This i v letter acfdr^s-'ed tp ihfr Srcret.iry of the Admii'allj ; and that all mc.'i Widi.w--!, V, hose claims have be^'n already allowed, inu.-it sen! or bring ' to t bis Office,-as'soon as pa^bible aft?r the I7ih iitstant, the , .illjilaviti required bv the rules, in order lo tlii ir being. Cou- tinue<l upoil the Pension List._J. VV. CKOKRR.--. TARMJTto be LET.-To be Let, indeutertnl--Liidy Dav nrttl, a capital FARM, at AtJy AKurd, inllie Coiiniy of Liixoln. This Farm upon at ?3('U^e .^,.,, ..ittS.ws JiinturrS, llor-y- I ronhi^ftljen' HaM. Nov. 1. fndi�8 round ; }hfi�ll|er full,ied^i>)�a m bed, by T. Cad-It aBl fitrlfcd.Vlegaoily prinlid ' - " W. D.ivies,. in One'V'InftT- t^narto, with a iTe^'yer; compact and convenient f..r occupation, of aBout Pour Hu-Klrednnd Twenty Acres of Arab.e,.^Mea-dow,ind Pasture, v^ith a .�italde pr.p ution or.r.cb Wa^^ Litfd -Mso to be Li t. and entered .... at Udy UaynesI, a mot desirable COW and ..HKKP FARM,. J^^^^ near Alf..fd, in the af.iresaid County, ""'"""R f 1^' flundr^daud Forty-four Acres, in Ihehigbestsl^tftof cultivation. 'or u"tlH-r particular* enquire (post-paid) of Mr-Tbotap-n Ganluvr. rhor.sbv.neHr Alford, �i.hw1iom sealed oJ^^uTn- reuuircd u. be left on or before the erst day of son pro'^.s.nJs are require Oecernber next �ilj) having of late beeome so liish .tM^ajikjioft; ^ <+liei/ | l�p ery=olber riecdle," ire ftjiiii'.aTaie di^ti". ^ff stiperior jfAwDritties; ai'e^^^^ j6.P>i^^(gMuH - - .......----r i,.i,l|,,jj^ .Wide, ftels it'^bi fci�and address'* *?^g^^?ea^^. PPLEBY'S ANTlXiaU'OL'S .TEA.-.Cojn. plair.t' of the StiMUicli aiirt Nerves are the chief causes th.at pr.tduce a loss of li-'-iiUh'and decay ofconstilutiun ; ii^ J3UUUO viej;  t.hlscountry th(^ lui%eei:ciea.=ed of tate jeiii^ to-an amaziqjt , . Portrait of ,h".^"Aut'h.*.V" and'nn-n.eroos other" l.n-.aving*. ' | 'S^t and fe�-per,ons are exempted fromlhew io agreater mp A vrt C tv-.. .,k uiT>:.;t\ *. TPCMjr-rA ' or le-s de^jrec ; s.cb a general mtlmnre of disease mast aj-tse � � rRRRLiO- 1 fr.,n a cause as geiienn and prtvale.1t, and this cause ean bd � JL! RJLS of the DO.V COSSACKS. CU BAN TAR- ! only lopked for in flift introductiim of iM.reigo Te v6 plants-In place of th^e-delfitetio.us' druif-. .we would recommend the silulirions beverage niade from Al'Pi.Lli.'i'S A-\( rMIlVOCS TliA, whteh'thou- : taiid-i of pef. !(.�rfulness'and uiiimati.iii to iiieinioil, in iiinumcmlilc crises nf.nervous, bj's- - eu where the patient* ft�^VrD."cLAllKli, LL.l). etir'alU.nic.Vif theTVrlsh Bards ;anu. � B-nidick iViiiseimi, conlaiiiing the Original Bardicn. Songs �fuje'^,-t,".! History; in Two-Volome:). ^..^.e^^oiflmperial Paper, With Proof Im- P^P^^Iu!"cont.iaing VIEWS in CHI^HIR^,^ BRITANNIA OKV.CTA; ^j^--B^^li:,,"^:! Faringtuh, Smith, l'!r:�^n^VTtJ^ubieyi^T;'a';a7ierf of disease IfOm t^ie aa, ^ ^ VurVo hlSi^theyarede.tinlid.as.-m^^^^^^ wWc^ emails upon then, weakne.�s. paa...iud an- loterwP^MI -Tf those re-.lar secnuions ooBn. .iL�niJAlilkiid>J)&drawii,{i 1 r.aj �� 2d,(JdUt. file Mui-ic^SiKjPfi''IJJ ;.>H"�.���uiuj.i6i.F,^ .......... ...._____ .itoMrSlred J at l'fest�>n's Music Shop, 97, Strand i and ^t f leMe'nli aail Co."^, Jjo. 26, CheD|iSide, I'his day is pabltJbed, tbe.Second Edition, iTf . '^d. boards-, inWt^rs . , taph.Vsics ^aIv.cJ''�'^fi'"^d a) ' " Author- ,r ' " inaa.^'Hursf, Ree?, r Hiir.',Jidiiiburgn. ''^-"-piNrKEinON'S NEW AiO0�;n.N'ATLAS. I Printed forT.adVuW W. DKVfes,.Slftind5add Long-:^nJi,%l^t, R>eMailil Ortie, Paflernoster^row ! Dr. FolliergiU 8 PiH�, iiSA f^!W3W>�"'vni�.='�.Yw^v ....�r�.^.. , s^ionofevVy mother, >^^,'>%,f'^J^'^"^^^^ ' x. ho have females entrnsted to thei^ .care, ^,\$-Jwiba�iait L.,�i..n. , . , ---:'.p45,;SSl,iniV*tt*t.�i.k*�^^^^ - HEAIBTH; � The Choicest Blesfing:ffti�!id ' ^' Tliaifiatt can wish, or Heav f(p�i^-_ >A,L,ES: of XO�*^c VfcSj or, the SAFEGUARD AGA-INST FlREi^fi X)xfun|i((|�.utyLondon, Iwg leave to il'B?S.fV"i�il"�tt�JPlXC8 will be- : tWV�>Mtlb wni.^egab Wct>*in^4 -'-'-lutii; l^fctfieixperieiiced (1. veirjr favouralile: ieceVioiiwtWibhlteirt,. rt*rw thl^'have lotfjramuseil ih^. ->loi,er|^f:iRq r.fibirfly.tran^Jatj-d frora>�,be com l�ed).. foijiijore s&fe C�a�eyai.ce tutlic^ountry v�t.iUt *^ "^-^--"it(e,dtlivered. without any foldi toibose who ether co rtf��SiSB*��M'S'uhe Ist of .OeeHnber next, andV' f �� ill coutoin 9 Plates-Price 2s..6dj. :--. r .> '^^j,. a ..,p, ^ ,er 6ri��AT*.i^6ranv of the JBookjellers in Towa Tr^W. -J-THisday isptibUshed, lhn|io elegant  prit!�Ks.'Kib3ii*i, '" ' HE SYSTBiVl o/4b^AV.0RtiD,.iM5fOwllng to ;i"^;SirLwc'Newtoo.aiKj;itib}egu.ent. Ntathematielan*.- ' d'-andttttday'^lJ'f-uwM'' iu. "47, Soutbamptop-row-* ^ - alsosjSijW:^.

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