Saturday, November 11, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - November 11, 1809, London, Middlesex :}ri ^fpfiB' Pto^gal(Meets ^pni'strng of Hi� , j;ja�SWJ5i(d.Ja0ous-otlier Articl.^. pf Sad^ry and tlames*,- fit ..^ ^-------_^i^7^4^i^^^4^[tt^ agiona'and Carta, nith. ra- Thiadajf t� ppbliiUed,, in S'o. pfice snplflE- BAfflhES of TALtIVERA.-APoe^. abifto.'trdiiiburgh ; jind Gilbert aud Hddge*. 6i. tlie Secon �AWATOMY.-This Da^p Is piiblishcd, iii ohevpry cl/>?plf.' I r'liied Volume, small Svik pnVr )K id boar.Is, the Eighth lion. with.Tcrv'nmtorial Iji!|irpvc!ii'i.Li, of id JftN^JUpE.CrRAMMAR SCIK 'aji- �a�S- 5in! t^Swtl^Iri the ncijiiboirhood^tKti* ptIng^ of. tjie-Roman Cathj ;bW>Vrif Corkf hddat the |.f fs,^i^i^ib^^^^p'inbabcT 1869, i6t following K st object of ouF Jlichadf ^ ^|iliJ;^t(u;^by e^eatia|llj|jirua)ote the union and bappin^s of * dtir~coti.ntrr.. " ' ,.(...' , I .Riioiyed, ThaiVre wd'the warmest senliraciits of gra-,. LkMrViadc' tbVour .tiBU(>Wjjn;t>ject5 of difiiercnt persuiuinni:, wlio .;|^dkave^8 q. BdVardHVloTTogh, Ksq. ' Jlichiird-.Qaju-y, Euq. Ilobett M't aithv, r>q. ' V.'vlin Cananofl, M. D. ib$cr}pt on b6 enlerei(�ito for the pur-.^.I'P'Wipfd'frawwjijejKC^^ �� , � I Ilcsolved, Ibat^heviregoiRg Ijy the ., Chaimnn, and pabir:ilied in the L'orfe; Oablin'aiidjLimdoo* : 'Jleitjpapep. ' . r-�)HN^4fc\tK.Y, Jui�. Chairman. TlieCtiairnian'hEviiiglcft-tlie .^balr,.-IbeTHankit i>f tht ' VreKiig (TcreAraan'mousiy V^cfted'lo biih, fur bis proper conduct id the Chair-. . �y dr^^ji�il4isaF$-r=tnJ& General MfeliHe-Sfl.ieuit- ' oanc^, called by advertisement inJhe Inveniess Journal; ^ Fj.our.p6 _ a*^ep>ertRoeffevISS(. r.'^ James Ao'eJi'e, Biq./ T.Biibett;finrktfi.Esq.: ,6toMieShea,-E�(l? eoBsiellor M'CatfAy, GSDunseUoT 0'tt��aiii" Cbkrla-Dalj; �.GfpJ55eWiileisB�q.. George Goiildi E^. CtHtliB CbsacU, bJiS -R�ql�ed,.Tii4t-a. \:.^mjm5ioaers .for^cfinducHng fits Ma L\jBay'r,^aBipprt Service, for 4(i)dug.ait ' ' *' '-;| iifjeUe't-friini tKO riipectabie Per-ons engaging tb.VfC^f: iound vfilj, PieJ'eriflH.itendfrlngy in-lhe-sum* qf-1x01 f\>rike Hue perforifiahfeeJil/ieC^lruXt. , i . . ". . ^'Phtllsi- -pmrciitaft! i/iitr,h'e'f(!no>bn''bfd^tyini a( i ^^"^.g.'-,<^;Cggrfift;<?rfty.l,<jt, gtaglptnn..:,f.... L , � r/*-- a'his'day is'publjrSbed.-.pricf.,^ 'Wi5KliBGTIG5fS upon the iWDEiVCY of a tiJf: Ci^'daWrei on theNulure and EOectsof Evaiigefical' prcAftliig, by a Barrister."-B� 'lire Rev. JOHN HUatH StrR Y, N� a; ^P'-'ris^frv^f Christa Qhurch, Biub.- - .-.- � Printed, for F. e.'and J. Rrvinglon, W<�. 62, S�. Paul's 'CU|iicb-var^ : sold also by J. Halobard, N� Clumi-t, Haymafkct. _ . : 1 ASTREAM of WATER.-Waixted to.'Hent. or, C�ircIiB�e, a. Strt-am of Water, capabje ,ciopaai#y-. stlpptjlng ajsmall Mill; V.t'iuDallMill so'sujiplied, wjillbe . treated tor. The dislnnre musti not citcEed^tO mttea frdm'' lAnd.)n'.-Applications, deScftbiii^ the �Situation oOffredjrndr-A dressed (pusi paid) to A. B. at Biitspn'* CoUVei-lh''^ CornliilUjtvi-ll be ioireedintelyaiiended^Ja. PEDXL HARP-Almost exccUeiit-antfl f^l Ins'tnimeot, with alltbe Pedals, Swellj, ite'. Irj litst-i ahtin very handsome iubuih Music Desk to iuijt', and Merlin Sidol?, agreen Goviraod ^-avellil.lg<Jase the-whrtltt-, together e fo.. 5^ L>'ice.-terJpltfte,',l.ei� . ce'tcr-sqiiare, from eleven to �fouro." clack. J � � *' .in one u 10 be Disposed of, aloiig,estal)lisliedRETAlL XI ?! K.N T_R A bK, cajiable Eitonsimj?, ::ortlfeniist Centrical SIluatioHs in the City of Brfstul.-A 1/rasc of iJre Pramisef will-iw assigned to the.PtirchAiior," "and the Stock nmyjje redhced to his conveiiience.-(.etiers (post jHiiij) from Priucipals'ou>v, addressed to Mr� Guicb, IViiil.r. 15,.SmaJI:j^^liristnt. will he attemled iff. { ��: . Bx^ENRY'sllil/oNS. �C 5j*��' Perltura; ,.arcitp Charlae.."_ .3.x-�.o^>y.i #x_. c His. hoa'dsj A Title;- liis uses. iyBriot6A(irli(fiig*v\n,-hap^,'^ OTme^ PatpfBoster �'Raw- '(>f,wboin maj h/vU bv Ibasame author, Time'i a ' ^^''T^ V/CrWcuLar: R't:Q(7EST.-Just pul.Ii.h-d. ,_____,_ S4'iRiilONvJ?4eac?i8d in TunT)ri�Iiiti^WeltsIa^,.-,!^]^3A^i^.\^9^'V -------- - Mfet>^��ser^,^ imt;^lii^U'-Y'fi7}^V:_ ^Kr&rwYOL . ,^^t*AMTlN }JEN>iQN, a.m..  T/nbfidgevVells r P>inted by and. for J.Spraiige, fit GiTciitrtllrgfiftWrj^^�nH'R�'eister10ro^fi�r Lddgiug Hoi.,,, ; whereoue.T'SapticafroDiRill meetr�ritli dise aiteotion^ by , Wiuclf .dteaii* k amities may ,b:)V(^jivitaUe LodgiMgs provided' f� �k;5eUing, A<< ve Strraon may bo bad in LpndoD, at Kivintton'?, sK'Pa^tlfsChiinh^yard. '_�' . This day ii poblisliedy'iii 3 vol>. pru-c jANOERS throusb hlFK ; -or, the Victim o I 5 Scdtrction.-.By Air*/ PLV.NKKT <l!.(e M'tjs Gun- i Rii^), Ap^hor of tbe OrpUftnsof-hnowdcn.Oipsey Oointei^s, ! Packet,'.&C.. j . '-At liber's N�w Circulating Lihrarv, No. 23, Old Boad- 1 street.- In. the Ptess^ and M n will be published, Pursuits of fashion, h Satirical Poem. rpilE Ai\\VrO.V:isT'S V'ADK.MECd.M, con. JL tiJiritri Hie AraWnjv, Phyii !irat;nn�, Ac. To � Imh are added, Anatomiral, Phvsiwlopifai, iVIidir.'il, and .SJrft;o;iI J'l.imioafiofj, which will Ix' foiiiid hiftUly wsiful m tl'c Studf t;t wholuis to p-^.^s .it the College "fSurceoc^,'or at any at" fde B'lards.- By KOUKlir llb(jl*i:a. M. D l-.c-ni.-it.- in ]'hvNlc of the Uoiver>itv of Oxford, jtnd �!ie K ya! Coltrg,' T.f Phvsi-ciiuij of Londiin ; KeU )w of jh^t, i.if"'93in S.)ci5t3 i. Pliysi-ci:iii to,St. iViarv-le-hiine InBrmnrvJ ftc. Printed for John Wunay, 3^, Flrt-t-streetj London; and sold aUo by e�ety I^Klk-el^er in Towu and Couniij.-Of whom may be had, l.itflv publishei'. 1. Hooper's Surgeon's A'ade-Mecum, f'>ols 5 Viitera, .'ool.-rap Svo. :is. 5. Cooper's Dicihunary of Fnirtfcal Siiivery, 8�i>; J5s. e. Tboiiws's Practjce of Phare-ic. 6vn. 14s. Tilts day is published, price 3?. COUPSE -of LECTURES: conta i rtodern aiid contemporafy Vpyages and Xravels is just cjtripleted, price 15?. in boardji All .the former Volum"^ of this inlerestiag aild valuable W'n-k. may also be bad at xhi? same price, � Bridge-slrt-it. July fi. Iffim. - . _ NKW tiOlllO.N Ob tiL.A^i li'S fcrntiLiij.l .itlA .ivi.\ ov. 1. 1809. .__^__ JDN1US'.S LETrERS. This day is pobiijihed, in tno elegant Vphimp*, small ortavo, cwbelti-^hed niti) beautiful Portraits,-by Caroliue WatSOD, price 149. in boards, , ' ; � .  '-" ACOMPLETE and AUXnENtlC EmTIO.V of ihe Ceiebraled l.lil.TKRS of .liTXiila, containing much additional M.-xtter^' aiid mncli to be foBo'dln-any other.Edition. cbntaining a do. iJeriptlon of systematic afrangfment of ihe sjeveral . Bnmclicsijf.Divinit^-; nccompnnied .with ^1 account boiii , of-the principal Authors, and the Progress.whieh hjis been i Amongihe AJdiiiinsare (I) the vaH�as Lettrrs to which iriWdi-at diflei-ent" periods, in Theological Lfartiin^.-Bv-I Junius replied t copious illustrative N�tes,. historical and riEe.;BC;RT MARSH, D.D.F;K.S, Margaret Professor of ^ ^ � ' - . -..Divjoily: - . >.  '." 'printed at the.Univcndty Press; ane^snld by J. Detchtoir, ' Giirtihridg^ r\. .f uctioQ to ' 111 Six ..firr^Vl i-:'TM�rd&y is piihn*heA, prK-e M. biographical; (3) an Enquiry relatiye to the A.ajaf of tbetie pnpers, in which 4he preten^iitiis of vnc.inus �;ipposi-d writers uie critically ciaini.-.ed, and ihe name of lue real Auihor .ascerlaintd. ' ' ^ By JpnX ALMON. Author of the r.ivfs of the Enrl'of tliaib.-tm and Jolio Wilkes, of AaecdoleS HiMoriraland Biogra ihiral. ^ir. Cxc. Sic. ' ' and Printed for Riclmrd- Phillips, Uridge street, Bbckfriars. d fo^p h id of .11 Book^'l.-rs. : UN j FORM AND CHEAP 01CT1(>>'AftlKS. _^ ^ ...^ -......^ , . .jis day Is published, printed anjfiirmly in breviiT lypr-, . rtiic'rjfti of*Mr.'iliinJC Xooke arf^ oilier liiodrrh Writ.TS on ! " siSting e.-ich of-f.'om ooAn 70 sh^ei�, dosfly-priHifd, t�ve |''orpiatJon�f'j,^iigtiae'e, a*etor ifre-ftr-t ti:i;e incorporat-" : coiilatjjing an unpar " ' ' ' - ' - ed;^Hj'.^\rLtlAAl-*MZi4J'T.� Author of ail Es.*a) �u the I resppciiv^ subjects. �prftidWos oflluniati AcHon, Ac: fifc7 To which is added, a  i A BIOGRAPHICAL, jNw* Cdiile io;We-Eiifelish. T.^^goejia a Letter to VV. E. ! -------------- fi{^ltii,-<A(ithur of'.the -^^cbflol-.;.Dictionary. JJy Edward ' "pV-^i^^^iiKJ: UicJuVenilc'Library, No. 41, Skflinjjijstreet, and jiu\\:\A ul;d1 -Book'sellrrs. Thii uay 15 puiMisiieu, pniiiea un^nirmiy in DrevuT typf, consisting each of'f.'om oOito 70 sh^el�, cjoscly-priHted, and coiiiaioing an unparalltfed qoairtiiy of informaiiuu on the nr^ORK^\L, and C RON O LOGIC A L D1CT10J(A R V i c<�aiaidi..g ac-cu ate accoimts of the'�'Lives, Cbat^etfirg, and Aciion^i. of Uie most Eminem Persojw otag,Ag�*i-ai* a'irc<mntries; io-sludinglhe Revolutions of States, and tlie Succeisi m of Sovereign princes. I^y Johi Waikiw, LVO. PricelSi. boards, . or 20s. bouiid and letiered. .' . . . nat ,IAM ,GRANT,'his Majesty . y ., - .^mr^.inK.xn', ITithe Chair; ^ J*TT '*�fe^moTfJfl-'>iMp* fl*- Vice-Lieutenant/and tina-p v*-iJ*3iio)i&ay:agiKiilig7ftofr(hf Xhsmktof this^ei^ Meet- to be LET.- To be .Let, aadeiteroid Lady Day next, ^ cju)^lal E.'\Ri\I. a^ Aby .Grang�y flfa'r Alfurd; in I lie-County'rtf Lincoln.  This, Pip'tifi lies very coinp.ittandconvenient f ^i?is^-^^herei,T^^^^ Pubic at: j-Li'i^i^'.'^ ^1".'!.'^^:^'.'' be;inbf rled'rd " London Aer. s- inggood pasture land, contaijiiii^ about thre? acres-^nd "^fcifeaiftl t6 !^^ .'opnifn.! ^'i .Jc.^'isq titi �.^�i. ,* ..... , t,V> ri^igiwd.ionaips aM bs'appoio.imcqt of th', bji .* i ^ :*TftAN-C.rS wat. ^cTrVim'.: 1____ % .SteeledTW*�A�m>&iMsi.r Lieutenancy,-by "17f/"INDSOR EORI'IS P.-To be LEJ', a Gen. � ^jrxS:: !,ia;J;^Rei^li^-ANDERSpX.-G. C. ^^ t,el 1101>SI?,^ �ith Coach-house and Stabling for ------� ' ��- Hi<ThGt)urt of '* Worses, G.irden,'Plpastire Grmud, &c. t.gelher wrth tb-^- biards, with'tbe J\"iap* plain,-'6r 3bb'. ~wifH coloured Maps. ?.  ; A Uictionnry of. Practical and Theoretical Chemistry, with ils-Applicalion taihe.Vrtsaod Manufactures, and to the E.xplnnation of the Phastiomeda of ! Vith Platesiuid Tables. Bj Wm. Nicholson. Price ^Is. board'. Pri.i.ed for Richard i'hillips, No.-fi, Bridge>�tre*t, Rlack� fii irs ; hnd tohj- had of Urici^and Co. Ediilburgll ; Archer iinl Keeoe, Oublin ;' and by all llonksellers;'' In tlie preis," to correspond, n Uictienary pf Commerce^ Trade, and Maimfactures. Pi ce Sis! hoards. THE O.NLV WORK OF TUt, JilhiJ. This d.-iy is published, a new Edition complete, i�25 Vols, small 8yo. a tapted for the Library, jirice S/. 5s. in boardu"; or oii.giuall and common paper, adapted for Schools and Young Prrsoa�,iJrice 5/. in boardf. gLiilrel famil.^. -Tl^e neighbourhood \* ple.isant,.and has theiidvanla^e of very'gdod roads. Imnii'diii.te p.i-sessioii ra.iy he i^ud. For price and further 'particnliiTs api ly tn Mr. '^^ hlic, I'cilor, Grintha-Ti. U^'IRJtff-r'iDeiiTK of 'fte . tiiacQsewlwreia '.tidtepn'ish .if St.-iMi^ j!l*>of,Sui:i3r.-MdJtttljBfJ^aM jnjbe-. county of Kci t, ..^r/decAis{f3J^a^d(mf�rc day i�f Dec. Vm\ .-.'tewlBd wiajfinSrii^. tliair.^I�(s.c1$efare'Jsani�el Comptwi ��-'51 Wi!*Mr*0.�ji!rf%�d5!*�*�tt^ Cliuni- . '-""don, or I P^^TttdiJiliCAi. K).-!^ for .the"' gethi .....^...j  . i ab.-nit liiO.icres of good meadow and arable Land, with suit- thB4thday�f.May IStiP.midc 1, able b', jilejisanlly Hl�atcd ni-nrthfe Cllurchat Uiuh-lUbon, and othersarepLilnliir-, , lield, tn the County of Brrks, t�o�iil.s from Afcot Hi-ulh, lljcr-, are dereudant? thd Cre, I apd. live miles and a half .from Wind.-or, and thirieeu from the_<ir:in};e, in | Readi'g. Further p.irlictilarsniay beknown and the pre-i ,B V FOREST.-To be SOLD or LET, with-^in 6�!a miles Iff Lvmington, a vei-y desirable FRKE-llOLp.ESi'ATE, situate iu thebosnin of the Forrsl, adini-niblyVlilculn^ed for the residence of a Sportsman, or,a I-'a-mily desirous of living in cbe.ip. hialtby, and beautiful Munlrv, containing 71 acres.of productive land, and arao-"fcft Villa" with 'requisite atiacueu and delftehe'd offices of _ evrry,.de.craption.-Descriptive p-irtlculars ihayibe had, ' wilhtickets for viewing the premises, iif Tkfr. De 'Bruyn,3Li.i �,'- CJSfer-- ou.SES. Jt^IHSHlNG THEIR lUl iMGiS:rR\3^ENT.r-7Tlie>:0O.\tO- #J�1]CAL IWMmiia;:^KTREA^lNG. ilEti 1 $TER .pVESi or^jMiSAFEGyARD^AtTATSST FlREJi- y, 'a,*-;; .Nl':WKOlTt0i<l.'-i-Thls day isp(iM,5hcd, iv"/* JCoflcifB ReIation"�f the*^xti'aordinary Effects inL of th- BA LSAM I& STYPTiC, .with numerous letters '| ..fijO.n Geiilti-nieii of the Favult ' Cfievaner of Pnll Mm., ou :AHyal'Higlinesstlie.'Pcii^t?pof W&les.-i '.pubyshed, not to muilipiy pronCs dude.sojjie recent and slrpng cases, "Ulypfic from'abma'd','from .^poili . the ^iavy, and from Otfice^R and priiate (Jetdleirien forthcir 'I own use^form, in fiicl, thehcst tfstininnials of i Is unequal I e.d !  efficacy. 'I"he Styptic is to be hnd, wholesale and retjiil, with ' � the Pnnipblet, gratis, id Pall Mall, and of Mr. Bolton, Roy.-iI Exc'iange. No bdtlle is ev-rsent out without a stamp, ou which is eiigpived tlie Cheyalief Rnjpmi._ , C". MqD,KRN"sUR(iERV. �'Tlilsrda^ Iff phblisheH, a new, ,revi.5ed, and much enlarged :''Etiittou, illustrated hy addilioual-Plaieis, price lis. in '.hasirtfs,.. �nhHK FIRST LINES of the PRACTICE of A; .SCRGEliy; iucladjng the latest luiproveiuents and "Discoveries*; bt-lntfati tleiiieniafy Work for Students, .uid a -Book df-Refefertc?f<it Practiiidners-Bv S.A M UKL COO-Witt,-Mrajbcr<qf. IbeRojul LJ�Il4g f Na/alSurgeop.owta.ning tne.wM i U comprefiendihg the History oteVryNaii6n,"7tingdom' sional Me lat Sea, by Wm- T.u>.bul , 10-. fid. j > /a^iert Jftgoultg. of An irfqiiirf into the Causes-nnd Tre:n.nent of Disordered ,, ,C T.,.ral Peicenf 1H)'> Respiration and Convulsive AMUlua, by Robert Bree, M. IJ. ""'^ '''^''^^l^X^'^^l^'^-'iiyo^.^ L:L.D. ' ^^Jlf^or^^^ildty, Causes :an.I Cure, by Thomas j .R-'" "^^^'^^'^''^^^Sl^^^: '^''-'^'^^ The flattering recepiiun with which this Work has been ! .honourod, and the rapid sa|iriof siircessive" large-editions '_-of most of the find a plnce in evepy public hnd priv'.1t� library', add In ev^ry seminary of education in the Empire, , �' " . i " . �"' The vohimes^ had separately or pcrii'dicd'ly ; the Ancient liistory,p:iy be purdf.ised {�y itifilt inaine volumes, aiul the Moderirlfistiiry ip srrt>en.;'jr the. whole may be had half bduiid, oTiaelcganil bindiugs, al tlie pleasure of tbe .purchaS'i". �."-'f- " Priitteii fof Ricbard Phillips, Ifoi 6, fJridge-street, andto be had,of ntt Hobksell^J. ;of-*ham may.nkcwise be bad, the oiher Worksof Dr. Mavor, viz. ^ The Bf.itiih Nep .�,8th-l':dilion, &. J-.lemeoig'i>f N'iiinral llistorv,-5th Edftion, Ss� . Unfvennl Shtorl Iland,/Jll) liditi(�n^7�. d. ' Plutarch's i^vcs, abridged* 3d 'Edition, 33. Cla-3ic;a I'^Jglish PogtrV,3d Edition, (>�, -. -'  The Father's^ift, 2 to1>! gd EtHtioa, 93. , , �' :_ irJ+flBlLt- >6hii!^ri!?^>nri^V;w^^ iZ' -sidencc,Wprofilabledepotfor.eapit.ta+nieTOWdriniali rgettveenilk'e nttual and. valoeili reiil�ll AriiiSd.vAl.- B.iTrt'ii Vol-. 16t. A I'lealise on theCauses, Prijgress^dnd Cure of Gonsnmp-tion, by John Reiil, M. U. price 7s. , ATsi'LENDJtD WORK, DEsCRlPTI V E OF - itfO- k- . UERN LONl>ON.' 'i . � This day is-published, in-one. l.*rge and elegint .QiSartn J Volume, illuslrited with sixty tsTiftravingj,. by ih-t-^irst-. Artl.'t^, plain and cnloured, priceThr^e Ciii.neas,>in boiirdii. MODERN LONDON;'consisting of a; Brief ! History of this Metropolis of Ihe British Empii'e-, and' | Buildings. This "Work is the.only exisliag Pi;bl.icati>�n of tufficienl conse.qnencc and authority t.o ^orrignws and Stra^igeis'the Weiillb, >>picndour, Populatim, and Magnitude, Oif the lai^cst iEity. in'the Wofl)L It w.-)3 pliljiijhed 'expressly with that design, and it iacalculnted to. convey to tlie.Temotest Nations the clearest ideas rrliiVive to' Loddon, � tSmP to^ preserve the recollection of its most int^reiting i'featBrjes.-rtolthose" penons .who. are or ;lia��-'1>bco fi;miiinr' with ihem.. . ^  -PriBted for fo[Cff.\RD.PHILLIPS, Mo.'6, BHdge-nf'cett Blackfiiuc-, and-tolhe bad^ pf.ari Bqoksellers ami' itCHlei&in tfo'uks'^ ? i* ;,9-omach ^nd-Bowe i arie the nfivttiliitjf Malady of tbis J.'Cottiitfy,'iBbictr!ay the foti!i*tli6naf tjie nwf^e fcrmidabla ; and f^flal D;'�'asesi.thf.t;ll'#-.pcfst?(VjtJij^ conJd discover for ' the rcriuf and core a tafe acd'tn^tltoic f lii^b--��ll!RiJt?CD in. wteeb Iheyari deapr'-'edWheld, CM ."SWEPEN,,cturii5g'tlieyVlj'ifei=andSprT4"oTt^rpres�� . . , r,-'1809? roi^iintlj^a'uterenlijf Jianieulars of the doniesfic J- peratica. they act ppweri^YTSiHi eyi^ocallj^.co' lb* Rile, .aud tb >i _______^ ____ _____________ _____......____ ___,.,rT>. . , . . snd . cobd'itiori trf tho-e Cdy^triej^; ttie optEliAis .if ihe'Inhabiuinls', ' . ------ .r ----- .... ..t..............-ALD." ft' tbe , . . . , . . i-ntl^ remoTt ,tti*. ni/mefbMr d lordert'"S�naa: ,�c. ffr^y ai-e/he ini. abie Famtl^'��PKne kithMpotw^^ o� " ' """" ' |ui"4. tb* |Prouriel*r. '"pprtrted^ft 'iHe iso t-r�siiectaol� ' e-idcnefcof tHtifst charactrrs o.'^ili* Nobility aiM uthen. >toj.;biBjeea.J and mbadiHfiUa^-^. h con-" ,- , j'-^em�er tif tlie Ccdege i f SUfpeotisljj f.rtndon.j i fPUofedfoi} JohivC*vllow,.iMidical iBftoMeilet, No. 15, CrowHiCOurt, J'rince s-street, Si>lio". ./:;!,�.'' Wh<�femiiybe6ad, Wj+pimlished,: I Oiford/hire. " - , .^u^ . i ,u;;. L.,,..DADftKNTON'S. OBSERVATiaNS ou INUIGES- AIso a situation in all respects d�ifabte''for^a"Thn8Brf-<)r  -TliClHif. - Second fclltft)D,-witli Addiiibis'-'hf. Di'.i BucTidn Market-Gardea. Fiice Is. 6d. and re'.ailhy Mr' Kirbv.'Sia^r.fd slifet, Od Qbiid^rc�t� btr Strattoo, Lenxster sm-'are; BSr.:ttMcp,C oO. 0� ^o^l strsetf, aod by all revectab e V aeerCm Uti/a aivd A Caution-Observe tn�naW� of WiH^lki* f�rc>ay iieSr g a��d oalhrSlamii,whico_ iaiSj^on the oej^8�-wrapper of each Boi r�' V� $m'J>pt'da'-v^a'daii<tTt.M i^iUtiiM. Pnce 5i 6d aad iOt. p�rbox, wits aiopleelrrctiuu.

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