Tuesday, October 31, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - October 31, 1809, London, Middlesex 9tt 41 � >.'r- S'uIr C VLn>t>i>;i' , ilie leiii-iii"''"'" of llJti^caV, ifi r�i�m of Jkiiiiimiii titty j4jV^ecfei!i�"(ts' aud' tlie' liLction of a Dircci^.t KW MO[C.-Tho JUBILER UO.^DCTfor 111.' Harj; iuiil I'iuiio-luru'.-(^uuipuKcd aiitl dediraled li� till- LtiJico of (jrj.it Drii.iii) -By Mr. ilOLTS.-Price -2i. lif.  '  i'.intfd and JO.d t.v \V. Ilo.ls il. 45, Hi^h llolborn. ;f OR:r<r.\GK.-Waiifi'd to borrow from S]-:. ..J-^J. V UN li S,oii M.-ngngr, vr�> 111- M-cured iiri.-in li-t.-il-.- of tin- vnlue of 7iJJ/. a jear, iu .-i i, Jli:;-.-t!�i,t'ijiiiiiv a;i:l l^ie liilirc^t to be paid balf vi-.nrl\,at r^)i;iiilc.T'>. .\ddr(?=s hv L-HL'r(i>os( p.iid), ioJl. 11. Limlon /^JC.otIi-''--!�'ni3e. l.iidiaif-hir. ' _ ANTKl), by a G ii;crii,lei;d tlie d-iiiiestic concerns tif ^li\C�ebU'-�n.'>ii or ft i:li>%ver.-Lrttt^r:>aildrr.srd^l \V, P. j)ai(l,-No. 15, Charles-sircct, iMancliesiiT-iq belli-,''vacant by llie rciisi;aliiin of .Mrj^ilin Y.)jnz, (.urfi i-Genllemeii ad inlcii I lo 4>ilor ll)i'msdv<;s: lis Cv.n.liilHiVs lur the saini-, are losigiiify fc.:cb lli.-ir luti-jninii, in writing, .T.d'-diT! r1>i>l''re I'Jocl'-ck lit noon, on I'uo^i'uy the 7tn >iiv, nexJ, adta.-y. are perjonal'iy loaltend ijc s.iid Ciiaiiiiidee at (he pcDi'irj", on the said illi of Nov. tn-xt, ut f i^Ul n'c\!u^U eveniiij; proii:ie!\, .-iiid pr-Muce tr. linioniils ortlieir received ;iV.'su!ar Medical KiluciKion, nod ^.'^>a of^)u litications to be signed by llirec or mure regitl^,. l^r-'ictitiuiier'. Tiie t'.lccti-iin will be en Tues-.iay J of iNovcmbcr neAt. IT. J . TONS of aoSiy.!fco.im(>cfi6!j^5)..BUTf'Kft. ; Cnlter of ctina! .^npJiks,-, an*:;ror TWO HL'XH>P* ft ' and FIFTV TON.S of CliKSHIftR, DKirBysVtVf^ /iWingJiUtJrcsi be.presentij to Ui# Ma'ic-iv,- am '�iatMHSi-ye:int,VaHgha'n, the Jlecurder, �the ftleni-fc��fi)r>'>� Jioptisl'* b&n:qutt!,ted i>> iiteacnt Itie-;i U-Jv, That t.'ic Tli.vik. of ihi- C-rjiDrn-. uijj|,j^ �jv�j<a.tl�e'ttecorder, for his .iiiondancp a ihir/i.iU, i-''-iMf<�iSiS'^''''*^^ written by hiui,aid ro I' /ijfnilvapp''"'*^''?}'^*"-'�^'"'' l.siiediatlic Lricftter Joorii.ii, a:id some of the ;, � ' *^ COPY OF TMir Ar)I)Ill,S.S. i; To the hil'g's inii.-i Kxril rill iM,i.,',ty. , vor Msij'Styi-djtil'iil iiiid io� ij M^!)J^tl^. til" Mivor, BaililJSi aj"' liurgeVsts of (he l{"r. n.li ..f L.-ie. -l--.-, !>� �.ave huwUlj til oll'ir to your Wajrsiy laii lu-ni ili c ii raiul.ilioiis UBliieCOmiiVr"Ci''n<i"? "ftheyOlh y<.-:r of youi r.-iio, . Weslwnld iU deS0i"�'e the ble-sirii\-,e liive deiiiedfmni -;i�ir ft'ajesly's^eruai tare of your (iCjile. .m.i rioni ttie ' brJglitciumple ofyuarpublicai'd prlv rc vinnes rim i i^- (he ' luag periiid of ali^iost half aoeniury, if �vo �.iu n t deeply � yiiprtsSJti by iiie liveliest Bentiineiiis of ulferlion anil era(i-ludi:,'whith 50 rare and jxfidano ca^inn rrlu^t inspire. It has pleased the all-wise Ui-pi)s li;in.-fer ihealiegiauceoftlieiriuhjec^ilo i'.\e tvr.nil of I'.iu Cominent, it iiTDiiHer of Iht; purest ciiiS(ila(ioii (on. to nflct, lhaf.\o ir Majestystillc'iminues in the entire posses iohof yonrUi'i;led l\iogd�rus, Mid your faichfiil people in (he frep and full eicr-ciie<iiideiijo}meiitof an.lbeir ri.i;ht$ and liberl.es, both civil and religious.-To^hat, Sire, are �c toa-cribeour exeinp-lioo from those eaiatiiities tv'hicb have convulsed the tlir.niek , audextiiiguished the liUertieii of to inaoy nali. iis in I'.nri.pe ? Tii (he hi/Unly of PfJvidenCP, in hiving j;i?en i.i ihe faiour-Msttbjttts ofyouf Majotly's Kiupro, a free Con-trtution of , GtiveriiiBpoJ, a iFberal and enii^lil'ned sy^tenl of laws, a pvre relr/Siou, andaMonaiCh vfti').' n .nr of Lis Crotrii, and lo (be promoiiun of the hapiiiinsi of his people. , V�are indeed tbiiuliful, 11> .Mmighly tJod for i-ueh t:m-' (todiUK privilei^es', aud^ in hun.ble tiepenr anc.- upon his 'till �who lides in tlie Whirlwind, aim din-rts tue i^ioiiii, ' weolJer up our feiveni piayers thai your Miije�t\"6 Uii(;ii oyetynur happy and Utjited Pe.ple may btill .eeiire lo (htui � acnntiiiuance of the signal B.essiii^s tliev eiiji>y, ni;'l pre.-ervc tli?in.fr.;ra (ho'sc evil, wbicil have desolated and affl.cted the . fcstuf biiropc, Signed, by the uraniumns order of the Cfruiion llnll, . W. jll-y liUK. Jour, Cler'i. JRiCJ^Yfind CIIEillSTR^.-Wa^ _ U'inti;NHCli,a Youth of rrsuectable O. triJftWlji-, to:Mr. -Suencer', Surgeon ?ibi1 Practising --------. ... _r Kj;,,,rpe,^ Coven; /"a. \ining.M.M,K LIO.V. jnt arr:vpd a( !^.irt= n-nlh fri.ai SeM'gal, perfectly lame.-Tin !ers lecene.) uniil iliejst of - November next, unless a suit^lile "tfei- rn:i>ie helore.-Address, (post paid) to Air. L iCaciiaii ih, S . ;.0, (Ir/ad -treet, I'.irisiiumlli, i siucs il preai aiversi;y or r-o!lTir;iri:><riTfrtT iflrirllil ne�v liJ-.tioos of .SmuDeis ll.,..nnl 111. of Diis p.oii,!. Will he put (0 ure-s �i(is all p.-^siljip c �;>-I'lr !., V\ ati(ed a:i U.\ lilt M \> I ij; f .r t. e .ibme ;v!i.io|. who niUs( be a CIrini;.ii of \Ur Lhi.u :i if l,i <^';i::(i, .i.kI flw siftrtcst (es-lioioiifal* wi.l lie rnjuuert, li th as ui lil, eliaiac-leraiid aliilila",-. The s-l.-ry i= r,- I. .�i-\rar. � tlie cc. i:p:i-lion of .-i �ooil <l\v ^-:inii-e aiiil;( m il.-i , n m-frei", .-nl join in:; � ir i' i|KT la :Iie copies nia\ he had liv inwa-ii: ai,;"'i-\-Itoii, to prex -M lie a,\ ii ilie :-.rfctt "..i j-i ls. ' � ' Ue-i.!i rlM'i ,-. 7;,; !'.. ^ iitrt. ine.'in time a ie- rw^o til - K.\(:ci.]'v.-Tu ij..- 1). JL lii,-(M-,S> ..I a>tJl;;il,().\ ;.,.,! , 111 full t'lhU.ee, ill m;e i>f priiici;v;l ,i Towns ill >i.!i;'i NtiU-s-'!'.' C'o^i'u c(i")ii itie r''>it.. appiN, (if i)\ k:ier, .;in i ��!.:) or, ;h . ii i.L.v n t 'i' I.I. -,I p':;, .: l)a^abU uith Interest iiiDcty daj-b after d;up. 'j,ic CoTid-duns oj t/!'. Cunti �c(/aay Oc it,cn al the Stcrt-Oi'icf. > 0 'tg':rtl -hr.r! to any Tender in vhich tht price II r.i.i "f i;i.c:r;idi.T tr.:,-iJi nt lintil.', or ilitil shdl'' not r>c lieli'ii-. tti I' il-c /ic.ird It/ore Um II C'fx.k i>n (lie sr.iri Tues-ii:i�, t'u: ! i'A o/ Novemljer uc.<:1. ''Or vnhiy iht I'erson w/:a t.\t:\r- I'ti ')'i-r.:tr, ar suiiie i'eiSi'* O'l/lis behalj. uitciidi, in c-sv: u h'.': .jiifd far- a Mectfn* o tne^Uyof, Recorder, capital A- - --- T, ------J - -7---------? Btirgegv^s, and liihubMaDls uf (he sad iiorou);hr iield i�tbeUiiiiobBA),lbi�ajtatl8y orOrio'.ier, !! ty. " JilOST r.K.iC100S SOVtillKiG.V, " \Ve your Majestv's must dutitui aii.l lo\al Subjects, (lie Mayor, IJerorder. capital liurgewe.-, an;; lui.iLiaaiii.-of tue j5or�ugh of Sli.iftesaury, beg leave to liu I yo-jr >>aj'Sty on tfiearrival ul ihia l>.iyvtUe Conimeixe-iuni -.if lae jDl'.i i ear j. uf j-oBr Majesty's Keigu, a" period scircef) lieaid ot in the histnry ot'hiii;:s. " VVepaniripatc with your Majebiy's oilur loynl Subjects In iifi'criD^ tjji to th>' Alini^lltv ojr onfeigoed tkiuiks, for having, tfaas long, alfordrd lo sour luint gr;ici'Mi-aid ai d protection; an.l "te lunli 44s. per Dozen, Boiti.'.s iu'liulod.-Piii)Iic Notice.-A i�panith iMefcliaut, wh.) li.is lieen favouird ivilh cxifiisive coniu-clioiig in Ijiplaii.l, oilers tor -:ile, iliroii!>'i ilie mrdiu.n of iliij l'a?er, fi.i rr-ids moni y, a -I.ok i.f .\ re.s. otherwise Sii.rry. and I'liri W iiif, .aivl il In-ii.g (Ue produce of the Ivlaie* ol ni� ir.vn Family, re.'-itlents ..f Xeies de l:i ; ("ronier.i ami Douro, he i.i i:rived of ilir .� Wines. S.imples ni.iy lie had, hot nol bis liiaii two ilnz.-n ; deliveied -Appiicatioii'- (o ii:ai!e(o .Mr. SS-iinuel L'ornel(,i\o. i 15, Aruud. l-street,SlrLiiid. \ IT. IllGGK's cflonrdteil MAfJNEl'lC RA. j  ZOIJ TAlJl-i;T. paliiinizrd by his IJojal Mistiness (he Prince of Wales, liivim; heroine so hisli io riputadon as , ^J be ruiisidered Ihc only iiivrution in the world rapahle of ; forniinu a most sriciidlie and aeu(e edfe to a Kiior without 1 Ibe Use of oil or grease. I he Pn pr.etor .iiid luentor feels It his duty (0 caution (he P. blie lli.il mme are nuine hut surh a- are sold with his i-igininre .JoImi Thom.is Rigjje, and nuuihereil in red ink, price ',s. tid. al Warelinuie, s'2, Park-sireef, (iroiv. Dor-square ; and o.'), ( beapod:-j also by rCfcOlatly appointed agenls in evt ry city and town in t/ie United "K in^doin. fTisTANl' .^rONRY LOANS.-S;nao Gentle- M. men of the lii.'-t r.--|'re(ahilfty and iiiib-peiideut forliMii-s, haviiii! formcii 11 privHii- I'.viaUlis'ioieiil of public advantage, tite .Noll riv, Cleifrv. I.aiies of di.'linrllon, and oih�-r Per son" po-sewied of i.:.cione Jer lit"*, or i.tlierwise, ari-ijK from Land, ll-iuses, DiviileniJs of Sioek, Mnrtiase Svlilein'-iit, (:t'urc!i Piefeimeiil, or other e/liciei.t Properli, may be ac-r/>miii.'ri.i(ed wiia Muiivy to any aiii-unt, on ter.ni L'Purly cqu.al ici iiio(if;;ii,e. Apj�l'.c.uii>n peison '11 v. ff-im I welve f n three, or by letter, I post pid. iddr.-.-seil fi' .MrsVs. Cot, (Old Co. Army'Ap,eids, ' S..^Varvi ii-i,..i-,-c(. I iiaiin^-rr 'ss. will be alteiided to. IT, VMI.M.. UNTKUar.d RlDDLK, Nurfory a:u\ Seeds- lu.i-l re-|V(-jtiiily iiiioini ih-ii Friends ;uid (lie covinl of the Treasurer, at the iVI|./w in;^ The O.liciof 1 111: Si.i rivsMS7, 1 teei->irri-t , ,S.-iinue! .Miller, l..,q. 1;), .Sii !n;;-r s!u ei ; ' Ire: .i.rer) iMr. Wtleli, "^latioiier, 'I. S.iJ^sbv.ry. coori, I leel-sirf it ; ftlr.^X'xIuiis, -Jl.ilioner. .'-'K).-.ni--si.r.-. I. S'i...-li;-l.;iili; ; Mr. iloi.U-,. SiiiiuDer,-1. lOotie-slr.-et, (;;),vei. !reet. Mr O. Sii'it:i. M, (lilispur- tteei ; Anjatt'.ie l!.inking-lionse of iMessrs. Croivn, Cobb, and Stockes, UiMiib.inl-.-tree(, .Ml Peisoii" paying (heir .Siihsc-i|ilions ;il Ih.; I!mki.-g-lloiise are retjuesleit (o h>-\ve lliviii i-iilei. d to l.i>- are iwnt nt' Mr. Samuel .\iiller, (he Treasurer, in whoie name Ihe j;'c:ii^ii( is opened. Am milt of �nh:crip(ions already ndvrrl'sed. , XC2 li G .'^l, T-ii.Ur Ij: fi-r.ivrd dfLev On-: duLk on Ihe t'n-; of Trcrljj, n.ir nr.^'nulic.4 iin': s Che i'-cej, ijr an ^Igml f,r C.er I J'c'ijrr nvi^:! he cc'i'vpitnitri i., fl J ttlT ml '.re-i^td Iu i'ii '.(Uj lio.:>t\ n;l'( .s; li;o r? ^fj ntisiOl I', ^u'ls, '." ^^:^KS^;;\^c::>u^^A^:u^^ \ Shr .h, of .-VrvS^z.-and l)e-cni,.ii.n.ni tor i,.,nvdia(e trans- r.r^Tr.l.^ oi.m, �ifyourMajest�>Ufe. � : � ^ i 'p . . ."vz  " WBcannoio lit the present opporlnnilv of exore-jing : .^n'.,'!,'..,.,.i otripust Zeulou the piiiciptis of our ):loriuus CDMlitutiou, and in jour AlajfSIy'* royal IVrsonand 1 muiiy; uiweinoei aiixiou?ly t^iiu'ihut y�ur Majesty, in your dc-dinii^ye.irs.uia^ rxperiruceatrait()iiil and p o p.mus reign, *�J jour Peop e the blesjincs' of a la-tmg and aouuurat>li: .Hf^Wed.Tliat theAIayor be requested to transmit flie said l:-^lilrcsi tu iMwn, to be pKselltvd to hi� M.ijesty ; and that a I Copy tbrreofbe in-erted in the Cot/aiEii, and Sa:iabury IsiAffiiidiesiet Journal. - ' rTHOMAS H1:N2�F.TT, Ch.Vir(nan. Rewlwd, .Tlia� the-Tbauks i.f ihW Meeting be given to the m-.or lor conveiiiiig Ibis Mi?etiiig, aud for his able conduct Wlie Chair. . ^ , .. , _ eUKEN's GKiifEIlAIi LYJNG-I.N-IJOSPJTAL, . . Batswater, -ilstOct. 1809. lijj|-T:a G�iieral Meeting.of the Governors this day I �*;^'ld, pBtsu.ant to Public Adverli�ement, his Royal I ltlXbii^l,jlie Duke al Sussex- in the Gbair, It^a? resolved lltethuRm.,] Hi^hnesslbe-UBkenf Sg sex, aud his Kosal WiAk the Uuk'e of Garobrid)!;** ^* huirjily sohrHed to �F^hetliimkiiofthtsMTetln?, f.ir their uortinilting zeal , ipiaijtrtiooto tie ifltcrcstrof Ibis Charily, and pnr icularly *�hi;TtWud)Jstask of- forming Rules and Regulations for the I'^GwetBiheiii tlh-rei)fi It.was also resolved^ (bat ao-GerieralMeethig^ifflip.aid Goveinors .mil Subscribers lhtfhel4atthev�iiirepUce oaTliuisday the2djlay of atwottH .Medfcal tJent.einea;-aud oilier AssislaMs lO lusiituiion will rniE.NiJS TO 7Jii: imcitTV Of Til i; VEO Vl.E. From a C uh held at tlie.Lond ns Cilson 1 I U Peter Scholey 1 ] I! Tho. Kcirsey 1 1 0 U.ivid l.aiin 1 I I) Godf J'rholey 1 J 0 James Wardle 1 J;inie- [.i-.ioii 1 1 |i .l-hii .S'ir;:o.3 110 An F.nemy (o uiiiii>-liliablc dem.-inds - lawless coi-rrioii- and ollensive dis-linctioiu among ix fr-e People - 10 0 v.. ,M. - - 1 0 II 5( U 6 0 Jade 0 10 .1 i.'i;-.�-i.iii -, inipij- Ij. il.Nieli...! adrtesioro siii.'ii -"-110 An 11 inoiirable and Tfiipiirisal CharKe to a I ir iiid Jury 110 One Word u'^-.in t Xew Prices-Mono I'O I. V - J 1 0 Harris, jmi. but .No Main.i;.-r 0 .\ IJi�w.-:,Lrept l{iinn?r 0 .'\n Kiiiiny to Ci im. Com. - 0 Uuhiin'ill! Man 0 John Isi-i. iiN-, alias Ijil! .*^nniii pro tern. jrokingieniporarf.w. .pernianeutsums of >�0N li V, iltat pan At all.tunes,adiaoce any s^timlr-m \0M. 10,00(1/. T2P*A�Ib-, oii'-persanat�e?uritx, orunv other iirifijg from- w Freehold, Copvhold, aud ,Lca.= .-bold KstaWs. n JS'lst.f^irandhontatabVurras. And .Messrs. Liica^nnd "PWfeiheroseWtsto'ihnisjurt e.v.rj ix's^ci: wpB.iirtjiility,apd dis�i�tch, and not .mily I iatioii wi'h the tli>>se unjust i- and ihe tollowiiit ^r'icle^ are flow rflered to the ab.'Ui 'i.'iO.OOO l.:ir. h, fr-'in I too and ti (ee( hig'i ; I3U, , \liMin- [ ijin Ash, and Ash, Jl lo 7 and H feel, in prop irtiun a-abov ; : Noriv.>y am! Anifr ran Sprme, ^0 (o 3,1, liii), 1 to :i feel ; .Sil- | v-raiid lial-.i of (iile.id I'irs ; WeyoiMilli and oiii'-r I'ines, in Inr^e (ju intiiii'S, 1 t' S (eel; the whole propedy trans-planled, a'.d lu connolete order f. r removal. I.ikew i?ean e veellent Collection of .American Planls, roual, if not superior to any in Lnzlaiid, with Fruit Trres all Descriplions, Vini"* in Pots,and a choice Collectioirof Oreen-house and Stove Planls, with every oihcr necessary Ariicle in the No'-iery and Seed Line, conducted with the greatest Carea:.id Pnuctiiality. Hunger and Riddlt.flatter tlion�clvef, that, owing to their very end u'ive Cmicein. Ihey have it in ttieir power to serve tho�e Ntdilemen and Oeiiileinen who are plantiog Largely, upon as advnnl.igenus terms as- aoy in the trade. Tnis day is puuii-bed, in qw'a'riji, price it. lis. fad. in boards, illustrated witb a llPadof Sr John M'lore from a Painting by Lawrence, a .Map of Spain with the Route, of the Army, a View of Coruuaa, aud a Plan'of the Cattle.- The Second Witiun, NARftATlVRof �lie CAMPAIGN of,the BRITISH ARMY in SPAIN, commanded by bis lijcellency Sir Jphu.Aloore, K. B. &e. &c. i authenticated by Official Papers and Orrginal Letter?, Byi b s" Brotber, JAMKS MOORE. Ftq. Printi-d* for J. JohnSiM I Miiar- t:al ./o-lue An Ivye S\ ilics- t i ttie iii.-rc.rol prii-C'l'diiig-. ;it lio.i-sireei .\o How .--i r.-it r.dd Jn-t ce and rrttli, if 1 IveinMe aid (jr.iudi'n lllifk .(a.k in his fni.pi,- IfU, hy ,1 lo... -iirikr-r Tiir K i: V 1.1 llie Private 15" x es A Peip behind the Curi.Mn Anhneniy loTnrkish Sofas in a J hi aire Juitice V,itii an im- p.irtial hi rid Aie tneniy' lo Pride Oppre>sioi ,aiid A-v.'uice vr, C'ap'-l, Fsi(. �A |{l;ick);iiard Cit'zon Mary Ait^tin's llaiile A TiitlL'.to bUji;)..>;t the Liberty ot ihe Subject ng.iinrt Thoati ic ill \ ra'Hiv An luii-iny to iiired Ho.xer',an(iiii.'=;rL'.it Friei.d lo llirid jMagistr,nti-s I'.qua) J u-;i( e to L n-e<iual Kauka I � U 0 0 6 0 0 0 WJJST.Ml.XSTi'.K FIRI-OFFICE, i fii 1)1 (.'.liD-s ru.t;,t..r, ! Forlnsuring Cuilriiiifcs, llousehoi.l Furuiturc^ Guiods, i  and Stock in ITado. Oct. '26, lS.yJ. rT^llF. Cfi:cr:!l M'clins; appointed bi) Ihe Uc-d JS- of SLil'.ri.ii-ii'I tj be je:ielj on the Unl f;,urs lay t-n ()cIo:).'r, (//� ui/kin Ten lJ<sif c Uel.l al I'l.i.i Oihae, on T^!ur-.la) , the lid day of Aovtni.b.-r n*a-f, at Tueiee o'l^hek tU G. IT. BROWNK, crefary. (^r^" Tfi" riuir will be taken at One o'clock precisely. A -NXL'iTi I-IS KKUF.KMALiLl'..-.MO.N'i'iY' at J'Sl. l-.ia;lii \"T Cent, will ln' advanced f se wli.' have heretuf.irc i;riiit-eil amniiiiiso'i exobitant tirii-.s ma. be immeJiately ac-conim'ii'.Hted wii!i .-iny sum, from 100/. to lOJ.OUv)/. to rei'eeio 'iiesaine, ami ihe .N-lii!uv, and others, desir.jn.-of raising i'!'.ir-v ttiroujn (I r-tjO-ei iiil' cIi.Tr.lil, miy be supptod on all ii-ieiisu.il rrnJes "f ?rcurii\, withooi exposure i-r d,'l-ay, OD rh( c.'ia'^es aulli rised liv .\c(of F.iyl.ameni. - .^li.'.ress, pi'-ti.-e fre-, to .Mr. John' Berry, Uaker's CoQ'ee-bouse, ch.ii'^ie-alicv, Liie.J'on. 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 U 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 10 .ift, UrU'lCi.i.L ri'-F.TH mnde from a durabJe J ^l4l -.'.irce wil.i en.imel, wl icii do not clrirge colotr .leit ^'.pi'-ari iii.ir'- naioral Ih i" c!iii:.'i or any mluT/V;l:iKi i Te-th, are soe\atil\ tut d. fri>i!i a single t:!ol  m-t con p I'le set. pi.:inie\ ni.'iy be iv.riiiilli or v. iiliruit t\!n i> i-iihei !r>ia tol.l, i-r hi', i.ivi-is pre-paied fi'ni .i co<-.'iii " crci-<A.. i i-Ai'r-. uneven teeih, le-iiMvrs f'ecayed "l.'^ts, ieet.i cic.irn^-d from lartire', a^M^is dentilii'i; i:. rlnidiCP. Mr-. ri;l\Ch, l.)enli--t, nitci ds d.iily f.-.iin ten till four, n( 0I-; !p.)i:s-, .'\o. 9, Joiiii-sirCL-(, Oxlur.l s'reet, wliere he p,-i I'f �.�M ail ojieratiiais on (he tceUi acM t;iJ;;i--, w i(h Ciiseand 'FlilNCK'S ClliTlRY I.OTIO.V r'fre'be^ the mouth nnininniediaie'y <'.Mii.-iis the br-;il'a. .iiul from e�p-iience h.iS provfj tiiif i-nlv article lor las'.eniiig teeth that are lo ise iVi'se.-ves .le.d w im. ii- the teelli, luais, hardms.aiid ,t:reii, tU; ns l-oiler gnn s j is ot great vaKie (o persons weai ing artiticial Iceiii fastened lo the natural on-S; ,-ls it prevents (lift natural leelh bi ci'ining l.iosc or getting n .li lieii ; th 'Se who wra" arli'iriil Uilh ongl.t never to he Httlnnit it, as it keeps t iieni s . nice tli.it the Cherry Lotion is l.ir prefi rOile to .Xr.jii^li^tiade or any otSer Lntin-i f,r tne inmith, teeili, or :rii:ns. Tiie l.her. y Li.lion is pari riiiarl\ serviceable for rinc-iiig 1 lie 1UO..U1 liuniij: illness or roili^einn.'l, as it prevent-i tUf: (e.-ih injurli g trmu l.-ikii'g nieilieiiie. J'r'liD.-'s Cherry Li.tiur., llalf-a t.iiinea .iliotlle. ura dozen bottles j/. 0 0 0 0 0 0 v be bad of J. liattef, 'Vnc; Oreg�ons. Liver- ____.,,..ghton'; Li'pier. South r'^UWriDt?iio4l.i5eiU!&i((ifc''Kaib^; itiffervB,' Salisbury 5 ��an$ra j Stepliei�aVBridHnt;t<ni Quav, .&c. And SjSJ.Wrious imitotwifei caush bMtle has Mr. Flnrvey s '*outb�laheU'---v--^--^^^  �"�pnby �t:t^e^<ainpi]rroe1)�ei\ta rreagfiinend her g*-Fpce Ancl)ovicvwiii<:tr< witli a variety of cicji o'Pi � 5s. boonB. The Tope graphical J>rrtionary uf" Ibe United Kincdore, with i"orty-!�x in;*ly.drawu Maps, .i�rice 2os. ia i)Oard>, or 30s. col-uied. KLANGdOLY Cafastropltc at di- Mr-ikle Fcrrv.-D'-nioch, County of .Snl^ierland.-The Coni-miltee iipjjoiulcd by tiie Gentlemen nf this pi ue tind (.le vioinily, to collect a fund for (he relief of (lie niiiiy i.iniilies that have been reduced I" a state of indig-nre and extreme griefi in consetitieoceof the fatal event a( Hie .Mei-le Ferry, beg feavg to refcY to ilie circumstances of the ca^e alreatiy submitted to the public, and ihey etirnevt y appeal I'urther 10 t-he charitable-fceli.ig^ -of every linnian," iniiiJ, to enable thein to dispense some adcmia�e relief lo an unparalleled ni scriptiuns received i" London : ,. ,j_____-J '� . ....... ....... I) 11); .Siild,by tae Prnprie("r,a.id'by ajlpoltHlu,llt')alrnnstprin'-0 10 6 , cip.i^ Medicine Venders. i^SGIT'S DROiy-The True Original JK. SUI.VS UROFSiirenow prepared hy Sliaw and El-w.-irds, iiii, on the Fo..i-iVay, St. Pael's Ghurch-yard, Suc-cc>s'irs lo Joseph Wc'sels. ' ' The Je>uita Urops iiave been '.ong ktinivn and esteemed a s;ife, ehiMp, ell'eetual,^ and often an iininediale cwre for Slraniniai\. Gleels, Weakiirss of (he Kirlneys, �ir~Blarider; ainl " lien (aken on (!� fir-t attack lif Venereal (nt. clion, ihry �ill iof.ilUMv accomplisli the desireJ elfecl. .StiouJd (>ie cnnipl.iinl be fac -adva'.ced. it' will be necessary tj taW; llie S.iecibe Rrnicdy �itji (lie Jesuits Drops. The many depredations ni.ide on the property of !'je Ppo. prietors, compels tbeni to-giye this cauti.nti t-iurl no on? Hot-tle will be sent <wil of their House wjiliuut Sbaff-aiil w anli,. Succert'-rs to J. VVes�e!U, . SO, .. Subscriptions receiyerf In Lo.od<in. at tht B.irof Lloyd's j Ceffee-huase; at the Bankbigtbotjies of Jlessn;. J.uod A, i Andersbn'raad Co.; Messr*. Langston, Tinvgood; sod Co., 1 and by Mr, Oartes Sulherbind, 12, Charl�ft-3quar�, ftoi--tntit th'r4|k3;bTibaiii any coiaasaiilcatioo to tbe Ciiaaittee at Doreoch,mBy be feed*. - - WvUie and Nicholl, do 2 T.W. Fletcher, do I A. Lawson X SlephenMenotand{Cn. . per Wefsrs. J, and ft. Andc'son, and Go. , \\-<n. Fyfe, per ditto Sh. Recd.d.llo U-nnd R.Sutherland dit'o R. S. F. per ditto Wm. Pratt, diidt Wm. Forrester, ditto . Treuchaidand Williamson, ditto ACARD to-ihc FKMALE SEX-Dr. Pq. THl-.liGlLL's.juirllv CELKi'.aATgu Fem.VtE PtXi.;* for different cobiplaims incident, to (he .Sex at v.irums-iW'fiods flt life U lias been trol j Observed," tftiit woman .u-rv: ihwi the other tcx m.-vv be considered �u a ceilaui degree as invalids  thrv are subjected to a variety of ifisraJet. from the ti.-t-tio-e <Jf tlie functiooi th<"y a^e de.tiaeJ.as Jiolhcrs t- per/'oim. which fmails uponlhem wealin,^*, pani.aiid no mterrup.',.'!^ n{ thnse resulnr.serrations ijun;;ert�d � lib Uie. full. enl,-v nieii< of heaith ; to act on the" cTioTililulioii 'f the f�uv�le^ and 1 i rel'rcvc rtii, ob-^trucHon, Co reitreJtjC^s b .e4( -known to ope-lo m ' r-,te wiHi *uch �yrtai�vvqufckneS^s%aniUifety .aslJr, Fi.lher- 1 1 20 0 b b 1 1 1 I gill'. Female Pills'i il .uwes high t orat4-,? pnwers, with ils peculiar Tjj-irny of r�HevW f,|U^�: '�. pr , fis^WS.'i^J^^^~^V\ !C p)t.-i.t: ins so eoinai.a \o lite ^ajs/^^^'^^^'i^ varfoiB I'lbeTspunsmndii yf-K.-om s-.i eoiaui.n <o.t.��sk�^ Dr. FofHergiUs Pills; a.n faa.iiv mcdirj.-, jhaold be in^ic-sess'ion of every .mother, and oMer :u�irJi.i.')j..of (he v �h" ha'e fe.raiiles enirusted m Jheir care. 'Sold i^hol and retailaf Mr. BiKb-r's, 4, Cheapsirie, curcof rff Pat ter row ; atid ret-nl by TiiK, II 'lal i:jcb,-inge i Ail�!^ Ojford-sU-eet;- Clark.-26^, Farongh;- w'd muit C L'ookseller* aoJ \ ender.^ in haves, at 'ij. I'd. each wlMKTi m;iv HcJlftd, Uarters Arn-n.itvc Pecforap Loz. fur improving fb� voice, and for C- uffh�, Culds, Ast

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