Friday, October 13, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Courier on Friday, October 13, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - October 13, 1809, London, Middlesex t '*!!r!Vii;:^"'':~^ '^'tj-^ ---� ;;^�gS|^W9'0r-feAST.:iNniA, STOCK. 10. PRWdY OCTOBER 13, 1809. NATIOVAL SUnsC/CIPiTJON THEATKIi., NOTICl'> is hereby given, that application will be iiwid;'ill the ii***! aft.-s>on of Parliumciil. fur lea�e t� liring ilia I'.ill lor end in;; iuid inainUjiJi.isu Theatre in Id.- \(.nr..p.ilis. to 1)1- c.i.Ieri THK iVATIO.VrtL StfB-SCHHTIDN TIlEATIli:.  ijy Order uf :i ScKcl CoiiiiniUee of Siibsriihers, ' HKNRV KKY, Solicitor. C'Rtrcni.uv .-lUtl Kkv. i 4, Jolm-strcct, Bedfonlmw. ^fe.�!>�'^^^^^ """"" -IT'G'YFf.-HENirY ASTON BARKER'S PA. *^LU te*Dleflsed torconfpr me the iinportant Jli NOUAMA, Lric'-sier ^qaare, upon lli.- larR.-sl scnle fffi'ou te,pleflK.d W:5:.onfpr upon me the importa-.t t iuire. I bee �e/iv.- lo a�urc- vi.u of the "^i^^&^iwilcb^l shall dc^^^^^^ myself to your ^i'i :*^ muT.*r,ge.Ja�d faitl.fuj huml.V^ervant. ; till i.i Hie world! exUiliiis :i spiendM Vvw of GRA.M) CAIRO. wi!h llie celebrau-d l-'jraiuids, &c.-;ind oue of tlie ia> lerivr of i/uhliii. Aiiiii.ttaiice to each p.iinf'ng one Bliilliiig', Open from ten tin (Jiisk. Tills dav are-jiublished, in liio vols, kfino. pricerSf. b^�. rpAJ^iES of .OTUKR ilEALMS;. Collected JL during a Tour tlif'ugii Kurope. By a T!!, A V LCLl .K. Qtii mures hoininum luullorum vidit et urbes.- lliirui raiitof ilie Eiirtli, �rilUn in ilu- iSlJili Vear >>F the Worid. ami IgOOth of the'Christian Era.-By IXIA-KIM the SCItlBli, a drsrenJjnt of a iModi ni Branch i.f (he Tribe of Lrvi; a llabbi educated in (lie Cliiiiliaii Scliool of Ihe Sons of the Prophets. Sojil by L H�Wreiitrii�Mt-l hare rJ(p� rieiic d from the Pro-/K..eitpreSt=e,hi;;b.sen'>e I rnterlaiii of vom l{i�dne.�s,' ^-(^Mjert'ffttlydff'rTiigToa my sincerethanka; and nsthe at-jjjj^ti'fthrobjetri aspire lod/'peails upon the conlinu.d jjjrtioitt �f*'> *e-.*aluable'T"rien[fc^wJ)() have j>riiinised me AwsBpporf, I BiOJ'earaesHy solicitn pi'ivveiancc in their Vuii!olfic�,aod ertreal the early sitlpiidant;  of all m v friends �olkedayof rtl^adiesanii GteiOlenien, . � Your.faitbfulf'nod obedient Servnnt, . JoaNBLADliN TAVLOR. 40, DCTonrtrre-pIace, Oct. 12^  .Cdlwiril'a.ylor's,CommitUe meet daily at the City of I/)ad 3per9J and Other-.-Whrrnis a CHECft' foi^'th�^t� ^ff'^WW. lipofll Alesiir.*. Itainshoiiom and Co. BM&m, LnftbaTd-slr<;et, vva.s/taiMi.ilepily obtained, aad Ih^t Bnder-fm!,uyon|d Baiik Noi-s received-'for the Mei '2S�h of St-ptM&stV��^One of gjl/. : one of 50tKo-*i93, dated Sept. 19, 18^9; ne of \bl. Wo. .Jii-1, ^plJiuie3,1809; aiitl one wfl/w-XbitAu^n �t atW. wan,  |lipsa*ei^jKj'Cb!y|SedaTiI���Bai�lf l�'�Ht*f.Xi^ Notes,.. : li.-Fiftyw Si-'eucli.from Ra. jaii5l'ti> lisJ=>i), il.iietf Aug, SSj ISO&MaaAlvO of IJ. each, frrjna-Jio. J40l to ijoj. dated &pf. J?-J8W; and t*oibf-5-,t. earhT NV*2rfl9" "and �taed�!pWISj-18ijft;-?�WltfC*er;;,wiU vci*e/neh inf-nsiatinii' tojir..�t8^r4t^l>�f .Ofl*^ Ih^Uw.aftife, a* ma v.he . ItemeMi�� jlejijliDc toflje Pnr- ; ti�i�'htvWoBtaiiie3^l5iraeWchit�sd#K.?sa shall re-  We'fWto^ e(|(S���ffVVfSAl!?^-po.l\VI)�.|{ i.VY A I t.-.|' i^jui^L'. he d'>n Caijal w^ijl lie opened to the Public, wj town of Croy ht'U?i Rv Oi'iT of til'- (�iiiiimilleV, PATIilCK uaUMMONU, Clerk to the C mpanv Crnydun, Ttii Oct. IS.i^.__ TEHO be SOLD, just ll:li^lled, a large .mzuu uxi.,-JL LI A RIJ TA BLIi. Apply at Si), Terrac.-, Toneiiham Court Road. This ''.IV are p iblii-Urd, in R,vo. Price i'i-. Iioard-, MIE PRINCIPLES OF AIIDWIFKRY; VI-CTUALLl'^n.OF�ICli.Oc�. 10 -80" -� ^W^llY,.Qom]nissioni:rs for ViUuallin^. Hk 3- til's'!S a �J CO hr lij tu- Noli e. thai on 'hltsOaj next, the. V^lliimtant^tkiy rill b- lare-etf "J'tndtft-in eUh2^.(s'aldu:>)nnH 'rCf; Trl SEE flUN'DRBD TONS of MUSCOVADO SUCAR, to be aiis�erahle id . S-iniplcs hi be produced with Ihe Tenders^ "to bedeJiver- " ed in the origtnni p.ickaje?, at the rate of f/onj Scveuij-.lo Lig'ily Tons per week, m.'o llh MnjiHij^.- nctnaVin^Si.t,es It' Depiford.- nnil-lu be ftuiit for by BilU^ pit^aote, rctCti in'ercit. (la^'i ajtcr d,ve. , XliL � ondiiioits uf tin CaiUra-t, mrj be surtai the ^ecre-Lirj I Oihce. iV.i rKffar:! toil', be hni to anv Ten Ur in aMch the pr:it tltatl no' ieinttrin-t in aacdx a( Ungik, dr Itint th'^ll. ^o' * deHve.-td to ,t!li ISonrd kiforc One o'Cl-'Ci o'l Me smd Tuesday n.-j/, l/ie lUA distant, Hor uhfeif Utr. Pfttu* te/iu mak'HUe TsntUr,^r tome I'ertun un hit tftkitif, at-' tendt <n awitoer mhtn called j'or. rluding the Disease* of Wmnen �nd  ChH^iriti.^liv "------^ ��  ---ii--.. -i- -.. AW____.Vn Aftorney and Solicitor in fidl prac- J tic, in iineligilib- ^ilniiii'Mi in town, ha�a vacancy f}ir an Articled CUrk, either for tiveyea-s,or by a^ieiiiner.t, whose frifiiiU XVill be req lirnl to providr board ami lodji'i'.--I''�r further p irticuhir*, adilrejs to b. K. ,at Mr. Crisp's, StatiiNie^r, Chancery U'lne. BERWICK "pon TWEED.-The Burgesses of the Bornu;;h of Berwick upon Tweed resident in tmd about i.ondi ily,who hiis j been in the pracii^ o of receiving a few young .\!en .Jis Board-j er; or U�incstic PuptU, hjiS at present room for two more. . .1. All,the ordinary liranclies of le.irniiig, inc'uding Latin, ! (I'reek, Freocli, .M.ilht>iiialir-i. U'^ic, l.lh cs, .Natural Pbilo-'. Bophy,and History, are iau;;lit by'eminei.t I'ro'sors in a i course of seven nmiuh �, evtrmli;is trmn Nosenibrr till Way. ' Vo'.inj M.Mi alteniJinz the Uoiv.-r-it, have ucce.'S to fi gre.'il ' I'iiIjI'C Library ; ar.d tner>- is in the place a icspedable ton-I gr-'ga'ioH in coininuii'"'! " th t"e Church of l-.iigl,ind, uniler ;i regular Clergvman of th il l hurch. Mr. IJuiiti'r's Pupi's i may either n-sid'-u th _hi nil .ring the vacation or i;ot, at they ttriiijk vropcr. iiis IVriiiS. which wi'l v.iry from tine In two li,iudr.-d |)oiinil!>, arc.>rrti"g to tiie n;;e of toe .^uiiil, JMitl llie e viriit of tin- .'icconiinodati.4n rei|uir<'d, may he 'le.irned iilong � iiti any uthur!icuiars,'addre srd to lilm at St. Ai)die-'s. .\. B. _'__ rg^O LET on Ivcase or by the Year, a com. ffi Coijj^iU, Loiidon, " icpYiitV atMichaclmas, itf^'ffUiys fi^ftnilfiatpt. ^..JSttciiadi^ therein;, fed np^jcabCfit y'5 wlJorc Wiffie-KSte UbttwyT ^iU Drawn iu fcodious .-lud in"derij'built 1R>US IC, delighifully s-ilual-Pir in the gentetl nciglibrUrlnHxrof Seal, Iwu niiies fr.ini S-'.veu OiAs-, -Kent , .fontaimng tivo Parlours, Hull, .-inil Kitchen,four lii-sl and four Servant's Bcd-rooins, with g-idd � l.'oach-hnii'ie, iilabling and OutOiouses, auiLexci-lleni Onrdeii, nod live.Acres of Laij^,-J-or j�irti( iilarsapjdy to Mr. liaker ^'t"P''^y� ^""'^PlLiienr Tunbrldgei Wells. ' -'' �> fpO beS0LD.-^)3y PRIVAT-E CO.\TRAdV together, or in Lots, itvaluiibte and iiniirovable |>ri) Herlv,. siliirtte in the coiinly of Liuroln, coii-,i.�ling of a MAKORrfhd several I'RKi^�OLD FARMS, whereof ,in early p"8sPssion-can be gi.yen. The above >vill be fi.niid worthy the att-nt'on of persons dfsir^�s'of-inve^twgIhtir niohe'y in l.tnd,' wiiJi ;i vie.v to present intere.-t. as wtrlf a? to .a future increase of income.-t'or' pariir'u'(ir-eiiV]iiire eli; Derby, iSo 1, Taii-;}JelJ-emi'f,%lifiier'l"eniple, Lumlon. .EAaS^TRKET and .FRID-VV-STREEJ'- _ To be Ll'/r (ill LKASK, with immediale possession, b\VKLl,(NG-IIOl.\' ^^^^ ONE UAY.^th of THIS -jto.- -%eSGWKftf.B cimtnins 'a�ijes�.o^4e.20i(XlO''^- S Prizes � A .i."n..�'f- -5 0lX)  AVilh others iil firopuiiinn. ^JiKItNOT rtTREIi'BL.'VJ^Kii TO A PIliAii. t3S,Ul!rer�, pdil paid,"jJuVyanswered, and Schein.�gratis. AlrkHtl of Gbvfermnent Siicjiilics fought an.l sold by . Coomussliin. .Si ' c BISH fespeSfntly rein^nds the Ftiblic, that �T; 'Jt'�liieSTAT|s-fcP'rTiiRY.uotpn\y begins hut tinishes �V -on Pnday the SOtb oCttiis H D" POUsN O-S � .|yjhtpurcfiase !sin the Cono-.TjijB. Jbtfc bceji rpitiark.ibly for-" itJi'iiiiOii'nBe nmiiher of Citp-tal ;;i;^*".'i-lk'JV'=-".V"'* '30,00tW. Prizes, tlio last i��,>�t**ja9aMf>eai�tul P�3e*v�t drawn. K � "A>?*.�"PP^;'-4. B!feite�Jas irii\rt�iit-1fn sebdinf; their or-g�3:T54pwtor^teiw^5^a^hc^ with good bilN, ic�.-!�nrd�r�, to eitber of his old ,r^VAiiVE iiit.tantly revives the Jtazor to the keenest edge, ?nd 4)r(;;rr;yet it ft length of limi' in jl delertnhlc s'.-ile and polish.- l-iic truth twld effect is evinced at,a .single trial, without tli-.vassi-l.ince of hnn'or grindins. Genll-nien of the Army and Navy, most libmlly acknou leilge this Pn?-paratiun a-s tJie best .'ind readi.'jl at hand. One siiillings worth will last for >ears-Sold nt llolnies's New.'-fiapef Office, Nt).l, S(�utlr.>^jde of the Royal Lxchanje. KV. WM.' BARCLAY'S ANTIBILIOI'S . .K^w Fj LLS and SPIXl iTC, sold hv tlie aiipoiuiment oi .^Ir. Butler, No. 1, Clicapsiiii-, wholes.-ile .igent, at Mr. Win. Allasoii's, bonkiellerHnd staiioo'-r, .New B^nd i-tieri, (from Mr. Kciby's, Slalluril-siieef,lite vrn ler of the aoove Meaiciiips.'l N.B. None arc genuine �hic!i have hot the nameciigriivfd in a black stamp, the forgery of ivhich is f.-lony. This day is published, ABRIEF INQUIRY into the present STATE of AtJRICL'I/UURi; in the Sniihepi Paitsof Ir land, and its influeme nn the iiinnn'-r.'i "f the Imw.t Classes of the People, with S'one considerations upon the I'^cctcsiasticat lis-lablishinenl of ih it I'onntrv. By JO.SllUA KIRBV TRIMMl'R... Pub'Ifhfd by J. Malch.-iril, I'iccartily ; Rivingt^rs, St. PanKs i5fr"r.-U-\aril; Cilbert .-ind Hodccs, D'im -(.|ree(, Dublin ; Odelland Malev, Cork ,- and the Booksellers at Wa-li-rford, Linu-rick, and Bella-t. Thif i),-iv is piiiOish'-d, CAT-:;VL0GU1': of a vr<ry Selict Collection of IJOdKS, in various largiiajces, incliid:ii-g llidbein's Heads ; llo.ttbraken's Heads,'2 vols, large paper; Dan's .An-tiquil.ies of Wesdnii'sier, 2 vols. large paper ; P'"cock"� Dis- � .PliMim CROSS, London? w .PfihKf "FuiWa ts^trat^acifd wj,th f^mksr :. '1 his ri.-iy is piihli-hf il pi ice 7s. io li.vinls, ' AVINDICATION of the JEWS; by way of Reply to the Letter addressed by Perseveraiis to the Etigli-h Israelite. , Humlily submitted to the rons'nlcration of the Misjionary Society, and the Liiiidun Sticirty for promoting Cnrislianity ; aiuoog the Jews. i i By THOMAS WITHKRRY'. I S'ldby ffalchard, Piccadilly ; Cadell and Davies, S/mnd ; 1 and Sherwood, Meely, and .(oars. l'ateriioster-r"W -W lure ; may be had. The Attempt, to lemove Prejnitice^ cnierning : the Jewish ^'aiion ; to which is now addnl, a Lt ii l. .\saph. � On the Ibt of iVioveiuber, will be published, pries 3s. Ud. i rf^HE RETROSPECT of "PIIILOSOPHEGAL, i 1- MliCHANIi;AI-, CHI.MICAL. and At.liKUL-  TLIRAL DISCOVKRIICS, being nn Al>ridgm-nt -f tlie 1 Periodical and other Works, l^nilioh and Foreign, r-lalln.; I to those subjects published during the pr. cedin; tliree nionili ; , tv.ilh Remarks on many of the I'aptrs, imluding t ritic:.-iii, J on th> Merit of New Patenis. I Published quarterly by W. H. WjatI, Agvnt 'or olii.iinjrur ' Patenis (or tnveutioij. Picket.street, Teuiple-bar ; ami soUl i by .-ill l!ookse|l-rs. " I P.iTi;\TS.- l^ersons desirous of obtaining Patents for in- j veiilioiis, may, by application asabove, li.ivc-ttinn pnn-iiied ' with little'rrouble li> themselves, and reciive a�lsiaiic.e iu prparing lhes)irtilicati ilill and W . D.iviis, Strand. } W-ALlvLKs PliONfVT nTiNC. Dl i: f i�i n WliY ; con | plete, in Octavo.-Tliisila, is publisfied. in oiie large vo- . lume. Oct no, niih'Sl thesm il.csl ahri tgmer.t, price lis in boards; a rvw fdiiii.n, lif^inic the i.fui.o ACiilTiCAf. PRONOCNCLXG DICTION-ARV.aiid liipoitorof me ! h^Uii l..iiigiiag i1a:reili liicll) -iicviii: and, � here � ords ae s itiject to ditreri-nl pro'mn i iti-.ii>, i.n-nu'horities of our h( St t'ro'i"iii:ci'i4 Dici I'oi.ii i. �,:iu- .nils exhibited, the reason-tor earn at large uivplaMil, aiul ilic preferable proiiunciaiion p'inled out. As.lliiire nuiv lie !,"all Mr. �\Yn'krr' . iii hoarJ-, a new Ldition, bfipg ihf elevriitli. of CO^LEBSin SEARCH of �v WiFl'.: Coinpre-bending Ob.ervalioas on Domestic Habit-, aud iViai.i.eis, Itciigioii and Morals. I Printed tor I'. Cad.-ll and W. Davies, Sir.-iud -Of w!uim . inay be had, � ; 1. Strirlures on the Modern S>jtem of Female : ; with a view of (he prtt�rfple> an I condnoi pre^i'.-iii g ,' women.of rank .-ind foriuar.-By Hamiali Moore, "i vols. } tenth edition, price IDs. in b.'ardf. j 2. Hint.-, t.manls forming the ctiarncler of a Young Prin- ' , cess, by the.aai-^,3 vols. Ilh edition, lis in b.iard-. 3. Thoi.glil- on the iin,iorlaace of the iiKrs of the Great, to g.-neial Sncrty ; aiidan l-.slini.nte of the neliRion of Ihe Fa'-hio:.alde World ; t.> o p-sai f, r.ow priiiieri toxet:ier in tine volume, (lieiiii; the lU'h e.liunnof the nr-i, .imI;th edition ofthe second;, witlia new preface, by tiu- .-iinu-, j :il a great -olheiit, uiiit'or-nly prmted, in ii V ols. pru- - (i> lo hoard.-. Thisriav nr.- |iiil)ii-h-il, i.. J f.'.-.i... ).r:c.- 1 ;-. i>o,-ird�, ^KETCIUo of ClIARACTi:U.S, or Siucirnens of Real'e.- I Ills Popul ir w orJ . under the loll.,�jug lirads, viz. (youulryLife, I'livale ISiot-raphx, !1 ilii. I he Colonel's l-ndy. The Kseees, ."inliiary'1 heati icals, TIk; Play, I'll.- Revi.w, A Clift-m Ball, Hints io Youns Ladie-', London, ,tIoitcrn Fri>hionabl''s, Boml Street, lashioii;iWi.- LhiMhtxid, The (jodgiug, 'J'lie Boaiiling Tnl.le, 'J'hc Court .M.irtial, The Young Ensign, Satiricil Remarks, A Partv in Town, &c. &c. Piinledfor Longman, llursl. Rees, and Ormc, Patemoster-row. '* The Novel is on Ihe whole a very spirited and natural pcrfrtnn;iiic'; llie dialognesand conversjition are given with tmuch freedom, and elfgance; and Ihe rliar.icters in gem-rjil are efcetsively well designed and execute.l. Ain-.mgsi ;i number of cuitous and entertaining scenes, we have a good description of a'lab;^ d'Jlo.le, which ^ye x^ill cttract, Ac."- Criticil Review, Sept. ISOS. This day is puiilished, price P2s. bo'jiid. llie I Ilh i d t'.in, . with con>idirable Addilioiu and Improvcmeirs, an l liliis-'irated bv Fijht Mai s. of rffMlE GENERAL G-A.ZETTEER; or, COM. P i:i< DIOus GKOti R A PUIC A L I) I;.. i I ) .\ . ft V. Containing a Dcscriplioo nf^the Kmptrrs, King.Um-, S- it.-s. day, the lilh imlnn!, iluy'ivill he readj to receive Tffl-rt'in il tcn'mr t srilert no) anil treat or TWO flU-N-DRF.D TilOUSA.M) 'GALLONS of IVfiST ISDJA RC.M, to be delivered duty free from Ihe Bo.ided Warehouses at the port of Lundnii, one half tfiereof in Ihe Space of one niontli, and liie iilh. r halt in a month afterwards, into Ilh .Miijefli/'^ yirik'iil-n.f Siur'n lit De()lfi.-r<l ; and for TIIREI. HU.Vnill'.l) V.AdS of KE.VTISH HOPS, of th� growth of tnc yar 1S0.1, to be answerable to Samples to be produced VI ith I lie Tenners ; la 'k del rz ei! iu one iJunt/iinto ilh M.ije-t 's VnlUiilung Sl"rr3 a' I'mtsin't-.-lh ami Wy-mouth, i ' (/i-i/j/n,r;ei(iOa, un..V/�i<:ii/i.iii(:d, liz - P. � n at the Scbre- " iMrys Oiflcc. Ao regard tcilt b' had to nnu T<ni'er in irhirh the Ppce slt'ill nut lie. imerte ' in aurd< at length, jr Ih.U shall n,lt bv dr-Jivrrfd lo Ihi i'.iir.rJ ht'-'r {/,ie o'clnce on the said \\'ednfsday tlic Ib.'/i iiislanC, nor Lnlts^ iUe persii-t vdio mikcathc reiidsi\ jr ;oine ycrnni on hii bciia'.f, altends, III! f^r FiclwjiUn:; Iiis, Ma-J5 HSt:/s lyiiri; do/urz.'i',' !\'ii;:c;, I'iiiu on FriJa.>, il'r I'llliimtiint, ility Ic-ll I't lo 7"-nd f�. fa .-.-/n? / .n/.J ufj. nr.-l t,ei'pi,'ilUll.V. (FLT.VDRRD TO.N.Sof Cc-Muiiie \)'>l i: A L ; t.i I"-, leh'^etil, oitj half l/icrml' lit n r.itinik, au.l tie uilfr l-.nlfi^n n 0 t'l .iflcr li'dsy. into Ili.i .Ui.jrsly', yniiirillin:: Siurrs al Dei-iiorl I'o U-iiioutn, in tif'- pr-fjiu i:iiit\ iimUnmnlmntt., tvz.- De^iforil ............xonV. l'o;t.-.iiioutli .......... iil'J Jn'l to hr-pnid for b-jIiiVa. payable, <cilh Merest^ nir.tly dai/S iifttr (ale. The t'lidlims of th'. Contract vidy be isen at the Seers-tarn's Oi/icf. o rigii'd -ill /.e hndtn any Tenntr '� Khich the price nhrli nut U <'!-�. lid in K-orJs al Im^th, or Uinl �/tiiil not As ilelirc-ed til the liuuid -ifaie (Jut o C.utk .-n the said Fri-''ay, the ii'.k instu t, nui t-nlct ihr Pcrtim .who nifikei t i< /, ..r ... ;io-ntd .ilonty fir Iht'ji ii.miut ul II \H I'\'l .jMv.A O I' i C i .! ly'^ t-s'ii:ilis-i/ii in uit tab half,, Ij tiift notice TUaI the s.-y. rul ua �. -.vill hcgii; lo !)e mad,- :it fie I'ay-Oilic, 1)\ t!:-- 1 ie;..siire.- .f iiis M;i'e-ty'- .S;iv\, ,-it Ten o''. loci, :n t;lie Moraine on t.-.e lo'lon leg .i.iis, v:z .On ! uc-''a'., the li.)tli fast, lo .^..niiral, C;, and tiirir '\U Tpje-. ();; \Wd:i-sda\, the liih, ;ui.n loifsd-iy, the I'iUi instant, ;o l.^i'uli-iiaiiL-. taetr .-Xuori i-s. On Iruiny. tiie lii'.li ii;stas'., l-> .i^.istcrs and Su'g-nns, and llici.- > I tor OH-. Ai'lrr #hirli Ihe Li^ts will be recalled the first and third Wrdiie d.iy in everv nionlh. t!iat aU [lerjons may thru and ihere :\tl.-i':iM.' r.'ceive what iii.ry h c.'iiie payable lolhem, ri'id noi l.r;. 4 i>i li t".i'm th.-all.d.ivit reijuired, touching l)ic;r n..I Irivm; ei:i.i\.'d li'e .>f aa> pti.b'ic eru-plminvMt, liilitr .1 -.a or .m-li re, ilnrii'g tiie time they are I", he p.-iid Ihiir iia'.r I'.iv, liiii ai-.i to |irid..ce Gertiti- ' c.-iles that tliry l;ave iiiil.'crihed lo i j - i.-I, ai.H taken the Oaliis ot Alli'siime rrq^nred hv Aet uf t'iirii-inirni, to his present .�Hajesly ; and in cas- an oi ilie iai.d O.Tir�rs should not be atile toaitrnd t)ieiii..-lvc', hu'. .oiul.iy .\'tornies for that purpoee, the said Altornl s do prod, ce ttie' like  Certificates and .Affidavits from the Prrsons (hey are eaipiay- ' ed by. W hero OtTircrs are abroad on leave, fUeir Agents nr� to procure atlisicj copies of srirh leave, tirlore innr lialf pay can pe paid. .\nd as liy ^ct of Parliament pn.s-ld in the S.'/Ih y.enr of of ills pit-M-nt Majesty's r-i^'ii, iiiMlird, " tor eSta-bUsliiiij; a ni >ie ea5\ and e.xiiei'ilious fur the. payment -or" 0:'.:rers be'.on^jirg io his Majr.-t,i* Navy"/' it is eincl'-ii llie 20lh clau-e of tlic saiJ .\ct,*- if any com-mi--ioni-d or warrant N.-ival Olhcer, whosl-.all be entitled to r. reiie ^aif pay, and shall be lit^irou t.i receHe atid be c.iV'ma'nY I p-'lid tlic s..iiii-al or near the p'aceDf In- ic.-itl nee, be may o li.iard- I tipple t' tlie Trr.i-iirei of hi. A.'aj.-1.'-.\ax y in l.ondpa, to __!__LI i liHve sue 1 hal! p-iN paul al or n -ar i lie pi.ue c.f hts resi- d'-iice ill llie o.,i iKr pi.iiUrd"Ul by th.' 1 At t ; ' notice, is her.-h\ fonli-r ^; v,-n, that th^ e-rt n; the ^Olh of June l.isi, � ill C'lniiieice pai ii.'g on tii.- Kyl'i iosl.n.i ,- and all peisoi.s di-sicu- of liaviiij liirir liall pay remined lo theiu, may aiiph as above d r;-cled. Gi.ORGE .'^MITH.^ his .\bjf'st},'s Royal Leftt-rs Patent_____ ^ i{U \ sri.\(i J,Ai.:KS. UjM.n an eniire new and univer-s;illv !t,-pri�v -if;ht, or Pullies ; lo .act veriicaliv and oori/.ontally nt the same liiii.-. Thevars .-id.ipted to K itiJn-ns of every Descripli'io, .iiid parliriil.irl i l'> .ow Kitclieii-; also suf b as will not admit of a .""moke .Jack. Tlie U .irks bring ail. inclosed are pret-ctrd.frot'.i iiijorv, irreiiilarltv. ai:d d"ilst; ami ClllSeU .11 IT pi ei' I irii .1  wi .1 1 "J .1" 1 , > I I r i.iin,. I, , aim from Ihe -nepli.-ilv of (i:e roiMrjctn'n. ii�t li.itiL- Id (je o.ut ot order 'I o ii.' in ii-r :!ail^, ;.ii-l ha-.l of ............ � � ir-e-. 1 I Hi's! me. J. Pall ntee?. Tliis d.iy is published, in one neat and very closely printed Octavo Volume, pr.'ee 15s. in bo.ards, �A DICTIONARY of PRACTICAL SURGE- XTPL R Y : collected from the In-st ;uid most original sources of inforraalion, .ind iHusitited by CHtiral Remarks. Including observatiuns on the moti imnorlaot Rgmed'rs, AppUca--tions, ln�trumiMiU�&g. with the.JilMU dogy and Meauiogof ibejiriiicipai Terms. The whole forming a complete Com- Seoitium of Modem Sii-gical Knowledge, for theuse of Slu-e�s,.Private Practitioners, anil Naval and Milit-iry-Sur-geonS..:-By SAMUEL .COOPER, Member of the iRoyal Cellege of Sorge�^s in Loniloif.'' � Priated for J�>hn Mvurra*, Si, Fleet-�treet, L^adop ; and spld^alsfi by.f.verv Bootiseller iatownandi^ouDtry. Ocwhom I0ai;^.fe fcsiliJWely published, ' � -1, �oo;^r'-�Pl>y�iciat>:s V..-�leMecuin,fe. 8vi�. 6�. , . , Suryon'i Vgde Mecun>, fc; gvo.68. . '3---^vAiiatomift'sVadeMecuin.'fc. 8v�. 9s. 1  -ii" Tb'SmifS Modem rrffcecf of tlrhic, 8to. Hx { MARIIU/TI, (.1. Me.!-ir-e-. FKI.T1I.\.\I, I j. Si. Xi.iiu, � iJh.MlAM, i i.J, i;or.i:ith. bnbitaots:. tbe Trade,'Mamifactires, and (urio.-ities of ihe Cities and Towns, with iheir Longimdeand Latiiod.-. Hmr-iugand Di-taHcc to Eng^ssh Mir� innn remarkable i'laees ; and the various Bve'nis by wii-ich they have licei; di.-.|iiigui-!i. ed--Originally compiled by R. BROOK FS. i\l,D. Printed "for J. Jonn-on, Clarke and Sons, R. Baldw.n. F. G. ami J. Rivington.tpthell and Martin, J. Wilker, W.Lowodes, Scale herd and Leltennan, Wilkieaiid Robin s6n,J.\JJunn, Jg. Law, Limgrnan', Hur.-t, ftees, and Orme, Cru^jCaiKljCo. Cadell aud DavJe�, Newmnn and Co. J. and A. Arch, J.Murray, S. Highley, R. Pnillips, Black, Pa-ry, aifd-'Kingtburv, J. jlarding, J. llichardson, J. M. Richardson^ {(. T. Hodgson. R. Srhotey, Lackingtoo, Allen, and Co." J.^MawinuD, i. Booth, S. Tipper, J. Boolcer, Mathews and L�gfi->-T. Hainilion, 3b?rffOo4, {Teely,' and Jones, and 'Wlbonand Sod, York. BIL-IOL'S A.NI) .\t:K\ I)'..-.-^ Ill-,\U- M.lll..�, IMyj. DlGl.S ril>.\, iicc-v.Oi-\ o: a l.-!t r fr.ini R. LUCA.S, l;-q.'loMr. l)l.\ . SliJ^-In c.iris. (}"Oit'-e "I ViyaseSto ihi- I a-i Imlies, I hn.l c :;-.t::ii ted .1 Bill ni-i Crtmplainf, t.i fill h an alirmie.g r>l'id, a- i-- tie caic.-i. aole, fit limes, t.) pay .-itiei.tioa to llie di.lirs .>f :iiv siii,.. i'hro.ugfj Ihe re-c6.!in:en.l.iti"!i (^f a friend, I led to make trial of your ( .iitoN's) Antiiui.ocs I'lLi.ftj b> Ihe use o(>hiCh, i^ra sh.rl lio'e, 1 \>n-. to m\ a t.ii.i-h:i:e;.t, i'onedLitelyTelieted : iind have b.m L.r a I uig m mle, loiallx f.fc fn.ip any return lif naose.-i, vriom ���--' of ti.e skin, in-rv�;i.s and sick bea.i-acio'S, heart-lninis, giddoie-Sf Oi.d i.tiier c ;rres;iund^ngi�mp-lomsof Ihe above cooiplaiul. Th.* success of yoilr* rejaedf has induced nie to recommend it|enrrally. anii niy bcothc'r ___-...I... tK'.r.l l\t^f.>r- irf Ltu� lYriJ^e itf -Nlnhfmvn lYirtl.. ^iv 1 tjv v^r,'-, K ,_...iv.  1*1 the H^Q> La"-! Inifla Comp.-fijl�iJhip, Union... % Gravrsend JoHjS-l. 18v4. �">,�'' Sold wliolr�iV? aiiil relitjl at.Mr. Butlri^a, No. 4, Chesfi-side, comer of.Paterliostet-rdw j and rernl Ijy:n� .�l Cooo-try Medicine Venljers, inevery 'ii boxes a( fe; ^ 9d, eath, and f*pjily b6�es-at 22s. each . 

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