Friday, September 15, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - September 15, 1809, London, Middlesex FHif)W,lm 15 1809. fRCHAm.*nU tiAN- |llX>Rz\ey.^A CtEBOTMAN, in full iOrdeys^ l&pMveii4tairI�J� of tt'P- wUliwiftubiaiiia Curarv io the Coumry.-Trtfwirt be Kf^Tu, p. eviecnuril tke more lioinUile wiib a Par<uua�e J^^MNei aadr a fi-W AciRS.of lfU|(i| �fce Advertiser, beiiij: a-, mHrrird.nuui^ A lii.ei�lilr�S!teilt.� the Rf tr. A. B. No. I, Litll?^ln3tiFck. rp�fEa!tRE of anatom Y, Great Wind. JL millctreet^Mr. M'ltSOM �ill begin tbe WIN TE ft COURSK of hi� LliCTORIiS on ANATOMY, l�HV-iiiOLOair. PATUOLOGY, mad SUllOERY,va Mod-dfiy, Oct. & a e on l�i�i|)|l��iiir Tbv/Rlaj-t, baturda>t'�u(t :Tuu�days, atibe ^iiM i^r.r^or, utiter (Mrticulan a]>p!y atthe i>etuir<i'i ^�cct*riart.M.I�. NEW- PLAYS.-The VrNTAGKllS, a Musical Romance -By E. J. EYRK. As iierformfd at -tkfi Tbealie-lliiynt Hnvmnrket. I'rice U. 6H. \ .YJBS'tiieRO? A Faree..: Dy I. POCOCK. As per-fonoea at'the Thratrc Royal, Ilaymorket. I'ricc Is. 6il. E�\?ARD THH SECOND, a Tragedy, and other Pociiu. , price 38. Gd. Logdpn: Printed by .T. Barkpr, Dramatic Rrpo-sitnry, nrrtrt RusuU etreel, Covent-Garden; wbere may Ue bad, NeW Editinm of n�e MilesDff; or. The Finger Post, 2s-The lliwtcr of the Alps, Is. 6d.-High Life below Stairs, Is.-Tbc Ghost, Is.-With every Dramatic Production if in Print. . . - Old Plays bumht, or lateen in ejchimgf._ 'TKisdavis piibtl^brd, price 6d, bound, tlie fuuilh edit, of PRpGteSIVifi EXKRCISES, atlapkd to iho Eton Accidence{ to1ie written or r TONS of go�H�r sotnid, IHerrhsibtable RICE, to te mttrnff able to smttpks la be produced Kitk the Traffert^ .to be iieli-\. vtred, one halfUureof fit* �t�fc, nnd-lhe oUier l,alfi* *foTt-nlg/U afterward*, "hdt I/is Majtst^t rtt^aUing Stvrc* 41 Deplford; and $9 le paid fur ig Bill* pa^U witM 7n-ttreil ninety daj/s tif(�r tlate. Tlte Cimditioms^ftfu Contract mag be $ftm at th�,3�era-tjryn Ojfiei. So regard irf� ft� had to any r.n/fer ijttMfh tke Prfte thttti not be iaserlel in norib at length, or thai tka4tu>iba dttioerrri to irri" ' Itnard Orfore ttite a'tttek on ike $ai4 Mnndiiy next, the IBM itntnt, nor unUff the pertttn xSa mri^u tilt 'J'6Hder, or *Wt9 periun en Ilia btkalf, atftndt, � la untteer teHfn lulled, fn ,' *. ' .........h.-u fr, i-r iifc ,8. IWW. ^irlilbntfifilr**. Me�w--w*�;�3.:N� (jeqrce^reeM.'AO^e a�aaitinuniiBg bours^vin |JuiTiieiK|) iicvate�!itiMeFr2icllce of Physic, at half after ri<bt: and 1he"efii-�*l�iri'-�it -a �)�itrfer aftrr nine.-Uy GEOR-UE i l^MR^Jf^tiA^D't'^.K-S. Senior Physician to St. George'* Ctitifc^.Sfiic<�itetAte given, a; atuaL outhe Patif ot< itf jo-'ilopk.- . imc) � id. i H*J�lt�tffr�iiir<l� ruo;-ranewin be [Xiep��v�.QpmienoD ^f�ybttc.Lbi�rliig. the power of (If.i&to tevenit-Nenlemeb ami numeriiits persons of ^ave piirchii�ed, and Uigbly approved �.-,^..ff-aia^P�liV(<*.SllhRRl74JB.-A,,Ki-^ per .dAi�it..9)j)t(^c�. iucliided.-A pplioD-�l&ade pjUt.^iiiS^\^lj^ort�U, So. Ij, 'Aruadel- Oru<i�;e'rH(A6|ilal,; every Saturday mor^g, at nine o'clock. frjtttdfiUr^-be'bad in George-street, or at St. Ueiir^V i.^?W'^'iii..a.;. r- -__ inANO-fORTJ-:, antl ruJimeuts ^Jsf;  Ml JL SLN01NCi.-A Yoting Lady who ha^ hreii-engird t'(*rlk-u'cIi t satisStctbrj re- f|-reiic<^ liifimu.finglishaiid FreucHfluenlly,, hi}S received a.. liberal �dacUtion, and's a Protestant.-PUa-* to addfrss a Iiue,4lo�' ^iaid, foi"A. B, at Ta.'iart's, Juvenile Library, Hey Bund street._ _ ,_ "PVQWSONS aaiJ NKXT PRKSENTA-' Tlt)NS.--�T6 be S *t iVest^tutioiisti) jvccle^ia-tical bc�efici^"fro�t.lwo Humlr.'d JVunds tii a Tliousand perAiuiiftn. Sc'vc^ul "with pruspict Af very �fatlv' voidaoce. .-Apply atrthe Oflice, *No. JO, ^orthtinibLTland s!rei-t, Slraiul, L'Mukin, l�etw.�;cj) ten a'-id-three (�Vloek.?i-1. and erpedifiiiui POST wrtl Kt out "Bt..�ihe'GOLDEN CROSS, ^Unia,aiid VELL SAWAGE, Lud^ue-hlll every |�ri�!ayiteia* tl'e 'i'^d Lion,' liar-i'jatapt j;nn�t'(Trelhain Iiui: brrak-J>%t6tti olbe. v %. )SELS^ on anew cotistructidn. '^^H^'i^elc vasels,!'tiBl,cbi'}ing,orfa-iid Water iisweet. I,puri�ledy oikI niade clear as that of .the Iini.-Kt Spring ; f)/e}&eViu� (ist-dtae moniliwispareiit tlie water, give attsa�f'qtfieKsfip{f)y^arcini Irbuble t Wureijjusc* No. 11, iitU denllemcBin-theConiilry 1>y senJii-g a line, may i^btr pttttTchlats; vvith a drawing. ifriiti tdliiUMHf, &e; J^nopkeepers, and those.witnt-feiy, KlUtiud,�anl!u,e,by an tarly thentticlefcv A HBUittty of Wliite or BItirk ftd'theliestqualitie'!, equally cheap t stoot Gni- ONEY MAlirKR^.-A G�Htl�^an almvc _ . ^ the common class of .Money I.�iid�r3, �bo has for many yeai's c.irrb'd on Imkiiicks l.i general Kitisfaetion, hat laree Sums of M�nev ready^o advance on An^u'iy, t>T 'm B11 ,.Notes �f Uaiid, or aav oUut Security.-ApjiU to" Mr. Witl.h.No. 40.|UpperMary-Te-b>�ne-�trcet,and a�nri'l will be given to bis House, within luninate's walk.-Letters (pn^t-paid) iinnicdiateK answered-.-l..:idieii of rtiararier,single or married, may be'nrcnniin'H]at/.d t nod p:-rsui73 wbu iiave liiusu 811ms t >wn octavo, rpilE POETICAL REGBTRR and R^iosi JL t.>ry of Fugitive Poetry, for the Year 180.!-I. ' Thi( Editor request* that Cooimunic.'iti�iis intended for in-serliiui jn-lbe orij^inal I'oelry.of this Volume, may be fenl before trie first of Ociohrr addrssed to him nnder cnv.rtii Messrs. Kivington, >t. t';tal j Church-yard. �� This day arc plibliibe'd, prire 3s. sewed, PR.\Cl ItAL OBSERVATIOXS on the N V-TUREand CURE of STRICTURES in the C ;^;-T^HtA..^By WILLI.A.M-WADD, Member of ti.e Collrge Buokscllcr, .Vn. 13, iart!J^*ji(itKi al & ,.}5i,X'lveapsid,e,-No aliato- �priti'ftftCvkt dr.; ithe.a�flv,�f ,Ni;X-l'j MUN�'". TERY:wnl Regin and F'ini^b. iS4and9M,l06of-PHSe Money. jt3& pls,tbeir,F�i�ii� �.'i!> a Share f. mtflfi'm Mo^i^,' Orders from ai.jr part of aol letters, port pjiid, to Messt^ Hatikey and Co. No. 33^ i or'-81 reel, ."^t. James's.__ . HARVEY'S SAUCE FOR FISH GA.ME, Ac. El LAZENUY respecifiilly informs the Nobi-i� lily and Gentry the above admired Article is prepared only at Her WarebiMjse, No. fi, Kdwaid ureel, P.irt-Aian-square; and by appninlmrot, ioa\ he bad of J. Batter, l.dinbnrRh J-Bell,-Newcaslle-up'D-T^nej Ur-.^siiis, Liver-, pool; Getty, Manchrttcr J Tijrv, Brighton; Limfr, Soulb amptnn'; Eirot and Leedham, Bath; Jeffervs, Salisbury; Lister, Swansea ; Slephenssn, Bridlington Quay', &c. . AAd to prevent spurious iinit;itiaiu, each b�ttle Mr. Harreya sigiialurenn thelabel. - E.' Lazenby at the same time hcgj to i^'cnmmrnd her ge-niiiqeEssence yf Anchovies, which, wiiti a variety of ricb . Sauces !iBd.PicVle�, may be bad io caseiof &II �izes,.for fami. l.>jli erva(ioits oii-lnili.^csiino.' 6 o-f.itiaa<if Semons-,and is a �teliyg��m Chrisiiap M.tnanl. . MINERVA 0 FFIC li, L li AD EN H ALL-ST R f. 1^7" ThU day it published in % vols. 8ro. prljn; if*, ^oorda, the '"' '  � IhirdTfditinn� CE L IA ?n SE A RG � of a H U S BA N D. Printed �for A- K. Newman nnd Co. LeadcnbalI-street, and I'lld by all booksellr-w-Where m.iy lie had just pal>Ii-h-ed, Romance of the Hebrides, by Kr.i'nci* Latnom, 'J vkI... i5ii.-Age We Live Inn, by L S. Stunhape, 3 <!ui8Card-or the MjEii-rioas Accusiition. tiv Hnr.-u-e. 8*0. 'i roll, lOs.-Fallen Minister and other Tales from the o: .' , by (apt. Hew etjoq,'j vols. 10s.-Sinclair, by ftlr>. Pikinglon.l vols.'itjs. ^___ ,_____Jnouey, . , iiM^tbeaaiWfttermstJs if picsrnt nt either " �d Slafe*�rti[ery;q(fice!i, 26, Comhill; el'tf Hill, Bwrocgh; ' ' piuil FrJi��har�d by llpR>NSBY and ' 39370 I. i.'.'5.l'0;> ili;127 ..........4,0i� .3,536 .......2,tX)0 SOat. loot 50L &c. , �OlfE-�lLLI0iS,SHSRLING io former Lotterie�. r:".;..-.l.^'9d^'00o'. :�?>�^,,^.10,000- , B,|51.....>.;...^:5,003 �'-,8-,7l6..............5,00.) iiouKn � . ____L J. 5.1)0:1 ^ Ja5FfitiOT-*ER*5'W�r Ije.ttn and bi�J)i^ifi(S4Ti|ie,w^�e lnOif.1? D.AY-:-Eour Prizes vi '^^^"^'^.^i^tiK^J^fatJ^^^ each Num. tJu.OOJ 40,000 2ti,000 i^Utto raU the- CapHafvS^dhMlfer Prizes inpfoportion. e' by ttrCllARD^ON,_ ttud'Ciiariug crtes.-No .-_'ar* on Mrs. ROCHE'S NEW NOVEL. In the Press and will be published neii MuntU, in three vols. , Twelve*, rfllUE HOUSES �f OS.MA and ALA1ERL\; JL or the Convent of St. lldefunsx, . By MrF. ROCHE. Printing for A. K. Newman and Co. Leadcnhall-strcet ; whereinay'beliad,b\ tliesaiiieAiiihor, TheChildrenof ilie Abbey. 4 vols, bibj-ditiop, piire2.)�.- 'Di!<c;tr . (id.-.Maid �l tlic Mmn-li-l,2vu|i. Sd'ediJioa, 7s.-Victt of L.-iii8dovyn, i vola. Jdrdi 1:011,73.. " ^___' _ EARNEST~CONTi:>NTtON OR THE TRU K tA^TH This, day is put>li�hfd,in 4r<�. price tid. ASERV'O.V, iirtjclitsd at Sc4rb��rcut^'b, at the Primary Visit.-i ld.. by. J. Maw man; l^)^llry, Lond-int J� J^i-ightnij, 15, Union-street, Bftroitgh,for his new improved PXTENT � Cniiibndgc; J. l'ark�t. Oxford; J-Todd and^Soiis, n. uqd . . ..L ..........1... , gppiicg^ juij J.: Wufsren'mlim., Ynrfc.  Of .Whom may be >i:id, � AH Mr. Wriiitghiim s other Publications. Just completed, in 13 Part?, price *.id. e.nch, eni!i.rri.>l.fd with 13 J^.-irr-Uive Prints t.vo of which (ihe ijniy �ne, rvi r ^eferigraved) are friHii oiiginal OesigiiB b^ the'iiiiiiiiiM)le . CLAS.SIC TALI^S serioijsand lively, siUcted from 1he works of Goldsmith, Johnv-n, .Mnekerzu-, Brooke, llavvkesworlh, ..Sterne, Marmomel, and Vollairie; w itb Orighial tjs:iv� un the Authors. Among lUem will hr fojrtbd Louisa Venoai, Ia Korhe, iheMa>i�f Letters, >|a-villa, Ra�selas, l.e Fevrr, Zadig, theliur n, Laiirelia, Sc. &C. Ac-rhe IMa'esare engraved by Ifeatii, Anker .S�niih, Bromley, and Filtler, from Desigiis by Uevis, Weit.ill, p*iiMilReiicli)a�'Wlfrp�*i*�p!O.VI , ^ PORK, to be kill^liilHkWaltrtys VACtualpfqt/Peaaiwlt. at Dep t ford, be^ wcrii JQ^ l^tii October Kir, l|^l|e .SM) f' Janunrv followmgv' 3'hr^f*t iletiaergnkfrt \fi^'t*i[t plate on Mou'dav, Hre said i&Jfj^ October l�e.rt, awl the suSic qmni rfcJ.'crriei lu be^ofiainueHiV^ J* e�cA wer** titsuci rrgu'ui- pruuorliuns a* that rhe ttbuU^ihttU if tuimpQsted ig _ th:'.iUt of J iiMiiiry luforemeiUlonerl. ' J hi Cond-iivM uf ttte V^ntracl mas J>� eTru.-tees of tUuuvu i..ia,>ui.;flj. by vinue of a Deed uf Auignmenl, duly executed by biffi* for that piKposr, ' . _ . rpiIE PATENT of .MIUjS for GRlNniXO i HARK; severuj of wbitK itre cKSfcted in Hull and the' i\i'i;;lihiiiirtioMd,.aiid :ire fotihd t'l answer ilic most saugaUtC exp.Tunion, -xecuiing the W ork in the most comptet^ manner, f.irsiii.crinr to any iMitI tif Mnh'ul \ri knownlo'tHe Pnh-' Ic. Those Mills can !�e adapied ^i the p-J�er of horse,, >, Wi.t.r, or wird. The Tinslees will dmpnjc'of the raleiii in "ne (.nt, �r licence any t'erson, or Prr.oiis,to ereci one (irrooreM'll irMIiU. l-'nr pari'i. cTaisapplyat lh> Office �f Mr. 3. Day; frc�t -Anv I'erson i ifrinKiog od tllC at)nve-me�tir>i|.d Patent, will be pr 'il. SrO.UACir CO.VIPJ.A INTS,  Win.l, Goti') Spa?m, Cholif, ln.iig,"�tion, and general Debility -rtb^ and iQl.tlnics.--CoKNWEUL's t>R(l'NTAL COII.Dl AL, i� H .Medicine of-est,.hU'hi.d repot.itiim for the relief and-riir.'of l!ieali.>ve Coiiipl.ilnls. It w;i�lirsuii;^C5ivrf d and usrd in ihe l.fu-l Iiid e?, wiierc DAilily of tiie Si'-nia^b and liitestm-i an- si-vire uiiri nlunsing, by a l'h)!i rfj ri-s ti> the Sli>ro.icb. reinuves the eff-ct* of iinr/pe or improper I riiit, Spaiiiti, Cholle; R i'Kl.'U tui.ond Indigestion, anil g.-iirrallv strengtfar-''* tbe-hy^itfav^te^M- il;e nit;trks of those L> whtc^ too-�>ftdttieiriiiinaM in�>4den disSHtutlmi. � Soid �lioleaale and ret.i'-l by Shaw and EdwarilijW, St, I'aulVt luircibyaril.^liftmltin. ,__ r f nn pute .n> tn he �^*%i�*.d and repimBU'mbMi by minr of Ih.- l-ara!lv, f.>r NER-^ VOUS DISOROtkSand I.N WAKD IJECAV. I'f Memory Dimness of Sighi, I'atns of ibc. Back and Loins, Trembrms.', Cnuuirv (iriitlemen and nlh.-r F(H^)len:?�*, Morrorsof fKe Mind. I'araliiic (.'omp!aini.<, &f. " id'fibTtihel^ i.J?*si.,.v. r. iff -'1* * ^^^i^Jr^il^^riWu^rms.; .______., H- tilgb'rt'^yppTkJw le^n^ed in Kce Div ; the�!�i ^ -"-*"l*:l'a:keMnd Sharj(� , ;.aldealabluhcd Of-" , . ^ JCilr ...... �..'-�>>' -  � �-.V-15tr., . LAMP, with Spirit^ Burners, that bums with ( lignt. � J. S'�. Shew Rooms are open lit 138, New Bond-street, with the grentef't-variety of elegant formed L.-impj iotbe Metropolis, fur .itieii|8i>ectioD of the Pablie. ; A.LAftlP is kept burning by dny. Compare nnd judges foryouiself. They cannot � i>e porchased at any r�lher Hnuge in Town. Geimiue. Spermaceut Oil, 98- and Patent Oil, 63. per gallon. _ , fk llTIKIClAL TEETH matJc from a dtwafele xlLfwIi^iice with �nd app.ears more Teei1�, and are so eomiplelewt^.than _^ and are not t<� be distinguislied--------------. _____ placed fromabingle in a conipleteisel, with ariiliclal orgold gains; aiireaBdnatlte terms. J las an easy' method of fixing 'U-etklirm,-with fiveiseitherfrpntgold, .or.b'p plvrts prc^ .p!^d.fri^,a clirmical root, wblch'fiteit the tooth finti it (he stomp be ever sa'decayed/aml rendeis the trie <if cotton 'i^iuid the pivet onnece�sary ittg. cbiefly of Origii^l Ift^sH jk^t' pfonfls the Merclvint^, Trid�^en, '*>^'Jrt*WVr ^t.'.,P�.i.'.7 /.K-l'J*'*?-*'^'* K.lwJitdii (foot- of ftohert tfttros, C t4iiiitfTMP�����y***nilt(e*t^^ M. - cjuial flemcdy.Ar X��^h,Arfiii^ef o^yedlo, i^- ? -ThaVing invMiaW*;H.cceededVwBere every^JWih-.?^^ Blitton, Ucnorice, having tnjnrlalilftfnci^etled wliere t'ltr^tjKmi^ir^ptffmeaiJXStM.Ti*^ ar? infiTiiinl ih>.^y. n-a^ lie supplied with ibis valii;ible Medicine b\ senili'tfrttjetr Orders by Co.ichiiien or >Hw-nnrti,nr b\ fii<l .� small P.ircel, directed tn ,\n. 13, Old Ho ld^lyet, Liindvu, f-i" wh'rrh pnrp �<!'ing-and i-jvigiirntine tli;- i-iiii'titalii>iH of p�r�am wrakL-ai'd ;ind debiliiaii-d by a ci>ur-e nf di.^sipaied pie;i!>iireii, orindi-ed by aoy ilher cauies" l-;very day prtiitlireii tre^h arcoHutiof the sng-^l"ir sure-S!! "f this iriv.'iiii ible, Ki-rloralive Medirhie, a�rt m.iiiy g-n'l .inen have been eand il eii�uzii'l� dedare^twt It liassiific,';^ J in case* rtheae>irj-i�iij-rMrdl. cine pr.iverMni'fl'c'i'.il. *�� Gcntlr-nien of tiic first distinction in fltiiik-ii'gIota,: n� well as others, � bii�i-.cun-iilo'i4ii� were hr; ft-n.aijd d,e�i{|t-talril, have et|( �*.nri-d the g>� u!i Ilijorder- pr>)Ce>'diii,;/i;(im; b:id nndcrg.'iie t�'� piiwrr.'iil coMr<rt*OTife� Se i-x.iteiu-.\ rvrJ-lved (lie iitnm-t benefit fr-ini-.thi* -Rejlftinithfi*. fur after uf iCCiiglb .ind v .icuiir. tjiry inpj^t��j3t�ji�!t their f.iTiner health. I'nr . pa'iijs. in lUe-back mtt-loW, glwip," ,Vid ' JTiFr-al w'ehka we , iitH i|jS' tlj,.fc i vkJni*fafe VVnd^ Siriril?, i^'^M^'-dftrt^ and N�>t"^W, Meet^rtirf; J�t�***y a Jaifi.1fce, aA��(� \?*�d3^^ I4 only rf.$^.�hi�!tit&it|it)l^tbe $ia&i/JrWsi/1^ up for fbeAW^.iffi yayyyyc.'';' ' ;:  >i: i*�n9''>'^''*^ _ T .^*�ClriJ ^^fi Mo.* __.!lrttt�i;j3iri***�t� ^*jirdi of.botb seXrti 5 ju"t(ie-<! �&f^lfl�ia�ia*areABe5^�- rhetCJM,.^-irtfect�oBvb�4r-T-; ipftrvdfiWww^?^ Fiw? ihe-uoAfr -** tetWexAii'oftf' koAfni,t'�tfatt{i li(ce,'dJiring wl . beedcaird, eveii�0 wi�ia fte� er �e�S o. 31

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