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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - September 14, 1809, London, Middlesex THURSDAY SEPTEMRER \A, 1809, mCB-SlXPKNCE.flALypKNNY. TUEkmE-KO*COY KNT-GA *'^irfO��n..-lv�. they have solidljfcte^^^^ if�ma-!li>ftni(iiK bnlwlrerf ami fifty I'm; limi-Mirdd' ^l?jrt|tfi"'fevvn��jj fl4y Friilay .15, ami SaiiirUay lit iSjtl'ifiia Sepiembpr; TUe p'oji-Jar War.SjieitnfU-, Ciilled .� lit ARABjrWvtlus FreelMwIersof the Uesrrlj with its nieniive Fii-iii o� Baltlr'^ nnil n'geiirral A(i:u-k i>n Real ;Jt<i�a(ie T^UacKiliii]Mrh!pv-i>V C m|<.iiiy. and imiiinith^ wilh-lbe liccuitridtieii of the HuiiK-d iail�r. siOa rT ^ cooriufleTrSlb a'New Coftiic I'aiitrtinimc, called the ~"�\UUl'l'.BtLL; �r, Jlarlpqiiin. V liiim. linrieuuin. ;i:ii'^;^diu8na,'J^ii.YCol�uubiiie,, Mrs. AlelvDIe j and Pierrot, '� ''^a^bituMatliaif-pBistrive,;begin Half-past Six'. ' .let ' - Seoontfl'rite'atlr:iit-pa.t I/i^ht. , t , fif.l;qtU5HnM.TiiUi��''-.l>y able,Masters. ri|CCLESFIEI.i>i.\N ANiNJVtRSARv.- -jl�jL IKft ANNUAL-AlKliTlNG oE GENTLKMEN td^ed at MACCLESFIELD'iiCll(X>L^ will be held I. V-w'WEONESbAYi the27th Day of September next, at . >:|teiiaccl�CeldA4'iDsIii)i~,anJiiiitel, Muccleiifieid, ,i^^�enT^fiGOX'tvS^�>n�i\�lllo,w of Ofiel College, JiKTERMAVOR iAqi^*1Vi;'q. Bta^rt Nose College. '�>'*^j^lK�eX�Attel^IW Who intend homui^iig the stewarls with fei'<S5ibh','b\ letter, directed to Mr. David Browne, ^olicl-1 �^;ta^~M.irrle.field, the'JreamrerolllieAJeetiiig. -,-Aliiccle�lirUl, Ai^JI, IBja. .V jfHORI�QRA FlON-�f JheArMlC A Bl.E SOCIR. 'ly for IKSJJJBAiliaj iiu.itt..La'ES, instituted bv ' ei�rtepof(jupTOAiVie;au^ hcH ii lh)Wt,.every Wgdnesi'ay, atelevcui o'cl-ick, for the Au. ''�'l#)^M'eMlieBStt1iderfilfe�ddili�Aial Charier lately grdiited s v bis iMajetty, for fuctbpri:xteud:ng to the P,�blic the Bciie- ' iteirthiuiistituttohr ^'^^ ' ' By llcsnluiions of the la'-t.Gciienil Court oftheSodfly, ; the.ClainvsAr'vstngoit thB.UeHt}i?,of .Menibei j are;!!)!*- gaarau' 'n'ar�dt�p(odrfce,atthBl e.Members, andauy. number of Sbar^ uotct-?'^�eKlwki�a�e; niaiy begrante'd^oii^each Life; lrom'eij;ht to iaS?^91^*!^\^'^^�^^^'^*^'''''^^''^'^''^''''^ Life, or for any ^SiimMfof'Yeare,b^on-^nrifivor>i^lii|i; or other Coaiiugeucy rtefBecfins^ifc.- 'A f^:^ ; � , ^ . -. � By Order of tlip Coor* of DiiTctors, '�� PATttlOTi6'pUNDn FFlftEi.ComaijUlee for managing the PairioMc ; A Fuai, JiavegreaVSt^isfactfam in laying before the Pub-^'SrlfeellMWuliiNM and Adit^es* of the Siibscti1>er� t Lloyd's, ,iiiV�n(|nouslv a.J(j(Beral ,Mectiu;. held there (his ,aft4 they caBntit1)bt'e)rprcisfheir ifope, thiit aj the tivpi..andforce oftbfrKDtimettts of that rerpirclable Body �Mthe ockuawlrtfeed, sor (he iibiiruUty of liieir example [^ahegeheraWoSowed.' By order of the Coniini�pr� - Jf.f.AVELSl-OIlD, Scrretary. ' � . jt" S- D. -laBMBtofnewContiibtttions already advertised 18:171 6 0 '"^IloateaiulCo. 105 0 W.' H'ilbcrforce� Esq. tijoihitt.:, - L5 5 M.P. - 21 0 0e Laiuioy S& 10 Lord Oc Ounslanville 53 10 ikt Unite of  Joljo Bagweli; New-wt^fXit. � 105 0 = Pliite' � ^ 50 0 1^ Snj^sCtil^UoQfrare reteived atthe Bar of Lloyd's, and tthe Bankers in the United KiuRdoni. JELANCflOLT Catastrophe at the Meikic Btrrr.-Di�mdch�:Ati^ft.25. The CommiOee ap-/^ifiitd-by Uie.Gentlenteauf ibiii place and vicinity, to ~^liiDd forthe reHcf-of the many families r-'i^uceii tt> e%i^lhe')9RtdmitDus event that Vappenediit the Mei-,!FCr�*�r.�'>.el6thJ�st^t, respertfiill) kubnUla'civ fads .t�ttepi�idrratiou of a^oerous public. ; �'''lil1w*btall the pMsofisbn board the fatal bdnt only 12 * Wfiemed; and that besides nnuiy strjuipers, \chosc n.nmes weunkanHn, above 100 peKons belonging to and residing in iir7tiprsiof all they bad iw^^^aiNl^kiaKifig.^bctlc fiwiiUeioniopo< : -Jlff5s|%li� tiief WSve only toatilJmll this .case .^MB^ratitmidf a ibli)c',tf� attr90t y discernioi ^iiid.lo enable' �iocBif�!ntaiBecta.parp'ate so>''huniaii�. > f.rT^SIByiJBR^A�9, Chairman. Snbsariptioiis akrady received. Coraialoaed OiGcers. and prtvatesxtf (be _____mm&^iAfipiy? � iU Detent j&{15lilevUr.:0etba9e Autuoiiiat Course of Lectures on the Tii>,OtlV and I'ltACTle;!; of M hOlClNh, on >l-nduy, ^d Ixiober. For parjicuUr>, eiiquiie u( Mr. Price, Apotlie-cary,.atthe IlospiMl i ur of Ur. UJxtnu, 13j, Feucnurca-st reet.__- _. - - '_ FUlLANTlillOI'U; A^fNUirl INSTlTU.-TION,yo. 109, Pail-Mali.-iSurh of the Propririori, ivlio, from residing iii Ihc c >uiitry, have not applied at the U-nce for ih^-ir lyiridend^, are iiifonni'd taesame r'i>r ilieir rimirnieiice, way be rL-miitud lo tUeui in the cojutry, upon 4''dre�!ring a line lo the Ollicc. ._ (J. lia CST E H, Seeretary. Pbiii'SAJGUTIl, SOUl TIaTmPTON, is LiJS. DOti JUACi'lOiN CANAL.-The Subscriber- loJliii unJertiikioj may receive a return on llieir Deposits ai Twelve Saillinis and Siviiciire p T Sililrc, on Tuesday the ISi'hinsl. and every t'uei^S'iivc Tuesday and Wednesday, between the hours ot Cleveland ihiee, by .applying lo the Secretary, JV�. 6, St. M Idreils-cuu't, Poultry, and producing ibeir Ueceiptj._�__ A t.AD1t;S:>CllOai. to be DISPOsKD 01'' in -tX- a most elegilile and healthy iiiuaiion within W niil&i WeAtof LonJ >re Land may be -added at t'le opti'ni i>f Ui �t paid.-. . i . ... i^iiittf lie (iHsai)i;iied Ihciibdve'iim, and selected a Stocjc of-tbtt dioice>i U'in^.S &c.-�:c. and ini�is, from the arroiigeucnts tie hai made, and llie ^uperi�r uccuraiuodatioils the llou�e nOords, he shall merit iheir favour and recomineu-datiiins.' nnO tiCliboLviASTi-.R*) i*> h-- directed A. U. Mrs. Murray, SlatioiiL-r, �o. Oxford sirert. AND \VANTb:iX-Waii'td an EHTATli, of ' open fii-ld or inc'i'' cd L*ind, w ifh or wiiluiut a Mansion up 1o!n.'d BftEVVEIOf, in a giwd Market Town, in the West of England.-nir partifnlarii apply lo Winstanlev and Son, Pa-temostcr-row, Londm; or \> m. I'ill.s, ICsq. Plymouth. TO lu� f.,E'l', for a Term of V(;ars, and entired upon iramediately, the Til KATIIE ao V A L, in ^lall-chesteri elegantly and coniplelely filled up ivilh Scenervi Macliinei^, VVanlrobe, Uooks, Music, handsome Clans' Gliuii-deliers, &e, and every otiier interior Decoralioii.- Proposals ju writing may l)ea *'20th iiisiaiif. MaiiqheMer. 6tli Sept. 1809. �_. . _ MONEV Iw LENU-.Mess.Shcrlejaiiil Go. beg Jeavelo inform the" Nobility and Gentry, and Clergy, lhey srs. Slier-ley ami Co. No. J7, C^ip'sloiic-slreel, J'orllnnd plate, oriel-tors add res-etl (pnst p.iid} from town or omntry answered by letaruof post.__" 7~ A^GllKAT FALL on lUlSII LIM:NS. rflll-E IRISH LUXEN (;0.\1 panV's liU-SI- JL NESS has been removed, upwards of fiueyeurs, from Great Russell-sirepl,to J Piece is, as usual, wawaiited as to..^bxic, afat fo Ifie" Ii'ieiicHea ou-fh'e grass, atd^lie Tnouey-relumed if a fail^ appeals. ^ l ^ . Orders executed with punctuality.- Cash for Bank or Ireland Notes. J. O'BRl EN, Agent lo the Company. No-. 4, Bloi>m-bury-rquare. _'_. N conseq-iencc of the Death of Mr. William _. Gaimes, of St. Paul's Churcl.-yard, the modern and elegant St�ck of JEWELLERY, srteeted with the gre-ilif-t laste :uid judgmeni, and of the best vvufKmaii'^hip, t.jgelher wHh th-nM!-terly CABINET WORK in Writing-desks, Copying Machii.cs, lUcriloires, Tea Equipages, Dressing Cases, eto^aie now selline by order of ihe Adinini>(rainr< at prime cost, on ihc Premi ses No,33, and 54, SI.Paul s Church yard- " uff.-rsiwill be received for the purchase of ihe valuiihle Lea'cs and Good Will of the Trade, addressed lo Mr. Robinson, Solicitor to llie Administrators, Chaiterhoure-sipnre. in OLDEN iEliTor^N's BAI^KRFpJ CT. -The Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, hearing dale the hth d.-iy of KebrHary, 180S, awnided and issur-d against Golden Lee Gibson,ot Colchesirr, in llie onin-ty of KSiC �, Taylor and Draper, intend to meet on ihe 27th dHy'iifSeptember, in^t. ui the Griirin Inn, in Ihe said Borough, at ten of the clock in the forenoon,- to make a Dividend of the Estate &ud Effects of the 8:iid Bankrupt, when nnd where the Grediiors who have not alre.idy proved their debt?,are to come prepared to prove Ihe same, or Ihey will bcexcloded thebenehtof the said Dividend, and all cla'ms not then proved will be disallow ed. '_� - ' This day is published, in 8vo. price 33. sewed, "ElACTa and OliffERVA iIOXS on the i'n ven. JL tion. Causes, and Method of Tri-:t(mrnl, in PBlniouurv Consumption.-Lty JOJJX SMlTiJ, M.D. ..f Brjiien.ijL- College, 0\!ord. - - I Printed fof Loo f A!r. Sniilli's SeriTHitu; ilie i oilier forty are" entirely iiew. JVIr. GlsUORN K*s uew \ oliiiiir ,>f m,!!. >iU.> >. j This day are puWishpu, in one V uluaie, oel.ivo, price e^. inboard;. ; SERMO.\S, princpally desiffnrd (o tl!ii':fra(c : jand enfi-tce I liri-lian Moralily.-^By the Re>. TilO.M \i> ' GISIJORNE, fli. A. i Primed for T. Cadell and W. Davhrs, Si ran;!; of h !i im ' iiiay also be Imd, Two Volumes of Sermons. By Ihe same Aiilli"r. Published some lime since.' -Fifth r.dition, iiiite It*, in Imaul^. " The � Volumes sold separate t add all Air. Gisbonie's other Works.^_____ � __ This duy are (nIOlislieU. in-2 vuU. price Us. with a I'orir.ill of tUe Author, . . l&aiB^HWiTS I'ROSl^irrKltSV..-By Miss ELIXAIIKTII SMIIJI, l.nt,,-lY;i--^.!. B:�lh: Prjnlcd by R. Crulwell, .imI -..'dil by taJ.!l an,l Daves. Slr.mdj anil Jialt.'u.rd, I'lccadill), Loiiduii; ai.d ^. Cheyne, Ldinbiir^h. The Firfl Volume m:i\ be had -^-paralr, price 7=. M. This day are published, in one \ olume, Il.>. pii.c It. js. in hoard;, .liSEUVATIONS OT the llHlOiU ^.AI- WORK of the late Hishl CUARLl.S JAMES FO.V. Uy the llijhl UnnourahU-Gi:ORr;r, R05I-.. With a Nnrrativeof the l->eiils wliith onurrrd in tl-e EnU-rprisi of the Earl of Arsjle, in Itjio. IJ) Sir I'alruk Hume. Printed forT. Cadell and W. D.tmi-s. Slr.ird BlltriSIl ti-Al.Ll.RY Ol-' Vd'.i i l!A 1 r>. j Printed forT. CADl.LLaml W. 0 Wll.S, Sirand. - SECOXO MJ.MbKR is IUl^;lsh.(l (his | day, in Alias (jii.nrlo, price il. ami in � foiia, with proof impref inn-,, prire 1/. itj^. I( eniUains j Portraits of ihe laic IJi-linp Pi^rlriis, l.url .M. Vincciil, (he j l.ite Mrs. MonlngiH-, Lord Cha:iefUiH" Thuilow, Lord II-.pI- '� eliiiisun, and Sir Josliua, miIIi JJiojiaphienl .No- lices. �� I The first Number ; c"~.-!in;nj Ihe Pn-fnre, and h'orL.iils : .of the King and {^iu'en, of I ari S, em-cr, Lord | Hood, tke late lii'liiip l.owlh, uii I .>-^ii- l.ii.-1> I'ri'):, M:ul. ' with IJio.?ni|ihira! .Niiiiri--, w.-i? |.n!ilislieil "^ir'y iii M;i>.- ; The third will lie pulil|.h<-il viry .-."oii, and it is linpcil iii.a a i regular p.ub4ic.lliu:i � i;; l oi k ii ay I'e i:ad of Ine puh- j lis'urs. I This day is puhlial:e>i, in five Vols. 8*o. pi ice 'Ji. j?. lio.inl,-, ' a New 1, lilii:n. of ; ELPS toC0.\lPO>lT10.\ ; or, Six llinnlied \ Skclelons of Sermons-siveral htrirg ilie .' l.ii.ce of ; Sermons pr.ached hcfon- Ih' L'nivrr- t>. ! By the Rev. (IIAilLES Sl.sil.ON', M. A. | � Fellow of Kind's ('iilli'.K>'. Cainliriil^i-. i Primed lor '1'. (.adill anil '\V. Davies. ";r;in:l. ; This Mew Edition incUrfe-;, in tlic liril Volu ii , C l.iu Ir'j Essay on ihe ConipoJiiion �-f a S>-rnioii; and a Irw reinaiH-iiig Copies "f four of llie Vulumes or' tlie fornrr L(1iti":i, cQMlaiuiog-500 Skcletoai, may be had eillier tu^eiht-ror -c-parale. As above may nlso be Imd, by ihc same Anihnr. The Fmiiitain of l.ivini; Walers : a Sennon, pffarlieil fore the U'liiyersily of Cambrid^je, on SunJ.iy, May H, ISul . 1 'rice is._______ This di.y is published, elegantly printed in a iiockil mlume, price G?. in h-' 4is �L'l.dcr the Palrririnrp nf the ("omniitlee of )'r ip: iel i.- ' MA.Mlll-STi.R l-.KCU WCi-^. NEW WEEKIA" MANCilE'^rKR M-.W'S. FAPf:il wi I lie imbliaried on H.\TcnD\v. the 30th, under the TitV of rili'. EXCli \N;il-; HKRALD. Uh.-n the great n-jinSer of Siilisrrriers M the iVJanflicster n� riiaii^e (liii-vrry ct!)Ir>- oi^ lin ii.c s, aid of public aoiT c.ii-.;iiierc>al i..fiira)atioM), be roi.siderei!, I!:c ad�aiila;esTe- from t!ie nirrii? if his cnm-i3ei;M!5, the Publirj:er only jire-.=umes to ask .'"or sue!) portion of pyhlic f.ivoiix, a*, after* fair.-iiid eaiuiid cx.'tniiuaiiuu of his ilailos, be Uiuy be fuUiid to 'le-erro. feiili.-criU'-rs N.-im--.-, Literary Commaniciti'tns, Articles of liitrll S'-'re, nnd .Adverllr-mrnls, rre ri->3iTlt'nlly snIicileJ, and B ill U  lliankfv.lly r , eived, by JtfSeph Aston, Primer, .New i;xi-liaiige, .Manenesler ; and Ijy M-.-ssrF. Taylcr aud Kewton, CoiiDlry .Newspaper Ageids, 3, \ViU-.vici. iquaA, Loililoii. ADM11Lal,1'![-Ui'r iCt, isi-pl. ii, lo�'. NOnCE is luTcbi) given, that liis Majestii's Oitn-brig .V/i!.r, iCie/i Aifl fieen stntioaftl off he Srnio llufy /i-r Hit purpose nj'pxniUH'rg aU^ft^ i-i nportei (tj/ii l.'iin- ecii<-i'!t,'ii.i dttv t-vHi "Thu-R;ics.'i?, of  'i o \.iT t it^i , Sept. 11. l,iOS fjf^llE Ccmmissioacrs fcr VtctualUng His i ysiy'i N.H'u t'.i .'i^'t'j ti'-f. ."Vo^'c*, W.^t i;n Monday, ne\%i>ihi!anl,'llf.y �..'/ 's r.ndj tti rruxv: Tenders in 15 i.irirr (.v�'i.'f'( i.n> nn-l ire-.l -or TWO HUi\ DREI) Td.SS of Sled, sui-n'., Mercli:ir.Ta!)le UU;E. to be an$�-:r* a'.'lc III '�a'lifjir.i ti: be pruJ-ictJ Krii/t .l/ic 'J': ndrrSi ta /i6 ileli-V iftf, I'lie /ill!/'I he rev I i!i a utt'. .j-'id (lie otiiir hiilfin afor!-^ uii'tt uj'irrviai.h, inin Ilh fllinc.^l y's- yiciimllin^'Sloris-al (."eiiilwid ; (/>!; lo le piil Jur by UiUs pujuijU uiCh Jn-t.rc'l n^n-lii 'H'ler tittle. Tilt C K,'.i.,oiK uj the Lintracl nui^ be settt at tha Stcrt- Au I'c^nrd .i'l h'. hH to m.j i n'er tn.irhich the Price s>i ill aul !!� T.rrle I in njr^li nl lat^t/:, .ir that ihal not fie ll livri.,1 10 iJli: i;,H^r J /ir.'ore l.'ii: i.'r.lja oil i.'.-ff Stlii Mondiiy, the ISJi-iii-ilsut, tior im.'c!! the person ttho '..L-co Ihc 'Jiui,Uti\ vr rjiw. ^.triun tB n.J behalf, attlrsiis, to ntlivi^r .'t-fn inl'.'O f'or r|iiiE A day. V lu I o.^Ll-lx. wi 1- ii_ 1.. .5cpi. ti, .803. illF.. CommissicKers fur FctualUn^ IJi.f iWa, r.�t/o'< A-iuy rf"-/i""�''yI r i\ii*,c5. f'ai i.n Tiirsday, the 10 L iii'taul, il'ty u-.'/i /.<� tenily ,'oiecsiof Tr.n.'ers in _-/-;7.i-f. i v-.;.v.: rp) niil Ireii' for at mmy IJOGS (ihe cah~ ca'ics of tt hirh mil to wri^h tliin oiif liilndrcd and Inehe po^l,^l^-o.;(.-h).�l.' proiiui-c (JM-. IIUNDRF.D ' J'i)Ri :t\veei! ilie liiili C)iloher uexl, and ih-f Jlst .f J.-Mi.ia'y fo'louii.^r. '/".'(./...>' u'-li.irry irhere �/tu Itikc yla:^ on .Moiid.iN, Ihe ^ni'l Iri/'i u,- O, lo'ier nest, ami the suJsc-iju-nl ctel'v rset lo be coiliiiii rt tjiricf. i� (�,�.<-*. trect, I'ti suc/t r'gii'ar ]i, 11 or!i as ihiil lb" i.i..' s.'.cU Sekffiryletcil bif th: J'..� �'//iL. be ieen atthe Sttri-lar-j\ OiHie. So re:;iiril vi-illhc ha.l In my Tin 'er :ii irAiVA t/lc prifg shnll not l>c i'ti-rleil in wtinL 1 I fVound U rio:i I.S09. , and Snine , .. ^ j I'rint'cd fur t. Cndell and W Davi.s '^irnnl j For ail At-cuiiiil of ihis Poem, ^.-i- Re- ; vi,-w, No. X.W. A< above may also be had, the CH.ACj', a Hunt, by Wi.liam Somerville, J-q. To wliirli tspn-rivil, .itrificl .Es<ay,by Ur. Aik-m." I'.legamly |iniili-d ma pnptel volume, and ndonied nilh (iiales. price (is in ho.-ird-!, or  n roval t�o. with wood cuts, by Hew irk, prxe I5s. ill boanN. ~ "asutic ANSU\L RIGISrCR. This day is pnUlished, in oclivo, |iii(r J/. ii. i i b .i-iU, o l/.(is. half-boitnd, mlnnie llie l.i^l.lh, in two IViri-, o: ^IIK ASIATIC ANNUAL RECISTEll; or, ft View of the II;;jlory, Politics, Commerce and Li- \.^.'^^.)l^ l-vJi 1 IGj., S<-pi.7, i<-i:o;ieisfor cuniur.lin:^ JUs Majes- i.'it Sr.rriic^ /'- i: tnkin'/ Vitro of SicJv rnd , i:n:'. f r li.e. (',t e'lui Cit to'ly'</ Prisnui ra of iVur hcrc^iii e .Nn^e-, I lii.t I lury tciit be ready al thi* � //�i"?, on !'u xov<-fnUt:r acrl :-r^ '� "o TtinlT irilt be irr'-fe I �f'rr D'e o'Cl,c7: on t^e i or to Cirpluin I're.i-lanJ, Ao"h"' i,-inrr ili' ,'tf.. i;, e A olic; //-W /Vupoj.'i.V tcitl be re-ri::i.i.l a: l.'rir la.ijn d i-i /(>.V-/.-^i'.f l)i !r,\is, vi:. .NoRTii Bum-m.>--^'"rthc m, Yorkshire. l-.ASri:R.N.-l-.M3turi�>-ot Viarley. S"i-111-\> i:-r.-Inclui'.ing Pon--m..uiii, Isjf^^^^ijlit, ani' C'lr'sleiuiif h. NEXT MONTH. SWIFT and Co. Joint Contractors wilh Government for the present STATE LOTTliRY, rcfpeci-fitlly infonn the I'abiic, Ibat Tickets nnd Shares nre on Sale in great variety .it their Offices, No, 11, Poultry ! No. 1*2, Cluiring-cross; and SI, Aldgaie High-street.' Tbe Scheme �(this Lottery is entirety new, and has hitherto rrceiiied the most unqualified approbation ; there are only 5,000 Nombers in the Loitery.and the whole wilh be � > DRAWN IN ONE DAY, The 2ilth of next Month, when the fallb�iilg Capital Prizes must be distribatcd> among tbafortunate Purchasers, viz. 4....................o?........,^......^.a),Ol� 4____of...........;ie.5,u00 8....of----...IJKX) 4... .of............?,txw 12... .of.......:.. s3b Besides the inferior Prizes of =�100, .�30, Ac. as usual. This Lottery nlso presents tbe opportunity never before -oflered (o theiPublic, of gaming (he immense sum nf 80,000/. ^,P00f< or 40,01m. by ihe purchase of One, .Number only.: BUTLEK-^S 4i ClKapside, cojfTier of Patenio�tec--rDW: andre^ll . and by mod CoHnjry Medtcioe Veoders.'aid i^er^tten Wiiie�s-Bt2s.M.e�cb' ' a%p pii'iiioii, iui^ Mii.,ii;ii.m d.-iilll of'ihe Idil-'r: hnl-fiieli nmnpemrnti hive been iii.-iitc ; for the fuliirc conduit of this vaUable �ork.:^ will in^iirr in rerularanmial pnblirnlion. The Ninth N'olimi- for lli.->ear : regular anmial pnbli , , , , IS07, is nlrendy in the press, and tbe Tenth Volume is in a sinte of coifirieralilc forwn rdne?'._ Lis day is published, elegiinlly printed in fool-rap Oi Inn, j roninining 500 Png>�i, and emhellislied witli a In-anliful : View of Air. Piozzi's Honsr al Slrralham. Fn.;r.iied by ; Tb, J^hn Land.-ecr, Esq. a. R. a. price Tbe First Volume of 10s. 6d in boards. i irictoc, who i-. .il-o to furnish sorh lJor�i'S with Oals at 6 tin. per Ration, as in.-iy be b;llcle(l �ithiutlie Diil let lor whirh he coiilr.icU. ' �- The Pri:poial.i may be delivered separal ''^"''Jy shaUattend. - �- � � ?  .1 r ti- tsy Urder Ot the tsoard. on the Taller, Spectator, and Guardian, and whirli this Work is in continuation. London; Printedfor W. Snttaby, Slalinner's C�orl, Lud-gatc-sireel. The Second Volomci- which Tiill rompl le this niidennking, is in Ihe t'ress,aud will be pu jlishrd about the end of Ihc.present yea/. Wterii n'Jiy he ha.fl. in Three Vidumes fofll.icap Octavo, with a Portrait and other embellishments, price \l. 4s. in boards,^' - ESSAYS, Bfograji'hJtrtl, Critical, .nnd Hi�lorical, illustra-(ive-of the Taller, Spectator, aud Cnardian.-By Nathan Drake, M. D. Author of Literary Hours, &c. Theabove.Two Works are lo accompany any Wilions of (he Ita'mhlcf, Adveiilurer, and Idler, or of ihe Taller. Sjjer-lator, and Goardian, but more paVticulaily tbe Ed (ens under-uentioned� which are now published by the sume Pro '^'rhe'Ramblfr, in Fonr Vols, with embellishments, by Mr. SAirke, price.!/-16s. in boards i The Adventarer, lofour Vols, with embellithments, by Mr. Wesiall, price I'. 10-i. in boards. The- fdfter, in Two .Vols, with embrllisbroenls. by Mr. Cook it tbe i'rcss.and will be abonly pnUished. Eifht Vols, published bv Mr. Sharpe. ' -with embellishments, by the most eminentAcademiciaip.price 4/. 4i>.-in.b05uds. R. W. CREW. Secretary. Tte Tatler,ioFoor Vols, also with embellishments, by ib^ *i''^^^,,,, imit eminent Academicians, prK^2/. ?/ in hoard, t:.^^'^ � �'-^Aiid tft^iGiiaTdiaJi, in Two embellishments, ,^by of t|ie above fftiiia UNIVERSAL PATENT SPfNNING.-VVM. FARM IKY and Co. Patentees, Leeds, feel ii incuin-benl upon them to acquaint their Fiieiids and the Public, id Ihe Uoiled Kin'dom of (Jrcal l.rtlain mid Ireland, they h.ive obta;ued his Majesty'* R�>yal Leilew Pateot far F 'urteen Year.-, for a new .Melhml-iit Spin-iing Common aud Fine Threails of Coilon. Flax, lieinu, Toi*. Worsted or Woollen, Silk and Twisting of Threads, or any thing preparative lo a Thread; which wi;l spin considerably more than the tt-naJ quantity bi.'herto done by .any oiiicr .System, and a superior Thr piMblelo roxiiig. .... Thi; fac.lity renders iteaiy'" the mecbanist to construct new machini-s, or alter U)i>�e al.rrady constracted. The ex-B'-Bce is cohl^ralively small, wJiicb m pdticipiilly in substituting the swindles ai^ fliers w.ith lh�ur i'ateat Tube, Twist-^Ves, Appendapv atid the positions of Ihe conimoo and palest iloIlea,'.r�r*cluai�e of five shilliflgt premium per Thread, churgcd by Ihe P.-vlentees, at the present, for (be Patent rerm. ^ TBe I'affmw als�� acqoaiat the puhKc that 7abe�, SMttteifcsnd ^ . . any�batdlme ma^e by bimK>r bisappointpirat. ...____.^ firlein-r, lA*. i�afd.;r� Wat Fanaerv 1 i i.

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