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Courier (Newspaper) - September 4, 1809, London, Middlesex MONDAY SEPTEMbEH 4 18C9. *ri0XHA]il^.~Un4er the PatfDuafe of hi-ILtMUNixlux** PBlUCZpt WALKS-TMI� .**J!jjrtfii''r''""�w'l.'he Gardm will close for ibe * gmaing week. _^ igftLtaE~of"ANATpMr, Blcohrim-streef, : fMiAfkflboraiiS''irertl; Tlle^Aultllml.1l Course of uSr^ Anatomy. Fii>sio|o�y, aod SurRiTy, nStPdii MMdalr (he 2d otOeiaber, ISO!?, at i^u'cluck. m^4itmieTtal.iqoes nm beheirf week) v, when the UcblieBled of vill bediscuiwcd fiirailinriy, and f\lVm forwardad.-^fo thete none but' PuuiU Apt^cuunU, ihoroovhly TCn^ilated, and replete cmnr^ntenre, nre opm nil tUe nmiag for <be pur-CMiUnr-^^' iBjeiftinR. wliere Mr.' Brookes attenrti r^^feSbiarnU/ and demaostrate the varioas parts as jTSceiBDodalrd in tfce 4;oii|e.. ^(^tlemen eslablwbed io l^^^^^^ll^^ytif'^'-^"'''^'^^^*'^^ Knowledge 'wTttr'an bppaHi^eut to direct in bt,t9i^t�%^:�(iicAo�iist, liw;�. AiT�. Geseffid MeOMg of �Kl.Hj�&i^Ui'4�rtvri(ei^\ii>d 'dHi^i-' SabSti Ifiers to *�S'''r'.!. Lvnik made lo a ^t.eciUi$of the Subscribers to e^4tl^iiuiau(, ai^liavlng cuiuidc ed the ' iiSiiHiii Mert'iBft""* " inrnmbpnlon them lo condmip '4i�iiii.ifrt* the I'alriiTiie Fiiiid  and thai the Sum nf IW Cnit Consolidated Ammitirs, l>c tntti�ferred I^te^tock Wonging to Ih^ Sulifcribrr* la this J^lume, ,!........- to that beucvolcot and usotul In- I I.V .B��JW*.^,j,ys MeeJing be given to the Chairman JibflieChair. ^<'UMerwriten^ and otheri, Subfcribcrsio ,g!jthe plessiqgsatiit'actiaii <if. having led to tpf'ihe Palriotir FuimI, at the poiiimfiice-War, ficl thendelve* jtiilifitd by the ex-1 Ytars,- m reconiiitending this laudable and me-' iieiilotlietup|i.-rtot their Coantrynieii. ,.Jt ,to join in'thelandable miaiBte Ihe elTorts of'our Ucfendrrs, will be distill alive to tb^ir'nterils and safteriiigs'tand iliat sn, �l^wim tbte/|iit4taf'Cowle< '-* tbe Briii.ih Seain.-in i^yitfae urilisk Saldirr qiav aliki>eonlidrnlly iruit, ttiat ^�i^*iiiiti^'ilear't* bim White livi.ig, win, in the event uf ifijIiifliiii^^heMntdeaiiie. find Friends a�d Guardians Kiltaniefal and geaeron Country." . ir-iw^^^lTT WtLLlA5I BELL, CAairman. TAmiUTIiJ FUND. Ltfttu*'�, AujUrt 3UI, 1809. IS CoinnlUee fdfr 'msnaging th� Patriolic ! rBiid*tN'j''caan�tbiH'expre& their hopi:^ a<) ilu-airtft�oe 0} oPitr of the CommiKfr, Jvl*. lYELSl'Olll),:Sicretary. ^ . � s. n. ofie* Coiitttbatjoris already advertisfd J . 5 siben toiiloyd's (3 percfnt. consols) 6i>.U U and C^niaaay of (he {^.-lak of Iliislaud 50.iO - 0 - ' � � 0 li.JWdillon.... 23.0 0 William Uaw?s.. ii'5 0' 0 Aiwlr^w IJarrisoii 52 JO John llarrisuii .. 32 10 Briij. Ilarrisim .. , 10 JiF.Thmckm'irini) 21 0 J. \V,& J. Whit- mortfy.'........105 0 Sm'.tbahd Cunirs 105 C'laffeUAud Pratt i05 Robert lluntvr SJ (Jen. llenckill a2 Were,Briiee,iind Co. \ob I 0 0 0 0 1 (Harden 2t k^HtodePellv 103 ,ManeH,'& . tote:..... 105 r.l|d.W. Curlii, ~ Co... 103 Ikinj.... 105 Kiit&Btbrends'5% 10 |l*4 aod Sons . 26-5;  S._U. Brawn ]Q 10 J, R.N. 10 10 fverimley 5 5 0 0 .Stbtcriptions are rtceivrd at the liar of Uo) d>, and jtyjankers iathe-United Klngdwm. _� UILUHALL. BATIi, Aug. 1S09. "RACTaRS, FARM 1:KS, and C^hers. i�'hereby given, .thai the C/oinmis. folr PHebing^ Paving; and Clean-ing the Ciiy : <if;j;!Alb k{iv$ R^oumed rheir Meeting till ifb'daj nf September next, at the Guildliall, lick'iil ihe'foreftiion, to receive Propossils in aity tPfeftao oV Persons who mat be willing to $wcfpiog.and Cleansing the said City :ind Li-le yebftfrbm (he SSib dar "f Septfiubcr iie�l. i-ieqaireti.lar'tb^p^rrunRaace of the C ootnict f he irivrdsfllifflttlength. A boiid with two sureties in '~~ otJBOOk nasi be given for the due fuUilment of ioatteli&ni�a of Ibeiarenes meiiitooed in the Order of the Cominitsi'itirr^-vV- TllOS. M. CIlUTWKLl., Clerk. ejnm�nse.^quan�ity of Ath^ eolb-eie^ ja .Baih^ oettiinlt fArtbeia f<ir ^aniire,'1n fohsrquencc <<" wiUs'.wjIiKb '*^* andi!i��iier arrieles. of �llM4�.|,fw,ng: �rd,Piired '^''V 1�>�� sea-voyiige*, without auV in--j-y^flhe cloth. Prepared and soM by il�d- J^ife*S&^?!u^M*'-^' Cbeauside, ifacqn VgWr�Steinghoat Ihe UniteA iwingdom.fii: bottles rUnco rASlMCNABLE UANCI-NG -^PRIVATE TUITIOX. IJK. UOFKIXS begs leave to return I mCC SlXPKNCCHikLFFENNY. most grat bioiial>Se niorie, mav be ct-  ReditiouilT in^t^lc(cd io the mo.l |irivatr roalHt[^r, lu qnnUfy lein for.lhe Grtt assetiil'lieii, on a^iptiraiion at hij roitlence. . CoachmaketTi' Hall, Fbtter-lune, Cheapiide._ AYOUNG MAN who hai served his apprentice, i ship ioa house of extensive business in Lomtioi, is d ir' ] oas (o meet a tiiuation in the rouiury. Lond>iii not agrpeing with his bctUU; lie writes a hue e> prilili�Ui. hand, :uiil on-derrtands bpokkeepinf. If a s lu.iiioii of trust oflers, c:ui give srrurily for bis (idiflit>, or u ill not objfct to pmcbase . thesbareor the whole of a concern in the country, vthetr the i don. 1 ANl'S a Situaiion as A11;SS.V!aN io a lie-g)nieiit,a Person who perfectly unil.-rsiiouls hi^ bu?!-ni'ra ill (he aliove r;ip.tciiy ; coo be Well recoiaiuciidcd frooi ; the last Kegiincnt lie had the honour of srHiit^, ami with : whxh he has beeii.ibroal.-Applic:ition or letters puft-paid | to I. I<.at Situiison's and Smith, Coilrrs, &c.'Mu. lo, Sirand, ; will be imbiediately attendedt�. I rw^nr^ VICTUALLING OFFICE. Aug. 29. 1809. ! f^W^iih iHtmrnisaioHers for Fktualiin- Uu Ma. -lie tst�\firatiy do A l W^^es, vthw have Estates tu sell or Farms lo let, lo tmn>niit the p;tr(iculars thereof (post pa>d), Office'Thrc-idneedlc-slrecl, Loudon, whore he has coa-it-iul and nudirroa* aj�plic;iti�iis trmi (j : of Landed Pn^ierty, andlikewfsefrom Fanners in every part of the United King-dsm to procure them Parnis. N. B. So -Irtters will be received bul ihu^e that are post paid._ ADVOVVSON__Tf> be SOLD, tl.c PKUPK-TUALADVOWSON of a verj d.�ir..Ule KKCTO-K V in Che�hire. The net income is liWU/. per uimuiii 5 itie ag' of Ibt present iutumlx-nt 60. For farmer particulars apply to Mcsm Graham, Kinder-ley, and Domville, Solicitors, Lincoln's lnu. S" Ilk stockINGS.-StUing oir, uncoiamrnly chhip, at N�.'^:i, Cheapsiile. an immense Stock of all kindsuf Hosiery, Gloves. Marmel', Orawer-, L.idics'invi-siWe Dresses all iii one, Src. Slinpkeeperj, and tiiosr watit-ing to buy largely, will Gild a advaiitu^'e by an tarty iaipectioh of the articles. A qu.-iiHily of White or Bljck SilK, 6b. 6d. to the best quilllies, rqnall) cheap ; sluut Cotton, Stockings, at Is. a pair; very tine,'i.-. fad.; suprrline, 3s. 6d. (Brown Cotton, fiir buots, ]s. iid.; tine Ribbed Cotton, 2j. 3d.; n vurivly of Gloves, from lOd. a patr; LiiCc Sleeves, Is. Gd.j and a variety of other fa li'article*, too numerous to uifhlion .tl So. ai, Cheapside.- No abate-tncnt from prieefarsi o>krd.____]^ 2mW NKXT MO.N 111, � rWlUE st at K lottery will begin and iriid X' l)rawing-4The wholeinOXE l>AY-Four Prizes ..f 50,0001--Only a.lW Naiubefs; Four Tickets of each Sum-her-By which will be gainej A Prize of............................^^80,000 lly Three ditto........................ iW,,0aj By Two ditto......................... JO.iKlJ Uy Oi� ditto........................ 'ilt,;)00 And t>y all the Capital and other Prizes in proporiiiio. NOT TlltlliJi BLAxNKS TO V PRUh; Tickets and Shares are on Sale b> IllCllARDSON, OOO/ILUCK., aiiil CO. Comhill and Charrug tfros-.-No other Lottery will lie drawn this Vear. Ijt September, 1809. jtwltr,: ^m-:nnf, iteaUd up) 'and trial /or"SIX IIUN DRBnOUAIlTKns irf PALE, and TWO HU.NDRLI) (iUARTLIjUS of CLOSE DRIKU AMBKR MALT, and f1>rTVVO UU-NDRlil) BAfJS if KtNTlSH liOPS, of thegronthot the year 1806; to be delirered, one half thcrof in afintnighl, and tht. other half in a fortnight ajteriearth, inluHis M'ljeslt^s yktualling Sloret^at Brptfoirt, (7n< ^ce. !fa regard Ktllfie had to any Tender in btAicA lAc price iftutl^ctie inserted in ica.di at lf.n;IA, or that shtlt nut be dtUiHrtd lillie Qoardon or before Une o'Ctack un the said Tuesday, the 5th o/Sept. ntrt, unlea the ferson icAo m !k t the Tttiiler. or some' t'ei-i-n an Aii behalf, attends to antitf.r tchefi eallrd for. OFFICK OFOUUNANCIi, Aug.W,lB :) I'S fur iho Service nf ibis I7epaniucut, fur ;i [-ciiod c-i One Veat. I'attcmt of the jtrt'cU may be vittctd upon appUcalion at the I'rirKtpttl Storekeeper's Oj/ice in the Tuwer ; rthtre further parlictUarx, tagether Kith ihe Terms and C�Hditi�ns of the {^Hlraet may Aaiiwa �< (A� Sccr �yfbr their siamlicUv and btilliancv nought. , ieD�ti�iit�F i^lM^allir, mw&ai'si^et, f ^^.tl�tipli6eftlft�^iJ^^Sthcr Htbse in ANU NOT ri/RKE BLANKS TO A P'RIZE. Letters, post pnid, duly answered, and Schruirs gratis. All liiud of Government Securities bought and soid by Commission. No74. CORNHILL, & 9, Cii.ARlACi CKOiS. BtSU begs leave tu remind (he. Public, that fie.STATE LOTTERY begins ami finishes Drawing the 20th NEXTMO.VTif; And It is tbe owly LoTTEnv iliat will he drawn this VE*a.-Tnc Scheme is perfcetly novrl, bielily .-ipprnvrd, and Ihe uiuie it is known, the more it is admired;-it contains- 4 I'rizes. .of .... =^30,000 4 Prizes .. of____J.OOfl 4................ 5.0 0 8 ............. 1,0U> of 500, &c. &c ' The whole of which h ill be decided in On e IJ.t y ; there-fi>re a spvcdy purchase i#iiecn�irv, �vhiUl Tickei .lod Shares may be and in great variety at the above aid established Office*. PERSOJFS in (lie COUNTRY May be supplied, the same as- if present, by sending tkeir orders, (|)9fi,^or carriage paid.) accompanied with good bi'U, casU, b.tnk notes, or post olBceorder;^, to either of BISU's Offices in London, . ., ,No.4, C(>RNHILL, or 9, CHAHINO CROSS. rilO 418 iitsromptwrily SOU) pursuant ti> a Decree 1 . JL ; of t^e High Coart of Chanrcry n}i(de in a Cau ^r.-et, between Ibe huurs.of,fvqr and Gve ofiheclockwithenfieriiooiKaCUSrO.M'ARY or COPY-tRILI> EST.VTEaf.iNUERITANCE called LANGMAM FARM situate in thcp4rbbof (iillinghom atoresuid^ late the Estate of Wch. Read, l^vq. dece.iscd. Particulars whereof may be hadftTMr. JaeklwniRt the Chancery-Office, Chan-cery-lai^ei LA^Pai of Mcssw. Pe^trsoiis, Solicitors, Pomp-. cuurt.Temple; �jf Mr. Dyne,?iolicilorr Serjeant's Inn, Fleet-street;'fjiindUn}'bf Mr. Castlenian, Soli.ctior, Wimborne -Muistrr,UcBSfUbire;'at'.Mr."Beli. or *lr. Edward Haon.iiD, iaGUUn.thamaforeaid, wberea ^ap of the Estate maybe teen; of Mr. Mesitor, SolicRor, Shaf(sbury ; of M^-srs. MteatitrBi-.Sulicitofs, Winetmton, SWoieirsetsbire; at the Red Lion Inn. Buurton, Dor8e(s��te; and at de place of Sale. CAPli'AL FKKEHOLD USTATE, in tlTe j <<:aant]F:|if'Oe� T*T�'be SO^D, either togetlte'r or in , Lais, the fee sirej^e ipbjfcl t� several teases,.f�ryears, ,re-'specirveljr detnttrinable an the'dropping, two, and three lives* efall ibaftbe 4Mita)fle�a*ororTepi>ied-Mi(Knr -of Park, otberwiic Creditoa Parks, in tbe Parish and ad- ! JMniiig- ( .the 'eapitid Market Tows of Creditoo, io (he ' eoanty of Ue�i>.n,:cainpi!iiiBg Nineteen ^ very desirable and imprpve;M>le TenrmentB, ronlaiiii|ig in the wi|oIe,S87 .Acres, " Tibb^iieadow. ' - � � - I'rom tke lAJSVON GAZE I'1E, Sept. .2 DoKitifig.strefl, Sept. 2, A di.'patchj of which ihc followin* is a copy, was, on the 30th ult. received at tht.- OlFicc uf Lord Vitcoiint Caoieretgh, one of his Mdj'.-sty's princtiial .Ss-crefarics of State, from Lieutmaut-General Lord Visccmat VVeJtDgfon, datid Deley-losa, 8th Awg. 1809. . ^ Ueleytosa, Aug. S, 1F09. Mv LouOj-'-I apprised your Lordship �n the ial inst. of tiit; advance of a French corps towards the Puerto de B.inos, and of (he probable t-mbur-rassments to the operations of the army, which its arrival at Piascncia would, occasion; and these embarrassments having since exitttd to adegrvc so CO-, si l^rrablt;, as to oblige us tu fill hack, and tu take up a dcfcnMve position on the Ta^us, I am induced to .(rouble yon more at length with an account uf what has passed upon this subjecl. When I entered S|)aio, 1 had a cumuMiiiica'ion with General CuesU, through Sir Robert Wilsoa and Colonel Ruche, respecting the urcupalion of the PiiiTtu de Uanos and the Puerto de Ferale.^, the former of which, it was at last sfUled, should be hi-Id by, a corps to be formed under the Marquis D<j la Reyna, to consist of two b.^ttalions fioni General Cues:a's army, and two from Uejar; and that the Puerto de Peralcs was lo be taken care of by the Uiique dul Parque, by detuchtneats from the garrison of Cind^d liodrigo. I doubted of the capacity of Ihc Garris )o of Cindad Rodrigo to m.iku the delachment to the Ut'cr, but so little of the eifectual occupation uf the former, that in wrifting to Marshal liere&i'jrd on the ]7 litU at the'%ogei Inn, in Crrdilon, on Saliir-da.vt(beS3dda*>orSepteiii(�ernex(, -pivrisely bt Av^iTckck int|ieaftfmo�aY_, "" " be mailc to &i�r.-i;r Intiiea�^rBo�a.^,f^ farther lnfoiniiaioi^a'|.plica(joq may. l'**^"'/. be made to Mr.-Cross, SotTcitor, Credilqnar.Meists. Itash--leigh and Csude, Saint AaslelU of eUber of wbdm.anilnlsbruf con$ii?ed~ oViinfy sts: hundred men,, (Wcn't^ riiwdlls of; ainthHijUion eacli ^ruQ] (he I^tierto And from Plasebda ons widhonly mail. red , , h. without fir- , ------......_-,----------.,--------------, rng a shot, and wen( to the brrdga of AInarai. 'bS T*"***?^**""' P*^^^ "'r'^ Wbicii. decUrcd that lie iatendtd \W, remote\ Iho batfallons of Bejar dispersed without making any resistance. The General called upon me on that day, and proposed that half of the army should march to the rear (o oppose the enemy, wlnle the other half should maintain tbe post atTalavera. Bly answer was, that if by half the army, he meant half �f eack army, I could only answer thai 1 was ready eitiier to go or 'o stay �ith ihe whole Dfiiish army, buf (hai I could not separate i*. lie (hen desired me to chose �vhet*Hr I would go or slay, and I prcferri-d to go, from thinking (hat the Bnti<ih troops were most likely to do the business effectually, and without contest; and fr beii WtWon, of which I inclose copies ; and b. fot- I ^(litt d Ta-lavera on the 3.1, I waittd 'ipun Gen. O'D^noghtic and conversed with him upon the whole of oiir .situation, and puioted cut to him the prosihility (h�> in the of the enemy coming chroitg). Kicil a, (ieneral Cuesta might find himjflf obliged o quit Talavora, before I shuuld fee a'jie to rcrurn to liim ; and I urged him to collect all 'he carts that could be go!, in order to remove our Hospital. At his desire IJl-Mit (he purport of ifiii [onversation in writing, anri sent a l;'lt>r to be laid before Geucral Cuesla, of wliith I enclose a copy. The British army marched on (he Sd (0 Oro� pes.1, General Bassccoutt's Spanish corps being at Centiofllo, where I deS'red diat it might hall the iitxf day, in or'ler that 1 might be nearer it. About Gve o'clock in the evening, I heard tliat the French had arrived from Plasencia at Navai-inurai, whereby (hey wefe betwc:a us and the Bri.!i;t; of Almjra2, Aboul an hour afterward.s, I rrcrivrd from Gen. O'Donoghue Ihe Jotter and its inclos!irc!>., of which 1 incliisc copic", announcing to me Ihe iiitcolion of General Cuesta ti> marcli frum Talavera in iht: evening, and to leave iliere ny Hospital, < tempting such men as coiild bo itjov d by the tncdns ho already had, on the ground o( his apprehension that 1 was not stronj; enough for (he Corps coming from Pljsentia, and that the en-my was moving upon his fltok, and had rcturni.d (o Siata Olalla lu his front. I acknowledge thai these rpasons did not appear to me sutTicieut for gi;iog ifp so ini() )r':iiit a post as Talavera, for expn.sing the c mibiued arm cs t(* an attack in front and at the s.inie (itni', and for abandoning my Iiu5pii4]; aud 1 wro^e ibe letter of which I inclose a copy This unfuriunatMy reached the General after ha had marched, atid heatrived at Oropesa shortly af-ter flaylighf, on the morning of the 4th. The question �vhat was to be d me, was then in be c insidrred. Tlie enemy, stated to be thirty thousand strong, but at all ivenis consisting of the corps of Soultand Ney, either uiiii'd or not very distant from each other, and supposed by .VLirs.ial Jourdau and Joseph Bonaparte, to be suiTicleiitly strong to attack the British urmy, stated t Oropesa, as we thereby \e�\. oped the road to the bridge of Arco Bbpo from TalavWaby^ Calera; and, after codsI-detid�l theviwhele subject matarely, I was of opi-ntoo dbat It was advisable to retire to the bridge of Arco Biijpo, and^Io'take up a defensive position apoD.tke Tagus. , I,wa9 induced to adopt this last opinion, bee the' F'rench have now at least 50,000 men dt^' ble to appose to the combined anmes, addi^.i of i2,00O to watch'Vanegis; and I waS;tii of opinion^ that, the soaocr tbe defeo* should be uken up, the more likely -^if troops to be able to defend it. AcCQrdiogly I marcbed oit,(be4lh}

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