Friday, July 28, 1809


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Courier on Friday, July 28, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - July 28, 1809, London, Middlesex '.'.'.�7 y. :.- iibtt,-tiirth ill ] ihay mm. IVrilinjCantl Arilbnieiic,Tboriy (miocaiiper Aa* ici SBiu iuCfidfe'eVcri eififB chiiigi tslcept-Sia- * - � " --------*i5Jrtp(�:|.ireriK*� i�lalf�:W�tte.iil " ' trtwi tlie *;iiU"i-. rojv.- TbU Jay iii ijubliblietlj Js. iirt. the secaad .r.ditiou, co�- � . � t. r'r�le.., � , : , . ' j rr^^l'*' STAri imt'.v. 'T; aSerm n.ipreac!i. FANTOnrJVi np,.i�P.Jl.i;r Pi.., ' I c-l.uitUe lVsi> Hnwctvof Si .lame�, IJru�ti.^,..nS^n- .y>'^�"�fry>y:�Mwr^ Mis'im.sf.. .MSicaimK tl.? l,'-H, tne Re�. �>LAUnjlD3 " I'm- we liiivf sccii yi - Stiir iu ihe Kusl.-and are tome to ttoiiiiiip btiU'"'ii . ... � / l.CRiiioos �oid -fcv" t. ecl�k-rr>-'0Cita,l^ic.i�ars anil Teffr^.e* bv ie(.r> (p^^^^^^^ �itrecif-A'drtphf.' i V ' .'' t T'tyrnjBlid t^wittry-ho.usrs sold'.-iiid Ift. " '  a; MON�Vi-A L�!/H>f.lUi.4i, ,wli<v 13 till ilie': eire op receiving :i �iTy laricFormne,. wnnis 'tutt KE / TIIO.U*ANIJ .<'OUM)S, tor wlilcli �luf Vill gi�� (ier b..u<^ . ;aiir,\�iir,' uitiia pretuiUiii iif dOUZ-forit: �be will nut trc((t -wiilKiuiy^Liuvjcir-iir M'liiry, peuter, t^iul H'lh uoncUBl y-aq6;tre. � ^' � - g Uo^d, Hirminjcfiamf J. Ifftm.-: ' rflranenus in Tin^TONTimTssHiKi: to xvrr. ,.n>KiV<lu*lii-iitt siissiuKi. 1803. � T llieXieiieraf �i�at<�;ftijcss)V�s �<" tlie.P�?ace �Sf iiurSo�reis�.l�rd<iB4iin;; for "'M ^��V.'�'' niw�iff ntfS .gBCJl JONlCS.Gect: RAVItS, Esq. >Underiiiieriir: �^ 'Shfritf. ' ,v�6bfv*d. It�(n10id( a l<� " ifiit, t-M tliai.vwUilit'tb'B Court HtiJ Jury stcitvA with Ih... �;..o.i.l,u^. lindy,i.f.tbt.-fr iicii^hbiur* le'/itrmbla^' ol'.a i bndy, iiriKuumn .'^ iii the c�im>iii�y c;iustr i�s;;i .si Ihf iiiachtna.litiiii "f ih-Vrytirant, Ihtfy^iifMiiumiln doUM, ifthi-lr r:41iuBtiJ>fe-Dce<�*B-^'�;!ttie3r einnliile.-lUc noble (tsojvfd, TjiAthwc acwfihiimg bfc !.i||;ited by "<lK ;(iroeii.-JOiJKPil L llOVV.4Rl}i;niukt;rrsperlfullY reiiirm tli.-inlcs tn the ' Nnhilily, Gchtry^'!Uiijlie'I�iil>�f in ReiiVral. t>t thtf v*rj li-;bualeHri�irae>ii'*iit'�ftli>hich ttrp) have l�iuiti:rcd htm in ihr POSTING nUSINi^SiS,'aod .�(>urcs ^hem Ihnt >.ur1i Wtl*ii|rnmrks_�if^helpk*H|ll�!l..wiil ever tip cnn-idrrcd r>y ti!>fl�?i. iiishre a'ctmiiiiaftiiiCS f thpir !Mipiiiiri. Wtshaii Liverpi:iil, trotn ; Otiaiseaand i�raViflO,i)^W^-^�n ohear. two Suinjtfsrjiwbirb the liUierulUbe secured. iocxtl^>J^i*e and vi^bie :i>nVfhold �J'j-'lierty inbnij^u/M iir.u iiccurily blj'a IMX hijxied'I'm-jiL'ity will lie �ivcii irm.ire .iigreeilM^s^or iiamctilari .-ipply t'l J.'C. UoiiWv �.".ChM.iK:h-ri�|<,] FdaMoreli-ktreci.- � J�|M'e hut principals �Ul be tiCiacd'whti.\^S?V-.f1f^-   rjpiUi r^al JAIMN'13I:aOKI.NG, made hy A I )A V.nnd W ART 1N.-Tlw* inVaHBilJie Cmiinosition, �) Vith hair the uiynl lali'mj, prmhices the iiKKt. brfliiniil jet ' black e�<T i^FticId. ndorij^ ^leciiliar tiourbhnieav Iu thelea- oil the liiieit lin'-.n. is perfectly free from any" cinj�lca�a�W u�'H, and will retitrti ii J4iu�-ui aay climate/. Sold, W^^oIc^a!^, by D.iv and'.Miirtla'^ at )i{ie,Maniift|Ctory, No; 97, lltfth U�lli�ni.iielail,l>v i". Day.i Mo. 7,'luvi#li.cli-str^-. W. Day, SK.fll.iw-street i Axtrll, W�. I;t'tnciri ' laae; (he ])rini'i|>:iV tiouLiil.-ikers, i^rfumen, tHid'CilmiAi in � t'.K- Metropulig, and in cvery^tvn^ttvrotilOl^ul' the ynited KiKeduiir. in slum-biTltiM, ^icp U.^I.enrh.' Valuable lii^covery aib4 a l.iUi>lI) ANl) KXTliadfltDINARY ADVANCE OF - �,SUl�;iiRJFIift,;OU)Tll. fiBftilUlvL SALA.VlAlA':,: Taylor, Liccman, Em'-JjJhronlT r. tinA Sword Cutler, 2, Nev\-<street, Covenf-MWn. hcfis lc:ive inatlrifA' '�lifally to return htTinn^il sin--Wjt.tlMiilsrtii lii* Friendjii; ^ leirJ; f..r di^tinxui^lird *mr the* h.ivc prainl 'th , .j|ierjori�y .S?lij�pi*!>iiiS their lii>best apprJlKHinn nfbism tides in (te-J/Jifw upwards of 30 years, atui nsmres them noihing , �?5Int wnntiiig on merit a conitnuance of ihei r tWJSf**! 'h? same iinie t.ifce- > opportiuiitv of in- ^w^l".n>:tkc the b-�t sup.eiii pa .*h wool .loih coal, i n^^,, _|{^ i 'SWS^Wpfrior nialeriiUs aiid w. rKMianshp, in the ino>l ' every iii!?Wde nf fasbiniuible'drei4iaprop>ir.tivn, liavinshild tapid adrancea.irio�te\tensive stork of wnollrn ______________ , ileUef ftiMhe Af. fliciedwitti Uii,iiurejL-J. '�yHirt;)5iRn,.Tr�5.iMaker. .to the Oity 1 lu-s Socuiy, for the lielirf ofT^e iiupiured ,i'�iiir, jiijiiouiicei lo the alllicieil with liubturrsf ihni ji� has discovered a lueihud of appf)ii)^ rrusseir,Ji>.ntpttts uf nhich a cure inin.nny c;i>r8 uiU be oiituined,'and eiigag-^'tu-ltcep ' up ,the ot'ist ililtlcHit Jhiplure th.-il everc�ijte ~bF.~lT0LLANI).-Thirdliy is published, iu One Sheet, prjce'Vs. fid. MAP t.r the SOUTH KitN FROVIiNCES of n()I.I,.\NIJ. with of the .VI;THKH(-A.\I)S. IVmifnl Joh.i St^ickdil-, rj/caililly ; of wbiin mav he hid, pric.- 'ia li.l A Map of Ze:it A Hfabanl. '7hl-li.l^ U publi.<'h<-J, price as. i!.vi)ark;ouks ty colonel wardlk and ,\ir!,. I I.ARKE. To which is-ndded, VVardle, KuTileit, arid ^'.ihlietl,; u Patriotic liclogur, adorned wttn n:i I'lchn represi-nliii;; Curtiell and CuiiUeltejuleavnnrin; to ,idin'oi-)er coninlatl'-n (o that fallen Ajiosile of R'efonna-. tton.-Wardle, uhn ap,ie3rs to be incuiiSuluble Diidcr thfc icsult ai d roiiseqn.-nces of the l.ite Trial; London ^ printed .'tnd publi.hed by .T. GiUei, 7. Crown-court. I'leet-atreet; s-ldalsoby ShenvoodifNeeljaDd J-oiics, yy'.'ieiiijpKI^-lnipOivemV'nUrn thm nii'd-^hp colbiterat Scienc^f !<ante't(i�riK(i: li fe(io^r eiTthe genwuil ?tiit fiS-inteir!�ence.,-Bv a SOCIETy of PHYSICIANS..' '� ' ': ' SoW:'bvT(i�l�rnnd IJessey, Flcci-st-eet? and W. Blark-;WOiidyKdinburglt. _ _ ._^ This^av-lipubliflieilT bi'o.ctavrf, 4oaJai^ letter, price, in � ,. Wfiirds, 7ii nhnR LESSONS of "the CnURCfT nf ENC- X LAND, taken from the OLD TESTAMENT, as appbintod to he rend id thf"-Mornine and Lvenins Serv-ce, on^e Snndav* and moit important ilolidavs thrnnghont the. Tfar. With^hort Nol^s. IVint-d for F. C. nnd .T. Rivirrcton. No. fi2. St. P.iids Chnroh-lanl:s 'Id al�o bv J. Matrhard. .\i>. IM, FiccndilU. N-. R. Theahnv�, wh^n lionnd up wilh a I.-iriP tie�v letter Te*lainent, will form a coaplctc Set rvf I.HfsonP for the Sun-and rtast impor^ihl iTojida-vS throiigttom tlie "Thlsdavis pnblished, a n'w i-ditionj nea'Iy printed in tw,o . voTornp*, ropv ocrnvo. pri.ce, iu bn:inls. 1 Is. dediraled (by I'ertni'.sbin) to their Roval IligbiJCSise." th' Prince>5es, AlILY; a Moral Tale, Inrlii(line FiiKcrs frrtin A P' 3. The Rivil lnipo�lers; or Two Political 2s. 6d. \ .�at9, price Scc-oad'K lilion.-This dav is pub i-hed, price js. (id. . TlUGl UKi:S on M/iUKCrS chielly relaiin? to Ihe KSTA�M' to his I'alr 'ii, from a (;ouirtrv Cler;v-he Hev. josiAII THOMAS, ALA. Rector of Siieet Ciini \\ alioH, Sonier-et. I'riiiled for I". C. and J. Riving'on, A'o. fii, St. Paul"* (^hkrch yard. Sold alio by J. Maichurd, No. 190, Piccu-dilly. r Father to his l)nii-h�e*'�^on ^.^riolIs Sub-erls of Trtnnirtai�e<�.--V.v the Rev. llENiRy KICTT, Kellow of Triiifty ('ones rd', and lilu<h�r,of The lilenienlij of Geaeral Knmvledjtr," Stc. ' � , Primed for P. C. and J. Rivincton, No. 69, St. Pnul's Church-yard: soHalso by Me t>ertin3. Tibniliis, Persius, Se-tii-ea, Lncajri, V- I-'lacruV, Staliuj, .S. Itnlirut, Martial, Juvc-mil, Aus y Ri'incioiB .nnJ l/ntchnrd, price fis. " ,Tnnianv Schools these elegant I'.xifacli �ill he very . t�ilunble."*-Kcleclir. Oct. I60i>. " Ihe-i.- Kvcerpl!! uill be ISiUild a moit iweful Work in all Cl.a-sical ScJiool,."'-Anii-.'Jacob. Oct 1808. * VV'e hail Ihi-nltempl to Introduce some favnurite AuthorsintoSchools.'"--("abiiiei. 1809. " Tltii Hhb'VoUlrtitUwillfor^fiaiic'ctrem' lyjiseful .School Book.'- Monthly, Alaich I8.i9. " As ;i Si-i>Q.''n!ooT; ihis hii'm.fny merits."-Urit Crit. May 1809. "A I'.ook of this nature long been a desidrratuia'iu our public Srhouls,"-Cniical, AImv 1809.__ This d h �iiiglheKitiheu.Fruil,Flower Oar- ' den, and Nursery; of perforoniig tiie practical parti of .\gri j cu-iuiv; of in.-itKiging Vin-'va ds, and of .ftriiuigaliug all �. forts of Timber Trees. IJv tlve late PHILIP iVUl.LICR, I F. R.s. Gardener to tbe Wor^hipiul I'onipany of Apolhe. ; eari^s,.at their Itotaiiie Cirden in Chetsi-a, and Member of ] the Hofiinic Academy at Florence. To which are now fii-t I added, a complete I'-ouoieralHai and Ue..criptio� of all Plants hith< till known, wifh.t'uvxgejH-ric nnd specific cliaracte;'-, , place., of groM Ih, limes of fl-'werine, aii.i u-�-s both uiedcin-il ' aud ecouoniiral. The whole cottefled and newly arranged, ! tyith Ihe addition of the moderniinprovcineol^ in Land.-rape ' G�rdening,.aml in llie Culluj^ o^'J rceSj Plants, and Krui-s, . part'Cularly in Ihe variotjs kiadnj^f bof-houses And forcing lith Plates e�p anacory lioih of Ihein, and the Pri,.- ' J-'o^.u^JfluKjues in. fav V'ir of thi� iajpiVliloraKFioS vcstit�j^^je|lBoiJv raM.-ii'iis ;.^ -sv drefuily en-.graved bv l-iinincirt A.ili-ib, from Origiiidl DiTiwinga ...f vhft gieiiir>l Painters and Scu'iitiif.-of lt,"i\. Beleii.-d fro'ir. the i oil cti.m ..I \>1LLIAM VUUNCi OriLi'.S', 1. S. A". IVilii iNote*. Bi S� ' ler-r,,w ; an I ilie Aniiiof, ,3, t"iiih-4(rvei, So^ffSifeiaar;^^ wherfrSp.iiin us ^.f the Work, and a more delade'S '^rasp- c'us ma\ Ut teen. '. T.'l- coll. ct on frciin wliich the specimens f"'r thiJ work ' nr.--el. cted, was priiicipally m.ide hy t.lie Kdiior dni-nga lon^ re-ideiice in ita'y, at a pi-riod � liCa the c.>lamiiies of Var occosjo led the disper,ion ol" tnose Ciibin !� wtiich h.-i4 (.ou.ti.Bted the cli'cf priile �i (he gnat f.iO)ilies ol tliat' C iinli*v. 'I'hedi^tgia .ire of vari-ius deS' ripii .i4�, and ex- �. li'hit the mode of c>oidjct obrfr-ed Uy Ui-: lt..lian Artl^t^ Jntl:e (ireparutioii, nod pioc ^� of ibose dniSlK'd Pic-liires wi'iicb b ive euminund  nrc' >y .liielovr, and tfic pairoo.ise "f the \rts, it Is coiieeiye-l, that' .car.-fully exfCulei.fue- iinilies i.f these stu.fio ciuont t'lii^ 'rf being^Pi the B ili-.h jiut,l:c,iisealeul .t. d w.^raiif/ . ihuiasieui the Amateur, auJ t uQord vdlxuUlc assisianci: lo the Student. � . Thb t, pric-3� 61.' Printed L. Chappie, d6, PuU-.Viao ;;iaiJ J. Blacklocfc, Ro.val iv(ch:mjic. , lutelj published, pric Us. iti bwards, by John .Miora\, .So. Heel-finel, and J ions Simpson, liOinburgli, the 3d edition, revised and enlarged, ut ,B>ERVATIO,\s the UTd.ITV a..J AD- .WlMal-R-vTION of ITRCATIVE .MliUXCl'NtS iu sev> nil disras.'S. li) J \MI.S HAMILTON, M. 0. Fellow "f the" Royal College of l*by-u i.ans, the Royi>l Siirirtv of l".d ieail�er of me M.rti- rai Ljoum of PbiiudeJohii. . ._ ' Thi>il.i) .ire ,jiil)li�:u-i|, prire Is. KEARSLEY'S 1 A-\L 'l,Ai?1.l ; R. |-auUl. r aiid .So: T. Pa>�"";^V- (.. Uilkie and J. 1809.- ntuiaiug the Act* relating to the Pr-'pertv ,Tbx i Assei-ieil T^xes; .-tamps: an.l il.ickiiey Coaeiii-s ; aid il:e. Iieir Acts for tbe Relief of liunlviupt.. and ln'>olivciit Ueb'tore, pu.-sed tlic l.-ist .Ses.-iu:!j of Parli^ioi. ut. ^ Priiitid for (j. Ke.Hslev, 4o. Fleet street. This dav is. p-.blish. d, in two large valr. oct.ivo, price One Gjim'.;'ai)d a il.i.f m bo r ro lownby the oriKiiial lidilor tin- pr .�e � iie, mu-t pro.e of i;rfat practical utility ;is a book 't rc (crcnce .in -i'n-nrd-ate inf,ir-.naion, I'otoil) ti Vl.i* St .itetand .� ullemen of the Law, liiiitoeter. p rsiin be i. .invvise urerted bv, i>r hav  0'-ca�ion lo rel'.r ti>, any of I :  provisimis (�iinfiijn..d in or na?y-2d p^r ceut.>. under the regular credit V," " _ JTATiKLOTTERY, with only 5,000 Numbers. ; �-tof.Viv......':^.�.i�o ' . 4.4.:5of.;,.;..^..i-.i2,CO.> . , , ;j BesTftfs^lOO&c. All ioW t)ni�ii 4n One Dav^ "S.jv.tif...-. ...l.lW) ,l2....of.>.........5�)3 li.-J-^�l'L?"'''"?'�"'�"�i'f��PI�nr'�'t�|V of gaiiiiiig the iuiraen'e R^^�fOaili.!it,which Z/lifc; ol.\ai.ii'd lo purclmHiig !J5'"'?"�a Xu^nlier, drui^nirapoftinii for tuiy part.--I>.dr?-1�'""*^*'" be�eh'er,beforetheJ)nii�ins. P-'-^fe-�rPfcjciitPrice...J,..,Ticket^�il 11*. 'ft I riJthth ....... .^2 17 *l%i'*!5etbpi^SBft)�,^cdf Nnirom. Cr6fsVNE>V POST i'"-*�J��T\�*oViK� f:>lir^<iiM(lry�el ''ni^WH�SSj-4Jbatiiig^r.w*. �4he OoHen-triMhe KllttWf ii!k LaTfriagw set imt, beside ptH?! Kijiedi jrousft�ist CoaeStf&:, iduTr �iie>' igM oat,.- '.Pdst Just published) printed in quarto, price Three Guiueas each - in bM,.ir.i>, tne Thre arlev, Stcooil F.iirl "vf Oxford:" accompanit-d with iSfoti'r Hisior.cil, Poliiicjl", ndT', by tHdy.v'K-irj. a ii-w'.i:diii�ii, with AddXiiinal .Anmitalions, nnd<i Supple-nieij.- IJy IHOMAS PARK,J^�q. F. 8. A. Tin- Fuurib V'olnm.-'<�ill be published iaa few days. . l.d:iilon: Prmted for White andXo. sinJ Murrayj^ Flcet-strW-l : iuid JIardirg, St. JametVstretL This dav it nitbltsbVii, in 1 vo!i.8vo. price lOs. 6d. bds. T A!)V .lANEGJiEY'; aTal.-, intwoBMiks: A-i.a Griille Alterative preuated for the Revien'err: lintl 1 Wi, i>don: Printed for John M.-ickinlayv in the'.^trnnd. Orwhuhi niav be li.-id. in.oiie volume, roynl quarto, prce 2'. inbhaiils, Mr. Jl^dgsunti Translntiou of the SaiitM nf Juvrnai.' N. B. The^Tliird and Fturth Volumes may be had boards, price^G/; liw. lid. rxtrftboaidt, . rpHK AN.VALS OF SPORTING ! >-Ry CAi Llill* QUIZEM, 1 .sq. and, bis various Correspou- " The Coartier is thrown in porsuit of bis rime, � . The PoeUiioolien laid low, ' '  'Whisniniutferi nn iVsasttS) ride5iiff^ftnni>, -Withl�at�-fhr�ara-UazjQ! ThBjfcWfl" ' , 'Bfttaminm oo this Work.-^TheAnnalr of Spnriltig', hf 11 vfew of Pait'of Ludlow tja.ile,' rwUlE poetical WOUKS f .lOHN mil- J. TON, M itii Nole^ of v.-irioiiS'Aulhor.i. To � hirh arc added lililitRil ons, uilli some. Account of the Lif liiiou , a.ii. The Life and the Verbar Index may be had sep.i-ralci'"in one very lantc-vo'amc, priise Jo*, .-nid l > .arcommi-dalelhepiii^ase'Suf llie large paper copie.': of Mr. Toild's First Liiitiouof Milton, a few have been printed on a super royal..pape�,'price in hoardslt. Iis.iiii. This day is pttbllshed. handsomely pH lied in qo irto, ^ tniud wiin Six Coppct Plates, price, iu lio;rrd�, v  Guineas* the First Vol>inieiof ANEW ANALYSIS of criRONOLpGY; . in-ivhicb an ,aiteTO|il is made to eX|i1a;a Ihe illslor^ and .AniiqtuliA of the Katioiti rucnrded in the Scriptures, tngilher with the Proplnrie* relating to liirm. on Prinr^ides .1 frji " ....... jects fioin .Niiiure, to be tuiili>.u.dH Jeklj, audcmpleu-d in lift \ number*. Ill ii ; ii;r!ndine Sobjt.-rt.< ffoin oriC'iut' l'ai.ilii�:r v Mi>r!ftnrt, in the P'lss's.-'ion of tlie Pr->prii'Uirs, nnd never befirc published ; the tvlhilceiigravcd by J. Ua..�>ell, I-iso. Londun : uubli^hed'by Tno  .is Tetg,'No. l: |, CheupakJe; J. Sutherland, l.eilli.�lrret. I dnWiirgii; and lolie bail of alt Hooksillers in the United Kingdom. � . � . ~ E'NFitLDs N'KvrWcYruTTvSTTTT^ On Moiutay, ihe 1st of .Mav, w.ts piildishert. in ''ondrr'-nio.ele anil) printed on fine witve paper, einbillirbed with a snperti ftont.-pece, engraved from �> rrigoial paiulnc by J. Thnr-ton, K-q. and numer-ms'ollurr pl-.i. s, Voi. i, price 4s. l)d. bo.nrds, or 5s. Uaif hound in mnroc.o, (j-on- or, Cir'Ie n .T c mciie ai d tiiinii�A�ir"nomV), of rjMlV, NEW ENCYCLOPJIDIA;. Jbl of Know ledge nod Science, di<esird, in : pniiular manocr. in distinct lri':ili-e�, eluoidaiin? pot "uly lue lirst Principleg nf Kiio�Ieil*i-,' the instrwsti..n .f illus-1 wo Youth, hut enilmieing rVrrv K�rtb�tbe-nlt. jjliou ui the Philosopher or Maii nit* College, BOil Pfof tthliii..: Jli'i. i ^ , � �-  h-ilViatitlior tiova���or:.-at|'.��Wiby. P. C.and J. Rivinf-��^.i.t. PAul'^Chtirrh-yiit^ri :Ca4ell>anA liavies, iu ine � - '-ayir-, P�ll-.\MUHl^:�ajCtord. p.cradiHy; ~ lt,|iie�t.�J�>od-ftrieet; Whllmoreaid I�dm. i�k;lIamptortiMaJ|?.iei Mttm^cnte,'0^^^ Pwttioaf, &c.&c.<��dipi daily. ' i^'iodeni Dlscov .-iKe. Element- of Natural .Theologyj 4c Ac assisted by rmiiieot professioikiS Gentlemen. eoNnxTit>�s or pcai-icATioff. i. The* oris will be printfeil io duod.'cimo, una fine wove IL EiSf v^iinie to coctain a ceroplete Treatise oasome itnr portanibr.iDcb of.'cieifre. IlL A vid rae.w,illbe regularly p^ilishedevei^ month, bb'' til tbfe Wh^le iscoiiipl.t.d. IV. the worl^ will'Vf"'"'*"> extend to^ but certainly not extrr'J, twenlT-iive tiihimo*. V. Nomfr.h-s engraVJngs, bg the lirst drtistf, will be giTefl 111 the rour�e iirme publication. - .,� Vi; A*cach Voloihe itlfortn a complete work of if*�qf, _ witn -eparsite |ille-paee� will i�e al tiiei>plion*f cnc! nurfchaWr to .take any part of the w*lt'he ma please,; N. B. Vol. IL coma ui m tje,^nip.'i\, na* puo'iibrti oo Thursday, June 1. Londoo: printed for Th.-^mas Te�g, No. Ill, ^ppntite B>w rbonrti. Chcapside; Mecsn. A. and J. QaucaQ,, �owraii4 J.'*t��'��'a'�'. {vliotMirgli, andii�jrbe|j^Ofjjj StlKrlSMk��ll�l�i�ihc VaRed KiagdoiB

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