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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - July 26, 1809, London, Middlesex frEDTrMSDJt JULY 26, 1809. jofrATE KDUCAflOW^-i" '^^^ a K'""'.f*"V'uS Jv^*^ who are prepared Tor Iho iVrtf?: They uS^_t�.atedM�r all VLib'�7|^�^^^^ �ji> femnew a year. m^J^^S^f^A^' bv uddre..lng .a line tor .Wdiiis incori�'ra|��,9>n.'lr iTi; .t._i <� fvierfd it^ni ft, Call;i�1iv- PorUtnoiitli, ^Mimtngtie^tris::. ,K��ell- lamfiientlop.tnVr. rtetPji^nentotbe Porumontri /M<"hiill,3une<i 1B09. M�baHy,!Q?P'a'. �'i?^�'�l*c iii peitersi.f.n tile �eTj li-' tofral MMiurSnurimrUli which they ha^e hhiwrnred him in thp POSTING? fit;siNBSS,,and us-urrt tliem i*�t �ach tloVw iowre nxonliimmisf of'their s�uuom� Vrisbam awinnlthead p'j�iv,'J�i^le� rrom Lichiieirt, nine from �rid� e�ai�l /SpTJRTKNAt .AR)WS.-:-T.i be LE1V frj^m c.ikn<iiiib(((fii)ive,�t.ibiiug,coacb-boirteii,'&mIcvrry conve-' nirotiWliioasr, on .excrlleuf' kllctimucard'-it, well ttocicrd %ir(i/fnlt.�r urifo;iv.-l'�r viewifvT nf|!lffle,.apply;inthpsnid Mc.,Ho):ert'. on tJie ttrrmiie*; ami puBnianmaybe fcuuwit^by appi\iiig to AJr- Coriirriebl, .v %,^^.N(iiie^need apply hu{ A'tiie wtin nndrntnnd (he bu-mnltiitd bin'tircduce ah uacxcfutiooable cliaructer. JhtoWane Willi JfiOS. , . rffeTLKMRNS* RtsftohnWe TOUPKKS, and lU^-Bwtic SPHlXd'WIGS-ROB tNSON. yog. Li. <jrttt,*nablrsbiiiitonuuj�fac�ure_the above'reenlinni-d Ar. ilrmta irlmsirh^iirbot fUiea.Ail', Aiiid dislike ucirin^ 4 iiiii(^(aftle.TAtt|^�v, Khicbbe uiidunakes to fl( ite iitf.the head iiia of nature, (iadliii faahioti. RE'VEhSlONART JNfEUKST.-.A Geoile-man Tfovp fauiily cunsidrritiDiis. i:- ilrsiroai of invrst-5B|;^atM�tderableMm'!iBi^4iifat;'v iM (he piirrbasr of itever> �tiiiKiry i^prrty ill,^iid or |lie i'ublic Kuiiits, in which 'tie SHIrr h at prtwuf, or )M'iliis'de:ilh of (be prem-nt Tenant fnKyfe.nill beeaiifled to'lttvafwalute litterest. .Orifiiune nny Heir';Aiipaivi({4u oblain ouly an iuiiiierfiaie* locfTflic of'liicome, aj^ Auimity hiit exferllins U\\KJl. per 81^0 wouldbe|rintrted'tA�uebpi>riiiiidurini; IIk life of ihe l^trvfA Pnsses.orof the itftat>>.-ibe. coiisj.ler.itinu for wliii'h .'Mbrp'iidkon afuir-jcalciililiion, ^til^^u tUe Parly b'roi�u> rolUkd 10 irK R'.-veriiciDarve�pettiitii>ii'>.-' Lrtierfadilrewi d .to'liK Vf; at Ur. CalU^V, Aleilihil BooiKdIer, in Crown-niitl l'ruiceii9trrFt,^l�ice||cr>iHluttre, will be imineiiiatoly' fcriwirded to the Princlpijl. . Xi hp drdwo ioinief*i�itrLr ufiler ibr, neit S�a��> Loiierr. I rrillRl) and Li^:.URA.ND CITY LOT. �*...''"'''^Y'�"H?��">S "^"'^^Ticltet*, to be drawn in WnM/Mcfcdl eitftcr of the,two preceding 'l.�Herie�, at iK(e'�iva>riit.'*6vpr'Giniid Capiial Pri�.-8. o>ii�iMiiig uf T*r�v.n|Knii�� fir^jile r/lEKHOLD IIOUSJCS, dij-tlia� slt�ilelii Ibe cwiireIhe Meln.jmlig, �tiirh mimattfd in. the vear 18*5, bv five 4-,uii4i niniill.-�'Of tlie JIou}** of V"ta-"!*ti" Ju-.viunK-iiikisfenli or 100',OOtK.and Mi�r tlmt 'I** Kitfjfitly xiithtatei iii vit\ar, M Hi* wll known A orW futyey.aiiil cttlmate are preiiariiig, which (-^'^'wf Shamarts nft,t (he licensed Lottery Of-, *%mwljy ibjeif j^jpjit* ja the f;�ui)irv. , I'itESENT PUiCK. s Ticket.....,.^'8 10 0 TO (he VISITORS of MARGATE-AWiiY WOO D IN O aijil SOX, of (be Shades, LpnduD Brid^, beiog iuforuted a V:ui(t is uprhed at Margate, under (be taoae Hdhi^, f'lr (be Snle uf iViiini nod Spirits, thinlt it proper respectfully to acquaint the l^hlic tbat they have no concern trS^i that or finy other out of Lxuidua. WAWiED by a .Surgeon and AjiothtHiarjr in extensive nnd re *i(iV, NojG, Coveniry-ktreei, ilayoiorket, will be imme> diatcty alteiuled �o. GLOTIl and CASSIMIIIE FACTORY, Ber; inondiry.'Spn, near L Herson who has a perfect knanMga of ihe Woulleii llusinr�isi�iid Iborouf hty acquaioieil with th�T�irn Tnidr.' .Anncii�eui<tu�tri � t Siioi ofifoitWAt �in 'febe br-two -Swjw, *|r^wii�fr / h�^,l liMder>�IMJbe�MuwLlixx�el ;JK>i^c4Htj^:ite�UrKe^imW wy'i'.wtn If more i^eawft^itt- p^rtirjr.iMre; fpl/l* j; iZ.Gxm^ �, Chorcb-Totry FeiKburch-sin; .-t^ Ku)ic.bu�p'JKipa1�a*iUhe,tiientedwiib.. , , . . 1N.i>TA �SlifAVVliS.^iatlies oV G.ntleii.v/. tie. ,�ir(iaf iff pat^ftilsitijc cu^iiius' India ^^hawl*. Iiare n >w an Qtiportuultyof iiHpt^iue the mesi suuiirb Sclecli>in oUerrd forlate, it WAIJ/iaiAlV and V.Vli^illUG' 'VOi*\ SUttwl, Musltf(,AiiilLinen Wnrehouie, 104, Ci-rner of �".Jiew-Uriilp* ttreetj Btet't-strePt; where thry iniiy also re-. ceive the full-Vxlue. iu |^b, fur.iibawb, G/)ld, liilver, itnd 'other Wi-rkedM^sliuK. * gFJOWEll BATHS.-J. FELL, CaVpenfer, _ .No. Mil, lltKhilolboni. Iir�n �trcei, be�;� leiave to in-' fi'rniK^ Kohiliy t tJ'nlry, yam:lii-5, and "Iher*. of aii improved V""*"*^ wiiid-iip SHOWliR BATHS, which i� made lupehv"'' �nd-c luiproted Corking Machines whi{!li-!g much ap|ir>iveda�'f"r wine awrrb mis and families tu |;�ni-. ral for lntinKund d�>ins "he cork* in hotllhig>!DP�.&c. on KiU�iiableternis, au^Vay be wea.hy applying'a" aho*e. UUSUANT iottn: Decree of the Uigii Court of ChancTv, made iitx (>'anse D^xilt �. .Aiidi-rton aiMl another, (be (reditoi^ of /tilHN LAAIU, late of Atosi-r Icy, inihe PaiithotV-nrdWy, tiit�K-County of WiMrcwter. "fteuMi'innn, arr persoimlly. or by ilr^jr Solleitnni, tociinic in no4 pr�v�^(hrir Oe'iU, Edwaivi Morris, lisq. one. , it iiiv Cbmnbiri, in Suuibumpion linildingr, Chnncery ln'nr, Lniiilv'i. "h or'be-fore the aiih of Octob-r next, or Jn default fncrrrff jhey will be pcreniplOTilj cx>-lailrd ibe Brnrfit,.of tlics.ivl liccree. I>i;YON andTOOKK, Solu-it.irs, ^^.^ . No. 10. Uray'i iiin->quaie. PURiUJA.NT ft Decree �.f (he High CoUrl (if Chaur , made in a Cnote l)v�ttv. AiidritoM and auotbfr.'tlw Crpdit.irs of KUZABKTII fJ YOTT, ln(e nf WrtW^tJreen, inilie j^irish of Yardley, in the county nf WwrrrcItT, the Wife nf Jo:ieph Dwitl. nf Ibe same plac., eoiuUamkertare p'-rson^Ily, r hy (neir Soiictiors; io come In and |ir'9*c their U'bi- before Kdtrard Morris. l-.i>q. ode uf (he MH'ierli uf ihi: said Court,at bis Chambers id South.unp. , Ion bitiMiiiS!!, Cbuarery-lane. I^mdon, on or before the iJUih of ()ctobcr firxii 0s ill default tUrreof ( m-v trill bep.rrni-lunly excliided Ihe benefit of the �aid Dei-fee. UKVO.N'and COOK K, Solicitors, . ; Ho 10. (iray't Inn squarg. PtTHSOAiN r to a Detrree of the ttUh dnitt of CbancDry, trarinc date the llth day of July l&vlS, made ill certain Cau-trx >>> re depending, wherrin Soirniel (iaUoii, L^q. ai'id Uclleit, tviiiow, are t'lniiitifTi, and Abrabinn llizdno liiid itarak bi< Wife.are Di-feiid.mts, and wherein ihe said Abraham ftijdonaiid fantb his Wile are i'laimiffy, and thr said Samuel GiiUtin and J an llillett are l)efeiidiilits,lhe Crediiiirsof Jt)Sl.Pll GUIOKI), Inte of Taunton, in (he ('�uiity of isonirrtrl.'fariiiL'rly a linen-draper, in Tauntoo af�rcsiiid, who Ui<-<1 in or about the Month of Februurv, 1801, arc on or before llie 16�h day of Aogujt J809, <o oone ill nuJ prove their debts before Samuel (JoBiploo Ciiv. Kkq. uueot tlie Miuiera of itieciiiJ Court, at hU Cliniu bers in Sifutliainiiton-biiiUliiij;. rcrcp._ -__' _ AValiiiihle Discuvcry aiii) a Relief Mr (he Af> flitted with Uui.fure�.-J. WIJ ITfr'OUO,.Truss Make* tn Ibe City 'i'lUid horiely, f^>r (be llrrx-f of (he Ulipiuied I'uor, suiiouiirej 10 (lie iiMirled witb Kupiurrg, Ih.-it he has 'di�c>ivercd a nietliud of apirtyins'I'msses, by iileaiis n'hrli a Cure in many rai-rti will be oliHiined, and eog:ig>'!i In keep .up the moil iliUick'M Kiipiore that rwr exitted-I'hij vrry 'lllalcrla^advmllilcebrl^�ll;{^ I'.lft-itic tjterl TruMniid iiuprovrd I'adi, and �uy he at his �ii)iufaclory undrr Ibe c t Snii|li6i-ld. N. il. Mr�. W iiiifiird atUiK'.s the L.idie�. SUSSEX.-Tbe Public arc respectfHltj^ Informed, thai the Lra�ehald COUNTKF iMsSIObitCK and Premises advertised for Sale by Auction at GursUiaK in the County of Sussex, were on the ^llh instant disposed of by Prifate Coniracl. if l^Mt Y liATON, ductiooeer. Hastings, 8ltb July. '__ REEN.Pa11K-T<, LET, on reasonable Terros.ihe VVhoIr or P.-irlorami�demie-�iz ery wodernte. _ ; rino LET, a FIRST antl SECOND FLOOR, a Jl |titchen�B*il-fonms,Stc. to each Floor; or the whole ' IlDuse'oki Lease. Plensnflt Gnrd�n, with nu Entrance to Sd JaiDes** Park'.-For further .particulars ein|uire uf Mr. J; fliggen, Jfo. 37, ydrk:strfe;t. Wentmitster. �_ '^^nUi'^'J^i^rps^ OF* a T liualifa TRAt>E in the Jj^.^^^K LIji^K..^L^tew (post;>�bl> fwxn Principals 16QI. �<iiit(i(ilii�'n-l/'Nartiie d si'uation, near the river. - The House cohtiiins dining, dniwing. und hri-akfiist r�t>taV fhurorfive br^tbedii, and four for >ervnnts; liouse-k'eper's-rooni, butler's panlry, .nnrt othprrcquisiK office!..- For.;pa'n"iculars refer to Air. Cwopcr, HOuse-Ageat, iJill-streeLMtirbmnnd. PRICE SIXPENCE-BALFpElkNy. Ttii:. ,VICTUALLWG OFFlCfi, Mj%U 1809. ContmustoMrs for FiciwdUng Hzs Mai .i. nii( Cotiage, witliiii six feet ndjoining-,-which, united, wnnid accunimodnte 11 larger . faniilj:.;' Stible, Conch-hnosr. Orchard, Kirchrn .inil Pleasure Gardi-iK, ami a.Sirr.iiii ninn brsiile the /'ri-niisi*:" ; Imlh dflachcd niid open In the country, on IhcSniiiii l.isl side of TownJUjilliH'T, thirty miles from LOniloti, i;i Die line jiart of VVe^l Ki-nt, .nliobiiriing io nil that is desiniUle.-Particulars kiiowdhy ifltrn (post p.iidl Co J. B.,U'icken".=, carprmer, To�ii Mailing, whir will stiew lh hire, 15 mi'es fnnu Londnn. ^5 friim TS>JT'i�*" 'i�es, find llS.'irn's nf luiitl, purt rirli piis ' tore :|iJ puTt arnbX'. htUl undtr lease liv the late Mr. llo-berl-i, which lensi' esp^-rei na JMiithaelnins (lay next enjuing. -, Puiposnlb f(>r.lakiiir !i l.!"!!* "f'!ie same to beilelisered 111 wrilinc'on or befurAuu* Ul> '>f .^�siist next to Messrs. Palmer, l}, Abchuri-li-l.'Oi''. I."niliaril.ttm*i-i who are empowered Io tri-ntfor the fume with Itie' best bidder and mo�l eligible tenant. TO bi* SOLD, luirsuaiil 10 an OrdiT of the HiRh Court of Chaneery made in a Cnnse P.xur, v. RevtTT, witbthe apjirnhationrtf KuwAiiD HIorhis Ksq. one of the Wasters of (^\- snW Court, iit th>* Piibiic S.iie Rinmi, In SoulburapInn lloildoiss, C>i:uicfr>-laiie, on Mun-day theSi�( day of Alar, IStl', bi-iwren Ibe h'ur* of i>ne and (wiiotheaflernonii. (lieFllliSHDLIJ and COPYHOLD ESTATE late of JOHN SHS PHi:RI>. I'.sq. deciaseiJ, si-tuat<i inthe pnriihos of BraitA<:siou and Mooewdca, in the county of Suflnlk. ' Particulnrs lubp hart gratis at tlicsald Master's Chamhir-, _ "bepiford; na;lforTHiaty TONS of fl,psU"lS)RK, (siecondj) HL'T FER, or British |iotter of. { or befpte One o'Ctock >4i the said Friday, t/te iSih iiuiaat, mr unless tie. ferMO*, te/io ihakt tAe Tendisr, or latae Pcrsun on lUthhoif, nltendflid: ' tMste'.r tcAtn cnlkd for^_ ; . � . / ' : .' ' ' This day is poblisbedf very elegahliy urimirtl ia 3 Viili.'tfej &*o, price Ui Hi tUi. ia lioards, fri&��oe'Pilf A^lCaCl < Authur, - � ' '  .-) THE WORKS' in PROSE a^tl VERSS of Mr. A. COWLEY ; witb Moles by Dr; JIORD, late llisbop of Worcester, Printed for S]iar{M? anti liaiirs, IgS, PiCcadilijr.. Where may be had, l.itrjy^publistied, in a neat srtialV Volt With an Euftraving, price ^i. in boards, th^ "FAyOKATWA -of WIT ; ekhihitiiigifioi^e view the chuicest EplgraiBS iaUie English Lan{;ua((c. '�^ - "frknCH EPISTOLARY CORRliSPOlitiBKCfi Thisdi^y is published in I'iinio. p^ire 4<t. 6d. bouud^ for the Use ot i^choolsainl lirivatr LeiiriiFra, the leeood Hditioo-of.) LK N KGOCfA NT U i\J VERMEL, ou Redittil dc LettTcs origioali-s de Commerce, ecrites par lei meilleurei Mnis-m' de Itussie, llollande, Angleterre, Francej E^pafnc, Poringai, AlK-inngne, Jtaru,Turi{uie,&c. Ouvrafc �ropre d servir de luo'drleauiie Corre�ponde�i:eConiinercial, Utile juj**. AJatcJiainU, Commis, &c. A I'usage de la Deuhes^e Augloise qui se de-tioe a Cbitfiherce. Par (iUILLAUWK KEEGAN, Maiti'e derAcadeinie, (vlniiuc-hoasr. Keauiuf^ton, et Aateun dcI'lnsiraL'ieiir l-'ranfol-, Ciiuimerci.'il Phraicoiugy, and GuWlr to Useful kflon lril|;e. &c. Sold liy Biiosey, Broad^iir.rt; Lnhsmao, Rcos, Ilnist, id Oruie, PalcriJu.-tiT-r'�w ; Ojl.iuand Go. Suhs-$<(uare.. -' The Monthli Aniijarobin, London, :uid Critical Reviews, with other*', have prunnuiiccd (he Dbiive ihe' best Calculated  11 f any work extant, 10 tender Clerk?.and Merchants <ic-qnniiited with the real French Lpistiilarv style of Commerce, and fit to He �n the c^Mnter of cviry Mercanille house : they. ai!.o rec-mmoHfl such ^choul3 a? prepare Youth for buiincM to in.lkf u-r nf it. , 1 his day is publi^brii, lianiUnmelv printed iu foolscaps Syo alhing has io making (bfliaiV turn diflVr.-iit shades, luid olten I'cc.isiuns its fallinir oU'jbul by U|>iiig the Ku>siaii Oil, it is a sure preventive.-: (ieulliMiieh should not oniK app'y it (o tfte whiskers nft.-r sb.-iiiiig.-asit will prevrnl ih t the Hair when dressing, i*hich is i-o great :i iniuri-'htH: to (hr liair jts to prevrnt il t-urniiig ^rey In all'period:; promotes the ^owth ; prevents its''fallii]g oil', aiid rc-lmes .U-ini bald pLicei, if toe U-at ruAtii rntinln. Sevrrai (jrnilemen tii;it uere bald, have dc-rliired. aft r using the Rui^riafi Oil ri gularly for six months, the bald pljceaWcamene.irty covered willi Hair ; promote* i.Eighth.......�\ 3 ''bixteeiilh..... Oil TElm'ERY*^*�itJ.:oiily 5,000 Numbef*. r'. --^ seriJ^ME. " ';**"v�......!v�.:.of,,K� C'l"" ,>?"-"-�-.*-SUw 8...?w:... ^..i.iwo *-"f..::...,..vv^�Vt 12....of,........i.�)u ' � ,7 He�i4B.^10D Ac. "^^i^clfuHy 'fiform (he Poblic. ( �"?�harefai* Oil Sale at their Office?, No. 11, t2!2?'i^^*i*i'ChnfiaTCr�i^t and SI, Aldgaje Uigh-Tj "e^etne of the present State Lottery i� new, niid S�?jL.'*?*''''^�n���PV"rtitttity^f gainiiig the .IwjS^^SK'/tfsliclraajr bt uhiaiucd by purclwii.js iSRfk�?^/cL* ^'"'"^r^i'*'^'*-R''!P'�'^,'"" '"��'��y. part-- -^f^f'JShargwiM be hTgtfeV.b&ore the Jlrawing. ^iwm----- .�*".-^^r Sllfeenlh........ 1 9 SS< Chai ing-cross. ----'every Evening. ___; BOUliTON atiil CO. roUofiing V�crwBW set bcf ide c^ebruwbiiiKl whisktus, nnd firevenls them turning t;rry. Cinservc tlici-^hiib on llicnutsiile wri|}p chiikuf;ky and Priuce,"any wilhom'thuLsif^uture .iw^ cinintrxreits. : Pr.ce J>.,pir buirie, or,one boiilei containing foursBoll, at onu'gituirit, or six guinea bot(lc.- at li\c pouutis. Su'wl Whol/sJi'v and Retail by tiie Proprietor, A. Prince, ' ^'o. 9,'Johiirsireet, OxI'ord-Mrert; and. by aupuiutmeni, Mr..Sm'ith,.,Pe/la:urr to his'Majeiiy, New uoiid-stm-t: ilbudriitaD^ Sons. Perfunitts to �her Alajesly, Titchtairiie-slreel; R'cg.60; Cbeap>ide;i�nd by most pnnciipal Pertunirrs and :MwJTtMriir Vendrrsiji tnglamL Ireland, .iiid Scotland. . Cou i>gtbciroTdrr to any Wholesale .Vendii:r'tncy deal Hitb in Loudon, wi;' receive liberal al-� I'lwaiiee.'^^^ > . ^ � Etn'LErs CliLEtfRATEl) RESTORATlVli lOOfH EAUTY. of r.oiwlenance and reRularilv of iinlKh F'a'ir; POWDER. B 'Ms:-' iFinturei.arc allowed, to di-iiDRitt>b thp UritKh Fair; i Proprietor of HCTLKR-S 'rtJOfll bit tlie,Proiv,..........__________ w-jiild'begU-avc to reioindiiif CxMit^ir.fuomen,that thelust'e of tbcir rharms lo�ei half its ii>i�uti;ce wberp^lie Teeth are >dtM blenfisb of the ' euailiel, ed Vi| I .vegvtablei. it isreconmieniled l� tl c :i , and 1 ji� ail tjy every imr�'rf"riion, cUher in (he Cnlowr �>r f at-j tbie i {�, btn lui-t sorh uiiivenial apptvim |vXtqaCrfn<{lue.Proprieior basiii huti-t Ibat itis indiiiWine. ; .of 8riya'�-J Vl^j?''^*!<�hbli^lcuiid r*(siil,atMri'ButlerViv VuaiCMner.Aninoci, 'll J White and Wnodcoke, Saliciturs, at ilalesworth, in SuUolk._____^_ FLUSHING and ANTWERl". ~ This publitbird, in One l.lixe Sheet, prire S'. Sii. ANew MAP of ZEALAND, \�Uh the Rivers .s�GHELDE,piuiof HOLLAND, FLANULRS, ai-.d BRAILANT. Published by John Stpckdalr, PicMdilly.-.Bv �Imm is just published, �n .Nine Sheets, price 21. Ss. ur on IJolers, or in a ('use 31. U.^. A New M^Pof GERMANY, HOLLAND, POLAND, HUNGARY, mill p:ut of FK4WCK.-il, lOWAllLS HKYMANN, Hea.i Posl-.Mn.-ter in Tries'le. , JKhlV ilCStC-HAVDis, &c. ELECT WKLS'if AIRS," Vnl. l; ndjptcd for __Ihe Voice, with rhararterirflc tnjli^ti Verses, jur- puscty Wrilleii by Joanna Boillie, Mrs. Mrs. llMutcr, Sir?. Opie; and A. Hoswrll. M. G. I>wi V. a.; Walter .-'cK, W. Sm* ih.,-ind IV. Snencer, tsq��f >t� nnd H.iriwiui--(ory and couc'uding Symiih"iiir� to caih .^ir, er mpii.ed C'liedy by Ha�'tn, who nas al<-' .'rt in.inv ,iimp.ii;i-mentsf-rthe Piutm-Fort or PediilHar|i, V'ii>;iii �a I Viol.^ii' cello, will, it is hoped. jT-ve eqva'ly nrcejji.-il.l.-iji,i:;^rs. to liiMn�meolul Perfonm r>, and every pmonof trie. Price of ihc Volume One Ontnea. to be had of T. 'iVi-j(nn, Sy7, Struiil, London; and of O. Thoro^jti. ^ ttrth, the EdU"r, hy whom snh't-ripitons fur the Work are received; and of whom may he Und, in f.iur Vo|j. each, like Ihe WrLh Work, embrlli^bed witn an elegant Engr.>�in�, price one Guinea p "H S0>GS, �ith symphonies and Accomp.-irtimenis to raeli Swug, for the J'i.^ao Forte, .Stc. chiefly by the swne inimitnbli: CiimjiOM-r, wtio urilc; ihns cropha'iiB'illy to<Mn, " ] h.i.isl of thi. ns.=, hut M�'-greate.�t variety of new .Sonjs, l.r.ih Scntil-h .-ind l.iig-lish, and all the ijicnmpar.ihic Sniig;� of J{um�, iibove fifty nf ,*vhich w.ere writtene.vpressly for this Work, aid are set to music innoolhei- wliaioer. A striking Portr.iii of the Poet accompanies Vul. 4._ Just published, by Pre-Vin, at bii Wholesale Warehoun'S,  ' if/, .^iraiid, CORFE'S KEAUTIES nf PURCEL, V..I. L e^iwistliisof Ih'; most favourite Sonits, Duets, Trio*, ^c. bylhisgral Muster, suiig W.' Mrs. Uilliuslim, \ir. Itr.'.liain, Air- Kitrtlemait, Ar. nl the Concerts and OriTi<iri.k~, m-tecied, revised,'arranged for ihe Piano i<Vir(e and Vi-ire.  v� ilh a tbnrou$b Biisslo'tlie whoIeUy Jos. C"rfe,, o) bis Mnjc�iy'�f'hape|f. RhauI, &c-Price to Subscritiers, I. Is.; to Nan-Sul�cnbi}ri, U. .H. N. B..This work is eiigmved and printed 'ni the ?ame ele-Ijanl manner JU Die Hmuliey of HaiiJel, dediculeil to l.i trd, a.d r.iiiged from theon'icinal Sco^Cwithout any njierali. o in lUe 1 Hajtnoiiy whatever), and nioir respertfully in^rrihed i d iU no nssnttaiit tn gentle* i�eu, whose biiiiiiiess Dccesiiariiy contiiies them to the chiia) tlie cnuntingrnnin, u ho seek heiiUh and tecrealioll at tlieir; nnd to those who take upon themselves the mauagenient of their own gardeiu ami ptwteere�r-- - This day is published, price Is. STRICTURES o� the APOLOGt set,up by Mr. COBBETT, id his WKKliLY POLITICAL KliGISTER of Saturdny.. June 17iji, 1809, for his failure to appear at n Court-Mariia\ hsld iJn the 'i4lh March 1792, and to maintain Ihc Charges he had prcterrcd agaiuslcertain Officers of the 54(h Regiment ufl'uut. ,. , When a mm once nHcwpis (o make con verb, whptlifr it be in religion, politic;, or any thing else-when be once tomes forwiird ns a c.-inilt:lnlo for puhlir ntiaiiratinn, etteem. or compassion, hi..i princiijles, his inctivrs, every nrtion of his life, public or private, become the fair subject uf pa'ulia disriisvion.-Cobbi'lt's Works, viil. i. p. 15'2. Also Cnbbett Convicted, and the l>>volutjoni>,t sed; an Answir to his P.ilit'iial Register, dui iuldre-sed to hint bv Deteriiir, price Ss. "Primed for C. Chapp'e, Pall-.Mnll. Sold nl.-o by the Bi�oKs.-lleTj of Hampfhire auri \vilt.<b re. FA Alii! i BlliLE, in 1 vn'. -lir.-Just pub ished, elegainlly priiiteil ill ilcmy 11". Nn. I. pi ice Is. 3d. of JL Secred Text <if the llojy Ncriptures, printed from the mi�rt correct Edition, with n'mrfiinal References, and with the valuable Coninientary il'hich was publisbed by Rjiyai Authority iloriiig ilie Krisns uf Queen Eli^abelh and King Jamei. Thisnburi conim-nfary is .-uppo'rtcd by h'igjier'authority than any iiiherent.'im. The Aiiti-t no (be Uld Trs� t.'inieiit were Hfiiii'nbv the lenrnrri anit pious Reformers-. Lnvcr;lnU-, Ciooilinnn, Gilbv, \\ h ttlngliam, S<inip^un, and Cole, when driven into exile hy the cruel per�eculi"n of y a� JJ�e exw-ncr, J-he price ti> Suft-t^rs wHJ He 111., fid. lib thfl kook - . e�ijirM .-iertn(ioii. ft Series ul elegant EngravirgS (>"' I' s� ""ah 23 in Number) will form the Lmbclli?hmeiit* of the c.rk. The publication m Monthly Parts, price fs.-e.icb, cmmenced on the Iht June. A few ( .'pieS nil b." printril iii a snperiorman* niT, on dne Royal puper, with tirsi inipressiom bi'the plateiij ir be delivered only in I'aitsal lis ruck. , t(^is^^alCulatrd thai (he wlude inai'be compr sed in 40 \uinber^,'and in (ed Parts: but the Publishers pmniise that il shall unt bxceed 14 ni the f.>rmec and II of the latter. Lui.-doJi i Printed for L. B. Seel-y, No.'169,' FJeet-stree/; and t;. and II. Bal.lwin. New lirdge-rlreet,.where a inofe full Projipectiis of the U'ork may he prncmred. BIBLK-By Robert iSchoiev, 46, Patrrnn^ter row, ncd Sculciirrd and Letterrhan, Ave-AIdrid-Iani!. This day is pnbltshed, on fiiie triive paper; and tint (Iresfed, from an entirely new tetter C3'-i for the work, price, medium 8va. il. 4s. boards> royal Svo. if. boards, aud Imperial 8vo. ^/. 4s b.fanlj, rpHE HOLY lUBLE, for fheU�e of F.milie*, JL . iilustnited from lb.- workji of the most approved com-inentators, Hritisb-and Foreign, vi >idd, Dr. Doddridge, Pr. Hammond, Uarmer, Henry, HoobiX'-mt, King, Le fieri;* Liieke, l.i>Mmiin,Uisitop Lowth, Ui>li p of Lincuin, Michafe-. )is. Bishop Newton. Onoii, Bishop Pa^rck, Poole, Bishop p.Tieu', Wuterlaod, Whitby, Dean IVood-ioase, andva.-ipUS oitiers. 'rt:e want of a Bible, uniting in ii�."lf all the neressary poiiiijs of clear priming. Bne pnpr. ettreme acruraty, a. convenient and poriahle foim, together \vilb a seaciion.uf n-'ies fit family u.<:au<l refcreuce, must-have lon^siuce beeu ubseiveil. � The puWiiihen have spared neither rvpensc nor attention till �,iiu( have &lUj[at-halneil their object* and now, with tlie urcntest coolidence, 'iiferll I' the public, as beii�w Iwi they pMfess ill. - .Wo, S'voU. 9(mo. prwHs. bonfils, Redeciloiis on tho Wuikx of tliMli 4>y C. C. !gM&�,.t>;wi-latrd frowlbeotigip; 1-�erma�.' hv Hig5# e(iocl,e(, .-uid f�*el/i!Ji,ed wiihjc'igprr-u..iieabytttemaaiemiuent kii�ra*cis*.f|[,o)n ThurstouVDe- si^'ii.x  '.^ ' " �'^.'^*' "w'rikixo.MV Improved ^leihod of TeaiWng Wriitijc. in a prnjin^tfe Series of Seven Books, rendct^i); tbatartaocb m.M facile � djiracticaliie, price fid. ^rch Boqk. Ibe fan atluirttire aide jltkoffli.

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