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Publication: Courier July 24, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - July 24, 1809, London, Middlesex ^ �7'" ohrt i*!?' �.!'!' �:'..,;';>- Jill ,;;/! ii�Ti?(l .'-,-!u.->f .,'1 i .r.fjt?; ,;�,^��r^ �>: t�.t|!'/�, -" ,-}� ' *^ pi If f i wJCT (;-'� ��j.. .-� J-lll! m; �(.,.� "In .PRICE SFXpENCE.HALPPfSN'3?fTj n-t4�-'! 8ii|��>riufl�t|a)riVirst�tt; �Al�)a Setof Oaniion .U|i:fl imruc,-ia'i HJCniillaK&c,-SpublisHed, on.fiiie po.-x Kyo. hpljirc-sacd, price \ V . �{ .1 t^ie\v?d jii col�ured:p.ij>er� �� T\EATH: A;P..�an. Written by ilw Utc llight ' Jt/';iiev.;Oiid' Rigl^t ;:^lon. UiiJI^BY I'ORi'liUi, O. U. Ldfil iiiiiKmfjtt J.osidiin^'". ^ i'rnit.fd 7ihcil. pr ce one. j ^uimra-iir^oord^i AhkUlda AJoiifort, si roumnticirovil, in | . �,i�lui>ie8.j �By:V��i�;r J'erogriiif, tsa. AUo, iificc Is. 6d. served,'Tjl>i|9j{h>�,:0>tilUe.U.eviv�d Spirit, ol' JnCubini^n and iis yon-eR�fvFOi~. Hy An t.ngli�liui.-ui. __^ f Tb^''artyi^J'^M.IiSrilieCr�'i'ie$; wherein it is p ovidril, (hnt it. sball. mit be laWfui fur any pmpn within ihe united kin^lom tjg'Teceitre.;,an|; wage*, pay, arize, or bounty nlnne'j fur nny^^elty affi'cier� Si-ainan, innn-cumuiiv^inned oiBcer of marines, urii'iaHiir, dr iiiin-CutnmiSMdiifd officer or siilUier ia tbearmy, .otber'tbaU' anil except pefions w liu^diallbe^duJy lieeo^ed bytlitf Treasurrr ui the Navy for tbat purpose, who are reqnired to givesc-rnrity.for their good conduct (which rcttriclion is not loea*: tend to. the wi�rt, pareiiUfj children^ brothers or sisters, of. ^uclfpettyoffioers, seamer, marir�s, aad soldiers) In tafceef-' fiTt Inini tlie Inslday of AOjjubl neit; notice is hi-reby g\vea li> all persons whasliaJl be desit'oiis Of iHkiiig out.licenses^nn-der tile provisiou+of the siiid Act, tbut ibey musl,'onor be-  fore the 201b d.:v>iO*J"Iy next, sendtheir nain� antipln�s,r o^covntto tb� p(;rsobf iL'itii'fle^ thtrelo for .ill the wageii,''p!iy, prize, or bounty.nioiiify beijball rcciive. � Pti-jinj hfildc*!! at Portsimmlh, Pljinnbthi Chalfiart or SberritfM, nAiraiamitllve s^nie to^lbe'Cbi^f .Clrt-i. o^tjj' , J)e SOI.,0,. an, excelli-nt anil siibsianlia FRKKItOLI) lIot'SF.,'sHualc in iAlbipmn'rlp-strref j(Ktidais�r'Jbte�Bit.ISaFrDnter&and- Uaata,)f.bc is rdATdo if fiUHrn^V^Wtyrihy the notice of ernnn-iW.ftrJof.^Mia^aMjai'arm per galldtl, inn iht nidfrfi$ie-'.if Wsfii'iiie nVi* atfwilihiV trt r p^iculaf^ci^ilih* of M?j 'Bifp^it^v', Bolt-){riiii-^ft}i>/3ardiu(]^4e^iSQjU]|^-pwn^anV>tjptvt)iO: DSicrfie (of the *�s ii> .Ji C.-i,u�e;^ekewich laitoiiWf ICdw'ard iVlo'rriis', ... --------------- .. fililKJoifrt^Jit the PiibJ* ^W^MNi^taiiiflbm BirtWitig** Glftif|�ery^niie,,> ihi: JCuunty of , l^rti^alars tpbe iii-ui SCuitSt at tliL-saiil Aiiiaer't i�Jin SWl1tiwMitft�-tid^4lihg6 ; of 'Mhsrs* ^ititth arid -**'Vli�i;rao&df,4aTj:ilSdc�JttlvClwnoBi!j^P^ gtr.retj.t'iciKidilly. r.pilE STONK PIRE^OAIPA^ Y having com- .JL;'pleted their arrnii^eiuetils for tlie elTcctual Sujiply of Public G6in|tnniei:ind,'Culiiinii!* ftir Building^,' Obimriey Tdp=, Flui-s, aud various 8pcc!inepSofth(;irdifl'ercutaiagulucluce ill betxers, niches, &c.. &C.&C. _ ' ' riic C^nrnp,-ttiy of IV� ter ^V:dM(ii Incorpprated'by ^C'URftX.-4�^l^^^>feS(kD'Wl*ttlV.^te Contuact, ^0,a FKli"feimiaJ-ESratV.:'"'ciiteisth;sf i.f. a'ftiansion-trtiwe" luid'" W'tBces, fliirili�i&,' Plcaw'rc' (JfiiuridS, Hiit; mid ^*ititen.housps, extensive Manor, aliituuwi'irds of 500 Acres of itdlent inclosed fiaiidv'filWe fri'r,;>r:)j5.pi'r:r>o2efl,the prodiiOe'iiTtlie.Portu-apfivirdnsplaotPdhj France, u.VVine posseaiibKlaU the rofi PnMiigalr^V�ie,>^titf;itie/ tKAicary niid ibtvur of ''~VJ40ii)i>i^n.yjnp'iU.'(:irav�.utri65&!pr-l);^ per.Iiozeb, |�B�teiBcl(idedv.or Wfc-jieriHliil.^Seiit freeof exptnce to '"'***^lHitWp.'5airt5!t^^-iU>^v^^^ .: ,, , ��� to be >u^j|e;to;4lr,^^.;iW^ PjK^ 321, >�l�#{^'i;gsLENi,:eitThui^tJa^,-|he 6ih,.flajr iSPra'tS'o^-^Si;!!AKtriij^bicli tSe foUi.wlbg ND WATivJ,l WOillvS.- iirielofj'ofthe Por't?r:i island \Va-y^Act of ParljauKiit [iisseil i.n-the last SfSSiori, ijerrby ^ive Nulico, that they are readv to r-ceive tptidi'�'"rar. inll):Uie said Islandv-ParticHlnrsof llu'jibovc, with the terms of Conlrsicl lo be entered iiil", niny be had b^npplicaiioiito Mr. K. CiUraway; Poftsmoulhi S*crcturvi Mr., It. S. Sloper, Monlague-slrecl, Knsscll-^qoari?. i.t>nd*n,'the U'RiStering Clerk'; or t� Mr. William Nitfhobnu, i CliarloKe-slrret, Kloomsbury-square, London, (be-Engineer lo the f.-yd t'oinpaiiy. -5 PorUmoiitn. July'iO, 1 to. 'TATK L'OTtEIlY, xviih only 5,000 Numbers. ' �  SCHEME.. , .......... 4...............of_____...........^.90,000 ..�*r......v.i,ix)o 4....of............5,00i)J 12....of........-,.500 Besifle* ^100 &c. ' � All to be f)rawii in One nav.,.\ *SAYIFT and cp. reKpeclfuUy inform the Public, that Ticki*tj'and Sb.ireij ah; on iiile at their OUioeSj N".; II, Poultry J, jNcvli}, Cbarinj-crusi; and 31, Aldpte High-street. TfieiSrlteme 0^the present State Lottery H iipw,^ind affordsjhe, AdVeuiurer- aii ai�porluiiiiy of f;ainii)j( the immeose sum of tjil,00i)f. .'i ! which may be' obtained Fly jiurcb:L�in{r 'the'�bnle' irf a^bmHer, OT'inprbporUon'tbs iiny part;- 'I'ickeisaud Shares wiU be bicber befive the Druuiair.  l�reseihVi If c .Tlifk^^ b.l,d,,ldl�r^l.^Vl>l^lne, re/)-?'!! quario, price of (bepuriica wh�):�bjiU olM.finibent- � "' " L � By dir.cii'in "f the Treasurer, ' . . Ju�M SXHTi:, l'ay-M.-ister. If any per�nn after ilic Isi Si-pleiiiber next, who shall,not;, have a titensivy, or shall iiot' be u'itHin ilir degrees �( relaiiooship alio�e described,: tither>, sU:ill offer liiitiscti 10 receive, lir sbaU-i'e-' cclve any s, pi ize-ini>ney,or other a'llo\�uncc la Seamen :iml others, be vmII lie piiilly (>ta lni^ , . '  . .. '1'bis.tin^ iire puhlL-hed, price 4^.- bound, t4ic?iiHi Udiiion, vilb great Impro�enieiit�, GUAMMATICAL KXliRClSES UPON TIIK t'RUNCll-LAN(^VAUK,compared with the l^iigli,;i. ^Hy r>*iqpLAS;UAMIiL. Printcd'fo'r L''>i)�;niaii, Iliirst, Rees. and Oririe, Paterncistrr-rb\v..-^1>f wbom lii;iy be had, by ihe siiihe author, priie Is biiuiui.tileFihii i':imirtii,of ;l.,Aii UNIV;KR^AL, 1-RKNCM ORAM.MAR, bel.i- an -'� ''-'-----'�   -'.......and Sjiitax, on aii im- nd I'diliun, price -Is. accursite-.Sysleiii of l-'reucb Accidence a proved I'lil'i.  �i. WO.RtD in l of Mr. Ople's i'a- : lent:! and (.'liaracter. , '�l?riiited|f(irL>�"SinatJi JJunt, RoF�}nndOrine, Patcniostcr- row'. .'"y '.^y.. _ , *,* Tlie'Stib'siT-ibehi inay receive their Copies on apjili- cafum td tKe Pujilisdiec?;' ^_' ' / . ^ . ' ' Tbt^'day..-irc.published, in ttvo, witba.Map,. price V2i. T E'i^r-EllS froiri GA.\ADA ; .written dujipt- a Xii ReVidelice therf j in the Vertrs ikOfi, lrio;,.and 180S; shewiilffllie present Slnti^ of r.-ihadii,.Its I'io(lorli�ns, Traces, s ;JIalf.vvi.i.i.,j Quarter........ '��11. a 5 1? KElgbll} .,,.i.,,..�e2.17 Sixteenth........ 1 9 ' , .lyilqWEV ".LUCAS �n'dCo. ,b.g leav� i-T*tn'pforhiibMetBafmaybe In �a:U and deilrniitof bnCTowing-tc^ppWyior pcroianent lums of;M6N.Jiy,- that' -they can at all' timtuidiance ��v sum .fjoii 1 SO/.tb JO 000/.; nd upwards,,on pcribnal tecarify, or nor other arisingriuar ' Maniage &�ttliiBcnl�, AIbim'^ in Ue Ftu'dt, OleTiymtnt: Livings, or Freehold, Copybold, and (.eaiehold F-statrs, (in (heiB-iit'fb!Tand,bon(ij^fiib'.etemi. And Mcttrf. Lucas t!>id. C.o�PkdKe,tlunu�|vei toiianraclerery negijCiatien ,4rrat^i l�qne(tiality and di>patcb,'and not oniy those iinjni. ' ttlablt bQt'exlra�ft.;rant and extortronate dfrsartdtand cKcrges' ^^.^^ Co^f^-^^SWSSf*''^ Tfnftuibeas S^W&�?S?JSrffMthf Olfifqder .or O.OVnders mX'i'l '-ii''. . I'. - jfcrpR. Lyon find Co.. 1 imidini:' ' . �flr.i'.tJi^fianrt Griiit|i>frrthi jfntid dinrfted-far ^f.;Julin Iffitt wr Mr.JAiti'es Henld. ffeiyj: ^X^en/xit 9f. fen aid. ef Tfn  lAitc^ the priiu.'i|ml UboOnakers; Perfamen, and^ Oilmen in tiM .Metropolis, and in every town throoebout Ibe United "ig'iftni^ in stone bjpttlcs, prjce 6d. each. ;  KAwArMwil^le P�i'cavcry.,ai)i a .litlief Joir tbcAf--^flicicdHith Rnptur^-j. Ai'HrTTORD^.'lVuHAlnfeer to ibC Chy Truss Society; for the ttrtWf tif the Ruptured 'Popiitipit,Curvrs |:i{istic;Steel'Tfp>s and Jin proved nder or OOeiiders con- Pads; and inLjf b^b.-id at bis m.uiiiVadbl^ Under the Centre ' ve.--  ' , � "IloSiiltai'GSle, ;w*t:Snllili�;ld:v t. �^ ..' -oiigh, AV'hifbv, \j\rt-' T.C^iMs.NEVj- P(i^r jsef-nuf'every tuirrn-ibg'd-Ass. ' '  i*Wryiv*t.mgi ; ' . I^STO^BWLTpp and cor- >jS�^.B,.j>;td.t>iteiulB the L,a4jfg. m', ^WM. BARCIiAY�S' ANnUfhlOU^ Pti-LS^ndfiPEClFiC, saiibr theaprptuutraMX. of ll^xpejitipusi^Cbai Inffllijbanit neW Pott '^'bfcJJIiwIicinWs a '�irej'�i,.,cttii; add cBecIoiJl HrtfcedyTor -ri- .� ' all otberfai.-H � ''*5li�^BiT^^"^hh.^&''"'^'>J"-'''^   a��ii��>t'r;nU uuuty ^SS^, ' .11�x./irid violentatrii. �iicine-�Tarenmise�v vront oi'ioe?iitiviu >iii5�iittfe4w.;6�^.1tiii*�r:ati^^ art! rul Ujjkers and Comi^issioners of JJia Maje^tu't A'//iv i/i. hcrcba gire feet Metein^-, or iherealiuuls, tit for Ruiltl-usc a Se�eiity-fi)iir Guu Ship and a Frigate, K'U be rtceiual On Mr. ISarrallier, at Mill'ord, on ur before the \^lUi o/'August Tiej7 : and vffirs tciflahu be Tel: i'cfrf by him fur su/jpl^jiitg i'.LM Tl.MiiKR, lit for Keel pieces for'lhe !-aid Ships, of 20 iiichfS square for the 74 gun SUij), Jind lu inches square for the Frigate, and froiU ^'>' to 33 feet long. JiiJ that stic/i I'trsons Oi tnnii have Timher of the a/jii-ciiitnthineil dtcrijjtiolis, anil art tiitling to dispose vj t lie finite, 911.111/send 7'cniler.t thereof in ittiting to Mr. JJar-niHier. at Milfn'rd iifuremiid. un �r bef^e the said I'ith of August nevl. rtiitntioniiii: in .w/cA Tejtdefi the quiintily anil si.e of the Timli.r, tlie, pliice or pUces vhere sums may^lft lying, tht'rnl'r per lotid at fhich the "Pai-liers wilt engage lu supptyafld deliver thesdme at Mllfiwdi mi^ tUa the rule per loud Ml KhU!i Uieij iciit dispose of tlie ^imher ijtialcen on the apid tchere it may be lyiug. _ ^___ _____ Trnders uill'r. rrrei,.> .... . .  60 ---- ipropor- Deptford .. I'lirikninutli Pivinoulh-.. Cheese. j20 1qC3. .. liO .20J 350 .Injuries of ihciHfltd.. � . - . List of Medical Poblnatioiis.. Printed for" Longman, Jlurrt, Rees, anj} Orme, Paternns-ter-row,,flnd Cadell.nnd Davics, Strand ; of whom may he liadiNas. l,to fiofHie \vork. . ,, = , :� BY HIS MA/E.STY'S ROYAL Ll/fTI-RS I'ATENT. 'LATER'S ST|:AM UneilEN-Tbe i'ro- .^ni^ tn hepaidfvrby liiOs, payable, tcilJi .Jnlereft^.nin^'; dnvs after idale. . . .. , The Cimiilions of Ihn Contracts may be tKe,&cc^-tary's (jj/icr. , � \ A o rreordicill be had to any Tender in vhich the pnusjiiili not be inseritd in iror 'x at Itngpi, or that shall nut lir. delivered tn tlu^ Jlnnrd li fj�ubl ncji, nor in'css l^^w'bt''s^d^ll*i''a"t!*^^ of anhn.-if or vegelalilo foml. at "oe  (jcciiii'd.-) liU'i't'EK, or ISritisb Butter of equal goodness, 'filid the Same fimfli lii a'sinaU'Com|r.L's,'in the best, llie.clean- i .i, ie deiic'ereil in the ipacR olm J'urinishf, iato the Slorpt Ae- liest.and'ino.Mdelica'temanner, giving the victuals a very i' - ..- - -........ suiiWbrllavimKafld'cnIourv keeping Hum tree tn.m the ini-' whnlesmnc?cQecft i>f Impure �*iUer. or copper b.ully tinued. The KittrheW^fssb coiistrtrrtrdiis not to be liable to be out  of repair 5 the iaiier vessels which are made of. tin, not Iwiiijt^S irtl Vx'pbsed-^o tbellctidn of the tirt. will last a great fore menliiintd. To iti paid for by Hills payable, tBtt/i. Jn-leresti nuielu days after iiiite.  ' . Tlie Cuiuiitious oj lite Contracts maybe seen at thc.Stir.-lari/'f Office. � V iVi> regiird trill be Itad in any VVn-'er in ishich .the-piiry shidl not t/t inserted iu anrds. at Uaglh, or. that shall ttiiljie liiiiird on or before One o'Clock i.n Uie.'^tiid mr tinlais the J'trsnn* tnho Person o� his behalf^ atiends lu oilieriinedes'Hf co�!a�ig4;;|i�d aftentUcrvictuaU:areilre�.ea t^ tlie^�eattsl nicely, ..tbe..wlu.luHry'; ind, Hivrst*'Revs, SndOrme, PaleI'no^lc'r*^ow.* , ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: July 24, 1809