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Publication: Courier July 13, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - July 13, 1809, London, Middlesex �CTAUSllAEUT-^niter Ute Fitronkge of hfe X irthitHmmnf fire vmTtw.-Aanifewt! 3s: tid. ^^ ' tlnilcrilM: PjUnia^jte oTahrir in�J���e!oes the I'riiice : fif^W-ENGLISH XXPgftA^Z.'t^e'ikmicC^t:- ftillO^rORS' ai JLJ^the Opera of � Up all Higfttw; the SM8�rWV i. |=>; G^aNATlC.-t Care ^ii.iw pprforniiDg with uoboujid�l appliifts*;*!!!-be '�->''--'-' published iDa�Bw�1ayi,bv We�r�.'GouIdii)e, i'Mppg, D'AI- rjSfjIS EVBNING,^ July r3,*Tjr�lay,. 14, 3.. Sntur�Ii lacle, calKd Sntur�Iay\li5, a jEqur-lriHii ana Jfcdiwriiui Spec i MA^-Wli* b* tne Onnble Conipany, �Uh,t*^ Kfceiftiriri ii^ of the iiuQ"tediTnjlor.- I'" fondode wiihrH iw-w Cumic Mr. S�a�iceV Ila�f^ia�ti�!6lil.--Lqae;.triuD Xuiiiou by.e sold �ii teitof highly advaiii.'ijcrous, f r rr.iitv money,at So. 22, Uevodshire'istrect, Queeu-sqnlire, Blopjrisnurv. . ;  �. . > � KARMS,: fr.��n 500 io m -------.liUCKiNG, biiMry'rib ;tM � t' T iSPAl^.6N KAfWlAR, Esq. in the Chair. Dinner eif t�f |tf�le%tl.�Jf �U� �*",*;j^"f''- >J2WESI)1N. iXI0Ni^V*;iU)BiNSON having* ^3ydi�*^"iW^ ortU^irfavour, J^^^oaie;pAmfU\ that slejldy cor.fidtncc ari�in� frlC^t��r^ �f nmormper.ab!e 4�fcnt^, fSly Wift. drtoiipprjpate^tlw MifcMcul n�iM' IttW Mtrlu IbeaatinKWuentrofJIlrir bon.- Hitdei' bu care, rejieiit. hTapp'alto ihapgbW, f-rli� pui;i�se �f_Jfi.inpieii�{^ Mmber (SO) of yon�'tco g1ous-"'^ ' - ''.  . " i � " " biaiM^r siipertntends eveN Dfuan- -j iwbiihte Bed." A Ordwitig aiasifcr"' ite^Titie^Schoul. i . i; . tiooary. . H.lJ.T\e A,??.TW�e1hetotW�.in, ortflle8nj.Uie French Labgun;;.' Jaib,^treafHiteciability, " aoCoce^^adats'^iil rducaitn,ja!nf iiiMl pidlle circled, Uail'of uader-i>i,lhoroi^biy. 'i'hfe .Jircooiniodation confines s^lm'h'iiet.y neat siltilij:-ruotn, in the . ,,., wiii-JAehouseinsituaied in adel.lgbir. itmtilen'iiiiibtes'Viifk nfa Amrket inwn,about-S0inile9r(M*,{^daBi|ia.t�;hidi there i�a �la?e fevery.morcr ing. Any oady.oK.|reateeleddcation nill Had thii situaiiob p^calarly dttirahte^ as (bey muv be'introduced idtd the' uwt re�pci:lab(ci^!pi>Ui(!9-jln the pla(olteetiiinV*U'^'t=^�eaclf the; JfSb'11..VUatV J..fia*5y:CaMle�siret�, L�Terpbi, ^yW IjC retpcctfuUjfiat-.-leWr. a^inpiaAi *fW'*�8 witfi atVAJerly tady;. ..'..Vl. " ,^ iB-n, may be ^i�ptllyXl*ift&4:.witt Soih's �f Moirv , 'olfu?ote*3�cn�nd,or.orti,;iiear FiutA-tid's.Ifin:, . _  . ^ ; >J10 AGRtCUf.TOIIIS-PS: &c.-A Single Mai JL VabiSnSitaatJon^ woKtiltake. the Mnnti?e*ieiir nf n �^ttM� frtiiBtwo ta five bu.-idrtd. Acres, is weU nc^iuiited � wUii the difTereiit n>ndf� of A^rieuKttre'iu the SoOth o"l5cot. rlitnd, viz. lierWick iindHbxburgb shires, and tan beVrell re-' .eomsteiided.-l.encrstviiift paiil)addmse^ltfg.-P.'care of JMif.'fnnnJirri eoachipalnter, "No. 11, Cross-slreer, Black-' .^gii�-road,.;l^ytwi iirill be attended to. ^C^BOWea BATlIS.-J: FELL, Carpenter, fprii |�t>�Ki. . ,---------_-----,-......- .coofriUeiit.fot'parkib^, and in everv other respecr^uiteconi-Blete,atllie Ibw price of 61. 6s.-N. U.liiipriived Corking -MiiclitneB,i>n Ihe best'principle, for bitin; and driving the XoirtA in bodlea, fur buttling wines, &c. Uo very inuderate prices, s .. � _ . � . ... AN'r+iD for a SURGEON }� respectable I' Pfttplice, in a MaHtel Town in ilaippshiirei vfjberf ^ tberie i> ao As^sistant, a Y UUT>; of good qiuml�iind��tiib!>le^ i F.dpratiun, 'for thi term . 'OUliLlC NOTICE-A fipani'h.MRrchantpf.  'Ml' fers for sale a qunnlily of renl Pole.X^flJ^Saad PORsT. . .1V'117IC,atid itUeiog theprodiiceof ihe Estates (if bit own Family, (re>identsdf Xririrs Ue La Fronteraami Dua'roj) hris eunbledlpdif it ata.prlce.well.kotthy the. notice'of econ�-' inistj, 4k, per dnz.^uttln inrloded, or 16s. per .gallon, Ida - perfect brigirt state, fit" for immediate drinfcing ~A p^>iici-' ri&ql to be made' to Mr. Samuel Coiaet, N�. 15, Arundt4-'strfet, ailBnd; npP'CAETAisB In the RoYAt Natv;-W�nt�a JE Siluati'm as CLERK, io.any of bis Alajesfy's Fri* g.atef, a steady young Man, wjio uuderstands the .wlwie, !(?r � 'greMer pan lirHlftdiitv, havingservrd in that civi'iacity', fof >wHich he has.CiertrGr.i'tes to produce. A Jsmall cufflpAtia> � tion"wiJIbe cxpftctkd, besides cay.-Lcltersaddressed (ml' pAtiy. W y; at Mr. Qomtin's, �atlnncr, Jio. 19, . Kii'S*^"''^'^ he Btteihled to, If fiom  Cajuhiiis, but iwiuhers will be noticedy ^  v  . .4 f Ab�^*te- IfAilOa of (ha The 6reditsrs of the l.iir- Nahub of IhelCafDAiicarerequested-tdjnrtt at llws'J'halcli'^d H6se ^ravtni, in St. JamenVstreei, no Tuiiksday, the 'icnh test. qStwelVf, o'cbrclr precisely, for- the- purp >Be.dit6rj ofibe lafe Niibobs of the Camntic uf'tiie ixIkt "part; the-CotfinjissiiJbers ap^niiuled uudcc i!�at ii.mviuciit. give notice Ihniarc'intipua.iioa of theschcdulf "f iiie claims : made beRire ibeJn, piid tlte Cojn�niA�oii�-rs in Imlia, >-Hice Uiati.teercedinlheGszeiteof S.aiufday the 24�h June, has , been published in the^GaZedte of Saliird:i-v the .Inly i'l^t. j that/*' nil sbch'persons assball hdveaOi iulfrrsi t'. iippn:^" �>' ] �iiijueadh thesame.tnay.have sufitcienl opi>'>t.iiirttirs >u to rfo."' ��r;--,.  � 'li.OHNPAKIvilplIsi:, SfCrt-iary. .npO SCHOOLiiyiASXfillS.i-Wanird jtnpje ,.X--d'iilely, an A'SiHSXANT^well qn^ilifi-'d v> conduct thet^NGLrsH Dst-ARTjliEWT in a.Tepmahic Aciidemy.-A jgvod ehairscter flic'tobHety and ablliti>-s is required.-Tlie �tuatumJsdMiai>lf,iinl^)nmddie-;^ )a.unlil h.ive tde �preterenCifl-^tl'. h. 'Uettersp^l-paUl; nddrweii to A. M. Al Wt. R.'Bm^hiiwV, Stationer.-. Brvd^rs-strtct, C�vvnt-�jj^wdeitt; i��i�ikfc�iitea^|r*�1m &c �v u: trtr C.n'..i.'j, mt delirtrrd fKM Aii.QM RY, in i-lNOi-AND^. SeoTLANS^ rBEi'Axo, AsiEu'ieA, Ac.; and In allow, M'idawi.T4^;Pmiiidsper Auntini for each jjoy, ut.def'five ' jeai�.of age. . , f JPATRON, ^ Right Hon. the Earl of KINGSTON, P. S. G. W. . : andH;:W;J�;oftbeJt��yal ly�dg.�.  . Hddattlteir own Lodgr, Burr-street, uear the Tower. . . ���HVii.-;,V;yn.E-paESlbE.\TS.' � |teJJieht.iloa.'the barl uf Moira. . TSeTligiti UvL'-Liird Moi/ntnouhis, L Viscunut V a lKktiji, . Chevalier B. RvmK I. 1* ^MlBsAihited.jaarcb 25, 16(�-rr.C. D&NIKb. Ksn.Tresikurer, �r*.ye Cottnge. Milej riKtlftirbfti�e�Ia8.mic A'ddress ontli?SuhjVrf J^i^Juid^v^v^nt�-of.,fh,e.,lkifi; .l?reserver ^hcu |;> A 'G'ENI�AT,^fel5Tm&�f ^ht'SflBSGftlB-^� Jiwimtmnj Cwas held at tbe.lUi.yal ls^^Irhva^|yBdie, B�rr-sfei-t;Beap ib?-fowefii,oii Friday, tjie fArtbeLpiinH^e W^Audilirtg Ib'r^reasiirert Ao-' BB-v ^ .s"~#,*jiei)eHi, froiii Jjis'cumiiieiice- , iforCIothiffiasd i�ducattng the p'jkiveitisii�;'j((n!iline, &c. &rc. ^SK. 151 Ihe'On^ncVi-A Geni.iei^iv' wishes to ]tlnCca.Lad intended for (be lirtt^M^Tikitirtii, in a �! tuition iu which be may be thnrou^My,fiis;H'uel trom age or iiifirmlly m^iil \^ ish to relinquish the fatigue uf domestic concerns, 'i'he Advertiser fl-iders Inm^clf b^tught be of greal,v�lue to any Geiilleman.under ihuiie ?ir-cumstTuices, beingofa chenrfuland obliging di-'pusition. with a rapacity to make I-. in^eircompanioiialiile, .and whusecba--Ktcter wfill tWar the. airictest inquiry, .testimonials of.wbich '.may be had fruni ^enilemeii �f the greatest respeclaliiUiy.- -Letleii (prist pa-d) to A.15. 24, Margaret-street, Cavendish* square, will be immr'djatclT nns\yererf. ' " i.*OAINnVl':K CLASSICAL and COMMER-' "XJclAL ACADIiMY.-Ataii Exami.-iatiun held at this  AcaSeniy,'oij Mundiiy .the 12ih jiU. the under-mentioiied .^�yuiing Gcniicmeh di^iiagiiish^d themselves,' by ihpiranstrer-'ihg ill their respective Classes, viz.-s). and C Nottiilge; �Scale; Uruughiun, Pblley, Tweed, Goiling..^ J. .and C Tabor,Clift, J. |fale, �eo. Philb.ick, T. HeddnJ, Bark-laJnb,- C. Green,' Ifart; Alton, Mackoy. and J. Roberts.. , Scliool will re-comraenerttie 17th.Inst.-An rjaniinatioh f*Mhedisinbutionnf Premimns.will take place previonsly' lo'tbe Cliri-.inias Vacuiiott.>-^eriM uf the Acadepiy, Guineas. _. ~ ^OUR PRIVATKPLWLS.-A marriedOlek^ .rt.^tJ'NmilDGE VVBLi..S.-Hie Nobility and ' A tjentry v'lsiting Tunhridgd Wetls,are m st res^fifiiUy arquainted that on application lu K. DELVKS, Crucer, TuBbridge Wells, tbey wilt be immediiitely infwr'ned � liat I Irtidgirig.Mou'rtare to let, with the requisite particulars.- R. Delves has'several pood Houses on Mrtunt Sion, Mount Pleosant'r^aud Mount E^hralmi well furnished, and plea-SOTfly tltqgied.___ O'LBT, In the nod uf Ki'zroy-sijnare', the prioeipitl �nrt of a capital FAMll.Y--ilOlJSb, with orwitbout Slablliig fur line or innri: Hors.-.-;. "For tiartienlars enquire at Wr. Black's, baker. No. 87, Chanotfe-ttreet. . - - -__� _ of a new gciterl with.a large Giirdcn, Coticlt-fcause, StablinX'^ and nlbvr Offices, situated nine miles ffbrn-Tdwoj and Ivru fmm Kln;{st.5n iu Surrey ; or will lei it foraby term of yean, fruin seven,14, or iil years.-Direct to A'^^ fi-post paid, to be left at the Kiitgstun Post-OlSce, >�tilc�l(ed^^>n.. V . _ �A.a'^G-JBBS'- SiaW.s, Maunt-stree', Ikrkley^ jC�.)8q�a\re.-^To-he SOLPf the property of nGentlemeo, a BliOVVN IIORSK,sivye.irs bid, well bred.aud wiirrai.ted smicVvhfe if a good hunter, and able to carry U stooe, and . quiet to ride, in all directions as h rond-ter to thes.-)me. A Bay Baroncbe Hor-e, or' CurricI'.- Hor-se; he is quiet in harness,'dndto^ideolso^andae^ JS .\IAJKSTY'S SPA N1SH~SH liKP.-Sere. fltal RAMSdnd liWES. both of the P.-iular and Ne- . retrtMbttrt.*; selected from his MajeMv's Floeks of pure Moo Sheep, will be SOLD by AUCTIO.V, by AI.. IJAHilE^? SMITH,,, at eleven o-clock, on WrDNCsn.^v, tht ^SthroPJuly, iS03, at the usual pince in Ricbcioud G ir-dfn3.-��ieh lot'will consist of a siiijyle Sheep._ fW^D LET ft im the 10;hof July nrxt, a Marine �M. ilesideuce, WARWICK HOUSE, Wothmg, Susseie j comprizing a Dining-room, 2i feet by 2'), Drawing-rnnm, sameBizet.Gentlemcn's Ruom, Indies' Boudoir, cnntainin;; fibont,24 Beds, Offices large, attached'and �ery cnmpleat, 'Larder,'Laundry, Wash-house, Cuacb-house fur tliree t-ar-riiij((is^Stahli!>gfor.�i]( Horseg. The wbulc 8iandin� alune Updo-in. be.iuiiful Lawn, surrounded by a'Shrubbery and PtfdjiiK^.-Fur further particulars npply to Mr. Phillips, Deptlurd, .-widf V- l;ciVel,lUe fuUo�iug4V�i toaHnig.r.ti>rfs, viz. �ro.|)T*' I'ocil*, Jfec. ' Aoti-r-'ri(i.-ion Pnwderi now Iving in his .Majesty's Yard; at Ueplford. ' ' ' , A J)e{ia8it of 2.1/. pPT cent is to be m.-|de uprtn the 'intnunt of r^cb Lul at the t me of Sali : and if the. reraniu(4' (he mouey be not paid, m:d the part^-Hlnrs laki-n 8khv wiihiil twenty working days afterward*, llie Deposit wi: be Mtlt-ed,' aild the goods rcmaiu the pr.iprrty of Ihe Cnm n. The other CoailUinas may be seen, and Catalogues barfj at the Vic(oalling->ard, Depiford. ,__HKNRY ftARRrrTi fX^O, LADIES.-A ma'crial fropraviment iit Jl. NJ.EULl.S, withoutaocxtrachar�e.-n. PAL.MivK, Cutler, and Mai!uf.4tiHrer uf liin- site-1 Work to the Family, again suliciis the iitteiiiir a *nly Mnti'ifiC'irer .if those novel and highly paliuiiisi-.l N l.l-.IJlIl.S, .i>iii;i late curiuus prr>ci�.s m tinisliiMg ilie l.yes, bre preVrulei'. a.:il ever warranted not tu cut, ait'l t'r'm tiieir i-rn r*iiji'-Mur -'.v-celleiicc, .ire generally iN,--J|es r.reil only be Ir ed t� beapp'-oved. Sulrl iii Quarters or in � n.ill Crises, ear': (a-c r mia'niiig an As>ortmi-iit ot eviry iiyeful*'/.-'Wiier Oiscs with Ihe addition r,f . p.iir cf small issurs, f-irininj u^etlier n Uiost useful cnmpauirm for a l.aily.' 'io bi- \> ai Noi 'iO, St. J.iness ."ireei: rrhcr- wip !.e found, a I ric As-sorlnicul of Paltner's Hmtable Peiis, uf a EHpi-rii.r ijualily to (hose Ii;iia1li uGered. 'TATE JrOl'TKIlV.---New a-i.) i-|,r..ved ij Sf lieroe,''on|v .i.Oiifl JSUinhi-i^, to l"- d wn In t):VK DAY.-HODGES, P/\l.NK. *jii-1 Co. Slur* Br.krs, 119, Oxford-street, and 41, St. JamesV Mieet, r.-pertfullj take lliisi herty parficulaily to r.c numend I > tjirir frunds^and tire piiltt>C, tnesiclreme nf lli.nreseiK Sl:;t Lottery,"** biV.h "they ' �ill Cni ro be un a new ana i-njiroved jilan^ it c-iiiwB''of only 6.000 Numbers, fnuv Tickets "f en'cb i.umb'rr," t.>'Be%tr:iwn in One l)av. One Ticket h ill gain 'JO-CCi U. iwu '40,0 60,OOJ/. iuid four of tjie fame iiniiib-r, e\>,UOUfc l,030f. three of CAIMTAL PKJZnS. ;�20.000 2,00'J 8 U of . 500 &c. &c. . Ticket' anH Siinres a>eOn S.iip, at theabuvc Office?, wh?r� s. (� have been sold and in-lhelaie l.nllerlrs, Caoital Prizes, lu an imnien''e uradu t shared. ' . 3^00N VILLA, feren njilea from l..endon, 5*ith 31 aercs of excellent Meadow I.ind, pleasure aud kilch^ngardens, Shrttbbery, lawn, ami fi^h-p-nrt Be let till thc4itst of April 1810, neatly furnished, � ilh immediate possession. The villa romp'rises a n�at entrance hall,excellent dining p.irloi, adrawing room, library, and silting room, an elegant rnoni^ Ijirnugh a roiisrrvatury, live best bed rowms, closets and dressiug rooms; si.siD|e atteution .Is '.i. . J.. ......... ,.o,v-^ lloiidred hat liiain- ' .Parliament,." tu "fcSAR.M . _ i?~'i!ie Chequer's'Inn, ,�5peenliamland, on Wen. 19th Jilly Inst, at three oVlock in the afternoon, t. --rm 'orthreeyears,from .'Wichaelroasnext, HEN � ICK. I \:IM, in the Porish of T'hatchain, within half it-mile of th? tuwi) of Ncwhuiy, cpnstff i.'ig of a cifpitnl House, tilth barns, sta-bles,"and other requisite buildiogs, an I lij acres, fi Yight.�fcommon, now ia (he occup J^or further nnrticulars, npply to Messrs. Strong, Still, and Stroi^, Linrobrs Inn, London ; iind Mr. Was-y, Newbury, at .wlHise)atfico6 conditions upiun which,the Farm let, may^lieseen, and wliere'tein.'frs, in writing, may be seut, po'4-^p^i.d. ' - Thfe Bailiff at the lioiuie will fhew flie pn^ises. iR'l-n VyALES, AlONTGO,M ERY>IIUiE. f,Tii?i-�ns:�f Twenty-nine substantial FKEE-HOLL) HOUSES, il srharpcii uf IjuKi-'fat, siiuale in Skiilj-ner-etreet and I'icliru-stref!, &c. whii-b \wre tsiimated in � the year 1903, by live euiiueiil �urvn�, tube wuTth upwards nf 100,000.'.; but as llu-y have sitire greatly ineiCiued in value, a new sui vey an^i e>iinraie are preiia'rjng, wliieh will he shortly pihlished. Tickfits and Shares Mre un Sai at the licensed Lottery Cf-fiees. and by their Aei-nts in Use I'luiiiirV.' I'KE.-iENX I'iaCE. Ticket................=f3 8 0 Half.........^1 8 01 ligutu.......�1 3 0 the IJtIt init.iaf. hlA'l'i. l.()l I 1.-H> tu-, I'ltAUN IN iJNJv 1�A Y. SWIFT and Co. r(sp;c>fiilly iaf.irm r!ie'PBbl:rj. Ibal 'i"irkets and Shares arc now on Sale iik all their OiCces; at ihe s.ime time Ikey beg recominrridto'ih'e imxNumber bgijer than 5,00J; and that tbe whole wKl be Drawn in one (lay. CAPITAL PRIZES. , 4 .....of.,.......;......^,50,000 4....of...;.......^.5,im| 8....of... 4....of----:.......2,t)aj ...i,o;io 12....of..........5J0 &c. &c. &c. As (here are Frnir Tiettetj of each Nuraher, Adventurers aay b.ivc tliech.inceofBainiiig Eighty 'ibous.Bid Ponnds. , , ^ - .. ,__________________............,....len, :,OIC�ARD-SOiN, GOOIJLUilK, and C...-. orclfard, at^nbouf 15 acres of nn-ndow, ar.-.blc, nod pas- A*^sppetfully arq.,uint fhe Public, th.lTTickef.. and Sh.- and for the STATE LOTTERY are an Sale at their Ofti 151 1 0.! teaanofr^tlte POOR Ot.KRtiVV'Aaviwt OOP . � .�r[ Tb'iHt^n'd Pounds to. dispoi^. oC, Mir^'increastiig th IVf 1^ ii'- lenaiice jrH-liie fr,m Ibc munificence of .Purlja �_ *  :...ut:....l.^-^....r..________.... r____i*M.i ...... J__ tuee^laiid.. "rhe.Prcml*^. are nituaie netr tVie cheap plebtiful'Slarket Town of Mnrbynlletli, in ilie CuoUty Montgomerv, in agood sporliug cniiniry, and nre within a Uoj's r'irde'(>ftbe dirliglitfat Town of Aberyst* vih, a fishion-abfi; wdtfriqg-plarc ofgrent lesort -F-r p uicubirs apply triMri George,Ediltanda. atbisoeal in ihe Exch-qiier O.hce | tif.picas TJncolb's-.lnn. Londoii t and .'f Mr. Siejihens, of i ffe.Wlown; Mon'tgjiiiitei^shire-If by letter, pu-t paid. -/^(HJRTKNAT ARMS.-To be LV.T, iL? MicbaeimosQcxt, all that veiy commrvlinus ::nd dcMr-ijble-lwj w Ta? cni� kimwnhv Ibennme of the COURTE-NAY'ARMS;^dclightfully siiuaiedat Starcross, in the county of Deviio. a^diiil'ng the beautiful pjirt of ihe river iiie.'opp.isifeJ'jEmuuib,'! mile fnim Castle, 8 fh�mi5xeier, S.from l)awl;sb,un(llS from Teisntn-nub ; toge-titer wiih exteiiiive siabling. coach-booses, and every convenient out bonsC^ an excellent kitcben-eaideii, wrilstocked, .wifh fruit-trcc '� � "thev will gi v ^^c^ ''"^ ^ q�onmi>, d*i Imeet.iui Wedooday �b>reanv SCHE.ME. 4 Prizes "uf ^ij.OUll are .�83.030 4 ..... a,c0i)..... .2',i)00 4 ...........S.OtVi......8.&0IK 8...........l,.-n).i......8ii�k) U............ .....t>0>V) 21 lOJ.......2 100 3o............ FiO____,'. l.S-iO i,S�J .'........... 13'...73 8.y nl rhaige oraHOuRy of I5t ^ 'jS* I ^'*f^i$'",kM -""""J-Houablc character. �illr..,^rwl>rop..?aUfor4.eneTaclion� . Pa�fdJiinea/th,1C0y. , _ : . � - nd then procred, in4heiir!4'place, to ; SALE OF DR. .PARIlY'.SPfNF.-.WOOLLKD SHBKP. shall have.benefactions oilerednnd " " 20.000 Ticket*. This LolUry cowsists/of-nnly S.CjO Nuiiibeis (from 1 to -5,'00iiiclu3ive),.lMU there are FourTT-cliets of earh .XuIk- afwK^*'^ ^'"^ its Noble Pairou, Ihe IJjnigsaBVihall bai>iMn ti. be drawn, nH vUf^lr^^ V*"" **** ^he Vi�vl'resid�its,;werc . wWehji^c.a.licp will Uegiven)begi �wib>�^CJ^|ipIans�. . . ^ /vjrjrmeerd.iijritjfcp^^^ sollered and f W'lIlE nstia! 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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: July 13, 1809