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Publication: Courier July 11, 1809

Courier (Newspaper) - July 11, 1809, London, Middlesex 4,428 TUEmAY JUhY \\- J8C9. r^rriH) fminrnt VrtfiMrnif� nXVkt Tbenlfr* Ro��k BoSifk iS^e. �riA c�ii*�iit of theTCtpm.v* Www^rt,. vX x ^AUXHAL�it-:�tJnd�r the Pitronane of hU r ka>iil HlgfaocM the J*rince V Wal�i^'>^TO-MbR- WB�T Ml DDLKHEX. W XTEii Wt^RK*. "TlCfiw hwrfajr ^iTen,-ihi�t bjr Virtue of b miutfi'ixn (tidy.miul*, n sppcial jHi�*ral ^o^pMnbly of Hi� Cbmpanv IVmiri.'l�ir� of ihU undertftlvT w^t^ ��� hrtd nt Ihoi^FiyrnMMiot' Tnvrrn, �a Friday, ih� 2Sii\ (Uy 4tf My fivmrit tit Elf�*M� o'dikick, ii^tbe forihXMd, far ihr'pwrpiw nf tnliia( into conjidrtalion Ibrprup#l�|y of locri^iiag itM " ~ cap^ ktHck of the Co^nptmy. ROBT. 8 Stt)l�ER. Chief Clerk, .A{iniMK�e-�m>el, ftjifcelUtieri, J�)y 7. t8i)^. flhiiwi. WANTED EIGHT FARMS, frntn 500 fo 1000 Aemmcii, ftn to m|a)> fWa fi^ month}, ! nt Mubn(!tnf>e �npU>v�>d.-.ftirfc* fp�Mi-pnM) tn l\. e.( ttt � Mr. Lr>f�d�lr>, Jnwier, earner of Gfeat^lartboroogh-Mrrct, CanubV Mi>rrt. > ----- A tlrspecttblc P�*r9r�n wishes for a SttHtdion in a XXL >yiiiatactf^f un-�VanderviH's, Udir*' _ .dinner, M'alwcr.U � nod "Parish ST. Jaji�9jw*�juffij^^^ lAeTe^aiid Time for which ihe rtojioser Is witling to �^ii!fart.-'Hirltrtlanrimir'be kitown.aud the-form f�f By order of the Ccrtnmitlrf. CEO. HODGSON. ClfTh. FRFJCHOLD COUNTRY RESlDENGB, rHffiUle;jBccPS.See�i-giry. The CD^pa)riv*S OiKce for the West end of London, fcat.V(*:�?,'MarOifrt�d-�i�et, on the Weit.tiiteof iNew �Biwld-ttlKet i : ��: v! . . � -.^ �of K. 6.  neMottiif�M�lfteiM�r^i�lbMltY i� W'dMtalien bv an estensive Ai^ociation of Nnblimen aodGenttanieff; wbDJnbefrd by laijt'e ahdmiineritus k,ilarle� j tb�s 1 ra*-^ ie�s, lUrecion, and Au4itun,,�rt j^ntiuituu^y.. Fanning SiccK ihMrnI geiieral>y� irilhemt the avempe cloBse, atthe rrOh�e pT the Kine-� frMi, Ckariw.t-ran, ^benwy btH3,a� Nu��bcr5 (fr-Mu i**??' �nfhBi�e) foar, TiekeK.of each Jiuiber. The � �W� toWtdfsiwn in "ue^a*. ' : - ^?ArtTAL PRIZES. u  ,; 4:.... ^ - pt.... ii,oji� ljP?rmii?'o.''�r�|��'trs|ipplird v�hb jtoi>d trnter, and '(M^kksttspdShafenij *-5;�tV*rt!rtiiie,r^' rSole at all iheir 'CAibi�r.nd|�lhe ike preicnl LotM^v, ,h.}S.:^i�t,------- jewficbtoeeygjA^ B lib* rWtyi^Miii drai^o ii* ()mti)ay, 4 Prise* of jf3a,awarei^.(�0  ..... Aoop.*;...-.* ;L . J. �. ^ ...... .^(h^ */.'./ '�4-:.......,*;iaai.,w.. i;4S) ^SG ------... ..^ aOii...1.8iW '�'.�a.oo8trickei�. ' ' J.;,isu^oro llery eondfeil.iif bol�;5J(k]$ NuiliBerr (fnwi 1 tp tnckJt^^bervT^wiKaace, if Ne ^t^i[i�Wk'^l�%ttK'iWM Npniher, F:Fon.TickeU>offuie Manbrr, , ��e �f ......v.^?i..?!vr... d?8U,000 an-other Fri*e�'m,tke�tai�i-rr(iuoitian. LMd sn'AAES an Salr �i aU the Oipon. l)laced}io nerov* of fine forest tree*: the pleasore-grnund* are leh .ncrcs; a mr.irfow adjoining nfae tiere*; and large kitchen garden wnUevhiPlen>� jto.aditres* a line po�l'p^d, for Aj A. at Mr. Stuw's, No. 6, Brid>0c-itreett Wettraimyn. \TpV liVVKNTKJJ REbrSTER IvTOVF-S, tcaloilaieil to prevent arridenlbv Fire,and to preaei^ve; f umilure from dtt't.arc reepectfally tion by BURTOV aitd Co. Karai.ell>�ireei, BlooiHsbnry, (joft* don. ffflprx^ Air.Sltues for Mantling Hails, ftc Rang� Oveui, Hot Clixcts, B'liler^, &(. oa (he most approved plan*. PpBLlC NOTICE-^ Spanish Merchant of. frr� for sale itnuMnliiy of real Pale X RR KSand PO RT tV.ISK,aiid it l>eiiwtheprodaceuf-ibe F.stnlesofhhown Family, (rerident�tif Xrr^ l)e fia FroWeraand Dootn,) he i$ �en.ibled Iftdo it ata price "cH'warlhy the nodce afecnmi-mh4'. 44)-. per dot, buttles incltide�. per gallon, Itta prrfret bright st.ilc, fli fur ioMe^iate driiikine-'AppfiCa* linn�(b^ ni.ide to Mr.'Samael Caniet, No. 15, Arundel. ttreet. atrand. �� . MONIvY direcrir adrance-l b/ waf of Annui. ty.-^,0(tot. 10 ranii of l()dt:tait,nQ()f. on ayprovt^ real oriJen'onal �erurif^. ft�r wbJf'h,liberal priee� Mill |�e' giVm, and: as oppartanitr �>f rcpojwg the principal al Ibe. oi>tiiiti of the Bt�rrn%��r by giving anal .ic>)i|ic.-itio(is attended (o from W till S 'o>locli--^e|icn, '|i.t�-pnid.'t'o Me��r�.11ankey and Co. No. 98, Burj^vtreet, Si, Jnwes's, answrrrd wiUioiit delay. _^ FARM lo l�e LRT, Derkshrre.-To bo LKf, A veryiresir.ible"FARM.of rirb A-^^ahle imd Meadojr l�t(id, with jmm�di^lej�"iaeJiJ(in;c'Hiiaiiiing 147-Acrr8. mo;,! �emwcniently and pleasnmlv fiiuate at the beautiful village of H^tiiirUt. in the t^u'nlt (if �>tI(s^ 9^ miles froio Wind-tw. 4' from \7tikiiighan!, 9 from ReatMn', nnd only 30 from Ltfiidon..-For fui^hrtr;Pariirnlurj apply to Mebility i hi�-��a nd^anee 80,01111^^1166 JJernmal Security �f Noble-i�mH .>��lHet ^'^^r>fiiir,Mr.fWils4Mi.,^ Read'i.C'nfi>f-ituti�e-, Flert-dreet. %^b,i�rcgiff"trr, wiH he aibwered by rrtgrnofptitl. *1llBF.rfOLO ESTATE, hie of JC heSOIJ)by PHIVATB COSTKACT.. a. v.rry Wigbl.-To de. itboat &ia uteres of.gnpd vA{abii>, Meadow, Pastarrf^ami VN mdlaarl. fif a high stale of airiiivatlMk ManV aartt �f this ' E>tuM^crrpaivr, m^t liviug, of i>r. (JoalMdV - Uenuitife |^on:t jutd aril is full time that tb� Pobiflr HiuA ', bf piif-at ten dn (bii importaol tnith, 'be JierrLr* chaOiigc* C(iittr*dietiaabcfuretiieLi>V�Chir(,}atiieeor Engtaoi^Md � Hrittoh Jary.- ^ .... Mtj. .ViyCRNTa OENUtKF..^WLANlP. tOTWJN-fiandf antfralied for deartot the #are' and Skin frmni aU J'mpirnu*; fre�ki^K(ir�>rd}ii�T^M�iM^-t�SrM�tf Mr. frits.-^ftiU ��4 TuiiHtift, ^^rhalic' li^riiic*. ipt WrMVf of the Skin, aM BiMtbeaanA Piaiplea. Iroia whaMiPriia#i risiar.llari JAimua of.Knahi in ra�veaar-M�lre, ^Londnat lia^ Co/- 150,Oa(�^-�i�tt.vHtiilrr, tia. 4,antfllig|(e,9(�s.fiS;.t;beAu� i�|e { ppdaU rririnalile Veailei�fV�l]ind:� U^^^iMnf* bcr Kaaif liipH n*��fe� hi|Ml. Me�:k|MguMa4^(r�iw, AW,-A liberal J^remfotn wilt Ji^.jglrea bjr, yottng;(JrA-�ihip.r*LeUi'rs addreJied (a -�3 paid) to I. fI. r�tr 0| Jteepiog* yaarorcc, ^iid pto�e too' plaiuty tbe fjtwrtrr from which Uiev prucei-U. I ran fejtdilv believe that the e���g-jB�iit,t�l�'i�d iirt.� 6v the, Go-venlGsirdefl Mnm*''rin��t*c-h�gWy oSetSstve i" �o�, hn( 1 jMUi'evMtU rs �o..iidciA*: t, TliE [Ml'LllJAL iiitl .Q.p\:.AUV^tii���e l.ilr, . By IRPDLKtC >i;!T;>.si , ; . i . , Author of'he (;onipJft.- Cijj't-oi'Mirc, tc. The^ tl� EiSjtioa of wbifli is just po'iii^hrd, price as. ciil. Luiidon : Pnnled for ��aml V ijrhi IK. -Itra'd. - Khird Kdition,*liitstr.i.|^ wllh I'aies. price 4�. fij*. .. 1 .>llACTiGAl; MitiATiiiK on (hb V�i.:rc|t A Uise.vos ansingijvo r-nucttO^THS it.-i-By T. M.CATU.W Mirn, i.riiicipal Pr..prtrr.>q|.anf ,fidiiof. yt tup |w.. ti�J Vuhiia (i of iliv-l.tinduio �trd�c:i> arttf Sareic.iJ saeciqior,aiyt' latcofiiie St. Tbxni.-ijVuiid fiufSlloyuii.iV. 1 Dlsr.isf, cii�]jr�-U.-uilin� a c'miilei*- tr^ii,i,,t of �.vos ar:|ing wii r-iiucttd^iih il.-^By T', M. CA TO: ---------- 1 �tHl.^q B-Him ..yj ^ ilpfi.|.9. I ( rHi'tcd f.iT 5. Itigblev, St. Kln-i.^trr,!. Mndou: wfi mrvy t>e had. the {wm lira! solijiaes-Tthe %l�CUAii64l^^ W.St.(xU-^hXi" -�"'iiiiTTlisiTrlii � I every snt^rct Cimnectrd with the interr.-t." of the puiilic Htil 'befliU^canvBSed; nnl np'Mi whaleve'rqm-slions it oiav he necessary fo enter,such p>inc!pl>>s onlv u iil be nminiained ns aje codgeniiil witii the Briti^ti CotHt^ul>oi|. 'C'te same motives of loyalty nnd indeplition,uill induce thi-m, . lo less tirm-nets niiT-zeal,t(texpatge (tirmselv>^ tp me. t rbesnlijecl wilhperfect imp-nrtiality. A review uill.-ils� be taken of ihe;diurn�^, and other p-Yiiidiral jouriia!ge-Iher with niiy intcrestiog puhlitj-paper^. wi|{ be iasrrieil �w it. 'Piibiished by C. Ch.-in];!... No. h'li. Pall Mall; and vrders received by every Bookseller and Newsmiin in the United KJ�jan Thursday, Jli -the^lll Jnty,trat.-atTen�'Cloek,ifttheforpnooci, will h^ Arpolrl to 9nle, at bit MalcUN'a 'VicttuiUinjc-vaTd, .itit Bi-ans. Bapi tati RagK, ohi Hi�ke(T bag*, Haar-�Bcki, Hotter, Cheese, Sagar, Hiible�t Ends, Slaves and Heading, Iron Hoops, Coopprs' Toiilo, Arc. Anti-corru.inn Puffd^i D�iT Iving iu his .Majesty's Yar.t,at Ueptfi>>d. . � " ' A Depodtof iS/- per cent is to bo made npnn the .nraonnt of rnch L(itjat.tlie time of Sale i and If th�� rercaindtr of the money h'f'tiflt pn'd, and the p:>rtica)nn taki-f) awity �iihin Iwenlv trorfciiigilitysafterward!.the Ueu>wit will be furfeit' cd.-aifli tkergo^remnin tbe prnpeny.ot the Cruwa. The other CeindiliaiM may he seen, and Catidugaet had,at the Vi�)riiallh�.-}hrdil>ettffiird. ; . � . iUCNRY OAHR ETT. This day are^blr^ihed', by Harding, 36, St, Jam.-i-jtreet, (. l.T OJtpSOMEJEiyitl.K'sTAACT^-n Shc-p, Jul Woal, Ploughs, and Oxeb, Uto. with i'b.tes. A new �dUiiin;^-price-8s.  - � K mfctwidlVObserTailons on the Kffrct� of Soil and.Cli-taareupoti VTilol, .wilkllinis'fur.the Mamigcment uf ijhrep after ^hearitog; dw. Svo: ti-. 6d. 3. LBCCockVifl�sayoii W>)ol, wlth'HInts f .t tl�e Imp^^ye-mentoftHe Btitisb Heecc. addre*>ed lu tlie Grower, Uenler, and ManufavtureF,, price 7s. 4. TheFannerV Complete, Account Book of everv tiling dooeii)the Farm fhronghoitt the year, f-lio, prici! Uli. i. . .'�*Uach In bis otvn dehwiiin." totrrcR. , .Pablishrd by-Sherwobd. Ncclv. and'Joses. r�timosler-niw; hv},Ktdgway, l7o, Piccitdillyt and toije kfall �the tfookseltets.  / ' __ ' ' This dav-wat pahlisKe.1, in i>ro. price IGi, fnilE EeCI�iASTlCA l^fld ONIVKRSITT, JL. :A�NeALTlE(a9T��, format . LoadM: Frii]tedfi�r C.aad R. Bdldwiu, ,Ne� Bridge- '"r!# The Fdreofthis�t� V''\aitu^ii^^fmocf6hjA cm- printed pi^lwf all ;he�t�^li fteei^, Vlcaniget, aad l^u�die^nIpw>bct|etUy, arranged f itHk their Wttaatfofls tn the Kliv^-Ho^. flaijira of Patrww, and A'aio^ttf Pa-TiAlnaeiat1ll*a^. "i b.>,-iids, ' i VIiiii a coi^ert l.ikeiie>.,- MliMOWS ..f COUXVKI. W^KD.-.K; in-eluding Th.>t|, bts 011 ibe^|att| i�f t'>e Nnjion, nnd the 6na'. IsMie of lite pieM-ni rriltcal.J�|ilC�"rej tfiih the Pubti$^ .Spirit of ItiOH, a� ili.-play�"d in thr yarioo, Esq, Printed for "T. Keil>, Fatern >9ier iVw, Lu|)4un ;. ipidsotd by all oilier BooLsrll.'ri. riiis cla> iii piiMijiu-d, in i>ne �iiiume. Sva. prif IDs. od bds, AbV J.VNi: GRKV ; a Tal-, i.. iw-, li,,k� j Ljf .T. Gentle -Viteruiive'preuar.-d for tne Reviewerst and MifCell.Miedus l'li and l�itiii.-AKv PR.ANt.'lS HODGSON. A. M. Kell..w of King's College;' Cambr'uige, Author of a Translation uf ilie .Satires ot Junival., l.oudon: printed for John .M^ckinlay, in the Strniid. Of whom may be hail, in one vuluiu*^ royal quarto, pr'cp Sf. in boards, Mr. Hodgiou'i Triubluiion of the Satires of Juvenal.___ . This day is puUlijIird, in Two VoIh. J2iiwf, price 9s, boardf, ARNOLD: or a Trait and its Coa-sequtuce* of Civil War A >iqvel, Printed for G. lt�bin-on, Paiernostcr^row.-^Of '�'!i��n may -be had. lately puhli^heil. in One Vol. Svi>. price sc�id� A Corsory'View of Pr.i>sia,fnnn ihe^l).ail�of Fi-edericic the Second to ihp |Va(:IlE LIFE of (JEQRGE UOM.VKy, E>(i. JL Br WILUA:! irAYUKY, iuM|. . A few Copies are pril�trd^�n large )�a>.er, |>rice 3/. 3�. Printed for T. I'UitK, fall-AIall. This day was published, elepintly printed tnSvnIj price IK'. npIiR mJSBA.NU and the LOVlili. A.i JL Hi.-lorial aiM Koral Romance. Irfindon : PriMcd for Lackiiigtoo, Allen.'an.l Co. Templl�. /rs tow.irds KORMl?fG tbe CHARACTLRof a i 013NG PRUNCLSS. Third Kdiii-n. '^ \';U J'is. 3. S.^CRtQ Ua.A.MA3 : chiefly intcmlrd Tor V-ni-:: lSpTxo�j the SubjiTts Inkep from the liible. Fifteenth Editiuo, 5*.--And all Mrs. Mont's other Works._ -Thisday is publisBed, nonily f rintcd in One Vol. Octivo, Mfrirr hii. iu hoards, C.'AI, Ji-SSAY-S ; C'.n�aini.i2 (he I'tiniripfri ahd Fuiiiiament .| Oiij^ cf 1 of tlmi Sf l.le-meiil* of Aliiiernlogy, Gi'oiogicaJ |-5.�\�, and oilier Work.". Loiulaa : Prinleo fur Pajne amf Wail't.iid iv, 87. Strand.- Of wliom m.->} be had, by the same Auibor, iic-ill� piii ted . in Two Vol�. Svo. priee M�, ii| bu.-irdi;ir : or an l-vay on the KlemeuU, Principles, and di.'I'erent .Vlodes uf Kra- !''0|iillS. _ . _ This day i' (>'ihli�hcl. in Four Volumes Svo. jj, ice j.i. l) hkmlcverse, piih copiou.uKe ! andiiole*; prepared for tha press by the 'i'ranslator.- oprirlur tot" ta�iiy yf-tts hi*m Aj^atyMi Ctowh�tnti�nis�iin|i.-piy tlie/i�arto TWi-tioiis uf ;hc Life and Letter* of Mr. Cow^r, publi>hed by Mr. HaUey. J. la 'two Volumes demy Svo. with deiigiu by fmcii-er! sravcd bv tae pr-st niij.-len', 2js. i. Tbe'sime aithogt pliilc�, Igi. b. The same willi "p-a royal paper, ,33�. ti. Tnksame without plutes, uu roYt.) pa|ier, 7. In r�o V'olijme* ijosl Svii, witii wo.xj rut, I'rowdefigrs of 'l'hur^t>m,eagru5ed by .Nirbetaiid others, 8. lo'fwo Viilomesi foolscap, Kvo. 1*. " 9.^ Thei^^me priutt.4 Bensleys Iiett.manuer,*wilh coloured |ilate�,-'i7i!,- 10. In Two Voliiines I8nM).,(ihesmaJleslsi2e)5UrcofjpeiI, price V>4. - ( 11. in T*ft VMnmes Copy 15nio. the che.rpeit Lditioq, price 05. . �  AI"o, the Latin and Italian Poi^of Miltoo tr:t��Lited by Cow per, with the Oiicin-d:', iitthlitned for tlie beiieilt uf bib orpliaif Godson, bj Mr. ljavlr\^.r'Tal CjUjft".^/. THi* day Is peblijhed. No. uf tnc �l Kd ii ^i. c-rn-ei.-ij i trktemalicnlly .iroiq/ed, (to to* continued Monthly,} prict-. plnin,'"r3ii.ctf the MiHeria Medirn uf (he Koyal CoUegev �tf Pliys.ciansof \,i��Um ai>ritte*.' ^� The PlaW� are dmwn and engraved ^UH great accaw-ert the bah�J# a�d the pri>p.wtiuii� i'r..|�rfiy ptfttnt/L Thiapart nC the itaik reAcctst^alcredit >�tne Hntsf, ^i^. fuwert)*. -\fe jiigUy approve of thw 0.�rk. and think it * an iadbucflsihle suidiiimi lo'i^ert Mctdipil library." Critltsal HWew. H. A. ^(i, n/<(to ... BdtiAtr*ti(i,.�piy,p.55, ^ nitttedandsaMby WnUan, Pl^liji,

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: July 11, 1809